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Consumer complaints and reviews about paytm

Kakani Deepthi Amulya
Mar 15, 2017

my account withdrawn amount Rs.2900/-

Datawind company Tablet purchasing but damage of battery complaint to datawind company addressed and online complaint inbetween incoming call phone no.############ problem asked Iwill return amount please given card number and phone and one time password no.315852 Mobile No.############ one time password for online purchase of Rs.2900.00 at PAYTM thru State Bank Debit Card ending no.1840 message received Dont share this with anyone time 06.28:50 pmTodayand my acccount debited amount Rs.2900/-and my SBI A/C NO. 30059620558. Name. K.PRABHAKAR Branch SBI MRL MANALI Chennai. ..
soham karnawat
Mar 14, 2017

amount not transfered from paytm to my bank account

i just want to trasnfer my balance of paytm wallet to my bank account.
but amount deducted from my paytm wallet and not yet reached to bank
the most confusion thing is that paytm didn't asked my bank account no.
and i dont know in whose account that money is credited
srimayee dash
Mar 14, 2017

pending transaction

I did a transaction of Rs 4712 on 09.03.2017 at 00:03 AM from my paytm wallet to my SBI account. But the transaction is still pending. Its a important transaction so i need it to be either successful or a failure. So that i can proceed accordingly.
Please look through the matter. I have raised 3 tickets but there is no response till now.
wallet transaction id : 7575076630
srimayee dash
Mar 14, 2017

pending transaction

I did a transaction from my wallet to my SBI account on march 9 at 00:03 am. The transaction amount was Rs.4712. The transaction is still showing pending. The need the transaction to be either a success or a failure so that i can proceed accordingly. The wallet transaction id is 7575076630. Please look through the complaint as soon as possible.
Mar 12, 2017

Deduction of money from bank account without my permissionsir,

On 24/02/2017 at about 3.00pm I noticed that Rs. 7,854.00 vide transcation SBIPG ############seasonfashion_PayTM SBIPG & 4,893.00 vide transcation OTHPG 377185 PAYTM NOIDA was deducted from my bank account number without my knowledge and permission. I did not made any payment to anybody but Rs. 7,854.00 & 4,893.00 Total of Rs 12747/- has been deducted from my account though Paytm intentionally. I have lodge complaint through paytm customer care number on the same day itself i.e 24/02/2017 but no any action taken by paytm officials till now. I request you to take neccesary action in this regard or atleast a return reply ragrding progress of the case may be appreciated please.

My paytm account registered mobile number is 8122873527.
Mar 5, 2017


My mobile phone are missing some days ago.
So in myphone a Paytm account which number are
9984039519. So ibeg to say that my balance give refund in my new mobile number 8750974547 . In this account balance about 300 to 375 .i hope.
Mar 4, 2017

transaction sucsees but not paid

i am durvendra kushwah my registered Mobile No is 9175466334 i have paid Rs 210/- Electric Bill payment to SNDL , Nagpur dated 08/02/2017 time 09:58 AM from your Pay TM Application against order no is 2711233507 and wallet transaction no is 6467774038 the transaction show success but when i check my electricity history payment on SNDL portal transaction not show on their record kindly transfer amount to SNDL Nagpur customer No. ############ or refund my PayTM Account No 9175466334


Durvendra Kushwah
9175466334 / 8888117799
Nagpur , (Maharastra)
Mar 2, 2017

Balance Deducation

Mere account se 721 rupees cut gya hai . maine apne HDFC bank ke ATM CARD se dukandar ke PAYTM account me atm card lga ke rupees pay kar rha tha but request faild hogayi aur rupees bhi mera account se cut gye 721 rupees aur dukandar ko bhi rupees nhi mile
please help me.
Balance deducation date-31-12-2016
balance deducation time- 13:11:37 or13:11:41
using debid card noida at paytm mobile
MOBILE N. 9205437536
GMAIL ID -gs6444824@gmail.com
Feb 27, 2017

Error with app


From: "Pulkit"<pulkits99990@rediffmail.com>
Sent: Thu, 16 Feb 2017 00:47:16
To: "Rishu Gupta O2O"<rishu.gupta@paytm.com>
Subject: Re: Ref : 21802328 Your Query with Paytm Care (SF)

Dear Mr. Gupta,

This is the most pathetic response I have ever seen in my whole life. Talk practically guys.. Why would I book ticket for some theatre WHICH IS ALMOST 35KMS AWAY.... ARE YOU LISTENING TO WHAT AM SAYING??????????????????????????????????

I selected for the nearby theatre to book tickets but when I got the confirmation it was for Gurgaon wherein, I am residing in Rohini ( North Delhi ).. Guys I am gonna take this further until my money gets refunded.

Please reconsider this again.. and think practically!


From: "Rishu Gupta((O2O)" <rishu.gupta@paytm.com>
Sent: Tue, 14 Feb 2017 15:33:51
To: "pulkits99990@rediffmail.com" <pulkits99990@rediffmail.com>
Subject: Ref : 21802328 Your Query with Paytm Care (SF)

Dear Customer,

Greetings from Paytm!

Thanks for writing to us. As per the cancellation policy, we are unable to honor your request against the order id: 2748428176. As per the cinema policy, movie tickets once booked are considered sold and cannot be cancelled, modified, refunded or exchanged.

We are always at your service.


Paytm Care Team

Disclaimer: Please do not share your Paytm Wallet password, Credit/Debit card PIN, CVV and any other confidential information with anyone even if he/she claims to be from Paytm. We advise our customers to completely ignore such communications.

Note: We have launched an App password for your Paytm wallet. So if you lose or misplace your phone, your Paytm wallet remains safe. Currently this App password feature is currently available in the latest Android App. We encourage you to visit https://blog.paytm.com/now-add-an-app-password-to-your-paytm-wallet-81fa6118353c#.okshckn08 to know more details for the same.

Feb 25, 2017

amount debited of RS.50000/-


MOBILE NO.8130913214
Feb 25, 2017

Adding money in PAYTM

Not adding money in my paytm , message is coming that you are eligible for adding money from this card only recharge mobile, payment electric bill etc . Please solve the problem because I had already given to you complaint , only adding money is not successful.
Kumar Alok Gupta
Feb 17, 2017

Issue on transfer money to my bank

I use paytm when I transfer 300 rupees to my bank account from paytm wallet then money is not transfer to my bank and 300 rupees ie deducted from my paytm wallet. Please solve my problem.
Feb 17, 2017

Refund not given

I booked online ticket with paytm for 8 passengers. According to the offer I got 1000 cashback against the order ID. The condition for the offer was that the total amount should be more than 5000. My order amount was above 12000. Now I cancelled the ticket for just 1 passenger and remaining will travel. Still they deducted my 1000 Rs cashback while giving refund. There policy clearly states that refund will be deducted if the order is cancelled which in this case is not. Only 1 passenger is not travelling. and the total amount is still above 10000. THe offer expired a long back but I had sent them the proof of their other orders for the same but they denied outright. If cashback of 1000 is against the whole order how can they deduct it while I cancelled for 1 and the total amount is still above 10K. Order ID is 2528487561 and 2528358106. I have attached the sample offer and my tickets

Refund not given Refund not given Refund not given

Bahadur Singh2018
Feb 16, 2017

deduction of money from bank account without my permission

I noticed that Rs. 1000 was deducted from my bank account on 16 January 2017 twisely, 21 January 2017 and 26 January 2017 without my knowledge and permission. i did not made any payment to anybody but Rs. 4000 has been deducted from account though Paytm intentionally. i have lodge complaint on paytm costumer care number but no any action still taken by paytm officials. i request you kindly return my unfair deducted amount by paytm immediately.

My paytm account registered mobile number is 9899066067.
Awadhesh Pratap
Feb 15, 2017

Train ticket

Sir/Madam, Maine paytm ke madhyam se rbl se Kolkata tak reservation kiya tha .lekin paytm valet ke sath sath mere account she bhi 1190/- rupee kat gaye . jabki ticket kewal 1 hi book hua. Jo amounts one 97 communication ltd ko send hua hai please refund karne ki kripa kare.
Kevin Saju
Feb 13, 2017

Transaction issues

I jolly saju have recently lost about 45000 rupees from my SBI savings account. I did not receive any information or OTP messages about these transactions. Please investigate this matter.
Feb 13, 2017

4000 Decuct amount in my account

I've made an online transaction of Rs. 4000/- through PayTM on dated 27-Dec-2016 which was faild from PayTM but the amount has been deducted from my PNB Account. I've contacted PNB bank team regarding this and they say that the amount is still with my PayTm and needs to contact the PAytm to get the same transfer to my account. Please see below details of transactions.
Date: 27/12/2016
Trans Detail : ECOM ############ ONE 97 COMMUNICATIONS
Amount: 4,000.00
Name- Akram Ansari
Paytm Account- 7677060310

Please check and refund back my deducted amount back to my PNB account.
vl sridhar
Feb 13, 2017

Transaction issues PayTM

Amount sent from mobile no.9948915676 to 9666402129 for 1600/-.amount deducted from paytm wallet of 9948915676,but not received by 9666402129.the bal in pass book of 9666402129 is 0.transaction id-6515641646 dtd 09 02 2017.at 12:37. Again Rs 50/- was sent to 9666402129 from 9948915676 on 10 feb 17 at 11:59,Transaction id-6557798158 and the same was not recevied by 9666402129.where as only message of 1600 and 50 recevied was displayed,but paytm wallet bal shows nil amount in 9666402129 account.please solve the issue at the earliest. thank you.
Feb 11, 2017

Transaction money

I sent money Rs. 14500/- in bits to my friend PAYTM no. 9848058589. She didn't receive money. She had PAYTM app but she is not using. Her PAYTM wallet not showing balance. But I get msg successful transaction id. What can I do for my money? She hadn't received yet. Pls help!!!!
Feb 9, 2017

wrong product sending

I was buying Schwarzkopf combo of hair therapy rescue shampoo price pay 1199 but I have received balaji kripas product matrix blolage advance its price 975.
Feb 8, 2017


i made transactions on dt.22/01/2017 of Rs. 316 via payTm mobile solutions ,but the BOB-BHARUCH bank had rejected it .so i made transaction via SBI-BHARUCH.But the next Day ie.on 23/01/2017,the amunt Rs.316 deducted from myBOB bank account & this Rs. still not creadited to my airtail mobile no.9725018147 account ,So.pl.check it and creadit backthe money to my BOB Account.Transaction Description=PGDR/PayTM mobile Solutions/22.01.201714.00;15/5. pl reply on Mail ... patelnd@gnfc.in
This Tranction made for Airtail mobile no=9725018147 FOR corresponding pl.contact on mobile no=9725018148 Narendra D Patel
Feb 6, 2017

Looting wallet money by blocking account without reason

PayTM is simply looting money from people like me, by blocking accounts and grabbing hard earned money in wallet.

SHAME on you guys. You don't respond to emails. There is no way to talk to you directly over phone. Such a pathetic company!! Because of people like you people are losing faith in Indian based companies.

User Id/Mobile Number: 8019531518 Wallet balance: 995 INR

Started using PayTM after demonetization to share fuel/travel expenses with friends. I have 995 rupees balance in wallet. When I tried to transfer money to one of my friend, app asked me to verify mobile number. When same was tried it did not allow saying account already exists with this mobile number.
Feb 5, 2017

Not new account

My Paytm Acount not sing up / login
Feb 2, 2017

Product delivery status update and returns

Hello,sir i had ordered a pair of shoea on paytm..
I have received the delivery but it hasn't been updated in my account....
Nowi have some size issues and i wann return the product but there is no link in my orders to return it....
I have mailed paytm 10-15 times but nobody is responding .....
This is the worrest service i have ever seen....
Please kindly accept my request and reply.....

Order number:2623580357

Product delivery status update and returns

Feb 2, 2017


I was trying to pay the Airtel broadband amount of 1263/- but its was some error with your application, I tried several times after that i send my money to bank and i done the recharge with another application (Freecharge), Next day i got message from the bank that i got deducted 1263/- from paytm and i contacted with Airtel but they are telling that they did'nt received any double payment so kindly check and refund my money back....


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