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Mumbai Auto Rickshaw


Consumer complaints and reviews about Mumbai Auto Rickshaw

Nov 13, 2017

Auto Meter Tampered- auto no: MH 47 D 486

I had taken this auto while coming back from dahisar D-MART to Anand nagar. Auto no: MH 47 D 486.
Fare charged was RS.26/-
While going from Anand nagar to Dahisar D-MART, auto that i had taken, showed fare of RS. 21.

Same distance and so much difference in the fare. When i pointed out to the driver, he got very upset and rude.

No point in speaking to such people, i got down paid his fare and took the snap of his auto number as attached.

Auto Meter Tampered- auto no: MH 47 D 486

Nov 11, 2017

Lost bag

I had lost my bag in auto rickshaw today 11th November at 1pm , I took rickshaw from Ghatkopar east station and drop point was Shankaralaym Chembur. It's my daughter's dance costume . If anyone find that bag pls. Contact 9821596253 or 9867523302 or handover at Shankaralaym,Hari hara putra bhajan samaj,Chembur please.

Rajeev Naik
Nov 11, 2017

Meter forgery

I take rickshaw MH03 BY0599 for Ghatkopar every time it take 50 to 55 from my home but I'm in rickshaw and my worried to see the Meter is running more than as i have seen in m indicator and other tarot card. Its now 5.1 km and 88 rupees to pay.

Meter forgery

Nov 10, 2017

Arrogant and Bad Tempered Auto driver

I hauled a rickshaw at Bandra West, Dmonte Park to go to Khar West. I got into the rickshaw, he was busy with his headphones plugged in his ears and having a conversation over the phone. Requested him to take a left towards Learner's Academy School as I had to make a stop to collect a parcel from a friend opposite.

I had asked him to wait for two mins as I had to collect the parcel and proceed to Khar. He saw that I had entered the cottage premises, he was still busy on his phone call. I was at the gate of the house and he kept screaming across the road telling me he waited two mins and what is taking me so long, that he didn't have time to waste, all this while I was at the gate on my way out to the Rickshaw.

As I approached the rickshaw he started yelling at me again to which I in turn told him that there was no need to scream as it's not like I was running away and I had asked him to wait. So I raised my voice to him and told him that if he didn't want to run a rickshaw service he should have not taken me if he was in a hurry to be somewhere. He was agitated over his phone conversation and started taking it out on me. He then started demanding that I pay him the fare and take another rickshaw, and literally came 2 inches close to me as if he would attack me.

I immediately crossed the road and my friend also came out and stood next to me. He was still screaming across the road and turned the rickshaw stopped outside her house and started coming towards me demanding I pay him, when he barely took me 50 meters.

I asked for his badge number, which he didn't have and started again approaching towards me as if he would raise his hands on me. I tried to take a picture of his vehicle number and he kept pushing me away. My friend had a phone so she quickly took a picture of him and the vehicle number which I'm attaching.

I hope that some action is taken against these people. I'm not one to complain because I feel let it go it's their bread and butter. But this time I was determined to put this up, because with a temperament like that he should not provide his services as a driver. And moreover because I was a woman, he was taking advantage.

I also paid him the fare, as I didn't want him to inconvenience my friend in anyway as he knew where she lived.

In the pictures attached he doesn't even have his badge on.

The gentleman in the picture on the left, advised me to take a picture of the license number and register a complaint when he say that the driver wasn't allowing me to take a picture.

I hope this is looked into.

Beverley D'Sa
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Arrogant and Bad Tempered Auto driver Arrogant and Bad Tempered Auto driver Arrogant and Bad Tempered Auto driver Arrogant and Bad Tempered Auto driver

Oct 15, 2017

Lost black coat in rickshaw

I lost an expensive black coat in rickshaw. If found, please contact me at 7506627531
atul suri
Oct 10, 2017

lost my lagguage bag in auto

i took an auto from andheri railway station to city mall,
i had kept my bag in the back space of auto, while getting down i forgot my bag in the auto. as soon as i crossed road i saw my bag missing and chassed auto but he somehow escaped my gaze. don't have his vehicle number also.
i have some important things and my document folder in it.


if anybody can help in finding my bag i would be grateful to him.

please contact me ATUL 7226069639/8200677043

thanks ATUL
Oct 8, 2017


I forgot collecting my black color laptop bag from an auto rickshaw when travelling from THANE station to Lal bahudar shashtri road.

If there is any information about the same , please let me know. It had some important papers and an amzaon kindle along with a Laptop.

All the help is appreciated.

Contact - 7032925846 in case of any information.

Thank You.
R. Parvathi
Oct 5, 2017

Lost my plastic carry bag with important documents

Around 5:45 I took auto near Shiv sagar and tell him to go to Chincholi binder road by the time I tell him to drop me at liberty garden but I get down at Somwari Bazaar for a while (6:00) I get down and give tiffin to my bro and returned within three minutes. By the time he went with my bag where I kept all my important documents, books and diary.

If anyone find it please contact me 9892202757.
Sep 25, 2017

Share Auto

Daily there are share autos available just next to MHB colony bus stop in borivali west. First of all the autos don't stand in a queue, secondly they make three to four lines blocking the roads, thirdly the rickshaws are mostly on the bus stops also making it uncomfortable for the bus to stop at the bus stops, even the ticket checkers have raised their voice many times but still the situation remains the same. Finally they also end up fighting with each other and abusing, considering a public place and school going small children during morning hours this is absolutely not accepted. Request you to take some action and draw a line beyond which these rickshaws should not come.
Phebe Kachhap
Sep 7, 2017

tampered metre

MH 02 4003 , I travelled from sahakar talkies Tilak nagar to Dindoshi Court Goregaon East where his metre reading was more than what it should have been. Please take strict actions against such auto drivers.

tampered metre

Aug 29, 2017

Lost my Bag

I m travel between international airport to milan subway
24 August 9:00 PM to 9:30 PM .
I lost my bag inside Passport, leptop , ipad and imported documents. If you get anything contact : 09687135037
Aug 25, 2017

Lost of child long shoes blue colour bag

I have lost child shoes long in blue colour bag.

Santosh T
chavans PRamod
Aug 10, 2017

Lost of bag having important documents

Today i have lost my bag having important docuemtns pertains to students admission, in autorikshaw.

I have taken this auto from Jogeshwari east - to HAnuman road, vile parle east.
If anyone gets these documents kindly contact to undersigned.

Mr. Pramod - Mobile # 9819942668
Aug 8, 2017

Lost my bag

Taken auto from Ovripada, Dahisar on 6th August 2017, Sunday at around 8:00 pm for Borivali East railway station. Specifically the Auto driver dropped us near the escalator. I kept my marroon travel bag next to the seat and while leaving in a rush forgot to take it back. This bag having important stuff and my wife's wedding jewelry, some clothes, and other stuff...so please contact if anyone found it.

Contact on,
Pravin Vadhwana
Jul 30, 2017

Lost my studio lights bag

I had taken auto from chembur fatak east yesterday 29july,2017 around 2.30pm.for Bombay adda linking road Santa Cruz west. I kept my light bag at the back of the site and while leaving the auto I forgot to take it back... This light bag is very important for so please contact me if found.... Contact no. 9819929564
Jul 28, 2017

Meter Tampering

I have taken auto rickshaw (MH03BT4425) from Outside Domestic Airport, Mumbai to Jankalyan Nagar Malad west. As I reached halfway I observed that meter was running rs.1.00 per second. I mentioned this to the Driver. He started arguing with me.and started challenging me to complain. I told him to complete the journey then after I will think what action I have to take. After some time I observed that meter is running in normal speed. It seems that meter's speed was being manipulated by the driver. I want to lodge my complaint to look into the matter. If it is true that Drivers can manipulate meter's speed, then it may be said that public's hard money is being looted by this malpractice and consumer's rights are being harmed.
Jul 18, 2017

Forgot Bag in Auto Rickshaw

Hi, I took Auto from BKC -INN hotel at 11:15AM on 18 JUL 2017 and went to Sion circle and reached there at 11:45. I was inquiring about the bus to Pune and meantime my wife paid the fair. The auto rushed away and within minute, we realized that we forgot the BAG in auto. This has most important documents like all educational certificates./ Visa Approval Notices/ Passports .. ect.

If you could please circulate it in Auto Drivers over sms./WhatsApp or whichever mean of communication, I will appreciate to my life.
Any slightest clue/ information is most appreciated.

937 3326 510
Jul 12, 2017

Auto meter tampered

Today i took an auto from borivali station to thakur village kandivali east. The fare is usualky 40 and even after traffic it reaches maximun 48/50 ruppees. Today as soon soon as i entered thakur village i heard the driver clicking some button. And whenever i heard the sound of the button the meter fare was increasing. Withing 200 meters the fare rouse to ₹10. And when i asked him about this he started shouting " aise thodi hota hai. Meter kaise gadbad kar sakte hai" and the final amount came to ₹60. When i warned him that i will call police he said go ahead. Usually there is always a policeman standing in the corner but today there was no one. I took the photo of the driver and the number plate.

Auto meter tampered Auto meter tampered

Jul 11, 2017

Lost My Wallet

I have boarded a autorickshaw near Andheri Metro Station to Thakur Village, Kandivali East around 9 PM on 10/07/2017
While getting down and making payment of fare to the auto rickshaw driver, I forgot my wallet (Purse) on the back seat.

Purse has important documents like
Aadhaar Card
Car RC
Pan Card
Driving License
Debit & Credit Card

Please contact if found brown purse

Pallav Pandey
Luckie Verma
Jul 5, 2017

Forgot my Project in auto rickshaw

I took a rickshaw from janki regency (stella) on 5 July 2017 around 2pm. I was heading to IITB to show my final project submission which was bulky so I kept it in the backside of rickshaw. I forgot to pick up the baggage and after some time I lost the Rickshaw and my last day of submission is 6 July... If I don't submit this project I'll have to wait another semester (half year).
The baggage is White BIG bazaar carry bag having my tricopter, essential sensors and radio tx rx.

Please contact me if found 7387290422
Lucky verma,
Ashutosh 69
Jun 27, 2017


I boarded auto from borivali station to evershine nagar . By mistake my Mobile fall on the driver's seat and he took it when i was paying him fare . Moment when i reaslied my Mobile is missing i told him to stop but he didn't stopped and went . He was and was from UP(not sure).he was rude and he took us from different route to increase the fair .
Jun 23, 2017

Auto Driver's Rude behavior

At kurla station all the sharing auto driver's are behaving very rude. They are charging any amount from passengers as per their wish. If we tell them that we will ask Police for this, they were saying in thier gunda language "Police bhi kuch nahi karegi."

Some day before, one auto driver throw money at one senior lady's face.

Today, one auto driver charged extra 10 rupees and behaves very rude and used bad words.
Auto Rikshaw number: MH-03-BY1048.
Please find attached images of auto rikshaw and auto driver.

There must be some guidelines for shared auto fares and routes at Kurla/Bandra station.
Expecting help on rude behavior of Auto drivers at Kurla station.
Jun 8, 2017


Hello Sir/Madam

Near to Kanjur Marg railway station.Passengers are waiting for auto. But they take passengers who stays only near 1-2 kms,as they get 10 rs for 1-2 kms. But they dont take passengers staying far to 3 kms. as they give 12rs.

Only because of 1 km they dont take passengers.Sometimes passengers do fight with Autowala but they dont care,they shut off their useless mouth.

Route --- Kanjurmarg railway stn to Hanuman Nagar.
Bus going to same route No. -- 608.

Please consider my request & reply me.
my contatct details - +91 8369751718

Manish Salve
Gunjan.a 92
May 23, 2017

Lost Luggage

I was travelling from Andheri to Vile Parle on 23rd May, around 8.45pm in a rickshaw.

While getting off, I forgot my bag which has important documents, keys, cheque books, wifi dongle and tiffin boxes.

Is there a way to retrieve my lost objects? Would appreciate a lead on this! Thank you!
May 23, 2017

Lost Phone

Lost phone at 5:30 on carter road mumbai khar west on 23rd may, 2017.

please help,

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