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Consumer complaints and reviews about Professional Courier

Jun 21, 2017

Pathetic delivery service

My consignment was sent from Pune and was supposed reach Mumbai the next day. After 4days of inquiring everyday at various branches in Pune and Mumbai, i had to myself go and collect it from the nearest branch who couldnt deliver to me on the 5th day because the delivery boy was absent!
No immediate action is taken even after registering a complaint or speaking to the branch manager of Pune headquarters.
Pathetic service from both Pune and Mumbai branches.
Jun 5, 2017

Courier document lost in transit

Courier document was not delivered to the mentioned address. when i check online it gives a status only till the third day that it reached indiranagr branch. When i checked with the branch on 10th day of booking, they keep repeating that call after sometime. 11th day was Sunday. On 12th Day they confirm that the courier is missing and the delivery boy should come to locate it. For the whole day there were no responses. Now they stopped taking calls also. Branch manager took call and told that give me time till evening to trace.

The service of the courier is worst. this is the second time such a thing is happening. Earlier i had to follow up upto the delivery boy to deliver a courier on 6th day. You can imagine the irresponsible service behaviour. Since i was outside and it was urgent to send and had only this courier counter avbl in that area, i had to send by Professional Courier. Pathetic service. There are a few courier services little expensive but trust worthy. Docket no. KSN1365194.
Kennedy jfk
Jun 3, 2017

Wrong information

This is the worst service your giving to your customers it not professional at all i will never advice anyone to use your services. I call urgently for a luggage going to Dubai urgently i speak with two different staff in your company and they promises to come for collection from 20:00 to 00:00 midnight no one has com in between 20:00 hours 00:00 i call again and spoke to to them again and they say 30 minutes no one come this is disappointing so badly and i will never use your services again. Anyone who want to use professional courier Dont coz the service is poor.
Ram kalitheerthan
Jun 1, 2017

ill treatment of customer by courier branch office, mahindra world city, chengalpet, chennai

My consignment didnt reach the receiver even after 2 weeks, when I approached the mahindra city branch office from where I have sent, I only got a very bad way of treatment by the branch owner. He has no respect fro customers, raising his fingers in a threatening manner and murmuring bad words at customers. I was shocked by this incident. have been using professional for the past 10 years, but, this bitter experience made me swear that I would never ever use professional courier henceforth.

Please, let me know how to register a complaint against this mahindra city branch office which ill treats customer for a long time now.
May 26, 2017

Professional Courier, Kundanahalli, Bangalore


Professional courier is very unprofessional. Tracking No. MAA925193210 is not yet delivered, neither courier office picks up calls and respond.
Is there any way to deal with Professional Courier?

May 25, 2017

Pathetic service and technologically challanged tracking no - VPL512355179

Pathetic and unprofessional courier service (Professional courier) in India. I have send the courier on 16th of May 2017 from Mumbai to Gurgaon. Today it's 25th of May till date there is no trace of the parcel. Last update on the website was of 18th of May 2017.
I have visited their office 4 times, they always say check tomorrow and also said " you should have taken express service by paying extra" that's according to me is ridiculous.

My courier tracking # VPL512355179

Jitaditya Chaudhuri
Mob - 7738218181
May 12, 2017


Professional Courier: Date 01-04-2017: Handed over a letter to be delivered to a friend at Lucknow ,Uttar Pradesh ,at their V V Mohalla office,Mysore,Karnataka. In the futile trust that there would not be any problem in delivery ,did not keep the receipt provided as a record. As luck could have it ,even after a week the same was not delivered and it’s where about was not known as no sms or phone call was sent to me regarding any constraint they have faced in getting the same delivered. To trace the same out, I approached the office ,where I have handed over the letter. The girl at the counter asked for the consignment number, which I was not having and the same I told the girl. First she said it is difficult without the said number but still I shall get a feed back in a day. Once again I waited for a feed back,which did not come so I again approached the office and met the same girl and asked her why nobody contacted me and she point blankly stated without that consignment number they would not provide any information despite the fact that I gave all other details viz name of the consignee ,address and date etc. When I wanted to lodge a complaint and wanted a receipt for that,she refused to accept it and put a call to her manager(whom I did not see on both the days I visited the office) and the manager kept on repeating on phone that I need to give the consignment number without which he would not talk. He said I could lodge a complaint and that was the end of the whole issue as far as professional courier is concerned. The letter has yet to reach it’s destination ,though it is more than a month. Even at their site too without the consignment number ,one cannot lodge any query so what to say about lodging a complaint. I have gone through their Terms and Conditions and no where it is mentioned that without the consignment number,no information would/could be shared
Archana Barot
May 3, 2017

Courier not being delivered

My Consignment number is SRT57117663 had reached on 29/04/17 at Bangalore hub ( Yelahanka New Town) from Gujarat and till today ( 03/05/17) I have not received the same.

Also after making several follow ups and calls to Malleshwaram branch, Mission Road and GM - Mr jagadish( 9844729017) is of no use.

This has been repeated every month and even though conveying to them that it contains medicine they do not bother and just say it will be delivered with no confirm date and time.

From Gujarat to Bangalore it reached in 2 days but within Bangalore it takes more then 5 days everytime
Pravallika gangapuram
Apr 26, 2017

Regarding failed delivery of consignment no220560

I have sent a parcel with consignment no :220560 on 06/04/2017 at kadapa 7 roads branch,Andhrapradesh. It's more than 20 days now but parcel didn't reach the destination yet. I have called on pH no:7842777504 but no proper response .. They r telling parcel is lost and speaking in a very rude manner.how can they b behaving in such a manner? Such ill mannered people shouldnt b employed.this professional courier z a big trash.nobody should b using their services. Regarding their trash everyone should b made aware so that they won't become victims like me
Apr 22, 2017

Courier not received even after a week


I have sent a courier via professional courier on 18th April 2017(from kottayam-kerala to Bangalore). Haven't received the same even after a week. Not getting any proper response from the staff as well as customer care. The courier is really important and make sense only if receive by at least tomorrow (hence sent it via courier) . Any support will really help and highly appreciated
Apr 5, 2017

BLR445334115 - 20 Kms - 5 Days - Not Delivered

The Consignment [BLR445334115] placed on Saturday [01-04-2017] is not yet delivered. I was assured when placing the order that it will be delivered on Monday [03-04-2017]. Till today, 5 days have passed and you have not delivered it in a place which is just 20 kilometers away. What kind of service is this?

Today is the last date for application submission. I am unable to get any response on the phone as well.
Apr 3, 2017

professional couriers

till date not recieved pod no 5703177 booked from calicut on 10/2/2017, had gone personally and complained in kottayam office, called ate owner at kottayam and gave complaint till todat no response, pathetic and waste service in kottayam town area,
request you to kindly c;lear this as this contain valuable documents
Mar 22, 2017

Professional Courier with Fraud staffs and Fraud agents.

Professional Courier is big fraud company in logistic services.
I have paid 380 Rupees for 400Gram Parcel to deliver Bangalore City from Coimbatore city. 3rd march 2017 Friday after noon 2.30pm the parcel has booked also the courier collector promised that it will be deliver to the given address by next day Saturday morning before 12.30pm. But Nothing happen. I got the courier by Thursday afternoon 3pm on 9th March 2017.
I have requested with head office, the address limit office, and their delivery peoples. Damn they hurts me lot.
One more incident : I have send a parcel to Military officers Office in Trinity circle of Bangalore. The courier sent from Attibele. The delivery boy mentioned that door closed and returned. So which military office door is closed at day time? So such a biggest fraud company and their staffs must be punished and the company should closed immediately.

The same incident happen with me for more than 6 times in my life. I am not regular parcel sender or receiver.
Kindly take this complaint seriously and take serious fast action to ban the Professional Courier company. NOTE: like this many peoples suffered lot.
sowjanya muppidi
Mar 20, 2017

Late Delivery

Hi ,

It has been one week to get the courier delivered. It's a very late delivery and no one is responding from the corresponding branch (Gachibowli). Your service is very bad and irresponsible.I have never seen a service like this before. Please do improve your service and take some action against this.
Mar 11, 2017

Failure to devilry with in time

I have received very very late delivery ,when i called to 735318052 no . Who is working flor in charge for Mahadevapur , he is giving very bad response to me .. i never use next time this one
Mar 9, 2017

No Home Delivery


Your service is very pathetic.

I had word with one of your executive (Rakesh Shahu and the contact number is 09910490190), and he has no manner to talk with any one and he is denied to deliver my product. I called him to request that kindly deliver my product till tomorrow but he said that your company is fake and we are here to call you and deliver your product, he also said that if anyone will receive your product from my company then fine otherwise our courier boy cannot call you and deliver your product.

Thanks & Regards,
Sakshi Sonal
Feb 27, 2017

No door delivery.

I am at Kollam , Mundakkal. All my courier received I through Pallimuku branch.When I receive a courier they call me by phone and asked me to collect the courier. They are telling that there is no door delivery for Mundakkal Please confirm.I am totally upset by your service.
Feb 23, 2017


My Insurance Company has sent a policy from Mumbai through Professional Courier. I did not received it for almost a week. When i checked to track the courier in their site, it was mentioned that courier had been delivered already. But i did not receive it.

I called the Professional Courier Customer Care. They had provided the Bangalore office number and asked me to contact them. When i called the Bangalore office, they had provided the delivery boy number and asked me to contact him. He said he will check and get back to me, but he did not.

I tried to raise a complaint on their site, but i could not. I sent an email to them to raise a complaint. Some one called me and said that it was delivered to security. I stay in an independent house and there is no security in my building. They called again and they said they put in the mailbox. I don't have mailbox in my building either.

It is pretty clear that they had delivered it to some wrong address and trying to convince me with some stupid reasons. I don't know how could they deliver it to someone else without checking their id proof or something. Bad Service and Poor Customer Care.
Feb 21, 2017


Recent days in palladim in tirupur ,district there was huge issue in delivery , Because they did not deliver the courier on properly people are only called to the customer to pick the couriers in their office please just review on that they are completely spoiling the BRAND NAME ,I am from reputed company i have delivery tie-up iwith professional , we rae reugularly sending more than 15 couriers per day but in that if the customer number is switched off mean they return the courier and one more thing if they attend the courier in three time but no one is giving the true report its making hestitaion please take care of it.


Feb 18, 2017

Worst Service ever

I am a regular customer of Amazon. I used to buy things and they usually delivered to the house. In this particular order, I paid extra 60 Rupees for delivery for an item holds 300gm weight. And their agency doesn't deliver into the home instead called me and said I have to collect it from Aluva, which 12kms away from my home. All courier services provide home delivery, this is only courier service I came across, which asked me to come collect from the hub. This is the 2 nd time am facing the same issue with those guys. I am a regular online customer but never faced such issue with any other courier service. If you can't deliver, why are you people taking orders? Highly disappointed. So further on, I have to make sure with the vendor, that they are not delivering via professional courier. Moreover, there is your branch near my place, about 1.5 km at konnammavvu, but instead, those peoples telling me to collect from 12 km away hub. Terrible!!!!!
naseeb rasheed
Feb 13, 2017


Professional. International corrier service is very very irresponsible.and the customer service of this is very pathetic .customer can't track the order at any stage of the corrier.
Feb 10, 2017

Irresponsible service

Hirrible service.i had an order from amazon and the destined date of delivery was feb 3rd.i made the order at jan 23rd and the product reached calicut medical college branch of professional couriers on jan 27th.the most funniest part is i havent even informed about the parcel when it reached there.and on feb 9th they contacted me and asking me to collect it from their office.i made a paid delivery order as it is a bulky product so that i dont have to face much difficulties.and the staff of calicut medical college branch was not willing to deliver it to my place which is hardly 1 km from their office.such an irresponsible service i havent ever seen.plz dont opt this courier service for sending ur things as either you wont get informed or you wont get it delivered at your place
Bhavna Jain
Feb 2, 2017

Product Not yetr delivered

The order with Consignment VPL0121408030 which was booked 18 Jan 2017, it is not yet delivered and am not even getting the status of this. Customer care is also a waste. No one is receiving at all. Its really irritating. I need my product to be delivered to pune by tomorrow. I am very very disappointed with the services. It's pathetic.

I will never ever recommend this courier to anyone.
Jan 30, 2017

M991P0022374 connsignment is lost and the cost of the cosignment is to be paid to us


Consignment M991P0022374 is mobile handsent and sent from Pune to Bangalore on 24/Apr/2016.
The same is not received at Bangalore.
When spoke to the courier representative(Mandar Joshi) at pune, we were informed that the courier is lost and the amount equivalent the cost of handset will be paid to us
We have already submitted the original related docs to the Pune office.

They are not responding to the calls and not paid the amount of handset till now

Hence request to the concerned authority to help in getting the cost of handset paid back to us

Jan 25, 2017

Lost the product and very bad response on that

I sent a parcel last week from Trivandrum to Chennai. I was told it to be delivered by last friday. i was not able to track the package since I sent. Now they claim it as lost. And give very bad response even after their irresponsibility. It was two costly dress which i designed as per order. this has affected my business too and i had a big loss. Now they are not even ready to repay this. Worst part is, when i contacted the head office in Trivandrum their response was worst.They are not even ready to take the initiative to search where it gone or take its responsibility. Bloody idiots, if u cant properly run the service, close the business.Thieves!!

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