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OYO Rooms
Feb 5, 2020

Hotel receptionist behavior very bad

Hi Guest,

We regret the inconvenience caused to you. OYO Hotels & Homes aim to provide the best hotel booking experience to all its users. Kindly share your booking details so that we can assist you accordingly.

Team OYO
Shalu kalia
Feb 4, 2020

Hotel receptionist behavior very bad

I have booked Oyo room in hisar,haryana
My booking id-oyo 8871 hotel veer sarthak on 3th feb.
But when I call in hotel,the receptionist rudely advised me that I have to cancel my order.i have already pay hotel payment in advance.but the receptionist again provoke me that cancel payment.

After that when I visited hotel,his behavior was very rude.
Also room service was very poor.
Room and bed sheet very smelly.
Washroom was not clean.
Room service no not right.(other employee no mentioned in paper).
Moreover, even when I checkout the tea cup was not cleaned around holding area.
Even breakfast included in my payment but I have to pay for breakfast at the check out time.

I requested oyo if Oyo add such hotel,no one want to book hotel by Oyo app.

Really very disappointed experience.

Sanjeev kumar
Umesh Kothari
Nov 2, 2019

Do not book rooms on OYO

Dear All Travelers,

I am here for sharing the experience of Hotel booking through OYO rooms.

Dear visitors please do not book the hotel through OYO because they people have very irresponsible. They people do not inform if your booking will cancelled/denied by the booked hotel.

Let me inform you more in detail.

I had been booked hotel Shree Vilas, at Nathdwara throuhg OYO on 13th October, 2019 for stay on 29th October, 2019 to 30th October, 2019.Booking ID YTRB4751. In curiosity, I just find out the hotel reception number from google and ask about confirmation of my booking.

The receptionist of the hotel Shree vilas denied me and told that we are not dealing with OYO and your booking is not confirmed. I am very upset at the last moment. I called to OYO customer representative of OYO and telling him this kind of situation. The representative help me to book another room and same way gave confirmation. The representative gave confirmation for the hotel Capital O 45079 Times Raj Mahal Hotel for same date and time via booking ID WVRJO654. I already paid the amount Rs. 2269 via online.

When I was reached on 29th October, 2019 at 12 pm, at Nathdwara at said hotel with family, the hotel executive told that we are not deal with OYO rooms and your booking is not confirmed. I was surprised and shocked.

I was deeply shocked and not have any idea what should I do at that time. I have to wondered for searching of another hotel because the OYO executive has only one word SORRY.

So, dear friends, again I told you that do not do your bookings through OYO. it is better to go directly at Hotel's website and do online booking.

I hope you are agree with me and avoid to do the booking on OYO. If you have any query in this regard you can contact me on [email protected]
Oct 24, 2019

Not allow to check in due to in my original adhar card, photo is not cleared

I am Arpan. Yesterday i booked room in flagship 42703 orient classic Hingna nagpur.
They don't allow me to check in due to in my partner original adhar card face(photo) is not clear when they take photo copy.
Every time i use this same adhar card for check in, i don't get any problem but this time they not allow me.
I talk with customer care or oyo but they also not help me.
Finaly i go to another hotel and i suffer a lot for 3hours.
I really disappointed with hotel staff and oyo customer care.
Oct 22, 2019

Refund issues

I have booked a room for 3 days on 3rd June ( Jun 24 to Jun 27th 2019) in OYO Flagship 632 Kalkaji Mandir vide booking Booking No. UNPF2790. after i checked in and i found that the room is filled with dust, experiencing the allergy. I have informed the hotel staff that i am checking our early and also informed customer care as well. they were nice in cancelling my reservation further and initiated the refund. subsequently i have got this one escalated as I have not received my refund, this is been going on till now, despite me escalating through twitter, no action has been taken it is almost 4 months since the i have reported the issue and i am yet to receive it and they are saying they are working on it for the last 4 months. it appears to me that they are not willing to return my money. I need your intervention in this matter. thanks in advance.
OYO Rooms
Oct 18, 2019

Oyo rooms refund

We apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks for providing your booking details. We ensure that this will get resolved at the earliest. ~Aish
hera hossain
Oct 15, 2019

Oyo rooms refund

We checked in to hotel stay inn oyo 14487 on the 7th of October at 2am at night for 2 rooms (both bookings attached) YUQT3186 and OXPZ3920. One room was in 1st floor that was clean but the ground floor room was dirty and did not have a lock hence all 4 guest stayed in the first floor room just for 4 hours and then they said they do not have any other room. So I had to check out with my partner leaving behind the other 2 guest. The staff did not ask us to sign either. We tried calling oyo on that very location from different numbers but the call kept getting disconnected. There were no windows in the room and the floor was dirty and there were cobwebs in the room. We logged a complaint 4 days ago and we were promised refunds by different advisors but none were true. I informed them I would take it up legally but they started behaving rude and all their advisors keep disconnecting calls.
How were we affected-We stayed there for only 4 hours, could not rest as it is uncomfortable for 4 people to sleep in 1 room. We checked in to rest and that was the only thing we didn't get.
What we expect- Refund the amount charged to Mr. Adil Fayyaz as he stayed there only for 3.5 hours. We could not use the room

Oyo rooms refund Oyo rooms refund

Sep 25, 2019

charging a Hotel property who does not have any tie up with OYO

I had worst experience with OYO 5244 Delhi. I was refused a room and check in even after I had booked the room prior and I have got reconfirmation call from OYO.

All this at 8 :00 pm when I reached Delhi with my prior booking from OYO , I directly reached this hotel and contacted the hotel.

To my utter surprise the hotel manager denied that they are not having any tie up with OYO . It was a very embarrassing moment for me as I have booked the hotel two days before the arrival and paid the amount to OYO and after that I called customer care of oyo and they are saying they cant help me for this case . Is it a service of OYO and moreover they have cancelled my booking and took charge me the cancellation charges.

In short I am paying the charges for the hotel which is not having any tie up with OYO and they are taking money from the customer and then refund half amount as per their policy .

This was last time I used OYO hotel. Will never book any OYO room in future and also recommend friends and family to stay away from it.

I am going to file a consumer complaint against OYO for this cheating and mistreatment. And will never ever book a OYO room again. There are lots of other good and reputed hotels available these days.

I again mention the name of hotel. It is OYO 5244 hotel galaxy and they have no tie up with the hotel and oyo is making money by taking cancellation charges from the customer.

I will take this to higher level as this is in justice they are doing with the customer

Shinu George


charging a Hotel property who does not have any tie up with OYO charging a Hotel property who does not have any tie up with OYO charging a Hotel property who does not have any tie up with OYO

Sep 22, 2019

Oyo Rooms fooling clients.

Worst service, Everytime u make a booking. Property manager don't allow to checking due to low tariff issues and they ask for more money. Instance Suppose if we book a hotel at Rs1300 they will ask for Rs.1300 more, as their tariff is double when u reach the property for check in. Customer care then negotiate & then say property manager is not agreeing so oyo will move us to some other properties or cancel the booking after waiting long 4 to 5 hrs in the property.Oyo- waste of time, mood &money.

Yesterday also I was disappointed with the booking. Booking I'd 405091537. The prior booking id- LSAB5162 and RQZU2140 also faced the same problem where I had waited for checking for 4 to 5 hours.

Worst experience also in booking id- GUZY7125 where Ac was not working, allowed late check in. Towels were stinking. Dirty washroom, Unhygienic bedsheets. Poor quality food with high rates.
Yogeeta Hariyan
Sep 2, 2019

Harssament by Oyo for My Booking

I have done the booking from OYO for tomorow check in for OYO 19195 Arnala Beach Resort with Booking ID: TXIK8572. Hotel denied to confirm the booking as the property is not operational. Oyo is illegally doing bookings for their Hotel and taking money from the customer.

OYO Customer Support is useless not trained to handle the escalation. If there is no proper resolution from OYO. I am going to take the legal steps against the same so that the other customer will not face the same issue.

Worst Service and Fraud Company.

Yogeeta Hariyan.
Jul 24, 2019

Refund not yet credited even after 45 days of check-in denied booking

Please refer to my booking IVPM6920 in OYO 17093 Majestic De Villa from Jun 14 Fri to Jun 17 Mon, 2019 for 5 Guests and 2 Deluxe (3X) Rooms.

Refund was initiated for Rs. 7002 after the booking was cancelled by Oyo due to a technical glitch. However the booking was restored by Oyo on its own with a revised booking amount of Rs. 7371. I once again paid the new booking amount of Rs. 7371 with Amazon pay. However the Hotel refused check-in when I reached the Hotel on 14th June 2019 on the grounds that tariff is too low and they do not have a tie-up with Oyo and Oyo is illegally doing bookings for their Hotel. On talking to Oyo customer care (and Oyo conversation with Hotel), I was informed that nothing can be done for this booking as Hotel is refusing to accept the booking and the booking amount shall be refunded.

However till date even after 45 days the amount of Rs. 7371 has not been refunded and the booking status on the app shows that I have checked in and checked out of the Hotel against this booking, which is absurd.

Please immediately refund the amount of Rs. 7371 paid by me towards revised booking amount. The refund indicated processed in the App of Rs. 7002 was towards erroneous cancellation of original booking by Oyo, which I have received.

I had paid the revised amount of Rs. 7371 towards this booking (IVPM6920) again when the technical error was corrected by Oyo. This amount needs to be refunded immediately, as Hotel refused to allow me check-in against this booking (IVPM6920).
Jul 22, 2019


This is the worst customer service i have ever experienced. I have booked the room in Ma international , Delhi , when i went there the hotel owner said they are no more partnered with Oyo anymore. They charged me Rs 1000 when i arrived at the hotel. There was a total chaos all around. The room were so dirty that we were not able to step inside as well. After lot of fight they gave us the 3 bed room in the evening.

Next Part is Oyo Customer Service :

I have been following up with Oyo since then buy there is no proper response. I always get a call from the number starting with 033 and they say there they are checking with the ground team and will get back in 5 mints. But i never get the call. It is really frustrating.
I am fed up with the Oyo right now with no refund or the resolution provided. If this is not resolved in couple of days then i will make sure none of my family member book from Oyo in future.You wil loose more then 70+ customer at a go.

Vivek Ankit
Jun 21, 2019

booking id : KDRS2309

booking id : KDRS2309.

as mailed you from my id and also informed on customer care hotel owner not allowed entry as said no vacant room for online booking. want to convert it offline. for next booking provided by you said no electricity for full light so check in not possible. I paid for booking online kindly revert payment.

writing multiple times on customer care, kindly provide solution.
Jun 13, 2019

complain and refund claim- booking id hvtb6947

I had booked hotel OYO DWANG RESORT-23391 (including breakfast) in the name of my brother Mr. Ashok Mahto on 28th May 2019 in Gangtok from 30th May to 1st June 2019 through OYO App. I got the confirmation message for this booking. On arriving at destination the property denied admission saying there is no booking in the name of Mr. Ashok Mahto and they also told that they have already ended up agreement with OYO company and suggested us to contact OYO.
When we contacted OYO Customer Service, they sent us another hotel named as OYO 35885- RUMTEK HOTEL DEMADZONG instead of what i have booked and they told us this hotel is as similar as OYO DWANG RESORT-23391 but Rumtek Hotel Demadzong was a property of very low standards compared to my earlier booking. This hotel denied providing breakfast which was part of our earlier booking for which payment was done upfront.
I have paid Rs. 7625 for Dwang Resort 23391, Rumtek Hotel Demadzong which is way above its standard. Above all the physical pain and mental agony which my family suffered due to OYO mismanagement is unpardonable after paying full amount in advance.
I have been cheated by OYO and thus demand refund of my entire amount without any further delay. No customer should suffer because of their problems with their properties. The harassment faced by me should be immediately compensated by providing the refund.

I am trying to contact with OYO Customer services since 5 days and made more the 20 calls but no fuitful solution is providing by them and i have also mailed to OYO on 5th June2019 but no one is responding.

OYO Rooms
May 22, 2019

Worst service on the last 3 bookings on Pine View Hotel

Dear Guest.

We really apologize for the trouble caused to you. Our relevant team will connect with you at the earliest.

Team OYO
OYO Rooms
May 22, 2019

Hotel cancellation by the Oyo hotel staff even after the informing them

We really apologize for the trouble caused to you. Please share your booking ID or contact details so that we can get in touch with you.

Team OYO
May 22, 2019

Worst service on the last 3 bookings on Pine View Hotel


Need full refund on my money for the booking done at Pine View Hotel in Manali on 10th, 11th and 12th.

There were frequent issues w.r.t the hot water, linens (towels, etc) were not changed, toiletries were not provided (except on day1)....Frequent reminders to even send the water.

I also called at your customer care no...I was told that the systems are down and that somebody would call me up....Till date no update...Not able to login complaint on your site (see the screenshot

Kindly refund full money for all the three booking asap



Worst service on the last 3 bookings on Pine View Hotel Worst service on the last 3 bookings on Pine View Hotel

May 21, 2019

Hotel cancellation by the Oyo hotel staff even after the informing them

If there would have been negative rating I would give minus infinity. Please don't go here!!! Very bad, pathetic, hotel full of liars. I have booked this hotel via Oyo, I was bit late, and I informed them in advanced but they cancelled my booking and after reaching the hotel they told the booking is cancelled by me. I would have been stranded there @9 pm, so he knew my miserable, he manipulated and said he will give the room at same amount. And then he said there's no Kitchen or food facility available, after the payment, you can order online, but I checked it clearly on the Oyo website, that complimentary breakfast and food facility was included, he then said there won't be any water bottles available, this made me very angry. There's no restaurant available. Moreover room amenities contained Geyser, king sized bed, but there were none and it was stinky and very very small. Plus no Card payment machine was in working condition. Hotel staff was rude. Then I called Oyo customer care, and reported the issue they told me it was cancelled by the hotel staff only. And Oyo was not ready to take the responsibility of the incident. It was terrible experience from both Oyo and it's panelled hotel Sarthak Palace, Paharganj, New Delhi. See Oyo how your luxurious hotels work and how they are getting 4.7 fake rating from the customers
Apr 23, 2019


It is with reference to Booking id -TSYM7501

Recently Had Booked Oyo Flagship 561 Marol Naka Metro Station at Mumbai (17th April-19th April)

At the time of Checkout I paid 5498/- INR

When I checked Invoice ,it was of 4334/- INR ,Difference was of 1164/- INR ( for which no invoice was provided).

later when I raised the concern then I was Acknowledged that I have added meal plan of 798/- INR (which I had not Opted nor Availed) and balance 366/-INR/- was convenience fee....

I need my difference Amount Back ...

kindly look into this ....
OYO Rooms
Apr 21, 2019

Bad booking experience

Dear Guest,

We are very sorry for the distressing experience. We'll get this checked for you and will solve your problem at the earliest.

Team OYO
OYO Rooms
Apr 21, 2019

Bad booking experience

Dear Guest,

We are very sorry for the distressing experience. Please share the booking details and our team will take it from there.

Team OYO
Apr 19, 2019

Bad booking experience

I had to wait 3 hours for check in. Not cleaned properly. Foul smell. Not hygenic bathroom. Booking ID AFDH4187
OYO Rooms
Mar 16, 2019


Dear Guest, We are extremely sorry for the disappointing experience. Please share your booking ID details so that we can get this checked and assist you further.

Team OYO
Mar 14, 2019


Hi OYO Team,

Since I started working , I had a dreamt of taking my family on a nice vacation , I got the chance most recently and was planning for the same for more than a month. I was super excited and had planned each and everything (every small item). However, THANKS to your pathetic support and highly irresponsible behavior , everything got ruined. The best experience that I had imagined turned into a nightmare , something which I would never ever forget. I had already booked my family flights via Yatra and was getting a good 50% off on a reputed Hotel , however I chose OYO , thinking it would be the best , but it was the biggest mistake of my life.

To give some context, my parents visited me for first time in Bangalore and I had Booked Moriz Hotel in Marathahalli , this is listed as premium hotel , hence I chose the same. However, it turned out to be the biggest blunder , reason being forget any premium service or any luxury , the hotel couldn't even provide basic service. All through 3 days , there was not a single drop of water in the washroom. To make matter worse , bed linen was not changed until last day evening , dustbin was overflowing with garbage and the same was not cleaned until I reminded them 6 times for the same.

This was by far the most horrifying and pathetic experience of my lifetime , and inspite of my repeated calls to OYO Support , not a single help / assistance was provided to me , instead I was harassed and asked to provide medical proofs by your Guest experience manager Helan Pathak. I have on call recorded , in which the Hotel Manager informed the OYO Guest experience manager , that their is not a single drop of water in the hotel , still no solution was provided to me. All I was told was that Oyo ground team was not reachable and best i could get a call back (which I never got till date in last 5 days after check-out). Furthermore , the Hotel manager kept telling the Oyo Guest experience manager , that he has informed OYO AGM as well about the issue, and even further check-ins have been blocked. I was astonished to hear , that Hotel manager had the audacity to say , that earlier water tanker used to come for Rs 500 , now it is coming for Rs 1000 and they don't have any water available in the whole property. This was said on record to your Guest experience manager and still no resolution or action was taken. As you can listen in the attached call recording , I was forced to beg for water and still there was no outcome.

I had planned lot of stuff , but everything fell out of place because of this. I had planned a early morning visit (at 6 am) to Nandi Hills but there was no water in the washroom owing to which I had to cancel the same , then I thought of taking them to Bannerghatta national park at around 10 am , as the hotel staff promised water in couple of hours. At 10 am , water started coming and my father for bathing and just after 10mins the water was again gone. When I complained Hotel staff , they said water will be there in 15 mins, I told my father to wait for 15 mins in the washroom, however when there was no water still (after 25mins) , I called Oyo and Hotel staff informed them , that water wont be there for another 1 hr or so and they cannot do anything about it. Finally , I had to arrange a mineral water can of 20L and provide to my parents , by then My Father had already spent more than 1hr in the washroom. I spoke to Oyo captain and he promised to call me back after 10 mins , however I didn't got any call. You may refer my call logs in the attachment.

In the evening I again called Oyo and explained all the problems I was going through , unfortunately my problem was not heard and it fell on deaf ears.

On 10th my Parents had a flight to Shirdi and I requested each and every single person , from Hotel manager to Oyo Captain / Support (I even spoke to Hotel owner), but no resolution was provided to me. I had merely asked for some water so that my parents could bath and go to Shirdi . However I was told that Oyo ground team was not reachable , to make matter more worse I was asked to provide medical proofs .

I had a kid travelling with us and she has Asthama , due to such unhygenic conditions , she developed Viral fever and was vomiting repeatedly , due to which she had trouble breathing, I had to go a middle of night and purchase nebulizer for her. Further, seeing her condition , I had also planned and cancel the whole trip and book a return flight rightaway (which again I had to cancel , as she couldnt travel in such conditions). All this costed me more than Rs 50,000.

Can you even imagine the pain , I have gone through, can you imagine , planning every small thing for 1 month long and then seeing everything fall apart.

When I made a booking , I was promised 4 things by Oyo :-

1) Complimentary Breakfast

2) Free Wifi

3) Clean linen

4) Hygienic Washroom

As you can see, the promises have not been fulfilled and I haven't got a single call from Oyo regarding the status on the complaint I raised. Instead all of them have been marked as resolved.

Can you please help explain :-

1) How are you planning to proceed with the complaint I have raised? What has been the status so far on the same?

2) Why I shouldn't go to consumer court and File a lawsuit against your firm, for all the unbearable pain and agony you have caused to my dear ones. I spoke to National consumer forum helpline and they suggested to file a case against your firm.

3) On my repeated calls , I promised to Oyo Captain and support , that I'll make sure you realize the suffering you caused to me. I have already suffered a lot of emotional and financial loss , due to this and I promise and swear to god , I'll go to any lengths and make sure , the concern is heard .

Please take this as a notice , I am already discussing the issue with a lawyer and would file a lawsuit against OYO soon. Further communication regarding the same will be communicated shortly via POST.

Thanks a lot for all the misery you caused to me , I have promised myself , I'll make you pay for all the pain you have caused me , no matter whatever it takes.

Please refer attachments for more details, as you can see I have called multiple times and spoken for 40+mins, still never got any solution, and instead my problem was marked resolved without even informing me. Also, refer the call recording in the attachment, in which you can see the tremendous pain I have gone through , Thanks to you and your team.
Sheshagra Verma
Jan 17, 2019

Kerala package

We have been waiting for 3 days to get the flight tickets after confirming the payment of 84000/- ...but there isn't any reply from the OYO travel expert ,Mr.Narender Singh. [email protected]
Contact no. 7053058555/8010428280
We have been trying to get to him via these above mentioned numbers,but he is never available there as mentioned by his assistant,Gaurav.Kindly look into it,and get us our tickets!

Kerala package

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