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Consumer complaints and reviews about paytm

Jul 14, 2020

Cash refund

Hi sir

This is to you I have made the Rs.10000 transaction for the Paytm number of 9609835631 but that number is blocked by paytm team now my money stuck in that number kindly help me out get back my money.

anand [email protected]
Apr 19, 2020

deduction without my consent

rs 500 deducted by Paytm without my consent

deduction without my consent

Apr 15, 2020

Amount deducted for recharge

Rs. 3270 deducted from my paytm account towards google play recharge. This recharge was not done by me . And this was the total balance in my account. When paytm was contacted was informed that the recharge was successful and refund was not possible.
Jan 29, 2020

Order is deplayed

I have Ordered Fastag from Paytm app. The initial Schedule for delivery was 30th Dec 2019. But it is not shipped yet. Today is 29th Jan 2020. Attaching the Order details.

Order is deplayed

Dec 19, 2019

Transaction failed

Dear sir
I made a school fees payment through net banking where it is linked to Paytm after all the process after entering the OTP the transaction failed but the amount has been deducted from my bank account transactions ID # 9048337818 amount of Rs. 19000/-
My account details as below
Name : Vasanti. Y
Karnataka bank Pvt. Ltd.
A/C # ################
Please refund the amount do the needful ASAP I have to pay the school fees by 20 th of Dec 2019.
Dec 17, 2019

fast tag not delivered and no response from PAYTM

i ordered fast tag ID online through paytm on 1st December 2019 but till date it is not delivered and its showing delivery successfull in online tracking . i am contacting PAYTM through app and call both but no response .

there is something fraud going on .
Dec 16, 2019

Fastag not delivered

Product not delivered on promised date and customer care is literally unrechable.
I ordered fastag with Paytm based on their promised delivery date and waiting for the delivery but at the last minute delivery got postponed a week by Paytm without any intimation. Now I cannot seem to cancel order as well and Paytm site is saying order shipped but actual status is waiting for courier pickup.

Now, I am stuck with a fastag which i pad and not delivered to me and i have to pay double tolls in 1000kms trip i have coming in 5 days.
Nov 29, 2019

Paytm Fast tag delivery issue

Its has been 20 days since i have purchased fastag from PAYTM. It says delivery within 7 days but still now my fasttag is not been shipped and blocked at courier vendor. Paytm team is not responding properly even though i raised tickets multiple times.

Please resolve my issue asap.

Number : 9916514370
AWB : 254 517 1394

Courier : ecom express

Best Regards,
Subhash Neelam.
Nov 25, 2019

Paytm fastag blacklist

I purchased the paytm fast tag from paytm mall app. I have sufficient amount in the wallet but at the toll plaza it says fast tag blacklisted. Please resolve it asap.
fast tag bar code no. is 608032-002-0414466
my no. 7411322946
Jul 19, 2019

Extra money deducted

Have booked the ticket thru Paytm wallet App. While booking the ticket it has shown with complete breakup (including tax) to pay n proceed options attached for ref. It was showing Rs. 288, when I click to proceed opt it got deducted Rs. 382 automatically even it did not asked for confirmation or top since its paying thru wallet. When I asked Customer Care they said its extra tax. Pls take it as proof and get help me to return my money

Extra money deducted

Mukesh Reddy
Jul 15, 2019

Amount sent to wrong number, but the receivers number is switched off to contact to ask for refund.

Amount sent to wrong number, but for refund I tried calling back the number but the number is switched off.

Amount sent to wrong number, but the receivers number is switched off to contact to ask for refund.

Jun 10, 2019

Transaction done to wrong number

Paytm transaction done to a wrong number money is not getting refunded

I transferred money to this wrong number Paytm number 8951903922

My Paym linked number is 7760007556

Transaction done to wrong number Transaction done to wrong number

maruti ingaleshwar
May 15, 2019

not picked up by bus

Dear sir,

Kindly note that the i had booked a ticket from BANGALORE TO MARGAO thru paytm on saturday i.e on 11th of may 2019. and my PNR number is 29547589. my bus was scheduled at 10.20 pm and i was there at 10.00 pm and i was caling driver as i had got the number from paytm to know where the bus has reached as it was raining a bit. but the driver didnt pick my call despite calling for many times. then i had called jalhalli cross travel agent to know the bus location he told me the bus has reached yeswantpur and will come in half an hour. i waited and then again after half an hour i was calling driver he didnt pick up the call. and when i called office again they said the bus has already left and reached tumkur ,so i was unable to board the bus. so now i want my refund back . please help me with this as soon as possible.

waiting for your reply .

maruti Ingaleshwar
Md Manawwar Alam
May 15, 2019

Not delivered but saying No such consignee at given address

I didn't receive any call or they didn't come to deliver but the status update as no such consignee at given address
Please help me its argent i need
My waybilk no 36271650096
Jaydev Manu
May 10, 2019

Ticket payment declined but amount deducted

I made a payment for ticket in Indigo Airlines through paytm. The transaction declined but amount got deducted. Transaction ID is QPT27528090689
Apr 14, 2019

Fraudulent transactions

Fraudulent transactions.

Dear sir,

I got a call from phone no. 7572034853 by one Kunal Sharma Emp. ID 28205 of Citi Bank on 10/04/2019 at about 2.30 pm, telling that the reward points in my credit card can be transferred as money to my credit card a/c and has asked for the credit card details and OTP. He has transferred the following amounts to PAYTM fraudulently. Rs 1452 Rs 3405 & Rs 4805 through my credit card.

I request you to refund the amounts to my credit card no.
################ and check on such fraudsters.

S. Jayaram
[email protected]
Mar 29, 2019

PAYTM - No Response over Customer Care or Email ID - Money not refunded

I have not received my refund amount in my PAYTM on cancellation of ticket in IRCTC. I received email from IRCTC that money is refunded on 15th March. On trying to reach PAYTM , always they say due to technical issues agent is not able to connect. No email to reach them as well.
Reference number received from IRCTC :
Refund reference no:190313100625062215 (Rs.1500)
Refund reference no:190313790224924449 (Rs.1500)
Why Paytm has not added refund amount to my wallet yet ?

EMAIL : [email protected]
Jan 7, 2019

Payment not received to bank account

I have transferred RS.5000 on 4/1/2019, in the Paytm account showing ' Bank transfer pending'.

My business register mobile number is 9108024198

Payment not received to bank account

Jan 5, 2019

Fraud calls in the name of paytm

Hello Team,

I received a message on my number as:

Congrats! You Won 1st Prize Maruti Alto K10 In New Year In Paytmmall .This Is Valid For Today For Registration Contact On:7463893575 T&C #Paytm Karo.

When I called them back, they are asking for the money to transfer in the name of MD of PayTM mall. As I told them that this is fraud and I am going to register a complaint against you, they swear and disconnected.

Please take some action as they are making fool of others and making money illegaly.

Jan 3, 2019

Poor Delay in service and Not allowing to Cancel Order

I have ordered Fastag from Paytm on 14th December 2018. At that time they said my order will be delivered by 2nd January 2019. However after 5 days since I didn't receive anything from them I approached them and raised a complaint (Complaint Number: 103174968) as to what is happening on my order. They said it is under process, then I asked but no information on my Car is not being asked till now then how will you process the fastag, then they said they will send us the link and asked me to send to documents to their email which I promptly did it on 22nd December 2018 and even got an acknowledgment that they have received the documents and they are working closely on it and will provide me a solution at the earliest. I also told them that I will be out of country from 26th to 31st December if there are any queries then please call immediately to resolve it before I go out of country.

When I came back I saw a message from them which is sent on 27th December stating that they have tried reaching me and since I am not reachable they are closing my query without any resolution. This was done purposefully because I have told them very clearly that from 26th to 31st I am out of India and they purposefully waited till 26th and on 27th they have sent this message.

After seeing the message I immediately called their customer care number 18007026480 and spoke to Mr. Ravi and also raised a complaint (Complaint Number: 101856518). First he told me that since I have not shared the documents the order is on hold and will process it once he receives the document. Then when I said I have already sent the documents on 22nd, he put me on hold for 10 minutes checked it and then told that he has received the document and he will ensure he will put this on fast track mode and will be dispatched as soon as possible. This he said on 31st December and have received an email on that day also.

Now when I am checking the status on 3rd January 2019, the status shows order placed and it will be dispatched to me on 19th January 2019. Firstly they are delaying it on their own due to which I am not able to use the fastag and avail discount which Paytm claimed that they will give if I order it through Paytm for this financial year. Now they are not allowing me to cancel the order as the order was placed under no-cancellation policy which leaves me with no option of waiting till they send it and be under their mercy. I am requesting your good office to please look into it and I also believe that there should be some proper mechanism to track these kind of poor services and fraud services which they are doing through online and cheating customers unnecessarily. Please provide me with a solution.
Jeevan L
Dec 13, 2018

Waiting for refund

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing this email regarding the failed transaction of an amount which was debited from my account and was not credited to the beneficiary account. The transaction status shows as failed and the amount would be refunded within 48 hours of transaction where as its been more than 48 hours and I still didn't get my refund.

Please find below the details of the transaction

Account Name: Jeevan L Poojari
Transaction Type: UPI
UPI transaction Id ############
Date of Transaction: 10-December-2018
Transaction Status: Failed

When inquired in UPI they are asking to contact the branch and when contacted the branch they are asking to contact UPI.

When trying to contact your customer care they will keep you on hold for 15 to 30 minutes and disconnect the call with out answering. (Worst customer service)

Please take this complaint seriously on priority and do the needful of refunding my amount

Thanks and regards,
Dec 7, 2018

UPI transaction not reflecting in the account

I had to get a return amount from a online shopping site to my Paytm account linked to my SBI account through UPA payment. I have checked with both Paytm and the shopping site. They have processed it. It's SBI holding the transaction for some insane reason. I need the money back.

UPI transaction not reflecting in the account

Dec 1, 2018

Refund Amount Rs. 37,367

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have paid Gold pass registration fees of Rs. 37487/- for open Source India event through my SCB credit card. Last month, I got the Standard Chartered credit card Bank statement and it has mentioned that two times Rs. 37487 was deducted.

Regarding this, I contacted the Open Source India event coordinator and they confirmed that the amount is paid twice from my credit card. Then they revised the amount to paytm (see the below mail) but I haven’t yet received the amount. Since it is almost one month is over, I request you to do the needful at the earliest. If you need any clarifications, please reply to this mail or call me at: 9900541576.

N.B: Your customer care numbers won’t help me to resolve this issue.

Thanks and Regards,
B Thangaraju

From: Aman Kumar [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2018 2:28 PM
To: Rama Jha
Cc: Accounts; Relations; Niraj Sahay
Subject: Re: OSI 2018-Knowledge Partner and talk proposal -reg.


Transaction ID 20181008111212800110168582340157598

Refund ID 20181025111212801300168583510369968

Settled Date

Refund Date 2018-10-25 14:19:46

Transaction Date 2018-10-08 11:13:37

Refund Type

Refund Amount 37487.0

Transaction Amount 37487.0

On Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 2:16 PM, Rama Jha <[email protected]> wrote:
Dear Aman,

Thanks for your prompt reply, Please refund order no: 183541

Rama Jha

From: Aman Kumar [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2018 2:10 PM
To: Rama Jha
Cc: Accounts; Relations; Niraj Sahay
Subject: Re: OSI 2018-Knowledge Partner and talk proposal -reg.
Dear Rama, We have received these two payments, So please confirm which order no. i'm going to refund.

Refund Amount Rs. 37,367

Atul Pahlazani
Nov 9, 2018

Fake paytm offers

I had ordered a laptop worth 45k on 12th June for which there was promised 2500 cash back offer on using ICICI credit card within 120 days or by31st oct,
Obviously I never received it nor a single info regarding it.

I tried to contact them many times (>50) but no response till date!!

I raised multiple tickets but for the resolution I just got the TnCs which they are supposed to adhere.
But such a lame sense of support they have that without understanding anything they just give some bullshit and close it off as if nothing happened.

I'll take this thing to law very seriously as e-commerce crime to lure customers by giving fake written promises with no proper updates or support facility and ultimately abandoning their customers high and dry.

They can't be trusted, please take away ur money from their wallet or bank ASAP.
Oct 31, 2018

Water bill paid in paytm but in the service provider website it shows not paid

Paid in paytm but in service provider website it shows not paid the transaction id is 6379275072

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