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Consumer complaints and reviews about Phone a friend

Hanif 67
Dec 29, 2020


As per commitment agent Nikita and Nikita senior chitting me I pay rs two thousand for membership then she demanding another pay rs four thousand then next day minimum rs two thousand pay for meeting with women she women pay for meeting rs 10000 how can possible all phoneafriendcard.com employees are fraud chitter .I says to management take serious action
Hanif 67
Dec 29, 2020


As per telephonic called continued for membership after I pay rs 2000 for membership she is given account I pay after call for verification then agent Nikita senior call me and send women photo and she said me to select any one women today we arrange meeting with .one fraud called me I want to meet then Nikita senior says you pay rs 7800.i am not pay then she says pay rs 3800 I not pay then second day she says only rs 2000pay madam call for meeting . Agent Nikita and Nikita senior all are fraud chitting this side is only rupees for work all are office bearers are fraud chitter
Sep 15, 2020


Ikra solutions fraud company I have fall in cheaters trap but plz read.before going through... They will take money and don't give anything ... All r cheaters from bengole.. God will punish them badly
Sep 15, 2020

Fraud ikra solutions

Female will call u and asked money different ... Don't fall in this.. all r cheaters it's better to go to massage centre and njy
Sep 15, 2020


Lady will call u asked for different type big money ... Don't fall in this it's better to go to some massage centre .. easyways... Ikra solutions Ltd. Company... Cheaters alll
Aug 29, 2020

Cheating by AD INFOTECH

Cheating by AD INFOTECH
My agent name is Muskan Khan and her senior name is Pallavi .One bad day Muskan Khan called me sir iam calling from phone a friend service and it is government registered company in this no proud is going and convinced me sir please registered in my company . I transferred to 3500 to their ICIC bank account Kolkata, for 3 months registration. After that she send four photos for me, she advised me to select one of my locals lady same she put a on call with one girl she told me that she also staying near .After some time she name was Avuni (Sudheshna) Ph.no – 8017167801 if u want meet me in my house today by it self you have to pay 30,600 ,I will refund the total amount today only. She was more convinced me then I will pay that amount in their ICIC bank, then the agent called me sir you will unable get the activation code for that you have to pay 7800/-for GST activation. I angrier on her she convinced with her soft and sweet talks. Then I have transferred that amount next day. The lady Avuni told me I also paid total amount I believe her hole words. Then after agent Muskan Khan called me sir right you got your activation code but madam Avuni will not get her activation code because of her online transactions are failed. For that you have to pay 7800/- for GAT registration and whole amount you will collect from madam today only. If she was not interested to refund that amount company will return you within 24 hours. That amount also transferred. That lady (Avuni) told me today is not possible to our meeting tomorrow we will meet in my hose. Next day she was given hand. Then Agent Muskan Khan called me, sir she suffering from leg pain she was unable meet with you and she advised me sir I will send 4 four photos then u will select one in that (She called Emergency female) and you will take that total payment from her for the she was emergency lady and she was deposited much more than Avuni that’s why you have to pay 24,800/-.In this situation I thought I want my money ,so I transferred that amount and for GST activation 7800/-.Then after that lady Avuni called me why you’re going with another lady I will refund total amount tomorrow don’t go with that lady. Next day Avuni called me just now I’m ok we will meet today but not possible in my house going to hotel for that you have to pay some amount. I told that please to leave me present I had no money. She was conveyed me very much ,that amount also transferred and additional 7800/ for GST activation .Then after Muskan Khan senior told me your code will not generate for that I told her what I did right now I am not interested all those these foolish things. Please refund my total amount for that she advised me you will go to cancellation, for that you will pay 5800/-and it will take at least one week time. Next day I was paid that amount for cancellation. Then Muskan Khan told me you will get call from 03366235300 in this week several time and you will say hello and put it in to mute mode for at least one hr or mode for fast cancellation. I received that call for first two days 4 time. Then after I what Sapp that time to Muskan Khan .She told you are unable to cancelation because you me penalty code have to generate for that you and me have to pay 3900/- .My told to her if you interest on refund to give me otherwise leave me.For this foolish things I paid 1,08,000/- Company Account details where money transferred are given below for your ready reference and REFUND THE amount at the earliest.
Account holder name: AD INFOTECH, Account number: ############ IFSC CODE: ICIC0004233, Branch: RATHTALA

AGENT NOS. Muskan Khan : 9073915625

Jan 14, 2020

ravi kumar

i received a messahe regarding a phone a friend and meeting with ladies. so the ask me to pay 3700. which i payed. now they are asking me to pay more to generate privacy code . which i think is fake. the google pay number is 8927207824
and aytm account is ############. ifsc code is pytm0123456

the leady talking are priya and taniya. simple cheters. be carefull
Dec 6, 2019

take action

sir i have paid rs 2000/- first in acct name : TACKCOM Acct no. : 38319559310 State Bank of India , Branch princeanwar shah road, Ifsc code- SBIN0005371 LADY NAMED: LEENA AND BANARJEE . After then they sent me 3 photos and told me to select one. i also selected. Then they asked me to pay the amount 5800:00 for restaurant booking to meet the selected female .i also paid the same. Then they told female has blocked her number so pay 10000:00 to get her number and it will be refundable.after a little arguements i paid that payment also.they told that lady was not well and they extend days now they r telling me pay 5800:00 more for again to pay restaurant booking.i asked why i want to pay again i already paid know.they told that time is barred for restaurant booking unless u not paid everything u will loose and all the payments. ALL ARE FAKE FAKE. I DON'T WHY THE LADIES ARE WORKING IN THIS TYPE OF OFFICE. THIS WORK IS EQUAL TO PROSTITUTE.
Jul 3, 2019

Deffective product

Defective product
Jun 13, 2019


I have paid Rs.1,800/- for Registration. Again they are asking to deposit Rs.10,600/- for ID purpose. They contacted me one lady by Name Ms.Janvi. She told me that her ID has expired. Kindly activate my ID. We will meet in the Evening. Again I have paid Rs.3,600/-. for her ID. The Agents i.e. Alia and Khshoob are telling that you have to pay complete amount to deposit another Rs.3,500/- you will meet her today. After she met her she will pay the entire amount to you. Total amount have deposited Rs.19,500/- in TECHNO EMERGE ICICI BANK CURRENT ACCOUNT branch code NO. 2550 Company Account details where money transferred are given below for your ready reference and REFUND THE amount at the earliest.
Account holder name: TECHNO EMERGE, Account number: ############ IFSC CODE: ICIC0002550, Branch: BAGDOGRA



Praveen mandala
Jun 10, 2019


Even I faced this problem they told me to transfer 6800 after that 10000 now they are asking me to deposit 14800 more as they will unhold the account.
Also I m getting calls I have earned single single money .
They offered me very good things and source of income but did not did that plz help

I want a big help help plz
Dec 4, 2018

Cheating by Techno Emerge Company

Sir, I have already registered a complaint and my complaint number is pac 000004286. One Pallabikrab Mukherjee was attending to my grievance, and he asked certain questions over mail. i replied to them and he said that he has forwarded my mail to his seniors on october 25th. Due to virus in my mobile, i lost his number and could not communicate with him. He said my complaint no is 1 and is under process. please anyone help me to provide his contact mobile number.
Then on 3rd December, i received a phone call from Mr Sharma from Complaint Board. His mobile number is 7091035297. He also made me talk to his superior. He said he is from complaint board and asked my atm card number and expiry date, which i provided. Then he said an OTP Number will come and asked me to share it with him. I said OTP could not be shared fearing misuse of it. He said no need to fear, as since no amount is specified. He said once OTP is shared, he will process my application within 24 hours and refund my money of Rs. 33,400. I did not trust him and didnt share my OTP pin. He said if not shared, u wont get refund of money.
Please guide me should i share otp for refund of money, as i have already provided my card details. Please help me to get refun d of my money at the earliest. Mobile no 8124262811, 7904721887.
Oct 9, 2018

Cheating by Techno Emerge

Sir, I have totally paid Rs. 1800 plus 10,600, plus 14000 plus 7000. Total Rs paid Rs. 33,400. Agent name Anushka of Techno Emerge, Kolkata. She neither offered me any meeting with anybody, nor refunded my money. Now she says my account is blocked and asked me to deposit another Rs. 7000 for block removal. She is daily calling and disturbing me. She is telling all lies. She said she would process my account for refund, but wants me to pay another 7000 .My money is hard earned money and, I have borrowed from a friend, which I have to repay My name is Ram Mohan. I joined on 24th september. Within i week I paid totally 33400. I paid in SBi bank, Techno Emerge Ac. Now. My agent Anushka says, u to go to even Supreme Court or complain to anybody, you won't get refund . She says she is the top person in the company . My phone no is 8124262811, 7904721887.please help me to get my Amount.
Sep 20, 2018

It is fake company

Hi all,

Be careful of this type of calls and phone , today I am the best example for you, first I got call first that girl speak with me very nicely first she asked me to register so I transferred to 3500 to their SBI account Kolkata, after that she advised me to select one of my locals lady same she put a on call with one girl she told me that she also staying near my are like I she told me very personaly and she told me I need pravicy like and I also liked her words same she told me to check with agent like that, when I spoke with agent name pooja she told me that if u both are agreeable I will arrange your meeting like that I told ok I accept. Than agent asked me to deposit 15000 and plus GST 4000 Rs for security deposit like , first I rejected than she convinced me when once you visiting to madam home she will return the amount like agent told me. So I believe agent and I transferred the 19000 to their company account. Than I asked agent to provide the my local madam details than 1 days agent not received my phone call. Next day agent called me and asking me to madam having one code you supposed to activate the code than you will get madam phone number and residential address for that you supposed to transfer 5500 like phone a friend agent told. I strongly rejected her words and no will not transfer give madam contact number and residential details like after this she is not responding my call I asked her to refund my amount like for that also she asked me cancellation charges is 7500 you have to transfer to our company bank account agent told me I rejected after that she stopped to respond me.

I am requesting I need to return my amount please help me.

And I am requesting all of you don't believe any call whether you received through phone call it's fake they will cheat under the name of dating.
Final I lost my 3500 plus 19000 please help me.
Amitabh p
Aug 2, 2018

No response

I too received a call from this company & they sent me a message from their number 7603029795 along with the details for making a payment to join in the name of Christech IT Solutions SBI a/c n.35635519107 Branch : Tangra. IFSC code: SBIN0008761 Phone: 7603029795 .The name of the company mentioned here is " Findadate.in" This is totally a fraud company wherein after you make the payment they will stop answering your calls. These are in essence fraudsters who open different accounts & then vanish with your money. Don't fall prey to these sites .It is better to find someone locally.
[email protected]
Jul 17, 2018

Phone a friend fraud company

I have paid Rs. 1800 amount totally to Agent(Janvi - 8101913928, 9679733187) claiming Phone a Friend company for dating and meeting service as she claimed it is final amount and no more charges after that but now she is demanding more 10000 Rs for arranging meeting.

So I rejected to pay anymore amount and she is now not responding to me. So if you are unable to provide services please refund my money with transaction number is 1491491704.

Company Account details where money transferred.....
Account holder name: TECHNO EMERGE, Account number: ############, IFSC CODE: ICIC0002550, Branch: BAGDOGRA

Amount Deposit Date: 12/07/2018, Amount: 1800 Rupees by IMPS Transfer

Deposited from Below Account.....
Bank Name: ICICI Bank, Account holder name: Rakesh Madurwar, Account number: ############, IFSC CODE: ICIC0000985,
Branch: Baner Road, Pune.
Mob: 9579925259

Please refund my money in above ICICI Bank account.

too fan
Jul 14, 2018

it fack company

hello friends its fake company,they playing game with us they have a one call centre to call them and convines to pay money, after you pay money our call going to connecting second call centre,there have some girls and boys they will talk with us don't pay money this company its fake fake fake fake
Jun 8, 2018

Money back

I got call from sunshine network kolkata.they first told me to pay 2500 and then they told me to pay 25000 and i will get the money back after meeting the girl. Now they are not attending my call. Sir please help me so that i can get my money back
Please sirr i beg u please
Apr 26, 2018

no respond from the agent

They called me and said that friendship and dating services are available and claimed a sum of Rs. 1800 & Rs.5300 and they made to talk with a lady in my locality and the lady said that we can meet up at her home. But after paying the money there is no respond from the agent(nandhini) is what the name she said to me. The lady who spoke with me was sulokchana from adyar. either i need my money or arrange for the date.
registered no# 8124278699
Apr 14, 2018


Amrita has taken 15000 from me to get the dating fixed but asking money again and again without any dating partner details. You guys better to become a beggar instead of doing fraud.
Guys please do not believe in these girls they are just fraud nothing else. Its your money please save. They are a bunch of crooks and would be behind the bars very soon as I have spoken to the consumer court officers already
A/c NO- 37349041539
IFSC Code - SBIN0005371
Name- Amrita
Ph no-9073915624
Feb 27, 2018

Services not good


I have registered with Simple pay Services(Kolkata) which is a service provider for Phone-a-friend service. Initially i have deposited 3500/- for membership of 6 months. The madam who was dealing with me is Sonali (kolkata). Yes, the services ARE NOT good as, apart from IVR chatting, they start convincing me that you may meet one particular profile partner and made her talk to me. They generally won't disclose everything until the LAST MOMENT. The incident is the lady talked to me very friendly. She says for meeting details, you once again talk to your agent. When i said i am interested in meeting/dating the girl, the agent in last moment said you need to pay around 10,000/- as a security deposit. They won't say it little earlier, they say JUST BEFORE YOU GO to meet that lady. I can understand about the privacy of the lady and me but last moment payment are a headache. This way, i have coughed up around 14,000/- for getting the 'code' (which ofcourse would be matched with the lady). Till now, i did not get any chance to meet that lady as the agent says she is not picking the phone!!!!. Today also, they gave me an emergency profile and said you need to pay around 7000/- more to meet the girl as a substitute for the above one. Fed up with their frequent phone calls and disturbance, i have decided that i won't pay further and realized that they don't have the authenticity and are fraud. It's better one can go to phone-a-friend website and register instead of paying huge sum of money to these fraud agents.

So, will the authorities look into the matter so i can get my above money back, it will be grateful. Their bank details are:

A/c name Simple Pay services
a/c no 37349041539
Branch - Prince Anwar Shah Road,
Bank - SBI, Kolkata

The agent's and the other female (senior) phone nos.

09073915626 - Sonali
09073915627 - her senior.
Oct 16, 2017


Hello Imrich,

We have checked our database and found that your number "9951397937" is registered with us. I hope you are enjoying our service.

If you are facing any problem then please get in touch with us

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/phoneafriendcard
Customer Care: 07029544447

Complain Resolve Executive
Oct 11, 2017

I want to know I deposited in genuine or fake company

I deposited the amount of 4000 in the name of phone a friend card.com ..
How to know that I have deposited in genuine company.. I called to cc but not good response from her... Let me know details on 9951397937
Aug 18, 2017


Hello Mukesh,

First of all I apologize for the inconvenience cause to you as we always try our best to deliver a better service to our customers.

I would like to request you to share your mobile number which is registered with phone a friend or you can reach us for further assistance so that we can help you in resolving the issue

Customer Care: 7029544447
Facebook Chat: www.facebook.com/phoneafriendcard/

NOTE: Our official web link is www.phoneafriendcard.com and we have no connection with www.libe.in. Please make sure that you have registered on our official web link.

Complain Resolve Executive
Phone-a-Friend Card
Aug 18, 2017


Hello velkuma,

Good Afternoon!

I would like to know, are you sure that you have taken service from www.phoneafriendcard.com as there are few fake sites running in the name of Phone a Friend.
The number which you have mentioned is not registered with Phone a Friend.

I have mentioned below few important details of Phone-a-Friend for your further perusal
Official Web link: www.phoneafriendcard.com
Missed Call Alert Number: 8820586825
Customer Care Number: 7029544447
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/phoneafriendcard/

NOTE: Phone-a-Friend is not responsible if you are a victim of registering on fake site. Please make sure that you are registering on www.phoneafriendcard.com

Complain Resolve Executive
Phone-a-Friend Card

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