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Nashik NMC


Consumer complaints and reviews about Nashik NMC

Jan 14, 2019

Non-receipt of Study Material(Books)

I ie Rahul Gangwani am a student of YCMOU's course MA(English)(M-43),Sem 3.My PRN is ################. I paid the fees for Sem 3,3-4 months back however still I haven't received the books which are supposed to be provided immediately.Another important failure of University's service is that my Semester 3 Exams got over on 10th January 2019 and I had to manage without the books.Kindly take action and let the University's concerned officers know their carelessness thus spoiling the reputation of the University.
Rajesh Pagare
Dec 21, 2018

Drinking Water pipe line leack

Dear sir/madam

Applicant :- Rajesh Madhav Pagare

Respected sir/madam
My house front side a lot of drinking water is weasting, So pl repair the drinking pipe line

Address:- Pagare mala, Near nmc garden, Upnagar, Nashik- 6

Thank You
Rajesh Pagare
rameshwar suryawanshi
Dec 4, 2018


Dear Sir,

Please on the Street Light below Address

Bajrangwadi Near Nasardi Bridge Nashik Pune Road Behind Ganesh Kirana Store Nashik-422011


Rameshwar Suryawanshi
Nov 26, 2018

Removal of dead animal


In my area the street dog has died it has been two days now need to remove that as it has started decaying and foul smelling.

Kindly look into this issue.
Opp Parkside residency
Opp old water tank
Madhuban colony
Nov 16, 2018

Want animal rescue centre in nashik

Many of dogs dies because of not getting help on time. I my area car hitted dog he was not able to walk aslo i called nashik animal government hospital they ignore my call the dog died cause of not getting help sir i request you for animal rescue centre!
Nov 16, 2018

Want animal rescue centre in nashik

Many of animals dying on road cause of accidents we should have help them i called animal civil hospital they ignore our calls plz sir i request you for animal rescue centre!

Indira nagar, nashik -422009
Nov 8, 2018

NMC main Drainage system leakage

Drainage line leakage
Wind space Appartment.
Bhujbal farm
Near muktangan dhyan mandir.
Kashiko nagar.
Opp Govindnagar.

Heavy leakage since last 2 month
Creating unhygenic conditions within our premises.

Need it urgent support to resolve this problem as early as possible.

Prashant Dadasaheb Ghangale
Flat no 2.
keshav s kharje
Nov 3, 2018

About Street light

About Street light


The street light in our area is not working properly from last 2 weeks. So there's darkness on the street and people are very troubled by this. So I kindly request you to take our Complaint in concern.

Address : M & M County, Badade Nagar, Old Cidco, Nashik - 422009

Thank you
Oct 31, 2018


Dear sir dry waste van not come to our premises Symbiosis collage plot no. A23, shravan sector, cidco. in last one month.
Kindly request to solve the problem
Oct 19, 2018

About Street light and empty plot inconvenience

The street light in our area is not working properly from days. So there's darkness on the street and people are very troubled by this. And also there is empty plot on back side of our row house which is totally filled with bushes and wild plants due to which mosquitos are being big problem and it is causing dengue fever people living in the area. So I kindly request you to take our Complaint in concern.
Thank you
Oct 12, 2018

About Ghantagadi

Dear Sir,

The Ghantagadi is not coming in Satpur MIDC Plot no. C-16 area.Pls sent Vehicle on daily basis as mentiones address.

M/s S.k.Sarda,
C/o Yogi Ayurvedic.
plot no.C-16,NICE MIDC,
Kakad news
Oct 8, 2018

Atikraman kadhnybabt

Respected sir
Meri Dindori road nashik
Sir meri Dindori road sbi sejari jus chi hat gadi lagat asun ty mule gadi parking la adthala nirman hoto jus Hatgadi
mule sbi banket yenare costumers gadya rastyvar lavtat tya mule tropic hote shivay ty thikani vadache mothe zad pan ahe sarv gadya hy road varti yetat
Tari apan achi kaym sorupi atikraman kadhave hi vinti
Lavkar to hat gadi kadhavi ty jus vadache saman pan futpat var aste tya mule jatana sudha tras hoto
Krupa karun ti hat gadi thithun kaym sorupi kadhavi hi vinti
Oct 2, 2018

About Ghanta gadi

Dear Sir,

Plz Sent the ghantagadi on regular basis in our factory. from last 10 days, the ghantagadi did not come into our area which is in Satpur MIDC. ( detail address as below )

Address: Yogi Ayurvedic,
C-16, Nice MIDC,Satpur
Nashik - 422007.
Contact No.-0253-2306402.
Sep 26, 2018

Drainage is Block condition

Our Drainage is Block condition, Near Patil's House
Respected sir,


Panchwati, Nashik


Subject of Complaint : Our Drainage is Blocked condition

In our area Drainage is Blocked condition , Water is flowing in reverse direction , from drainage to our safety tank. Please do needful.

Thanking You
Kailas Kedare
Ramesh Vitthal Khanapure
Sep 25, 2018

Our Drainage is Block condition

Respected sir,

Applicant name : Khanapure Ramesh Vitthal
Asht vinayak Nagar,
Behind Gopla Nagar
Trikoni Bangla Road
Panchwati, Nashik

Subject of Complaint : Our Drainage is Blocked condition

In our area Drainage is Blocked ondition , Water is flowing in reverse direction , from drainage to our safety tank. Please do needful.

Thank you
Ramesh Khanapure
Ramesh Vitthal Khanapure
Sep 25, 2018

Our Drainage is Block condition

dranage block cleaning
Respected sir,

Applicant name : Ramesh vitthal Khanapure
"Vilas" , Ashta vinayak nagar, Behind Gopal Nagar
Amrit dham, Trikoni bangla road, Panchwati, Nashik
mob : 9689908085

Subject of Complaint : Our Drainage is Block condition .

In our area Drainage is Blocked condition , Drainage water has got reverse flow and flowing toward our safety tank, please do needful.

Thank you
Ramesh Khanapure.
Shailesh Adhangale
Sep 22, 2018

Road varti speed breaker havet

Indira nagar kala nagar ithun vadala gava kade jatana rastya var divider chya ithe speed breaker pahijet karn thete rojch accident hotat
Sep 12, 2018

Not providing complition certificate

Hounarable Mr.Munde,
I am NRI purchased 2 flats from a builders,the flats were registered without granting complition certificate, since last 2 years I am requesting the builders for the same but they do not care about it. I live in Germany and visit Nasik Pathardi Phata flat only few weeks in a year. I want to pay my property tax but I cannot do it due to not getting tax receipt. Moreover, Last year I saw school childerns planting trees in front of the road but when I went their this year most of the plant were dead.Therefore, I suggest that each plant should be taken care by each school boys & girls. The builders and the shop keepers should take care of those plant in front of their building.they should held responsible and serve them a notice. I am 76 years old retired person and I had a bungalow in Pathardi Phata but I sold it due to my old age. In that bungalow I planted 40 trees but most of the trees were choped off by the builders and sold that bungalow to a collector from Pune. I felt very bad because a collector who do not bother about envernament.Kindly let me know when I am suppose to get complition certificate from thr builders?
Thanking you.
The Civilian
Sep 12, 2018

About wastage of Watee

Hello Sir,
I am residing at Prajakta Apt, Patil Lane 3, College Road, Nashik. My complain is, in my building there is an office of "Ichhamani Caterers" and its servants are also living in same society. They have water tanks to store water from NMC.
Everyday after filling their water tanks at least for 1 hour water gets overflow and goes into drainage system. It has been happening since last 2-3 years. I also informed them to make something better system to store water or to stop from going water into drainage system but no initiative taken from them. It seems very casual approach towards water scarcity
Now, because of Mr. Mundhe we, civilians can raise our voice and try to curb these kind of careless things. We request you to please do something or at least give warning to the personnel of Ichhamani Caterers.
Ganesh Suresh ahirrao
Sep 10, 2018

धुर फवारणी गाडी न येण्याबाबत

नमस्ते सर. वरील विषयाला अनुसरून अर्ज सादर करतो की माझा गलीत धुर फवारणी गाडी ये नाही पूर्ण गलीत. सर्दी खोकला ताप पेशंट झाले आहे तरी धुर फवारणी गाडी येवी ही नम्र विनती .......... पत्ता. एन 41.अफ2/8/4 साईबाबा नगर सिडको नाशिक
Aug 8, 2018

पावसाळी गटार लाईन मध्ये दुर्गंधी परसली आहे

पावसाळी गटार लाईन मध्ये दुर्गंधी परसली आहे तरी मी महानगरपालिकेला भरपूर वेळेस सांगून सुद्धा त्यांनी गटारी कडे लक्ष दिले नाही तरी माझी मा. तुकाराम मुंडे साहेबांना विनंती आहे कि त्यांनी महानगर पालिकेच्या कर्मचारी यांना सांगून गटार दुर्गंधी हि व्यवस्थित करावी हि नम्र विनंती
पत्ता :- लक्ष्मी नगर, बाफना बाजार शेजारी, अमृतधाम पंचवटी नाशिक
pramod nagarkar
Aug 4, 2018

dranage block cleaning

Respected sir,

Applicant name : Pramod U Nagarkar

Subject of Complaint : Our Drainage is Block condition

In our area Drainage is Bloking condition we wan't to Cleaning.. our Familys have create some medical problems Then more of issues....plz sent your workers,,,,
ADD : Room no187/188 Hanumant nagar-02, Lokhnade Mala old sayakheda road Nashikroad jail road. Contact No: 9890266220

Thank you
Nagarkar pramod
Sandip Jagannath Karle
Jul 30, 2018

रस्त्याच्या दुर्गंधी

नमस्कार सर,
मी संदीप जगन्नाथ कारले, रा. वालदेवी नगर, मालधक्का रोड, जुना चेहेडी रोड, आदर्श विद्यामंदिर शाळेसमोर, नाशिक रोड, नाशिक ४२२१०१.
आपणास विनंती करतो कि, गेल्या कित्येक वर्षापासून आमच्या कॉलोनीच्या रस्त्यामध्ये दरवर्षी पावसाचे पाणी साचत असते. प्रत्येक वर्षी मा. नगरसेवक यांना त्याबद्दल कल्पना देऊन विनंती करत असतो कि कृपया आमल्या सार्वजनिक रस्त्याचे काम आपण अतिशय चांगले केले आहे मात्र गेल्या ६-७ वर्षापासून गटार ब्लोक झाल्याने पावसाळ्यातील सांडपाणी हे त्या गटारात न जाता रस्त्यावरच साचते. यामुळे परिसरात दुर्गंधी पसरत आहे. रोगराईला तोंड द्यावे लागत आहे. आज आमच्या परिसरात शाळा आहे. लहान विद्यार्थी नागरिक यांच्यात आजाराचे प्रमाण वाढत आहे...
आपणास नम्र विनंती कि या बाबीकडे महानगर पालिकेचे लक्ष असावे , जेणेकरून आपले Smart City चे स्वप्न अवतरण्यात नक्कीच मदत होईल.

आपला सुजाण व कर्तव्यदक्ष नागरिक...
Jul 29, 2018

Rotten Leaves Removal

I am at 12/1 Hotel Makaloo Campus, savarkar nagar ,gangapur rd, Nashik 422013. A recent removal of shed has collected huge amounts of dead leaves, branches etc in the campus. We have collected them in bags ready for disposal. I hereby request you to collect this from the address. For any questions please contact me at 9822611188.
Please do the needful,
Meena Kohok
Nirmala sadalgekar
Jul 20, 2018

Road side wastes

wastes of road side tree cuttings ......

Cuttings of big trees of road side are not removed from last month.

All branches and leaves are rotten now and hence we are suffering from lot of mosquitoes.

Pl do the needful.

Gurukrupa society. Near Vandana park
Parabnagar Indiranagar Nasik.

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