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Consumer complaints and reviews about PGIMER CHANDIGARH

Jul 10, 2019

Very rude and nonsense behaviour

I went to opd today in gynecological department. Three doctors were sitting there. Out of which Dr neha's behavior was worst. She treated every lady so badly that delebrately make them wait. Even in opd, she asks only complex cases and treated every other lady like an animal. She harassed new cases along with Dr simar and Dr. Shruti. She has no way to talk and considered every lady to be illetrate.
She tried that nobody come to her and denied her duty. She asked us to go to 16 hospital and 32 hospital for treatment.

I thought that Doctors are source of hope and motivation but today's experience proved why poor people go to private hospital too.
Deepak. sn
May 19, 2019

Dustbin open no cover

dustbin open no cover and there is so many mosquito in room

Dustbin open no cover

May 16, 2019

Rude bahaviour

Rude behaving by kiran kapta..in opd....
May 16, 2019

Redu behaviour of staff

......staff was behaving ...rude..
...actaully ..i have a oppointment ...in..opd department...and at a time ...data was not working..and......and...staff was too rudeee..
May 16, 2019

Rude bahaviour

.....today i have a online appointment ....at a time my data was not working ...and ...i said ....all about to staff of new opd..and kiran kapta ....bahvae too rude in this situation...
sonu phore
May 12, 2019

department doctor misbehave

मेरी मम्मी को लीवर मे कैंसर है जिसकी रिर्पोट डॉक्टर को दिखाई है उनकी हालत बहुत खराब है पर पी जी आई वाले उनको ना तो भर्ती कर रहे है और ना ही कोई दवाई दे रहे है बस चक्कर पे चक्कर कटवा रहे है जब वो कुछ खा नही सकती पी नही सकती तो इससे ज्यादा ओर क्या वजह चाहिए इन लोगों को इलाज करने के लिए मेरी मम्मी तडप रही है ओर ये लोग उनको ओ पी डी के चक्कर लगवा रहे है हम इनको स्टेचर पर इधर से उधर लिए खुम रहे है कोई सुनने को तैयार ही नही है अल्ट्ासाउण्ड की तारिख दे दी अब कहा जाऐ ये कौन सा तरीका है इलाज करने का जब आदमी तडप रहा है तब तो आप लोग उसको देख नही रहे है मुझे तो लग रहा है हम जांच करवाते रहेगे ओर वो दम तोड देखी 10 दिन हो गये आज इधर से उधर भटकते हुए कोई तो मदद करो सर हमारी । सोनू कुमार मुजफफरनगर फोन नम्बर 7007416693
May 11, 2019

Misbehave with patients and panic for her

Pardeep Kumar
My wife Sonia admitted in PGI maternity ward B Block bed no 6 .during pregnancy treatment at new opd of Pgi at Monday 6 may 2019 during that period to till date only diagnosis proces , my wife very tired and dr behaviour is very rood to patient Dr Swati and dr prathibha was treated her both was very misbehave with her patients and me. PGI WAS know for better health and disease treatment but here treatment was too late. Dr has good salary good facility to all but she is panic all the time.
What is happening while I'm govt employee and my Duty at general election of India at Chandigarh constituency.
I m also local residents but here only approach can do
Apr 20, 2019

Where is the Response of PGI Deptt.

Dear All

After file of lot of complaints here, where is the RESPONSE of PGI Management.?

Sometimes security guards are doing misbehave with patients or sometimes doctors too. We know they have some their own problems but PGI Staff, Doctors and Guards too, you people need to understand, a patient is not coming to listen your concerns or come to handle your misbehaviour. They are coming because of their problems and with a trust that they got good treatment and behaviour too.

Request to PGI Deptt to look into this matter and treat each complaint in perfect manner..

Only Good Mnagaement can make good diffrence and Good results too. Rest upto you.

Thanks !!
Mar 29, 2019

Wrong guidance

Sir ,for poor free patients the medicines are given by surgical store and dispencery but the staff there many times give wrong information to us ,as they say that they have not that medicine which we want and sometimes they say this is not my work go to another room ,so they misguide and also don't do their duty properly
Feb 13, 2019

Complaint against doctor and attended

It happened on 13-feb-2019
Attended called a name of patient at 10 am and said stay here after wait of 2 hours at 12pm i asked to attended how long does she gonna take time then doctor replied me i m not gonna see your pattient its my hospital then he put through my card on floor
Thats my experience with that shit room no was 4067 new opd Chandigarh pgi
Thats my india how they treat with patients at hospital
I wish he will be at my stage one day
I have trust on god
Dec 12, 2018

Doctor Absent

I am standing outside of the room no 4099 from 10 am in New opd at PGI, Chandigarh. There was no docto6from 12-3 pm. What was this...??
Its doctor or what..??

Doctor Absent

Gagan Duggal5
Dec 5, 2018

Online registration not allows to change unit if Dr. Unit change

Pre registration of PGI will not have any option to change patient Unit if Dr. Unit changed. Can't register online appointments for the same Dr.
I'm patient in Ent department under Professor J.M.B (H.O.D) her unit was 1 and now she was shifter to Unit 2. And her days change from Tuesday,Thursday to Monday and Wednesday. But her patients are not allowed to register online appointment. Have conversation with online department and a sir at level fifth in ro
oom no 35. They confirmed that there is no option to change unit. It prove that technical team is not even good enough to maintain every thing. Will have some conversation with technical department after some time.
Advise :- requiret youngster and experienced candidates with brain and have commensence.
Rituparan sharma
Oct 8, 2018

Highly irresponsible behaviour of staff

I have come here for PET scan of my mother. She was advised to get this scan done on priority. But doctors & staff, present in the PET centre are.. I don't know what..either they are highly ignorant & irresponsible or just lazy !
It's the 3rd time I have visited the same place for same concern, but the machines present here never seems to work ! We had deposited the fees of 10,000Rs the very first time, but they appointed another date for the scan.. then the next time the drug solution was given to her but the scan was cancelled saying the machine has got some technical issue. And this time (3rd time) they repeated the same thing again.. infused her with the drug solution, & we r waiting since morning (9am) but it's quarter past two, and we r still waiting. My mother was supposed to get this done in the morning, as the staff here kept saying that we will call her first.

In between they first said that machine's radioactive substance has spilled & we can't fix it for now. Then they told us to wait till 1 pm.. ( so that they'll just see if anything could happen in between) .. then they told us to us to arrive at 2pm..
And now that it's 2.. the doctor (SR) here rudely says that we'll call u ourself when the machine gets fixed.. wait for another 1 hour..
I mean what the hell..! India has no system..? Now i feel like it's our fault to come here at first place.
Government hospitals have big infrastructures and staff.. but quality of both of these lack in just of the some basic things like MORALS & ETHICS !

There is no use of keeping the machine if doesn't work properly & serve people well on time.. and equally there is no use keeping such rude staff who just even can't talk normally with patients & their near and dear ones.

And now I am even wondering, if this machine really was ever out of service or not; as some carpenters are doing
Some furniture work there ! Not some technician !

I'm highly confused & sad to see the staff people here.

Management should definitely keep a check here.
Oct 6, 2018


Sep 28, 2018

Bad behavior of security guards

Hello, I had faced right now a problem due to security guards at emergency hall B. I had gone there to see my maternal uncle.His condition was very bad.But there security guards are totally I'll mannered.they had asked us to get out from hall immidiately. I was just taking contact number from my cousin. N immidiately one them came to me and tried to grab my phone. When he grabbed my phone then it's camera gets on..they had made a issue that I was clicking their pics..if possible please check out CCTV camera..This is very bad condition of india'd best Hospital that patients are harrased by security..and one more they always allow entry of 3-4 visitors of their known in emergency. They had threatened us that they will not allow presence of other person and many more..I know no one take any action against all this..bcoz everyone support wrong persons
Sep 21, 2018

Unavailability of icu bed and ventilator machine for prematuare babies

My wife has delivered baby . At the time of delivery doctor advised or emotional force me to shift the baby to other hospital due to not availability of ventilator and icu bed in the hospital. Pgi is best hospital but they did not arrange the machine for baby.they only inform the patient at time of emergency. And due to this baby did not survive.
Jul 30, 2018

Rude behavior of Dr. Vishnu R. R. Department ofHepatology

Dear Sir,
On 27.07.2018, when I went to Dr. Vishnu R. R. department of Hepatology Room no. 377 as per mentioned by internal medicine officer. He behaved very rudely and asked me, who the hell send you to here. Despite my polite behavior. I'm the not only one who goes through it. I'm very disappointed from this type of service. Kindly take the strict action against these type of antisocial Doctor or I have to register an FIR for the same. Thanks
Jul 24, 2018

slow nd lazy work in ultrasound lab

Helo, i came pgi for ultrasound with my relative . She is suffering from breast pain . M came at pgi 8am. Unfortunatly till 4pm i have no term for test . Dr are very lazy in the lab . They treated fast only those people who have any aproach . Otherwise they are bsy in tea biscuite and lunch ect . Unfortunately we came back home without any test . We r shame on our country medical system .
Jul 4, 2018

PGI gives mental harassment to Trainee Doctors

Can you believe PGI is not giving MD degree they are making pressure cookers not Doctors. In Internal Medicine they don't even follow duty roaster timings, 12 hrs is the minimum duty timing for a Trainee doctors whereas PGI senior doctors stretch this duty timing to even 15 hrs or 18 hrs for Trainee doctors. Now imagine how a trainee doctor will behave/diagnose the patient with so much of mental load.
It's really very inhuman, un-ethical and a mental harassment for a trainee doctor. That's why they leave (PGI or the world) after one-two months of joining.

PGI has a poorest of administration and Head ship which can't implement roaster timing from 8 to 8 i.e 12 hrs which is more than sufficient for a person to do his job sincerely.

Imagine a person (trainee doctor) goes on duty at night at 8:00 PM and according to roaster duty timing he should be free by 8:00 AM in the morning (12 hrs of normal duty) but to surprise the seniors let him go around 11 or 12 PM means 16-17 hrs ....Pathetic situation for doctors. They are not left with left out option then...
gurpreet singh1313
May 22, 2018

Rude Behavior of Security staff and security officer sanjiv kumar

Dear Sir , I am sharing you some experience, Security staff ( at CLR Waiting Hall ) and aso sanjiv kumar very rudely behaving un- professional with patient family members.
Hoping for a management change and behavioral classes for these kind of employees. and also many times security staff and officers itself break the rules. sir please take necessary action against him....

Gurpreet Singh
May 15, 2018

Count the age of person who standing in senior citizen line not the age of patient

I visited new opd in Pgi Chandigarh on 14may2018, time:9.00AM, window no.29,floor 3rd(hematology). Data entry operator warned me not to stand in senior citizen line,because my patient daughter is 28 yr.I am senior citizen, aged 60yrs. How can a patient stand in que?? Kindly count the age of person who is standing in line not age of patient, because patient cannot stand in que.
I Hope you will take the necessary action .
May 1, 2018

Rude Behavior of Doctor

Issue :1

Rude Behavior of Dr.:-
The way Dr. Sunil (Orthopedic) was Treating with Patients was not Good. He was Desperately shouting on Patients. which was not looking good. He was not giving answers to concerns of patients rather he was shouting.

Even some senior citizen were complaining that Dr. behavior is not good. I am not able to understand why the behavior was so rude.

Mismanagement in OPD:-
At 8:30 Am i was at registration Window. and the time i met the doctor it was 4:30Pm. Total Mismanagement. a lot of 40 persons were called off for OPD at 12:15 Pm. And the patient who is having 5 number meets the doctor @16:15. not able to understand this concern too. Staff Member Mr. Chand was also not cooperating with Patients.
Sumit Sachdeva ambala
Apr 24, 2018

Online Registration

I have taken online appointment for eye department, you know what was the purpose of online appointment it is only harassment. They said online appointment is not as such possible for this department then why they done online appointment.

Online Registration

Ravinder 0008
Apr 21, 2018

Ultrasound room number212 Pgi emergency

This is complaint regarding emergency ultrasound room number 212 that they are not behaving rightly and make patients harrased .this is done for two time with me in case of emergency and when I asked them that patient is serious sir they ase take your slip I will not do ultrasound of your patient today firstly thay gave 2:30 time I have to take my patient to emergency and inject again for pain and when I was there again at 2:30 they ask that now after 4:30 and behaving nonsensly with me my patient is in pain during this instance but this behaviour is pathetic non sense people pls take some steps against them so that this behaviour of these people can not be seen next time
Apr 9, 2018

Way Of Talking

Hello J.P. Nadda G,

You have recruit some people specially for Himachal Pradesh, Its my humble request with you please take stick action because these people's way of taking is very rude. Maximum people are frustrated but as you know they are not able to that how they can complaint.
So please take feedback as soon as possible.

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