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Ostia Global Service Pvt. Ltd.


Consumer complaints and reviews about Ostia Global Service Pvt. Ltd.

Asma Kazi 929
May 21, 2019

Biggest Fraud Company ever

I was about to apply for work from home...That girl named Manisha who is responsible for Andheri branch she speaks so polite you'll easily get fooled by her. Once you get in touch with her she'll literally call you 10 times a day and she'll tell you to apply asap as later there'll be no work available for you. She'll assure you with the mail, companies details, agreements and then you'll began to trust her and she'll ask you pay a min amount of 1000 Rs. Please guys don't trust any of these kind of companies who please you to apply and pay
May 19, 2019

Fake company

Ostia global service pvt limited fake and fraud company
Branches : Andheri, bahndup

Kindly contact me if you are victim of this company

We will together raise police case with this company

We will make sure will get all payment with deposit from this company

[email protected] share me your contact on mail id
Sagar SuDo
May 15, 2019

Fake company

The Fraud King - Rahul Lalbahadur Rajbhar"
Beware of this guy...
I took 3 projects paying 6000 each time and wasted 18000 but the company did not pay me any single rupee..
For first two times I failed but third time I did my typing work very sincerely and this company did not gave me Accuracy Report.. Also Rahul was telling me unvalid reasons which is not been positive and hence it was clear that the company did not pay and now its been 3 months ...
This Rahul Rajbhar is a Fake guy and he two juniors name- Neelam and Dimple who are totally fake as they will talk with very politely but after you pay the amount they will not even receive your call...
As of now, in 3 months Ostia Bhandup branch has changed 7 contact numbers of there office , Do not fall into there hands...
This Rahul Rajbhar does not have any kind of sincerity , even he cannot earn properly that is the reason he is making fool to people and filling his pockets...
I have a worst experience and dont ever fall in there hands...
Thank You...
And If you are reading this Mr. RAHUL LALBAHADUR RAJBHAR...
Apr 13, 2019

Good work and nice job for part time seekers

Nice part time jobs providers till now my friend always wanted to work in part time rather than from job and always use to tell me about part time jobs and during vacation rather than sleeping in home by doing some part time work we can earn an handful amount of cash.Then we searched for Part time jobs nearby us there were many fake and frauds going on online work because without meeting them how can we pay Directly online to them and how can we trust them and then we found Ostia Global service as they are providing many service and various types of part time jobs that we can easily do it from our home. The work was very nice and good they were having two types of work Online work in which we just have to do Copy pasting and Offline in which we have to do Copy typing I too liked the work and we both agreed to do take offline project of copy typing but There were many false reviews about company too we asked them that its legal and any proof that will get our work and payment on time they showed us all legal documents and payment proof too and our agreement too got notary by court. And after reg. on next day we got our work on mail and got time duration of 15 days the company service is good weigh after reg. we got our invoice and work on mail without delay that was nice and we started our work at start it was bit tough but later it became habit and in 15 days we completed our work and submitted our work to company as stated and we were nervous about our QC report because it was our first time in this part time work and there were false reviews that there will be no payment we were scared about it but we when received mail from QC department we were so happy it was clearly written that we have maintained our accuracy above 75% and with less error and mistakes and we are Eligible for payment and received 18000/- rs by in account really we got our payment there is no fake and fraud if you do your work properly than you get paid if no then you will get your second chance for doing your work.after that we switched our work from Offline to captcha work which was simple just use to type simple alphabets 8-12 alphabets and there is no target and accuracy you have to maintain in captcha and main thing about it was we can do it from our Mobile phone too.really nice and good job from captcha we earned rs 1200 from it in 4 days and still earning from it. Really do visit them once and see their projects if u want to do some part time
Apr 13, 2019

Worth joining them nice and good service

Took work of online copy pasting from Ostia global service and seriously with joining it. In Mumbai there is various scams going on of Work from Home and there are only less than 5% to 10% companies who are genuinely providing work from home task to candidates and setting up an task to them one of them is Ostia global service who are providing the home based work really guys they are genuine service providers and the company is running from 7-8 Years not like other who set up their offices and after receiving money they don’t even send workload. Its my personal experience before Ostia I joined an company named ARIZONA which was providing data entry work, I took the work from them and after receiving first project it was ok but thier workload was containing so many bugs that it was difficult to do my work and they even not receive my call And after some months I thought of visiting them but when I reached their the office was shut down and company was too closed I was so upset. Then I found Ostia global service and went their and seriously the work was very nice and good and I asked for legal documents and agreements because I don’t want to get stuck in this again and they showed me all Their legal documents and agreements which was genuine and they were continuing and pages and after 2 days I took their online Copy pasting work of form filling in which I just have to do simple copy paste from excel to google doc. And the work duartion was 10 days as first I was not able to complete my work due to my personal issue and got my second assignment after requesting they gave me second assignment which I completed in 12 days the company also helps us if we are not able to complete the work by extending time duration of work.and in 3 days I recieved my QC report in that I have maintained my accuracy of 77% and with less error that means that I was eligible for payment and will receive my payment of rs15000/- which was well and enough from me really guys nice service provided by staff they used to help me whenever I was in need I used to call them and if my problem was not solved then they used to take remote access of my desktop and solve my issue. Nice and best company till now I ever worked with.
Mar 23, 2019

SCAM ALERT - Ostia Global Services is a Fraud

The Work from Home data entry job of Ostia Global Services is a big scam. This company is one of the biggest frauds in the country. Here is what they will do:

1. They will advertise for a job. As a smart person, you will read some good reviews about them but these are fraudulently written by them only and are misguiding.

2. They will follow up heavily and will convince you to visit their office in Bhandup. There they will sign an agreement by keeping a Rs 6000 of deposit by showing you lolly pop of earning more than 50,000/- You will feel the job is easy and as an idiot, sign the agreement.

3. They will give you a job to write more than 200 pages by copying from the Kindle screenshots of some books, which is again an illegal activity they are doing. You will spend days and nights writing these pages.

4. As a scientific research goes, a normal human being makes at least one spelling error in 10 pages he writes irrespective of how many time he checks the pages. They consider one error as 2% mistake. So if you make 20 mistakes in 200 pages, you are penalized as 40% and you get Zero as their cutoff is 20%. In turn, the company will make money from your work and you will sit crying for all the handwork you had put and the Rs 6000 you lost as deposit. On the flip side, If you are able to get near 100% accuracy, they will declare you have used some copy paste software.

People out there, stay away from these kinds of lolly pops and believe in developing skills or leveraging your existing skills to earn money rather than fall in the trap of these fraudsters.
Mar 19, 2019

Nice best work and good earning

Nice work and genuine payments are made by the company I received m payment of rs 4000 from their captcha and now switched to off-line typing work its not like as mentioned above false reviews if u do your work properly then you will get your payment as I did and about Fraud the company who are providing auto-typer or image converter they are fraud and fake they will give u some type of software with promise that they will refund all your amount If your works gets rejected believe me they will not even pickup your call after u buy their software
Mar 15, 2019

Genuine part time home based work

Hello took work from Ostia global service of offline package in which I just have to do simple copy typing work and the work was nice and genuine and regarding payment the company pays only to genuine people and please don’t go for Auto-Typer because they are the shittest people I ever seen wasted my 5000/- rs on them they are totally fake and if you use any Auto-Typer then your will automatically gets rejected don’t come In thier words as they will promise to complete your work within days which is totally fake In my case I too came in thier words and they showed me their videos and software after seeing that they charged me of their software and later on I came to know that the software they are providing is getting free online and their videos were also fake totally fraud don’t go with them instead type on your own and get paid
Mar 2, 2019

Data entry home based work

Nice and best part time home based work and job in Mumbai I am already working for this company on partly base and earning good side income from it Just solving simple captcha u can earn daily by sitting at home I earned rs 1200 from it and still earning from it Nice and great job.
Feb 27, 2019

Awesome service provider

I was in search of part time jobs homebased which I want to do it from home I applied everywhere online and finally got to know about ostia global service which was providing work. I visited them and they shown me two types of work Online and offline. I took Offline work of freshers package as I was new to this data entry work and after few I joined them and got my work on my mail id. After downloading there software I started my work which was of 15 days duration it was bit hard at start but after some days it became habit to me my typing speed also increased day by day
In start I took 2 days extension due to my personal issues and on 17th day I submitted my project and was eagerly waiting for my report and accuracy from company. And I got my report that I have made mistake and error more in pages so that project was cancelled and I was getting 2 project on my mail . I called them and talked wih them about this they said to make this work positive and assured about my payment and after my 2 second I started my work and within 15 days I completed my work and submitted it to them. And this I work really hard was praying for my work and my payment and after 3 days I got my mail and It was clearly written that YOU ARE ELIGIBLE FOR PAYMENT AND YOUR PROJECT IS HAVING LESS ERROR AS MENTIONED . I was very happy by seeing this and within 2 days I got my payment on my bank account. It was really good. Yes guys they are paying out and bringing more and more live projects as an part time. I earned rs20000 from my work and those are hard working for it will definitely get paid.
ajay lalmani
Jan 30, 2019


I got the payment of my form filling CP work of 18000/- in my bank account awesome work not bother about the negative review i thik that may be fake so work hard and get your money
Dec 14, 2018


I took the Data entry work of 200 pages in 15 days. The company terminated my Agreement after 2nd submission stating that they found 33.4% error whereas in my 1st submission it was reported 34.4% error. How can there be an exact difference of 1% which means just to disqualify us the report is created. The QC package used to check the mistakes as Random checking could not trace the mistakes and so they had checked each and every page of my work just to disqualify me. I even requested to give me one opportunity to prove my 100% but they just informed work terminated which means cancelled. The staff get paid from our money of Security Deposit which is non refundable. The deposit is too high and middle class people cannot afford to lose it and so they work day and night to make it to 100%. Even if there are mistakes, they can atleast make payment for the page in which they do not find a single mistake but they make it compulsory to pay only if they get 80% accuracy. They get the work done from us with the minimum mistake that we try to make and finally after submission of our work, they rectify the few mistakes with the help of the Experience package people and submit from their end to the outsourcing agency. They have to modify their condition of terminating the agreement only if the mistakes are not properly rectified by us even during the resubmission process. They do not give us the opportunity to resubmit in the Fresher package.
Nov 16, 2018

Ostia Global services pvt.ltd

This is a fraud company they have good planning of 1 month or 1 n 1/2 which lay man dont understand we feel we are working hard and dreaming to get 50k in 15 days or 90k in 25 days but be practical n think is it possible? and If yes then why they will pay you? They are jut sitting there to empty your pockets by taking your deposit money.Don't believe in good reviews they are also posted by there own staffs, you just go through the good reviews like there sentences,description of writing, language and name of that posts,think on it you will understand its fake.
Nov 5, 2018

Incompetent Company

This is the worst company who provides work from home. They have Certain Hidden Charges which will not be mentioned in the agreement. The employees just know how to bring in customers but when the actual work comes in or any doubt they dont know how to solve it and till now a month has passed it is not resolved after multiple unanswered calls and emails which both I have a proof of.
The calculation also in the agreement and what the counsellor informs you is different. Overall would not recommend any one to invest in this fraud company as the customer query email ID is also fake.
Sep 9, 2018

Your company is fraud please stop playing with the mind of people

I had submitted 202 pages out of 250 but the company is like there are 35% errors so we can't give u payment what rubbish what what about rest 66% stop fooling around and what your company does with that pages which we have submitted ? Plz dont trust this company don't ever trust this bad services if u haven't taken this job the company contacts you 1000 times and once u took it and if u need an help they will not receive your single call
Fraud fraud fraud be alert
Sep 9, 2018

Your company is fraud please stop playing with the mind of people

I had submitted 202 pages out of 250 but the company is like there are 35% errors so we can't give u payment what rubbish what what about rest 66% stop fooling around and what your company does with that pages which we have submitted ? Plz dont trust this company
Vanita fernandes
Jul 23, 2018


can some body help me with the exact company details whether the given positive reviws are correct or not is there payment issue
does the reviews are fake can somebody who has got the payment share his /her number for clarifiying doubt
that will helpful for me
Jun 19, 2018

Captch Work

Maine Captcha Work liya tha. Captcha Work is very easy and comfortable for Housewife's.
Jun 18, 2018

Work From Home

However hard work is a must to earn well. Even a slightest mistake in the assignment leads to rejection. But if you are giving your best and working hard, you will definitely make good money.
Jun 13, 2018

Work From Home

I joined Ostia Global Service as my friend suggested. Though I was very doubtful of joining the company as there are so many scam companies. But when I joined the Ostia I was content. It is not just trustworthy but also pays well. The more a person works and maintains accuracy the more he can earn.
Jun 13, 2018

Easy Earning

It was 7 months back when I joined ostia Gloabal Service. I found the company online and decided to join it because the data entry job looked convenient to me. The work is actually very easy to do. It has helped me a lot in earning well while managing it easily.
Jun 12, 2018

Coding Captcha Work

I got Captcha work Payment. Easy and fast payment work
Jun 12, 2018

Offline Work

Maine Offline mai Expo package liya tha 350 pages ka. Maine 350 Page ka target Complete kar diya to mujhe 87000/- payment mila hai. Thanks to Ostia Global Service Pvt Ltd.
alim mohd.
Jun 12, 2018

Copy Paste

I got payment in Copy Paste Work
Jun 9, 2018

Mobile Work

Mi Captch Work ghetla hote Ostis Global Service PVT LTD. Mi 1 Week Madhe 3000 Payment Collect kela... Khup Easy and Fast earning work ahe... so mi majha friends la pan hya work suggest kela ahe. Jer tumhala pan Fast earning and easy work hew asel tar tumhi pan hya Captcha Work gheun shakta. Thanks to Ostia

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