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Noida Traffic Police

Uttar Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about Noida Traffic Police

[email protected]
Mar 1, 2017

Traffic Mismanagement near Gaur Chowk


The traffic management in Gaur Chowk is very pathetic. Every Morning and evening during peak hours the traffic tends to increase from all four sides but due to lack of police personnel and traffic signal there is chaos which leads to wastage for avg 30 minutes of every commuter.

I request the authority to please manage the traffic in effective way so that the commuters don't face traffic problems.

Feb 22, 2017

Wrongly Parked Cars in the second lane of 2-lane road

There is always congestion on the Samsung road in sector 126 at 9 am because of wrongly parked cars of parents of children who studies in Lotus valley School and at 5 pm outside HCL's new parking on the same road where drivers park the car in the 2nd lane.

When confronted with the HCL supervisors present at the moment, they are least interested in the issue and bluntly said to call the police. These cars are part of Taxi services being offered by HCL to their employees. Despite of a large Car parking created by HCL, the issue is persistent. These taxis cover most of the space and create chaos resulting in long Traffic Jams.

While the Lotus Valley School acknowledged that the issue is because of parking authorities and parking authority's workers present at the moment told that they are not liable and you can talk to their manager.

The issue seems to be the cause of problems to many commuters who have to visit their offices early in the morning.

Kindly look into the matter. Pictures attached.


Wrongly Parked Cars in the second lane of 2-lane road Wrongly Parked Cars in the second lane of 2-lane road Wrongly Parked Cars in the second lane of 2-lane road

Sameer Dewan
Feb 21, 2017

Wrong Way Driving

Hi Sir/Mam

This is regarding wrong way driving near Sector 78, Noida. Though there is an U-turn available to go to Sector 78, 77 and so on but people are habitual of using the wrong side just to avoid few minutes and that creates jam during office hours. From cycles to commercial vehicles, all use wrong lane only and on top of that metro construction is adding more chaos to it by blocking one third of the lane.
So it's a humble request to look into the matter and restrict people from using the wrong lane so as to allow the smooth flow of traffic.

Thanks & Regards
Frustrated Common Man
Tusker pal
Feb 19, 2017

Too much traffic at noida sector 70's red light

i was going to noida city centre metro station via sector 70. there was too much traffic at sector 70 red light and the traffic police personnel sitting there were least bothered about the situation. they were infact smoking in the public area which in itself is prohibited by the court of law.

Too much traffic at noida sector 70's red light

Feb 15, 2017

Traffic jam

Today I was travelling from Noida extension to Noida sector 29 it took me 2hours to travel because traffic jam and no traffic police was there to control the traffic when I rang to traffic police station no one was there to pick the phone what nonsense is this you all are here to help the citizen but because of you all citizens are getting troubled just sitting at home and taking the salary is not your duty for looking at traffic you are not here but if by mistake we brake the signal then from anywhere you come and charge us what nonsense is this please solve it.
dr nitasha gupta
Feb 10, 2017

request to provide traffic police on red light signal of sector 10 near to toyota show room

respected sir,

I use to come from sector 23 almost at 9:00 am in the morning everyday but due to Traffic Jam in sector 10, near to toyota show room takes 30 - 40 mints delay almost everyday because no body following red light signal here.Therefore it is humble request to deploy one traffic police man for peak hours 8:30 to 10 am at least. kindly look into matter as soon as possible. it is mandatory to smoothen the traffic.

Rajan 1
Jan 30, 2017

compulsory left turn

Dear Sir,
We would like to request you that if possible kindly do compulsory left turn at every t-point or cut.
Dec 31, 2016

Auto Rickshaw creating blockage


While turning from Golf Marg to Jain Road on the corner their are number of auto rickshaw are parking and using the turn as auto rickshaw stand that also using 1-2 lanes of the corner. Resulting in a very narrow road (almost less than 1 lane)
This cause regular trouble to people going to Sector 50 Market from Noida City Centre and also to people taking u-turn from Jain Road.

It require your immediate intervention. Hope you will take this matter seriously.

Sep 30, 2016

रास्ता अवरुद्ध कर ने वाले वाहनों को जब्त करे।

नोएडा के सेक्ट-19 चौराहे पर मेक्स होसपीटल ने कार पार्किंग बना दी है जिससे याता यात बाधित रहता है और चौराहा जाम रहता हे, गंभीर रोगीयो को भारी परेशानी उठनी पड़ती है,आज जब उच्च न्यायालय के जज जेस्टीज़ सुनील जी पाठक वेव क्योर सेण्टर पर कोठी नम्बर ऐ --३६६ से कार से निकल रहे थे तो बहुत परेशानी का सामना उठना पड़ा चौराहे पर देख ने पर कोई ट्रेफिक पुलिस का कांस्टेबल नही मिला।
कृपया गंभीर जिम्मेदारी के साथ कार्यवाही करने की कृपा करें। रास्ता अवरुद्ध कर ने वाले वाहनों को जब्त करे।
पाठक वेव क्योर सेंटर
डॉ.सर्वेश कुमार पाठक
निकट अट्टा पीर चौराहा
नॉएडा (उ प्रे )
मोबाइल -९८१०५६४२०७
दिनांक - ०१-१०-2016
shivani tripathi
Sep 22, 2016

Wrong Side Driving

This is regarding vehicles moving in the wrong side in Mahamaya Fly over.This creates a lot of nuisance for vehicles coming from the right direction. These vehicles put so many people in danger and also due to this a lot of traffic jam is suffered everyday. Kindly look into the matter as everyday we have to suffer traffic jams for several hours. Please make some strict traffic rules for such people.
Sep 19, 2016

Rash Driving

Traffic rules are totally not followed in noida. It happened with us today morning, 20th Sept 16 when a rash wagonr driver drove so badly that he was almost about to hit our vehicle. when we asked him to slow down a bit, he started abusing us. He was behaving so rudely as if he is some minister's relative and has full right to drive like this. The problem is these drivers are not served any warning from our Noida police. I have taken few pictures of the vehicle and the driver. He was going from Botanical garden around 8.55 in the morning. These errant drivers needs strict warning to drive safely on the roads and to mind the speed. Pl take immediate action and i have already complained about this driver in FB and whatsapp

Rash Driving

Sep 4, 2016

witness to a minor traffic Accident

Dear Sir

Today i.e. 05 Sep 2016 at about 0900 hrs in morning at the road between Noida Stadium and Sector 21 just after the crossing and going towards Spice Mall. A Honda Passion Splendor, Black; No UP 16 **** tried to over take while my Car was turning to right turn.
In a hurry to take over the car the rider of the Motorcycle hit the curb and fell. While there were no serious injuries to the rider or damages to Motorcycle, I stopped the car, lifted the Motorcycle and the rider provided comfort and offered water to the rider. After a while when the rider stabilized, he refused to call any body from home or call a friend. He also refused to be dropped at nearby hospital.
Thereafter, the rider demanded money for Motorcycle repairs, at that point I left the scene and proceeded to my office.

I am sending this mail to you to put the facts on record. If needed I can also be contacted at the telephone No given below.

Commander Anil Saxena
09136001324, 011-24651971
Ministry of AYUSH
AYUSH Bhawan, B Block, INA Colony
New Delhi -110023
[email protected], [email protected]
Aug 31, 2016

Regular traffic jam

Respected sir ,

With due respect i want to say that we the people of noida city are facing a lot problem of traffic jam and most of the time situation become worst that u dont have any solution except seeing people comming worng side either or not following the traffic rule.
Being the college going student , i am facing this problem from 1 year but from past 1 month situation is so worst that am unable to reach on time . There is no tarffc lights working on rajat vihar (Noida sectr -62) till Labour chowk (Khoda) .

Kindly look into the matter on the serious issues and take the popssible action either to install trafic signals aur to deploy some policemens who can control the traffic at the peak hours ie 9-10:30.

Thank you

Mohit Bhandari
[email protected]
Aug 26, 2016

Wrong side driving Greater Noida

Dear Sir ,
This is to bring to your notice the menace of wrong side driving in Greater Noida which is not only a nuisance but also a menace .most of the times one will find anti social elements making misuse frequently and if one objects then they will threaten or fight .This is not limited to any particular area but I think this practise is prevent through out . Greater Noida is a well planned city but looks like there is no traffic sense or any fear of law here .
Hope something will be done by next government to instill the law of the land .
Thanks ,
Rohit Kumar
Aug 10, 2016

traiffic Jamm at Jaypee underpass

Since August 1st 2016 we are regularly getting traiffic jamm at JayPEE underpass the triffic police staff is not maintaining properly i am getting late for my office on daily basis please check and do the needfull
Jul 19, 2016

Traffic between stellar IT park to mamura chawk

Hello traffic team,

This is regarding traffic or road jam between Stellar IT Park to mamura chawk and due to this road jam or traffic i have lots of problem like, i always reach late at office and in my monthly salary i could not get full payment of salary. there is 1% of salary deduction due to late come in office. so i dont want to suffer from that the problem, and its not only about me i m writting this mail for the all publich whose also suffer same problem as mine.

Kinldy do needful and solve this problem ASAP.

Thanks & Regards
Asha Verma
Jul 15, 2016

no traffic police staff

from the last 1 year no traffic police staff is near rajat vihar sector 62 noida chowk. In the peak hours the situation on the roads is getting very bad. if you call on noida traffic police complaint no (9971009001) and complain about traffic, firstly they won't believe and after that they will confirm from their links "is this correct or not" and then tell you that a traffic police staff is already deployed to that area and the name of duty officer. everybody is giving the excuses not to follow his duties by saying that " sir what are you saying- aisa to kuch bhi nahi hai, hamara staff duty par hai aur traffic to hai hi nahi" this road is very important in noida as it connects NH-24, sector 55, 57,58 etc.. everybody is in problem due to this unavailability of traffic staff. i am attaching yesterday pics for reference.

no traffic police staff

Jul 5, 2016

No One Is following Traffic Rules

Recently Noida administration decided two parallel road as a one way:- First One Way (Sector 2 To HCL RED Light Left Sector 6 Right Sector 5), Second One Way (Sector 11 To Sector 2 Red Light).

I am daily commuter to sector :2 and following traffic rules (Using the One Way sector 11 To sector 2). But I am facing very problem not only I am all users of this road are facing problem. As I think we should not facing problem because we are following the traffic rules.

All Rikhsha, Auto, E-Rikhsha, Bikers even cars are coming to wrong side, and as I think there is no any provision to take the penalty form these users. If Nodia Administration can not handle the situation than please take your decision back and open these road as both side. Because this decision is making trouble for them who are flowing the rule of traffic.

My office timing is 10 AM and if I am on Sector 11 Red Light on 9:15AM, I can not reach my office at the time and the distance of my office from sector 11 Red Light is max one and half KM.

As I see daily there are around 6 to 7 mans of traffic Police, but they are unable to handle the situation. So Please do something to resolve this issue.

My Name:- Amit Goyal
Mobile:- 9911916667
Email:- [email protected]
Ravi Ranjan
Jul 5, 2016

Trafic polish disturbing me

Trafic polish disturbing me when i given all documents and DL . And he this is not valid DL .. becous this on from bihar .
That time it was very important time for me .i m going for any meeting .
Jun 24, 2016

Noida Police - sec 14a

I was inside a car. The city police personal stopped the car near the mahamaya flyover area in noida greater noida expressway (in between sec 14a and sec15a)in the name of searching the documents from the driver. That is what other personals are also doing. One person came to me and asked what I know about the driver and where from it is coming.

When I said I do not know the informations he started scolding me. Tu and all these...non sense. I want to know why these type of personals are there in UP govt. They are taking the taxes from people and harassing the common people.
Jun 6, 2016

Noida Traffic police personal harrasing public

Near the sector 2 of Noida on Vyapar marg the traffic police personal are catching people for driving on opposite direction citing that the road on the left side of the median has been converted to one-way. However, there are no signs stating that when you come into the Vyapar marg from a lane from the left side of Vyapar Marg by taking left turn. In fact, it appears that if you take a right turn you will be driving in the wrong side. There were many travellers who were caught on 4th June 2016 and were harassed by keeping their licenses and stating that the Supreme court has made an order that the licenses will be suspend and they need to be picked from the Noida court after 3 months.

I have no issues with that but when there are no signs, how on earth can anyone know that it is a one way (especially when there is a median on the road). When I pointed to the constable that there are no signs for one-way, he told me that they have kept a Stone - which I am supposed to interpret that it is a one way. Even the google map shows that the Vyapar Marg is 2 way road and not one-way.

Our honourable supreme court has made an order to suspend driving licenses for getting the people to follow the rules. When will the honourable court issue an order that the police person in charge of the roads/signal that does not have proper signage needs to be suspended from his job?

This is sheer harassment of public when innocent people are made to pay for no mistakes of theirs. I got my license back by paying really hefty bribe because I don't live in Noida and It is very difficult for me to come back to pick up my license. On top of that the traffic police guy was laughing at my plight, when I asked for a pardon that I don't stay here and there is no way I could have determined that this road is one-way. These guys have no shame, instead of helping people to avoid such mistakes in future, they are harassing them. The guy in govt. uniform, whose livelihood comes of tax paid by general public, doing such thing is worse than a hoodlum holding a gun on someone's head to loot his/her money.

My humble request is to Noida Traffic police is to put proper signage (and not stones) to indicate that Vyapar Marg road is one-way at each an every entry of the road so that people are not confused and can avoid such harassment.
rc gupta26
Jun 1, 2016

Traffic jam

Noida City Centre Metro station is very important station. Recently due to overflowing passenger rush station has introduced two more exit points. This station is having metro parking also. in the morning from 8-9 AM reaching parking gate has become nightmare due to illegal parking of Auto rickshaws and wrong side driving. Noida Traffic police is neglecting due to reasons known to them and hence always chaotic condition prevail. A small measure to regulate Auto rickshaws will result in improvement
May 26, 2016

Challan on Red Light Jumping

Recently, Traffic police issued a challan for red light jumping.
When I visited to Noida Sector-16 office. Officer told me that you need to come after 3 months because my license has been cancelled.

and as per
. Jumping Signal (driving at red light) 177 First Offence: Fine up to Rs. 100; Subsequent Offence: Fine up to Rs. 300
This is first time.

I did not make any argument, so come back.
Kindly help me for the same.

Ram Ji SOni
priyamvada Khanna
May 24, 2016

wrong side driving

this is regarding vehicles taking a U-turn near sector-120 turn and then moving in the wrong side of the road to take a turn in sector 120. This creates a lot of nuisance for vehicles coming at speed from Gr Noida West side and also for vehicles moving to main road from sector 120. These vehicles put so many people in danger. Kindly look into the matter as some serious accident might take place because of these vehiclews
Manish Chauhan
May 23, 2016

chaos on 2may around mall of India

Noida saw utter chaos on Sunday in around Mall of India, unfortunately I was driving from sector 31 and decided to take u-turn in front of film city and take lleft turn into mall of India. But after reaching u-turn found traffic police has blocked the u-turn obviously with good reasons, I thought to talk to them and suggest they should show it earlier in the road so that no one reaches u-turn and then has to take bigger round from sec 37, botanical and sector 18, Radisson etc. However two traffic police around 4.30 pm doesn't know how to take feedback positively...they have learned only to rule the citizens.
Sir request who are those two traffic police walawho instead of praising started shouting on good idea from tax paying citizen ..

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