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Mumbai Auto Rickshaw


Consumer complaints and reviews about Mumbai Auto Rickshaw

Sep 5, 2015

misbehaving talking arigantly

m tejas sawant, m driving a bike in goregaon near obroi mall, m with my friend, auto Rickshaws NO MH 02 AU 0019, driver drunk and not driving properly, i had a feight with that driver because misbehaving with my friend and me, and one most importing thing he is driving without BATCH ... he is totall illegal driving, i hope mumbai RTO take legal action against him, and revert me as soon as possible
my contact NO - 8652063199
Paresh Darad
Sep 3, 2015

Senseless Arrogant Auto Rickshaw Driver

I boarded last night at 8.30 pm from Vidhyavihar (E), auto driver just started his auto & suddenly he got a call from his friend and he parked the auto side the road and was talking on the phone for 2 to 3 minutes and then I got down from the auto to find another auto than he comes to me said what happened and I told its urgent so he told me that meter daal diya hai & loudly barking on me with abusing words even he doesn't has the sense that someone getting late has to reached urgently to the destination but instead he was enjoying on phone. After huge abusing words he was left with his auto & starring me for a while. I don't have the auto number but please let me know what should I do in such situations. My Contact No. is 9619330171.
Sep 2, 2015

Driving in the wrong side

In CBD Belapur Rickshaw driver was very arrogant.
He was driving on the wrong lane.

Aug 26, 2015

Rash Driving

I want to lodge a compliant against Auto Riskshaw driver ( Auto No - MH.43.AC 3116), yesterday when i was standing near Teen Tanki - Koperkhairane Auto stand, this rickshaw driver who was coming towards the auto stand was driving very rashly and hit me, despite on accepting his mistake he was reluctant and started shouting on me that I m standing on the wrong side, though I was standing near the auto stand I was hit hard on my back and got hurt on my leg he didn't even had the courtesy to apologies , I request you to take strict action against this driver.

Hope to hear a positive response.

Priyanka Jaiswal
Aug 18, 2015

Refusing ride and back answering

I am from Anushaktinagar. Auto rickshaws who move only inside the colony have a separate stand and this auto rickshaw who was not in that stand refuses to not only go outside but arrogantly states that he will only ride within BARC and you can't do anything about it. Requesting for his registration number, he says that I need to mind my business and he doesn't have the number on him. He rather challenges that I go ahead and complain where I can. His auto number isMH03V9902. This is not one of an instance and you will find it very common across Mumbai. Request you to take necessary actions
Aug 14, 2015

Rash Auto Rickshaw Driver

Today at 2.10 pm we took an auto from Oberoi to Infinity IT park Malad. The auto was moving at a distant speed, but suddenly at Gokuldham Signal, near Vageshwari Mandir, the auto rammed into another auto which was moving sideways. Suddenly both stopped the auto & started fighting for about 5-10 mins. The auto driver was bleeding after the fight. We asked him to take us to the office & then go to the doc. Instead, the other Auto driver chased our Auto & stopped us near Saamna parivar. The auto driver was asking us to get down of the Auto asking that he wants to fight with him & that was in a very arrogant way. I asked him we won't get out of the Auto & asked the other Rickshaw wala to stop fighting & meet him after this incident & solve this issue.
It seems as if these auto drivers don't have manners, we had a female sitting in the auto. Even then they were using very abusive language, which was so bad & uncultered.
I request you to take strict action against this Guy.
I noted down the Auto no. when we got down.
Auto No: MH02-UA-1832
Aug 8, 2015

Auto driver tricks to earn more money

Trick 1: Everytime you take an auto from your start point to your destination, if the meter reading shows odd figure like 19, 29... you pay the driver 20, 30.. they never return 1 rupee saying they don't have change. How come no auto driver in the city has 1 rupee change? I am sure many passengers must have experienced this.

Trick 2: You take a rick from start point and reach your destination, the meter reading shows 22 rs. the driver does not turn off the meter he will let the meter run, he will look here and there but he wont look at the meter even once to see how much is the fare, the passenger searches for change and takes out 22rs. from bag/ wallet, calls the driver to hand him the money, driver then looks at the meter; by that time meter reading shows 24 rs.

Trick 3: When your reaching close to your destination just few meters away, the driver will slow down the auto and will slowly, slowly halt the auto few more distance away purposely so that the meter reading increases by a figure or two and you end up paying one or two rupees more.

One or two rupees may not be much to pay for one person, but if they do this with 10 passenger they will earn atleast 10-20 rs. more per day, which means 300-600 rs. in a month.
The method this auto drivers use to gain more money is not acceptable. On top of that when you try to argue they have their answers ready.
I would request RTO/ traffic dept to take note of these tricks used by auto drivers and take strict action against them so that passengers don't have to face difficulties while using these autos in city.
Aug 6, 2015

Refuses to drop at destination

I am working at Andheri west Veera Desai Road. I leave at 6.30 pm from andheri industrial estate, not a single autowalas are ready to come to jogeshwari station. Auto drivers are refusing to drop at destination i.e jogeshwari west station. Please looking into the matter and solve the problem. My contact No.8080037162.
Aug 5, 2015

Dadagiri of rickshawalas

on 5th August 2015 time evening 7.15 pm i the place of Near Diamond Garden Chembur i asked to rikshwala bhaiya govandi chaloge kya he said nahi jane ka hai ia am asking kyon nahi jana hai then he said nahi jana hai he neglate to me and he missbehviour of me this auto riksha no is MH 03 BT6969

I would request traffic police to take strict action against such drivers
Aug 5, 2015

Rfusal and arrogant behaviour

On 5th Aug 15 at 2.05 P.M i picked up my kid form his play school and asked driver of auto rikshaw no. MH02VA ,7229 near Yamuna nagar andheri (w) from auto stand, at that time it was raining.This driver ask me about destination and refuse to go by saying it is near by i requested him that, we will wet pl drop us. He was reluctant and rude and told " padal chali jao" he will not go and if you want to make a complaint do the same. No one can take any action against him. In front of us he choose other passengers of distant location and left by laughing. I am very much upset and sad by his behavior. I hope a strict action is required from your end.
D mahajan
Aug 3, 2015

Refuses to drop at destination

Auto number MH02 CT5 477 -
I ask for a short fare to my office where 5 minutes away from the location the auto driver refused to drop me saying that he would not go inside the lane as he will not get another fare. At the same time he refused three other people who asked for a ride at the place itself. What sense does this make? He forced me to get down midway while I was on my way to a meeting with absolutely no respect and rude behaviour. Yes, this is a small issue but autos should not be allowed to do this.
Jul 16, 2015

non usage of meters

The auto drivers do not use the meters during the day time as well and charge passengers as per their will...
Anyone who can seriously look into this matter...
ganesh manjrekar
May 23, 2015

requist toget share riksha in chunabhatti mumbai 400022...

requist to get share riksha stand in chunabhatti .from ashok nagar to chunabhatti railway station.
May 5, 2015

Errant Auto driver

on 6th may 2015 My self and My friend took an auto from Borivali national park to Metro mall borovali east.
Usually there are 2 routes a long one through the flyover and a shortcut which runs down the flyover taking a left through su-sawagat hotel .
However before reaching teh short cut route at 200 mtrs we informed the auto driver 2 times to take the shorter route but he misheard us and when we raised our voice to tell him to take teh short cut he just parked his auto on the side of teh road and started abusing us .

He even started pushing us to leave the place and when asked him to come with us to police station he simply took of teh keys from his auto and left us abusing with Bad words. However my friend was about to beat him black and blue but we thought of going through teh legal way of complaing to the RTO office .

Auto details are MH 02 DU 5348

Hope you will take necessary action with such guys & if Not i may have to complaint to higher authority because today we were the victims but tomorrow they will behave the same with some lady passenger or some senior citizens .

Will check with nearest RTO office in 2 days whether our complaint has been registered or not .


Apr 19, 2015

auto @ kharghar station in night

All the autos in Kharghar station come in group at night, form a cartel and force passengers to take auto in sharing mode, and charge about four times the actual fare. Passengers are forced to either share and pay hefty and arbitrary fares or stay stranded at the station. Its a very scary situation especially for a lady traveler coming to Kharghar railway station at night.
Mar 29, 2015

Meter not working well or another way to dupe passengers

We boarded an auto from Kharghar to Koparkhairane. The auto no. MH 43 AC 4671. the meter reading was 171 when we reached Koparkhairane but he said he will charge half return... which translated to Rs. 256. But the auto driver said the meter was faulty and took Rs. 330. I tried calling the tax/auto redressal number but it is switch off. Can anyone suggest how do I register complaint against the auto driver
Mar 22, 2015

scrap auto

Vikhroli east main boht si auto ke paper nhi hai aap mh03 z668 yeh auto wale ko arrest kijiye
Mar 22, 2015

without paper auto

Sir yeah gadi scrap ho chuki hai air iska permit bhi nhi hai is gadi par mh 03 z 668 yeah no hai is per action lijiye
Mar 6, 2015


Abbas jagmag
Jan 28, 2015

Navi Mumbai auto richshaws

When I ordered the meter rickshaw from Vashi station to millennium business park. They asking me that u have to pay meter charges and 20 buck extra. I told him no. Then did ordered the same for various richshaws. He asking the same question. Then I complain the same to traffic police. He helped me to called another richshaw. After that richshaw driver told me to pay 20 bucks extra when we were on the way to centre one. I told him no. He broke the our rules which was I told to him. As the last movement to reached mbp. Meter fare mention ₹93 and I gave him ₹100. I told him to give me money back for ₹7. I don't have much time to argue with him. I paid ₹100 including tip. I requested you look into it and take strictly rules to be follow.
Jan 8, 2015

Lost bag in auto rickshaw

I forgot a polythene bag labeled Alfa containing a Philips FM set and other household items on 8-Jan near Bandra flyover. I took auto from Vile Parle and while de-boarding at Bandra, I forgot to collect the bag. If someone finds the same, please call me on 9769053379. Many thanks.
Jan 3, 2015

MH 03 BA 6417

Took rickshaw from Bandra West Perry Road to Mary Immaculate Girls School on 3rd January 7.45 pm and we reached at 9 pm he got us lost on the way and the meter came to 364 he agreed and took Rs 300. Kindly look into the matter.
Jan 1, 2015

Auto fares

Auto rickshaw fares go up with every increase in petrol prices, though they use LNG. When petrol prices drop why aren't the fares reduced ?? This is unfair trade practice. Pls respond and convey to the appropriate authorities. To reduce the fares!
Dec 31, 2014

Tampered Meter

Today, on 31st Dec 2014, I took a Rickshaw from Kanjurmarg station to Hiranandani Powai. On reaching my destination, I had to pay Rs 10 extra compared to everyday rates even when there was no traffic. Also, the cost was increasing by rs 2 per 100 meter and his distance also increased by a few hundred meters compared to normal kms. When I confronted him, he shrugged away saying that today is 31st. How can someone give a ridiculous response like that saying that its 31st and thats why they have a right to tamper the meters. His vehicle number is MH02 DK 2659. I would really appreciate if someone can check this rickshaw in particulr and also all rickshaw vehicles that ply between powai and kanjurmarg as 95% of these have tampered meters. Thank you in advance.
Laxmi Madaswamy
Nov 20, 2014

Tampered Meter

I travel by autorickshaw from Mulund West to Chandivali daily for work. The total distace is around 11.3 kms. Since I travel daily I know the distance covered on the way. Today till Bhandup the meter reading was proper but after that the meter started moving very fast. By the time I reached office it showed 12.7 kms. I learnt from another auto driver that these days they press a small black button, commonly referred as "tishki" to increase the kms. They hide it by using m-seal so that it is not visible. He also said that tampering on the electronic meter is not possible so they have come up with this which many of them may not be aware of. The auto no. is MH 03 V 7200. Earlier, too I encountered the same problem with another auto wallah who started quarelling with me when I questioned him about the increase in kms. His auto no. is MH 03 BA 2342. We should stop this at the earliest because many passengers might not know about this and end up paying more.

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