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Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about Motorola

Dec 11, 2018

Audio quality is poor after pie update

Audio quality while recording voice and video is very poor... No quality
Dec 11, 2018

Poor audio quality

The audio quality of the voice and video recording is very poor after pie update... I need it to be fixed.... It gives a unclear sound while listening to the recording
DasthaGiri Reddy
Dec 3, 2018

Worst Motorola service is not as promised even the devise is under waranty


I have Moto G6 which is 3 month old and suddenly my audio jack not working went to customer center and they said it is damaged inside board and they are telling that that is not comes under warranty . it is worst experience I ever have.

I suggest people not to go for Motorola its waste of money and time.
vittala chary
Sep 5, 2018

Moto G5 Splus(Battery issue)

Hi Team,

Hope you are people are doing great!

My self Vittala chary, I order the product in Amazon online service(14-Oct-2017 6:02 AM), and I received mobile on Tuesday, October 17 - Friday or October 20 approximately, Now here is the issue, since from two months i'm facing battery back up issue, mobile features and everything is fine, but when it comes to battery back, its too bad, i don't know, what is happening, the phone is getting switch off with in 1 to 2 hrs.

My request is that, do you guys will repair it and give it, in a normal mode again, because its not been a year yet. if I visit the mobile service store/center; will I get it done by your team? can you please help me out in this situation.

You can reach me at 90300 71529 / 63000 62977
Sep 3, 2018

Product is not Good and got not working just after 10 months...

Dear Sir/Madam,

I had purchased a smart phone of motorola - MTO Z2 PLAY (XT1710-10) on 8th October , 2017 wort Rs. 27,000/- from Heena Corporation, Bokaro Jharkhand. But just after use of 8-10 months mobile started hanging and started not working properly. Few days back from today (03/09/2018) a black dot was started appearing on the screen and later on just couple of days back my phone is not switching on.

I went to the customer care at Bokaro, jharkhand. Initially they were denying to take the mobile set for repairing but after talking to the customer care and taking them in conference with the service centre guy, they accepted the mobile set for the repairing but still they are not sure about it whether I will get my phone back in functioning mode or not.

This is my grievance that kindly take this in a very serious issue as I have invested my hard earned money to bye a phone Motorola company and it is not working and where so not due to my fault.

Whether I will get my phone back in working mode or I want a replacement of my phone.

Thanks & Regards

Prashant Singh
A/16, 2nd Floor, City Centre, sector-4, Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand-827004
9031114333 / 06542-232031
Aug 24, 2018

complaint against Moto Z2 Play

Dear Team Motorola
I bought Moto Z2 Play about an year ago from Chroma Store (Ground Floor,Odean Cinema,Block D,Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001) bearing IMEI No. 358225071144670 which is still in warranty. The phone was working allright till 6-7 months but suddenly its fingerprint sensor stopped working and screen started to flash a message of FINGERPRINT HARDWARE NOT AVAILABLE. After waiting for several days I submitted this phone to the chroma centre CP to get it repaired on date 9th July 2018. After about 15-20 days some patches came on my screen starting from top right corner of the phone. As I was busy with my business I tried to workout with the phone in that condition for few days. But those patches started increasing rapidly and one day the whole screen got black. I again visited the repair centre located in CP(Motorola Service Center Ipick Solutions, Shop No-103, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg, Sector 4., Gole Market, Nearest Metro Station R.K Ashram Marg, (Opp- Jain Bhawan, New Delhi, Delhi 110001). There they said that they will not cover this phone in warranty and will charge me for the repair and gave me various false reasons of not covering this phone in warranty. I was in a hurry on that day so I didn’t got in argument with them and agreed to pay them the amount of Rs. 8500/-. I received this phone on 31st July 2018 and again on 9th of August I faced the same problem of not working of fingerprint sensor and the same message flashed on screen i.e. of Fingerprint Hardware Not Available. This time I switched off my phone to restart it and it never got restarted again. I again visited the same service center in CP Delhi and this time they surprised me by showing various marks in my phone of rust and liquid damage. Instead of falling in an argument with your unprofessional staff I just asked them a question that what did they checked when I submitted the phone for the first time as well as when they charged me. I never expected this kind of customer service from such a reputed brand. Although I was a back to back customer of Motorola as it was my 3rd phone of same brand without switching. I am also quite surprised by the fact that I am facing these kinds of problem with one of the highend phone of Motorola which costed me around 30k. My only response to the customer service center was that please take this phone back as arguments with that unprofessional staff would be wasteful. As I am very sure and definite that the phone was not any subject to any kind of water/liquid damage. And if still it is effected by one of them then they should have informed me on earlier instances. Even I talked this matter to their customer call center, initially the front desk callers never took me seriously and talked very unprofessionally. After telling them all my concerns they too denied to solve my problem and even denied to connect me to their superiors. After repeated calls and requests one of their superior called me and repeated the same words explaining me that they can’t repair my phone under warranty as it is damaged under the subject of liquid. They too sent me a picture of disassembled phone showing that one of its part have got rust. I kept asking them that how it can be possible that any metal can get rust in only 8-10 days. On this their customer care executive very rudely told me that they did a favour on me that they repaired my phone on earlier instances
It makes me think that a company like Motorola can stoop so low as to teach their staff to give some false/lame excuses just to save some repair or replacement costs.
Manish Malik
Ph.no- 7015969233, 9467241123
H.no. 3337, Jind, Haryana
P. Naresh
Aug 23, 2018

Repair Done But again repeat same problem.

I'm using Motorola G3 mobile last week my mobile got problem like unexpected switch off. I gave to ARS Enterprises Motorola service centre in hosur they also done repair and charged Rs.950/-. With in 10 days I face same problem in my mobile again my phone got switch off. So, I went to ARS Enterprises Motorola service centre gave my mobile to repeated issue on 20.08.2018 but still they are not responded and giving careless/irresponsible answer.

Why to Motorola recruit/given dealership to this type of irresponsible people's.
Bharat Bhasin
Aug 12, 2018

Service centre not gave proper service and send wrong information to moto company .

Respected sir,
With reference to above cited subject kindly I inform to you the Kunal Telecom service company near sawarkar choak Samarth nagar Aurangabad Maharashtra not deal with me at the service centre and send wrong information to moto company that's why company rejected my cell's problem. They send your mobile is bend that's why company can not solve your problem. Real problem of Moto g5s plus is front speaker problem and sim slot problem but the service company not mentioned in the mail which is send to upper level centre and send wrong information. So please solve my problem. My name is Bharat Bhasin & mobile no. 9774349501 & 7011492377
Jul 24, 2018

when charged and work mobile crashed

When i am charged my mobile and i find my messages on my mobile
Automatically application open,touchlights on,apps open, vibration and camera on my mobile is not my controll totally crashed display
I need solution for this please give any solution.............

Mobile name : Moto G4 plus
Sai saketh
Jul 13, 2018

Moto e4 plus

Moto is providing the worst service .The service center is not at all taking care of customers
Mohan jenshri
Jun 26, 2018

Back Camera Break the glass

Dear Sir

I purchased moto G 5 S + and after some days battery problem and i went in moto service center because my phone was in warranty

and They checked and replace battery, but i find many scratch on phone so i told them but without any reason he abusing me and

Said i will not do you can anything
Jun 23, 2018

Forget to give back SIM card

I have submitted my phone for check up. As my data cable was not working properly, they have taken out sim card and I was not acknowledged about that.
When my data cable problem was resolved, I checked my datacable and leave service centre as I urgently needed to go to faridabaad for important meeting , after half an hour when I needed my phone to make an urgent call.

I was unable as there was no sim card, so I went back to service centre and found out it was with them.

In this whole thing my 90 minuts was wasted, I was late for meeting.
And moreover I was not sure if my sim card was MISUSED or not in that period of time as i use only one no. And it is connected to my all BANK ACCOUNTS and my mail IDs. if any misuse of this was taken place in that period of time Motorola will be responsible for that.
Jun 13, 2018

Handset Under warranty but they ask me for money

I am user of Moto e4 plus and my device is not working properly I go to the service center at uttam Nagar for solving my problem because my device is under warranty but they ask me for money this device have display problem so plz solve the problem as soon as possible
Jun 6, 2018

phone not work correctly

dear sir
i have purchsed moto e-4 smartphone Nov- 2017 but it is not work correctly
Pallavi Thakur
May 14, 2018

Phone parts stolen

i gave my moto G4 plus phone to Motocare marathalli (on first floor,near Brand factory) for repair.They kept it for 4-5 days, and didn't fix as well. instead , they stole the original display of my phone and the battery.
Because of that i had to spend additional 3000 rupees .

Never expected such unethical behaviour from a branded service center. Please do not go to motocare service centers, specifically Motocare marathalli (on first floor,near Brand factory) . Bloody thiefs are running that motocare!!!!!!!
Pallavi Thakur
May 14, 2018

Phone parts stolen

i gave my moto G4 plus phone to Motocare marathalli (on first floor,near Brand factory) for repair.They kept it for 4-5 days, and didn't fix as well. instead , they stole the original display of my phone and the battery.

Never expected such unethical behaviour from a branded service center.
Shah Nidhi
May 13, 2018

No help provided

Facing issue from the date I bought the phone and till date the issue has not been resolved. No help is provided by the service center as well as from customer care center. Case has also been filed by me against Motorola n email regarding the same has also been sent still Motorola company is not ready to call or respond ....Worst service provider.
Apr 19, 2018

defect manufacturer - sensor problem - battery problem

Mobile is not charging , its only 4months old phone.
When i took Moto X PLay i was facing same problme.
MOTO has same problem.
if so its pathetic.
When i had MOTO X PLAY duirng that time i changed motherboard for sensor problem and battery problem thrice.
i want my mobile in good condition .
realy fed up.
to go to Service center is far from my place .
Your service center staffs are also arrogant

contact me :9833856065
Apr 11, 2018

Service centre did not repair the phone

I visited an authorized Motorola service centre in Hyderabad for getting my charging port repaired. However the centre did not repair my phone and power button. Moreover, after collecting my phone I found that the earphone port is not working.
Apr 1, 2018

After service nothing is working

I was having battery drain problem only , I went to moto service center they told me issue will be fix in 4 days and it took almost 2 week in spite of taking this much of time now my phone good other issue like sim is not getting detect , phone is charging in switch off mode only and the battery drain problem is still persist . This is what your service center are providing services.Now i have no faith in moto at all and i will not recommand any one to buy phone because its just the wastage of money and time.
Mar 28, 2018

Moto g4 plus not working properly


I bought a Moto g4 plus mobile 2 months ago.My mobile is not working properly as it is getting switched off automatically while getting calls and battery is draining off for every power off.Mobile is getting switching off every day for at least 9 to 10 times per day.
I am getting irritating everyday.When I gave to service center they charged me Rs.2000,for updating software.But there is no use doing that.The number of times switching off is increased after giving to service center.I am a student and I am facing a lot of problem with ur company phone.
So from next time I prefer to all that don't take Moto mobiles.
Mar 21, 2018

Making my Moto phone unserviceable than before

Sir I gave my Moto G4 Plus to Gadgetz Solution, Above Domino's, Second Floor, Laitumkrah, Shillong (which is an authorised service centre of Motorola), as my phone was taking 7 to 8 hrs to charge firstly they told me that they have to do water service, afterward they called me and told me that my battery has to be replaced, after sometime they called and told me that the phone required to change charging socket, they told me that it would cost Rs 4000/- + I accepted so that my phone would be as before but after one day they told me to replace my motherboard as it is faulty and it would cost Rs 6800/- , I was shocked to here that this service centre is totally looting me and I denied to replace my motherboard. They took Rs 450/- charge from me and told that the phone will run as before and I can use as before but when I came home and charged the phone at night the battery was 27% and when I saw it at morning time the battery was as it is at 27%. Now when I am making calls they do not respond nicely and make excuses and cut my call when I want to make some query with them. Sir/madam being Motorola a good phone but your service centres and not cooperative and experience due to which your product marketing is decreasing. I don't want my money back but I warn you Sir/madam that this types of Motorola service centres and harmful for your company.
Mansi Amritkar
Feb 23, 2018

Poor performance by Service center

I have motorola G4 plus phone was not working well so I went to motorola service center and they told that motherboard needs to change and when I went there after 15-20 days they changed it..but then I have faced issue with mike and speaker...Meanwhile the service center was closed for renovation for 1 month .... then after 1 month again I have given them my phone to repair it... Now again they told me that there was problem with motherboard... So now its more than 1 and 1/2 month still they are not able to repair that phone... They are giving the reason that they are not able to solve the technical issue... Very poor performance by SARA Mobile Shoppe....
[email protected]
Jan 9, 2018

complain about broken of mobile accesories by service centre

With Thanks & Reagrds
Ameerul Siddique
Aditya Lahori
Jan 6, 2018

mobile charger

there are problem in a my mobile charger [model No-moto e3 power],[IMEI No-351887080604114]
The problem is charger not work .
Mera mobile or charger ki 1 Year warranty h but Ghaziabad motorola service center walo ne 6 month warranty h product ki isleya under warranty me ni hoga.
mane toll free numb pr be 20 SE 30 bar call kr k laken ...koi bolta h 6 month warranty h to koi bolta h 1 year warranty ...
mera kafe time isme wast ho chuka h...
mujko ye bata do k mera mobile or charger warranty me hoga ya ni....
me bhut perassan ho geya hu Motorola company se...Motorola ki service ache nee h...
jab service nee Dane h to company product sale ku kr rahe h
mare pass sale invoice be h liken fer be company service ni de rahe h ...8979479833

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