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Consumer complaints and reviews about MYNTRA

Mira Gaikwad
Jul 8, 2020

Part of the product is missing

I have order dress of W for Woman brand which is of 3 piece dress( top, bottom, jacket) which costs 5000. When I received package it was sealed completely but when I opened package jacket of the dress is missing and I received only 2 pieces of 3 piece dress. I raised exchange request and also raised issue in Myntra complaints. Delivery guy has exchange item with him but he is not delivering it to me cause he is awaiting resolution of the issue raised. When I called customer Myntra customer care for update of issue they give me time of 24 hrs every day and still no update on issue. ( Note - when I was ordering that dress there was discount of 1k only on the size which I ordered and other sizes had no discount. Somewhere I fill they gave me defective product on the name of discount and now there is no option of return or exchange. They got 5k for defective product.. Seems like its scam. Myntra is doing fraud.)

Part of the product is missing Part of the product is missing Part of the product is missing

Jan 24, 2020


Product reshipped but I did not received.

I am totally exhausted now, by calling Myntra again and again.
I orderd AKS GOLDEN WOVEN designer dupatta, price rs. 454/- from Myntra on 22nd Dec 2019.
Received it on : 27th Dec 2019 which came without any kind of tag on it. I didnt bother about it that time thought dupatta may not have it because I ordered dupatta for the first time, I trited it on my dress which didn't suit on it,

so I placed return on same date: 27th Dec 2019. Myntra Pick up executive came next day and he picked up on 28th dec, and I received message at midnight of 28th that
"AKS Golden Woven Design Dupatta (Return No. : 4078828428) has been put on-hold as it did not pass our quality check process".
So I called Myntra customer service and told him about message and asked him why my return item has been put on hold so he told me tag was missing on product, he assured me this happens sometimes you don't worry. You refund will be processed and he told me to wait till 6th jan 2020 for update.

I received message on 7th Jan 2020 : "AKS Golden Woven Design Dupatta (Return No. : 4078828428) which was put on-hold has been declined as it did not pass our quality check process. This item will be reshipped to you and you will get a separate communication with shipping details shortly"

After that I called Myntra many times told them product came without any tag and I don't want it back as I want my refund. But they keep saying wait for next 24 hours your issue will be solve. And no update received regarding my query this happened saveral times.
Finally I gave up told them atleast reship the product as soon as possible.

And now I am totally fade up thats why I am submitting my complaint here.

I received email on 18th jan actully I checked email today "AKS Golden Woven Design Dupatta (Return No. : 4078828428) has been reshipped to you."
18th jan was saturday and me my husband was there at home entire day. I did not received reshipped item.
Now Few min before I again called myntra cust service and raised ticket. He gave me waiting time till 30th jan 2020.

So its been more than a month. Is this the way Myntra works.
Why dont you right away contact your delivery/pick up executive/seller and confirmed the issues of customer?
[email protected]
Aug 22, 2019

order not received but showing delivered

Myntra order no.1117402-9219738-3400701

I have never ever received my order and it is showing delivered.this is a maternity wear but myntra is unable to understand the urgency and not helping me.I have been calling them since a week but they keep saying give them 24 hrs always.this is the second time in two months where myntra has failed to provide agreed customer service.Delivery agent himself signed and marked it delivered but never delivered the product.
I request you to please look into the matter and help us getting our product or refund my money.I would also like myntra to be penalized for this for fraudulent activity and looting my money.
Contact no.9119479329

order not received but showing delivered

Mar 31, 2019

Not refunding the money

My order number is 1104011-4421222-7630503 Anouk green and grey kurta pant set which I have returned does not have price tag by the day one. It is defective product so I file return request for it. They said product has not passed the quality check process so they will reshipped to me. Its now 9 days I don't received the product and I have called 4 times regarding this problem to customer care but they are not helping me.
Now Myntra is not giving me the product nor the money.
Mar 29, 2019


I was purchased Trimpuh shapewear, quality of product is not satisfying and size of shapewear not fit on me.. I called customer care but they decline my request, i invest Rs.2499 on this product and they said they can't exchange and return..so this product is totally useless for me and my money also waste on this product.. I am simple person who respect money.. They stole my money on non returnable policy.. I want my money back as soon as possible.
Also i check exchange policy they can exchange but they can't.. I don't want this product anymore.. And i want my money back.


Jan 5, 2019

Product not deliverd but status shows delievred in myntra app

Order No: 1097524-7899391-4441601
Product :
Women Yellow & Grey Yoke Design Straight Kurta
Size: M | Qty: 1
Delivered (Jan 04, 2019)
Coupon Discount:(-)13.04
Item Discount:(-)910.00
Bank CashBack:(-)9.04
Credit Card:385.70

Please help me Out... I dont received product but status of product shows in myntra delivered..
Contact me : 8469802456
Oct 26, 2018

No Return as pickup boy lost the product he picked

I bought a product “HRX Women shoes “cost 1229 RS. From Myntra which was delivered to me on 17th October, due to the quality issue I return that product which was picked by pickup guy on 19th October, Friday. But the pickup guy lost the product and now he is denying that. I complain about on Myntra customer service and they are making me wait from 7 days by saying that please wait for 3 business day. In between, they closed my complaint without taking any action, which I requested to reopen. My complaint reference no is ############. Careless and bad customer service. How can you close any complaint without taking any action?
Oct 5, 2018

Received broken cups

I have received broken cups, i want to raise return request but can not. It is asking me to confirm delivery. When I try to do it, if says wrong bar code.

Received broken cups Received broken cups

Sep 11, 2018

Missuse of indusbank creditcard

Plz note somebody misuse my indusland credit card on 8th September 2018 as below
NET- ############-Rs .4573.57
So plz cancel order and refund same to my account

Jul 10, 2018

Refund Not Credited

This is regarding my purchase at Myntra Shopping App.
I have returned the product but its amount is not refunded.
As per previous communication with myntra, According to Myntra, payment has been initiated by them, but amount has not been credited to my Account

Amount- Rs. - 250.95 - Bank reference number is - 75105178175001186074123
Amount- Rs. - 250.95- Bank reference number is - 75105178175001186003155
Amount- Rs. - 276.14 - Bank reference number is - 75105178175001186515703

My Total order amount was : 7221.83 (order id : 1081194-8407808-9895003)
i returned 3 products and accepted 2 products in this order.

Please help to check this . i have been sick of doing followup with myntra.
i just want my money back.

Hope to resolve it soon.



Refund Not Credited

Jul 9, 2018

package delivered without product inside

Dear Paharedaar Team,

I would like to bring my issue with online shopping company "Myntra" into your attention and seek your help in this matter.
on 22nd June, I ordered "Bink Go" fitness wearable band (order number 1081539-6939082-7152701) and paid the money in advance. on 2nd of July, I received a package containing product box. in evening when I opened the box, I find out that the actual product was missing. I immediately contacted Myntra customer care to let them know this issue, they asked me to wait for next morning so that product becomes delivered status in their system. I called up next morning and spoke to Myntra Customer support person, this person took my complain (Incident: ############) and assured me that they will help me out with this and find out what happened. they asked me to wait 2 more days to be able to investigate and fix the issue.
on 4th July 2018, Myntra sent a mail saying that they have checked and found that the product was delivered from there side and they cant do anything.
Now I dont have the product as well as Myntra denied to return my money as well.
I am seeking a help here to able tell Myntra that I trusted them and ordered many products but at the end they left me with huge disappointment and I need my money back.

Vimal Sharma
Suyash Gupta
May 21, 2018

Exchange request giving error

I ordered Roadster Jeans of size 32,which is of larger size.I am trying to place exchange requests from so long.
This is not expected from Myntra people.
Want to Exchange my jeans with a size that is 30.
Order No. 1078626-0814623-4706601
Apr 14, 2018


Delivered item to the wrong address; AND STATES IT DELIVERED

Why is there no method of cross checking whether the receiver is the same as mentioned in the address; How can some firm which is as huge MYNTRA mess up an address that is CLEARLY MENTIONED.

ORDER NO: 1074992-1463871-1885303
COMPLAINT NUMBER :############
Shivangini Paul
Mar 12, 2018

Parcel Not Delivered and shows delivered on account

############reference number for myntra
My parcel was shown as delivered but it has not. I called the CSR and they kept togling me around on call. I even asked them to check with ths delivery guy they said we dont do that. Their service is rubbish i feel
Its a fruad company as they say something and do something else. I still have not received my item and everytime i call the CS departement asking for refund or my product they say the product has been delivered! If the delivery guy delivered to the wrong address who’s mistake is it ? We pay so much for our things and yet this company is taking things so lighlty. The CSR for myntra are very unproffesional and rude when they are talking to us. And still no resolution has been made as where my product is.
Swwapnil Patil
Jan 5, 2018


Order No: 1065760-3005951-5814803 Placed On: 22 Dec 2017
Products Ordered.
i. Puma(Men Flip-Flops) Rs. 247.44
ii. HRX (Men Black Solid Joggers) Rs.1455.44 Total Amount = Rs 1702.88

Wrong Product Received = NIKE SHOE(NIKESPSH00120142)

Reached immediately to Myntra Customer Care

CALLMEBACK [Incident: ############] Response By E-mail- Mohammad Firoj

Created a Return Request for Order No: 1065760-3005951-5814803

Returned On: 24 Dec 2017 But,
i. Refund initiated for Only Puma(Flip-Flops) Rs. 247.44

CALLMEBACK [Incident: ############] Response By E-mail- Mussadir Pasha

Associate promised to process the refund for 2nd Product.

Dated On: 25 Dec 2017, No Response
Dated On: 26 Dec 2017, No Response
Dated On: 27 Dec 2017, No Response
Dated On: 28 Dec 2017, Return Request Declined due to No Physical Pickup

Dated On: 29 Dec 2017, Another Self Return Request assigned to Product Pickup

Dated On: 30 Dec 2017, No Response
Dated On: 31 Dec 2017, No Response
Dated On: 01 Jan 2018, No Response
Dated On: 02 Jan 2018, Return Request Declined due to No Physical Pickup

CALLMEBACK Response By Call- Ajaz Khan No Help Provided.

CALLMEBACK Response By Call- Ajmat
issued a Reference No # ############
Promised to process a refund on PhonePay wallet ASAP

CALLMEBACK Response By Call- Yasin Sherrif
Reference No # ############
Registed a complaint
Created another self return request for 2nd Product "HRX by Hrithik Roshan Men Black Solid Joggers"
Promised to process the refund in 3 days

Now for the fifth time, again the Return request is declined.

No Refund is Processed By Myntra Support Team!


Vicky Neware
Nov 29, 2017

Exchange or return option not available

Exchange or Return request not available -- Order No: 1063559-5665567-7742503
Item No: 1676123

I ordered for a SoundPEATS Red & Black Q12 Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless In-Ear Earphones with Mic. When I received the Headphone, it is not in working condition. Myntra dont have option for return or exchange. I mailed to myntra about that but didnt get response from them.
Jul 20, 2017

Return request cancelled

I have put return request of one white sneaker and it got cancelled from your side, even when product is properly tagged.
My return number is: 202788009

Myntra has rejected my return request , saying the product is used.
Can you tell me how we can use the product, with tag in front of shoes.
Courier Boy (Mr Sharman Singh) is giving reason that sole is having dust.
I think so everybody try footwear on floors .

And if this your myntra policy, my suggestion is that ,please specify that you have to try footwear on your beds and not on floors.

Even in footwear shops, everbody go and try shoes by walking some few steps. According to you if somebody is purchasing from stores, they are buying used products.

I think so, this is totally a big nuisance, and way of making money by selling products forcefully to customer.
Vinu Sonawane
Jul 8, 2017

Wrong Size Delevery

Bc Galat number ka size bhej diya hai 2 baar.. chutiya Myntra... Band karr do bc... yz Myntra 😠😠😠😠
Nita redekar
Jul 7, 2017

About analogue clock

I received the order of analogue clock but I found it in damaged situation when opened it....so It's needed to be exchanged and deliver another clock in well condition

About analogue clock

May 10, 2017

Wrong product delivered | No Exchange | No refund

Myntra..... Delivered wrong product and No option to exchange nor refund. Thier mistake but we need to suffer for it. We need to submit the product to some near by warehouse or courier that product to Myntra and then they will provide the refund. All Bullshit procedures and they want us to follow these, even if it is their mistake...
yadav khushboo
Apr 7, 2017



Myntra has not refunded my money . ID: 1041453-7769095-5895103.
Mar 30, 2017

Refund of the Returned amount

Hi Team,

I have purchased one product from Myntra and product was not good So, I returned that product and they told me that will refund my amount with in 7 working days and its been one month and they are just sending me emails that i will get but i am not getting my amount back

Refund of the Returned amount

Jan 19, 2017

Return Request

Order No. 1035251-0015617-9055403
I Ordered a shoes on 2nd Jan 2017.
Got It Delivered on 6th Jan. Then on 7th Jan, I created return request of shoes which is still processing since 15 days. Please resolve this problem ASAP.

Return Request

Jan 18, 2017

Return Request

Order No. 1035251-0015617-9055403
I Ordered a puma slip on sheos from. Myntra on 2nd Jan. I have created a Return Request on 7 January 2017.
Myntra still processing it since 10 days now. Please resolve this problem as soon as possible.
Dec 27, 2016

Refurbished/ first copy clarks shoe by Myntra

I had ordered Clarks Mens Navy Leather sneakers (91203575797-NAVY-257337) which was offered by Shreyash Retail Private Limited New Delhi.
I had used the product for around 4-5 hours and the pasting in the front of shoe in right leg is getting out. I had asked for return but Myntra representative denied to take it back as it is used. After through examination of the product it seems it is firstcopy or refurbished shoe. The packaging/ supporting material inside shoe is different for two different pair of shoe. Kindly arrange for return else suggest alternative what can be done else i have take the matter legally with consumer court.

Refurbished/ first copy clarks shoe by Myntra

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