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Ostia Global Service Pvt. Ltd.


Consumer complaints and reviews about Ostia Global Service Pvt. Ltd.

Mar 19, 2019

Nice best work and good earning

Nice work and genuine payments are made by the company I received m payment of rs 4000 from their captcha and now switched to off-line typing work its not like as mentioned above false reviews if u do your work properly then you will get your payment as I did and about Fraud the company who are providing auto-typer or image converter they are fraud and fake they will give u some type of software with promise that they will refund all your amount If your works gets rejected believe me they will not even pickup your call after u buy their software
Mar 15, 2019

Nice Projects and Workload beware from Auto-Typing fraud

Hello took work from Ostia Global service months ago as I was in need of Part time work from home and always wanted to do part time work from home and want to earn some side income from it after searching many days I got to know about Ostia Global service and they are providing work from home and its home based with my friend I visited there office which is in Bhandup and took demo and details regarding the work the work was nice there was two types of work Offline and Online. In Offline there was simple copy Typing project in which I just have to see above and type In company notepad and in Online work we just have to Copy paste from excels in Google docs.Both the work was nice and in Few days after deciding I took Offline project of Copy Typing and after Paying and reg. with them I got my work after 2 days and we started our work. My friend also started working with me. After 4-5 days I received an call and they told me about Auto-Typer I asked them then they said that they will help me in completing my project within 2 days then they send me their Demo software of Auto-Typer I used it and it worked well and then I visited them they explained me everything and gave me that software and charged me 4000/-rs of that software. Really it was my biggest mistakes I used that software and completed my work within 3 days and submitted to them and was waiting for my Q.C report and received mail from Company that due to use of Third Party Software the Work is rejected and your agreement is also terminated. I was shocked I called in Ostia and asked regarding it they told that you used software which is illegal and it has been mentioned in agreement and due to that my agreement was also terminated I was very nervous and called the person who gave me Auto-Typer software I told him and asked him about my refund as they promised me that they will my amount if the works gets rejected he told that our software worked properly there was no mistakes and there will be no refund. Really it was big scams ever happened with me please don’t use any software to complete your project they will show you something and will give you something their demo was too different from the software which I purchased from them and there software were containing so many bugs and errors overtime it hangs my computer and the software they are giving are available free online and with little modification they sell that same software to us and charge us please don’t go with them and don’t come in their words as they are fake and fraud but thanks to Ostia they gave me second chance and switched my work from Offline to Captcha typing work and now I am earning good with captcha entry job on daily basis I am earning 400-470 rs which is enough as an side income nice work got my payments but stay away from Auto-Typing Scams company  
Mar 15, 2019

Genuine part time home based work

Hello took work from Ostia global service of offline package in which I just have to do simple copy typing work and the work was nice and genuine and regarding payment the company pays only to genuine people and please don’t go for Auto-Typer because they are the shittest people I ever seen wasted my 5000/- rs on them they are totally fake and if you use any Auto-Typer then your will automatically gets rejected don’t come In thier words as they will promise to complete your work within days which is totally fake In my case I too came in thier words and they showed me their videos and software after seeing that they charged me of their software and later on I came to know that the software they are providing is getting free online and their videos were also fake totally fraud don’t go with them instead type on your own and get paid
Mar 11, 2019

Nice Home based work for part time received my payment

Took work From home, home based work from Ostia global service. I took Offline work from them of copy typing work in which I just have to see whatever written on novels or stories pages and simple type it on the company notepad. I got my work on my mail id in start there was issue in downloading and installing the software but then I contacted there customer care which was provided by them. Really nice service they solved my problems within minutes and also started my work the work duration was of 15 days.In 15 days I used there was task of completing 250 pages which was easy for me as I did course of Typing and worked in Court. So Typing was bit easy for me. The work was nice and good just simply type whatever you see on the monitor. And in 12 days I completed my work and rest 3 days I checked my entire project 4-5 times it was containing mistakes I solved all the mistakes and submitted my work to them and was waiting for the Q.C report. And in 2 days I got my Q.C report and was very sad in start that was not able to reached 75% accuracy my accuracy was 70%. 5% Less which means I was not eligible for Payment then I contacted them and explain everything about my issue they gave me assurance and provided me second chance and second work on my email id. And started my work same like first and in 13 days I completed my work and 2 days I spend my time on checking the work and after full checking I submitted my work to them and this Time I was very nervous about it and this time after 2 days I received my mail from company and yes Really this time my Hard work pays Off I was Eligible for Payment and got 13000/- rs as my Payments. After this work I Switched to Online work of Copy Pasting work In which I simply have to do Copy Paste along with me my Friend to Join with me in this work And besides this there is Company named INTELLITECH DATA-SERVICES Which called me and they were providing me Software of Auto-typing in 4000/- rs which was Fake when I asked them About Legal Documents they Never showed me and not assured me about my Refunds and yes Company told me that using Third Party Software will reject your work and will Terminate All your Agreement that is signed between Company and me.
Mar 9, 2019

Data entry home based work

Genuine company i had seen . i deposit 6000 rs. as deposit for copy pest job. i want to complete 3000 row and each row 16 entry submitted online. its means you want 1000time copy paste. when you came to Bhandup office they told required minimum accuracy 75 % . and when you submitted job they count each error as 1%. its means only 50 error is allowed in . for 300 entry completed take 2-3 hours. than only complete 3000 entry in 10 days. its impossible to doany error , because company side is stuck for many time and no automatically entry submitted 2 times that means there is less chance of error in project. company all pay money to us if we complete our project or any company work from time to time than we are getting paid and if we use any third party software in our project to complete work than and will try to cheat them then during accuracy report the person will get caught in the work and his/her work and project will also gets terminated and agreement will be also terminated and if we do our work properly as I did then u will 100% receive your payment on time the work is good and does not require any special skills like professional in Excel or word document just need basic knowledge In computer or laptop no special requirement of typing speed and various things my speed was only 10 wpm which was so less I use to search for alphabets on keyboards for typing and now my typing speed is 40 wpm and can type far much better than I use to type in beginning or at start after online job I joined their offline typing project in which the job was use to type stories and novels pages on company notepad software and submit to the company. As I became exp while doing online copying pasting work and in this work the work duration was 15 days and if there were any issue than we would be getting more time in submitting projects and in this at first i failed because of my personal issue I was not able to complete the project and took second project from them and in second work in proper time I completed it and submitted it to them and same like online project I received my result that I have maintained more than 75% in work I achieved 77% accuracy in work and also with less error and was eligible for the payment and same like online I received payment in my bank account.
Mar 9, 2019

Best work from home

Good and great work they are providing the best job work from home till now in which I earned rs12000 in offline work copy typing project E-Book Projects. I took Project of offline from ostia global service months ago and before buying their project I visited their office twice for getting full details and to see legal documents of company as their the projects was nice and good with genuine workload and payments I reg with them by submitting my Aadhaar card Xerox and my passport size photo and legal agreement was made between company and me. And in 1 day I got my work on my mail id which I gave to them. After receiving my workload I started my work at start it was difficult but later on it became habit and day by day my typing speed also increased and in 15 days I completed my project and with their confirmation I submitted my work to them on mail and was waiting for my report. And within 3 days I got my report and in first project I didn’t able to achieve my accuracy go 75% and my accuracy was 60% and because of that I payment was rejected and got second project on same mail id and this I work really hard and paid more attention to it and in 17 days, I took 2 days of extension because of my personal reason and then submitted my work and this time I was very nervous and tensed as it was my last chance and if I failed this too I will not receive any wages, And I got my accuracy report and was very happy by seeing this it was written that you have successfully completed your work on time and with accuracy 79% and with less mistakes and you are ELIGIBLE FOR PAYMENT. And received Payment of rs 12000 in my account which I submitted to them during reg. And with my payment I received rs500 of my security deposit which is refund of my deposit. And now I am receiving workload in free of cost with any security deposit. And also purchased captcha work from them which is of daily basis payment and I can also do it my from phone too. And they are not Paying to the person who are cheating or using Third party application for completing work. They clearly mentioned me that if I will use any Third Party application without their permission in project then they will discard my work and my agreement will also gets terminated as it was against the company policy. But really it was nice and good work and for those whose are searching part time work as an side income do join them as it is only company which is paying for real.
Mar 2, 2019

Data entry home based work

Nice and best part time home based work and job in Mumbai I am already working for this company on partly base and earning good side income from it Just solving simple captcha u can earn daily by sitting at home I earned rs 1200 from it and still earning from it Nice and great job.
Feb 27, 2019

Awesome service provider

I was in search of part time jobs homebased which I want to do it from home I applied everywhere online and finally got to know about ostia global service which was providing work. I visited them and they shown me two types of work Online and offline. I took Offline work of freshers package as I was new to this data entry work and after few I joined them and got my work on my mail id. After downloading there software I started my work which was of 15 days duration it was bit hard at start but after some days it became habit to me my typing speed also increased day by day
In start I took 2 days extension due to my personal issues and on 17th day I submitted my project and was eagerly waiting for my report and accuracy from company. And I got my report that I have made mistake and error more in pages so that project was cancelled and I was getting 2 project on my mail . I called them and talked wih them about this they said to make this work positive and assured about my payment and after my 2 second I started my work and within 15 days I completed my work and submitted it to them. And this I work really hard was praying for my work and my payment and after 3 days I got my mail and It was clearly written that YOU ARE ELIGIBLE FOR PAYMENT AND YOUR PROJECT IS HAVING LESS ERROR AS MENTIONED . I was very happy by seeing this and within 2 days I got my payment on my bank account. It was really good. Yes guys they are paying out and bringing more and more live projects as an part time. I earned rs20000 from my work and those are hard working for it will definitely get paid.
ajay lalmani
Jan 30, 2019


I got the payment of my form filling CP work of 18000/- in my bank account awesome work not bother about the negative review i thik that may be fake so work hard and get your money
Dec 25, 2018

Got My Payment

Hello Guyz myself shilpa took project from ogs of offline typing. in which my first work was not well it was containing many errors, and after that i took 2 work and after hard work and from their help i succssfully completed my work and recieved my payment of 20k which is great as side income.
Dec 14, 2018


I took the Data entry work of 200 pages in 15 days. The company terminated my Agreement after 2nd submission stating that they found 33.4% error whereas in my 1st submission it was reported 34.4% error. How can there be an exact difference of 1% which means just to disqualify us the report is created. The QC package used to check the mistakes as Random checking could not trace the mistakes and so they had checked each and every page of my work just to disqualify me. I even requested to give me one opportunity to prove my 100% but they just informed work terminated which means cancelled. The staff get paid from our money of Security Deposit which is non refundable. The deposit is too high and middle class people cannot afford to lose it and so they work day and night to make it to 100%. Even if there are mistakes, they can atleast make payment for the page in which they do not find a single mistake but they make it compulsory to pay only if they get 80% accuracy. They get the work done from us with the minimum mistake that we try to make and finally after submission of our work, they rectify the few mistakes with the help of the Experience package people and submit from their end to the outsourcing agency. They have to modify their condition of terminating the agreement only if the mistakes are not properly rectified by us even during the resubmission process. They do not give us the opportunity to resubmit in the Fresher package.
Nov 16, 2018

Ostia Global services pvt.ltd

This is a fraud company they have good planning of 1 month or 1 n 1/2 which lay man dont understand we feel we are working hard and dreaming to get 50k in 15 days or 90k in 25 days but be practical n think is it possible? and If yes then why they will pay you? They are jut sitting there to empty your pockets by taking your deposit money.Don't believe in good reviews they are also posted by there own staffs, you just go through the good reviews like there sentences,description of writing, language and name of that posts,think on it you will understand its fake.
Nov 5, 2018

Incompetent Company

This is the worst company who provides work from home. They have Certain Hidden Charges which will not be mentioned in the agreement. The employees just know how to bring in customers but when the actual work comes in or any doubt they dont know how to solve it and till now a month has passed it is not resolved after multiple unanswered calls and emails which both I have a proof of.
The calculation also in the agreement and what the counsellor informs you is different. Overall would not recommend any one to invest in this fraud company as the customer query email ID is also fake.
Sep 9, 2018

Your company is fraud please stop playing with the mind of people

I had submitted 202 pages out of 250 but the company is like there are 35% errors so we can't give u payment what rubbish what what about rest 66% stop fooling around and what your company does with that pages which we have submitted ? Plz dont trust this company don't ever trust this bad services if u haven't taken this job the company contacts you 1000 times and once u took it and if u need an help they will not receive your single call
Fraud fraud fraud be alert
Sep 9, 2018

Your company is fraud please stop playing with the mind of people

I had submitted 202 pages out of 250 but the company is like there are 35% errors so we can't give u payment what rubbish what what about rest 66% stop fooling around and what your company does with that pages which we have submitted ? Plz dont trust this company
Vanita fernandes
Jul 23, 2018


can some body help me with the exact company details whether the given positive reviws are correct or not is there payment issue
does the reviews are fake can somebody who has got the payment share his /her number for clarifiying doubt
that will helpful for me
Jun 19, 2018

Captch Work

Maine Captcha Work liya tha. Captcha Work is very easy and comfortable for Housewife's.
Jun 18, 2018

Work From Home

However hard work is a must to earn well. Even a slightest mistake in the assignment leads to rejection. But if you are giving your best and working hard, you will definitely make good money.
Jun 13, 2018

Work From Home

I joined Ostia Global Service as my friend suggested. Though I was very doubtful of joining the company as there are so many scam companies. But when I joined the Ostia I was content. It is not just trustworthy but also pays well. The more a person works and maintains accuracy the more he can earn.
Jun 13, 2018

Easy Earning

It was 7 months back when I joined ostia Gloabal Service. I found the company online and decided to join it because the data entry job looked convenient to me. The work is actually very easy to do. It has helped me a lot in earning well while managing it easily.
Jun 12, 2018

Coding Captcha Work

I got Captcha work Payment. Easy and fast payment work
Jun 12, 2018

Offline Work

Maine Offline mai Expo package liya tha 350 pages ka. Maine 350 Page ka target Complete kar diya to mujhe 87000/- payment mila hai. Thanks to Ostia Global Service Pvt Ltd.
alim mohd.
Jun 12, 2018

Copy Paste

I got payment in Copy Paste Work
Jun 9, 2018

Mobile Work

Mi Captch Work ghetla hote Ostis Global Service PVT LTD. Mi 1 Week Madhe 3000 Payment Collect kela... Khup Easy and Fast earning work ahe... so mi majha friends la pan hya work suggest kela ahe. Jer tumhala pan Fast earning and easy work hew asel tar tumhi pan hya Captcha Work gheun shakta. Thanks to Ostia
Jun 9, 2018

Captcha Work

Mi Captch Work ghetla hote Ostis Global Service PVT LTD. Mi 1 Week Madhe 3000 Payment Collect kela... Khup Easy and Fast earning work ahe... so mi majha friends la pan hya work suggest kela ahe. Jer tumhala pan Fast earning and easy work hew asel tar tumhi pan hya Captcha Work gheun shakta. Thanks to Ostia

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