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Consumer complaints and reviews about MSEB THANE

Aug 25, 2014

meter running fast(faulty)

dear sir,
my consumer number is ############ name of amin munir khatri i am kindly requested to you replace my meter
it is running fast our uses of electricity is low as per my electronic product we have at home .
kindly do needful.

Thanking you.
Tayyub khatri.
Jul 18, 2014

Power Cuts after 10 PM

Dear MSEB Officials,

I am a resident of Partha Pushp society, From last 2 weeks we are facing power cuts after 10 PM and on 16th July'14 I have seen a night mare as there was no electricity from midnight 2 AM to 8.15 in the morning not really sure the reason but when call the helpline number there wasn't any one to answer the phone. Request you to kindly fix this issue on high priority basis and ASAP.

Please understand we pay the MSEB electricity bill for uninterrupted services and not to be with a candle for the entire night.

Jun 27, 2014

MSEB Brahmand Thane - frequent power cuts

Dear Sir,
For the past 2 months there are frequent power cut in Brahmand Thane. Everyday or every alternate day power is going off. Nobody is doing any thing. I request the higher authority of MSEB to look in to it. I request the MPs & MLSs of this particular area to solve the problem. I hope somebody will read & really do something. MSEB person responsible for Bramand Thane should be removed from job. We the people of Brahmand require permanent solution. CAN CAN SOMEDODY HELP THE PEOPLE OF BRAHMAND THANE.
Jun 17, 2014

frequent power cuts

There are frequent lower cuts near suraj water park, ghodbunder road. We are given a reason of maintenance or road work....but this has been continuing since a few months. If these are for maintenance, I request mseb to inform residents in advance...it is affecting our daily schedule and work. For example, current was not there from 11am to3.30 pm and now again it is not there since 6 pm.
Lata Deherkar
Jun 16, 2014

power flactuation

My name is Mrs. Lata Deherkar, I have a computer Institute opp St John School, Thane. This is to inform you that,. My customer number is ############ and billing unit is 4727/power house. From today morning there is continuous Voltage fluctuation at my institute & sparking near cutout, due which my A.C. & Computers have problems. Our electrician checked the connection and told that problem is in the cutout & cable of MSEB. Hence I request you to look into this matter urgently and resolve the issue.
Jun 15, 2014

Frequent Power Cuts

Dear Sir

Its beenquite some time that we face Frequent Long duration power cuts In Ovala Ghpdbunder Road Thane west. 800 metrs before us is Kasarvadavli..there no cut happen. this power cut only happens in Ovala. Pls help .
as number of residents have consoderably increased in last two years, but still we are treated badly by MSEB.
Consumer No ############
Shruti Sharma
tushar twinkle
Jun 3, 2014

high billing consumer no 00010920159

Dear Sir ,
This is to bring to your notice , we family of 4 which consist of one daughter 13 years & one with 18 months started staying on the above mentioned address from 1st June 2013 .We both husband wife work & our day starts early & our daughter schools and she is back in the afternoon .We received our first MSEB bill on November 2013 & we were shock to see the bill amounting Rs.29050 wherein it showed Rs.2969 as interest & Rs.25607 as actual bill.
Looking at this we lodged complaint online reference complaint no ________ . we were promised that it will be looked into & it will revised this was confirmed by your call centre executive & then it was confirmed by team manager as well it was also accepted by them being house bill can’t go that high & that’s what my argument was & it was accepted by call centre & a revert was expected .
Let me tell you Sir, no revert no call nothing happened , so we again called & inquired about same on return, we were asked to go to local office as call centre confirmed our complaint has been sent to local area office & they will revert , your call centre executive asked us to visit personally for things to move faster , which we did & gave a letter to Mr.Patil he also verbally confirmed that it can’t be so high & he will check and let us know .
But this was also in vein as nothing was solved and again in December we went to meet Mr.Patil , but his junior said he is out for training & he should be back in January so went in January 2014 he had lost our first letter given by him so he asked us to write again to him , which we did again , we waited for some days & went again to meet him ,ie on 29th January & asked him why the bill issue is not solved on which he said pay Rs.20,000 & wrote a note on bill please accept that time bill outstanding was Rs.29050 he confirmed next bill it will get adjusted what you have paid .so we immediately gave cheque of Rs.20,000 & paid the bill .
But next bill which came in 18th March 2014 nothing was adjusted as confirmed by Mr.Patil & bill now with interest was Rs.12950 so we went again to Mr Patil to which he said now pay only the difference amount Rs.3800 & next billing cycle it will streamlined same like last time he wrote on the bill to accept Rs.3800 ,Sir we did again & paid the amount of Rs.3800 on 24th march 2014 .
In next billing cycle bill dated 15th April 2014 to our agony bill was Rs.16640 now we felt we are cheated, so we went again and asked Mr.Patil why this is not done as confirmed by your good self , for which he was very rude to my wife and said pay the bill or else we will cut the meter & you will be without electricity , now is this the way a government officer speaks to a women ? for which my wife was furious & was about to do a police complaint ,I stopped her & decided to go the proper way and if need be legal way .
REQUEST & EXPLAINATION : We have paid our bill on 21st April 2014 amount Rs.22,690 attaching receipt .
We would like to know if the electric meter was installed in January 2013 then provide us monthly bill from January 2013 onwards till November , we need bill which shows electricity consumed every month till November 2013 in which we got high bill for all the months .
Why Mr.Patil confirmed all the time & said pay & it will be cleared if that was the case we should have been informed when we met him for the first time .
I would appreciate if proper explanation is given & reimburse our amount / interest paid till date .

Kind Regards

Tushar A Shinde Twinkle T Shinde

Room No 214, 2nd Floor,
The Collect orate Office Building,
Near Court Market, Thane West, Thane - 400601
May 26, 2014

High Bill

Dear Sir,

I am getting high electricity bills. I have complaint MSEB couple of times but no one has yet addresses my issue.
My consumer number is 12140878. Complaint number is ############. I have asked to replace my meter as i feel it faulty.

Raju Landge
[email protected]
May 24, 2014

frequent cut off of electricity

I resident of shivai nagar ,thane west have a complaint against mseb office thane evn after so much complaint there is no proper customer service. They take charge of everything but work is not done properly. Like there is always a cut off lite in the area. No communication is done with the residents.. light always trips in the area which damages are electric appliances heavily for which damages are borned by us not by the company. I urge to the high authority please have underground cables laid for the supply because poles are always unsafe during rainy season. Please make sure that we also get uninterrupted services like those of mumbai.
Apr 21, 2014


Dear Sir
This is regarding MSEB consumer complaint executives,it was found that no MSEB executive or person not attending calls during power cut off in vasant vihar thane west.We tried toomany times on complaint number but non of representative is attending our calls not they are coming on site to clear the issue,please look into this matter seriuosly.

resident of vasant vihar
pritesh samarth
Apr 21, 2014

mseb power supply using from direct main line

Dear sir,
i am staying at hira patil chawl , rom no 10 g,kalwa east. on rent basis
my consumer no is ############ and my neighbour consumer no is ############ hira patil chawl , rom no 11 g,kalwa east.

we recive the high bil from last 3 month ,our another neighbour meter is cut due to non payment ,he took connection wrongly from main wire of our second neighbour ,he also gave a request of meter check & make the payment of 150/- for it . still the req is not resolve he receive the bill of 2500/- for a month also in jan .

i request u take action against our neighbour which help us tp pay unnecessary payment of bill . i hope u take a action as soon as possible .
Thanks & regards,
pranita samarth
[email protected]
Oct 19, 2013

VOLTAGE fluctuation

TODAY night around 2.30 am lot of voltage fluctuation in our area
just look in to it
why it is happening?
must be some thing going on in electrical room near suresh soaps
Oct 17, 2013


Respect Sir /Madam


I the resident of Jai santoshi mata hereby inform you
that few flats in our society are robbing the electricity turning there meter off for whole month.
I would make into note to you one of them is Mr.Subash More (A2 wing /3rd floor of jai santoshi mata chs) who is getting constant bill of less than 100 rupees for last 3 year. Who might have made fraud settings in his OLD meter. Although he has all facilities like AC , TV, washing maching etc. Which he runs daily specially air condition throughout the year.

I sincerely request you to take strict actions and fine him for all those years under section of CHEATING and also those old meter flats who are robbing electricity in our society. I also want you to take action against those officials in your department who are supporting them.

I hereby state you to take action soon as possible and stop me going to higher officials with this complaint. I have also sent 1 copy of this letter to local police station.

Hope you do the needful.
Thanking you
Oct 2, 2013

Power theft

I am making my first attempt as a citizen of Thane to bring to your notice about power theft I have witnessed today.
A big pandal has come up on road connecting Brahmand to Hiranandani Estate. The pandal is taking all the power for electricity and music system from street light pole. Pandal needs electricity only in the evening till 11pm same as the street light.
I would like you to appoint a squad supported by police personnel to visit every pandal to check how they are getting electricity to play their music and lights.
This is utmost necessary if we have to make India a nation of civilized two legged people not just two legged animals.
Oct 2, 2013

power cut being faced by residents of Raj Residency, Sai Nagar, Ram mandir Road, Kasawadavali.

To, Oct 2, 2013

Executive Engineer / Asst. Engineer,
Thane (West).

Dear Sir,

This is regarding frequent power cut being faced by residents of Raj Residency

I take this opportunity to inform you, I am Mr. Deepak Pujari staying at Raj Residency , A-1 wing , Flat No- 706 , Sai Nagar Bus Stop, Ram Mandir Road, Near GB Road, Kasarwadavali , Thane (W)- 400607. My Consumer No. is ############. The owner of the meter is Mr. HITESH MAHINDRA CHATHANI.

I would like to bring it to your kind notice that since last 1 year the frequencies of power cut have increased to a unbearable status. Very sad to state that getting in touch with local MSEB staff at phone number : 022- 25826067, doesn’t yield any result, as most of the time, either our calls are not answered or a routine statement is conveyed – “work in progress in main line and it will take 1 hr to restore power”.

In Sep 2nd week one day the power went off at 2.10 pm. We made numerous calls to local MSEB office, but all in vain. The power was restored at 6.45 pm.
Every Friday whole day power was went off till 5pm.
As I am staying on 7-Floor and my mother is paralytic patient so we are facing very difficulties to take her at hospital at the time of power cut off.

Hope you will appreciate the trauma being faced by us . I really do not understand, is the main line so defective that every alternate day it needs a repair ? As all our efforts went in vain, hence, I am communicating with you.

I request you to kindly look into the matter personally and resolve the inconvenience being faced by us at the earliest.

Hope you will be kind enough to do the needful.

With warm regards,

Mr. Deepak Pujari
(M):- 9172264599
Sep 23, 2013

Very very high bill which is unaffordable

Dear Sir,

My consumer no is ############.my electricity bill for the month of august is 12900 which is absurd n not at all possible.we only have a 1 bhk and it is highly impossible to receive such a high amounts. I checked my neighboring houses bills and it was not more than 1500rs. Either my metre is faulty or some issue in accounting.kindly look into the matter as I am not in a position to pay such a high bill.

Trilochan Singh
Sep 7, 2013

power cut being faced by residents of Smruti Park.

To, September 7, 2013

Executive Engineer / Asst. Engineer,
Thane (West).

Dear Sir,

This is regarding frequent power cut being faced by residents of Smruti Park.

I take this opportunity to inform you, I am Mr. Nikhil Shahane staying at Smruti Park , B wing , Flat No- 8 , Yashodhan Nagar Bus Stop, Lokmanya Nagar, Pada -2 , Thane (W)- 400606. My Consumer No. is ############. The owner of the meter is Mr. Purushottam K Tambe.

I would like to bring it to your kind notice that since last 5 months the frequency of power cut have increased to a unbearable status. Very sad to state that getting in touch with local MSEB staff at phone number : 022- 25826067, doesn’t yield any result, as most of the time, either our calls are not answered or a routine statement is conveyed – “work in progress in main line and it will take 1 hr to restore power”.

On 6/7/2013, the power went off at 2.10 pm. We made numerous calls to local MSEB office, but all in vain. The power was restored at 6.45 pm.

Hope you will appreciate the trauma being faced by us . I really do not understand, is the main line so defective that every alternate day it needs a repair ? As all our efforts went in vain, hence, I am communicating with you.

I request you to kindly look into the matter personally and resolve the inconvenience being faced by us at the earliest.

Hope you will be kind enough to do the needful.

With warm regards,

Mr. Nikhil Shahane
(M):- 9920162653
May 2, 2013

Very very high bill

Dear Sir/ Mam,

My electricity bill for the month of April-2013, for mseb bill account - ############ is Rs.57260.00 (Fifty seven thousand two hundred and sixty rupees) due by 17-May-2013, which is highly impossible.

It is really shameful that the bills are generated randomly without any base. Rs.57260 for 1BHK flat that too for 1 month. Is it really possible?? The bills are not even checked and verified before sending.

Request you to kindly look into this matter asap and ask the concern person to resend the corrected bill.

Feb 15, 2013

Inappropriate way to handle the things

Dear Sir,

I am Vinay C. Barve, I am residence at kharigaon, kalwa.

There was raid by few officials at our society and they found few meters are slow, subsequently they changed the meter and now they are saying that you will get a bill for last 24 months + interests and this bill payment has to be made in 3 days. These people didn't even shown what & how these meters are faulty, they were only threatening & scaring society people in name of police complaint & legal actions.

Our society's ground floor was under water when Mumbai was flooded on 26th July 2005, our society's meter board is at ground floor, we made lots of complaints that please change these meters to local MSEB office however there was no action, meter reading is done on regular basis and still on one very day these officials comes and scare people.

Please let me know how we can help us on this issue.
Jan 15, 2013

Wrongful Action by MSEDCL personnel

Consumer no. ############ Meter no.9003301193

Dear Sir,

Junior Engineer of MSEDCL visited our society on the 2nd.January2013 and checked few meters at random. Our meter was checked and found to be working slow. The same was checked with ACCUCHECK machine. We were asked to visit the MSEB office opposite Fire Brigade station, near Dadoji Kondadeo Stadium, Thane on the 3rd.January2013 failing which they would decide course of action. The proceedings went as follows :

1) The JE of MSEDCL informed us during the visit on 03/01/2013 that the said meter was working 47% slow.
2) We requested them to check the meter in our presence. They carried out the test and the results were same ( meter showed -47% reading). Hence we requested them to carry out test on a standard meter to ascertain the accuracy of the ACCUCHECK machine. This was done and found that this meter read +4 %. The JE explained that the tolerance for the readings is +/- 5% which is acceptable. We were informed that the said meter was faulty.
3) Further the faulty meter was opened for inspection by tearing the paper seals glued on either sides and two other plastic seals . The paper seals bore some serial nos. which were noted. Another meter of the same make and appearance was opened for comparison with the faulty meter. We were shown that there was some difference in the components used in the assembly of the PCB of this faulty meter. Apparently this was the case. We were informed by the JE that the meter was tampered.
4) A report on joint inspection was prepared and our signature was taken. The report said that the meter was tampered, however in our presence the seals were torn with a screw driver and the plastic seals were broken with the pliers, only then the JE was able to remove the cover of the faulty meter.
5) It was informed to us that they would generate a bill for recovery of the shortfall in billing (against consumption) supposedly due to faulty working of the meter and the same would have to be paid within 24 hours failing which the supply would be disconnected.
6) A bill was generated on 03/01/2013 for recovery for 24 months for Rs.1,18,400- (consumption) + Rs.28,000/- as compounding charges.
7) On 4th.January2013 the supply was disconnected and we faced a disconnection of MSEB supply for 24 hours.
8) We paid an amount of Rs.1,46,400/- UNDER PROTEST . The bill was generated as CLAIM AGAINST CIVIL LIABILITY AS PER S/C-135 OF IE ACT - 2003 stating THEFT DETECTED.
9) Subsequently the JE deputed their lines man for reconnection of supply with NEW meter.

OUR COMPLAINT : a) NO test certificate / calibration report was furnished at the time of installation of meter no.9003301193. This same meter was reported to be faulty by MSEDCL during inspection on 02/01/2013.
b) The provenance of authenticity and accuracy of the ACCUCHECK machine and theso called "standard" meter was not stablished rior to carrying out the said testing thereby defying all standards of engineering practices.
c) NO test certificate / calibration report has been furnished for meter no.11030486 which was installed by MSEDCL personnel in our presence. Further this meter was handed over to the linesman by the JE in open condition without any protective packing what-so-ever, although the said meter appears to be unused.
d) Even on request we have not been handed over the joint inpsection report saying that this was an internal document. If this was an internal document then we should not have been compelled to sign the same, add , a copy is not being made available to us inspite of repeated request.
e) How can MSEDCL suggest the possibility of tampering when all the seals on the meter were intact and undamaged ? The officials had to break the plastic and paper seals for inspecting the meter from within. All this was done in our presence and still the report mentions that the meter is tampered.
f) In conclusion there is no manner in which the consumer will know whether the meter installed is SLOW /FAST or FAULTY ? unless there is some documentary evidence. Thus we feel that this is a clear case of misuse of authority

This is a serious matter of concern for consumers who are at the mercy of the MSEB authorities when such type of incidents happen. How can the consumers be safe and not become prey to such allegation of theft ?
We request the MSEB authorities to review the incident and find a fool proof solution for this and avoid recurrence of similar problems in future.

Yours Sincerely, Address : 1/27, Calpana Society, Ghantali, Thane 400602.

Sharad Gokhale
Dec 5, 2012

Clarification showing arrears in the bill for the period 15.10.2012 to 15.11.2012

My consumer no.is ############. On perusal of online electricity bill, I was quite astonished to find that in the bill for the above period, an amount of Rs.72.34 is shown as net arrears. One is unable to understand how such amount is shown as arrears. I have paid Rs.1120 for a bill for the period 15.08.2012 to 15.09.2012 and as the said bill came to be paid after lapse of due date,.in the bill for subsequent month i.e.15/09/2012 to 15/10/2012 the bill for Rs.1066.02 was issued and in this bill the amount of the aforesaid bill for the period from 15.08.2012 to 15.09.2012 was shown as arrears. After getting the amount deducted of previous, I have paid the bill of Rs.1070/-. Thus I have paid the total amount of both the bills for Rs.1120 + 1070 =2190/- . In the latest bill for the period from 15.10.2012 to 15.11.2012, a sum of Rs.72.34 is shown as arrears. Company charges late fee and interest on due amount and even after payment of both the bills to the tune of Rs.2190/- your company is showing arrears, This type of baseless recovery is nothing but a loot by your company of a consumer. I, therefore, request you to please clarify and deduct the said amount of Rs.72.34 from the bill of next month In case of failure, I will have no alternative but to knock the door of appropriate forum,
Thanking you,

This was the complaint lodged by me with the [email protected] and I received email "Your query will be answered shortly by our helpdesk officers" and separate complaint was sent to Grahak seva and it is registered at sr.no.115634
Please inform me the progress of my complaint

Nov 25, 2012

High bill

my consumer no is ############ in the name of Ramesh Pandey.My electricity bill is 5630 for the month of Nov,12 which is comparatively very high.
Pls look into and correct the same.
Dattaraj R Shinde
Nov 17, 2012

Voltage Fluctuation

Dear Sir,
This is to inform you that, I am Dattaraj R Shinde, staying at N.G. Regency, Balkum, Thane (w). My customer number is ############ and billing unit is 4541/Kolshet SDN. From last 2-3 months there is continuous Voltage fluctuation at my home, due which my A.C. compressor has stop functioning. Yesterday when the company’s authorized AC mechanic came and checked the voltage, it was fluctuating in the range of 255-260. Hence I request you to look into this matter urgently and resolve the issue.

Dattaraj R Shinde
Jun 15, 2012

electricity cut off

why it is so electicity cut off in thane ?? please it is a request to do sumthing we cant live 3 - 4 hours without electicity and without fan in summer ...
kunal naik
May 5, 2012



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