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Nexa maruti baleno zeta petrol


Consumer complaints and reviews about Nexa maruti baleno zeta petrol

Feb 17, 2020

Was tortured, harassed and sold a defective car

Hello , 6th july 2018 was the day on which I got my car delivery, and this was our families 1st own car and so emotions you know are attached a lot, but I was cheated and fraud was done with me and the every statement they said before giving delivery came to be false after that ,as I was told so many lies , and I was so much tortured ,harassed by them and all family members got frustrated too by such a behaviour and all the fake statements given by a BIG BRAND LIKE NEXA...

So I am going to tell you the statements and words given by nexa salesman post delivery,pre delivery and after delivery....

When I made a decision to buy baleno zeta petrol I first approached the Helpline number and after having a detailed conversation with them I was told that right now waiting period is going on so if you wish to purchase baleno then it will be delivered to you in a period of 6 months as we already have pre bookings and as you haven't paid the booking amount yet ,so as soon as you pay so from that date till 6 months you will get in between, and after that I was told to visit the nexa showroom sriganganagar and one salesman of nexa will assist me further and after that I got a call from nexa sriganganagar and I visited there and I got a quotation for baleno zeta petrol granite grey ,and at that time they told me that as pre bookings have been going on so you will have to wait for maximum 6 months time and in between this time period you will be delivered your car,so after that I told that salesman that sir is it necessary to have insurance and Rto from the showroom only and I told the salesman that I will pay you the amount other than RTO and insurance amount as I have my brother in both the fields and so I have a family bond with them so you just give me a quotation leaving RTO and insurance amount, at that time the salesman was very polite with me and he agreed for the same ,saying that it's your own right and we will not pressurise you for this, so after one day I got a call from the salesman that on which date you want delivery of your car ,I told him that once I pay the booking amount then I will tell you the exact date ,so after a day I paid the booking amount and in the same evening I got a call from nexa that sir this is to inform you that you can get the car in this month only and at that time I was a lil confused as how come they are giving this much early as the pre bookings that have happened before has yet not got the car , so I was shocked too,so the next morning I visited the nexa showroom with my family member and then salesman met us and told us that you prepare the documents as the car will be delivered to you in this month only , And as it was our families 1st car I was a lot excited too and got into salesman buttering and all and I was in a trap of salesman , so at that time we again had a talk with salesman that as I am taking a loan for some amount and rest I will pay in cash ,so it was decided that payment should be transferred through neft or rtgs, and again we had a detailed conversation about RTO and insurance amount so the salesman agreed with me for the same ,so I was told that by 6th of july the car will be delivered to me and so I should do all the work , and after a day I got a call from salesman that Insurance and Rto will be done through us only ,so you make the whole amount together and I was so annoyed of this and I had an argument with him but he as a trained salesman he insisted me saying there will be so many problems and nexa is a big brand and Customer satisfaction is guaranteed,but I was so much confused and was a lot annoyed of all this , As why the salesman is insisting me for this, but by salesman talks I was into his trap.so after a lot confusion I visited the nexa showroom the very next day and I told him that I wanna see the car physically that I will be delivered and at that time the salesman told me sir the car is on the way as its is coming in a lorry,so as soon the truck lorry reaches here I will show you the car physically, and the next afternoon I got a call from salesman that sir please come to showroom, so I with my relative visited the showroom and after that the salesman,me and my relative went to their stockyard near by the maruti workshop and it was at a distance of maximum 2kms , and we were shown some random car of the same colour only and was told that this is the car ,but they didn't show us from inside and I questioned them for this ,the salesman said I forgot to bring the keys with me , I was confused but as he was sorry for the inconvenience, we didn't had any after thoughts at that time , but I told him that it's so full of dust and how can it happen when it has been brought in a truck lorry and when they are covered from all sides but the salesman gave me lame excuses that it happens with most of the cars so it's not an issue and we will show you the car after getting it cleaned,and I was confused at this point, so I told him that I will tell you in a day about taking delivery as I want to discuss about it with someone but he told me that sir we have made the deal final and on 6th july 2018 we will deliver you your car ,so he again took us to showroom and forced for the deal , at that time as all of us were excited for a new car I just ignored on a statement from the salesman that if there will be any problem then you only will be liable so make assure ,and he promised us ,so on 6th of july 2018 I had to take delivery and me and my family members went to the showroom and we sat there for around an hour and we were not shown the car till that time and then we made a call to the salesman that we wish to see it before delivery and he started making excuses that give some time more ,but we got annoyed and we on our own after waiting for some more time again we went to the area where car was being cleaned and 2 or 3 workers were cleaning it ,so me and my relative started checking the car and we straight away opened the dickey and what we saw there was a bag with some tools inside it was already torn and it didn't looked new ,so I straight away ask about it from the person present there and he in reply told me that for this you will have to talk with salesman, we felt really annoyed and then we reached for the front side what we saw was really so scary as front bumper had so many scratches and deep Marks on it and I and my relative felt so bad as they were trying to polish it using wax and many more things and then we told that guy to stop doing it and we called the salesman and he came and told us just give us some time as we are cleaning the car and as it will be ready you can check it,my relative was so annoyed of his behavior and we had an argument with him for this but he than made a call n 3 more workers arrived and started cleaning that part any how, but me and my relative told the salesman very frankly that I am not going to take delivery of this car, as why should I compromise when it's not new okay and we are paying for the new car and not for 2nd hand used car, he than took us to the sitting area and started some story to convince us but I didn't agreed for the same and then he told me that you will have to take fastag so do some necessary documentation for it as it takes time ,and he told us that we are giving it for rs 600 and you will get rs 500 balance in your paytm account, and as we didn't had any knowledge about it so we agreed for the same but then I told him that the amount we had transferred you through neft rtgs and in it the same fastag price has been included and then he was sorry that he forgot so I told him that dont try to make stories the thing is I am not going to take this car so better you change the car ,but then after waiting for another hour the salesman came with manager and requested us that dont worry , as per your requirement satisfaction we will change the whole front okay and so you take the delivery today and tomorrow we will change the whole front, but I didn't agreed for this but after a lot of promising statements and by giving us in written that the front bumper will be changed and then only we all agreed for the delivery of car....and after that having it in written by salesman we did the next part of signing and all and then we were handed over the keys of our car with a petrol slip of 7 liters of bihani petrol pump at a distance of 2 kms.

And after reaching at the petrol pump we gave the slip to them and our tank was filled with 7 liters of petrol and at that time as we checked the odometer and me and my relative got a shock and we were so confused as the odometer was showing 71 kms but the distance from nexa showroom to pump is hardly 2 kms, and right at that time I made a call to salesman and told him about the same that car has been drived before and you have given us a used car ,and then he told me its nothing, it's not an issue , so not to worry and you can believe and trust NEXA ,we all are here and you dont take any tension but I shouted that 69 kms car had been drived before and how come its possible when you yourself told me that it has been brought in truck lorry and I told him dont make us fool okay ,and then he told me give me few minutes let me check the details as how it has been drived, I didn't agreed with him and I told him we are coming back to showroom and then he told sir you dont have to worry as I have promised you on behalf of NEXA that tomorrow your front bumper will be changed so dont worry about it and as you are going to come tomorrow we will deal with this issue too and if there is any problem or any issue we will change the car for you and give you another new car,so just trust a big brand like nexa ,everything will be transparent to you with you.

Any how we were convinced by them as we got in written and when he assured us that the car will be changed ,so the very next morning a call was made to the salesman as he told us that do call before coming to showroom as we will make all the arrangements before hand so your time isn't wasted, so as per that conversation I talked to him and he told me that sir today all our workers are not here and some are new so they cant do it properly so you have to wait for some time as we will have it done from an expert worker , I was so much hurted as this was an fake excuse given to me ,I told him that listen to me first the car had run 69 kms before so you answer me about this okay and I am not going to take this car, then he told me give me half an hour let me check all the information about it and then you can come here ,but after waiting for 3 hours there was no call from the salesman, then we did a call again but our call was ignored, the mobile kept ringing and there was no response, so then we made our mind that let's go to showroom but the same minute we got a call from nexa showroom for the issue that car has run 69 kms before and we were told that before giving delivery there are some tests performed and we have to bring the car to showroom and then to the garage so in all this car had a run of 69 kms , I told them please stop all this as garage is at a distance of 2 kms maximum from nexa showroom so please dont try to be over smart as the salesman told me that car has arrived recently only so how come can it could run for 69 kms, as maximum it can be 10 if there have been tests performed, but after so much argument I was told to wait for few days as they will provide me with full details of the running kilometers before , But I was not given any information about the 69 kilometers run and for changing front bumper I was told to wait for some time.

And as 69 kilometers drived before was a great shock for us, as when we paid for the new car so why this happened, after multiple calls to the salesman for changing of front bumper and the issue of 69 kilometers pre delivery I was not given any help, and again and again I was told to wait, as we are checking the details and for front bumper that right now same colour is not available and as we have submitted the request and we will get approval in few days so you dont need to worry about it as we have given in writing, so I never thought that a big brand Nexa can be unfaithful, and so we had a faith...but we didn't think about the other part of the story,
As i had conversation with someone and he told me that they will make you liable only as why you took delivery! And then I was like this is really fraud , and i told him about everything the salesman said..but he was saying then why they are not doing? Why they are saying wait again and again ?? N how come 69 kilometers run and used car can be given to a new customer. And it's really cheating.
And here the salesman tried to be over smart just for his own hefty comission and the dealers dead stock was sold. So after sale all load is of the workshop and the showroom has no liability in it.
But this is really wrong as why faulty car is sold and when it has been returned to showroom by someone, and this kind of fraud should never be done..
And the salesman should think properly before doing a fraud deal as how much emotions are attached of the whole family when it's their 1st car ,
I know I had been cheated, so much tortured and harassed

As why daily an excuse was given that in few days it will be changed as when your intentions are wrong and just making a fool of customers, and in all this a month was gone and I didn't got any answer for 69 kilometers run before delivery and a new car , so how can it be new ? And I am too a business man and no one has this much time that I leave my shop and go there again and again when I am getting same answer always give us few days more and for 69 kilometers issue we are checking into it and we will give you detailed information. ..but everything was just a lie....to delay more time and after so much fake words I was completely exhausted and new car became a burden , and all the happiness was gone, how many times a person can go ? How much calls you can do ?? There is a limit to everything, and the salesman planned trick was working and there was delay of so many months and then who would love to drive a car like that when you are cheated, and from the beginning only there were issues and for that I was told by salesman to visit the workshop, I didn't understand a brand new car delivered 2 days before has to be taken to workshop, this was a proof of fraud , as front bumper was full of scratches, average issue, bubbling issue, steering issue, music system issue, tyre issue, and temperature issue ,sound issue,Dickey made a lot of noise, and why it was not mentioned before that spare tyre would be different brand tyre ..and the four tyres should be same but 3 look new and the the 4th one doesn't, and it looks as it has been changed because all the 4 tyres should be same as the car had a joint run with these tyres so why can only 1 tyre look so much shabby and have a damage ! When I daily got an issue then how could I believe that it's a new car, I know all mistake is of mine only as I told him about everything and as I had very little knowledge and experience and at this point he became over smart and give fake statements. As after shouting and waiting for 120 days and then 180 days I was told that the salesman who made the deal with you have left the job so it was between you and him so we cant do anything now and then one of your employees says me that now nothing can happen as it's so much time now, I thought that I should laugh at myself as how they change after sales...so it was proved that a hefty comission and dead stock was sold and that too at the recent price and so it was the salesman who got huge profit out of this

So at that point daily troubled with many issues I complained about it and then after wait of 18 months my voice reached to them and the showroom people didn't understood as I was shown the date car had arrived at their showroom and it was of May 2018,but salesman gave a statement that it has arrived few days before I.e 2 or 3 days before ! But what is proved by showroom people showing me the date when the statement given by salesman was not the same ? As the salesman told me that car is being brought in the truck lorry . And then some other salesman told me that now nothing can be done , so I was so hurt and so my inner self didn't allow me to argue with them.
And for your knowledge I can tell you another fake statement about fastag , that rs 500 will be transferred to your account after paying 600,its for a new customer, but it was a lie ,I didn't received a single penny.

And yes for your further knowledge, I have to tell you one more issue which I faced,
As after being cheated,I was so much broken from inside and didn't feel to drive the car anymore,and there was no feeling of a brand new car, it had a run of 6200 kilometers in 19 months so you can see and understand it. But as I was so crazy about the baleno as I liked it a lot, so after having a discussion with my family we made our mind that we may exchange the car and buy a new baleno , And for that I visited the nexa showroom, Auric motors and I got a new quotation i.e Ex showroom price,RTO price, Insurance price,Extended warranty,nexa card,fastag in it, and I was told about the consumer offer,exchange bonus I.e 10,000 and 15000 , and on exchange I will get 8000 nexa points also. So after getting the quotation I raised an issue with the salesman that you exclude RTO and Insurance charges from it as I will have it done from outside but he didn't agreed for it and said that you will have to take it from here only ,but I told him you cant pressurise me for Rto and insurance charges as its customers own will ,but he didn't agreed and told me its mandatory to buy from here only, so after getting this type of response from the salesman I had so many doubts and I was so much confused so I postponed it for some days , and after that I had a conversation with one of my colleagues and he gave me an information that Nexa is giving a consumer bonus of rs 25000 and exchange bonus of rs 15000, I was shocked at that time as the salesman told me its 10000+15000 only ! So for verification I again made a call to salesman for the offers being given and he given me the same , so I didn't understand the whole thing,and then I made a call at nexa Helpline and explained them my query as I wish to know the offers being given right now,so after a detailed conversation I was given an assurance that the offer going right now is Rs 25000 I.e consumer offer and Rs 15000 I.e exchange bonus being given by nexa, so I confirmed about it twice , and I mentioned the same to the salesman that why are you giving wrong information as the consumer offer is rs 25000 but he denied saying that the nexa Helpline people don't know about anything, I was really shocked by this behavior of the salesman, but I didn't argued with him on this, and after that I met an insurance agent for getting quotation of insurance premium amount for new car and there was difference of around 10 k to 11k from the quotation given by Nexa salesman, they were charging more , so it was simply fraud and cheating, and at that time I seriously dropped my plan to buy new baleno again as it was being 2nd time happening with me the same matter I.e i was being cheated again by salesman and I had a great loss just because of the wrong quotation price given by salesman and the offers given by him had a huge difference I.e salesman gave 15000+10000 is rs 25000 and by confirmation from nexa Helpline the total offer was 25000+15000 is rs 40,000 and so difference of rs 15000 , is a huge amount and it's a fraud only by the salesman and in amount of insurance premium too,the salesman is charging more than the actual amount I.e rs 11000 .
So you only tell me Will you be ready to buy ? When every statement is a lie ? When salesman pressuring for takin RTO and insurance from showroom only saying its mandatory?
And when I was not clear about the whole matter, and for clearing my doubt I did a mail to nexa experience, as it's my right to know everything ,so the same I did..But what happens next with me was the worst that has happened with me , I was harassed , after a day I got a call from the salesman of auric motors and straight away questioning me that why I did a mail to higher authority ? He was so rude at that point ! And I frankly told him that it's my right to know about anything and so you can't question me for this and you have no right to speak with me rudely, as he was mis behaving that why I did that mail ?
So i just have a request to the higher authority of Nexa is this the right behaviour of a salesman ! And it's being the 2nd time with me , and fake statements are given to me , and you be on my position and think that is it possible to go everyday leaving your business! You only answer me that how many calls you can do ? How may times you can visit ? How much time is being wasted,petrol is too wasted and things which cannot be measured in terms of money ! Why I was given a used car when I paid for new and why it was not mentioned to me before giving the delivery that the car had a run of 69 kilometers before ! Why they hid it from us ? Why they made a promise while giving delivery that whole front of your car will be changed so you dont need to worry and take the delivery and have a trust on NEXA and us..! And why they delayed my issue for many months ! How can they be unethical ! And when I repeatedly told them that I am facing a new issue daily ! But after making it delay for so much time I was given an answer that the salesman who made the deal with you have left the job ,so now we cant do anything as it was between you and the salesman, and we have no knowledge about this..and was told that now nothing can be done as it's too late ! I was really mad at that time , how they manipulated everything! And made me only liable ,when I am the one with whom bad happened fraud happened ! I am suffering all this ! And I have told them that there is C & H in the MID DISPLAY of baleno, and its technical , that it should be in middle between C & H , but in mine car it didn't came in centre it was always on C only when I have been driving continuously for 70 - 80 kilometers, it never came in the middle , it have happened multiple number of times , and most of the time it remains at C only and this is a manufacturer issue, but this issue was ignored everytime.

So I request you that why this kind of fraud cheat with me ?
And I have complained about all the issues and my complain number is NX3817887204

Vikas watts
177g block, sriganganagar, Rajasthan

Dealer - Auric motors, sriganganagar

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