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Consumer complaints and reviews about omaxe green

Jan 28, 2012

irresponsibility and neglegency

Friends, i have also booked a house in Omaxe Palm geers, Greater Noida in 2006. I have realised the intentions of the builder in first 6 months itself and so I have applied for a refund in Aug 2007, which they have denied. After repeated communication, then they did not responded, I filed a case against them in Consumer court. Its been 3 years and now in final stages. Lets see what happen.

BUT its not just me, there were 15 cases against this builder, which were heard on the same date. 15 is a number on one days, but i am sure there are 100's of them injust one consumer forum. Story is same for everyone.

OMAXE is one of the biggest cheats in this trade, so beware to all your friends and relatives. Whatever happened with us, should not happen with others.
Jan 26, 2011

irresponsibility and neglegency

Me few others have been cheated by Omaxe Developpers as follows
Complaint against Omaxe Palm Greens, Greater Noida – refund demanded
December 27, 2010
By rajinder.singh
I would like to bring to your kind notice harassment through which I am going through due to Omaxe Builder.
1. In 2006, I booked an apartment with M/s Omaxe Buildhome Pvt. Ltd., and till now have made payment of Rs. 29, 84, 828/- without any delay in installment.
2. In 2007, I was allotted Flat No. 202, in Tower Peach Palm A, 2nd floor in Palm Greens project in Sector MU, Greater Noida, vide Allotment Letter dated 21/09/2007, having reference no. OBPL/COMM/MU/GN/584
3. I have been paying Omaxe regularly, without delay even during recession and have paid approx 30 L till noe.
4. Even after 4 years, I am surprised to see that still not even structure of towers are ready. It has been 4 years since that flat was booked and till date, the company has not been able to erect even the structure of apartments.
5. At the time of booking of this project and in Builder Buyer Agreement, the project size mentioned is 50 Acre. But Omaxe reduced the size of plot drastically by more than 50% to only 23 Acres, without even informing their customers.
6. After reducing size of the project, Omaxe added future projection towers in between the under construction towers, making the overall project too cluttered with buildings. Omaxe also reduced Project features in the new layout thus reducing it from 16 features to only 8 features. What was supposed to be the USP of this project, is no where in the new layout.
7. The builder is also forcing me to sign the Builder Buyer Agreement of 50 Acre, which I believe, is drafted very heavily in Builder’s favour. I have registered my protest against this with various officials but nothing has been done in this regards.
8. I have written several mails to them, visited their office many times and wasted complete day just to discuss my case with the concerned person. I gave them option to switch me to any other ready to move project and I will pay the differential amount right now. But non one listens to my request.
9. Omaxe has now come up with Orchid project in same area, where in cost of the project is further deuced and is all inclusive of parking, club facility etc, for which I am being charged in tune of 7 L approx. Since this project has kicked off, means Plam greens project wil be further delayed.
With support of your services and in the light of the aforementioned facts, and that the builder is not doing construction to complete this already delayed project, I request you to take appropriate actions against the builder and help me in complete refund along with interest.
Complaint against Omaxe palm greens greater noida for non refund of money
Refund of Money deposited in Omaxe Palm Green Project in Gr Noida
3 Responses to “ Complaint against Omaxe Palm Greens, Greater Noida – refund demanded ”
K.Kumar on December 31, 2010 at 1:19 pm
I am also in the same boat. Deposited all their demands and now they say they want to shift me to another tower. I am prepared to join together to fight this injustice.I am asking for refund of my money but to no avail.
Deepak Garg on December 31, 2010 at 4:32 pm
I have similar experience with this builder having invested in the same project. I never expected this from a reputed company whose chairman is the President of National Real Estate Development Council (Naredco.
I have paid Rs. 21, 00, 000 so far. It is a hard earned money and it pains to see this being in the grabs of an affluent builder.
This company has no customer ethics. They do not pick-up calls, would not keep promises to call back, will arise voice at their customers, will deny saying things they ahve said. I have all the details of email communications with them. Unfortunately, no details of telephone communications due to obvious techinical reasons, which could exposed their appalling behaviour with customers.
I fully support Mr Singh’s complaint and hopefullly it brings justice to us.
Yashwant K Singh on January 13, 2011 at 1:11 pm
I am having the same problem.
Had booked 4 bhk in Gold Palm -B. Paid booking amount 1.5 years ago.
Now The building is not going to be constructed. Instead ORCHID will come up there. This all being done without our notice.While on phone they are telling that they are starting construction in a few days
Let us get together. Higher a known Lawyer who is really known or relative of some one known. I am ready to contribute money for the fees. Let us get our money back. This project is in mess. And perhaps
will take another 5 years to get delivered. They are just cheating us
(I am resident in Australia)
Complaint against Omaxe Ltd for refusal to refund booking money
March 12, 2010
By vivek tyagi
I had booked a 3 BR flat with Omaxe North Avenue II at bahadurgarh and paid an amount of Rs 2, 80, 000.00 towards booking amount for the said flat whose ref no. is OL/3BR/BHF/P/569. I had got a bank loan approved for the same but after my loan got approved and the bank asked for various documents from the builder, Omaxe ltd. kept dragging the amtter but did not provide the loan and finally after checking with the bank, i came to know that In 2009 I came to know that the Omaxe had scrapped the plan for construction of 3BR towers. after this I started asking the builder for the details of the project through various wrriten and verbal communications but they kept delaying teh matter on one or the other pretext but did not provide me with any concrete details. After waiting for long for company’s response, i decide to take a withdrawal of my booking amount and applied for a refund.
Now, after about a year of application for refund, the company fails to give any response on the same and is also denying to make any refund. Since I am in need of the money urgently to support my old parents and my family, with the help of my legal advisor, I have sent three legal notices to the company for refund of money. Till date, the company is not responding to any of my communications and on the refund money, which clearly shows their wrongful intentions of dishonestly misappropriating the booking money and convert the said money for their own use. I request to the members of the forum to support me in getting the refund amount back from Omaxe ltd., if possible.
Vivek Tyagi
Location: Satya Niketan, New Delhi-110021
Email: tanvityagi@rediffmail.com
Complaint against Omaxe – Omaxe Ltd delays refund of booking money
December 21, 2009
By Yogesh Srivastava
I had paid Rs 300, 000(Rs Three lacs Only) towards pre-booking amount of flat for Omaxe’s Ajmer Road, Jaipur project thru second purchase from Mr. Vishal Gupta vide receipt No 7700088 dt 27/06/2006. The title assignment was duly registered by Omaxe in my my wife Mrs RUCHIRA SRIVASTAVA’s name. The builder did not even acquire land for the project. On enquiry about status of project Omaxe employee’s always gave false assurance of project getting started soon.
Fed up with their lies, finally on 12/03/2009, I applied for refund of money alongwith interest and deposited all necessary documents alongwith original receipt. So far neither Omaxe has refunded money nor any satisfactory reply is given by their employees. On telephonic enquiry they say that Company does not have money and as when Company has money- refund will be processed. I complained at their web-site twice but nothing happened. On calling telephonically at their H.O- Delhi- line is put on hold for long.
Despite mails to Mr. Rohtas Goel, Sunil Goel MD ED- no response from company.
Email: yogesh_c2001@sify.com
Omaxe refuses to refund money on Omaxe Heights, Bhiwadi project
July 11, 2010
By r.k.dua
I invested in project “Omaxe Heights (G+9) at Bhiwadi” in 2006, paid Rs2, 50, 000.00 as advance registration amount in 2006, receipt 55002882 dated 9th June 2006.
Paid second installment of Rs1, 32, 950.00 receipt 309866 dated 27th May 2008 against the allotment letter of flat No. 305, Tower Carnation A, in Residential Township Project “Omaxe Heights (G+9) at Bhiwadi” dated 29th April 2008.
I was alloted flat No. 305, Tower Carnation A, in Residential Township Project “Omaxe Heights (G+9) at Bhiwadi” on 29th April 2008 and post that no communication on further status to till date.”
But there is no progress in project till date and there is nothing on ground for that project, the project is inconclusive and appear to be abundant till date. As on date because of extra ordinary delay I am not in position to cope up further with this unreliable company. Hence I requested them to refund my money. In response to my refund request, they don’t respond to my emails and also they made me visit multiple times to there Head Office in Kalkaji, New Delhi and to add on to my suffering they don’t behave properly to a Senior Citizen.
To add to my irony, the refund formalities they have given to me are not as per the realty of there extraordinary delay but are actually required for the cancellation of allotment in case the customer is at fault which is not the case here.
I am Senior citizen and Heart patient and cannot follow up any more as I was doing in past. Hence I request ICF body to help me in getting refund of my investment with interest from this fraudulent company. With due regards it is to submit that I shall be greatful if given a chance to present myself with complete records available with me to the competent authority in NCR region.
R.K. Dua
Gurgaon – 122001, Haryana
Contact No.: 09990755003
Omaxe Heights Cheating
April 6, 2010
By rajeev.sharma
1. Omaxe, vide letter dated 23 Mar 10, has intimated that instalment number 11 of Rs 2, 38, 562.50 is due on 08 Apr 10 for Omaxe Heights, Faridabad.
2. As per Agreement, instalment number 11 was to be paid only on completion of Flooring. However, during my visit to the above mentioned site on 21 Mar 10, I found that Flooring work has not started. Further, internal plaster has also not been completed, which was linked with completion of instalment number 10.
3. Also, marketing representative at Omaxe Heights was very pessimistic about the progress. He did not arrange the site visit and told me to speak with the security guard to take me around; while he was reclining in the Sofa. I had to plead repeatedly for the site visit and only after major altercation, I was successful in visiting the work-site. Also, I observed that the pace of work at the site was very slow and hardly any manpower was being employed. This proves that the Project is heading towards further time-overruns, and Omaxe is totally non-committal.
4. In view of the above, I am doubtful of the progress of the Project.
5. I requested Omaxe to provide me proof of completion of Flooring to enable me to make the payment linked with this stage of completion. However, the same has not been provided.
In these circumstances, I should not be responsible for any delay in payment and associated interest.
Rajeev Sharma
Location: Delhi
Sep 20, 2010

irresponsibility and neglegency

hi can you share email id of rohtas to me - hbagga@gmail.com
Sep 20, 2010

irresponsibility and neglegency

irresponsibility and neglegency
This mail i have wrote to the cmd of the group on 27th of August 2010 , since than i was waiting to hear from there side as i am writting my concern to the owner of the company , while the people who are here at this project not responding , but the surprising fact is still the situation is same and no one has approached me regarding my concerns .if you go through this mail , you will definatelly figure it out as they are playing with our emotion and finances .

Dear Rohtas ji

I am writing this letter with very heavy hearted ,as i have trusted Omexe being kind of reputation and commitment they were having with there customers and after that i decided to buy one flat at your Derrabasi project . At the time when i bought this flat in Mrach 2010, its resale purchase and i have been committed that Tower no 2 and flat 213 will be ready in a May or June 2010, and i made the 95% payment along with other charges 2 lakhs and 5 thousand as being asked , while i trusted Omexe and there people and i further decided to move in on rental accommodation seeing the time tenure i got to have my flat possession.I am even the first resident who moved in with my family in month of June 2010 on rented accommodation but after moving in , i experienced worst kind of treatment i received here and things made my life hell ,

Since than i am requesting and fighting for survival , i was forced to consume water from tanks , electricity was a major issue there at that time , cleanliness is a big concern , lifts are not working , over and above residential place turned in to hostel .
As i have spoken to Mohit on these issues when i got helpless from the concerned people here at Omexe on dated 20th July and he asked to give him time till 30 th of July, i again called him back on 1st of August , as he still asked weeks time and even assured me Tower No. 2 will be ready by 31st of August and i told him this is some thing very challenging but he assured me.

0n 19th August , i called him again and update him regarding the situation having here , but he was assured by his construction people that things are pretty well here and under controlled and even congratulated him as Mohit told me about ,but after having discussion he assured to make a visit on Weekend.
again i callled Mohit on 25th of August as he didn't make it .

But said part is while during all my conversation , which i feel no one is taking things seriously here, even no one try to approach me after being intrecting seniors.

As i received a call from Mohit same day on 25th of August and he start asking whether i am abusing labour at construction site , as he was told by the construction people. what i believe ,it is just to retaliate not being doing there work properly and on time , they start talking these excuses with Mohit.

surprised for me is , reacting on such incidents which never happened and without knowing the facts, i found it very irresponsible and immature way to behave and while i have send a message back to him just to clarify the things as he stop responding the phone calls. i never got a return call , which means whatever people saying here Omexe is agreed with it and my concerns having no values .

Here i am writing you to pls clarify the things in black and white, regarding the possession of tower 2 and amenities will be up by what time and what compensation will we get for being delayed .

I am sending you a mail along with this,which i wrote long back to the post sale cr department , till date no one responded back
I am pretty hopeful you can take these things seriously and would appreciates understand the concerned , its not far when residents from here start taking things in to there hand and will reaches to you everyday if things will not get improve.

Dear Vineeta

Thanks for being so concerned and i would like to bring in your kind notice that at Omexe Green they don't have fresh water supply , we are consuming storage water from tank and its hard to even use that water for bath so u can very well understand how hygienic is this to drink .

Here i would like to bring in notice that being the single resident at Omexe Green at this time , i am very disappointed from the company side while there was natural calamity happened last week and since than i am talking to person here to help me to get back to normal life as i believe this is prime responsibility of your company . Since than we have NO WATER ,NO ELECTRICITY , i am residing in hotel from last one week with my wife and two little daughters, instead to expedite the restoration work , i am always getting the reply what we can do , we are trying our best but still i am not sure how long it will take and whether company will bear my cost of living .
I hope you people can very well understand the situation and to avoid the legal hassles please look in to it otherwise i am not left with no other option to approach the PUDA and local authorities.
Thanks and Regards.

> Greetings from Omaxe !
> We would like to apprise you that your concern for 24 hrs water supply would be commenced soon (all necessary work have been completed) . Further for water unhygienic is concerned we would like to inform that the sample of water after several tests have shown that it has permissible limit of solutions which make it perfect for human consumption.
> Your co-operation will be highly appreciated.
> Regards
> Vineeta Shrivastav
> Customer Relations Department
> Omaxe Ltd.
> 10,L.S.C kalkaji
> New Delhi -110019 (INDIA)
> Hand Phone : +91-9999 999 851
> E-mail : vineetashrivastava@omaxe.com

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