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Consumer complaints and reviews about Ola Cabs

Vinita Parmar
Mar 23, 2019

Ola ride cancelled without any reason

I booked ola cab today RJ 19TA6490 white Ritz drive name UDAI RAJ in Jodhpur.he cancelled my ride aftet asking my destination. When i called he talked rudely.He also wasted my time and i donot understand why i have to pay cancellation fee.Is this business to get free money from customer?
Mar 23, 2019

Auto Cancellation of booking by drivers

Dear Team

I was travelling from Ludhiana to New Delhi on 9-03-19 & have booked Ola Ride from my No.8437686597 after reaching the New Delhi Raiway station.

It was late night time around 11.15 PM, I called up the driver & he said he will reach to me by another 10 minutes & same time shown on the OLA App as well but suddenly App has shifted that particular ride to some other Driver & after calling him, he said I will reach by another 15 minutes.

After 5-10 minutes again ride shifted to some other driver & he called up & asked for my location & said that he will reach by 5-10 minutes

So this Drama was being run for 30-40 minutes & i was sitting on the Gate no. 1 of the Railway station.

At last, I have taken Private Taxi to travel to my destination.

It was really a very bad experince & i will never use OLA after this & also will not refer to someone else.

Anil Kumar Gandha
Mar 23, 2019

Rash Driving

Hey Ola, Today morning i.e. on 23rd Match 2019, I faced a serious issue with one of the Ola Driver near madhapur DMart , Hyderabad. The driver drives the car rashly and I almost met with an accident but fortunately nothing serious has happened. Upon asking the reason for his rashness he started screaming on me. This was happened about 7:30 AM, There were Passengers in the vehicle and he took a sudden turn neighter waiting for me to cross nor intimating his crossing.
Mar 22, 2019

OLA fradulent charges

I requested Ola in Oct and the driver refused to go. The trip was not cancelled by me but was cancelled by the driver who refused to go. OLA put onus on us when charging even when the fault is your driver's. This is fraud and they are charging unnoticing customers these small amount that tend to get un noticed. This stealing from the customers pocket even when you are at fault. If this amount is multiplied with thousand of trips, the total amount will go in crores!!!!

No driver is going to say that he cancelled he trip because OLA system penalizes driver for doing so. Dont you think this is fraud when you know the consequences. I think it is. I would recommend not using OLA unless you have to

booking CRN 2869118842.

Mar 22, 2019

fradulent charges

I requested Ola in Oct and the driver refused to go. The trip was not cancelled by me but was cancelled by the driver who refused to go. OLA put onus on us when charging even when the fault is your driver's. This is fraud and they are charging unnoticing customers these small amount that tend to get un noticed. This stealing from the customers pocket even when you are at fault. If this amount is multiplied with thousand of trips, the total amount will go in crores!!!!

No driver is going to say that he cancelled he trip because OLA system penalizes driver for doing so. Dont you think this is fraud when you know the consequences. I think it is. I would recommend not using OLA unless you have to

booking CRN 2869118842.

Gauri Sasturkar
Mar 18, 2019

Olaauto Very Irresponsible and unprofessional behaviour of auto driver

I was riding with ola auto no. CRN2860996924 mr.devraj m.n.. he did not picked from pick up location so I have to reach him walking.

And most importantly, he did not put the otp, due to which bill couldn't be raised and when reminded reminded to put otp no, he declined to do so

The auto driver after dropping ( not exactly on drop location)asked for extra amount and on denying to pay talked very rude..

This is the worst experience and will definitely expect for some response if ola really is customer oriented
Mar 17, 2019

Driver not reported for a ride

I am a regular user of OLA Cabs and hiring OLA Cabs whenever needed both in Nagpur and other cities. Till now , the OLA Cab services were quite good and customer friendly . However recently I faced a very bad , unfortunate experience with OLA Cabs.

Myself booked a OLA Cab on Dtd. 14th March 2019 evening for a ride to Nagpur Airport at @ 03.00 am on Dtd. 15th March 2019 . The ride was confirmed by OLA and it it was informed that the Driver and Cab details will be shared 15 minutes before the scheduled ride . Accordingly I got Driver and Cab details @ 02.30 am on Dtd.15.03.2019 . However neither the driver reported for the ride nor he called me . Then , I tried to call the driver number of times , his phone rang every time but did not respond to my calls .Since it was a night odd time and reaching to Airport was urgent for me , this created a setback and unfortunate occurrence for me . On checking the GPS , the cab found standing at a place and not moving at all .

To come out of the situation , I booked another OLA Cab and to my good luck , I got another cab @ 03.30 am and the driver dropped me to the airport in port . Had I not found this cab in time , It was every possibility to miss my flight from Nagpur Airport .

Such type of indiscipline and casual approach is not expected from OLA Cabs . They should look into the matter properly and avoid recurrences of such incidence in future . Hope OLA Cabs take necessary action to resolve such issues .
Mar 14, 2019

extra amount wrong place droped

we are travel today Auto number 2058 wrong place drooped and extra amount Borgan and taken
Rajkumar Alaghentren
Mar 12, 2019

Forced cancellation

Of late, I find that Ola drivers are insisting us to cancel the ride after boarding at airport, not taking OTP and insisting us to pay the estimated fare. This has happened to me twice during my recent trip at Madurai airport and Chennai airport. During my trip from Madurai airport to city, driver asked me to cancel the trip and pay the estimated fare. Whereas during my trip from Chennai airport to City, when I refused to cancel the trip after boarding, driver refused to accept OTP but cancelled my trip and insisted that I pay my estimated fare. In both the cases, Why these things are happening of late?

I admire the way the business is conducted at Ola by Mr.Bhavish Aggarwal and Mr.Ankit Bhati and I always refer the success story of Ola at various meeting.

I am reachable at 9841095757.

I am sure that other passengers might also have been experience such nuisance. Please find a way to resolve this issue.

Governing council member of Young Entrepreneur School, yesconnect.in
Mar 9, 2019

Driver and Cab Complaint.

I had complained about my issue last year in July 2018. Following up the same till now but no resolution has been given. Mail which I sent has been Attached

I book the outstation cab on 1st July 2018 to Ludhiana as I had to visit the doctor there.

We boarded the cab on 5:45 am. Issues started after sitting in the cab.

1) Cab was so dirty from inside and outside and was stinking.

2) Driver was stinking badly, it was difficult to even sit in the cab but as we had an appointment with the doctor and were getting late we decided to continue. We gave him deodrant and asked him to freshen up on the way. But that didnt help.

3) Speed of cab was fixed to 80km/hr.So thanks to that, we missed the appointment and had to wait an hour for our turn.

4) Music system was not working .

5) Driver stopped for CNG refill and we had to wait for 30minutes for the same.

6) Road tax was not paid by thr driver and we had to wait for almost 45minutes as driver stopped in between to coordinate with his guy. And also, he took the long and different route to avoid the police .

7) Driver was not following the GPS and infact took 2 wrong turns and wasted an hour and around 3-4 km.

8)When we were coming back from Ludhiana, CNG was exhausted and driver took wrong ways and wrong routes just to search for the CNG. He wasted our 2hours and almost 10kms just to search for the CNG.

After all this, I wrote a mail mentioning everything and asked for the cab change, I received the call and was told to press the sos button on ola app and was told that will receive the call immediately from the customer care.Which I did, but no action was taken and got the call from ola after 3hours of pressing the emergency button. They said that they are from emergency dept. and cannot take any action, and was told that to wait for the call from Customer service. So, we waited almost for 2 hours for the call which never happened, we were left with no option so we started back from there and recevied the call when we were about to reach home. And I told the executive that we cannot talk so will call after we reach.But I never received the call back.

So, When we reached back, to my dismay we were charged rs.8821 for the trip where in initially it was shown as rs.6921 (aprox.)

Please explain, why we have been charged extra for time and distance when it was all fault of driver.And why 2nights has been charged for driver and why insurance premium of rs.15 was added in my bill when I never requested for the same.

This is the standard of OLA??? This is seriously not acceptable from the brnd like yours.

Hope will get the revert this time.

Priyanka Arora
Raksha Hegde
Mar 7, 2019


As I mentioned above I took a ride on 22/Feb/2019 by auto.My ola money wallet balance was 11rs.when trip got completed it was showing nil on driver's device.i told him that remaining amount will be charged through postpaid..But he did something on device then it showed 170rs balance.and he collected 170rs in cash.
But today am getting notification to clear that amount.i submitted this complaint in ola cab application but I got response that there is no solution for that.
Really felt very bad about the service...
I hope this issue will be resolved
Auto•CRN 2792910558
Mar 4, 2019

Showing tantrums to drop after he agreed

The driver was showing me tantrums to drop me home after he agreed to drop
He misbehaved a lot and was really rude
He was really rude even after when I told him that I'm carrying lots of stuff in my hand and it's raining
In whole a very bad experience
Really disappointed with the service
Mar 1, 2019

abusing car driver

Hi i have booked a ola cab on 0103/2019 at 10:20am from pahargnaj to gurgaun. i have called the driver and asked him whether he will go to the same . and he said he will go . he will be on location on time. after waiting for 15 minutes i again called him to ask where is he . then he said he will not go and tell me to cancelled ride from my side. why should i have to canceleed the ride when hwe has problem . i asked him again and again whenther he will go or not ... he said but in second call start abuse language which is very intolrable. he has no manners how to talk with someone ..... ola cab should take serious action against such driver who dont have manners ...
Driver details : Dharambir, Contact number 7404118928
Feb 27, 2019

Extra Charge Taken by Auto Driver

i have booked auto at 24-02-2019 at after noon fom 8208826638 nu they took 30rs extra money , plz revert me
Shaista S
Feb 19, 2019

Ride cancelled by driver

A very very bad experience with Ola cabs. I had booked cab on 19 Feb 19 from Jehengir hospital, Pune. After waiting for around 15 mins driver cancelled the ride. I am a pregnant lady & I had to wait so much & the result was ride cancellation by the driver. Again I booked a cab & same thing happened again. Like a fool I had to wait there for half an hour. And now when I will book another ride Ola people will charge cancellation charges, I mean why will I pay cancellation charges when I didnt cancel the ride infact I had to suffer so much by standing there for half an hour. Ola needs to pay compensation for this & if Ola keeps charging cancellation charges to the passengers without their mistake I am sure people will stop using Ola services. I need a compensation for this else surely I am gonna stop using Ola services & suggest the same to others as well.
[email protected]
Feb 14, 2019

Execess Money paid

I have booked OLA on 14 Feb 19 from domestic air port to Virar and driver asked me to pay Rs 100.00 in out gate as parking charge. When i reached in Virar he said to pay Rs 1362.00 and i have asked him have you deduct Rs.100.00 from total amount he said yes. After getting mail from OLA i confirmed and talk to driver in morning time he said when ever i will come to Virar i will pay.

it is understood that man is very cleaver and cheating to the costumer .
it is requested that my money Rs.100.00 to be returned at the earliest.
KC Parida


Thanks for travelling with us, Kshirod Parida
Ride Details

Anuraj Maurya
Mini - Silver Etios
10:51 PM Terminal-1B, Domestic-Airport
12:25 AM Balaji Banquets, Near Viva Vedganga,, Gokul Township,, Virar West
Bill Details
Your Trip
Airport parking charge
Toll/Parking Fee
Total Bill (rounded off)
Includes ₹91.55 Taxes
Play Convenience Fee
Total Payable
Click here to get a copy of your invoice. Invoice available till 15/03/2019
Have queries? Visit support for this ride.
We've fulfilled our promise to take you to destination for pre-agreed Total Fare. Modifying the drop/route can change this fare.
Paid by cash
Vani M.K
Feb 12, 2019

booking of 2 auto at a time

Every time i booked the ola auto 2 auto will be booked and one will cancel and i will get the cancellation fees of 15 rs . These is the 4th time and i have paid 100 rs for cancellation itself. We are regular customer these type of problems are not good.
Feb 11, 2019

Now drivers are asking for estimated amount if not cancelling the trip

I am a regular customer of Ola. In recent times, the drivers who arrive at the customers place immediately ask for " what is the estimated cash to be paid sir". If we tell them that we'll pay after getting dropped they will immediately ask us to cancel or they themselves will cancel the trip. This happened twice but I ignored to complain to Ola
It is very rediculous to see such drivers demanding for more money.
Being a senior citizen, I went with my wife for shopping at Orion Mall, Malleswaram, Bangalore and having waited for a very long time, the driver came to the destination and asked for the estimated amount sent by Ola. His name is Raghavendra, Vehicle No. KA02 AD 0876 - White Dzire. I told him that at the time of getting dropped will come to know and he immediately asked us to cancel the trip but self refused to do so. He waited for some time and later he himself cancelled the trip. I request you to take immediate action on this driver so it must be a lesson for other driver's also.

Vasudevan /
Feb 9, 2019

abusive driver

cab now ka05 ag6972 ,driver was urinating in front of my house, when I told him not to he abused and assaulted me, does ola even do background checks, or do they only hire criminals.
[email protected]
Feb 4, 2019

Over due amounts

I never overused the Ola Money. Whenever the balance was less I paid in cash. A few days back I had to pay the over due amount of Rs. 140. Even after several emails, the issue is not resolved. They simply say, "we understand your concern...."

Now another overdue amount of Rs. 417 has come. Any problem with ola software?
Feb 1, 2019

Not reporting

On 27b Jan 2019, I (Ganapati L Bhat 9164902792)booked OLA Taxi from My residence (402 Neha Passion Apartment3rd Cross NGR Layout, Roopena Agrahar Banaglaore=68) to Banaglore city Railway Station at 5.30 AM. The Driver contaracted at 6.00 AM
saying that he was in the location, but as he was in different loc, I asked him of the location where he was? He has given vague reply that he is in the location and reluctant to divulge the place. With no other alternative, booked uber and reached the location.
Jan 31, 2019

Excess amount collected by driver

I had booked a Prime Suv at 3:15pm CRN 2720803546 by phone 9884418784 from prengaluthur railway station to bethel nagar injambakkam as per the schedule the amount shown is RS.646 but the driver had cancelled the ride and picked up the passenger from perungaluthu railway station to bethel nagar and collected money from them RS 700 instead of 646 .This is the worst action from ola driver for the first time please look into the matter and arrange to return the amount of RS 54 into my ola money.I expect the good results from you.
Jan 31, 2019

OLA Cabs cheating

Yes i too have a serious complaint about Ola cabs, bangalore. Last night i booked a ola cabs for my wife and my kids from kr puram railway station. And i faced following issues

1. They did not picked up my wife and kids at KR Pura, after a long struggle calling them they picked up.
2. They took a route almost double the kms than the easy and original route. When i called customer care no body picked up. I called emergency and reported the cab is talking different route, they said it is as per google map, but i am sure at night 9:30 the hoodi route(They took marathalli route) is as free and google map can never show alternate route than this(to whitefield).
3. The driver stopped the car in whitefield and refused to take them to my home 2km ahead and demanded the money. My wife and kids were dropped alone in whitefield at night and they have to catch a auto again to reach home.
Devendra Yadav1995
Jan 30, 2019

Unreliable Service

It's morning 5.30 am, first of all there were no autos available. But still somehow it managed for booking then also he cancelled the booking. In order to develop yourself in market you must be responsible to customer.
Jan 29, 2019


Dear Sir,

Ref.No. CRN No.2684030645

I have booked the OLA on 20th Jan 2019 morning 3.30 PM from Panvel to Airport Terminal 2. Vehicle No.MH-46-BB-5732 Brown WagonR. Driver Name: Jagroop Singh Chahal.

Ride was completed and Paid Rs,790/-

Still the Status is showing ONGOING. I am unable to Print the Invoice, showing Wrong CRN No.

Kindly do the needful.

G. Subramanian Iyer

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