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Consumer complaints and reviews about mts

Jul 28, 2014

lost mobile and sim

I have lost my mobile which had the SIM card in it. Please give me additional details on how to get a duplicate SIM.
Jul 24, 2014

MTS Cheating on DATA

I have MTS Ultra data card, unlimited data with FU 12GB, But for the past two months iam getting a data transfer below 3kbps/sec.
When i called the customer care the say i have crossed 12GB limit. Even their own MTSIndia site takes hours to load.

In their site it is said as follow's

"Unlimited Recharges: Fair Usage Ploicy will be applicable.
Speeds will be revised to 64 Kbps post threshold usage is exceeded."

MTS is in datime robbery. One solution is to through the usb data card in toilet, no in public toilet by paying 2rs.

MY Number: 9150616945
May 8, 2014


MTS number 8711894427. I have requested MTS in November & Decemeber to disconnect my internet connection for period of 6 months as I was not going to use it. Even I did not connect it ever. I have two requested mails copy to MTS. They did not disconnected it. And they mailed me bill of 1508 to my account for month of January. After that I did not receive any mail or call for 2 months. And they disconnected sometime. (Which I am not aware of, as i stopped using it after november end). And on May 8,2014 I received call from so called Advocate from delhi for legal issue of not paying bill of 1944. I truly do not understand from where this amount is coming. And I want to fight against this fradulent company. But to stay away from this fraud company i cleard my payment keeping in mind to come to consumer forum so other people dont get cheated by this company.
And let me clarify one thing, I stay in whitefield. I took 12GB unlimited data connection for ~1200rs per month and never get speed beyond 500kbps. Mostly speed range was 100kbps to 300kbps. Cheater company. Looting Indian people money and India.
I would like to take my comaplain forward for sake of other people in the country so they dont come in to contact with this cheater company.
Apr 23, 2014

Low Speed


I am Babu K. S. got new MTS post paid data card bearing no.8694859025.

Your representative has told the speed will be upto 9 Mbps with min speed of 1 Mbps.

But when I logged in it is giving a speed of only 128 kbps speed. I have done multiple time speed test all the time it was very bad.

Kindly provide the solution or I am ready to surrender the connection where I need my money back(1300/- paid towards connection).

My contact no: 9886399839

Feb 20, 2014

leagal notice from mts

My MTS No:9141900822
I took a MTS data card on Nov 2012,
After this i disconnected the connection (Request no:R13-50218374) on
After disconnecting the devise, from 01/02/2013 to 01/04/2013. Again MTS activated my device without my notice.
No SMS has sent to my mobile no regarding the activation.They sent large bill of 864 Rs.

They blackmailed me last year, now today 2/17/2014 they sent court notice saying
i need to pay: 898 Rs
Legal charges: 500 Rs
Total : 1398/Rs

I called customer care,
i said, i will pay you following amounts, even though i have not used single time after 31/01/2013.
01/01/2013 -> 13.45
01/02/2013 -> 38.45(Feb due they are saying-- why?)
01/03/2013 -> 52.86(March due)

I am not paying following bill.
01/05/2013 -> 712.36 --> do not know why i need to pay this bill i disconnected the devise on "1/29/2013 2:45:24 PM".

They harassing me now.
I called customer care, i said i will pay till 01/01/2013 to 01/03/2013. They are not responding.

pls assist me. what can i do on this
[email protected]
Feb 19, 2014

I would like to give complaint again s the mts customer care


As i was feed off with this network when i bought from that time only and i have given many complaints regarding this....put they wont care about the customer ....at last i said to disconnect the connection ....they said its disconnected already but i am getting call from delhi what kind of the MTS company i dont know ....pls i suggest to very body not....

pls very body complaint again mtc...
Feb 18, 2014

Bill after cancellation

I am receiving Bills after I cancelled my MTS datacard, I requested through Customer Care to cancel in the month of October and it cancelled the same month.
But later they said, they cancelled one month later i.e in November month (clearly this is MTS problem). And now I received some legal notice from Ranvir Vats.

Can the authorities take notice of this and help common people from these kind of unnecessary problems.
Jan 14, 2014

MTS legal notice

I have got a legal notice from the company regarding payment of bill
I have disconnected my card and still those idiots are calling from some Delhi court and harassing us for no reasons pay the bill or u will have legal actions and all . What should we do as customers about this
Amit Navodaya
Jul 13, 2013

reality of mts

plzzzzz take a look on it

May 14, 2013

Fraudulent Bill from MTS

My name is Akash Chandrakar and i had issued a MTS Broadband # 8693902897.
When i was issued the MTS data card, it was not activated for more than 2 weeks. Then later on after several calls to customer service, it got activated and then i found that the internet service was horrible. I was getting a speed of 2-3 kbps with frequent disconnection because of which i was unable to use the MTS datacard. I had complained to customer service several times and after 2 weeks they did send there technical people and after several attempts, they stated that there is no network coverage in my area due to which i am not receiving signals.
During this time i received a bill of Rs.491/- from MTS.

It was notified to the MTS customer team and they said that there is an issue with the data card and hence they would refund the amount and make it ZERO. I had stopped the service of MTS from that day onward.
After 2 months, am getting a mail from MTS that I have to pay a bill of Rs.2468.95/-. When my account was ZERO, how come there is a bill generated with such a big amount. After January's bill, i didn't receive a single bill till March and suddenly at March end i receive a bill of Rs.2468.95/- without any details of the usage etc.

Today, am getting a call from an Advocate from Delhi High Court stating that MTS had filed against me. I would like to bring this into notice and file a complaint againts MTS Broadband.
Would appreciate if Consumer Board takes appropriate action against MTS and penalize them for a fraudulent act and provide me justice and compensation.

May 8, 2013

Porting ID not issued

Hi, i'm fed up with the mts ppl's response... firstly i sent the port message in febraury, i dint get my porting id. i keep on calling to customer care always same reply wait for 24 hrs... and then again after 1 and half month i sent the porting id again in mid of march finally after scolding so much got my porting id... but they used cal daily and harass me to stay in their network so they'l credit 0 rs currency.. i said no.. bt stil they cancelled my porting id.. and after tat i kept on calling on them same answer i got.. then again in april i sent again the port message.. bt stil same wait for 24 hrs readymade answers.. their supervisor NAHIM mislead me lyk tis.. and also after so many calls, finally they said tat port message can be sent once in 3 months.. please do the needful and send the port message as soon as posible(8710084815)
Apr 20, 2013

Legal Notice from MTS to pay bill

The sales executive came to our office and offered MTS data card with the assurance that it would give 3 MBps speed. However, after activating the connection the speed never went beyond 0.04kbps. I raised a series of complaints with MTS customer care and was provided a ticket number. However, next time when I called to enquire for the status the customer care executive could not track the ticket ID. It happened couple of times and I was confident that they never registered any complaints. After 1 and a half month of assurance to rectify the issue, a technician came to my house with a laptop and confirmed that there is no connectivity in my area and that they have to put a new tower to give access. So, I requested the technician to update the MTS team so that proper action can be taken.

Meanwhile, I kept on getting the bills and I paid them on time. This happened for 4 months and then I called the MTS customer care and asked to disconnect my connection as I did not see any hope of the issue being rectified. They gave false commitment and forced me to pay the bill for 4 months for which I got a speed of 0.04 kbps. Hence, I informed them that I am not going to pay any more bills as they have cheated me by not keeping up to their words.

This is the first kind of Service oriented company that I can see in this country ever and can't believe how they are still holding the license. The service is horrible but when it comes to paying bills they proactively calls multiple times to make the payment.

Today I received a legal notice from Delhi informing me to pay the 1 month pending bill at the earliest.

I would like to educate all my friends not to get into the trap of this company. Even if you do not like the service, there is no option to cancel the connection. The customer care confirms the data card is disconnected, but the bill would still be generated. This is a fraud company which do not give value to customers. Do not fall prey to this cheat company which thinks that people of India are fool.

Please share this information to all your friends and relatives that they do not go through this harassment. I am using Airtel 3G connection at that same location and I am very happy with the service.
Nov 22, 2012

Bill after cancellation


I have got a bill and legal notice after one year of payment and proper cancellation of MTS Data Card. Our A/C No. ############ and Mobile no 8453187828.

The complaint from the MTS is that we have not paid the bill and we did not cancel the service properly.

We do not accept this complaint as it is not true. We got the MTS internet usage data card on the month of September 2011, from Sangeetha mobiles, Ghandi Bazar, Bangalore, with a smart phone. They said that there is an offer as we can use unlimited internet using MTS datacard for one month. And the card was activated on 20th September 2011. We purchased the card from Mr. Anwar (MTS Rep - 9141483483). This connection was bought in the name of R. Victor Arokia Raj for my brother R. John Various.

But we got a bill from MTS within 15 days from the activated date stating that we have to pay the amount. We called the customer care and enquired about this and they informed us that there is no offer as said to us by Mr. Anwar but only 200MB was free and the rest they have billed us. And hence we were also not satisfied with the service and planned to cancel the service. But in that one week we got continuous calls from the MTS customer service asking for the money. The bill amount was Rs. 332. Finally we paid the bill (Rs. 332) and cancelled the connection by giving the application to one of the MTS franchise in Bangalore (Address: Arham Hosteries, 3/6 Hari Mansion, Bull Temple Road, Opp. Uma theatre Road, Chamrajpet, Bangalore – 560018). We got a receipt also for the bill paid but did not get an acknowledgement for the cancellation since the person said that the form should go to the MTS corporate office and only they will send the confirmation mail to us. But we did not receive any kind of such mails. All these happened in the month of November 2011. Unfortunately we misplaced the bill somewhere as we thought everything was fine since it happened a year ago. The next month we got a call again from The MTS customer service telling that they got neither the application nor the payment. So I went again to the franchise asking them for the same. They said that the computer had some problem and they could not send it before and they promised they will send it by that week. From then onwards we dint get even a single call from MTS. So we thought it is all over.

Now suddenly after one year we have got a Legal notice from MTS stating that we have to pay the bill amount of Rs.3180 within 7 days by cash or cheque. Again we went to the same franchise where we cancelled the service to get a proof. But the franchise is on leave for 10 days so we couldn’t prove it.

WE got this letter on 13th November 2012. So we sent a reply to the advocate naming Ranvir Vats, Tis Hazari court, Delhi on 19th November 2012. We got a call today (22nd November 2012) from the advocate office for the payment. And we tried to explain whatever happened but they where not ready to listen and they disconnected the call.

Our question is we dint even get a single call from MTS for the past one year and how could they file a complaint on us stating that we have not paid the amount etc ( We got n number of calls from them in the 1st 15 days that we should pay Rs.332 and now not a single call).

Please suggest me a solution.
Aug 31, 2012

Bill after cancellation


No further updates on this. I really frustrated now and seems need to take some legal advice on this. This is horrible and giving me tension alot.
Aug 30, 2012

Bill after cancellation

Name : Dinesh Kumar
Contact Number: 8553672856
Aug 29, 2012

Bill after cancellation


We regret the inconvenience caused. Please specify your Name and Contact number so that we can contact you to resolve your issue.

MTS Customer Service India
Aug 24, 2012

slow speed

hi guys send complaints to nearby MTS nodal office. check this like http://www.mtsindia.in/Kolkata/contactus.html
ur issues wil resolve in 1week
Aug 11, 2012

slow speed

I already lodged the complain in pondicherry office...the consumer court...waiting for answers...i spent a hell lot and got screwed alll offf sudden...bastards willl pay for this...
Aug 8, 2012

Very slow speed for so high cost..!!!!!!

The latest cover-up . Idea guys come up with two new cock & bull versions _

1. Deduction is because data used on roaming in Chattisgarh, (never possible since i never leave my place for 4 kms or more whereas Chattisgarh is 400 kms far.
2. Deduction is because I crossed 50 mb limit . False as I calculated my download never cross 30 mb leave alone 50 mb.

This speaks of the status of company which is operating like Gangs of Wasepur. They are cheaters and thugs; in my experience one should go with BSNL of Airtel as they are big companies and has some business ethics.
Jul 27, 2012

Very slow speed for so high cost..!!!!!!

I am having similar painful experience with Idea .

On 23 July, I on advise of customer care executive activated Rs 05 plan which she told me is having following features :-

- 50 mb 2g data.
- 24 hrs connectivity.
- Automatic renewal after 24 hrs.
- Process to activate.
I downloaded approx 35 mb data till late night and afterward deactivated the service using *800*222# switch and closed my packet data connection.

On 24 July at 0422 hrs I received sms from IDEA that Rs 241 have been deducted from my main account for browsing 11.2 mb data.

I called customer care executive 4 times, I received 4 different reasons each times which are :-

. The deduction is due to some phone calls I had made.
- The deduction is due to downloading as data plan covers only browsing not downloading.
- The deduction is due to termination of data plan after 1200 pm.
- The deduction is due to 3g data usages as 2 g data pack cant be utilized in a 3 g connection.

I reported the matter to Idea and I receive following reply:-
I downloaded first from my 2g pack and afterwards I activated my 3g zero balance pack. Which is a point black lie and they are covering their tracks.

My No -8962249252
Jul 17, 2012

lost my mts data card number

Hi Aditya,
As per our records, the customer service team had contacted you. Do get in touch with us in case you would like to have further discussion.
MTS Customer Service India
Jul 14, 2012

lost my mts data card number

Hi Aditya,
Thank you for providing the details. We will ensure that our customer support team will contact you.
MTS Customer Service India
May 25, 2012



As per our records, the customer service team had trying contacting you but your number is not reachble whereas the offer benefit credited to your on 14th May. We hope that you were happy with the overall experience. Do get in touch with us in case you would like to have further discussion.

MTS Customer Service India
May 22, 2012

Reluctance of MTS people even after repeated complaints

Hi Shiva,

We value your concern. To assist you effectively, we would need your Name and Contact number to discuss the concern and provide a resolution.

MTS Customer Service India
May 15, 2012

slow speed


MTS data card no 8433531861

I have been using MTS data card since past 5 months and its the worst internet connection I have ever used. On an average I get speeds of about 50 kbps which is very less compared to what they promise. And since past 7 days I am not getting that also.

I have called the customer care many times but my issue is never resolved. I would suggest never to buy an MTS card

MTS guys if you are listening my no is 9892572686

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