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Mumbai Auto Rickshaw


Consumer complaints and reviews about Mumbai Auto Rickshaw

Jan 1, 2015

Auto fares

Auto rickshaw fares go up with every increase in petrol prices, though they use LNG. When petrol prices drop why aren't the fares reduced ?? This is unfair trade practice. Pls respond and convey to the appropriate authorities. To reduce the fares!
Dec 31, 2014

Tampered Meter

Today, on 31st Dec 2014, I took a Rickshaw from Kanjurmarg station to Hiranandani Powai. On reaching my destination, I had to pay Rs 10 extra compared to everyday rates even when there was no traffic. Also, the cost was increasing by rs 2 per 100 meter and his distance also increased by a few hundred meters compared to normal kms. When I confronted him, he shrugged away saying that today is 31st. How can someone give a ridiculous response like that saying that its 31st and thats why they have a right to tamper the meters. His vehicle number is MH02 DK 2659. I would really appreciate if someone can check this rickshaw in particulr and also all rickshaw vehicles that ply between powai and kanjurmarg as 95% of these have tampered meters. Thank you in advance.
Laxmi Madaswamy
Nov 20, 2014

Tampered Meter

I travel by autorickshaw from Mulund West to Chandivali daily for work. The total distace is around 11.3 kms. Since I travel daily I know the distance covered on the way. Today till Bhandup the meter reading was proper but after that the meter started moving very fast. By the time I reached office it showed 12.7 kms. I learnt from another auto driver that these days they press a small black button, commonly referred as "tishki" to increase the kms. They hide it by using m-seal so that it is not visible. He also said that tampering on the electronic meter is not possible so they have come up with this which many of them may not be aware of. The auto no. is MH 03 V 7200. Earlier, too I encountered the same problem with another auto wallah who started quarelling with me when I questioned him about the increase in kms. His auto no. is MH 03 BA 2342. We should stop this at the earliest because many passengers might not know about this and end up paying more.
Oct 27, 2014


Please register my complaint against the errant auto drivers at borivli station east. One thing i dont understand is that if they want to ply at their own wishes..why the hell they stand at the stations. They bluntly refuse passengers irrespective of their age, whether they are carrying small children with them. It is a very shameful sight seeing passengers pleading to these son of bitches who in every 2 months want their rates increased. Why we need to increase their rates if they dont provide us the service which they are supposed to ??
From borivali if you ask for Kandivali or Malad, they straight away refuse saying their shifts are going to change or they are short of Gas. But the same auto in will carry passenger to Andheri and Parle. Police standing at the station very simply say that the autos are for fixed area and they wont come. Even on requesting them, they dont come for any help. This is a real pathetic situation for any passenger who comes from far after travelling and still has to wait one hour just to get an auto. I think this matter should be seriously taken up against the auto drivers and also against the local police who is just helpless when asked for help. There needs to be a stand where only those auto's are lined up who want to ply irrespective of the location as this is what they are supposed to do. I have registered several such complaints before but have never received any feedback and the situation is going from bad to worse and we literally feel ashamed of begging and pleading to such [email protected]@tards. Am sorry for using rude langauage as this is shows our frustration and helplessness. Please...please..please...take action and corrective steps for the help of a common man.

Oct 18, 2014

tampered meter

Rickshaw no (MH-03-BT-743) has a tampered meter in which the numbers kept skipping. It jumped from 1 directly to 3 nd 6 directly to 8 and when confronted he started arguing. I even stopped another rick nd asked him 2 check he also agreed dat his meter was tampered with. It was at night and agreed night charges are applicable but dis was was like dis is how the night meter works ( as if 2 say dis is the 1st time iv traveled by rick n the night). I recoded the whole incident nd have clear proof of the incident. I hope the Mumbai RTO takes some action against such guys ,who are out to rob the citizens.
Oct 4, 2014

Tampered Meter

I took this auto (MH 02 UA 2703) from a stop nearby Kajupada to Borivali (E) station. The meter reading shown was 1.9 k.m. for which the respective fare is Rs. 22. However, the meter showed the reading of Rs. 24, without any traffic being faced or stoppage of the vehicle whatsoever.

Though the difference in amount isn't much, but it still is a matter of tampering.

Kindly look into the matter.

Thank You
Sep 17, 2014

Meter Tampering


I am working at BKC ( Near MCA Ground ) . Morning at around 7:10am I take rickshaw from Kanjurmarg ( East ) to BKC (Office). The route is from New Eastern Express Highway. Usually the fare comes between ( 14.5 Km. ) Rs.150 to Rs160. Today it was been observer that the fare was ( 19Km) Rs.223, the meter was showing reading as 19Km. Also there were no traffc and I reached the office gate in 25 min. And observer auto driver after some time press horn nothing any requirement.

Infact, I told the driver that the meter is running fast, but he rudely replied saying "Meter sahi hai, RTO police ne hi check kar ke diya hai". The Auto number is MH03 6882 Person Licence No : 26172001.

I would request the authorities to take necessary action against the driver and check proper auto meter auto rickshaw.

Thanks & Regd,
Vivek Dalvi
Aug 21, 2014

Mumbai Auto Rikshaw Complaint,

On 21/08/14 at 1.30 pm I was travelling from Bandra (E) station to BKC in Auto rikshaw no MH 02VA2340 ,I was forced to get down at the BKC signal, I was spoken to rudely, charged excessively.The meter was not on. When I took the auto no ,i was told that it is a waste of time as police will not dare to act against them.
Aug 12, 2014

Auto rickshaw rash driver & dadagiri

On 12th Aug 2014 , I was driving my bike back from work on western express highway , where a crazy auto driver at very high speed tried over taking us from the wrong side. This asshole after overtaking intentionally took his auto in front of my bike at high speed . Fortunately I had the presence of mind of his mischief and took my bike the other side. If not would have been a fatal accident killing both me & my wife who sitting behind me.

Auto Number :- MH02 - SA - 8465

I would request traffic police to take strict action against such drivers who are kind of criminals to common people.
Jul 27, 2014

auto rickshaw mh02 va 5667

Auto num MH 02 VA 5667, taken from dahisar checknaka to thakur village, actual fare is Rs 70/- gave the autorickshaw driver Rs 100/- but he insisted that I gave him only Rs 10/- , I insisted that he search his pockets but he did not agree, instead started raising his voice and using abusive language, since he was already in a rage from the time he was driving honking at all the passing by vehicles, driving rashly and abusing others all the way, I was intimidated and so finally gave him the other only 500/- rupee note I had as there was no more change left with me, He forced me out of the rickshaw stating that he needs to look for change alone from elsewhere, and then finally did not return back. SO in total he cheated me of Rs 600/- and since he was rude , abusive and harsh, as a lady travelling alone, it was difficult for me to fight back keeping my safety in mind.
[email protected]
Jul 11, 2014

Red Sack Lost in Auto Rickshaw

Due to heavy rains I was not getting auto form long time at Pump House (Jija Mata Chowk) andheri (E) for going towards 4 bunglows.
I stopped one of the customers (a girl working in one of the offices opposite City Mall; Koyla Lane; Near Monginis B/60,Off Link Road, Andheri (w), opposite citi mall; Mumbai, Maharashtra) to allow me to share auto till 4 bunglows.
Near Azad Nagar, the driver came to know that one of the tyres is punctured, he asked me to get down (under Azad Nagar - Metro Station) and catch another auto, and he went ahead towards city mall to drop that girl. In this hurry, I forgot a Red coloured Sack (Bag) which contained my dresses - blue colour; Mobilr charger; My Vaccine (Injection box); water bottle all in a Polythin bag which had a print of 'Swargam Dresses' - Manish Market; 4 bunglows - Andheri (w).All were in the Red Sack. If anyone traces it or gets it, Kindly return this to me. I am working as Trainer in HR of Metro One Operation Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai Metro - D N Nagar Depot - OCC building, 1st Floor.) You can also call me on my cell no. 9833902236 - my namre is Mrinalini Kulkarni.
I have not noted the auto rickshaw no.; however, the driver was waring 'bali' in one of his ears and was wearing his brown coloured uniform. He was suspecting back-side left side tyre puncture.
Kindly Help; my medicines are very important to me.

Mrinalini Kulkarni - 9833902236
Sr. Exe. Behavioral Trainer - HR
Metro One Operation Pvt. Ltd.
OCC Building 1st Floor; D N Nagar Depot;
4-Bunglows - Andheri- West; Mumbai - 400053.
Jun 8, 2014

Dadagiri of rickshawalas

On 8th June 2014,I tried catching a rickshaw for my grandfather just to go to the opposite lane.....around 5 to 6 rickshawalas said no,even when I told them that my grandfather just have to go to the opposite lane.then in frustration when another rickshaw halted and When he said no ,I told him that I would make a complaint...he started abusing me and used some pathetic words that I can't even describe...the number plate :MH03AK940.
I hope you will take some action against this scumbag.
Dr dhanashri
May 30, 2014


A Kalra
Jan 22, 2014

auto rickshaw meter tampering

i travel everyday from veera desai (near country club) to oshiwara link road (opp mega mall) the fare normally comes up to 15 to 20 rupees dependng on traffc.. today travelled n a rickshaw in which the tariff came to 4.7 with amoutn reading as 51 rupees which is insane.. u need to look into it n make sure the rickshaw is fined.
the auto no is - MH 03 BA 6490
Jun 25, 2013


while coming back from school with my daughter the rickshaw walarefused to enter into the complex gate. Itwas raining and heleft usatthe gate only. this happened today on 25th June 2013 @ 6.25 p.m. no of auto rickshaw is MH02 TA 3485. He was rude also. He saidifyouwantrickshaw walato comeinsidethe complex hire him on monthlybasis.
Mar 1, 2012

Will not travel to desired location

Auto wala never drop me and my kids to near my home, they always said that they will drop on main road...I have to walk a lot
Dec 20, 2010

Tampered Meter

Hi took a Auto from Vikroli Station East to Godreg Shops Stop he charge 50 Rs, and When i asked to satrt meter he told me meter not working in this area.

Auto # MH03 AK5306
Driver Name: Jai Prakash
Dec 20, 2010

Tampered Meter

I took this auto (MH 03 AK 5306) from Vikroli East Station to godreg Shops stop with start meter of rishwa he charge 50 Rs and when I start show documents then he start fighting along with some auto driver. I payy only 50 Rs

Plz help me out from this circumstance

Thanks and Regards
Sumant K Raju
Aug 21, 2010

Will not travel to desired location

Who takes actions against these complaints? No one. Sometime back I had written to the Traffic Police at the email id that had appeared in the newspaper saying we can now write directly and action will be taken immediately. But where has this happened. There even appeared helpline number. Whenever you dial in, it is always busy or out of order. These authorities expect us commuters to wait along with these errant autos till help comes. Why should it be so? When commuters give the numbers, can't they take action. A classic example is of Thane autos. Till 2 weeks back, the meter reading was comparatively better. But since the past two weeks, we have been noticing the same distance, same traffic if there is, the meter reading has risen up to .20 or .30 extra i.e. if it was 1.20 earlier, it is now 1.30 or 1.40 and they argue that their meter is right and they have no issues showing it to RTO. Does this mean the RTO is in hands in gloves with these guys? Where is the justice? There are unions formed by these autos and we cannot do anything.
Jan 10, 2013

Refuses Fare


I daily take auto from gandhinagar flyover to Hiranandani. But generally they refuse to take passengers. I am not the only who suffers. There are many people who face the same problems.

Today I was standing at gandhinagar flyover for more than 50 minutes to take auto. Around 15-17 auto wala refused to go. Then finally in frustration I tried to sit in one of the auto forcefully, he used some cheap slangs and gaali and went away. The auto number is MH03M991.

I request you to take necessary action.

Thanks and Regards
Virendra Kedia
Apr 18, 2012

Tampered Meters

Here is my collection of license plate numbers of auto rickshaws since jan 2012. All these rickshaws have tampered meters. Some running as much as 30-40% faster than the normal meter speed. On confronting almost all of them (yes, I argue and fight with rickshaws drivers everyday... 75-80% rickshaws in the western suburbs have tampered meters!) they say that they haven't tampered a lot, just a lil bit. How f**king ignorant!! I also sent a mail to the RTO with all these numbers but I doubt they did anything about them... After all, they work hand in had with these errant thieving drivers! Wake up RTO, before the 'Aam Janta' wakes up and screws you bad! Please people, if you are willing and able... Fight and argue with the drivers... Don't just give in. All you gotta say is.. "Take me to the nearest Police Station" and they start shitting in their pants!!

Mh 02 Va 6816
Mh 02 va 7286
Mh02 RA 1556
Mh 02 va 9177
Mh o2 va 6731
Mh o2 sa 1959
Mh o2 ua 9517
Mh o2 va 1479
Mh o2 Ua 7127
Mh o2 ta 313
Mh o2 ua 9906
Mh o2 ua 1840
Mh o2 Ua 8361
Mh o2 sa 8879
Mh o2 va 2361
Mh o2 Sa 7157
Mh o2 m 1027
Mh o2 ua 6174
Mh o2 va 8399
Mh o2 Va 7009
Mh 02 Ua 1933
Mh 02 Ta 4631
Mh 02 Ua 819
Mh 02 Ua 8799
Mh 02 Sa 4212
Mh 02 Ua 4526
Mh 02 Va 2576
Mh 02 Va 6982
Mh 02 Va 3357
Mh 02 Va 7765
Mh 02 Ua 9876
Mh 02 Va 2399
Mh 03 j590
Mh 02 U 5043
Mh 02 Qa 4286
Mh 02 Aa 878
Mh 02 Va 1261
Mh 03 aa 3389
Mh 03 R 6142
Dec 29, 2011

Meter Tampering


I am working at Larsen and Toubro (Gate 2). Daily at around 8:10am I take rickshaw from Ghatkoper Station to L&T Powai (Office). The route is from Kailash (Hira nandani). Usually the fare comes between Rs.65 to Rs.69. Today it was been observerd that the fare was Rs.82, the meter was showing reading as 6.20. Also there were no traffc and I reached the office gate in 20min.

Infact, i told the driver that the meter is running fast, but he rudely replied saying "Meter sahi hai, Aapko complaint karna hai to karo, RTO aur police kuch nahi kar sakti". The Auto number is MH03 BA - 140.

I would request the authorities to take necessary action against the driver and auto rickshaw.

I am reachable at [email protected]
Nov 1, 2010

Tampered Meter


I took this auto (MH 02 3685)from Mira Gaothan i.e. before dahisar check-naka to go to Andheri because the auto number starts from MH02 which is ideally an Auto going to Mumbai Vicinity.
From Mira Gaothan Till Mahindra Kandivali i was Charged 98 Rs, whereas till Andheri i daily pay Rs 160/-.
Inspite of telling him till Kandivali from Dahisar Highway it cant be Rs 100 ...He didnt listen...& went away.

I am the sure last 4 digit is 3685.

Well he claimed the Auto Belonged to Mulund area,perhaps this can help you in tracking the driver.

This way they cant keep on fooling people.

I have registered complaint on http://www.trafficpolicemumbai.org/Complaint_Auto_taxi_form.htm too.

Please update me on the action taken by your team will highly apreciate.

Thanks & Regards,

( [email protected])
Jul 13, 2010

Monopoly of Auto Rickshaws

What the FUCKING HELL these auto rickshaw guys are trying to make out of Mumbai city???? There is just nothing like a good transport for passengers/commuters who want to travel short distances. I would like to bring the following points to the transport authorities notice:

- Auto rickshaw guys just dont bother to travel short distances. For example, if someone wants to travel from Mahakali Caves in Andheri(E) to like a location 4-5 Kms away, the only option is to walk or wait forever. No BLOODY FUCKING rickshaw guy just entertains you and keep turning their back on you. It even becomes a hell in the rainy season.

- For someone new in Mumbai, these guys just keep roaming round and round with the passenger in the auto to earn the bloody money. They just don't care how critical it could be for someone to reach home in late nights. This is very very irresponsible.

Can there be some kind of central regulatory board or at least a complaint center which can take action against these BASTARDS!!!! and those complaints not landing into DEAF ears ???

Is there really any meaning for the JAI MAHARASHTRA slogan??

If the government can't make the city transport better, everyone should resign with IMMEDIATE EFFECT I guess.

I hope there is something you can do about it.
Jun 7, 2010

Will not travel to desired location

On 7th Jun 2010, I was walking to J.B. Nagar Andheri Bus Stop, I saw two elderly people wanting to go to hospital, None of the auto walas wanted to stop pick them up and drop them to hospital. There was this Auto wala with number plate 3632, who was very rude and inspite of requesting him and pleading him atleast for he human mankind drop them to hospital, he did not show any respect or pity towards the elderly people.

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