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Consumer complaints and reviews about passport

Pankaj Yerunkar
Jan 30, 2017

Delay in Passport

Dear Sir / Madam,
My file no PN1070440263216..

I have applied for renewal of passport on 11th Nov 2016. I have gone through Police verification process very late. My current & previous address verification done by Bhosari & Nigdi Police station consecutively. However, same status is appearing of passport online seva from last 10-15 days. I am very much disappointed & disturbed; as I have some plan to go out.

Passport office has stand that they have not received police report & Police has their own priorities to complete first. Secondly, Police do not have sense of importance for all these process. It is their job & we know pathetic tendency/image of Indian Police. In all this common people get affected. If Police are not capable of doing it; why did not government take a call to move through some other agency...

Need support to get my passport URGENTLY.

Pankaj Yerunkar.
DOB = 07th Oct 1981
Jan 23, 2017

Payment Status - Failed

payment status is failed but amount has been deducted
I have paid Rs.1500 through STATE BANK OF INDIA online on 11-01-2017 by Credit Card but the payment status is still showing as failed.
MY APPLICATION NO:############
I have sent mail and tried calling the customer care several times a day but it is either busy or no one is answering the call.
Please do reply soon.
pratibha patil
Dec 26, 2016

police reports has been sent to commissioner of police district pune for review


I have applied for Tatkal passport on 16th December and my police verification was done 19th December and till now the status is shown as

"Police report has been submitted by Nigdi Police Station, Pune City and sent to Commissioner of Police, District Pune City for review".

Its been week I have applied under Tatkal for urgency but its of no use.

My file number is PN1060518329016.

Date of Birth 21/04/1993

Please help me whom to contact as the passport is urgent.

Pratibha Patil
Phalguni Mondal
Sep 25, 2016

Police Verification Report is not clear and application is under review at Regional Passport Office.


I have applied for passport on 26th Aug,2016. Police verification has been done on 19th Sept,2016. When I have checked for status, it is showing that "Police Verification Report is not clear and application is under review at Regional Passport Office." I don't know what is going wrong. Please help me.

My File no is - PN1060236570416
Email Id - phalguni000@gmail.com
Phn No - 9975998337
Jul 6, 2016

Passport Status same even after Police verification and it is take very much time

Dear sir/Madam,

I applied passport on 12/04/2016 10.45 am ,my file no is BH1069280808916,Applicant Name is Mitu Nayak and Police verification complete on 16/05/2016 still am not received my passport. Last week i checked the status it was displayed "Police report has been submitted by police station and send to Commissioner Office, for review." and now it is showing "Pending for physical police verification at your respective Thana under SP Office, District Ganjam ". can you please confirm when we expected my password. it is taking almost 3 months. kindly process it on urgent basis please.

Mitu Nayak
Suresh Mahajan
May 23, 2016

Passport pending at Police Commissioner's office


File no:-PN1079856668816
My police verification from Local Police Station completed on 14th May, they have forwarded the report to Commissioner's office on 16th May 2016. And my status changed accordingly on 16th May, From then till date it is showing the same status as below:-
"Police report has been submitted by police station and send to Commissioner Office, for review."
I urgently need to travel for business trip. Please look into the matter and speed up the process.

Thanks & Regards,
Suresh Kumar Mahajan
Mob no 9881466730
shyam Kumar Yadav
Apr 28, 2016

police verification /LIU NOT DONE

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have apply for a passport of mine on 22-04-16 with file ref no: LK1069837131216 Applicant's Name:SHYAM Kumar Yadav & the status is showing that Pending for physical police verification at your respective Thana under SP Office, District mau. We are waiting for inquiry last 08 days but not yet came. Can you please confirm me when it will progress?
This is too much urgent.

Kindly do the needful

Action required.

Thanks & regards
SHYAM Kumar Yadav
Email shyam8570yadav@gmail. Com
Mar 19, 2016

Police verification pending commissioner review


My police verication and all other formalities has already been completed on 7th March but it's still shows its pending verification from commissioner since 12 days can you please help me urgently on this I have applied for tatkal passport and it's pending since 23rd February.

My file number is PN1079663863416

Nov 26, 2015

Passport verification

My file no is PN1069260211615

I have applied for passport @ 12th Oct 2015.
And yet the status is showing that's your police verification is initiated also verification request is sent @ Nigdi police station.
But I can't get any track record that what is exactly the status of my passport.
For contact
Emai : tnitsure@gmail.com
Oct 23, 2015


Dear sir,

I have applied the in 03/06/2014.and the police verification is done.but still not received my passport.and i have attend the six time in Madurai passport their are not responsible my passport status.Sir please consider my request I am begging you . It is about my career sir .

Interview date 03/06/2014

Normal-applicant name- Meenakshinathan.L

Service required--reissue file no-- MD2067717696314

DATE of birth - 03/03/1989

Please respond as soon as possible

Kindly do the needful

Thanks & regards
Jul 22, 2015

regarding passport

Respected sir/Madam

I have applied for passport (PN1068534094615)
My police verification had done on 18-6-15 but online status showing "pending for physical police verification "
Kind help & do the needful.
Thanking you,

Name- Edward clint dcosta
Email- edwarddcosta92@gmail.com
Mob- 9028486204
DOB- 06-07-1992
Jul 20, 2015


Yogita Sharma
Jul 11, 2015

issue of passport

Respected Sir/ Mam,
I had applied for fresh passport in the month of may2015 at Pune PSK. The police verification is already done on 18 june 15 and the file is also dispatched but still it is showing the following status.

File Number PN1068767105615
Date of Birth 08/08/1986
Type of Application Normal
Application Received on Date 18/05/2015
Status Pending for physical police verification at your respective Thana under SP Office, District Pune Rural.

What do I do in this circumstance.

With Regards,
Karan Kallurakar,
Jun 26, 2015


How many days does it take to get the passport after police verification?
Current status of my application: sent to commisioner of police for review
Mob no: 7387009893
Email:ankitabhaiya191288 @gmail.com
May 15, 2015

about birth certificate

Dear sir,

AS i have applied for passport but there is one problem regarding my birth certificate my birth date is 28.06.1991 actually and same on the other documents but it is registerd as 28.07.1991 so i am getting birth certificate of date 28.07.1991 so tell me wthat to do in this case weather i have to brought birth certificate of 28.06.1991 or weather it is acceptable of date 28.07.1991. please tell me immediately.
Mar 23, 2015

Passport not dispatched yet

Dear Sir,

My Passport is printed but it has not dispatched yet. This status is since 17 march,2015. I need my Passport no only to apply in some universities before 30th march. So please help me its a humble request because its very urgent .

Interview date- 16/02/2015
File No- LK3068488514615
DOB- 03/07/1991
Mukesh Tripathi
Mar 2, 2015

Passport Delay In Dispatch

Dear Sir,

I applied renewal passport to add my spouse name and visited to Passport Seva kendra , Tolichowki on 11/02/2015. The status of passport is under review at RPO. So i visited RPO secunderabad on 25/02/2015. Then after the status is Passport application has been granted to applicant on 25/02/2015. Your application is under processing. You would receive an e-mail/sms once the passport is dispatched.

Due to medical emergency i required my passport before 5th Evening . Please do me favour. And can i get passport by hand i am ready to go RPO Secunderabad once again


FILE NO:HY3078284446515
Surabhi Verma
Feb 26, 2015

Passport Update not received

Respected Sir,

I have applied for passport on 19/Jan/15 and police verification has been completed by vishrantwadi police station on 13th Feb 15 and hard copies of it has been submitted by them to commissionerate Office ,Pune on 16th/Feb/15.

Now the problem started here, after 15 days i checked the status online
(Police report has been submitted by Vishrantwadi Police Station, Pune City and sent to Commissioner of Police, District Pune City for review.)
How long I can see the same comment, can someone please help me with the time limit. Because calling customer care are also help less in this regard.

Request you to please help me on this to get the passport.

Surabhi Verma 9823888465
my passport file no.is PN1068405776415
Jan 13, 2015

Police Verification Report for your passport application is under review at Regional Passport Office.

Hi My passport file number is "PN1068219330414 ". I had applied on 18th Nov , police verification was completed on 22nd Nov now the status is " Police Verification Report for your passport application is under review at Regional Passport Office. After Police Verification Report is found clear, passport will be dispatched. You would receive an sms/e-mail once the passport is dispatched."

I am seeing this status from last one month almost. Not sure when will I get my passport. The process is slow and frustrating.

Any help is highly appreciated.
Dec 5, 2014

no complaint

Dear all

I have already lost 25,000 USD + dollars by placing orders through different "vendors" published on the Internet (here and elsewhere).

Firstly, I would advise everyone to consult www.scammerslist.moreforum.com/posts/list/109300/1661054.html to avoid wasting your money. Secondly, try to really ask the vendors as much as possible (you can quickly see through Africans and Asians both in their home countries and abroad offering citizenship programmes of the West) - there is no such thing as guarantee when it comes to this, and you should also realise the fact that the vast majority of those here on the forum are either scammers, their "satellites", or people in "cartels". For getting a West European/Australian/North American passport, you need a well-founded link in that country. Beware of people from Cameroon, Zambia, Eastern European countries, and Korea offering those services. Chances are they are scammers too.

To top it all, please pay extra attention to the way people structure their emails. Simple grammar mistakes and lack of coherence point to a potential scammer.
The form is perhaps important even more so, even if mistakes appear. Ask me more at the address below.

I would like to recommend a service of full citizenship programme (no driving license) by a very well-connected old man operating in London.
I picked my document at the country's embassy - so it was a proof that I am an actual citizen and that the document was not a fake one.
This is the first, last, and my only time I actually received it.

If you want to obtain more information regarding my case, or simply a piece of advice, I am contactable at samw3uk@yahoo.co.uk.

Dec 3, 2014

Delay in getting passport (6 month)

Not getting my passport. Police verification done after 5 months of waiting.
I do see the same status from past 3 weeks and it is not updating. still I am not getting my passport.

File Number PN1077963284814
Police station Lonikand (Pune Rural, Wagholi)

Status: Police Verification Report for your passport application is under review at Regional Passport Office. After Police Verification Report is found clear, passport will be dispatched. You would receive an sms/e-mail once the passport is dispatched.
Please assist.
Aug 26, 2014

Police Verification Issue

Facing the issue for passport police verification Ravet Dehu Road police Thana.My passport documents has been received in the police station.But Gaikwad police inspector is not calling for verification documents.I have called so many times, but he said always call me after 2-days and senior guys is not in thana and ganpati festival going on then no work for passport.
If he wants , money please tell , he want money .
why he making excuses?
Please help , if any one has solution for this kind of issue
Jul 18, 2014

Passport Not Received Yet

I have scheduled passport appointment on 20.june.2014 and my police verfication has also been done 3 weeks before but yet i haven't received my passport.I daily check my status it is same that- "Passport application is under review at Regional Passport Office.". My status never changed from the day 1 when i have filed for passport application.

File Number AH3067862739414
Date of Birth 01/11/1989
Application Received on Date 20/06/2014
Status Passport application is under review at Regional Passport Office.
Jul 13, 2014

need police verification

I applied for a passport on 01/07/2014 with file ref no:MD2067787511314, Applicant's Name: MARIAPPAN MONI & the status is showing that Pending for physical police verification at your respective Thana under District commissioner office,Tirunelveli District. in last ten days my passport status showing the same condition. Can you please confirm me when will it be processed?
This is very much frustrating & unfortunate.

Kindly do the needful
Dec 21, 2013

Steps for imforming Identity compromise (Passport misuse) and travel ban

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am looking for Help/ Guidance /steps to be taken on Identity compromise (Passport misuse) and travel ban. Since i am not sure whom to approach to put my issue same time i feel it my responsibility to inform appropriate authority. I have visited to inform the same to Coimbatore passport office but they declined to help.

I applied for working visa to Kuwait through agent with my new passport no. (Which was issue by Coimbatore passport office on 19 Nov 2012 due to change in address; my Old or previous passport was issued from Ghaziabad in 12 April 2005). To my surprise i came to know that there is travel banned by Kuwait Embassy on grounds of already declined visa due to insufficient documentation over my old /previous passport which was used by someone. This is case of misuse of my Identify. I don’t know whom to approach on this and what steps to take further to inform appropriate authority. Also to revoke my Travel ban due to this.

I have the documents provided by the Kuwait Embassy on this as evidence and also can give written confirmation that i have not tried or processed my visa /travelled anywhere out of the country any time before this and that too with my old or previous Passport no. .

Looking for necessary guidance whom to approach .

Vinod kumar P

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