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May 15, 2019

Complaint About Misbehaviour of Driver

I had a very bad experience with one of your Driver’s who abused by using foul language.

I booked a OLA CAB Prime Sedan vide your CRN No: 3042775077 from (Near) National Law College in the morning, when I booked the cab the GPS showed that the cab will reach in 9 minutes say after 2 minutes I got a call from 8046161129 (By 10:13 A M) the Driver of the Cab said he is on the way & will report at the location shortly, I was waiting as I was getting late / delayed I called on the number from which I got a call by 10:18 AM, as the GPS was still showing the cab will arrive in 9 minutes, the Driver attended & told that he is on the way, for which I asked him your GPS is showing the same location which was showing earlier, for which the response of the Driver so what can I do if the GPS is showing the same location, I explained him that when I booked the cab the timing showing was 9 minutes even now the timing showing is 9 minutes just wanted to know whether he is stuck in Traffic, I told him anyhow come to the location we can speak.

As I was standing waiting for the cab I slow started walking & reached near Nagarbhavi Circle, by 10:27 the Driver calls & said that he is waiting near the gate, I asked him near which gate he said gate number 1, I said I am not there I have moved & am standing near Nagarbhavi Circle, for which he started abusing by using foul & filthy language, & told me you just wait there I will be there in few minutes I will see you

Dinesh Mittal
May 1, 2019

Driver dint come for pickup since a week

I booked a cab from ola on 21st April ‘19 but till date the driver dint reach the pickup point and nor cancelling the ride. Kindly take action towards him.

Jan 22, 2019

payment of ola

I have been using for a long time. Off late, they have been delaying and I have paid cancellation fees for no reason as Ola has cut from my Ola postpaid subscription as it is their own money. I have been refusing to pay Rs. 134/- which they are saying is overdue and have threatened me with legal action which i feel is unfair and unreasonable.

I have sent complaints regarding rides which they have closed down citing vague reasons.
Dec 31, 2018

Drink and drive

Javare Gowda this guy came to pick us up and the drop was to airport he was drunk and was sleeping while driving can I know what measures you take for safety of passengers??
I need strict against this guy I will raise this on social media as well we would have lost our life yesterday he was driving at a speed of 120 and above I had my 1 year old baby with me.
Dec 28, 2018

Unprofessional driver like local goo ns

In Bangalore, most of the time drivers are cancelling the trip at last moment and then they used to ask extra money. As we book ola n Uber in urgency like station or airport.. they are misusing that . Later they will offer ride with out booking via app with will ask the ola estimated money plus some 200-300 extra.. Most of them like local goons .. I was even scared to put complaint also as don't know if they will harm me. I simply refused to take ride and book a meru cab to have safe journey..
[email protected]
Dec 14, 2018

Cancellation of booking in the time of medical emergency

It is really unfortunate and dangerous action by ola driver named suman hazra who had cancelled my booking after nearly 25 minutes of confirmed booking. The matter is very serious for the reason that I had booked ola for my ailing 28 DAYS OLD CHILD who needs to be taken to child specialist ......I waited and waited.....talked to your driver ...he confirmed of coming.....your website also was showing that the car is on the way....but suddenly it was cancelled....please take nessary step against the driver with intimation to me and ola should be penalised for breach of contract .
Nov 19, 2018

Unethical Behavior of Driver and Distrust in Services of Ola

I had booked an Ola Outstation Cab a day in advance for travelling from Bengaluru - Yelankha to Mysore for 7.30 am on 12th Nov, 2018 for which I received the CRN No. 2462413078 and on 12th Morning a confirmation call at 6.15 am for pick up at 7.30 am for which i received the information - Vehicle No. KA -09 C - 9509, Car Model - White Figo Aspire. While the Journey started at 7.30 am from the pick up point Yelankha for Mysore, in about 45 minutes of drive, suddenly two men on a bike asked the driver to stop the car and the driver thus parked the car on the middle of the bridge area (so called Outer Ring Road) unknown to me. While the driver got down and was discussing with the two men, on my ask as to "what has happened", the driver just replied - "2 minutes". Under the impression, he should be done discussing with those guys in max 5 mins, however he continued to gave excuse "just 2 mins" on every ask by me, this continued for around 20 minutes, I and my wife got worried and felt little uncomfortable with the way the Driver was giving the excuses. Then, I personally inquired with the two men as to what is the issue, wherein they informed me that they are from Magma Finance and that this Driver Darshan S Rao had bought this Figo car on loan from their company and for which he has failed to pay the EMI of Rs. 16,000/- (approx) since last two months and that they have come to seize the vehicle. After discussing, the Finance Company men drove us down the bridge saying that we will take the car down and park on the left hand side instead of middle of the bridge.

After hearing this, to my and my wife's shock and surprise, how does it connect with the booking of Ola cab from my end as this being the driver's personal issue with the finance company. We (me and my wife) were told to get down from the cab and book another cab.

I spoke to the Driver Darshan Rao as to this being his personal issue and that he seemed to be aware that his vehicle can be seized at any point of time due to non payment of EMIs, he should have not confirmed our booking. We had booked the Ola Cab prior a day advance to reach on time instead it wasted our time and caused mental harassment.

It was a sheer waste of time (around 1 hour) for us as we were compelled to book another Ola cab.

Being in the completely unknown area and such type of incident creates distrust in the services provided by Ola and was completely deficiency in Service which the Ola as a Service Provider should accept.

The Ola Company should take necessary serious action against the Driver and inform us the action taken failing which we would be compelled to take necessary legal action against the driver and the Ola Company in the Court of Law.
Oct 9, 2018

UN Professional

I do not know who hire this driver of cab KA 05 AF 1912, Today Date 9 October , Time 9.13 AM near from Eco Word he hit me from Side and run he is not having Normal Human Behavior if you are inside of car it does not means you hit people on Road and run
Oct 9, 2018

UN Profession

There is not right to hit person and run-

I do not know who hire this driver of cab KA 05 AF 1912, Today Date 9 October , Time 9.13 AM near from Eco Word he hit me from Side and run he is not having Normal Human Behavior if you are inside of car it does not means you hit people on Road and run.
Amol D
Sep 30, 2018

Very bad experience

I booked a cab at airport and reached the destination of Ola pick up point. But driver cancelled the ride as he got another customer. He didn't call me also. Instead of that I was calling him for ride. He told he cancelled the booking as to get another customer. And Ola has deducted 50/- from my account. They should call and asked who has cancelled the ride. Very rude behaviour of Ola. After that I was waited for another ride booking for nearly half an hour. And reached home lately 12pm. They don't have any sympathy instead they deducted 50/- from my ola money. Because of that in my bill I had to suffer. Not going henceforth with ola. Very annoying behaviour.
Sani karan
Sep 28, 2018

Took double money

Sani karan
Sep 28, 2018

Bad experience

Tanushree Dastutun
Sep 25, 2018

Unprofessional Driver

My friend and I took an Ola cab and we are on the way now. The driver is damn unprofessional and he is behaving so rude. He is saying that kaha kaha se are hai and share lete hai. Afforde nei kar sakte. When I started opposing he is giving threatens. It’s like we have taken this trip at free. Can Ola take any action against this moron or should we go for a police case??

Cab-whiteritz-Ts07UA-7351-Hyderabad-MD shafi
Mukta Gera
Sep 17, 2018

Forgotten Items in Cab

Ola Cabs have no control on Cab drivers .. Ola system gets exposed when you try them on simple emergency cases like mobile forgotten in cab. Unfortunately Ola Mgmt has no control on their drivers and are totally dumb in responding.

Their downfall has started since their response attitude is very slow. Be Careful .. Public Safety is missing.
Timir Bhattacharya
Aug 10, 2018

Misbehaviour of OLA driver

Today( 10.08.18) evening I took a ride in an OLA cab. CRN no. 25260441. Driver name: Vigneshwar S.
I was alone lady in the car. The driver started behaving very badly from the begining and took long and wrong route.
When I opposed, he started misbehaving with me and used slang languages.
He finally dropped me far away from my destination.
I am a regular customer of OLA and I know the route for the destination very well.
The charge was Rs 549/- which is at least Rs100/- more than the other day's charge.

Most dangerous part is that after I got down, the driver called me from a different no. and started using abusive languages.
It went on repeating for many times. Then finally I blocked the no.

I being a lady of avove 50 years, request OLA authority to take appropriate action since it has hurt my dignity and social prestige also.
Rita Bhattacharya
email : [email protected]
Jun 19, 2018

Non pickup the traveller even after confirmation

On 13 jun 2018, I booked ola cab Xcent sedan car from dumdum airport at near about 2000 hrs to drop fortwilliam, kolkata-21. After confirmation of booking, I called the driver on given mob no-8777482626 and he assured to be reach there within 5-10mins, however even after 15 mins he didn't come then i called again and again but he never picked up my call. And at later he took my mob no on blacklist. I wasted lot of time and have to face lot of problem along with my family with a new born baby. All the happening was not fair from any side. Please reply me on my complaint why these type of happening occured. This will also affect the precious service of ola cab. I will be grateful if replied.

Thanking you in anticipation.
Dec 28, 2017

Ola driver mis behaviour

I booked ola cab.( DL 1RTA 6172 white WagonR) But driver cancel my ride without any reason. Driver name is Brijesh and contact no is 8506958626. Driver behaviour is very rude. Please take action otherwise i go with UBER.

Ola driver mis behaviour

Dec 22, 2017

Money taken twice for a single ride by ola

I booked a ride for my mom from Indirapuram ghaziabad to ber sarai delhi.
Total amount deducted from my ola money was rs840(790rs for ride and 50rs for previous cancellation charge) but driver also took money rs 840 in cash from my mom. I rated worst the driver file comlain from my ola account but I didn't find any response from ola nor any action taken againt driver by ola. Such a disappointment from ola as i am regular rider.
Ride details-
5 dec 2017, 9:50PM
Prime SUV- Grey Ertiga
Driver name- Dharmpal Singh
CRN no-1302377150
Ride from 556, indirapuram ghaziabad (U.P.) to Ber Sarai(Delhi)

My details-
Abhay Singh

Money taken twice for a single ride by ola Money taken twice for a single ride by ola

Shivangi Kumar
Nov 8, 2017


I was once getting late for my office so immediately booked ola cab. The driver was confused about my location, i even explained him properly after 5 mins he cancelled my cab and my ola account was credited by Rs.50. I was angry then i booked an another cab and it took so long route that i was 2 hours late for my office. I am getting irritated by these ola cabs somebody please take some serious against the company or these idiot drivers.
[email protected]
Jul 6, 2017

Painful experience

Dear all

It's very annoying to face such a situation by such a esteemed company to whom I was one of the loyal customer from years..today when during the booking the driver himself told me that he was getting late and not able to come early and suggested to cancel the booking and then your esteemed co. have disabled my account stating that you have violated the rules..this is very painful to see..I just got late so much and I have to cancel this booking

First of all I want to escalate this matter to highest level and also to grievance redressal and consumer forum as this co. has no care for their customers they just wanted to make money, if some one need to be hospitalized immediately and they were waiting for your cab then the person will die on spot as you have regulations that Someone can't cancel the ride.. I am pissed off, Pls I want my money transferred to my bank account immediately as I don't want to use this cab again due to their pathetic behavior I don't want to use this cab any more

Tushar Munjal
Neha Ishan
Jun 26, 2017

Not satisfied

I have been a frequent user of Ola Cabs..
I am very much disappointed with services Ola is providing.
Their drivers are rude. No generalization here. My personal experience.
The company has rude customer service representatives who rather than apologising, blame you back for not taking their calls while I am travelling and facing network issues. They have no solution to offer and blatantly accept a cancellation.

Driver name-Birendra Kumar
Contact no.-8851402736.

one more with CRN no-821270937-Rameshwar Dayak--Cancelled the ride without even confirming.

CRN-821249909 with the name Vijender singh.

Disheartened with the services that OLA is providing.
Should hire polite...efficient drivers--who knows how to deal with the customer's and who are aware of the locations too.
Kannan Rad
Jun 7, 2017

Unprofessional OLA driver behaviour

I booked an OLA auto, (driver name is S.Ravi - CRN775769304)

Problem with driver is

1. he want to take longer route (2 km longer route with a very heavy traffic road)
2. when i denied, he started to use filthy language
3. dropped me in near to the pick up point and shouted and spoiled my dignity in the public place

Above all this i contacted the OLA customer support and asked them to take action on the driver + stop my meter.

Now i am getting email from OLA to pay for the trip which driver stopped me near the pick up point in the middle of the road. with out considering my complaint..

So where should i take this further


Kannan Rad
Jun 7, 2017

Complaint about Ola auto driver

I booked an OLA auto, (driver name is S.Ravi - CRN775769304)

Problem with driver is

1. he want to take longer route (2 km longer route with a very heavy traffic road)
2. when i denied, he started to use filthy language
3. dropped me in near to the pick up point and shouted and spoiled my dignity in the public place

Above all this i contacted the OLA customer support and asked them to take action on the driver + stop my meter.

Now i am getting email from OLA to pay for the trip which driver stopped me near the pick up point in the middle of the road. with out considering my complaint..

So where should i take this further


Aditya Talukdar
Jan 18, 2017

Ola driver stole an Iphone 6

An ola driver stole my Iphone 6 (Space Grey 16 gb). His name is Pramod, phone number : 8750684361, car name : White Ertiga, car number : HR55Y3826, CRN number was : 534413848. The car was booked by Nishant Bharali, phone number 8724960916, Date : 17.01.17, Time : After 11:00 pm
Please do something regarding this issue. And I am sure that the driver took my phone because he was the last person I met before my phone got lost. And I remember I left my phone in the car, when I asked him to check he said he didn't find any phone and he was being rude and after that he switched off the phone. I clearly remember I left it in the car itself. I warned him to write complain against him then he said "he doesn't have only 1 car, he has 9 cars so a complain doesn't really matter much for him". This statement of his clearly shows up everything. So, I request you to take some action as soon as possible. It's a matter of IPhone stoled by an Old driver. I hope you understand. Contact me in this number : 8399980044
Ben LLJo
Jan 11, 2017

Ola Driver Refuse Pick-up

I have had a lot of bad experiences with Ola, and it was mostly driver refusal a pick-up. From my personal expereinces, I won't be wrong if I say 98% of Ola drivers refuse a drop to Delhi from Gurgaon. However, of all the experiences I had, 2 incidents were simply exceptional...or lets say, two drivers stood out...!!!

1st Straw -
30th Nov 2016: I booked Ola cab around 7 PM for a drop to Delhi. The booking went to a driver name Shahid Ali (White Swift Dzire - DL1ZA0876). Having being refused pick-up by 2 previous Ola drivers, I called him right away after the booking was confirmed and asked him if he will go to South Delhi. He told me he will go. So, I waited for him at the pick-up location. Again, I called him after 5 mins to check. He said he is about 20 mins far from the pick-up location (though the app showed 2 mins). I knew then its not a good sign (so, i took a screenshot of the cab status). Nonetheless, I waited and within 2 mins, the cab arrived and stopped at about 50 metres from where stood. I again called the driver and told him I saw the cab and is coming towards it. As soon as I reached the cab and tried opening the front door, the driver looked at me, then locked the door from inside and speed away!!! Now, anyone can guess how I would feel at that instant. This driver’s conduct was not just extremely unprofessional but also a personal INSULT!!!
I had written a complaint to Ola, but I doubt they care. Otherwise, I won’t be having another amazing and exceptional experience with another driver very recently.

2nd & Last Straw -
4th Jan 2017: Inspite of my 30th Nov’16 experienced and the usual “drivers' refusal of pick-up for drop to Delhi” in between, I again had an amazing and exceptional experienced on 4th Jan'17. I booked Ola around 7 PM for a drop to Delhi. Booking confirmed, driver name Manish Dhawan (White Echo – DL1YD117) came for pick-up. He stopped the cab about 70 metres from my pick-up location, and switched off his phone. Unfortunately for the driver, I’m not a fool not to know why he did that (stopped 70 metres away from pick-up location and switch off his phone). He was just waiting for the “waiting time” countdown to get over. Unfortunately for him, I saw the cab from a distant. So, I went and boarded the cab (got inside and sat..!!!). He then asked me where my drop location is. I told him South Delhi (Vasant Kunj). That’s when he said “sorry I will not go to Delhi…please get down”!!!
I WAS DUMBFOUNDED…!!! and all that I could uttered was..."WOW, Seriously???!!"...Had to get down to avoid a confrontation..!! I had written a complaint to Ola, AGAIN!!

Btw, I’m pleased to introduced The Amazing 2 Drivers. See attached screenshot.

I must admit that these exceptional experiences I had with Ola has made my decision very very easy -
- Transfer all Ola money back to bank /ac &
- Delete Ola app

Thanks Ola for the amazing experiences .... PLEASE KEEP IT UP!! Tata...

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