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Morphy Richards, India


Consumer complaints and reviews about Morphy Richards, India

Sep 21, 2015

Morphy richards hair dryer HD-031

I have been a loyal customer of Morphy Richards with their electrical appliances. However I am extremely disappointed with their poor customer service and their unskilled service centres. I have a problem with my Morphy Richards Hair Dryer HD-031, the dryer is working but the external plastic body is broken, I need a replacement of the external body as it is unsafe to use in this condition. I have called Customer care several times and have been kept on hold several times without any response. Initially I was given a name of Sarthak Service Centre, Andheri to call a Mr Devant Dubei no 9769238853 but he has been of no help to me. I did call the customer care number again hoping they would help me address the problem by giving me another service center on explaining to them again the above mentioned problem with the dryer and the service center. All I was given was a call number 767807-1 assigned to Sarthak service again which was of no help in the first instance. I am extremely unhappy with the low standards of service offered by the company.I hope they improve the quality of their customer care as well as have more efficient authorised service centre to help customers
Aug 31, 2015

Fauly Coplers of Morphy richard select 600

On 20th Oct 2014 I bought Morphy Food processor (Select 600) and since then ‎it's not working and having issues consistently with the coupler attached to motor as well as jars. Numerous people visited rubbed of couples to changing of couplers but issue remain same after 8 months of experimentation. Some of the complain numbers: 6619862, 6671841, 7524424 etc. It's a serious manufacturing defects and product need to be replaced but they are just not bothers and I feel my money gone down the drain. Customer support seems inexperienced and does not know the product or your products are not of good quality until you change my perception. unable to resolve the issue in last 8 months now. Soon warrantee will be over and I think they are waiting for same.
Aug 21, 2015

Morphy Richards couplers are defective

Multiple complaints registered for defective coupler replacement however Morphy Richards keeps taking me for a ride. They give me disconnected service center numbers to contact and Satish Patil who I called, set up an appointment however nobody showed up and nobody is answering the phone for the last two days. Again now, Morphy Richards has given me complaint no 7550305 saying that a technician will visit me within 48 hours however they gave the same disconnected numbers to contact. When I asked the agent why he was giving me wrong numbers, he disconnected the call just like yesterday. Pathetic service!
Aug 8, 2015

food processor

l bought one food processor last 7 years back. I was very happy with that. But problem started with the kneading of atta. Every time it used to get stucked. l called one person from your service centre. He came and took some parts of my food processor. After that he never came back l called him so many times . Now this number shows invalid number. What will I do with this machine ? Please help me
Aug 8, 2015

food processor

I bought a morphy richard food processor last 10 years back. I was very happy with that. But problem started with the kneading of atta every time the machine used to get stuck. I called one person from your service centre. He came andtook some parts of my food processor and he never came back. I called him so many times he never responded. Now this machine is like dead weight to me. Tell me what to do. Can l get any kind of help from you?
Aug 6, 2015

Worst Service

I have purchased a Microwave of morphy Richards, suddenly after 6 months it stopped working, I have given complaints at service center, the Technician came to visit my place, but he was unable to find the fault in the product, even he was not having proper equipments to check the product. He was asking me a screw driver to open the Microwave.
Lastly we delivered the product at service center at Seawoods "Prompt Services", i followed up for 5 days the status of microwave, the answer I receive that we have products lying since 30-35 days, but we do not have any technician to check the same hence it will take more time.

Its very pathetic service.

My Ack No. 6820 with prompt Services.
Rishabh Chugh
Aug 4, 2015

Pathetic service: Morphy Richards

I am using a Morphy Richards Food Processor. I lodged a complaint no. 7268553-1 on 07th July 2015 mentioning that all the coupler are not working. Mr. Chand from SNG Enterprises came and changed the coupler of big and medium jars, whereas the smaller jar's blade set was missing. He told us that he will get the blade set and will fix the coupler in a day or two.

We kept waiting and calling him for next 15 days. Every time he said we don't have parts right now.

At last I again lodged a complaint no. 7367170-1 on 22nd July 2015. I got a call from Mr. Chand again on 23rd july, he told me that I will come tomorrow. But, he didn't come. When I called him on 24th he spoke to me very rudely " company ko call karo mujhe tang mat karo, humare paas parts nhi h". I again called the customer care and asked for Bajaj's direct no. in Delhi. They shared with me the no. of Mr. Kaushik-service head East Delhi. Even his response was pathetic. Till now I am sending him the reminder over SMS and phone. Neither he pick up the call nor reply to SMS. Today I got a call from somebody from Bajaj's South Delhi branch. He asked me to lodge the complaint once again as my complaint may be cancelled

I am not getting, how come you cancel the complaint without repairing it. I have never seen such third class service.

I suggest Morphy Richards to change their Service provider from Bajaj to somebody like philips or so... otherwise you are going to loose your business. Reputation of Bajaj Electrical is not good in India. If they were not able to provide service to their own products how come they provide to your products.

Simultaneously, I am helpless as my Product is not working. I don't have any option left but to go to consumer court....
Nisha srivastava
Jul 19, 2015

Morphs Richards food processor smart chef ,my

I have purchased MORPHY RICHARDS Food PROCESSOR smart chef ,last 4 months it's kneading blade and citrus blade has got cracked ,it's still Under Waranty,I have placed the order with the service center but of no use ,the person tells me madam we are trying ,if you can't provides the parts ,why do you sell your product when you cannot handle it .
I went for it for I thought the company is very professional and my product would be taken care of ,I had a very good image of the company and use to recommend it to all ,but this time I have been so very disappointed as well disgusted. Please help .
Looking forward for a positive and immediate response,
Nisha srivastava
[email protected]
navdeep sirohi
Jul 15, 2015

Overlooking of after sale service for Inwarranty Products

Writing this with full interest to express great DISSATISFACTION regarding the after sale service for IN-WARRANTY products by Morphy Richards. I registered a complaint in MAY 2015 with COMPLAINT NO. 6883624 -1 against the Juicer Mixer purchased last year. I was told by customer executive that the problem will be handled by next 2 working days. However, Since then I myself tried to reach their executive or Authorized service center to come and sort the issue but nothing has happened as such. Even, Every time I was assured that the case will surely be handled by the next day ( whenever I discussed the case over phone). Wats more disappointing is, when I again made a call to customer center with TOLL FREE NUMBER reflected at their main website........ Executive told me that this complaint number has been entertained and closed as NO DEFECT WAS OBSERVED!!!!!! Ridiculous.....How can a Machine with faulty motor can be closed with NO DEFECT observed??? Adding more to woes is that there was no Senior official at customer center to take up with... Such things really make a worry to go for such company products.
Jul 8, 2015


I bought a product Icon DLX food processor, the very first say use, the switch/wire/motor got smoked, it burnt and wire burnt smell and smoke all over kitchen.

I called customer care, after two days one engineer visited my house, and said, switch got burnt he need parts and since then its 7 days, I have not heard from them and I am following up.

Now customer care do not responds...

This is worst product and service. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.
Jun 2, 2015

Problem Solved, Faith Restored

Good morning to the Morphy Richards team across the globe.

I must thank all of you for the way my problem was resolved. There were initial hiccups and I know about the last minute intervention from top brass, but it was a timely one. I had almost lost faith in the brand and its customer policies, but by honouring my logical and legitimate demand, they have proved that they are a company to rely upon and vouch for. The men/women at the helm know business ethics. My faith in the company is fully restored.

I urge all people out there to go for this brand and if there is any issue, talk to the right people at the right time.

Thanks to the team once again.
Jun 2, 2015

Replacement of the Main Jar Free of Cost

Another disappointing experience with Morphy Richards...the big bosses say that this is company policy, the jar cannot be replaced free of cost.....so it comes down to this that whatever be the circumstances, the policy does not change. Just an observation to all of you out there: Company reputation does not rest on one-time made policies, it rests on CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. It has to be built and worked upon again and again. My faith on you is lost, its not about the money, its about ethics. Sorry Morphy Richards, I will look somewhere else for my needs, thank you for this short affair!!!!!!!!! I will dissuade all of the known and unknown would-be customers to refrain from buying your products.
May 28, 2015

Morphy Richards Essentials 600 Food Processor

Two months back I bought a Morphy Richards Essentials 600. A week ago, I kneaded dough for the first time. The jar developed cracks while functioning. I lodged a complaint. The guy came and checked but said that there is no policy of replacing the jar as I demanded. I was flabbergasted. The company claims that the jar will break or show damage if it falls on the floor from a height. but the case was not such. So ideally they should replace the jar free of cost. Firstly, the food processor costs almost double the price of other brands, secondly, it does not live up to its claims, thirdly, now they refuse to replace the jar. Is this what is expected of the so-called "MORPHY RICHARDS". I will take this up with higher authorities or the consumer forum if the jar is not replaced by the first week of June 2015.

.....................Mousumi Sharrma, New Delhi, 7838621467/ 8376839820
May 11, 2015

problem not resolved of morphy microwave since one month

I have registered complaint of one microwave oven Model 30WCGR with complaint no. 6750230 on 16/04/2015 to customer care morphy richards. no one attended the complaint for 4 days. so again given a reminder on 20/04/2015. Then on 22/04/15 technitian came n told that the door hinge need to be changed and item is out of stock and will take one week time. After one week gave a reminder on 28/04/2015. They told it will take 1 or 2 day more. This time also nothing happened n they told for 2 more days. we gave call on 7th n have been told that item will come late today n will be done on 08/05/2015. But nobody came. As i Gave call today i.e. 11/05/2015 they were telling techninian coming. But nobody came. I think it's been great mistake by purchasing the morphy richards, since the services are very poor as it's been one month now our microwave is not working.
Kindly do something or needful at your end.
Apr 16, 2015

Chutney jar not functioning of Cutie Mixure Grinder

Dear Sir/ Madam,

with reference to the mail which I have sent to [email protected] on dated 14.04.2015 with respect to non-functioning of chutney jar, this is to inform you that it has been 48 hours passed since I have complained (docket no 6741220) about non-functioning of chutney Jar and the same is yet to be resolved.

Today one person telephoned me (phone no 8961755442) querying whether I have complained anything or not? Immediately after the confirmation about the complaint, he did asked about the location and said he is coming now. I am not an ideal person seating at home, hence requested him to come on or after 6 PM and guess what he has agreed, although he never turned up and it was me only who has reminded him about his commitments to resolve the issue. On my surprise he has retorted, "I am off duty now"! and if want to complaint to higher authority happily you do it.

Now, it has created an impression on me is your commitment towards customer service is worst in the industry (even your customer care service also get off on 6PM..wow). Now, I am demanding you to solve my problem immediately or I would go to consumer forum for mentally harassing me and wasting my time and my hard earned money.
Kripa sindhu Dutta
Cell No 9674993007
Mar 18, 2015

regarding select 500 food processor

I have purchased a select 500 food processor in 2014, it stops working every other day, technicians repaired it around 9-10 times, but for the past few instances they have stopped visiting for repair, kindly fix the same and replace as well.
Feb 28, 2015

Consumer grievance against Morphy Richard for nonservicing of faculty Food Proce

WORST SERVICE! COmpany doesnt even bother to understand what pains customer is going through! NEVER EVER RECOMMEND MORPHY RICHARDS to anyone. Will ensure that I will pass this message through all social media sites!

Mr Selvam and Mr Ravi (Service manager for South India) have given the worst service ever.

I had purchased Morphy Richrd food processor on 30th July 2014 with 5 years guarantee on motor and 2 years guarantee on rest of the parts.
Sr. no. of the product - G############. The product was brought from Shree Associates dealer
On 21st February, mixer suddenly stopped working. I logged a compliant on their customer service number on Monday regarding faulty product. Complaint no. 6455372.
The customer service person called in the evening and informed that he is on his way and never turned up!
He called the next day and came finally came on Tuesday.
The service person dint even know how to operate the mixer. At the end, he told the product was faulty and its motor and trip switch is out of use.Please note that despite multiple defects, he refused to replace the product. He promised the service personnel will come and repair the product by Thursday 26th Feb but till date no one has turned up
I called up the service manager and his manager immediately requesting them for a product replacement. They blindly refused replacing the product. I posted this in social media but the company is so lousy that none of them bothered to even respond.
The team was so rude and arrogant that they have stopped responding.
Product with 5 years motor guarantee and 2 years product guarantee is lying without any service at my home. I have again re-registered my complain and waiting for some solution with the hope that at least consumer court will do justice.
Feb 26, 2015

Request for Refund as I got the Damaged Product

I made an order of Inspira Dry Iron from http://www.morphyrichardsindia.com. I paid the amount via net banking. The product I got is defective for which I made a complaint.
I requested to return the product and get my money back. I was told by one of the customer assistant to contact DBS Technology Delhi, which refused to exchange the product and also to refund the amount. They said there is no such policy. But I have read the shopping policy before placing an order.
After complaining again and again no action has been taken place regarding this. Wherever I call, I get a suggestion to call some other person. It seems like a loop. I think there is no one who takes care of these kind of complaints. And this is highly unacceptable from a brand like Morphy.
I am HIGHLY UNSATISFIED with the customer care service which is not responsive at all.
Feb 6, 2015

Microwave Oven 20CG

The subject microwave oven is under warranty up to November'2015. The problem is that under Micro function entire house MCB is tripping. Earlier also complaint lodged but without any result. This time again it was taken up on 03/02/2015 (complaint no. B-8), however nobody has attended so far. I think company like Morphy Richards also started believing only in Sales but not in Service. In this way no company can continue and will die very soon. Please do justice with company reputation, try to attend the problem and solve. If unable to solve then replace, just don't put the complaint in deep freeze.
Feb 3, 2015


I made a complaint no 6301101-1 on 28th feb 2015 which was in guarantee period.The service technician who came to attend it did not have required tools and he could not open the toaster. When I complaned again the technician came to inform that he does not have the required spares and it cuold not be repaired. He pasted a slip on the toaster and asked me to go to the place from where I purchased the toaster and said the it would be replaced from there only. Well it is always not possible to go to place of purchase to get the replacement and it is the service center who should arrange the replacment in case they are not able to repair it. As a matter of fact it is a mockery of the guarantee given by the company as it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to repair/ replace the product without any problem. If one can not go to place of purchase then he should forget about guarantee.
Yogendra Gupta
Mob 9818608721
Jan 11, 2015

Murphy Richards juicer

Pulp collector is leaking
We bought it 2 days back only through online
[email protected]
Dec 23, 2014


I have purchased premio water heater KN01 WH11 0713 01249 and register a query on toll free number , [ 6063358- 1] and i was told that the product would be installed within two days. yesterday a gentleman called me from 9852338244 and adamantly refused to install the product and convassed me to get it install by a hired plumber. the Company product box, the seller and the warranty card boldly shows " FREE INSTALLATION " .

it appears that the company has adopted a cheating strategy to boost the product sell. i fell cheated with the behaviour and attitude of the company.

I will never purchase any product of morphy richards in future .
Dec 16, 2014

complaint against morphy richard induction cooker

I have purchased a brand new Morphy Richard induction cooker on 15/10/2014 as the shop keeper gave me the assurance that it is the best induction cooker and the company is giving you two years full warranty or guaranty for the product. But when i try to use it at home it was not in a working condition. It was totally a defected piece. I took it back to the shop keeper and the shop keeper did not exchange it but ask me to collect it in the evening after 5.p.m. than i went in the evening and he had given me the piece whether it was repaired or new but in the same old box and same warranty card.But when again I tried to use it It was giving me the same problem . I went back to the shop keeper again and again but no use he keeps on saying the piece is O.K. At last he to has given me the toll free no to complain . And at last registered a complaint no 5699843 on 22/10/2014 which was attended on 23/10 2014 and the service man said it is a defected piece but the branch manger refuse me to exchange and cancel my complaint himself.I complaint again on 24/10/2014 against complain no 5702423 , 27/10/2014 5720696 , same on 28/10/2014/ which they did not attend,my complaint on 01/11/2014 , 03/11/2014, but the again register my complaint on 05/11/2014 against complaint no.5967243,in vain the same reply and the same refusal. In between went to shop again on 07/11/2014 and he had taken my induction by saying that he will exchange it But returned me in the same condition on on 03/12/2014 by saying that it is new piece but when i checked it on the shop it was in the same condition but I took it back as the shopkeeper refused me to returned my money back or my be he had no any other piece to exchange at 8.p.m. But I complaint again on 03/12/2014 against complaint no 5967243 but no reply again on 05/12/2014 but it was well attended and the service man by giving me the assurance that he will definately change the piece or the 3 defacted pieces which are not in working condition till 08/12/2014..But nobody came till date............................................................................as today is 16/12/2014. night 9.15 pm ([email protected])
Dec 12, 2014

Morphy Water heater indicator light does not light up

Morphy Water Heater
I have purchased a Water Heater 15 ltr of Morpy Rehards on 11th Dec 2014 through CSD.
Next day instllation was done but indicator light of does not light up where as cable adapter light was coming. therefore no hot water is coming.
I have already raised a request Morphyrichards call center on 12 Dec 2014: request number- 6010713-1.assigned toN.K. Electl Ranchi.
Further, there was free installation but service engineer has charged Rs 500 (Rs 250 for pipe,Rs. 80 for Petrol and Rs170 for plumbring). However,my resistance was 09 Km away from the servicing center.
I can say that the Customer services being provided by Morphy is in REAL BAD SHAPE.
PRITESH h shah
Nov 2, 2014







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