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Consumer complaints and reviews about MYNTRA

Jan 14, 2022

Convenience charges charged without customer knowledge and account debited

Very recently I ordered 3 products from Myntra and on the invoice when I am making the payment the convenience charges do not get reflected but the account got debited. I crossed checked the same and when the payment was made to them then it shows the convenience charge which was 150/-. This is highly unappropriated.

When you mention that you provide free delivery across the nation, stick to the same and if there is any communication then the client needs to know the same. In my case none was made and now i have to bear the same as they simply refuse to even make one time refund of the same.

this is so unethical of them and now where I was their most loyal customer is now one who is closing my account for good with them.

If they would have just once also as a matter of respect gesture refunded this, they would have not lost me and others associated with me.

At least keep your clients informed. Also before mentioning something to them in a negative way, check their account thoroughly.

Stop presuming things with half knowledge and information.

I again request to refund that amount else the other feedbacks also say a lot about you.

What about the when I made the product after 3-4 months? Did I create this havoc? Wasn't I waiting patiently? You had all my money and there was no trace of my order .....

S Nihal Sharma
Dec 12, 2021

Wrong product delivered my Myntra and denying replacement.

Hi, I have received wrong product from Myntra, I had ordered Jockey Trunks but received ladies sweater..I requested for replacement but they are dening the request saying that product was delivered in sealed condition and was quality checked. I have been reopening issue, they simply closing this again and again.
Singh tanvi
Dec 2, 2021

Didn't got price tag

I ordered a orchid blue sweatshirt...n want to return but didn't got the price tag n I'm unable to return it..
Aug 18, 2021

Received an Empty package

I ordered a neckline that costed me around 500rs and i received and empty box for it. I prepaid for the order and when i contacted the customer care. They replied with we can not do anything about this situation and we checked our cctv footage and there is no fault on our end. I am an ICON on myntra insider and i have never placed a fake or any issue. And this one time when something genuinely happened they won’t even believe. I guess i should have made a video of opening the package and finding out that it was empty too. Highly disappointed in myntra.
Nidhu Nidhu
Jul 6, 2021


I had three return item. I had placed the return request last night. Today the man who always deliver the product came and said that u have three items for return. I said yes. And as i know him and he always come to deliver from myntra i didn't saked much and handed over the product. The product was picked up but still the status not got updated. Pls help me with this.
Feb 19, 2021

Refund not received

Hi My name is Divashree. It's regarding the false claim Myntra is doing for rejecting the return of the product which is priced 3500. The return period of the product given my Myntra was 15 days and I returned it within that. But they rejected it saying quality check failed. I have raised numerous complaints and sharing all the photos , by requesting that they are mistaken and dress is completely in a correct condition in the state it was received. But they are not ready to give any resolution. Could you please help me in resolution? They are really playing fraud here bz I have requested them numerous times that please take the product back ,it's completely new and also it's the big amount which is involved.i have already kept the S size, the another size of same dress would be of no use for me.

Refund not received

Feb 19, 2021

Refund not received

I ordered two sizes of the dress from Myntra. And based on the fitting kept one size and returned the other one. Return period of the item was 15 days. And I returned the product within the given return period. But they rejected the return saying quality check failed. Though the product was in an exact condition with all the tags placed. Have raised multiple complaints but no resolution. They are giving all false reasons saying that it's not our issue and we could not do any thing from our side. The product is of 3500 rupees. They are really not ready to refund the amount. Could you please help us? They are really playing with our money.

Refund not received

Mar 17, 2020

refund did not get credited to my bank account after returning the product

I have returned 3 product (Order no : 1134801-1723003-2781101) on 6 March 2020 worth Rs.4, 109 but this refund amount has not been credited to my account. Customer care people told to wait till 16 March before which the amount would get credited; but that didn't happen. Now they are telling to wait for another 10 days. How long I should wait? It is already been 15 days since the products were returned and still no amount has been credited to my account. Worst refund service experience from Myntra. I would suggest not to purchase products from Myntra. Looks like these bullshit people won't refund my money back.
Feb 4, 2020

Fake/ low quality product/no response from service

Bought Levi's shoes from myntra and found to be defective after wearing for a month. Returned and got the refund for the same as they had no other options. They assured that it was a mistake, so ordered the same shoes again and unfortunately the shoes had the same problem. It's reads made in china, don't know if it made there but quality is worst. Complained to myntra, same routine they asked me to send photos n did so rightly. No response from anyone since a week. I'm keeping that shoe and looking at it without using. Worst service and product provided by myntra in the name of brand.
Binsha Sunny
Jan 27, 2020

Received Empty Package

I Received an empty package for my order with order id:1131166-1808020-3157401 delivered on 19th of JAN 2020.
I contacted myntra customer care several times and after continuous follow ups they have declined my complaint.
It was a product worth 2700 and now i am left with no product and money.
Jan 1, 2020

Refund for the return

I ordered one black roadster shirt from myntra which was of poor quality hence made a return request. On the day of return the delivery boy cancelled the return pickup without any concent. Next day in the morning reshedule happened, he called once and cut the phone and i received the message return failed. I called him immediately he said I am waiting outside bring your product, I gave it to him and told why i received this message. He told I will update it dont worry.
It has been days since I lodge a complain regarding this now today I got a mail from myntra that your refund has been cancelled beacuse you have not returned the product. I am having the call details for the same day. Customer care does not care about the incident, he is just saying we cant do anything. This is kind of a fraud that happened, and the man who did it knows because in our area only one man is responsible for the returns.
Aug 20, 2019

Retrun order placed but no initiation from myntra

hi ,
i placed a return for ORDER NO: 1116466-3811377-7346103 as both item i received is damaged and neck piece is broken . Also for ORDER NO: 1116089-8215757-7666101 one product Mirchi Gold-Toned Printed Raw Silk Stitched Blouse as size does not fit at all. But i am not getting the response from the team .I called several times but no help for customer service, I am asked to courier it but I am pregnant and due to medical emergency I am not able to go out . so i requested team to send someone to collect . If you can provide service to my location to deliver the damaged product why you can not return it ? this is very difficult for me and I did not know myntra provided this kind of service . please help before I go to other forum
Aug 13, 2019

Order Requested for Return put on hold without any reason

Hi ,

I ordered a item from Myntra and the request for return was placed for the next day itself after the delivery.

The item came with the tag but the mrp tag was not with the item , instead the MRP tag was on the polythene in which the item was wrapped.

The person who came for pickup for return request said directly that ma'm you will not get the refund for the ITEM.I said him that the MRP TAG is placed as sticker on the polythene in which the item is wrapped.

Let me copy the exact sentence from as written in Myntra Policy :-

The clause is clearly mentioned in the Myntra Pick Up Policy.

B. Prepare item for pickup
Step 1: Place the item in an unsealed packet.
Step 2(a): Ensure the item is unused, unwashed and has all original tags intact including the MRP tag.
Step 2(b): If the MRP tag is not attached to the item then you may find it as a sticker on the transparent polythene cover in which your item was wrapped.

The item which i requested for return is having MRP tag but it is like a sticker on the transparent polythene.And I understand the return request should not be placed on hold as the MRP tag policy matched with the item i have returned.

This is really embarrassing when myntra people don't understand the policy they have in their company.

Myntra called me on the next day to confirm ma'am if the return request was being picked or not.

One day a person picks the return request and the request has been put on hold also , I dropped the mail regarding as why it was on hold without any reason and imagin the next day you get call for clarification if the item was picked.

This is how things work that there is no update in the system.

And unnecessary , they trouble you with details needed when i provided them with the photo for MRP TAG as sticker.


Order Requested for Return put on hold without any reason

Swechha Ravaloori
Jul 17, 2019

Forgot Login credentials


I want to return the products i have bought from myntra. But i forgot my login credentials (both username and password). Please help me put in getting my username and password as soon as possible.
Thank you.
Jul 15, 2019

Refund not processed

I ordered five different products for which I made payment through my card of Rs 4466.Even after 20 days of pick up .my account has not been credited.Even though u contacted my bank regarding this,that said the payment made By Myntra has not been successfully done.Bt Myntra refused to accept this. & even not ready to help me out in this.I will not recommend this site to anyone.They are even not helpful & cooperative.The just let the customer suffer.
Paya 2019
Jul 15, 2019

ORDER NO: 1111495-8945075-5552503

I have ordered one sunglass June 1st week and received a damaged product with price tag (which I see open the box only). The return they accept on 26th June only after many calls and mails. I received confirmation on 27th June ref. the product received and refund on process. All most 20 days gone Myntra team not answering calls and mails ref. the refund and myntra account showing refund on process.
Myntra team refuses customer calls because of they given damaged products to customers even delivery boy says " DON'T ORDER ANY ITEMS FROM MYTRA, GETTING MANY COMPLAINTS".
Jul 13, 2019

Package delivered component missing

Package delivered missing product
Jul 12, 2019

Wrong Item Delivered, No Return

I have been using Myntra for the past 5 years and never faced any problems with my order. But last month I ordered a necklace, but when it was delivered, there was a hair cream inside instead! Surprisingly, the transparent package it came in, had the sticker with the necklace details and bard code. I placed a request for exchange but the delivery guy refused to collect it since the item did not match the picture of the order he had with him (of course!) I had ordered this item during the Myntra EOR Sale and now regret it. For some unimaginable reason, Myntra does not have email support and when I tried their phone lines, I could never get through to anyone in the last 7 days!!!
If there is anyone reading this from Myntra who can help me, please get in touch. Order no.: 1113866-1117503-2732301.
[email protected]
Mar 22, 2019

Refund not made for cancelled order by marking it as delivered

I have ordered a top, shoes and bag from Myntra. But as i gave a wrong delivery address, i denied acceptance of the order of top and bag on phone and cancelled the order of shoes from app as it was no in transit. But still delivery agent again tried the delivery. I called the customer care that i donot need the product and they told not to accept.I did not accept but delivery agent marked it delivered and now company is not making the refund as they are saying i have to come earlier but their own customer executive told me to wait for 10 days for refund. I have already told customer executive as well as delivery agent that i want to cancel but still rather than marking delivery agent's fault who marked the order delivered despite of rejection, they are blaming me and stealing my money.Please help to recover my money from this company.
Jan 6, 2019

Order cancelled without any notice

I have ordered from Myntra on 23rd December and for 5 days I got a message like your item will be delivered today and in the evening was getting message like
Hi, Sorry. We're currently facing issues at our end in delivering your Bag of Joy with 1 ether Tshirts. We're coming soon!
And after that my order got cancelled without any notice. And one more item ordered on the same day is delayed for one week and it seems same thing will happen with this also.
This is really not appreciable by Myntra.
Nov 27, 2018

amount not refunded

i ordered a us polo assn. shirt from myntra on 12th nov 2018 of amount 2127.20rs with order no 1093923-0314060-3998203 and paid through phonepe saved debit card. due to the quality issue i had to return the shirt and it was picked up myntra on 17th nov 2018. but i didnt recieve the refund amount. i called myntra and phonepe and they told they have refunded the amount and its the bank that is reflecting the amount in my account and also i should call the bank and regster a complain against the reference id 75105178322001460063042 and transaction id P1811172139058127969025. i dont care its the bank or myntra but i want money back at any cost, handle the bank on your own and give me my money back.
please resolve my matter as soon as possible
Nov 5, 2018

Return of product, refund of amount, product not delivered though exceed the delivery date

I purchased two products in one order.

1. One product got delivered on time. But bcoz of bigger size I just requested to return it. But the picking date is already over. There is no communication from the company side. I am waiting to pick up the product and return my money to the given a/c no.

2. Second product not yet delivered though it's more than 3/4 day of the mentioned delivery date. And there is no further communication from myntra.

I have a very bad experience of purchasing products from myntra. I ll never do shopping anymore from myntra.

Guys plz I want a favourable communication from you.

Thanks for the experience I just gained from myntra....
Arjun y v
Sep 20, 2018

Defected piece

I hv got Asics shoes from myntra and it’s not even 2 months already the shoes stitching is coming out and when I launched a complaint it was declined because it’s not an manufacturing defect and when I asked about the 3 months warranty they specified that it’s only for any damage in sole, which was not mentioned when I was buying that product if this is how myntra helped it should change its tag line make u look good to make u feel worse...it adds no value to customer u order number: 1081882-1577480-8170701

Defected piece Defected piece

Siddharth Soni
Aug 22, 2018

Not refunding amount

I have ordered a grey shirt and a clutch together..
But myntra didnot deliver my clutch and shirt also wring product is being received
When i registered a complaint they said it was properly delivered
It has too much mental harrasment
Kindly help
Attaching both images of what i ordered and what was delivered

Not refunding amount Not refunding amount

Aug 6, 2018

Fake puma product delivered

I just bought a puma black jacket from Myntra. The puma logo in the catalogue is white, whereas the product delivered to me has a black puma logo on a black jacket. This is a serious issue as u are either delivering fake products or deceiving the customers with wrong images.
Kindly address this concern asap.

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