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Consumer complaints and reviews about paytm

Divya Dulyan
Sep 23, 2017

Unauthorized transaction

Someone used my debit card's details to transfer money to their paytm wallet and made transactions worth 15000/-
Is it possible to get the information of the person and my money?
Card details :
Name- Sushil kumar
Card number- ################
Bank- sbi
Shru Ti
Sep 22, 2017

Accidentally transaction Patym won't resolve issue


I made a transaction accidentally to 9999995654.I raised this complaint on paytm app 3 times and they keep telling me to reach user. I tried reaching the user but it seems the no. is not in use anymore. The paytm complaint no. are fake and email ids are incorrect. Complaint escalation does not exist and resolution are automated with out solutions. This is violation of customers trust and fake business profile.

Please help me get my money back.

Accidentally transaction Patym won't resolve issue

Aug 29, 2017

Delay in replacement of defective product

Dear team,

I had placed a request in Paytym for purchase of an Apple 6 mobile handset on 17th Aug '17 which was delivered by them on 22nd of Aug '17. After unboxing the phone I realised that there is flaw in the product. The right, lower corner is loose and makes a cracking sound on being mildly pressed. Moreover, the speaker voice is not distinct. I had raised a complaint on the same date (22nd Aug). I have been following up with Paytym personnel for the same who asked for pictures of the damaged phone but there is no visible damage to the phone. After a few to and fro mails ( in a span of 8 days) paytym has come up with a new requirement everytime ( like on imei number image of the phone). They even claim to have called me but my number was unreachble which I find highly ridiculous! I am deeply frustrated and agitated as there is no suitable response nor any actual intent to solve my issue.
This kind of behaviour would lead to major mistrust on paytym !!...My order details are :

Order number : 3683658781
Complaint ticket no. : 36600523

Please help me resolve this issue as there is no favourable response from Paytm.

Awaiting your revert.

Sikander Khan
Jul 20, 2017


I used Paytm for paying my mobile bill ( Operator Airtel) on 13th July 2017 11:35 a.m of Rs 5780 money was deducted from my bank account but Order NO 3514277366 was failed. DC Transaction No 201719412995784.
Worst customer care of Paytm no resolution. Still not refunded my amount in my bank. Cheating people through their app.
Saurabh K2
Jul 11, 2017

Fraud on Paytm (complaint no. 32792110)

I am a retail enterpenur who got registered with Paytm as a merchant. Started telling customers to use Paytm as it is convenient method of payment.

My trust on Paytm got shattered when I received a call at 3.11 pm on 2nd July, 2017 on my landline no. from the mobile no. +91 8677928461. The caller told me that he is calling from Paytm and informed me that my account has been blocked due to some KYC document issue. I confronted him and told him that I want to speak to his senior. After this phone was disconnected.

After few minutes I received a call from the same no. on shop mobile/Paytm A/C and pretended to be the senior person from Paytm and told me that my Paytm account have been blocked due to insufficient KYC documents and will be activated immediately.

He told me to be on-line and said he has sent me an SMS from VM-iPAYTM in which a link was mentioned. He told me to click on the link and set password 12345. I again confronted him that why should I use password given by him. In reply to that he took me in confidence that he is from Paytm only and SMS has been sent by Paytm. He has called me to help only.

After that I filled the password 12345. Without asking the OTP generated, he spoke to me almost 1 min. And the phone got disconnected. After that when I checked my Paytm account and I found that entire money has been transferred to various other accounts:
1. SBI rupey
2. my SBI
3. SBI new sky
4. SKG Insurance Services
5. aaaaaaaskal

In shocked status I contacted Paytm team and registered the complaint of Cyber fraud (complaint no. 32792110).
Though they found out the details of all nos. They refused to take further action. It has been more then a week no action has been taken place. More over they are trying to convince me how the more money then my limit (25k) has been transferred to various A/C. They refuse to own the responsibility.
Because of Paytm's insecure interface I lost 66k. Which means a lot to enterpenur. How can RBI provide banking licence to these guys

Paytm should not be allowed to operate if they can't fix these basic security issues.
I demand they make good for all my loss
Jul 4, 2017

Money not being transferred

When I tried to transfer money via Paytm to a friend, it got deducted from my Paytm account but the same did not reflect in my friend's Paytm account even though the transaction showed to be as successful.
Also, this is has not happened once, but twice with two different people. First, when I transferred Rs.1500 and the second time with Rs.170. Being a student, the amount is large enough for me to be complaining about it.
I made many attempts to contact Paytm via call and mail and tried explaining them the problem but everything went in vain. There is no way to get in touch with a customer care executive on call because they don't entertain calls. After making repeated attempts via mail, trying to get my problem solved, I wrote to them and asked them to call me and told them I need to speak to a representative, but apparently that's something they don't do.
They are not solving my problem via email and are not willing to talk over the phone leaving me helpless.
I request you to help me in any way that you can.
Vishal Rathore
May 8, 2017

Paytm not refunding my 3000 wallet money

I created a Paytm account with mobile number - 9901511800 and email id - vishalrathore.knit@gmail.com and added INR 3000 into my wallet. When I tried to use my paytm account it is using some different mobile number. When I tried to change the mobile number than it is sending the OTP to the other arbitrary number which is not mine and so I am unable to change the mobile number. I have reached out to Paytm 6-7 times and they keep sending auto-generated mails. I have requested them to call me on my mobile number (9901511800) but they are unresponsive. At last I just want to get my refund of INR 3000 and close my paytm account.

Vishal Rathore,
Apr 7, 2017

Paytm Steal my money

I was making a bill payment and using Paytm. There were one deal, I was checking, as soon as I click, it refresh the page and charge my account Rs.500.

I wrote to the care team but they denied to refund. Help me
Ritu Bamal
Apr 7, 2017

Got faulty item

Got faulty electric kettle. Need replacement ASAP.
Otherwise return my money.
vijay kr gautam
Apr 1, 2017

recharge is not successful

I recharged before 24 hours now still my recharge in pending so plz return my balance in my account

Harish Kumar bangia
Feb 21, 2017

complaint against my paytm balance

This has with reference to our paytm complaint no. 21881681 dated 15.02.2017, regarding my paytm balance Rs. 8018/- after recharge of day before yesterday i.e 14.02.2017 ( recharge amounting Rs. 30 ) , and paytm balance Rs. 7988/- shown in paytm wallet. but I have seen on 15.02.2017 balance was zero. and history did not shown any thing.

Today Morning i.e 15.02.2017, I have discussed with Mr. Gurpreet Singh Paaytm Executive , they told me the amount will be refunded to you by tomorrow i.e 16.02.2017. I have send several reminder send to paytm , but still paytm refund is pending amounting Rs. 7988/- , and I have also send screen shot of paytm account to paytm which the balance shown zero , copy of screen shot attach for your kind reference please.


Harish Kumar Bangia

Feb 15, 2017


I have added money to my bank account no. 2996119000068 ifsc code CMRB0002996 to paytm wallet but amount of Rs . 1500 deducted from my account but not received in my paytm wallet .so please do the needful


Feb 12, 2017

Old and defective watch 2 times

I ordered dkny watch 2136 and it has all stained marks on strap.
It was an old and used watch...2 times this has happened..its a prepaid order and quality is compromised.
Whi is responsible for quality and i need compensation on what is delivered against what is promised.
I already have complaint earlier but no action been taken and 2nd time again watch has all stain black marks...who will ensure quality.
Still i have not recieved funds in my bank and paytm says they have done payment..how i can believe them when my bank is saying no payment is recieved..hiw i will get my money. Order id is 2711073714, and 2661380097
Gagan chhabra
subhanshu jindal
Feb 1, 2017

unknown withdrawl money from my wallet


I tranferred 26000 in my paytm so that i can transfer it to my bank so there were 19206 in my account but today when i checked there is only 9206 in my account i just got a message .please find attached the snapshots 10000 has been withdrawn from my account without my knowing .please help me in this as soon as possible
Jan 18, 2017



The Pickup item Id:2731472235 has been scheduled for today i.e 18th January 2017 only. I eagerly waiting for the personel to contact me but none of personal has contacted me regarding this pickup. I have called ur customer and told them to register a reminder for the same. Please do the needful as soon as possible as the time is 7p.m only. If this pickup will not happen then this will be a fault from side.

Rahul Sharma
Jan 17, 2017

Amount deduct in account but not comes in Paytm wallet

I am add money to my Canara bank account in my paytm wallet the money cut in my account but not come in my paytm wallet so please kinedly take some action I am a very poor man .

Amount deduct in account but not comes in Paytm wallet

Jan 12, 2017

Cashback not received

Dear Team,

i am writing you again 3rd time. i have not received my cashback money against order ID 2549173895 yet. i called you twice at above number some Mr. Rakesh Verma disconnected the phone call at the mid of conversation. request you to resolve the issue ASAP. otherwise consumer court is here to listen us.

Cashback not received

Kamal Gulia
Jan 11, 2017

payment and old trangations

Dear Team

plz link my both account of mobile number 9911132199. your customer care call me on my number 9911132199 he said that by mistake you 2 account is generated. my old account balance is 6950 and my new account balance is 700. and all my passbook details are not showing in my new paytm account. so plz connect my both accounts or my balance is return in my new account. it happened on 22-12-2016. so plz do some helpfull. 16

payment and old trangations

Uday Kushwah
Jan 9, 2017

Metro card recharged on 31 Dec 2016 .Transaction success.but in metro card amount not reflected still.

Metro card recharged on 31 Dec 2016 .Transaction success.but in metro card amount not reflected still.
i have made request to paytm support.from paytm side no response

Metro card recharged on 31 Dec 2016 .Transaction success.but in metro card amount not reflected still.

Manu Raj Bansal
Jan 9, 2017

Not response regarding amount refund

Dear team

My Paytm number is 9311710998 in the name of Manu Raj Bansal. On 30/12/2016 amount of Rs. 8500/- added to my Paytm wallet.

The same I tried to send to my bank account through my desktop. I didn't even added any account details and still the amount was debited from my Paytm Wallet with the under details:-

Bank Txn ID: 65084078610
Paytm cash Txn ID: 5098907813
2016-12-30 05:40:20 PM.

I am very much concerned about that, as no details have been added & still amount had been debited.

So i request you to please either refund the debited amount to my Paytm Wallet or give me that account details in which
the amount had been transferred. ( Also pls see the attached txn details for your reference)

Hope you will understand my concern & revert on priority.

Thanks & Regards,
Manu Raj Bansal

Not response regarding amount refund

Dec 28, 2016

withdrawn against dispute

Rs199 deducted from my paytm wallet and i want my refund back .

withdrawn against dispute

Manoj Jangid
Dec 23, 2016

Money not refunded

Dear sir/Mam,

I am trying to call your customer care center but still no reply then I'm
writing. I use paytm wallet and upload 14000 in my friends paytm wallet
after some time because of some reason i refund the amount of 14000 in my
bank account but still i can't receive any amount in my bank after 6 days
after that paytm gives me rrn number to check with bank but now no response
from bank its a fraud from paytm.
my rrn number is 85215226354650912622427
Best Regards
Manoj Jangid

Dec 20, 2016

Refund not received from Paytm wallet to bank account

Dear sir/mam
I added Rs 1000 money on paytm wallet and I sent it to bank account by send or pay and received a text that the refund is processed and it will take up to 7 business days but it's been 11 working days. I have raised my query on call and also on Paytm app but got no help or a positive response. My wallet txn id no is. 4210128301. The payment I made on Date 03-12-2016
Kindly give me a solution and help me in getting back my refund. I will be thankful to u, please solve my problem
Ankit Rajpoot
Dec 17, 2016


i recharged my metro card by PAYTM and money was detect but i didn't get any kind of information about my money where i spend and suddenly i got a message form this

and after this, i searched in online about ONE97 COMMUNICAT POS DEBIT , they are fraud.
please do something.there are many people face this kind of problem .......
Dec 15, 2016

do not show money in paytm wallet

i have add money in paytm wallet.but do not show balance in paytm wallet. or big problem automatically send unknown bank.. i dont know. so please sir resolve this problem.

do not show money in paytm wallet

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