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Consumer complaints and reviews about PRTC

Yogita nevtia
Dec 4, 2022

Bus didnt start from starting point

We were only two people to start from chandigarh in prtc bus PB03AX0896 for budhlada with timing of 4:15 pm.. The bus stopped at its scheduled counter at bus stand.. But didnt start for budhlada and after 10 min got parked sideways in bus stand.

When we asked why it did so.. The conductor very rudely started abusing that it ll go at its own time at 4:50

Also he said to mind your own business.. We ll stop at counter and wont go.. What u ll go.. We ll slap u.. Harrassed me as a female traveller
Nov 22, 2022

No bus to zirakpur from 10 am to 11am

There were buses on station with bus number Pb03BJ2230, Pb03AJ5880, Pb65AS0782 and not anyone agree to zirakpur. The bus conductors are shouting to go chandigarh at same time and same route. So i request to check the time of buses so that any other passenger will not face this kind of problems.
Devender Kumar 42470
Oct 26, 2022

Misbehevior bus conductor

R,sir I am sinior citizen i traval from patiyala to Sohna by prtc bus no 8840,c:PB 497D:2 Bus conductor closed the front door he tell me to parchage ticket from ticket counter so get tickets from ticket counter Bus conductor not allowed me to get up in bus from front door,bus badly crowd hence not possible from back door I request again and again but conductor not allowed me my wife seating on frount side in bus conductor very badly treat me and misbehav he ask me to men handling with me please take necessary action please.
Devender Kumar 42470
Oct 26, 2022


मैं दिनांक 25/10/2022 को पटियाला से सोहना के बस न 8840 सी पीबी 497 मेरी टिकट संख्या 239753 है के कंडक्टर न बस का आगे वाला गेट बंद कर लिया मुझे चढ़ने नहीं दिया कहने लगा पीछे के गेट से ही आना होगा जबकि पीछे से बहुत ज्यादा भीड़ थी मेरी पत्नी आगे बैठी हुई थी जब मैंने ज्यादा कहा तो मुझे मारने पीटने की धमकी देने लगा और मेरी बहुत बेजती कि मैं एक सीनियर सिटीजन हूं उचित कार्रवाई हेतु यह कंप्लेंट कर रहा हूं
[email protected]
Oct 22, 2022

Bus not trevel on his right route

I am on private job woker and student in Chandigarh. But i live in patiala. I everyday trevel Patiala to Chandigarh at 6 PM . Conductor cut my ticket Patiala to tribune chownk but daily Driver not going to on his right route. Everyday driver trevel bus ton wrong way. He drive his bus to mohali route. Can you tell me please who is responsible for my job timing they left me daily on mohali route. I pay daily 30 rupee extra on auto. For tribune chownk.

This buses not a private property. Its all made by our texes. So why your driver do this worng things. Then our honorable CM Bhagwant maan ji ask why youth going ton canada, UK and USA. In this country everybody do his job properly. This countries have rules they respect our emotions.

Now Please solve this problem. If you not solve this tell me. Im a generalist then i start a propeganda on this. Its final and last warning.
Oct 15, 2022


Ashwani Kumar kaushal
Oct 7, 2022


Dear Sir/Madam

I am Ashwani Sharma and I my wife doing contract based job in Chandigarh. She travel from Morinda to Chandigarh daily basis due to her job. But bus conductor always refuse to pick Morinda passengers from Chandigarh 43 bus stop. They said we directly go to Ludhiana. They never pick Mornida Passenger. Some time conductor miss behave and say that " Tusi free di savari hon so asi tuhada theka ni lya ". She spent 2 to 3 hour daily due to this issue on 43 bus stand. If she request to local officer they try to flurt with her.

Bus no: AP 7742, AL9843, BB8872 or so on these buses on bus stand.

We request you to give guidelines to bus driver or conductors to stop buses at Morinda Bus Stop.

Thanks & Regards
Apr 28, 2022

Misbehaviour with passenger

PB 03 AJ 5546 bus driver Misbehaviour with passenger :- old lady

Misbehaviour with passenger

Vandana heer
Nov 26, 2021

Abusive words by conductor and driver

Bus Number-PB07PG2062 from Phillaur to Ludhiana (PRTC)
Kindly have attention for my complaint.take action about the conductor and driver also.they use very bad language for female passangers(using abusive language). Today I arrive from Phillaur to Ludhiana. there are only four or five persons standing at bus stand for this bus.but conductor said we can take only two passanger even then they have seates available for passangers..and ik female bus mei chad rhi thi toh conductor ne bus chla di and vo anti gir gyi.bola k next bus mei ana.yeh kya matlab hai inka.ek toh yeh bus mei chadne nhi dete jaise inki personal bus ho ,upar se jo Beth gye bus mei unse ese baat krte hai jese ehsaan kiya ho un par . inko aap bta dijiye varna hum police complaint krengey fir unke liye acha nhi hoga.agar inki vjah se kisi bhi passenger ko kuj huya na toh usse shoda nhi jayega ,yeh bhut bar ho chuka hai.pls attention. And eh bus Phillaur toh Ludhiana tak jati hai.
Nov 10, 2021

Misbehaving by bis conductor

I was waiting the bus for tohana on patran bus stand with my wife & children. Near about 7: 00 pm a bus of prtc came for going to khanouri which last no is 6571. It's had no route Board. It' was not stand on any counter. I asked the conductor where it will go?. When I asked again then he abousing me. He was drunked.
Oct 11, 2021

Driver misbehaving

I have taking a front seat in prtc bus but driver & conductor having misbehaving with me
Or mujjhe front seat se utha diya,
Prtc. Bus no. PB19M0271time 9:40am
Simran sandhu
Aug 23, 2021

Bus aren't stopped T bus stop

My name is simran, i am doing job in a private company at Zirakpur. But in the evening while coming back from zirakpur to banur i face many issues firstly there is a hug rush at zirakpur bus stop its not easy to catch A bus after waiting and after many time when i catch a bus sometimes conductor said this bus is not stopped at Banur bus stop.
3-4 times they drop me at Rajpura bus stop.
I want to know the reason behind the bus are not stopping at Banur bus stop
Neha rai new
Jul 26, 2021

Regarding buses for Mohali

Hello Sir

Please have a concern towards our daily travel-related problems. The number of buses from Patiala to Mohali and vice versa are very less but the Chandigarh buses are available after 5 minutes. Today (26th july), I waited for a bus from rajpura 22 pas since 9.33 am to 10.20 am , no bus coming for mohali. How can the people of middle class family travel to their job. Please assign some busses or mohali too. This is really needed for all of ous. I am not making any complaint but its a request from all of us.

Please don't just read and ignore this.

Thank You
Jan 1, 2021

Unnecessary hassle for a cancer patient

My name is Ankit. Today, Jan 1st 2020, I went to Gill chowk with my aunt to take a bus from Ludhiana to Sangrur. The AC bus was there with the bus conductor standing outside. This was around 10:30. I told him to wait 2 minutes while I park my activa in the parking space. Anyway he didn’t wait for me. I swear to god, not even two minutes elapsed in which I parked my activa. When i went there, the bus was gone. My aunt had asked the conductor to let her down right at gill chowk. He said that he waited for 3-4 minutes (he lied so blatantly), and that he can only let her down at the bridge that comes around 3 kms from there. We had an appointment in Homi Bhabha cancer hospital in sangrur. My aunt is a cancer patient. Whatever he did, didn’t make any sense. He created so much hassle for nothing.
[email protected]
Mar 17, 2020

False information provided by conductor

This is very unprofessional that conductor give false information regarding destination reach timing . Atleast provide clear information . I was told the reach time to Patiala 10:30AM and it's 11:00AM still 20-30 mins to go .
This happens very often and I don't accept the traffic issues or some other excuses.
Sep 16, 2019

Complaint regarding Pressure horn of PRTC bus and Misbehavior of driver

Dear Sir
Today I was travelling by PRTC bus from Banur to Landran in the evening. I have boarded the bus almost at 6.45 pm. There was a pressure horn installed in the bus. and in the city driver was just honking the horn again and again. One of the female passenger when raised objection against it then driver started rude behavior with her and stopped the bus in mid between and told to remove the wires of the horn only then he will proceed the bus. as well start talking in high voice that o complaint of me I have been recommended by GM of PRTC itself. Nobody can say me anything. My ticket no is 190158 and bus no is PB65AA7946. I just want to know if he is recommended by any of the high authority, is it legal then? i hope appropriate action will be taken against him.Also I expect to generate the token no of my complaint
Yatin Singla
Sep 13, 2019

Not stopping the bus at Zirakpur Bus stand

Why the PRTC buses only do not stop ar Zirakpur Bus stand. Conductor and drivers not even saw the passengers outside that how they are shouting and requesting to board the bus.
I just want an answer for it. And would like to suggest that all PRTC conductor should given heavy target for passengers so that they can know the value of the customer/passengers.
Or All the PRTC should be banned or make Private so that they must be fear from the suspension from job.
Asish sharma
Jul 28, 2019

Harassment and fight

Dear sir,
I am travelling with my mother and brother I took bus of prtc from jagraon asked to conductor to give me 3 tickets of nakoder but he intentionally give me 3 ticket of jalandher when I asked he refuse to return money he start abusing me my mom and my brother.the whole drivers and conductors trying to beat my brother ND me but my mom save us.if something going happend if they beat us or kill us who is a responsible for that we are travelling and we don't have any security of our lives.i got information that guy who did this all he is a PRTC inspector of jagraon.Punjab government gave job to this kind of people.i want Punjab government or Punjab police will take strict action against this goons otherwise I am going to high command.my number-6284450670/9653663751
Kuldeep saral
May 17, 2019

Regarding mohali to patiala bus

Mohali to patiala bus timing sharp 5:00 pm.
This bus goes from mohali to patiala via rajpura bus stand and town, most of time railway fatak closed, so patiala pessengers always face the problem, bus always late the people 20 mintues.
So, i requested to you, please this bus is goes via rajpura bi-pass only, not rajpura bus stand or town. So that every person that belong to patiala, sangroor, nabha, goes to home safely and on timely.
Apr 2, 2019

Bad Behaviour of regarding making bus pass

Respected sir
Im a student and today i visited prtc deptt at rajpura bus stop for renew of my pass that i submit yesterday its difficult for us to come again and again ,Gurwinder singh who have the duty of bus pass making at rajpura town busstop behave badly and also arguing with us. As there is clearly written on the board that pass will given back in between the time of 4 to 5 bt he said the work only being done till 4 pm ....this is hrassment...
Is prtc deptt have the rules or not..?.If they dont have time so same as we also dont have time....there should be strict action to be taken for bus pass maker GURWINDER SINGH prtc office rajpura busstand
Gurvir singh mehra
Feb 8, 2019

Taking extra fare

Morinde to fatehgarh sahib de 20 rs lagde a conductor mere to 25 legya is khilaf sakht karvayi kiti jave

Taking extra fare

[email protected]
Jan 21, 2019


Bus no PB65V1959 conduter behaviour are not good. This bus conducter are rudely behave the senior citizens. Two senior sitizen are requested for stopping bus. But conducter are not stop the bus. Because senior sitizen are not walk properly. Bus driver stop the bus without conducter permission for the senior sitizen than the bus conducter are very shouting to the bus driver. So please action as soon as possible. Thank you
Jan 21, 2019

Bad behaviour of conductor

Almost all conductors involved in rajpura or chandigarh bus travel from patiala used to behave very badly...especially with students...they used to lie about the bus stop...they are only money minded, not regarding the fact that we are students and have to go to our class...These conductors don't let the students with bus pass to enter their bus...we are not useless...if there is a facility for bus pass and we are using it that doesn't mean they will disrespect us and lie to us...if we wanted to stop at rajpura bypass just because we wanted to reach early...they should tell us about the right bus...not the bus that takes time to reach our destination and with less people, moving towards the rajpura town..they behave as if they own the bus...this prtc is for public use..we are not here to take any disrespect...if anybody can...please teach them to atleast not behave like this and tell the true place to the traveller...as no one wants to face their bad attitude especially in the morning.
Apr 28, 2018

Misbehavior by bus dvr

Nov 8, 2017

Pass Students not allowed in PRTC though stamp is on the pass

Bus conductors do not allow me to enter IN PRTC buses though i am having a pass and a stamp is also there in the pass. Even then they do not allow. Me to enter in the bus.

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