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Consumer complaints and reviews about MSEB

Jul 15, 2019


Dear Sir /Madam,

For June Bill,we had received higher bill from MSEB which is Rs.7970.

Please note we had never consumed noe we had used A.C or oven for such high bill,we had even complain online to MSEB but still there is no revert from them.

As per my knowledge many people has received higher bill from MSEB.
Consumer ID : ############
BU - 4261
Complaint ID - 0000011746884

Kindly look and resolve with proper bill

J .Thakur
Nikhil Gaydhane
Jul 1, 2019

Power cut

Power Cut
I am suffering power cut issue from yesterday, for the same I have launched the complaint against the same but still the problem not rectified by the concern department. Even after I continuously follow up with the customer care.

When I have taken local line man number all the numbers were disconnected none of the number were works.
My consumer number is ############
My name is Shree Dhanraj Dhanpal Sapate

Jun 10, 2019

Power cut

Still we dont have electricity it has been more than 7 hr of power cut. Mseb electricity infra brarely stand 10 min in first rain thats irony.
Jun 10, 2019

Electricity issue

No light found in koparkhairne sector 1 due to short circut issue so plz send some one person and resolve as soon as possible
Sagar Divekar
Jun 8, 2019

Power off

Dear sir / madam,

I resides in waldhuni Kalyan locates in Kalyan East but our mseb connection is in ulhasnagar due there problem every day power cut off almost 2 to 5 hrs. We resided in Kalyan then why our whole area controlled by ulhasnagar division?
We are facing this issue since past many years
Jun 5, 2019

Power outrages

Citizens of Ghansoli Sector 21 feels cheated by electricity board MSEB as entire Ghansoli gets electricity and proper power supply but sector 21 is left ignored for power outrages during odd hours and without notice. Its high time that MSEB should take responsibility and resolve this issue or justify there ignorance towards sector 21 Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai????
Yash ajani
Jun 1, 2019


Shyam Kamble
May 30, 2019

Excess Bill and arrogant staff

Mseb - not sending proper bill..
Respected sir,

I, consumer of MSEB (electricity), am Shyam Kamble, holding domestic energy meter from vashi sec 26 consumer no. ############ by name Mrs Prayagbai Vtkar 4127 wasi o s s/dn 090/lt1 res 1 phase 5/14 2702-5515/ 4127017000000.

I have been facing problems of billing and faulty bill, means not getting any bill amount according to reading despite meter is Woking good, since Dec 2018. Even I registered complaint in MSEB office 3 time, local office 12-13times, also meet district engineer, but they didn't reply any complaints. Local electrician already check 2-3times our meter they told its working well.
No MSEB official is taking that complain seriously and paying passing the parcel from MSEB office to substation.

It's been 6 months now my complain has not been solved and above that MSEB person took my Meter dtd 29.05.2019.
And now I am living in dark.

This is such a shameful to happen. I demand all the mseb officials involved in this should be suspended.
Every time I visit I get to know new reasons to not to do work.

Very disappointed with the staff. They need to be suspended.

So kindly request you, solve this issue, to enforce the authority to solve our problems.

Mob No- 9773493277
Thanking you!!!

[email protected]
May 27, 2019

No power supply

Power cut everyday for more than 3 hours.
May 23, 2019

Power Cuttoff Every Time

Every time during summer there is power cut off in day and night. Even though so much load shedding is there still no decrease in monthly electricity bill at all. Meter still reads extra I would say then used amount of units. Atleast inform people prior to the load shedding at least people can be prepared and finish the work before this shitty surprise takes place. All the numbers of MSEB are out of service during this time. God knows they hatch eggs.
[email protected]
May 20, 2019

No electricity

We are facing load shading in this area is since many many years. Whoever be the winner of election, our area is never going to improve. Government is talking about electrification of India. Could you please first improve those areas which are already electrified but still no electricity? Today at 21 May 2019 at 2.49 am, there is no electricity.
[email protected]
May 20, 2019

No electricity

Too much load shading. Today on 21 may 2019, electricity is not there at 2 am. How do you expect working professionals to go on work tomory morning? Don't you have any mercy on people? Load shading in this hot summer and that too in the night is too harsh. You are not doing your work properly. Election gaya to sab seva band?
May 18, 2019

Bad service

Mseb peoples are doing nothing . Its 2 hours and still there is no electricity in sagarli area .its 2.oo am.
Roshan V Mehta
Apr 28, 2019


CONSUMER NUMBER - ############ (4708)

Respected Sir/Madam,

My Name is Vallabhdas Mehta, my meter is not working for my shop no.15 (Located at :- Taralaxmi 'A' wing, Vikas Complex society, Taki Road, Beside Amul Ice-cream parlour, Nalasopara East) and shop is closed from last 12 months).

I should only received bill of Rs.350 every month due to no usage and meter is not working and it show no display of meter reading.

I have informed numerous number of times about this issue and registered complaint on below details, but have received no resolution.

customer care center at 1912,1800-233-3435, 1800-102-3435 Please mail [email protected]
For queries related to your online payment transactions, please email [email protected]
Personally visited at both office (Achole & Vijay nagar)

What is issue to fix new meter, if not interested I will not pay any bills from now on wards. I was informed there are no meter available in stock, it is 1 year now do not make fool.

As genuine customer I am informing you again and it is request replace new meter and send proper bill, why you provide the stress to customer who pay there bill every month on time without any delay.

Attached is here bill and if required any help please call me anytime on 9987913593 / 8097888378. Please take quick action and replace meter, I am tired now going every month to office for manual reading and to create bill with Rs.350.
Awaiting for your quick response as soon as possible !!!!!

Vallabhdas Mehta


Yogesh Bari Tokepada
Feb 7, 2019

Loosen wires and tilted electric pole within main lane

I am complaining about loose electric wires and tilted support pole in my village (Gholwad Tokepada Taluka - Dahanu District - Palghar PIN 401702.

Repeated reminder to local department of MSEB by different persons from village but no action has been taken till now.

Loosen main electric wires has been so down on the way road that some it touches vehicle. every time we have taken care of those wire so that can not be break. many times it break wires and MSEB operators has join that. but no permanent action has been taken.

I hope by complaining MSEB department will take necessary action before any serious mishap happen.

Thank you.
dr rajendra jain
Dec 19, 2018


Date 20-12-2018
The MSEB office
Shahapur , Billing unit 4448

Ref- Electric ,meter installed in our factory premises in name of C Z CRANS & HOIST. Billing Unit 4448 Shahapur
Resected Sir
We bring to your notice the following discrepancies in meter installed in our premises at Plot no-32/1/A ,Asangaon, Shahapur .
1) We had purchased factory premises in year 2012 along with all constructed shed , machineries , Implements , Transformer and power connections .The factory is split in units over survey no-32/1 and 32/2.
2) There are two number of meters installed in factory premises . One in name of MARBO IINDIA FITANS – Plot no- 32/2, Village Asangaon . Consumer no-############ and Meter no- 055-MSEB 83981. The factory is not working at full capacity due to slackness and lack of orders .For the few orders we get We have been withdrawing power form meter no- 055-MSEB 83981 and have been regularly paying Bill for the same . Last amount paid was Rs18850/- date 24/12/2018 (Transaction Ref no-PHD6997137458) Bank Ref no- ############.
3) The second meter no- in the name of C Z CRANS & HOIST Plot no- 32/1A, Asangaon , Shahapur .Meter no-055-O0053378 Consumer no- ############. Enclosed Bill dated 14-08-2012 .The reading shows Previous 335 units and current 335 units .
Enclosed Bill dated 6-3-2018 for Rs 4310/- duly paid , showing the same reading units . Enclosed Bill dated 10-7-2018 where in due amount shown is 45740/- and it goes on increasing with due amount in bill dated 6-12-2018 shown as 112060/-.
4) Subsequently on inspection of meter it was noticed that the consumer number and meter number do not tally . They are both different . On making private enquiry we Learnt that this particular meter is allotted to Atgaon circle .
5) Subsequently your department cut the supply line somewhere in November.
6) Your department visited factory premises on 19-12-2018 to take away the referred meter in their custody but requested by our person at site not to do so until a proper investigation is done ..
Kindly clarify the following
1) We have not withdrawn power from meter no- 055-O0053378 Since the time we purchased the factory premises till date .
2) How did the meter reading spike from 335 to the present reading without withdrawing any power.
3) Why do the meter number and consumer number do not tally . Why meter allotted to Atgaon circle is installed in Asangaon factory ?
4) We have been regularly paying the bill every month from 2012 to march 2013 for amounts of appx 4500/- for which we were told that this meter rent , since you are not withdrawing any power.
We request you to look into these discrepancies, investigate and solve the matter . Until then the meter should not be dismantled and taken away to your custody.
Any action on contrary shall force us to take legal action against your department at your costs which you may kindly note .
Regards 9320022055

Authorized Signatory

1) Enclosed Bill dated 14-08-2012 for Rs2320/-
2) Enclosed bill dated 6-03-2018 for Rs 4250/-
3) Enclosed bill dated 6-12-2018 for Rs 111970/-
meher shaikh
Dec 7, 2018

Disconnection of Line inspite Of Payment done

Dear Sir Every month I am paying my electricity bill online before due date, than also they have disconnected my line without informing me , and today they made me run from pillar to post in the MSEB office taking my 2 hours , And they took again cash for connecting my line they said online payment we are not responsible , This is the way they give trouble to the customer , Sir My Complaint is to Mr Sanjeev Kumar CEO of MSEB , Kindly look in to this matter your people are troubling us a lot in the Office , They are very arrogant and in co-operative , Sir People sitting there were illetrate and this people are misusing there positions , My Consumer number is ############ And BU Number is 4755.

Disconnection of Line inspite Of Payment done

Madi Mike
Sep 29, 2018

Frequent Load shedding

We are residing in New Are Road, Dombivli east locality and are facing frequent load shedding problems of 3-4 hours daily since last 1-2 months.
Kindly look into this matter immediately and solve it as soon as possible.
Anwiksha Chakraborty
Sep 1, 2018

Power cut

There has been a power cut for 6 hrs staright now. No one's answering the calls. The last time someone did answer said it'll take about 2-3hrs now it's been way more than that. Height of irresponsiblility and carelessness.
Every other day there is a power cut. Sometimes during midnight and even early mornings.
No one picks up the call unless you've called 10 times or more (no exaggeration). If and when they do either there is no answer as to when electricity will be regenerated or their answer is -couple of hrs. Although it takes way more than that and the power is cut again several times after that.
As I am writing this the power has been cut for 6 hrs straight and there is no response.
Don't know when the power will be regenerated but it'll definitely be cut again on Tuesday. And on multiple other occasions.
Jitesh Kharat
Aug 22, 2018

MSEB meter running properly but put status as faulty meter

Hi Sir,
My meter running properly but then also they put meter status as faulty and charging extra bills.

Consumer No: ############

Jitesh Kharat
Abhijit Jambhulkar
Aug 3, 2018

Power Cut

I am suffering power cut issue from today morning at 05:00 hrs, for the same I have launched the complaint against the same but still the problem not rectified by the concern department. Even after I continuously follow up with the customer care.

When I have taken local line man number all the numbers were disconnected none of the number were working.

After visiting they are not able to listen the problem.
Nitin [email protected] east
Jul 19, 2018

Electricity Cut any time

Dear MSEB Team

Issues are:-
1. Toll free number not working.
2. Emergency number no one is answering.
3. Daily power cut - Anytime
Appreciate if you take action promptly.

Jul 18, 2018

Main phase line cut on the pole

Main phase line are cut on the pole due to the high rainfall so I am stay without lighting so plzzz make that work argent....

Mr.janardan ganu bhoir
At shelari post shivale Tal Murbad pincode 421 401

Hope you understand our problem

Contact no.9209626606
Jul 10, 2018

No Update Provided

There has been power cut since last 24 hours and the boatd officers are unable to provide us the status or timeline as in when can we expect the electricity back. The officer was so rude to reply to our query and everytime we call he has only one answer that we don’t know when the electricity will come.
As a consumer we have rights to know the status of the powercut and when can we expect the electricity back. It’s very disappointing to get an insensitive and irresponsible response from the official.
Jul 7, 2018

High Electricity Bill even when the room was closed for last three month

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am staying at B/74- Udhiksha Building Naigaon East .

Connection Information
Consumer Number ############ BU 4359 VASAI RD. EAST S/DN.
Name MR. RAJIV GHOSH Connection Type LT

Consumer No. BU/Circle Code Bill Month Consumption Bill Amount Due Date View HTML
############ 4359 VASAI RD. EAST S/DN. Jun 2018 47 42410.00 25 Jul 2018 View HTML

I am shocked to find the total bill of Rs.42410.00 as my family is in Muscat , Oman for last May & June 2018 month.Please review the bill as this is not possible as
1.we are a family and not any business/Manufacturing company.
2.My room is closed from month of 10th May , June & July 2018.

Your aggrieved Customer,

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