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Consumer complaints and reviews about MSRTC

Oct 28, 2012

Rude behaviour by MSRTC staff

Joya, how are u related to them??? Forget the phone numbers, they don't even haven permanent office address n delhi ???? how do u even expect us to trust these frauds ...???? How THE HELL ARE THEY EVEN OPERATING IN THIS COUNTRY ??? DOESNT THE RBI INTERVENE SUCH FRAUDSTERS ?.
Oct 28, 2012

Rude behaviour by MSRTC staff

How does having same numbers not make them a fraud ...???? If a person is mortgaging his property papers with them, why in the first place do they ask for a hefty amount to be paid in lacs ???? If a person is mortgaging a property it CLEARLY MEANS that person has NO spare cash !m why pressurize the person to arrange a hefty amountt and then later run away with their money ?????
amol v
Oct 20, 2012

Bus not stopping at bus stop

I am regular traveler on Panvel-Thane route. Thane-Panvel local buses are not stopping at 'Garden Hotel, Panvel' stop although this stop is assigned by MSRTC. Also bus frequency is irregular especially in morning time (8.00 am to 9.00 am).
Oct 20, 2012

Rude behaviour by MSRTC staff

hey u joya123456 who so ever u r if u hve a good relation with them pls provide this guys physical address or office address
Oct 8, 2012

Rude behaviour by MSRTC staff


Can u please share your contact no. i wanna talk to u as we are going to deal with them.
Oct 7, 2012

Rude behaviour by MSRTC staff

Thankyou, sorry, i misunderstood them.
Oct 7, 2012

Rude behaviour by MSRTC staff

They are not frauds, from last six years they have same numbers

Mr. Saaket - 9987940210
Mr. Raj Kothari - 09654489631
Mr. David - +441157148824
Mr. Naveen - 09967438631

Please contact them, if any problem.
Oct 7, 2012

Rude behaviour by MSRTC staff

May be your property is not o.k, they are very strict with property issues and if they found fake, they immediately hold the process and never return processing charges. i become successful after 7 months in taking loan 20cr.
Oct 6, 2012

Rude behaviour by MSRTC staff

Plz provide your number mr. Sunilkumarat1979, together can find a solution !!
Oct 6, 2012

Rude behaviour by MSRTC staff

Yes the biggest frauds they Are ...DON'T GET INTO THE TRAP ! DON'T GIVE UR PROPERTY DOCS OR ANY SECURITY MONEY ? NEERAJ, raj Kothari, sanjay sharma, naveen, saket, main group of frauds . HAVE TO GET THEM BEHIND THE BARS !!! Let's all together go make complaints to the police, get them to TIHAR !!!
Oct 1, 2012

Cancellation of Bus without any prior info & alternative arrangement / refund of money

I had ticket booking from Manchar to Ghatkopar in Bus Alephata - Kurla Neharu nagar. This Bus was cancelled without any prior information even i got journey confirmation sms about 2hours ago before boarding time. Authorities over Manchar Bus stand were not ready to take any responsibility neither of alternative arrangement in other bus nor refund of money.
This all scenario caused great inconvenience to me request you to take appropriate actions & refund money .

Trip Number : M3316 Approx. Boarding Time : 17:05 Hrs.
Ticket Number : 10658942 Transaction Id : MICI2817831675
Service Start Place : ALEPHATA Service End Place : KURLA NEHRU
Passenger Boarding
Point : MANCHAR Passenger Alighting Point : GHATKOPAR
Date of Journey : 30/09/12 Departure time from Starting
Place : 16:30 Hrs.
Bus Service Type : DAY
ORDINARY No. of Seats : 1
Sep 22, 2012

Bad frequency of ST buses on Panvel-Thane route

I would like to submit my complaint about the bad frequency of ST buses on the Panvel-Thane route in the morning and the evening timings when the people leave for office and coming back from office.
The frequency is simply pathetic in the interval of 8-9:30 AM in the morning and 6-8 PM in the evening. This is the time when most of the people go to office and come back from office where there are very less buses and a lot of crowd. It becomes very hectic for us to reach the destination and that too on time. Sometimes even if the buses come on time, the driver wont stop the bus and just drive through and sometimes the driver would stop the bus very far where we cannot catch the bus.
Its almost a daily problem for all of us. Hope we get a solution to this soon.

Sep 7, 2012

Rude behaviour by MSRTC staff

dear mr. vit123 will you please your no with me i wanna talk with u .
Sep 7, 2012

Rude behaviour by MSRTC staff

unable to find them on internet
gupte milind
Aug 20, 2012

Rude behaviour by Staff

Date : 20.12.2012 Timing 11.25 am. Place : Vanaz Pick up point in Pune.

We had a reservation for Shivneri Pune to Thane scheduled at 11.00 am from Swargate Pune. One Shivneri for Thane arrived at Vanaz at around 11.25 am. The Driver and Conductor on duty at Vanaz Point announced that the Bus is of timing 10.30 and is clubbed with 11.00 am bus.The reserved seat was already occupied by some body. The on duty conductor refused to make available the pre-reserved seat though the Reservation charges were paid. The conductor rudely told us to make a complaint for the same. When I tried to explain him that he was on the spot representative of msrtc there and was responsible for making available the reserved seat he started shouting and quarelling. Since the two buses were clubbed for the convenience of msrtc, they should have taken care of passengers who have reserved the seats and paid reservation charges.
Aug 15, 2012

Conductor issuing ake tickets and making money-reg

Dear sir,
I,Kedarnath a resident of hyderabad boarded on a bus(MH 20 BL 1321) on 15 aug 2012 around 5 55PM at lingampally and asked ticket for sangareddy.A conductor(name is unknown) who was on duty in that bus took Rs.50 from me and didnt give me any ticket for that which he is supposed to do.When i asked he says no such kind of things will be given in that bus.When asked for balance amount apart from ticket amount he refused to return.I was shocked and to my shock i found he did the same almost with everyone who boarded that bus in AP.When I demanded a ticket he gave a ticket for Rs.19 when is not a valid ticket amount from lingampally to sangareddy.And I found that he is giving invalid tickets or namesake and made money.
I hereby request you to take an action against him because i believe that MSRTC is one of the finest transport corporations and people like these are causing damage to our reputation.I request you to look into matter as soon as possible.
Sanshatti Send email
Jul 19, 2012

Corrupt Conductor

I am weekly Travellling From Swarget Pune to Umadi (Tal- Jat, Dist Sangli) with Swarget - Bijapur Day Ordinary Express In that Bus Conductor Mr. P. Bhujbal vide Bill No. 0140993 is behave towards Passengers he is not return any amount less than Rs. 10/- e.g. The Ticket is 142/- he take Rs 150/- from passenger and doesn't pay back when the passenger ask the him than to pay 142 Rs otherwise pay with 150/- when the customer asked to pay out of 150/- Ticket than Conductor replying you dont come with this bus. leave the bus.

2) Uneducated Passengers come towards BUS and asked to some thing Than the Answers from Mr. Bhubal I am not your Personal Assistant the Board is Infront of Bus Read it and Sit.

3) From Umadi to Bijapur distance between these place near about 50 km. that is a rural area for that he is not taking the passengers from local area.
he told than come to Jeeps this is not an ordinay bus. ect., So. Please Inform to Him to behave properly with passengers

Santosh Hatti
Kiranshirsath1@gmail.com Send email
Jul 9, 2012

Site Not Working

http://public.msrtcors.com/ is one of the most unuser friendly site that I have came across.
Most of the times the site is very slow, I was not able to take printout of the ticket and had to pay the amount again.
Many a times there comes a page 'Connection Refused' when there is utmost urgency to book the ticket.
Last and most important, the ticket booked can be cancelled 2 days prior to the travel date. I don't know if the developers of the site (Trimax IT Infrastructure & Services Ltd.) are not able to develop it in such way or the Officials don;t think that people can have last minute cancellations because a similar facility is already provided in www.irctc.co.in
Bus timing of starting point only is given, if we want book inbetween boarding point bus timing is not mentioned. then how could we know, when top report at boarding point.
Kiranshirsath1@gmail.com Send email
Jul 9, 2012

Site Not Working

see snap shot
Jun 28, 2012

Rude behaviour by MSRTC staff

Post their company's physical address - so that people can go to their office - if you have taken loan or have high regards - then pass some information - rather than writing good things-
Jun 12, 2012


May 31, 2012

Non Co Operation at Night Travell

एस.टी. प्रवाशांच्या सेवेसाठी की प्रवाशांना लुटण्यासाठी......
प्रवाशांच्या सेवेसाठी असं ब्रीदवाक्य अभिमानानं मिरवणारी एस. टी. आता खरंच प्रवाश्यांच्या सेवेसाठी आहे का हा प्रश्न पडावा असा किस्सा परवा मी अनुभवला. मी 27 मे रोजी सोलापूरहून सांगलीला येत होतो. रात्रीचे साधारण 10.30 वाजले होते. सांगोल्याच्या अलिकडे रेडिएटर गरम होऊन बस बंद पडली. एका प्रवाशाने धावाधाव करुन पाणी आणलं. ते रेडिएटरमध्ये टाकून गाडी सुमारे पाऊण तासाने सुरु केली. सांगोला बस स्थानकावर चालक वाहकांनी छान पोटभर जेवण केले पण, डेपोत जाऊन गाडी दाखवली नाही. जेवण झाल्यावर गाडी निघाली आणि शिरढोण जवळ आल्यावर पुन्हा रेडिएटर गरम होऊन बंद पडली. यावेळी रात्रीचे साधारण 1.30 वाजले होते. थोडावेळ थांबून प्रयत्न केला, पण गाडी सुरु झाली नाही. शेवटी मागून आलेली आंबेजोगाई डेपोची कोल्हापूर गाडी थांबविण्यात आली. पण या गाडीच्या वाहकाने डे ची गाडी आणि नाईटची गाडी असा विषय करत प्रवाशांना गाडीत घेण्यास नकार दिला. यायचे असेल तर फरकाच्या रक्कमेची तिकीटं घ्यावी लागतील असं अडवणुकीचं धोरण स्वीकारलं. खूप वाद झाला. पण शेवटी त्यानं फरकाच्या रक्कमेची तिकीटं घ्यायलाच लावली. या घटनेनं माझ्या मनात काही प्रश्न निर्माण झाले.
१) सोलापूर ते सांगली हे अंतर दिवसा आणि रात्री बदलत नाही. एस.टी.ची बस ही दिवसासाठी वेगळी आणि रात्रीसाठी वेगळी नसते. मग दिवसा आणि रात्रीसाठी वेगळे वेगळे दर का असतात ? ही प्रवाशांची सेवा आहे की प्रवाशांची लूट आहे ?
२) दिवसाची बस बंद पडली यात प्रवाशांचा काय दोष ? त्यांनी जादा पैसे का मोजायचे ?
३) बस नादुरुस्त झाली तर प्रवाशांना पुढील प्रवासाची सोय करुन देण्याची जबाबदारी कुणाची ? रात्रीच्या वेळी ही सोय करणे महत्वाचे की जादा दराची तिकीटे काढा म्हणून अडवणूक करणे ?
या प्रश्नांची उत्तर मला मिळाली नाहीत. पण इतकं नक्की की या घटनेन एक मात्र झालं की, प्रवाशांच्या सेवेसाठी असणारी एस.टी आता तशी राहिली नाही. ती व्यवसायिक झाली आणि आता प्रवाशांना लुटायला लागली का ? असा प्रश्न मला सतत सतावू लागला आहे.
May 22, 2012

Rude behaviour by MSRTC staff

its all rubbish i have high regards for this company mr malhotra has helped me in my bad times
May 21, 2012

Rude behaviour by MSRTC staff

May 17, 2012

Rude behaviour by MSRTC staff

My company has taken loan Rs. 20cr from GFC at the rate of 9.5% reducing per annum two years back. GFC assured in beginning that if the interest paid will be in time up to 1 year. Then rate of interest will be charge 9 % reducing per annum. Now several request, they are not even willing to reply.

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