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Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about ola

Jan 5, 2023

Not accepting the ride

Dear Ola team,

I was booking ola auto for past 15 days. Usually I book in the morning and evening. While booking none of the drivers accepting the ride. If they are accepting they are demanding extra cash. There are many drivers standing nearby but they are not accepting the ride. Most of the time the driver behaves rude and scolding the customer. Please resolve the issues.
Jan 5, 2023

Not accepting the ride

Dear Ola team,

I was booking ola auto for past 15 days. Usually I book in the morning and evening. While booking none of the drivers accepting the ride. If they are accepting they are demanding extra cash. There are many drivers standing nearby but they are not accepting the ride. Most of the time the driver behaves rude and scolding the customer. Please resolve the issues.
Rajesh Jo
Nov 26, 2022

2 years back sold vehicle runing with fake documents OLA

Hi I sold my commercial vehicle on 1.10
2020 almost 2 years back and the same time opp party name transferred also changed into own board purpose.
Now some OLA agencies are miss used my name and driving as a commercial vehicle without valied commercial documents even RTO name transferred everything done,
I approach OLA pls stop to permit to this vehicle because this vehicle now own board also name changed.but OLA not reply anything still running
TN 11 U 6657
Name Jothi

2 years back sold vehicle runing with fake documents OLA

[email protected]
Nov 14, 2022

Cancellation charge

They charged as a cancellation fee for my previous ride and Ola has no any details for which ride that was charge, customer care said we have no details for the dedication and also said the Ola owner have also not any details of it

Bill amount was Rs 143/- and Rs. 150/- was charged as a cancellation fee for my previous ride.
[email protected]
Oct 31, 2022

Rude behaviour towards pregnant women

Had a very bad experience Wednesday with ola cab driver V.Ashokkumar (booked at 6.13 pm)

The driver asked us to wait for a wait time of 20 mins which we accepted due to busy hours in the city and were asked to come to a different pick up location which again we accepted.
Once we arrived he asked us for us to pay extra ola charged us ₹224 which i initially told him when we booked for cab.He asked us to pay ₹250 which i told him was unfair because we already had to wait for 20 mins and also came to the different location he asked.Then he told us he won't turn on the AC in the cab which were also fine for us since we were already late and I was pregnant dint want to argue in the busy road.Post that also he asked us for ₹250 which we told the we will only pay what has been shown in the app.

The driver then left us stranded in the middle of the road dint even consider the above things we did for him since it was busy evening hours and also I am a pregnant women my whole family was disappointed with the entire incident.This inhuman and imprudent attitude needs to be definitely questioned and please don't allow such people to drive again as part of your organization.
Kalashini j
Sep 30, 2022

Amount refund

On 29th September'22 I booked ola auto at 11.52pm . I travelled to nearby location where the total charge is Rs 109/- but I was additionally charged Rs 15/- as cancellation fees. So total fare amount is Rs 124/- .
Once I reached destination I tried to pay Rs 124/- through my gpay but due to network issue it was loading for along time So my friend paid the auto driver Rs 124/- through his gpay .
Later I noticed that even the amount which I tried paying also got debited to the auto driver through gpay.
Then I tried calling the same auto driver multiple times to inform him that amount was paid twice but that particular auto driver didn't pick my call and so tried calling from different number also but he didn't respond.
When filed complaint through Ola app they just closed the complaint stating that problem is solved but still I didn't get my amount refund.
Aug 22, 2022

Refund request

Ola charged twice for a ride...

And there is no response to get refund

Refund request

Ola ubea
Jun 25, 2022

Payment debited ola not booking

I had booked ola cab on 24 jul 2021 at 11;26pm CRN 5463121442 from bibvewadi to pune station driver was dinesh ade. I paid the amt of Rs.114 on app itself but driver told me that the amt i paid is not showing in his app and told me to pay the amt on QR code provided by him and I did the same but i didn't get the refund yet.. its been a month now how many more days i'll have to wait??

Ola Customer Care Number -9325839866 All service Regarding information related
Apr 20, 2022

Unsafe city due to ola drivers

Dear Ola team,
Let me bring this to your notice and immediate action for the driver (Siva Kumar) and his white Innova cab number(TN14 R 7930). I have booked a ride from home to Guindy office and after confirmation, the driver called me to know what the fare shown by ola? I share the same and he started insisting my car is a big car and Guindy is 10 km from your place, you need to pay 500rs and I refuse to pay and said whatever is shown in ola i will pay the same , again he said petrol price is high and pay me 400 rs and my answer was same. He asked are you going to pay me by cash or online, I informed him it's by cash and agreed to come and started the ride. After reaching to location, the amount was deducted from the online payment mode and this driver asked me to get out from his vehicle and started scolding me and abusing me in the local language and was shouting so loudly in the office drop location.

Its so horrible to see his behavior and i was so scared that time, now i feel Chennai is unsafe for females and these drivers do not know how to behave with females and for money they can go at any level. I paid money as per the ola rate and I will always prefer to pay online as we do not have change every time.

Its ola who is responsible for keeping and employing this kind of driver, kindly take immediate action against this driver or I will file a police complaint for abusing me as this kind of driver is serving to people of Chennai which is very dangerous to city.

Unsafe city due to ola drivers Unsafe city due to ola drivers

vigneshwari thomas
Jan 10, 2022

non cancellation of trip

prime sedan CRN 5701896729
I went for an family function with my family, this driver was soft spoken and asked for a reverse trip to my house
he did not cancel the trip and the trip costed 970 my father paid 2000 for up and down.
he hasn't cancelled the trip still now. when my father tried to call him, he did not pick up the call or responded.
one day my father texted him it seems, he called my father and talked abusive words. still the trip is not cancelled , i am unable to continue my ola rides . I want an refund from him or an proper apologize.
Dec 16, 2021

Rude and impolite and unprofessional behaviour

I have started using ola cabs since last one month (after the corona period). I could see a visible change in their attitude

1)No one is ready to come for a 'Non cash' payment drive
2)They are asking and bargaining for extra money to be paid above the trip money shown online
3)The behaviour is quite arrogant and impolite and un reasonable
4)Airport pick up charges are demanded in addition although the entry taxi entry fee is included in the fare

I have discussed this issue with my colleagues. They are all facing the same problem. Something has changed between the drivers and ola company.

I request ola to review this situation. The travel is ola in chennai is mostly unpleasant these days.
Nov 26, 2021

Gross Misconduct by Ola driver

I had the misfortune of travelling by Ola on 22.11.2021 in Chennai from Binny Apartments to Chennai Airport. The booking was done by my local relative. Details of the booking are attached as screenshot. I have never seen such arrogance any where in my whole life. The driver refused to come inside the apartment gate and as the flight was scheduled within 2 /2 hours myself, my wife and my older relative who is 70 years had to carry one bag each to the gate which is half a kilometer away from the gate. After boarding the cab, the driver swich off the AC and pulled down the car wndows. On my request to switch on the AC he bluntly refused saying that he will not switch on, it is prohibited in Chennai and he will be penalised which was a gross lie. As the heat inside was smeltering, on my persistance he used all kinds of abusive words, saying that he will not put on AC and I can do whatever I wish and can complain to Ola. He even used invectives like "Poda" etc. I am having a video recording of a part of the conversation.
Upon complaint, the aggregator merely spoke to me and assured me that action will be taken against the driver. within a few hours I got a message that appropriate action has been taken. On my reply to specify what action has been taken, there is no response from them which indicates a lame response. I demand compensation from the company
Nov 23, 2021

Driver rude behaviour

On 13th Nov'21 we took an Ola from Chennai aiport to Kolathur CRN :5762815815.My bill showed as 484, but driver demanded Rs 600 which i agreed, because my mother was operated on her left eye. Driver was very rude , didn't put ac and started signing songs in front of my mom and also his driving was very reckless. Once we reach Kolathur my street was flooded with water and car can still go. In the middle of the road and he asked us to get down in the water logging area.As my mother couldn't see properly we insisted to drop us, Once we reach he started extra 200 Rs money and he started fighting with us like anything and one moment he came forward to beat me. I always have a bad experience with Driver in Chennai. They don't respect customer and most of the times don't return extra money. All other cities ola drivers are helpful.This driver is harmful to the society, request Ola to take strict action against this driver. Now ola in chennai is loosing business because of the behaviour of such drivers. We are not feeling safe also.
Aug 17, 2021

worst auto driver with rowdy behaviour

Auto driver name: Anandan
vehicle no TN05 AW 7627

Date of booking: 14th August 2021
Time: 5:37 pm
Auto CRN 5509251841
place: chennai , Anna nagar

There has already been a complaint against this auto driver by another customer in complaintboard website but its a shock OLA is still employing him

I wanted to give the OTP number but he started arguing with me for no reason stating that the fare charge is too low and he does not have to call me over phone and waste 2 rupees and also spoke without respect as soon as i went to give the otp. He deliberately tried to start arguing and engage in conversation with the passenger. By the way he spoke like a rowdy with no respect using singular language so i decided to cancel the ride due to safety reasons. He also did not note down the otp but spoke without respect in singular language

I said if you are not interested i'll cancel the ride. so i did cancel the ride. but he refused to leave and started scolding me for cancelling the ride and started hurling abuses and shouting near my house with threats. then my neighbours stepped in, warned him and sent him away.

This driver is a psycho and OLA is employing him despite complaints against him. its such a shame. He is a threat to the safety of the passengers. When i called customer care in ola and reported the incident they said they will take action

My request is that please don't employ such unruly auto drivers. Already there was a complaint against him and OLA is still employing him. Now he has shown the same behaviour to me. If OLA cares about safety of its passengers please remove this auto driver from your company. He will only create further trouble for your customers in future. Please for safety reasons don't employ him in your company.
Mahalakshmi CM
Mar 7, 2020

Damaged my car - Hit by OLA driver


I was driving back to my home in the morning 9.27 am near vadapalani police station and your cab driver Ashok (Cab # TN11 AD 8949) hit the car from back near the signal. He was driving rashly that i was taking a turn from vadapani temple towards vadapalani police station and the entire backside and side doors of my car was damaged very badly. I want OLA to take sever action against this driver and to compensate to the damage he incurred to my vehicle.

You can take the reference from vadapalani police station where i stopped him and asked to compensate but he took the vehicle and left.

Attached the car damaged side for your reference. Kindly contact me at the earliest and do the needful.

Damaged my car - Hit by OLA driver

Sep 1, 2019

Cancellation of ride

We booked a cab to Irumbuliyur from Avadi on 18th August 2019. It was raining very heavily, so we told the driver to come near the apartment. his reply and his behaviour was very very rude. And he cancelled our ride. Now why should we pay the Cancellation fee Rs.50? We didnt cancel the ride.....

Driver Name: Ramesh P
CRN 3463587283
Prime Play Whit Xcent
Sruthi g
Jul 24, 2019

Worst behavior with customer care

We are driving cab in ola. Worst performance by customer care when a driver raises his concern when correct money is being not provided to drivers. They are cheating very nicely. Getting amount from customers and not giving it to the drivers correctly. Stealing so much of money from customers
Cheating cab drivers who are driving in ola. People are driving day and night for their personal pbmls but these ola is stealing money from drivers

Today they will put incentive for drivers and next day they will take amount saying fraud incentive. If customer shouts at them they will give money to customers and detect that money from cab drivers. Such a worst cabs I ever seen

I am going to file case against them
May 24, 2019

cancelled ride by late

We have booked a cab from chembarambakkam to tambaram railway station on 22/05/2019 through Ola cabs, around 5.27 got bookd a mini cab CRN 3100679441 and I was tracking the vehicle for about 10 minutes it was nearing the pick up point and he cancelled. and again was trying for a long time and got confirmed booking around 5.50 a prime sedan CRN3100793539 and it was also coming near by and crossing in my opposite direction and it was moving a far above a km and I called the driver and he said I cancelled and going for other picked up customer, but It wasn't cancelled in my app, since I got a reply from driver and I canceled and tried for further pick ups and didn't got. my train was 7.20 and I couldn't reach on time after found a local vehicle too. it was around 5000 loss and tensed us for around 6 to 7 hours to find a alternative source of transportation. Will OLA will compensate my losses? why ola is not taking responsibilities for this kind of disturbing process????
Minu Naveen Kumar
Apr 18, 2019

Worst service

Worst service
Apr 12, 2019

cancellation of ride on his own

The driver has cancelled the ride on his own. And he also demanded extra charge for the ride. On denial of his demand he cancelled the ride. This is such an irresponsible behavior. How could ola hire such drivers. This is reducing the reputation of ola. This is the drvier no: +917338769399. I want ola to take some action. I should get some compensation for this.
Mar 1, 2019

Denied and canceled the trip by auto driver

As on date 28/02/2019 I booked an auto from ola app from
Chennai central railway station vehicle number is TN 03 T 9529
Driver canceled the trip on phone call

I request u to take necessary action on this auto driver
Thanking you
Tour's faithfully
Anand Hosur
Balaji Raghavan
Nov 13, 2018

repetitive fraudulent activities

ola is continuously cheating both riders and it's driver partners....

a ride took for 2 hours 43 minutes was billed as 1 hours 41 minutes.

have submitted all the screenshots and the particular riders feedback to ola.

OLA is sustained to CHEAT and CHEAT ONLY!!!

Am ready for any debate....

Once I warned OLA staffs that, if they are not going to change their attitude of cheating as their basic etiquette, i will end up the customers into an accident, they keep on calling me to convince me. And it still continues. Now I have decided to go in MY WAY!!!

Have 'N" Numbers of cab and will soon teach OLA ( A FRAUDULENT) a TRUE LESSON!!!

Balaji / +917550199519
Jul 29, 2018

Driver took more money

My number is ###. I booked a cab from Chintadripet to pallavaram. The driver took 340 rupees but the bill came
For 270 rupees only. I feel cheated . Please resolve. CRN 2120921844.
Jul 17, 2018

Driver behaviour

Auto - CRN 2082028980

I booked ola auto from pallavaram bus stop to easwari nagar, which may be within 1km. The cost of auto came of 32rs. I called driver to come for pick up, first he asked me to cross the road and come, I said I can't, then he asked me to give 10rs extra then only he wil come for pickup. I said ok fine you don't come I will book another auto, but he was not ready to cancel nor come nor pickup the call. I was literally irritated. I request you to take an action against him.


Driver behaviour

Jan 11, 2018

Driver being irresponsible

Ola auto driver behave unprofessionally and using bad words while replying
Riding in an Ola Auto driven by JAYAVEL K ( +919941934546 ).
Company need to take some serious actions.

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