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motor vehicle department,,Alipore,kolkata,West Bengal

West Bengal

Consumer complaints and reviews about motor vehicle department,,Alipore,kolkata,West Bengal

Apr 9, 2017

non receipt of registration smart card

Dear sir,
This is my second complaint. you can see my first complaint dated 13th Sept.2016 is in the record of this website. I have to let you know with a lot of frustration that I am yet to receive the Smart card registered in my name for the car I bought from the Hyundai dealer Mukesh Hyundai in August, 2015 paying the full money for the car and the registration fee at the same time.My car is a Hyundai Eon car Regn. no. WB02-AC-5091.. I had been to the dealer's office at least 30 times to get a clear and concrete answer why they did not receive the card- this big and the reliable dealer's office staffs could not give a good reason.
Could I request the officer in charge of this complaint section to kindly enquire into the matter and bring an end to my frustration of non receipt of the smart card 1 yr and 9 months after purchasing the car from a reliable car dealer. They applied for registration to the Alipore Motor vehicles despite the fact I am a resident of Salt Lake,

Kind regards,

yours faithfully,
Dr Arindam Majumdar, FRCSEd
Feb 8, 2017

non registration of my car

I sold my car WB06g2134 to Dewar's Garage True value on 29/07/2016.Till date they have not transferred the name to new buyer.I have visited their Council house street office several times,but they have only given me a sale intimation in which the buyer's name & address is given.Dewar's garage has purchased the car from me,so it is their duty to transfer the owner's name but they are not helping at all.I am really worried as the car is not in my possession but if anything happens it will come to me.
Please guide me how to tackle the situation.
My email id is arpi.104@gmail.com
My mob.no- 9831076719
Thanking you,
Arpita Bhattacharjee
Sep 27, 2016

Regarding smart card and NOC misplacement by RTO

I had applied for NOC for selling my Car in other city of West Bengal I.e. Alipore vehicle selling in Asansol. I applied on 11 July 16, till date I have not got my NOC and Smart Card.when enquired by visiting RTO, Alipore, it has been understood that my total submitted documents along with Smart card has been misplaced by RTO office.
I resubmitted the documents on 22 sep 16 again for reissue of smart card and NOC but got no response as on today.
Now in absence of NOC and Smart card, the party to whom I sold my car is not agreeing to continue the deal causing me the direct loss of about 4 Lacs.
I persuaded this matter for so long but got no response.
Kindly issue smart card and NOC at the earliest.

Vehicle no. - WB20Z2313
Contact no. - 9332902575 ( Shashank Deshpande)
Sep 13, 2016

non receipt of registration smart card

Dear Sir,ar
I purchased a Hyundai Eon Car Regn. no. WB02 AC-5091 from the Hyundai dealer Mukesh Hyundai in August, 2015. They sent the transfer certificate and necessary paper works to your office immediately for the the smart card in my name. I have contacted them many times for more than a year and they haven't been able to give a proper and concrete answer. I am a doctor and need the use of the car all the time. The dealer has given me the old owner's smart card copy and the copy of the transfer certificate. I have got the necessary insurance , pollution certificate, valid road tax. I purchased the car more than a year ago and being a doctor I feel uncomfortable to drive the car which is still not registered in my name. The dealer name - Mukesh hyundai- kazi Nazrul Islam Sarani, Krishnapore. My address is HB77, Sector III, Salt lake, Kolkata. I have to travel to UK for my medical course, training and conference for my profession. I I would be extremely grateful, if you kindly issue the registration certificate as soon as possible so I can drive the car with peaceful mind. If you send the card to the dealer , I can come and collect it from the dealer,
Thank you very much for your help,
Yours faithfully,
Dr Arindam Majumdar MBBS FRCSEd- email- arindam12@doctors.org.uk
Dipak Kumar Amin
Mar 8, 2016

Lost my smart card and tax token Wb12b5849

I have lost my smart card and taxtoken vehicle no WB12B 5849
Plese guide me
Dipak kumar Amin
Mno 9732603735
Feb 23, 2016

Verification of CRTEMn

Verification of CRTEM
I Seema Kedia purchased accident unregistered vehicle from Speed Chevrolet on 19/05/2014, thereafter Alipore, Kolkata has issued CRTEM dated 19/05/2014, Temporary registration mark : WB20 TL 5494, Now to register the vehicle in Mumbai the Authorities in the concerned RTO have send confirmation advise to you but they have not received any reply from your end. Hence it is hereby requested to send a confirmatory advise to the BORIVALI RTO or mail the same to me on seema.kedia@hotmail.com or on mahendra_57kedia@yahoo.com.
Seema Kedia.
Cont. : 09004334640
Uttam Manna
Feb 16, 2016

Lost My Smart Card of WB22C9303

Lost My Smart Card of WB22C9303
I have lost my Smart card of vehicle No. WB22C9303 (motor Cycle).
Please guide me
Goutam Manna
Tanmoy Bhattachatya
Sep 24, 2015

Lost My Smart Card of WB06C4356

I have lost my Smart card of vehicle No. WB06C4356, (Maruti Wagonr).
Please guide me
Sumantra halder
Tanmoy Bhattachatya
Sep 24, 2015

Lost My Smart Card

I have lost my Smart card of vehicle No.WB06 C4356, Maruti Wagonr Car, No Xerox copy is not in my custody.
please guide me.
Sumantra Halder
Jun 18, 2015

Lost Driving License

To Dated : 18.06.15

The I. C.

Sonarpur P.S.

Kolkata - 700149

Sub: Lost Money bag with Driving License

With due respect, I beg to state that I am Sainik Banerjee, live at Dr. B.C.Roy Road, Dakshin Jagaddal, Sonarpur, Kolkata – 700151. Dated 16.06.15 while I was returning from my office I lost my Money bag with Driving License {( ) (DOB – 08/09/1986) (MCWG)} & some rupees between Kamal Gazi to Rajpur road at near about 10 pm. It`s very important to me.
Therefore, I shall be obliged to you if you kindly help me to find out these things.
Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

(Sainik Banerjee)

Police can,t take GD because I have no xerox copy of the license & license no, so please suggest me what am I doing now?
prabir ghosh
May 13, 2015


Kuntal Chatterjee
Feb 23, 2015

correction ans insertion of data in your system

Respected Sir,

I have already applied for Smart Card and new Permit of my company containerized / closed vehicle Tata709 (Reg. No.:WB-19A-6015) in your office paying required fees. After depositing fees it has been found that the data in your system entered wrongly. Chesses no, Company name, weight entered wrongly and there is no information in your system regarding container. There information require correction and insertion. But as per Additional RTO and persons in his office informed that these will be done by RTO. Additional RTO has no access to do these jobs.

But problem is most of the days RTO does not attend this office and nobody has no information about RTO's availability in this office. Already 2 months gone to complete this process and now i don't know how many days will be required to get Smart Car, Permit and other papers. As this is a company vehicle my management is asking the time frame but I have no answer. Now I am totally helpless and frustrated.

Request, please look after this issue.


Kuntal Chatterjee
Jan 22, 2015

i want the receve of apply cab license

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I Mr. Bikram Mondal Has apply for cab license from a motor training school dated 12.01.2015. but i cant receive my payment receive. if you provide me online to my mail mondal24jeet@gmail.com i will be thankfull to you. my license no is wb2020130028841.

Bikram Mondal
Aug 5, 2014

Audio System Renewal

I have a MARUTI ALTO LXI (Regn. No. WB 20U 2187). Road Tax & Audio System are valid upto 16.08.2014. I have renewed Road Tax for another five years.

Pl. inform me whether Audio System is required to be renewed or not.

Md. A.S.Mondal
Mob.No. 9432020274
e-mail : sattar_mondal@rediffmail.com
Jan 14, 2014

Permanent Registration

Dear Sir,

I Alpana Banerjee, here I informed you that my pervious Car No (Taxi) WB 19A 7236
I have already received a new Taxi for replace system according to your rules & regulation.
I already received new Temporary Registration No WB 19TJ 8923.
Here I also informed you that my offer letter period will be end 15th Jan 2014.
I have already visit 10/1/14 & 13/1/14 try to submit all document for permanent Registration
with Certificate of Fitness. But due to official problem department
uunable me to received my paper. In this situation & contest what I will be!

If you kindly rescue me in this situation I will be highly grateful to you.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Date : 14.1.14
Jan 7, 2014

non receipt of smart card

Dear Sir,
With due respect, I would like to state that I had applied for transfer of ownership of Tata Indigo, Registration no. WBO2 U 9755 on June 2012 to Alipore Motor Vehicles Dept. All the required formalities were done by me, however the concerned officer who has dealing with my papers assured me that the Smart Card transferred in my Name would be delivered to my address within 2 months. However, it has been almost 18 months since then I have not received any document.
I followed up several times with the concerned officials at Motor Vehicles Dept and every time I am returned saying that my file is under processing and it would require some more time.
Is 18 months not enough? Kindly help me out.
Monojit Chatterjee
Nov 29, 2013

non receipt of renewed driving licence

Dear Sir,
I submitted my original DRIVING licence alongwith necessary fees to RTO, Alipore, South 24 Pargana Office on 08/07/13 vide money receipt no. A1983467. But I am yet to receive renewed Driving Licence, although it is more than 4 months have elapsed. When contacted to RTO Office to collect renewed licence by hand, I was told that the same would be sent by post and can not be hand delivered. Request to send my renewed driving licence by post immediately.
Monojit Chatterjee
Oct 25, 2013

Non receipt of Smart card

Car no : WB20AB 7693

I had purchase a bike which was given for transport department at alipore but till now i have not got my smart card.

I remembered that i was visit your office four time to get this.But every time you officer said that my smart card has been sent by post at 25.04.2013 but still now i am not got this.They also can't provide me the docet no. which can help me to find myself my SMART CARD.

so you are requested to please do the needful to me

thanking you

Sukumar Naskar
Sep 26, 2013

Indiscipline of Bus Route and Bus Service

Respected Sir/Madam,
I am a daily passenger of Howrah Dumrajola to Sealdah. I used to do two buses daily. No. 1 is Route 72 and No. 2 is Route K6. But there is no systematically arrangement here in these route. Also these route are illegal because they have no proper fair chart in these route (specially K6 / Rajabajar to Tikiapara). Not only that Rt. 72 have mentioned DASNAGAR to SEALDAH. but they could not reach DASNAGAR any day. (Permanently reach DUMRAJOLA). And also It has no schedule time to reach the passenger suitably. We suffer many time for these reason. Please check these reason properly and maintained a proper rules and regulation.
Thanking You.

Your regard
A. R. Roy
Debasish Biswas
Aug 27, 2013


I have passed light motor vehicle test for driving license on 4th April,2013 from Alipore Motor Vehicle Department, Kolkata. But that department has not sent my driving license till now. So I am unable to drive my own car at present. Please arrange my drive license as soon as possible. RECEIPT NO. A1892212 (DEBASISH BISWAS, Application No. 23613, DC-1892212, WB-20 WB-2020040242219) Address : 230 Prasanta Roy Road, Thakurpukur Kolkata-700008.
Jun 17, 2013

Driving license

Dear sir,
I am apply 2wheeler driving license on 7 Jun 2012 to Alipur motor vehicles complete all procedure also submit 50 rupee to alipur motor vehicles. I didn't get my driving licenses till now . APPLICATION NO - 86468712
so many times I face problem on road for driving licence
please look on this matter.

Jadav naskar
mob- 07781011403
Nita Pathak
May 28, 2013

Received expired driving license

Sir, I received my driving license no WB-2020120379441 dated 20/03/2012 after 8th October , 2012.
[ Note : your covering letter is dated 08.12.2012 ], Whereas my driving license has an expiry date of 20/08/2012. I received my driving license after it was expired.
Kindly send me a renewed driving licence. If required kindly intimate, I can come and collect my driving license.
My address: Mrs. Nita Pathak, UD-07/1004, UDITA, 1050/1 Survey Park, Kolkata-700075.
Mar 21, 2013

Non receipt of smart card / blue book

Dear sir,

Car no : WB20AB6490
Recipt no A1795900

I had purchase a bike which was given for transport department at alipore but till now i have not got my smart card. the payment had been made on 14/12/2012.

so you are requested to please do the needful to me

thanking you

Dibyajyoti Pandit
harish modi
Mar 13, 2013

not recive smart book

Dear sir,

Car no : WB06E 2911
Recipt no A1727797
i had purchase a second hand car which was given for transport department at alipore but till now i have not got my smart card. the payment had been made on 14/9/2012.

so you are requested to please do the needful to me

thanking you

Harish Modi
Amit Sharma 50
Mar 11, 2013

Non receipt of Smart Card

Sir , withdue respect it is to inform you that I have purchased a Car bearing no WB 22 U 3452 on may 1st week and my dealer registration same according to rules but unfortunately I have not receipt any smart card / blue book up to date dealer said that will sent by post to the home address.your department has also received RC Card Printing Fees Rs 50 vied Token no 0344774 having dealing assistant No KS344774. So you are requested kindly to look into my case and arrange to sent my smart card as early as possible as because i have received my No Objection Certificate from HDFC Bank Ltd for ( Termination of Loan / Hypothecation).Know until i receive my smart card i am not able to apply for issuance of new smart card without Hypothecation and the NOC issued by the Bank to me is valid for only 3(Three) Month starting 14/02/13.Thanking you in anticipation . Yours faithfully Amit Sharma WB 22 U 3452. and my address is 197/2 Vivekananda Sarani, P.O/P.S Bhadreswar Dist - Hooghly, Pin - 712124.

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