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Consumer complaints and reviews about paytm

Mar 16, 2017

money unnecessarily deducted from my paytm wallet

unnecessarily amount has been deducted from my paytm wallet.i want it back otherwisei i will file legal case aganist paytm as this problem has hapened with me 3-4 times
Prameela dinesh
Mar 11, 2017

Account blocked

My account is in sbm, Tumkur. Don't know the reason for blocking my account from adding money to my paytm wallet. Not getting any ways to talk with any customer care personnel. Please open any ways to use my wallet..
Guru Rama Chandra
Feb 28, 2017

730 rs not refunded to my paytm wallet

Hi ..
Guru here
My paytm no : 8951097072
Canara bank acc : 0404131001743

Am facing issue by 3rd or 4th time by transactions using paytm. Problem is amount of 730 rs deducted in bank but not transferred to my paytm wallet which I was added on 9 of February month . I need to know wen it ll be added and wen this type of issue ll ended . By this i can tell quick transactions of face to face is far much better than Paytm online transactions.
So sort my issue by adding my amount to my canara bank account or paytm wallet as Soon as possible ..

Thank you
Guru R
Feb 21, 2017

Fake product Received


For order Number - 2593622637, Instead of getting a pair of shores, i received the product attached.
This is the way Paytm is trying to cheat the customers.

I raised the return request, for the same and the request was rejected on the same day.

I raised a complaint attaching the image of the product received, and requested for a call back.

Courier guy, came and asked me to fill a form regarding the packaging and all. I filled the document and gave it to him.

I went out for vacation after that, hence asked for a call back.

After I returned, I have been asking a lot of questions at [email protected] and every time I have been receiving same "Template" information.

Instead of answering to my questions, I have been been getting Template reply.

No I am getting mails from PayTm stating that they cannot do anything on this, which I suppose means "congrats we were able to cheat you".

I didn't received any call back, no resolution no answers to all the questions I ask. Just I am getting same template reply from customer care service.

No 1 there bothers to investigate into the situation.

I just don't understand what the heck is going on with PayTm.

Fake product Received Fake product Received Fake product Received Fake product Received Fake product Received

Feb 17, 2017

Air ticket cancellation amount not refunded - deadlock situation


I am Mandeep and on Nov 29, 2016 I booked a return flight ticket using Paytm app. The Air Asia flight ticket which I had booked were for 3 person for Bangalore-Goa on 19 Jan 2017 and return was on 23 Jan 2017 with PNR no: KI3ESW.

Due to the demise of my grandfather I had to cancel trip, so I called the air asia customer care and gave a cancellation request on 17th Jan 2017. I was informed by them that the refund amount of rs. 2937 will be credited to my paytm acount within few day. I noticed that I havent got any confirmation even after 24 hours so I called up air asia customer care again to check with them. They assured me that the cancellation was in progress and on request they provided me with the case id: CAS-17618237-DZJV8G

Since I havent got the refund yet I called up air asia again. This time I was given a transaction no:255258375 for the amount transfer and they claim they are done from their side. So I called and mailed Paytm to check with them. I was informed by Paytm that they need a confirmation email, sms or a stamp copy to prove the ticket cancellation. So I called air asia again, this time they said that they cannot provide this confirmation email since this was done by Patym partner, "easemytrip.com"(which I had no idea while booking from patym app). So I called up easemytrip customer care and I am informed that they had no idea of this ticket. They even refused to check with my PNR or my mobile number. Instead they directed me to paytm again saying they are the one who I should get in touch.

So in short my situation is,
Paytm wants confirmation from Air asia. Air asia says easemytrip should give the confirmation. Easemytrip says go to paytm.

I tried calling many times but all my efforts have gone in vain to break this deadlock.

Date of ticket: Nov 29, 2016 (Bangalore-Goa, Goa-Bangalore)
Journey date: 19 Jan 2017 and return on 23 Jan 2017
Cancellation request date: 17 Jan 2017
Air asia case id(for cancellation): CAS-17618237-DZJV8G
Air asia transaction id(for rs 2937): 255258375

Please help me resolve the issue and with the refund.

Feb 13, 2017

Incorrect balance

I am having issue of 450 mismatch with my paytm balance . When I raise a request it is cleared and later again it is disappearing from the account t
Feb 13, 2017

Funds misused rom my account

Somebody had misused funds from my paytm wallet to book movie Tickets. I was shocked to see the message saying 2 tickets for Jolly-LLB 2 movie has been booked from your paytm and 800 rupees has been deducted. How can somebody access my account without my knowledge. Have heard many of my friends telling this issue, but i myself has experianced it now. I just want this issue to be rectified and want my money back.
[email protected]
Feb 12, 2017

Account balance is 0 instead of 6500

Paytm Account balance is 0 instead of 6500, no response from customer care, no complaint # received, grievance cell has no cell number and email to escalate. I had merged paytm account with 2 cell# and 1 email id and unable to login to smartphone of paytm
Guru Rama Chandra
Feb 11, 2017

Amount of 7900 rs not refunded to my canara bank account from paytm wallet

I have transferred my money to paytm wallet from my canara bank account. But AMOUNT of 730rs is deducted in Bank account but still not credited to Paytm wallet abt a week ago. So pls credit my amount neither in my bank Account or in paytm wallet as soon as possible

Wallet no

Amount of 7900 rs not refunded to my canara bank account from paytm wallet

Feb 10, 2017

money debited and reflecting in paytm passbook, but not reflecting in the balance

I added Rs.250/- to my paytm wallet on 8th Feb.2017and the money has been debited to my account , amount reflecting that it has been added and the balance is Rs.495/- in the paytm passbook, but it has not been added to my wallet balance.
Could you kindly let me know what is the problem. . But the balance showing as of now is rupees 145. I have not made any transaction or payment after I added the money. Please clarify what is the problem and where has my money gone. My repeated request to paytm customer care has not been replied. Could I get an confirmation regarding this at the earliest.


money debited and reflecting in paytm passbook, but not reflecting in the balance

Guru Rama Chandra
Feb 8, 2017

Dont not share any OTP

An hour back i was registered the complaint regarding paytm wallet with its improper service and no quick transactions by providing my wallet no 8951097072 and amount 730 rs was not transferred to my bank to wallet . The paytm no i had given ,some one called to tat no by telling tat am from consumer board and enquired tat in details of my issue , secondly he ask details of my patm mail id which i was given in WALLET and he asked details of debit card which i was used in paytm by tat i come t know he was online fraud and tat i came to know tat he was log in my paytm wallet by asking details in technically in different methodlogy and finally he ask some OTP code tat telling i ll sort it out ur problem so wen i see tat msg tat person given request for AMOUNT 3900 rs to deduct so pls beware of tat ....... and tat online fraud
Contact no was :: 7290964650

Pls take action by this type of frauds

Dont not share any OTP

Guru Rama Chandra
Feb 8, 2017

Amount deducted in bank but not transferred to paytm wallet

Hi ..
Guru here
My paytm no : 8951097072
Order id no : 2711227593

Am facing 3rd or 4th time by transactions using paytm. Problem is amount of 730 rs is deducted in bank but not transferred to paytm wallet which I was added . I need to know wen it ll be added and wen this type of issue ll ended . By this i can tell quick transactions of face to face is far much better than Paytm online transactions.
So sort my issue by adding my amount as Soon as possible ..

Thank you

Amount deducted in bank but not transferred to paytm wallet

Feb 5, 2017

regarding merging of paytm acc

complaints-1,as i merged paytm acc frm previous acc to new one,their is no money tranfer takes place frm previous paytm wallet acc to new one.2,if i called for 24*7 customer care helpline number-9643979797....thier is no option to talk with customer care executive.3,24*7 customer care number charges are highly expensive.4,their is no person to resolve our queries
Feb 1, 2017

Canceled my order with out any prior notice. Even after i have paid the bil amt

After i have done the payment to paytm, they have canceled one of the item from my order without any prior notice.

I request them to deliver the same product on the date they have promised.
If not refund the amount based on the current market price i.e 1200 instead of the amount which i had paid to paytm

Order number :2637761700
Jan 25, 2017

Not yet refunded

On Jan 11 2017, While loading cash in patym wallet the transaction was failed and i have lost Rs.1434 from my account and it shows failed in my paytm app.I got a mail from paytm states that the money will be refunded within 24hrs-48hrs. But i didn't received the amount yet.its been more than 2 weeks.

Not yet refunded

Deepak Rubakanthan
Jan 25, 2017

Recharge amount not credited

Hello Team,

I have a recharge for 276 for the Airtel prepaid number in Karnataka (9901273542) on 17th January 2017.

Paid for OrderPaytm Order #2598983817Paytm Cash Txn ID 56709844582017-01-17 06:31:38 PM

Neither the recharge amount nor the offer was credit to the number.

I have been in touch with PayTM multiple times, but their customer care is the MOST PATHETIC, as they just do not respond, and are not reachable as well as they claim to be 24x7 support on their website.

I have provided the details clearly to them as attached in the image, and still when I contacted the Airtel customer care about the reference number, they have no track of it.

So request you to please look into this at the earliest, as I am sure PayTM has a history of being neglective towards their customers.

From a Frustrated Indian,
Deepak Rubakanthan
99864 65697

Recharge amount not credited

tumpa maity
Jan 24, 2017

add money

issue in transtering money trom paytm wallet to may bank withdrawn 2000+2000=4000 bat not add may wallet,

order no- 2457994372 R S=2000
order no-2457967568 R S=2000
order no-2457934534 R S=2000

MOBIL NO=9725370035
pelase I used return to bank
Jan 24, 2017

Regarding inconsistentcy in paytm wallet

Hi Team,

I am fed up with Paytm customer care service, neither they reply back on mail nor they have customer support team.
My Paytm wallet amount is inconsistent with the transactions I have made.

Kindly help me out with this issue. Whom I can contact to?

Thanks & Regrads,
Khyati Grover
Avinash S
Jan 23, 2017

Fraud Transaction

There was an Unauthorized Transaction done on my ICICI Credit Card on 23-01-2017.

Please find Call Details
Phone:087500 20137
Time:3:19 P M
Spoke Duration: 5M 37s
Caller Name: Rita
Transaction Site: Paytm Mobile

Unauthorized Transaction

I did not authorize the transaction. My card was in my possession at the time of the transaction and at all times

All information provided above is true and do the best of my knowledge.

I hereby authorize ICICI Bank to investigate/correct the transaction (s) in dispute.

Fraud Transaction

Avinash S
Jan 23, 2017

Fraud Transaction

There was an unauthorized transaction happen in my credit card ending with 3007, RS. 15000/- to PAYTM MOBILE.

Please find Call Details

Phone:087500 20137
Time:3:19 P M
Spoke Duration: 5M 37s
Caller Name: Rita
Transaction Site: Paytm Mobile

Please find herewith attached message for your reference.

kindly investigate on above fraud Transaction

Fraud Transaction

[email protected]
Jan 22, 2017

Money not added to wallet: Paytm

I had made a transaction of Rs.1000/- through SBI (VISA) Credit card Number ################ on 12 Jan 17 to add money to my Paytm Wallet. This amount has been debited from Credit card account. However same has not been credited to my Paytm Account.

Please note that this transaction is also not reflected in my PayTm passbook, Hence I do not have a a transaction ID for the same.

It is requested that the matter may please be resolved at the earliest and Rs1000/- be refunded to my account. I have contacted customer care of Paytm but matter is not yet resolved.
[email protected]
tanu arora
Jan 21, 2017

Order not received and there is no progress when i see the tracking status as well

I had ordered Prestige non stick set on 10th January and the estimated delivery date was 18th January. I haven't yet received the item and there seems to be no progress in tracking status as well.

Tried calling paytm customer many times but still got no response .

Kindly treat this as a matter of priority as we don't have time to keep calling paytm daily just to listen to the automated voice message .

Mobile number-9916777155
Order number:2555901676
Karthik Kj
Jan 20, 2017

Add money to wallet issue

Dear sir/ Madam,
I have added amount Rs.4500 from paytm site to my wallet through bank of india net banking, and the amount was debited from my account on 10/01/2017 . please refund the amount in my account or my paytm wallet

Add money to wallet issue

Rajendra Raghuwanshi
Jan 20, 2017

Paytm I am opting out

don't want Paytm I am opting out this.

Hi Team,

I don't want Paytm I am opting out this, I have sent 20 mails but no reply.

Please do the needful.

Bank name ICICI-Bank

Name Rajendra Raghuwanshi

Account No ############

IFSC code ICIC0001862


sampath kumar P
Jan 18, 2017

Money transfer failed

Dear sir,

This is to your kind notice,

Both money transactions I made through Paytm on 17th Dec.2016 & 31st Dec.2016 still not credited to below Paytm a/c.

Shashank jain,Mob. no 9449686010 - ID 463448237 -17.12.2016. amount Rs.2000/-

Shashank jaon,Mob. no. 9449686010 -ID 5137430345 - 31.12.2016 amount Rs.2000/-

Please check and let me know the status as soon as possible.

Sampath kumar

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