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Mumbai Auto Rickshaw


Consumer complaints and reviews about Mumbai Auto Rickshaw

Ram C
Nov 11, 2020

Lost laptop bag

Left a grey laptop bag in Auto. Andheri East. Please contact if found - Ram : 9840162049

Lost laptop bag

Feb 24, 2020

Asking double charges

Today i took an auto from Mumbai international airport terminal 2 queue. When I asked to start the meter auto driver started misbehaving and dropped me in the middle of the road. Please take appropriate action against him.

Auto number: MH02EW5320

PS: I saw other tweet on this page, this guy seems to be a repeat offender.
Jan 29, 2020

Lost Bag with All document

I have lost Bag with All documents of A cancer patent
And also PAN Card, Adhar Card, Bank Book
If any have information about it plz contact with this no. Very urgent
Patent Name- Prince Manoj Verma
Contact no. 8210363628, 9934506579
Email id [email protected]
Dec 27, 2019

lost of my American tourister bag

On 25th Dec 2019 , I took an auto from malad chincholi phatak to malad station. I forgot to take my Backpack behind the seat . in the bag I had one power bank, one vivo charger, one blue color thermostat water bottle, one steel bottle, one steel sipper bottle, one mi watch band black color, IKEA red checked bag,one baby t shirt, one black leggings, 3 diapers in it. Kindly call me 9952340758 if u get the bag or any info abt the bag.
Nov 25, 2019

Missbehavior of Auto driver, Driver was drunk

Today I have taken Auto from international Mumbai airport, terminal 2, Auto driver was drunk was started miss behaving, after asking to start rickshaw meter and asking very high charges. I paid INR300 just for 5km earlier was asking INR 480. This kind of auto should not be allowed on the road and especially on the airport, it gives very bad impression to outsiders.

Dear concern please take action against him, his name was Thakur. Attaching auto number photos.


Tushar Kawale

Missbehavior of Auto driver, Driver was drunk

Nov 8, 2019

Abusive and threatening language Used by the Rickshaw driver.

I am always traveling from khar danda to khar Railway station.

But today dated - 8-November-2019 i had a great experience with share rickshaw his no is - MH-02-FB-6038,

He was around 50 pulse i got the raid from khar danda to khar railway station the fair is about 10 ruppes & i was not having the change i give him 100 ruppy note & he refuse to take the note & started abusing me i was about to slap him then i thought he is have a same age as my father has so i got calm down.

But one thing i don't know why this all people are having a abusive language to other people if i was hed fight with him then if something happen to him then who was responsible i was because they will said that boss you are educated na you need to file the complete don't need to beet him & all those kind of shit.

so this is not good because our family is also traveling from the same mode of transportation today it was happens with me that okay but what about our family.

You can check with all the share rickshaw wala most of them are very rude i am not saying all of them are same but most of them are using abusive language with their customers.

because of us they are earning.

i request you to take action on not only about this person about all the rickshaw driver.

and i know you also know how they are behaving with there customers.
Ashok Bhosale
Sep 22, 2019

Arrogant unruly behaviour and denial to ferry till destination

An autorickshaw (MH03CT5543) in MUMBAI Chembur(east) area refused to ferry passenger today 21st September 2019 around 8.00 AM till destination and started hurling abuses.
He started arguing with me for no reason and started saying this is not the way as i had already mentioned him my destination.
Kindly take stern action and make sure autorickshaw drivers do not behave as they want with passengers.

Ashok Bhosale
Sep 12, 2019

Arrogant unruly behaviour and denial to ferry till destination

An autorickshaw (MH03CG4227) in Mulund west area refused to ferry passenger today 12th sep 2019 till destination and started hurling abuses when his and autorickshaw photo was taken.
He started using abusive language in front of my family members including a small kid and ladies.
Kindly take stern action and make sure autorickshaw drivers do not behave as they want with passengers.
Attached Photo of rickshaw with registration number and driver without uniform.



Mulund west , Mumbai
Anila Chauhan
Aug 9, 2019

Autodrivers refusing to ferry in Santacruz East

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been travelling from Santacruz (E) Station to Grand Hyatt , Vakola and from Grand Hyatt to station from past 5-6 days regularly , but i have noticed that no auto rickshaws are ready to ferry any passangers .

When asked why they dont go , the reason they give is of traffic.

It becomes really difficult for regular traverllers to commute daily .

Hope this matter will be looked into ASAP.

Jul 23, 2019

Rash Driving

Hi there,On 19 th July 2019 at 12:30 pm afternoon was coming from school with my child on a Bik e. At Dawood baug Junction J.P Road An Auto driver hits me slightly from back and started shouting & Misbehaving with me.And said that i was riding wrong.As i know that i was riding my bike on 20-25 of speed as i was with my 6 yrs little baby on the bike.Also it is very conjusted area so I think No one with the kids will drive harshly. At that time i could nt take his Auto Reg Number. But today when i saw him again i noted his vehicle no. MH02-DU-2694. He always drives his auto in Civil dress. And i think its illegal to drive an auto without Uniform.He drives as sharing from Andheri to Veera Desai. Always many of the sharing Rickwala's Always drive very harshly and badly on that route.Also they are taking 4 persons on there Rickshaw. Requesting to take strict action against them who drives without uniform ,proper documents, Rash driving and taking more than 3 persons on there vehicles. Thanks 🙏
Jul 18, 2019

Faulty Auto Rickshaw Meter

I want to complain against a rickshaw that dropped me from Powai Hiranandani to Saki Naka Metro station which is 4 KM distance starting around 4.50 pm on 17th Jul with the journey ending at 5.05 pm.
Distance between Hiranandani Kensington Gate 2 to Saki Naka Metro station is 4 KM , but his meter showed 4.7 KM Which clearly says Meter is not correct. Your fare and waiting time can vary, but distance will never change.
Auto driver refused to admit his Meter was wrong.
Please note I have been taking the same route since 2 years on every weekday. I refused to pay the incorrect fare but he refused to return the balance and started arguing with him.

I called Saki Naka police station and Versova RTO office at the same time , but unfortunately and as usual no body picked up the call.

Auto no is :MH 02 EF 7911.

Request you to take strict action on this asap
[email protected]
Jun 27, 2019

arrogance of rickshaw driver

i boarded the sharing rickshaw from borivali east towards tata power while getting down i told the rickshaw guy i want to get down near tata power this ***hole started advising me that i should sit outside seat not go inside if i want to get down first and with great arrogance lecturing me he was showing action to come and fight i told him know rickshaw guys have ever told me this you are the first guy saying this ...this ***hole ***ti rickshaw guy filth said why dont you catch a private rickshaw...i wanted to hit the shit out of him but i was like what the **uk...with this guy...these guy think that if the in the share rickshaw business they can talk any how this ***tard if he come to vasai he will know what dadagiri is...i am so **ssed of with this rickshaw guy did not note the number i let go...this piece of **hit was try to remember my face like having a good look incase if we meet bloddy **ick....
Apr 24, 2019

Faulty Meter, driver refused responsibility

I want to complain against a rickshaw that dropped me from Powai Hiranandani to Borivali West (I can provide details separately) starting around 6.15 pm on 24th April with the journey ending at 8pm. The traffic conditions were good otherwise such a journey normally starting at 7 or 8 pm takes more than 2 hours. Inspite of this, the rickshaw fare came to RS 341 which is an impossibility as the regular fare comes to NOT MORE THAN RS. 280 on any day even with very heavy traffic. We took my regular route from JVLR to highway and th rick driver refused to admit his Meter was wrong. Please note I have been taking the same route since 6 years on every weekday. I refused to pay the incorrect fare and only paid him 300 to which he refused to return the balance. The Driver was wearing a Khakhi uniform so he wasn't the owner of the rickshaw as per law. I have pictures but am unable to share them due to file size issues. Autorickshaw number - MH.03.CN.0470.
Apr 23, 2019

Abusive auto driver and passenger

A friend was verbally abused by an auto rickshaw driver and his passengers while she was in another auto. The license number is MH7952. Her own auto driver was trying to drive away from the abusers to save her.
This happened on 04/23/2019 at 11:30 am in Malad West area. Please register a complaint against this driver.
Harshita Nair
Apr 3, 2019

Left wedding Saree in the auto rickshaw

I Harshita Nair left my wedding saree (red in colour) in the auto rickshaw. I boarded the rickshaw from Everard Nagar, Sion at time between 9.00 am to 9.07 am. I was dropped at MTNL signal, Bandra kurla complet at time between 9.35 to 9.45 am. The saree is in a red cloth cover.

It will be great if someone traces the saree and i get it back. Happy to reward the person with Rs. 1000. I can be contacted at 9892275801
Varsha Chauhan
Mar 29, 2019

Forgot my bag in Auto rickshaw with very important documents

On 29th march, 11.20 am, I forgot my bag with very important documents in Auto I took from lokhandwala Circle, Kandivali East to Oshiwara, Andheri West.

Please help me to get that bag back as it contains very critical documents.
Please contact me at +91 95117 81769 / 8087159934.
Mar 9, 2019

Laptop lost in auto rickshaw

Hello ma'am / sir

Yesterday I came to pick up my children at ppsc school.at 2:10 noon.

I came in auto. And in same auto me and my kids went back.

I forgot my laptop in the rickshaw.

Can you help me to see with help of CCTV if I can see the auto rickshaw number.

As I do not have any details of rickshaw and CCTV is last hopes.

I had collected children at the BUS entrance gate.

I will be awaiting for your feedback.

Also if rickshaw person is good and gets back the laptop and submits in police station - kindly accept it. (Because he remembers well that i collected my two children from this school gate).My laptop was lenova - ThinkPad

Awaiting your feedback.

From PPSC school I went to vikhroli railway station

Where I left the auto paid him money.
And I forgot my laptop inside auto.
Can we check in CCTV - of vikhroli police station and help me with auto rickshaw number.

Please help me out. Awaiting for reply
My laptop proof is attached in this email.

Poonam Sheth


Laptop lost in auto rickshaw

Mar 7, 2019

Rash driving

Respected sir,

This is a complaint regarding rash driving of Auto rickshaw,
Auto rickshaw number MH02EV2420 , he was driving rickshaw very roughly in bhandup and kanjurmarg area mumbai , he was not seeing back mirrors, changing the lane any how , i was about to hit him 2 times, after telling him about his driving he was arguing with me with a bad words , even he was not having a valid licence, please register a complaint against him, he will definitely hit someone with his rash driving
I hope you will take a action against it .

Rash driving

Arshaan Shaikh
Feb 24, 2019

Meter price high

Hey hii, I am from Mumbai yesterday me and my mom took autorickshaw from Jogeshwari Millar Nagar West to Govandi Shivaji Nagar so when he dropped me my final destination then the total price of the meter I saw that 305 it's so high
Last time I had travel from Jogeshwari to Govandi so the total amount I being paid only 260 RS but yesterday I was travel but I saw the meter is so high.so I request you please take immediate actions again this auto driver.

Meter price high Meter price high

Jan 2, 2019

Forgot orange cloth bag

Today 2/1/19 I forgot my orange cloth bag in Auto , from Andheri East station to my office at Bisleri company. WEH between 8 am to 9 am.

Kindly contact if you get it. Aditya Parulekar / Swapna Parulekar
9820276376 / 9819377996
Jan 2, 2019

Forgot orange cloth bag

Today 2/1/19 forgot to take my orange color cloth bag with in auto rickshaw in which I was travelling from Andheri east station to my office at Bisleri Company.
If anyone finds it please contact.
Aditya Parulekar
Shaikh shahid
Dec 4, 2018

Demanding for extra chaeges

When I was seating at rickhswa he don't tell me any thing for extra lougage changes but when I am dropping in my place metter should be 85rs but he told me to give extra lougage charges .100rs total and doing miss behaviour and taking too rudely..
Kindly take action to MH03 CT 0741 ..

Demanding for extra chaeges

Nov 3, 2018

Rude behaviour of autorickshaw driver

Auto drivers in Malad area are very rude. Around 1 pm in the afternoon the auto driver dropped me near my destination. He asked if I had change I said no. He was hauling on the top of his voice as if I have made a crime and then started abusing.
Horrible drivers, Horrible etiquettes.

MH 03 BT 6990
Sanket lunkad
Oct 28, 2018

Rickshaw Wala behaving abusively with my mom for mistake made by him

was 7.30 pm..Me & my mother were waiting for rickshaw to go home. One rickshaw drivers no.2936 stopped at us & told us " me gograswadi se lenewala hu toh 15rs per each fair hoga " we said alright!
He's taking his rickshaw from long roads ..after reaching the sagarli he told us " utro agya tumhara stop" we said " are Ander to lo abhito gograswadi Aya bhi nhi h "
He said " jyada avaj Mt kro utro abhi to my mom
My mom told "hum nhi utrenge ..yahatk to 10-10 hi fair hota h "
What he did next is
He said "betho " then he moved his rickshaw more further ( more further from even sagarli ) he said utro ab yahatk 10-10 rs hota h ...
Atlast I told him I will complain about him .he said "himmat hai Kya?"
Unfortunately I didn't took photo of him because my mother was too scared.
He behavior was too rude & arrogant .
I request you that we want exemplary damage .
Oct 5, 2018

Very abusive and arrogant drivers in powai

The auto drivers have formed a union in powai.. between hiranandani bus stop and kensington (TCS ). All these drivers are very very abusive and treat passengers with arrogance . Please take strict action immediately.. moreover they carry 4 pasaengers on sharing basis only..

One such auto rickshaw - MH-03-CN 8104

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