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Consumer complaints and reviews about pepperfry.com

[email protected]
Sep 25, 2021

Bad Installation of bespoke furniture

We hired Pepperfry to manufacture of us bespoke furniture. The kitchen installation has been done so badly some unit keeps coming off. We paid a premium as we got Hafele fittings. Hafele fittings require special training, Pepperfry hired a local carpenter to do the job. Now we have a. 10 year warranty on the Hafele fittings & Pepperfry installation service but it takes them more than a month to send someone. This is causing us a a lot of mental agony now. The person In charge Komal who is apparently the interior designer is so unprofessional she does not even respond to.
Nov 30, 2019

Order No.305929802

I ordered a 3 door Mintwud wardrobe. It arrived on the 27th of December, but the quality of the procut was sub standard. The handles are all jagged you can't hold them for fear of cutting yourself. The lock on the drawers is of too cheap a quality with plastic keys the kind you get on the roadside. The door has a wide gap. I initiated a return immediately on seeing it. The customer service was no help. She flatly told me there is no return policy unless it was damaged piece and will replace only the hanldes. I told I did not want replacement parts. I also told her it looked like I had bought it from some cheap shop. Then they sent a capenter to 'INSPECT". He came and went and I was told that customer service will get in touch. I have not heard back. They dont answer phones or emails. Terribly disappointed with these people.
Aug 31, 2019

Deficiency of service

I placed an order with Pepperfy.com on 23rd Jun'19, for a dining table and 4 chairs. Though the dining table was delivered promptly within 10-12 days but the chairs are yet to arrive (as on 31st Aug'19 - more than 2 months of placing the order).

In fact the product (chair) could not clear the QC process twice at their end and now they are suggesting that I seek a refund of the amount paid towards 4 chairs ordered.


I would like to cancel the entire order and seek full refund.

ORDER ID - 305545233
Aug 18, 2019

Pepperfrycancellation and refund option

I placed an order and within 4 hours of placing the order, I called for a cancellation. The rep. first refused but when I told him that it was unfortunate I had to cancel the order due to personal reasons, he agreed to do this as a one time gesture with a 2% deduction of the payment gateway charges. Also he was forcing me to take the refund in my pepperfry wallet, but since the amount was too big, i refused to accept it.

I seriously feel as customers we have the right to cancel our orders within 24 hours of placing it. No online company has the right to refuse this as these are not custom made products, neither have they been shipped from the warehouse. Their policies make no sense. As much as online shopping is convenient, it also has its own drawbacks.
Jul 10, 2019

Pepperfry - Bad Service


Mar 24, 2019

Wrong Product Shipped from Pepperfry [Need Refund]

I raised an order 305155878 on Mar 6, 2019 on Pepperfry. I waited till 20th March for the delivery. When the delivery guys came at my door, they opened the package & I found it as wrong product. I rejected the product at the same time. Delivery guys packed the goods & took that with them right away. I called Pepperfry & HomeTown team immediately to make them aware about this return. I explained the whole situation & requested them to initiate the refund money to my bank. They gave me promise - I will get call from Case Manager in 24-48 hours. Now, it is 5 days & more than 100 hours, I didn't receive any call from any case manager. It's my hard earned money (Rs. 12,999) & I am damn worried about it. Now, I am following up every day with Pepperfry customer service team & they give me false promises that I will receive the call today EOD. This "today EOD" never comes. I want my money refund in my bank. Please prioritize & help me to resolve this issue.
[email protected]
Jan 22, 2019

height of sofa set different

order no: 304889169: wrong dimension/height size


As per the above order number there has been so many complains regarding sofa which has wrong or small dimension i.e. height is small, as compared to described on website!!! We have sent mail many times. Your team response is the worse infant no response. How are you going to solve the issue of size not being right???? are you going to take any action??? is this your customer service??? or should I book you in fraud/ customer court?? this is pathetic on your part!!
We have got complete set (3+2+2) of sofa from you guys but you have provided us with different heights!! All are supposed to be 32inch!!
Jan 17, 2019

Damaged Product

I ordered King Size bed from Pepperfy. I received a damaged product.
Pepperyfry sent a replacement part and that was damaged again. Upon speaking to customer support for multiple times i received the replacement part for the third time and that was damaged too.
So for the third time i received the damaged part for the king size bed which i ordered. I had to wait for 35 days and i end up in getting damaged product multiple times and unfortunately this was a wedding gift for my friend.

Pathetic Service.
[email protected]
Jul 31, 2018

Misleading specifications on the website

We ordered a bed from pepperfry and found that the dimensions mentioned on the website are wrong. We immediately called customer service but they kept hanging up on us. We first spoke to Hazratali, who agreed there is an issue and mentioned that he'll raise a case (or whatever). We then found a better product and thought that it'll be easier for them as well as us to just swap instead of returning the product. That's where the nightmare began. We spoke to Dominic. He was very rude, kept interrupting and eventually hung up (looks like this is their secret weapon they use in every customer). We then called again and spoke to Santosh. When he couldn't even understand what we were trying to explain we asked of we could talk to someone higher up. Funny thing... According to Santosh he's the last person in the chain of command (I didn't know I was talking to the CEO). He too hung up when we tried again to explain what the issue is. When we called again, we were hung up on by Rahul. How can I get some closure on this please? This bed is for my mother who is quite old and has knees and back pain ( that's the reason I was relying so heavily on the specifications).
Jul 26, 2018

Pepperfry - A fraud and Cheater Company

Order# 304259016. The delivered faulty product and referred to the brand (Eveready). Now I am running behind the Eveready and they are just washing their hands. I don't know what will happen, But if you want to be fried, you can buy from PepperFRY.
Jul 4, 2018

Never buy anything from PEPPERFRY

I have ordered an engineered wood book shelf from PEPPERFRY this January (6months back). The shelves inside is bent and doesnt seem to be of good quality. I have requested for a resolution since the warranty is of 3 years. However the customer care executive told me its wear and tear issue and denied the replacement / refund for the item.the initial reason they have told me was that it’s was due to monsoon it’s showing the damage when I questioned it they have changed their answer to wrong usage I questioned that as well saying bookshelf’s are meant to hold books and it should do that properly they changed the answer to wear and tear and hence warranty is void
Such a stupid customer care and after sales team along with sub standard poor quality items gives the customer a night mare and absolute headache !! Worst experience

Order id 303639095
Order item - YOKU 4 door bookshelf by mintwud

Never buy anything from PEPPERFRY

Nandini Venkatesh
Jun 23, 2018

Incorrect product received

Pepperfry.com is an online store ,they dispatched a wrong or incorrect product which wasn't described as in I'm age nor it's name in the description matched but they behaved to fool customer and didn't accept the returns.they don't serve to customers as promised and try to mint money by giving a wrong product and not accepting to replace nor return
Apr 7, 2018

fake offers no cashback credited

I placed an order for hindware chimney (order id 303903787) on 4th April 2018 while I was making the payment there was an offer that if I made payment via paytm i will receive 500₹ cashback so, i made payment via paytm but I didn't received any cashback. So, i contacted their customer support team and told them about the issue. Then they said that offer was expired long ago while it's still showing out there on their app by mistake. Then I said I don't know anything either you give me cashback or cancel my order. To which they said there is no policy to cancel the order. So, now I am stuck with the product without getting cashback. This is clearly cheating. Then they just hung up and disconnected the call.
Now, i am feeling cheated. Trusting pepperfry was a big mistake.
I am attaching a screenshot of the their payment page where there are still showing the same offer and cheating others.

fake offers no cashback credited

[email protected]
Sep 1, 2017

Worst place to buy anything

No casback because i used interest free EMI. I bought a bed for 41000 using interest free emi. When i checked the invoice the total amount paid showed only 39500. That is because company gave me discount by reducing the price of the product. Even thou i will be paying 41k in emi i will not get cashback. No where while placing the order they showed 39500 as the cost of the bed else i would not have placed the order. Worst place to shop.
[email protected]
Sep 1, 2017

Do not buy from pepperfry

I booked a bed for 41k and casback was 5000 for anything above 40k. When placing order I selected no interest emi. The emi total comes to 41000 but they are refusing cashback saying I only paid them 39500. No where they showed that the product price will be reduced to 39500 while placing the order. Bad experience. Disappointed customer.
Jun 29, 2017

No Cancellation, No refund

I ordered a wall shelf and cancel it immediately when I saw the delivery date is 1 month after the order. there was no options for cancellation. When I called to customer care, they are saying there is no policy for cancellation. Then i don't have any other options except accepting the product.
When i accept the product, it was so small and some scratches are there. When I asked for refund, they are not refunding as told small scratches are normal and sorry for the inconvenience. they told they will only exchange no refund only if the product is damaged or unable to use.

I have deleted my Papperfry account. Guys, Please think twice before ordering any product from Papperfry.
Jun 29, 2017

The product displayed on the website not meeting specs and that is not being accepted for return as well

I needed a ladder that could reach a height of at least 10 ft. On the website of pepperfry it was mentioned 10.7 ft ladder and hence ordered. On the tracking page it said the delivery would be between 13th-16th June. But it came for delivery on 6th June when everybody at home out for work. When we checked the product the last step of the ladder reached only about 5.5 ft and the full ladder was also not 10 feet. Immediately I logged on to the site to return the product. But the return item button item was disabled and on the tracking page it still did not reach the "delivered" status. I wrote to them and and they sent me a link to upload the pictures of the item. I did that. But next day I got the same message asking to upload pictures. I did this 5 times. And then they call me and say that the return policy is 7 days and that nothing can be done now. Very disappointed with the service. Would never order from them. Also, the customer care team was very rude. WHen I told them, " I have paid 11K+ for believing in the product displayed on your website", He says, " Nothing can be done now, do whatever you want to do". I was shocked.
latha k
Jun 22, 2017

Not accepting the return

I had ordered a TIffin box which is loose and defective. They are not accepting the return saying the design is like that. Big time cheaters. Very bad return policy. Will never buy anything from them
Jun 4, 2017

Pepperfry denying for return

i have ordered an item and my order number is 303064087 .. that product is working and not in working condition , i requested return on same day itself . After that i just received a mail saying ---
"Your Return Request for Pepperfry order no: {{Order Number}} has been received. We will contact you before 7pm tomorrow."

but i dint get any call and any mail ... i sent a mail again after 5 days but again no reply .
then i called customer care , she is very rude in talking and denying for any return .
Really i had a very worst experience with pepperfry , i request all of you please don't order anything on Pepperfry.

i will defiantly take this matter to consumer court and let them take any action .
Mar 6, 2017

Table not assembeled and not allowed to return

I was prompted by Peppery that carpenter will come for three days after the delivery and the carpenter did not turn up. I chatted over the chat service three times and they kept promising that carpenter would come. I filed for a return on the website with the photo of the the unopened box and then carpenter calls when I am not available. I said I want to return the unopened box. Then the agent from Pepperfy calls and Pepperfry says they wont take back. He keeps repeating the same thing over and over again. Pepperfy site itself does not give any option for feedback that is visible to other customers. Beware of such sites.
V Kaul
Feb 23, 2017

Pepperfry worst e-commerce service

I had ordered a brand NEW ceiling fan from perrpefry. The delivered product is old and was full of dust and most importantly the product does not have original packing of the brand I ordered. This shows that the original packing has been tampered with and the original product has been replaced with a used or an old one. Inspite of this, my return request has not been processed even though filed with 7 days period. When I called pepperfry customer care, they are saying that this is how pepperfry delivers and original packing does not matter to them. A fake product has been delivered to me and moreover I am being denied the return of it even when the return was requested within the 7 days.
This is really a very bad experience of purchasing a product on Pepperfry for the very first time. Return of a product especially the one which is not in original packing and full of dust should have been the easiet one to consider
Feb 4, 2017

Customer Service

Three separate issues with Pepperfry. Beware!

Ordered a side table in November 2016 for delivery in December. It didn't arrive. Several follow-ups were always met with promised to be in touch about the status of the order, but each time there was only silence. In early February, after we called again, we were told that the unit was not available. According to the rep we spoke with, they had put it on their website without performing a quality check -- and had known about this two months back. Yet no one on that side disclosed that to us or made any effort to refund our purchase price. It was only with great difficulty that the rep today agreed to a refund. He spent a lot of time trying to sell replacements.

Earlier in the year we ordered a small table and had it shipped to a holiday home which we visit infrequently. It was sent without any padding in a thin sheet of corrugated cardboard. Predictably, it arrived damaged beyond repair. But because the time limit for returns had expired, they refused to accept a return or offer a refund.

When we ordered the side table I referenced above, the Pepperfry website glitched and added a sofa which we had purchased long ago. We realized this during one of our "where's our stuff" calls. Pepperfry refused to cancel the order for the sofa and, maddeningly, refused to let us speak to a manager. "The manager will just deny your claim," said the customer service rep, before hanging up on us. This happened three times. Eventually we found an internal email complaint address and raised the issue that way, and it was resolved.

Pretty much the worst customer service.
Jan 9, 2017

worst experience from Pepperfry

Please see this mail from Pepeprfy.There is a delay of around 7 days and when i requested to cancel on the ground of delay, they said it is not possible.

I want everyone to please note this and think thousand times before placing an order at ppperfry. They will only fry you, grill, increase your BP. I request the authorities tom please take stict action against pepperfry on this ground. when there is a delay from their side, why are they not cancelling the order.

They want the everything in their favour and customer for them is just like a prey.

Pepperfry Alert 2:44 PM (2 hours ago) to me Dear Abbas Mehdi, This is in regard to your order# 302774749-FN1499468-P-WH10778 which you placed with Pepperfry. We regret to inform you there might be a delay in delivery of the Bruno End Table *** Magazine Rack in Walnut Finish by Royal Oak you ordered with us. We at Pepperfry strive to provide the best to our customers.

Unfortunately, your product didn’t go through our Quality Check parameters for the product delivered by our vendor. Hence we are trying our best to minimize the delay as much as possible. However, we are compelled to inform you that there might be a delay of approx 7 days. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused and look forward to fulfilling your future orders in timely manner.

We appreciate your patience and look forward to serving you better in future. Regards, Team Pepperfry Need help? You can contact customer care on 022 61576157 from 9 AM to midnight.

Disclaimer: This is an auto Generated Mail .Please do not reply to this mail.This mailbox is not been monitored.

This review is a subjective opinion of a user.
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Full refund
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Bruno End Table
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Furniture and Decor
Dec 11, 2016

High over pricing by Pepperfry

Pepperfry is actually selling us stuff at a much higher price when compared to the price of the product on the vendor/merchant’s website. And when I am saying Merchant’s website i am referring to the Merchant information of any product that is being listed on the pepperfry website. Will directly give you an example. A few days back I had ordered a “Lightspro White and Yellow Glass Wall Lamp” and the price after discount was INR. 2750. But the product was delivered to me in damaged condition. I had raised refund request at pepperfry and no doubt they were courteous enough to give me a full refund and saved me the hassle of reshipping the damaged product back to them. Really appreciate that part. Today i again thought of ordering that same product again and out of curiosity I thought of checking the product on the mentioned merchant’s website(Lightspro in this case). I was shocked to see the price of the exact same product to be INR. 1352 as against INR. 2711 on pepperfry website. A slight variation in price is understandable and here it seems that pepperfry is completely fooling us by selling us over priced products. Thankfully this merchant had it’s own website so i came to know about this. This thing is completely unethical and outrageous. And i am pretty sure this would be case with probably almost all the products that are being sold on pepperfry website.

I had sent a query mail to the website to which i got a completely unsatisfactory and unjustified response.

"We tried to reach you by 7760759740, but we couldn't get through.We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you in your experience with us but we want to inform you that it was unintentional.

Prices may vary from vendor to vendor because each e-commerce website requires to manage its own inventory. It is not our policy to price match our own prices with the other companies. This pricing method is used more often by businesses selling similar products, since services can vary from business to business, while the attributes of a product remain similar.

We will surely raise your concerns with the relevant team. We appreciate your taking the time and effort to reach out. Do let us know if there’s anything else we can do to better your shopping experience with us. We look forward to seeing you again.

Thank you for choosing Pepperfry.com.

Yours sincerely,

Yashashri Temkar
Team Pepperfry"

My order number for reference - Order No. 302684802

High over pricing by Pepperfry High over pricing by Pepperfry High over pricing by Pepperfry High over pricing by Pepperfry

Dec 8, 2016

Elegant Germany product

Hi, I am Nainar from Bangalore. I bought a combo of elegant Germany chimney and cooktop. The order number is 302451746. The cooktop had the major manufacturing defects of major technical issues.

Since last two months I am behind pepperfry and elegant Germany but found a worst support from both of them.

At least I tried repairing from the manufacturer as it's under warranty but the company staff and the outsourced team are the best irresponsible people.

I shop online products since 2010, I never experienced such a worst service.

Customers, Please don't get cheated by both pepperfry and elegant germany.

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