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Morphy Richards, India


Consumer complaints and reviews about Morphy Richards, India

Jul 20, 2016


I had purchased a juicer last week and from the day we purchased it when ever it works we can smell some burning smell which comes from the juicer. And the blade of the juicer is also stuck in the juicer. How shall I take it out ? Pls help me. Trying to call the companies help line no. But they r constantly giving us the wrong no. And r telling us to message the code to so many ppl. I'm fed can some pls help me.
vivek patki
Jun 27, 2016

Food Processor Not Working

I have lodged the complaint 5 days back. Everyday, the technician says, he will come at 12 noon and he does not turn up. I am fed up with the product and the patehtic after sale service being provided (or shoould I say not being provided?) by the company.

Would like to write to the chairman / MD of the Morphy Richards. Hope it will work.

But going by the earlier posts, every customer of the company is suffering and the company is not bothered!
B Santosh
Jun 19, 2016


On Dec 2014 I bought Morphy mixer grinder & 2 days back when the mixer was in use some black smoke came out from mixer & we are feeling burnt smell from inside the mixer. When called to the contact number provided on the box of the mixer grinder & we are receiving no response. Still there is guarantee available on the mixer & please arrange for any service to get the mixer grinder repaired @ earliest.
My mob.no. is 9902958559 - Mr.Santosh B
Jun 2, 2016

Complaint against Microwave ovan

My Call no. NOI080516009723416, I have been calling since 2nd may and it is 2nd June but still my microwave ovan is not working, the engineer came and checked that buttons are not working and the product button is being not available in market so they will repair the old buttons, it is really pathetic that after one month again new procedure is going to start don't know when it will get close.

My product is in Gurantee not in warranty so please replace the product I don't want more headache otherwise I will have to approach Consumer Court

Thanks & regards
Ajay Kumar Singh
Ph no. 9818038606.
May 30, 2016

Poor Service

Ticket# BAN230516009810611

Complaint create on May 23. Today is May 31 but till data no one attended this complaint.

Today I called customer care, came to know this ticket is closed stating product tested good.

**** Not a single person came to place to attend the complaint ****
May 27, 2016

Worst product

Mixy not working after several complaints no response even the help line is not working should file a criminal complaint against such a company.
tamilselvan v
May 13, 2016

product not returned by service rfepresentative

We have purchased a Murphy richards food processor 1000w Icon DLX model sr.No.GH01101400190 on 02.04.2015 from Santhosh superstore, Chennai and the product is under 2 years guarantee. Whithin One year the product repaired by burning smell from the motor while switch on. After one month long complaint. with mobile no.9790984575 they have given another service no.8680801000 viz., venkateswara agency. On 4.05.2106 the food processor was taken by the person from the above agency assuring to bring the device back next day. We are keep on making calls and reply not only with falls assurance of immediate delivery but the respondent from other end sarcastically laughing. Because of the callus humiliating attitude of your service agents i am in severe stress and suffering with great mental agony. Your reply is very much appreciated. Your response to complaint on your service agents behavior expected. if the issue is not resolved I will be forced approach consumer forum for remedy.
Sudhir Nandipati
May 3, 2016

Geyser not working

Our geyser is not working from 1 week.We bought it about 2 months ago.Why this problem is arised is the question.Please send ur techician and look for the problem.
Apr 10, 2016

Technician has stolen my kettle

I want to report the extreme callousness displayed by one of your technicians. I gave my Voyager 500 electric kettle to Mr. Sayyed on 22nd march. I have still not got it back. He did not give me a slip either. I have the documentation as well a photo of the id of my kettle that is written on the bottom. Mr. Sayyed is not picking up my calls now.
I am so aghast by how irresponsible and hopeless your customer care service is. There is no number given for the market region head of south india. Kindly resolve my complaint or i will take this a step further, put it on facebook and then take Morphy richards to the consumer court.
I will never recommend Morphy Richards to anyone.
Mar 22, 2016

worst service

If you live Gwalior , Don't by Morphs Richards product . I bought a Morphs Richard microwave oven just 4 months before .And the oven door liver was broken .It is very miner problem of the oven . And to repair that liver service center of Gwalior region had taken 45 days.
for this repairing i have done 8 call to seller of product 9 phone to toll free number of the company 22 phone to service provider person who deal service of Morphs Richards products, 7 phone technician total 46 call .
Mar 8, 2016

Food Processor

Morphs Richards Food Processor ESSENTIAL 600

I have purchased MORPHY RICHARDS FOOD PROCESSOR ESSENTIAL 600 ,on 1st February 2016 and when the guys came for demo we saw that the lid of chutney Jar was cracked and two blades were not working properly and Food processor lid was having rust, so I called the customer care department and lodged a complain My complain no is 9298904. Two guys came and took the snaps of the defective product and told that it will be replaced within 1 week but it is over one month and still they have not replaced the defective parts.

When I called them to inquire they told that currently the parts are not available so we are SORRY for it. This is not at all acceptable.
Kindly take necessary steps to resolve the same otherwise I have to take strict action against it

I went for it for I thought the company is very professional and my product would be taken care of ,I had a very good image of the company and use to recommend it to all ,but this time I have been so very disappointed as well disgusted. Please help .
Looking forward for a positive and immediate response,
Ghaur parvez
Mar 2, 2016

starting problam

induction cooker is not responding when starting.
anshu m
Feb 27, 2016

service center complaint

Your service in agra is Shri Maharaja Enterprises 1/6B, St. John Crossing, AGRA
I submitted a food processor for some complaint in your service center 13-02-16
till today there is no progress pls take some action
my receipt no. is 1080 date 13-02-2016
Feb 25, 2016

Poor Services by Morphy Richards Microwave

Such a poor customer service from Morphy RIchards. It is advised not buy MR products as they will surely make you cry when it comes of customer services. The most unprofessional services team. The engineers are abusing the area incharge and area incharge is asking extra money to service your complaint. Then we get a call from Engineer name not known from cell no 9350653434 calls in a drunk state at 10 pm and says he can come now. Area incharge south delhi Sunil Kaushik- 8588822991, never picks up his phone. Crooks and liars. I couldn't find any email on any of the websites. i want to write to the management for the incompetence shown and this company is simply duping its customers.

Feb 25, 2016

Poor Services by Morphy Richards

Such a poor customer service from Morphy RIchards. It is advised not buy MR products as they will surely make you cry when it comes of customer services. The most unprofessional services team. The engineers are abusing the area incharge and area incharge is asking extra money to service your complaint. Then we get a call from Engineer name not known from cell no 9350653434 calls in a drunk state at 10 pm and says he can come now. Area incharge south delhi Sunil Kaushik- 8588822991, never picks up his phone. Crooks and liars. I couldn't find any email on any of the websites. i want to write to the management for the incompetence shown and this company is simply duping its customers.

Jan 29, 2016

Very poor service for OTG

We have purchased a Morphy Richards OTG. The installation was supposed to be done by Monday 25th. We had clearly requested for the technician to call before visiting. The technician called us on Monday at 6:30 and asked if we are home. We requested him to wait for10mins and we would get home. To this he responded that his working hours are only till 6:30 and that he will reschedule our installation to Saturday. On the very next day, we get a text from Bajaj (which provides service for Morphy) that our call has been cancelled since we were not at home when the technician visited!

When we called the customer service,the first lady was extremely rude and did not bother to listen to me and kept saying that the request is cancelled. Later she cut the call when I asked her to listen to me.On the second attempt, We spoke to a customer service executive named Sridhar who also was extremely unhelpful. When asked to speak to the supervisor,we were refused stating the supervisor was very busy.

We are appalled by the service level of Morphy Richards and regret buying the product!

Request No.: 9179354
Pinaki Ranjan Samanta
Dec 24, 2015

Desira Electric Iron

Desira Electric Iron problem not attended by Morphy Richard Service Engineer. Very disappointed to call every time and nobody attend a problem. Problem came within one week after purchasing. Customer service very poor.
kuldeep rajawat
Dec 17, 2015


COSTOMER NO - 9413100787
Dec 10, 2015


ICON DLX 1000. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE.on 12.07.2015 I bought it, since then, i spend more money to call their service center and with their executives. A complete headache machine in house. Always it's switch is burning.5 times it is attended.Since last 16 days it is dead but SMS are coming your complaint is attended. Who is attending and when it is attended? only god knows. Please keep peace in mind. If bought throw it, if planning to buy...please do not bring it home if it is being offer in free.
Dec 4, 2015

No response from Morphy Richards India

I had bought a morphy richards steam iron DUALZONE 40629. It started to overheat and I had given it for service at SB Associates, Trivandrum, Kerala on 17 OCT 2015. (Reference bill no: 6570) They are saying they are yet to get the Thermostat from Mumbai Morphy Richards office. Since they could not tell me any update, I called at customer care number and they said they cant do anything and they gave me Kochi area manager's (Vimala) number. When I called at the number, came to know that Vimala is no longer there. Some one else attended and told me they will get back. But I did not get any call from them. Every week I have to call them and inquire. And so far no one could tell me when the product will be serviced. Then I saw the facebook page and then left the message. There it was shown that "typically replies with in an hour". But no update even after many hours. Then I posted the matter in their facebook page. They were asking me to share my contact details through facebook, which I definitely did not want to do. I asked them for some other means (like email) for sharing my contact details. But they did not respond till date (04-DEC-2015). I have also posted the complaint in their website.
Nov 23, 2015

new food processor not starting

I have purchased food processor before diwali and tried to use on dated 23/11/2015 after tulsi vivah but it is not starting. It is urgently required.please take action.Thanks.
Nov 8, 2015

Geyser not working

I had purchased a Morphy Richards Geyser from M/s Arco Enterprise, Mayur Vihar, Delhi on 17th October 2013. It had stopped working and I lodged a complaint with the dealer. His person came and said that it is a thermostat problem, it can be changed within the guarantee period. Luckily guarantee period was still there and he himself informed your call centre to change this. The service centre person came on 1st Oct this year and did something and it started working. But again same problem was noticed after 20 days.
Again I lodged a complaint with your service centre, after hearing the nature of the complaint he immediately said that thermostat need to be changed. When I informed that it was changed only few days back and how could it go wrong within this short period and moreover for the same product company is giving 2 years guarantee. His reply was that he had not changed he did only some resetting. I was shocked and asked him how could he do this and I said that I am going to report this to the company. On this he came hurriedly and rectified and said that he has changed the part. But again today(09.11.15) the geyser is not working, again we have lodged a complaint. If this going to be the quality and service who on the earth will go for your make. Kindly do some thing to sort out this.
Oct 15, 2015

Food Processer

I have purchase a Foor Processer, on August 2014 but iam very unhappy with the product, within 4month the Processer had stop working, I called service center but no responce i got, so i went to the shop where i purchase, the gave me the othe no from where service boy came, he replaced the motor with a new one, but again within 2month some spark came out, & till today nobody has turn to repair my Processer.

Sep 28, 2015

Morphy Ricards _Juicer Mixer Complaint

I have registered a complaint for my 3 Jar Juicer Mixer(Divo essential) as Complaint No.7767343 Dt:25 Sept'15 and as quoted by the service centre guy that it would be attended in 24 hours but after inquiring for the non attended product today on 28th Sept'15 (15:48) it was informed by Mr.Sohail that it was already attended which is certainly a lie .This DBS service centre people are are disgusting and make their own stories.Is this the a customer expects from a World reowned Company of a stature Morphy Richards where in i hold all my home appliances(Microwave,Induction Cooker,Toaster,Hot Kettle etc Make Morphy Richards but from now on wards i really have to think before buying and recommending since all of my friends and relative also.
If it is not attended under warranty.
Hope you guys are only interested in selling the product but not for customer retention but this time i will take this to the Consumer Forum and file RTI.
Contact me:############
Sep 25, 2015

OTG thermostat not working

I have an OTG 40. It's thermostat is not working. I complained at the site. Once a person from the city came and checked it. He said to come back with new thermostat but didn't revert back. Again I complained at site in written but no response. Again I contact the same person from city but no response. very very poor service from morphy richard. I don't know what to do now.

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