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Presidium School : Indirapuram

Uttar Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about Presidium School : Indirapuram

Sep 1, 2015

fee hike

hello mam sudha
this is to inform you that our kids are studying in your kalyan vihar branch as at the time of admission it was conveyed by the school staff that the fee structure will be 6250 per month for each child i once again reached to school for the same previous year but the teachers told that the meals are given to the kids so the fee structure remains the same for prep. and it was also conveyed that for the next year you may talk about that to the head of the branch. as all these discussions and fee structure are discussed at model town branch when an amount of rs. 150000 for each child was paid for admission and at that time mam vibhti who was the branch head of that branch. but at the starting of this session mam Vibhuti we met her as she told us about the increment but denied all the things even she told that 10% fee increment is due for every year .kindly look to the matter otherwise we will be reaching the education minister and other concerned officers for the injustice created at your end.
you may free to contact me on my cell no. 9312241545 sachin goyel
May 14, 2015

BOOK cost

I don't know why our government is so irresponsible against book uses .
US is very power full country and they have very good arrangement for book uses in school ,they give books when session is start and take back when session is closed and in other session they provide same books to new student which was used before by old student .
By this 2 things is resolved
1) Paper saving
2) parents burden is removed and the save money for there children future .

Our government is very prosthetic you know why because the don't pay money to school for there children they have a quota.

Please do some thing on this .
Or if you are not able to do on this then Chadar dal ke so jao is side ko band karke .
faltu li complent lne ki koi jarurat nahi .
C M Bhaskar
Dec 16, 2014

Complaint of Security Guards

Toy seller are selling the toys on the presidium school gate. No action has taken by your security guards & school administration after the several complaints. Pl take the necessary action and stop this type of activities near the school premises.
Jul 3, 2014

Poor Management and administration at Presidium

Dear Presidium,

Please be little professional if you are running school like a corporate and be sensible. When it comes to charging XYZ thing you never forget however when it comes to adjustment of extra money being deposited in wards a/c, we need to remind you every time. For making money you do false commitment, hide information, always ready to end up including things which are not required and told by parents several times to you.

I admitted my child for Pre-Nursury in DW-22 branch and till the end of session I was fine and happy with the progress of my child. BUT when it comes to Nursury admission we decided to go with Presidium, coz of day boarding she was comfortable with. 4-5 different fee structure been provided and they themselves struggling when I showed them all, then false commitment of album by the end of session, which I came to know after a month that it will be provided after 2.5yrs. Speciifically I told several times not to include Parenting kit in the fee, they included and charged. Now it comes to adjustment of the same as always they forget in next quarter fee. The problem is the people sitting in the office are more inclined to get as much child to enroll and achieve the targets and afterwards least bothered about complaints and complainents. Now without prior notice dayboarding fee been increased from 3500 to 5000. When the circular can be send for depositing fee over the fone its difficult to understand why not for revised dayboarding fee and that too lot increase?? Very annoying and irritating for parents like us those are working and has to discuss these stupid issues every 3 months with teachers/principal.

Gurgaon, this school not holding good repo and none of our friend interested admitting thier child and only statement I heard is "its not school but money making organization" I do not want the same would happen for Delhi coz lot of competitors are there.

Although I must say teachers experience at this branch either day boarding or school is really good for me and Principal is also very cooperative and supporting. However if this will remain same then we might need to think of alternative and will not be able to recommend this school to our friends and relative. As we are paying good fee (which includes development fee) i think before developing building they should develop staff!!
Apr 22, 2014

Govt of UP - education fee in schools

Can any individual / organization know the procedure , how schools fee is decided in UP , what is the role of Government. schools are increasing development and annual fee every year and in totality earning at least few crore Rs every year in the name of development and annual fee from parents. Who is responsible for checking them and controlling.
Apr 22, 2014

deveopment fee

Why these school increase the development & annual charges every year.Last year I have paid 24000 for Nursury and this year I have to paid 36000 for Prep. Is this justify?.Please help the parents, if any one have idea about that
Apr 30, 2013

Presidium School : Indirapuram

My son who currently studies at Presidium Indirapuram in class nursery J. We got him admitted last year and paid Rs. 54200/- at the time of admission. This Rs. 54200/- includes his tution fee for 1st quarter, Books, annual charges, development fee and admission fee. Most importantly out of total Rs. 54200/-, Rs. 19,000 were charged as Annual fee and Rs. 11,000/- as development charges.

This year again we got a note for Fee information from Presidium where they demanded a sum of Rs. 63,810 as total fee for 1st quarter. The break-up of Rs. 63810/- is as follows :-

Par. Books - Rs. 6285/-
Tution Fee for April to June - Rs. 21075/- ( Rs. 7025/Month)
Transport for April and May - Rs. 4200 ( No transport for June)
Development and Annual Fee - Rs. 32250/-

I was surprised to see more than 50% of the fee being charged in the name of development and annual fee and hence raised a query on their website 'http://www.presidiumonline.com/main/Contact.asp'. Few of the questions that I asked were :-

- What is the difference between Annual fee and Development Fee
- Will this development fee be charged each year till the time kids studies in school ?
- This development fee is for whose development school or kids studying in school ?

After a couple of days I received a call from a lady who introduced herself as Shipra from Presidium corporate. As per her, the development fee and annual fee needs to be paid each year. This development fee is being utilized to improve/develop the infrastructure of that specific branch where a kid is studying. It is necessary for each parent to pay these charges for better functioning of school.

During our conversation I asked few simple questions from her :-

My son studies in section J, so lets assume they have only 11 sections (But actually they have 15 Nursery sections), each comprising of 25 students and they charged Rs. 30000 ( 19000 for annual charges and 11000 for development charges) from each parent at the time of admission. The total development and annual fee that they collected only from Nursery sections is whopping 82.5 Lac. Out of this amount 30.25 Lac is collected as development fee. Have they really spent this much amount for nursery kids ? This school is functioning for many years now. Is there build quality is that bad that each year they have to collect 7%-9% extra annual and development fee from each parent to rebuild that infrastructure ? What is the rationale behind calculation and yearly hike in Annual Fee and Development fee ?

No parent would mind paying a nominal, realistic charges but 32250 for Prep section is unrealistic and can not be justified.

Also I noticed this news article in news paper :-




As per the Supreme Court guidelines, development fee can be used only for some specific purpose and can not be increased arbitrarily. "The court also prohibited the transfer of fees, funds or surpluses of one school to another or to its parent trust or society though it permitted school managements to collect reasonable sums (upto 10-15 percent of tuition fees) for capital expenditure to be credited into a separate development fund."

Also Justice Kapadia speaking on his and Chief Justice Khare’s behalf, upheld the right of the director of education to examine the books of accounts of every private unaided school to ensure they don’t indulge in the commercialization of education and to regulate their fee structures to ensure they earn only reasonable surpluses.

Above mentioned links contains all the details of Supreme court judgement that was published in today's TOI and couple of months earlier.

I would request all of you to please join together and raise this concern on behalf of a general public issue who works hard so that their kids can go to a better education system but being arm twisted to mint more money each year by these public school shops.
Apr 15, 2013

attentiveness towards child

Hi I just want to bring the attention of authorities towards the problem my ward is facing in the presidium indirapuram school
He is in 2nd n unfortunately suffered a lot due to change of teachers in 1st due to which he is lacking in reading n writing
Earlier they were doing nothing but this yr they have speed up the things like anything
After spending too much money do I need to spend money on tution for my kid too ?
As he is not at all getting check from d teacher
Sometimes or I must say he did poor work n teacher hardly bothered abt the same
I m very disappointed to see d level of working
Kindly see to it pls
Feb 25, 2013

Fee Hike

I am really in tension regarding the fee hike for the session 2013-14. The way school is hiking the fee is really not justified. 10% annual increase is ok and presidium management should think over this issue. it is really very difficult for we parents to keep continue our kids with such a dilemma of fee hike every year.

my 2 kids are in presidium indirapuram. and the way fee is increased every year, we are forced to think a fresh every year about the continuity of my kids in the school.

So dear presidium management, you are requested to please give a thought over this issue and form and adopt a standard rational and justified way to increase the fee every year so that we parents should not be afraid of this yearly dilemma and be mentally assured that fee hike be only this much of % every year.

please rethink over this issue as many of parents are thinking the same way as i have written above.

my best regard
Meenu Chauhan Send email
Nov 8, 2012

Teachers at Presidium

Hi even i do agree with u all, I was wrking with the institution and i have a good experience of 8 years of teaching primary classes. I had shifted here from Delhi just because I thought that me and my child will be happy here but believe u me it was the biggest mistake of my life, In delhi i was wrking with such a renowned institution and i had left everything and came here... Two months before there was a case of a child ab use... I do not understand y parents r so afraid of these damm ppl and do not think abt the future of their children... Not even a single cc tv camera is there in school and the building is constructed in circular direction so that what is happening at one end is not visible from the other end.. moreover there is no ventilation if someone wants to shout can not do that even... PLS BE AWARE IT IS THE MATTER OF UR CHILD'S FUTURE SO THINK THOUSAND TIMES BEFORE SENDING TO THIS SCHOOL... THERE AR ACTIVITIES AVAILABLE OUTSIDE ALSO AND U CAN ENROLL UR CHILD THR ALSO BUT DO NOT PLAY WITH UR CHILD'S EMOTIONS... ONCE SUCH TYPE OF INCIDENT HAPPENS IT BECOMES VERY DIFFICULT TO FORGET IN LIFE TIME...
Sachin70 Send email
Sep 24, 2012

Teachers at Presidium

All the 'traditional' parents who still think that school only mean studies, will find this awkward and fault the school. Fact of the matter is that the so called 'good' schools offering 'studies' produce kids that are extremely low on confidence, lost on what they want to do in life and only few a le creme, make it to do something relevant. Aim should not be to get child loaded with studies which are bookish, it never helps. Gone are the days when this was relevant. Now, its the other things that matters to make you successful in life. And there are so many avenues. There are millions of doctors and engineers that India produces, 70% of them sub standard..thats because they just study and dont know what and where to apply that study..Most dont even haev jobs unless they pick up MBA from a good institute. So, ever wondered what difference MBA makes? Nothing, its a self development program that teaches you to see things from practical and different perspective. That's what some of schools are doing at a very early age. This is how educations spans in most of western countries and the kids are so apt to practical situations then any Indian students are. This school will always be a mystery and a sham for parents who think that only studies make a person..so they should not waste time and money. For those who want their child to be someone in life and do what he/ she wants to do and not what their parents want them to become, this is a good start.
Triptisinha Send email
Aug 28, 2012

Teachers at Presidium

Well I have already registered my 19 month old daughter in mother's pride but now am quite nervous after reading all these reviews (mostly bad) for this pre school cum day boarding. She will be joining after 1 month for pre school and after some months we r planning to put her in its day boarding also as I need to start my job. This school is nearest to my house and the infra structure looked good so I opted for this ignoring the high fee they ask.
Honestly I am not very interested for her to be good in academics at this age because I think at this age children need to enjoy their childhood, they have many more years to study hard.my concern is that she should get proper food, hygiene and safety for her optimal growth as well as lots of love & attention so that she does not miss her mamma.Does Mothers Pride provide these things!
Bihani Nidhi Send email
Aug 16, 2012

Teachers at Presidium

hi i m nidhi
i read all d complaints n i was shocked while reading them ...v have been shifted to delhi recently n heard of this ...in all other school it was not so easy to get admission but it was really difficult for me to getrid of the staff as they were really forcing me for the admission in the school. in fact they came to our house to collect d fee...meanwhile we were thinking to get reports abt all the other schools ... i thought this year we will see if d school is really good then v will continue her over here. my daughter is very shy n doesnt mingle easily...i just thought it will be difficult for her to adjust but trust me she is really happy going to school here.. initially she was complaining a bit but now she is enjoying all d activities happening in d school.. n i m happy for tat.d fee is actually high but they were not asking for any donations.. now she has started speaking on stage too which gives me soo much of proud.. she is good in studies as well. she is no more a shy girl now..yesterday only she participated in fancydress compitition n spoke in front of so many people n i felt proud to c her.. she got 3rd prize too.what matters to me is her all round development.if she is bright in studies she will do good no matter which ever school she is studing in.My expirience with her class teacher is not at all bad she use to give me proper response...infact my daughter loves supriya mam d class teacher.. she always praise her.In a ptm also i met her n she attended me well ..well said tat all d schools have there own pros n cons ...so as this.
Vijender Kumar 94166 Send email
Jul 15, 2012

Teachers at Presidium


This heading is very nice for the education system of India now a days . Maximum Institute of Education are increasing their Property on the name of education and the back of social welfare . We can see it with in the Fee structure and in the Quality of their staff then how can we say that we are going forward in the Education with the competition of the World ...Not only Institutes and school are not responsible for it Govt also responsible for it because Govt is not making high norms for them and not making high rules for Quality based education ...If we want to save the future of our coming
generation we have to come forward and Do everything for it ans change it at any cost and at any price ...

Dr. Vijender Kumar (Assistant Professor )
Sunny1211 Send email
Apr 29, 2012

Teachers at Presidium

above said is 100% true about Presidium and Mothers Pride.This the first school I have seen where the business team is working.I had been to many cities and got the admission of my kids with a test but here we got it without any documents or the photograph of the child the admission was confirm then and there with a PDC.They talk about the activities a child is not aware of any festivals or any National festival there is no study not even any celebrations. Last year in August Nursery kids went for a Picnic All to some place in Delhi but there was some programme of Mrs.Chief Minister and there was no entry and finally the buses stopped at Indraprastha Park kids ate the Rajma rice sitting on the mats and returned to school after a bus ride.This all the management working in Presidium just looking for money anyhow a cheap dress in the Annual Day is costing 800bugs and then we are running here and there for the shoes and the hairband been demanded.They are asking to donate to their Sparsh NGO in cash so that the amount goes to anybodies pocket however their are only 20-30 special children in the Sparsh who are making candels, rakhis gulal and all other things been sold by the school time to time [as it is said].
Dj_john1981 Send email
Apr 8, 2012

Teachers at Presidium

Hi to All,

Dear Parents, I am sure your Experiences should be the same as you had shown thru these columns.But In my Opinion I want my child to be a self confident person instead of a studious child.Because In real Life Practical things are more important than what we read in our Books. Confidence is more important than what we read in 10the Class Social Science.The Kind of Activities they did in Presidium, i am sure hardly done by anyone Else . The Presentation of a small child ( Nursery )in front of 1000 people ( In Shri Fort Auditorium ) is Really awesome.The are preparing them to face crowd and that shows the confidence level of your child.I am sure you feel so proud when your child did in-front of you.
If you want to see you child future as a Scientist, then I am sure this is not a right school for you ( and the problem is you are not able to get admission of you child in Right school as well ), But if you want your child to be a Smart, Confident child who can speak in front of 1000 people or make1000 people to listen him/her than don't think twice.

I Just give my Wish to the School for a Beautiful concept they come up with.
Anubha_bhatt Send email
Mar 27, 2012

Teachers at Presidium

I was an ex Admin employee of this school being a management Staff I use to intract with teachers but found them so low under pressure & very less payed even to the well educated staff they are paying maximum 10, 000 bugs, & staff need to do selling also- they have a product name Room Freshner Envolopes etc,

& Teachres are bound to call N numbers even those parents whos wards are not studing & peach them for scool & ask for Donation like a bhikari,

Every second month they disrtibute a Collection booklet to each student & ask them to sell tickets & each ticket or donation in not less then 100 Rs.

This gundagardi was so harrassing & even teachers ask the kids why you have not sold the ticket or why u bough so less
Its the same like a red light child Bhikari is threathned by Gunda's

I left the Management because of this reason only?
Shanu.mehta21@gmail.com Send email
Mar 21, 2012

Teachers at Presidium

My GOD!!! by looking to all these comments I would never like to admit my child in this school. Thanks to all of you people. You all saved the future of my kid.
VAISHALI9 Send email
Mar 13, 2012

Teachers at Presidium

I agree in the sense that they do overcharge.Just now read the fee circular for session 2012-13 of my daughter being promoted to grade 1. And yes it sent me jitters. OMG! Rs.51550/- for April-june quarter? Rs.26000/- develop. and annual charges WHAT? Rs.7700/- p.m. tution fee and transportation charges.A hike of 15%. I am shocked to see develop and annual charges this year since at the time of admission i was told it is just a one time charge.Can anyone of "THE PRESIDIUM" supporters justify this hike. Please do i am waiting...
Madhusurana Send email
Feb 18, 2012

Teachers at Presidium

.. my daughter is currently studying in presidium indirapuram . it's creating the worst out of the best.she was a very bright student .since last 2 years (after i admitted her in presidium), she has become very dull. even basic things that she should know in class 3, she doesn't know .it seems as if i have played with her life. it feels as if the school has cheated us .the school has just one motto -to keep minting money anyhow.
Rs Jain Send email
Feb 14, 2012

Teachers at Presidium

Dear (Indrapuram),

It really surpring being our kids are studing in such a big and reputed school., The staff of teached is really very bad .According to fee and standered the teacher staff should higly qualified not the traneers.

Regarding the qaultiy of book, its too bad .

In terms of activity, as they promess in the time of admission, their is no activity as such, no creativ thing i have seen in the school where my kid will be excited to go to school .

I shlould say building doesnt matter, matter the school, so please see are you really providing good teacher, activites, and more other thing. which really require for Kids.

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