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Mumbai Local Trains


Consumer complaints and reviews about Mumbai Local Trains

Oct 5, 2017

Delay of train on daily basis

I am regular traveler from Shahad to Vikhroli in 8.27(from Shahad) but the train always comes late and always reaches late from its scheduled time.
The scheduled time is 9.04 at vikhroli but it reaches by 9.25 or 9.30 daily. This is not the way you can daily stop these local trains for the crossing of express or mail trains.
Also I travel in 1st class but because of no checking of tickets or passes on daily or weekly basis, 2nd class people also travels through 1st class and we ladies already having so small compartment that too filled with 2nd class people in it.
Please take action against these two issues as soon as possible because the situations are becoming worst day by day.

Hire TC's for ticket checking and please try to expand the ladies first class compartment because now a days majority of ladies are also travelling and working.

Regular traveler.
Sep 28, 2017

Late train Karjat Mumbai fast local train

I am one of regular traveller from Karjat to Mumbai in early hour.Regularly I catch 4.50 am train from Karjat. My office timing is in goregaon at 7.40 am. But every day 4.50 local train reaches dadar very late around 6.40 which is actually late by 15-20 min. Because of that most of the regular travellers reach late by half n hour. This is happening because of every day first preference given to mail express which is always late from pune. We are regular travellers. We don't have any option before that, because before that slow local which is at 4.37 which also reached at same time or catch train around 3.30 am which is highly impossible for us.consider this is formal complaint or otherwise we will take action soon.

Thanks and regards
Rahul Kulkarni
Sharada bhavan
Third floor, Karjat raigad
Sep 28, 2017

Railway employee travel first class coach in pick hour

I am a 1st class traveller from Virar. There is no Ticket Checking Staff posted in Virar, resultant railway employees freely travels in 1st class in morning pick hours. However, I kindly request Railway Board put permanent ticket checking staffs at Virar station and increase the ticket checking at 1st class compartment to catch the unauthorized railway staff so that eligible 1st class ticket holder and season ticket holders can travel with comfort.Always passenger is first preference not railway employee.
Sep 27, 2017

Occupying Seats by keeping Bags or hand

I tarvel daily from Thane to Nerul(7.30 to 8.00 am)and some college students occupy seats for them and they keep bags for their friends.when i asked to give seat argument started.Is occupying seat with bags correct ? Kindly clarify me.And ladies or girls come in Mens First class coaches in this case, we donot get seats and we have to travel in standing.Please clarify this also are they(Girls) allowed to board Mens first class coaches.
Sep 24, 2017

Less frequency

There is no train between 19:10 p.m to 19:45 p.m from ghatkopar to titwala. Its so difficult for us if we missed our local of 19:08 we have to wait till 19:45.
Kindly increase the frequency of this route.
latish N. Dighaokar
Sep 22, 2017


Dear Sir,
I am 61 years old Senior citizen travelling daily in Mumbai locals . As per India Railways whenever i am making reservation in MailExpress i am getting benefit of Senior Citizen .

But Sir, in Mumbai local trains , there is a display of Senior Citizens age is marked above 65 years . Daily there is a argument with another commuters regarding seats reserved for senior citizens in Mumbai local trains . Can you please clarify which is the age considered for senior citizens in Mumbai local trains . If there is a mistake in printing of senior citizens age in Mumbai local trains please ask them to correct it.

Thanking you.

Latish N. Dighaokar
55A 42, Vrindavan Society,
Thane ( W ) - 400 601
Mob:- 9870 590290
Nazneen Shaikh1
Sep 21, 2017

Request to add a fast train

There is no Fast train from Borivali to Churchgate between 6:00 to 6:30 hours. Its a request to add one Fast train in this interval, because it isnvery difficult to reach farther destination on time via slow trains.
Thank you.
Vinesh 82
Sep 21, 2017

Comeout fro Regular Pattern

Travelling from Andheri to Mira Road, its 11 Pm now but on western lines still train is running like anything. Stopped more than five times in between. We understand the technicalities in rush hour but this time also problem remains the same.

Atleast think hard on it. We are expecting better travel experience atleast after 9 pm. Respected officials etc. Look into this.

Regular Commuter.
gargi bhave
Sep 18, 2017

Illegitimate travelers in 1st Class


I travel on CST - Panvel route, and I am fed up with illegitimate/ without ticket travelers in 1st Class compartment. Because, we as travelers cannot check their tickets and cannot fight with them (which they know very well), they keep on crowding the compartment.

Please stop them from doing so by acting on one of the following:
1. Very frequent ticket checks
2. appointing Rail volunteers travelers who can check the tickets if Railways does not have enough TCs.
3. Heavy fine such that the fine is always greater than fare of a few months' pass. This calculation is what makes these poeple courageous.

This is now reaching at a nuisance level.

Gargi S Bhave
Sep 15, 2017

facilities in central railway

This is worst service in central railway.firstly in single day railway not running on time.and coach,fans etc. Worst quality used.central railway is not lifeline of Mumbai its deadline..in mansoon it's shame but other season also dirty.feeling guilt to travel from govt. Service.do something needful.
Sep 12, 2017

Man travels in ladies first class

There's this man, travels between virar-bhayender stations up and down during afternoon hours in ladies first class and second class compartments and begs for money. I have been noticing him since last week. Please tighten the security system at those stations. Hardly anyone checks tickets there as well. Today few boys got in the ladies first class as well and while getting down from a running train one of them threw water at one of the female passengers as well.
Sep 10, 2017

Fans not working-neither in train nor on st (Kharghar)

Its day time 9.55 and not a single fan on Kharghar Stn is on
Just to clarify, is it because its Sunday Mega block and railway officers are working on this issue as well..!!!!
Moreover, very much sure the train which will come 10 mins after its scheduled time will also have only few fans working out of the all fitted in trains.
This is the wonderful service people get after paying the ever increasing pass fares...!!!!

Monica Ramane
Sep 1, 2017

No checking for first class

There should be checking of first class atleast every two weeks. I am travelling since last 8 to 9 months but I never seen TC in first class. If we are paying 3 to 4 times more than second class and more than 40% peo people of second class travels through first class. No one is afraid of checking. Because they know no one checks.
Sujoy Deb barma
Aug 23, 2017

Fans not working

I am traveling from Panvel to Thane 9 47 am local train and none of the fans of first class is working at this point of time.considering the busy office time it is very suffocating in here.
Failure of such basic facilities in public creates a chaos and it's mentally disturbing too to endure such situations rights early in the morning
Kindly do the needful.
Neha Sainbhi
Aug 22, 2017

Badshaah masala advertisement nuisance

Every day as I travel in morning and evening in western local train, Badshaah Masala advertisement is played at high volume as every station comes. We are unable to focus if wevare reading something, some book or notes. This is a nuisance not only to faculties but also to so many students travelling especially during their exams. We request you to plz either stop Badshaah Masala advertisement or atleast play it at major stations e.g. Andheri, Bandra, Borivali & not on every station. Plz, its a request to look into the matter urgently...
Neha Sainbhi
Aug 22, 2017

Badshaah Masala advertisement nuisance

Every day as I travel in morning and evening in western local train, Badshaah Masala advertisement is played at high volume as every station comes. We are unable to focus if wevare reading something, some book or notes. This is a nuisance not only to faculties but also to so many students travelling especially during their exams. We request you to plz either stop Badshaah Masala advertisement or atleast play it at major stations e.g. Andheri, Bandra, Borivali & not on every station. Plz, its a request to look into the matter urgently...
Aug 21, 2017

Daily late since last 3 yrs

The kasara train which scheduled at 9.36 am at kalyan station always arrives ate by 25-30 min sometimes it's take more than 45 mins to arrive. Even the platform for the arrival is not fixed.The frequency towards kasara side is very low and with this delay it makes us difficult to reach out destination before time.Plz in the kasara side also go for work and education purpose. Plz increase the frequency as its not new and this same thing is being practiced from the last 3 yrs..plz look into this matter as we are paying for this so we should get the services accordingly.
Aug 21, 2017

Increase frequency

As a daily traveller from kalyan to Asangaon. The frequency during the peak hours is very low. It's takes half and hour for the next train to come. It's my request to please increase the frequency of train as it's very difficult for us if we miss the 1st train for the next train we have to wait for 1/2 hr.plz look in to this matter and provide better option to us.
Aug 12, 2017

Increasing the number of 1st class ladies compartments

The 1st class ladies compartments allotted in the central line trains are not sufficient. The compartment is barely half as compared to the western line trains. Please increase the compartments so that many more women can avail for the 1st class.
Aug 1, 2017

Frequency of asangaon train

Asangaon trains are very crowded in peak hours.Requesting you kindly increase the frequency of asangaon trains. Dombivli people are occupying the train. If possible please do not make halt at dombivli station. dombivli people have a lot of option of trains but they are crowding asangaon & kasara trains. Kindly look into this matter asa early as possible.
office goer
Jul 18, 2017

Train Availability

I have been travelling from borivali -virar since 2 months . I have a job in borivali, where my office timing is 10am -7pm. Even though there is a lots of train starting from virar in morning peak hours. It's not the case during evening from borivali. There are not a number direct trains available from borivali -virar between 6-8 pm which is the most peakest hours ,there are some which comes off from andheri or churchgate but they are always full or there are gangs which does't let people in even when the train is half empty(it's a totalyl different story)
So I kindly request you to increase the train avilability starting from borivali , so the rush hours can be maintained.

Thanking you
An Office Goer.
Jul 1, 2017

Railway system failed

The train details on the indicators of bridge and platforms are different. We are also working in service sector. Railway system should consider passengers daily problems. From long ago there is problems of trains in monsoon, why you people can't find the final solution on that. I am traveling in Mumbai by train since last 6 months. Not only one train is on time as per your schedule. Shame!!
Jun 29, 2017

Illegal travelers in I Class compartments

My complaint is same which has been already raised by many in this forum - but I am not able to see any reply from concern authorities...what happens to the complaints made on this portal, please let me know - or even this will go unanswered??!!!

Anyway, still I will raise the issue. During Thane-Vashi travel thru trans-harbour trains I have seen many commuters traveling in I class compartment and can easily judged that they do not belong there. I have seen many students specifically discussing among the group "let's go by I class, nobody checks". Are there no enough TC staff available on this route or it's a purposely step-motherly treatment to this line??!!! If checked TCs can easily catch such miscreants and collect fine. They are almost in the strength of 30% of total commuters in the compartment. But, who cares... By ignoring this crime you are encouraging wrong values in society. This can lead to increase in crimes. The goons will aggressively get in and misbehave, loot or just create ruckus. Please take a quick action on this.

If TCs are not allowed to enter into compartments (I think there is such - stupid - rule), then they can catch them on platforms.

Secondly, please allot some more part of unisex I class compartment to ladies I class, as due to availability of limited seats - only 14 seats - they chose to travel in common compartment.
pranjal dagare
Jun 29, 2017

rescheduling of BADLAPUR train

I travel thane to badlapur around 8.20 pm. Usually I prefer slow trains except Sunday cause of over crowded fast trains where it's impossible to stand in gangway itself. So the story is it's fill great if I caught 8.28 badlapur train. But if I missed it then it creates lots of problem. Because there is lots of kalyan or dombivali trains before 8.28 trains but after that there are 3 thane trains and only 1 kalyan train. So all the crowd tries to bord the badlapur train so person like me who most needs that train have no option to go to platform number three to wait for 9.32 train. So I request you to increase kalyan trains (at least two) to divide the huge crowd in those trains or at least change the timing of the said train to 9.03 or 9.08 to give us some easy time. Thanks.

rescheduling of BADLAPUR train

Sarfaraz h batliwala
Jun 24, 2017

No ticket checking in first class

We are spending so much on first class pass but second class people board in first class and there is no single ticket checker comes.
I am traveling since so long but sorry to say I didn't find any ticket checkers in first class compartment.
I found them grouping on platform.
Pls ask them to do some work.

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