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Consumer complaints and reviews about paytm

Nitin kumar tanwar
Jun 12, 2017

replacement of defective product

Sir they are not even replying me and today's the last day to replace the product so please take strict action on them and do something.

replacement of defective product

Jun 6, 2017

Refund of money

I have to book one tatkal ticket on 3-6-2017 from patna to mumbai. During course of booking , I am paying through paytm gateway without using paytm account. Money got deducted but I cant book ticket. My trasaction ID is 100000862080765. But IRctc is saying they returned to paytm bank. But Paytm didnt return that money. Please, say how can i get my money back.

Refund of money

Jun 3, 2017

Bses bill not deposit paytm 3015286409

Order i.d 3015286409 not proceed in.month of April 2017 through paytm.kindly solve my problem because i paid electricity bill of bses rajdhani and it,s add as penalty in month of may bill..

Bses bill not deposit paytm 3015286409 Bses bill not deposit paytm 3015286409

Jun 3, 2017

Illegal Deductio of money

Rechage of my Tata sky no.1064183617 for Rs.100/- by order no.3325696598 dated 02.06.2017 at 18:00 hrs. payment deducted Rs.600/- but after sort while payment was shown as failed and amount credit to my wallet was Rs.100/- instead of Rs.600/- already deducted wronly i.e. a short credit of rs.500/-. so, balance amount of rs.500/- may be credit to my wallet wihtout any delay.
May 14, 2017

forfeit my amt

my name sachin jindal .i have paytm ac in that rs642 balance is there in dec month but all of sudden my amt is not showing in paytm ac.
is it the why paytm company taking amt from their custmer ac .company is not realiable . despite reapeted email nothing is done from company side. my mobile no 9810128130
priyanka bhambri
May 5, 2017

deduction of the paytm account balance unknowingly

Dear sir/ma'm

My father has a paytm account and unknowingly from his paytm account money is going to be deducted.Its just not one time happened it was happen so many times and now its not exceptable..it was written in the transaction that some kind of energy drink we purchased..and we didnt purchased any kind of that product...and most of the times it happend when we recharge metro card...
I hope your team will take a look on this..otherwise i"ll take a strict action to this..

paytm account holder
contact no-8447115974
Apr 12, 2017

payment issue

My money deducted from my wallet Rs99 .Even i cancel my order . so many times i write a mail but no one assist me .today i receive a call from paytm customer care as per discussion. They said when u cancel order for jio prime member rechage .So, merchant confirm your order & They give some reference number to paytm . But i didn't receive any reference number by jio operator or paytm, so no one resolve my issue

my cocntact no. 7007848481 / 8818932633
Rishabh Rawat
Apr 10, 2017

Amount deducted from paytm but transaction failed

Amount deducted from paytm wallet but transaction failed.
On 7th april around 4 p.m , I have paid Rs 99 and Rs303 total of Rs 402 for both jio prime membership and the recharge for Jio summer offer by Jio app using Paytm. The amount has been deducted from my Paytm wallet and got a message that " Paid Rs 402 to BILLDESKutil ". I didn't got any confirmation from Jio by message or email, so I called the customer care of jio so he told me to contact Paytm customer care. So I have sent my problem to them.
But till now no response from them... Please provide the refund to my wallet or recharge Rs 303 to my Paytm.
Wallet ID : 9560267651
"This happened with so many people ", so I kindly request you to look into the matter as soon as possible.
aman mathut
Apr 8, 2017

money deducted but recharge is unsuccessful

I recharged my jio mobile with₹303 summer offer.
Money deducted but recharge was unsuccessful

money deducted but recharge is unsuccessful

Komal Paul
Apr 7, 2017

paytm fraud

Paytm fraud.money deducted from card-999,for order id-3045166226.e-mail-sanj220@gmail.com.order not placed,and message received from paytm of order cancellation.amount refunded-147.37,rest amount999-147.37 =851.63 eaten by paytm.this is the way they cheat customers.i have messages of of paytm order placed ,and then cancelled.i also have transaction details.stay away from them,i am going to file an fir,and also knock the doors of consumer court.all those who have been cheated by paytm.please support.together we can take them behind bars
Apr 6, 2017

Amount not refunded

On 31 march 2017 i made a transaction through paytm for phone recharge of rs 149 order id 8449066046. As the order was not successful so i cancelled the order and the amount was refunded on 1 april 2017 id 8471280082. But on 2 april 2017 the same amount deducted again. And no information is being sent to me through mail or mobile.
Thanking you
Kanishk misra
Email kanishk.misra26@gmail.com

Amount not refunded

Apr 6, 2017

Cancel a order

Hi ,
First of all , this is not an return item request.
a) On 23March 2017, i ordered this product and on the same day i requested to cancel this order to your team. This is the assurance given from paytm on 29March 2017 ."
Hi ,
I will do my best to work with you to resolve your issue. I understand you have a concern regarding your order 2957978905.
I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. As per concern team, your order will be cancelled in next 24 hours. Once the order will cancelled, your refund of Rs. 23700 will be credited to your Paytm wallet/bank(if applicable) as soon as possible.

Should you need any further assistance, please let me know.
Paytm Care
Disclaimer : "Please do not share your Paytm Wallet password, Credit/Debit card PIN, CVV and any other confidential information with anyone even if he/she claims to be from Paytm. We advise our customers to completely ignore such communications."

b) On 24 March the status of the order changed to "shipped". As i was not able to track the order,therefore i called your customer care team, they told that order is shipped by Hand. I insisted again to cancel the order, they assured me that our concern team is working on it to cancel it.

c) On 30th March 2017 the status of the order changed from shipped to pending return. Here i raised the concern regarding my doubt on the team why the status has been changed to pending return as i didn't get the order.It is now showing "failed" and stating "Return request received.Please do not accept the delivery in case the item reaches you".

I did n't received the product and on 20-30 times dropping the mail and 20 -25 times calling the customer care regarding this.No body is helping me.It had been more than 2 weeks this happen.ticket num 25188460 for your ref.

And now your concern team asking me share the reason for return the product. What is this nuance? Your very own team told me that they are working on it and now after 12 days they asking me the reason to return. I didn't received the order .

As you see how i am harassed by the paytm team .I am totally fed up from the Paytm.Please share with me the Paytm process to file a complain in consumer court regarding this.

Please be ethical and return my RS23700 immediately.

Please help.
Apr 6, 2017

Amount debited for IRCTC ticket booking, but ticket not booked

I attempted to book train ticket in IRCTC website through Paytm gateway. Although I don't have Paytm account, I used my Axis bank debit card. Rs 704 was debited from my Axis bank account. But ticket was not booked with reason "Payment failure". Please do needful to refund money to my Axis bank account.

Here is the message received:

Your a/c xxxxx7 is debited INR 704.28 on 05-04-2017 15:59:01
Info: PUR/irctc_PayTM/SBIPG/irctc_PayTM/Seq No ############
Time: 05/04/2017 21:29:03


Lalit Saikia
Apr 4, 2017

Scrap of books delivered instead of the mobile phone I ordered

I ordered a mobile phone, Swipe Konnect 5.1 (Black) from Paytm on 26th Feb 2017 via their order no. 2819393583. The mobile was to be delivered to my brother in law, Mr. Kawaljeet Singh on his address:

Kawaljeet Singh Vig
Guru Nanak Bag House
Near Gurdwara Parasia, Madhya Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
Mobile : 7869968378

Instead of the mobile phone, they have delivered to him a box full of scrap books. After numerous mails to them the issue has still not been resolved. Here is the sequence by sequence account of what happened

1) I first complained to them about the issue on 2nd March 2017 when my brother in law received a box full of scrap instead of the mobile phone. In response they asked me to send them an Empty Shipment Undertaking Form. On 4th March I sent them the form duly filled and also sent them the 2 snapshots of the packet we received.

2) I got their reply on 4th March that the form is wrongly filled and the " name, address and containing is incorrect" and I need to send them " the images of paytm polybag barcode serial number, inner packaging and share the weight of the shipment along with the packaging on digital weighing scale machine". I complied and sent them the new form again on 6th March 2016 and now also added the snapshot of the weight of the package. I also informed them that there was no polybag as such and whatever we received we sent already.

3) on 9th March they again sent me a form asking me to send it again "share the images of paytm polybag barcode serial number". This time I informed them that two times over the phone and now also I have marked the same in the form, that there was no poly bag just the box and seal of Paytm on it, the snapshot of which is already enclosed with, from both sides, from one side reflecting the barcode, shipping address and the other side which is open with books in it."

4) On 11th March I received the following reply that now the issue will be resolved finally: "We will ensure that we fix the issue for Swipe Konnect 5.1 (Black) against the Order 2819393583. We have already escalated this case with the seller and courier partner. And will be coordinating to get a speedy resolution for you as soon as possible."

5) On 12th March, I again received their following reply: " I would like to inform you that I have already forwarded your issue to our logistic/seller department for further investigation and I will get back to you soon with the better resolution." I was relieved very much that they are working on the issue and this will get resolved now.

6) Everything was fine here and no mention of the customer undertaking form was done in the previous mails. But on 14th March, I again received their reply in which they first lied calling me and then again pointed mistakes in the form thereby making me fill it again and send it to them again. Following is their reply: "I tried calling you several times on your registered mobile number But unfortunately same was not reachable. I will do my best to work with you to resolve your issue. I understand you have a concern regarding your order 2819393583. In the undertaking that you have shared with us you have mentioned that outer box was not delivered in intact condition. Please share few images of the outer box from where you have found same in damage or tempered condition."

7) On 15th they again sent me a mail asking me to share a few images of the tempered box: "we request you to share the images of the outer box where you have found same in damage or tempered condition so that we could proceed further". In this mail they again lied to me that they tried calling me on the phone. I sent them the mail: "For full two days there was not a single call on my mobile. Please call me on 9811....., 925...... How many times do I have to tell you that there are no more images with us. Whatever we had has been mailed to you. Please provide me the resolution ASAP now."

8) Since that time nobody called me and informed me as to what they are doing. I again registered a fresh complaint against the fraud and then on 3rd April I received a call from one lady asking me to send the form again. I denied sending them any form now and asked them the resolution. Instead, she cut my phone down. Still in god faith, I sent them the form now again in the afternoon looking after various fields to see any error on my part so that I get any resolution atleast now.

9) on 3rd April, I received a mail from them again stating that it was from me that they did not get any revert after 16/03/2017. This is the mail: We would like to inform you that we have requested you to share the correct undertaking from you on 16/03/2017. As we did not get any revert for your end so, at this point we are unable to consider your request as we required undertaking within 24-48 hours of the requested time so that we could proceed with the investigation."

10) I again got a mail on 3rd April 2017. The mail read as follows: "I am Shweta and I am writing this email to inform you that your concern of empty box received against the order 2819393583 has been resolved. Also, our system encountered multiple requests generated from your end for the same concern for this order. Please note that resolution has been communicated to you for the case 22969308. Hence, we are closing this case from our end.

So Inspite of my numerous mails to them and complying with them at every point, I have not been given any solution. I have enclosed the photographs of the box we received and also filled in 4 times their customer undertaking form but they have not been able to provide me with any resolution. If I raised a new complain they would close it saying that the case is already pending. No one is there to listen to the kind of fraud has happened to me. I had waited and waited for over a month, suddenly one lady called me after I again raised a complaint with them on April 2nd and she informed me that I needed to send the form again duly filled. I still in good faith sent the form on 3rd April 2017 with the result that they closed the case altogether. I simply cannot understand how this fraud company is working and expanding their base. I look forward to a resolution through you for my heard earned money which has got waste due to them.

Scrap of books delivered instead of the mobile phone I ordered Scrap of books delivered instead of the mobile phone I ordered Scrap of books delivered instead of the mobile phone I ordered

Apr 1, 2017


Transaction ID
Transaction Date
Mar 31, 2017 16:15:26
You have paid ₹1960.00 to 9810892309.
Updated wallet balance is ₹4.24.

This transaction not done by me

Rear Admiral Sanjiv Kapoor
Mar 30, 2017

Online recharge of metro card

Using paytm i spent 100 rupees for my metro card recharge but the metro card didnt recieved the amount .this is serious as if no response is recieved or the money is not credited to my account , i will file a further case against the company
Muskan sagar
Mar 23, 2017

Money was not added

My father made a payment on my paytm wallet on no 9971244702 it's successful credited frm my father's cardand I got a msg also on my no but by opening paytm it's not their no updates was their

Money was not added

Mar 22, 2017

Not refunding money for failed transaction

Dear Sir/Madam,

Dear Sir/Madam,

I tried to book a ticket at IRCTC on March 20, 2017, and Rs 1857.67 was deducted from my account. The ticket is not booked, and Paytm team is not helping to reverse this payment. The failed transaction id is 100000782878316.

Request for your help for the refund of this amount.

I also request you to discourage customers from using Paytm gateway. Earlier, whenever I booked a ticket through a bank, money in case of failed transactions used to come to my account automatically BUT Paytm is a bad company, and they want the customer to run from one place to another.



Not refunding money for failed transaction

Mar 14, 2017

Electricity Bill

Recharge is failed and payment is transfer but recharge failed money is not return bank account...please money is return in bank account balance...

Electricity Bill

Mar 8, 2017

No refund Till Now -- Issue in transferring money from PayTm wallet to bank account

On 30th dec, I transfered an amount of Rs 520 from my PayTm wallet to my bank account but its been more than 2 months still their is no refund . Contacted PayTm nearly 25-30 times ,mailed them , talked to their customers care executive's provided them my passbook details but they keep repeating the same line that they have transferred the amount and share the reference no. and its the bank who is responsible and even contacted the bank neglecting any reference refund and reference . Don't know what to do felling very frustrated right now.

Wallet transaction id -- 5094660325
Order id -- 2479018940

No refund Till Now -- Issue in transferring money from PayTm wallet to bank account No refund Till Now -- Issue in transferring money from PayTm wallet to bank account No refund Till Now -- Issue in transferring money from PayTm wallet to bank account No refund Till Now -- Issue in transferring money from PayTm wallet to bank account

Ezhil Arasi
Mar 7, 2017

money not received

sir i asked my friend to pay Rs.100 in my paytm account she did then i received a message about the same but when i opened my paytm account i could not fine the paid amount in my paytm wallet .
this is to please refund me the amount. & add it to my paytm account.
also the money (transaction) has been done in my friend's account so, money has been decucted in her account but i haven't received it yet.
wallet txn id:7539789094
Ezhil Arasi
Mar 7, 2017

money not received

sir i asked my friend to pay Rs.100 in my paytm account she did then i received a message about the same but when i opened my paytm account i could not fine the paid amount in my paytm wallet .
this is to please refund me the amount. & add it to my paytm account.
also the money (transaction) has been done in my friend's account so, money has been decucted in her account but i haven't received it yet.
Mar 6, 2017

Money discrepancy in Paytm


I was going through my transactions, there is clear discrepancy always in what debited and what credited. Always balance shows as 0. What ever I credited is not accounting completely. Need more transparency, but not sure how can I get a complete statement rather than a vague passbook. How can I take this forward?
Ami sharma
Feb 22, 2017

Login blocked

Sir, i am unable to log in my paytm account (9717665856)

Login blocked

Feb 16, 2017

recd payment in third person account instead of my wallet

My paytm account no. is 8010855571. My name is Itender. I would like to add 5000/- in my paytm wallet from the bank account of Mr. Suraj paytm no. 8375041278 (my friend). But mistakenly i have trf. the payment in Mr. rakesh bank account (some one added in my paytm account).
Order ID - QR1487228201259 dt. 16.02.17 time 12.26 PM.

You are requested that kindly trf. the same amount in my wallet no. 8010855571.


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