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Consumer complaints and reviews about QNET

Jan 29, 2017

Qnet Scam

Dear All,
QNET is most unethical compny available on this planet.Qnet IRs don't have any family morals that's why they are doing cheating with innocent person on the guidelines and help of their senior partner, who are more expert In fraud and cheating.
QNET called it is business but instead of applying business loan, they applied for personal loan. They never applied business visa, they applied travel visa to attend business event. They put every shit on their Facebook profile, but never put Qnet name, because they don't want to revealed it.only cheaters and criminal have these things common.
Qnet claims that they follow Gandhiji who himself use to tell truth and promoted it.but Qnet is contradict in this case from inviting friends for plan to showing plan everytime they tell lie. their are lots of lie is written in their script of hot call and call a buddy .
Jan 27, 2017

Qnet is cheated and unethical company

Dear @Askqnet
Don't post your scripted post everytime.this post is against the reality of Qnet and it's IR.
First there is not some few people, there are almost All Qnet IR are cheaters.Qnet IR never say that it's MLM or network marketing.
They charged money for investment not for product.and the investment start from 2.5 lac to 10 lac.and later they buy the product from that money by keeping 10-30% money directly in their pockey, this is the main source of their income apart from commission.
Qnet has 7 days refund policy on global site from Where mostly IR purchased the product by putting wrong information so that customer will never get their purchase slip or product.and they also changed their portal password, so that they never know about refund policy and initiate refund.
There is no one has answered my Questions that why it is registered as Vihaan instead of Qnet.it seems Qnet is banned in India.
It's NCD and grievance department just for name. There is no proof that they have taken any action against unethical and cheated IR.
Qnet customer care is also worse.they don't pick your call they don't talk gently and never responded to someone's Query.
If you need proof of anything posted above.i will provide to you.
Jan 25, 2017

Qnet a legal and ethical company

Dear Friends ,

I read so many complaints on this site.

I would like to tell people who has made complaint here that Qnet is totally legal and ethical company.
Qnet is registered by the name of Vihan Direct selling in India.

Qnet follows all the guidelines which has been released by government of INDIA.

Please go through the below link for details.


I agree some people might have done Qnet business in wrong way because of that many IRs did get all information.

For your information Qnet also has refund policy of 30 days.
There is no commission pay out on enrolling of new IR nor any fees is required for registration.
Commission is only paid when there is a sale or purchase.

Worldwide Offices

QNET products are enjoyed by millions of satisfied customers and Independent Representatives in more than 100 countries.

With headquarters in Hong Kong, QNET is represented by offices and agencies in 25 countries worldwide and more than 50 stockists.

Worldwide Offices

QNET products are enjoyed by millions of satisfied customers and Independent Representatives in more than 100 countries.

With headquarters in Hong Kong, QNET is represented by offices and agencies in 25 countries worldwide and more than 50 stockists.

QNET also offers worldwide, multilingual customer support through the QNET Global Support Centre (GSC).

QNET also offers worldwide, multilingual customer support through the QNET Global Support Centre (GSC).

India Office

India Support Center: +91 ############/8

Grievance Cell Number: +91 990 050 9004


QNET India
Level 07, Mfar Greenheart, Manyata Tech Park, Hebbal, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore 560045

Tel: +91 990 006 0061, +91 990 006 0062, +91 990 006 0064, +91 990 006 0068

Qnet a legal and ethical company

Jan 23, 2017

Qnet Cheaters

Qnet liers and cheaters proof everywhere they are cheating.

Do's n don'ts for QSP MAGIC - 2017 THAILAND

1) Carry photocopies 2-3 of all ur docs I.e passport , tickets, hotel list, pics passport size.

2) Emigration counter in BKK - say u r a tourist don't say u have come for an Event/Conference since it's a tourist visa. ( but in reality - don't become a tourist, seriously attend QSP)

3) At the airport itself u will find a counter of service for ur sim... You can buy one.

4) Carry your smart phone with FM Facility/APP with battery back up for translation.(Hindi & Nepali)

5) Do not carry your laptops if not needed xcept ur upline

6) Most imp - always be in group.

7) Frm airport to hotel U ll hv to take your own cab.

8) Cab services will be available.

9)Do not go out without upline anywhere.

10) Also once you check in into the hotel- report to ur upline with all ur docs.

11) In the city sometimes fake people in the disguise of police question u abt ur docs, do not show them anything right there. Tell them to take u to the police station and then u will show the docs.

12) V V V IMP: Also do not carry ur original passport for the conference/event, keep it safe in the lockers of the hotel room or ur bag.

13) Get ur hotel list confirmation.

14). QSP- main event - buses will leave early by 7 or 7.30 so b there sharp befor that so that u get front row seats at the venue

15). Locate ur buses by ur team tags and rem ur bus no - Always be in group

16). Keep water bottles to refill the water. But ensure u dont mess up the place where u sit. Carry ur garbage everyday whenever u leave the hall. ( NOT SURE IF SNACKS ARE ALLOWED)

17) Give women and elderly people first preference.

19) Easy to withdraw cash from the ATM s but withdraw in bulk due to processing fee per transaction . Also Visa cards r more widely accepted. Pls save atleast 5 BKK nos of uplines / team on ur phone. Upline whatsapp group for better coordination

20) Keep 100 us $ for emergency purposes

21) Strictly no alcohol and NO smoking breaks for the entire event. We are not here for a vacation.

22) Try and take front seats but not at the cost of hurting others. Respect each other. Do not abuse anyone while in crowd if it gets uncomfortable. Even holy places have crowd going crazy but u remember the reason of being there more than the stupid challenge of whether, crowd, food etc

23) Follow the inservice instructions and do not disobey them. They are all our seniors to serve us

24) REMEMBER, ur team will do whatever u do in every event/conference. They will duplicate u. So ensure u dont do things that u dont want ur downlines to do

Most importantly this event is not a vacation trip so go with an open mind, extract maximum, empty ur cup...it can be a game changer only n only if you want.


Jan 23, 2017

Qnet free India

Dear All victims, it's time to be united and make Qnet free India to save our fellow Indian from cheated by these unethical and moralless people.
Just because we all complaints assochem has removed Qnet logo. We need to do the same with others Qnet partners like mcfc,lionsclubindia, iifa etc and its promoters and supporters like Anil Kapoor, boman Irani.
We need to raise awareness on social media as much possible.victims who are working in IT company like TCS, Infosys, HCl, wipro etc. Should mail to their HR Head or manager and share your concerns that how they trapped employees by showing the fear of job life.
If you feel ashamed them you can say with your friends who is not working in your company by sharing your HR email id or you can make alternative id others from your name.
Jan 23, 2017


At First, I must tell, you bunch of greedy, dishonest, poor mind people will never unforgivable by any chance.

I made a mistake I trusted my friends blindly, I never thought they can do it for the money.
They literally stabbed me by using emotional talks. They used my innocence. I will never forget that, I will never forgive them.

I will not say my story again because so many times I have told in different occasion.

One important thing: As I belong to IT industry, I am getting to know, these guys already started targeting IT employees too, that's horrible. This must be stop.

Mainly they using the friendship bond. That's really Sad and pathetic.

They doesn't know, making money in illegal way they are going towards to endanger their life.

I want to tell to those people who cheated me, Wait for your turn to be behind bar. Time is coming for you.

You people think, you are quite smart to make people fool by your obnoxious behavior and way of talking which you have got trained to apply to others.

Finally requesting you who become victim of it, please raise your voice. Spread among the people in the society. This kind of Business should be banned immediately. When Govt will take bold step? That's Big Question!!
Jan 22, 2017

Qnet Scam

Qnet is unethical and cheated company. It's not part of idsa, while the others good and ethical companies are part of it.it is not registered by Qnet name in India. It also don't fill the e-sugam form in Karnataka. When I requested them for return my products to their Bangalore office address they denied and told we don't filled e-sugam or we can't provide it.they guide me to handover it to their Gaziabad office by physical visit.
They visit to other companies for business meet but don't apply business visa.
Jan 20, 2017



According to sachin gupta and Qi group policies, Senior people neither discuss about company name nor products. In one of the review, you mentioned how qnet works. You have given bullshit explanation. Seems to be still you are a child grow up buddy.

In INDIA, this business running based on the RELATION and TRUST and teach you about DREAMS like 5 crores in 5 years. In the name of trust, friends are cheating friends and relatives. It is time to clean all the IRs like you from INDIA.

Do you need to spend lakh rupees to learn HOW TO DREAM?

I think you are going to MALASIA VCON 2017. How many innocent peoples are coming along with you.

You said that visit QNET website. But in INDIA, qnet website wont work porperly. There is no refund policy and procedure information. There is no number to contact company for any help. Did you find your self any of those from website not from google. THINK CHILD!!!!

You explained about products AWESOME. Do you know how company products useful for a common man?

Why company IRs taking minimum 3.5 lakhs and maximum 10.5 lakhs as a fixed amount?

Can you answer this question clearly?

Jan 19, 2017

Qnet Scam

Dear @Qanand

Qnet is the biggest scam and it has banned many times previously, but you are shameless and rename it again from goldquest to questnet to Qnet. Your business and people are really curse for the humanity.Bombay highcourt, sfio, eow registered a case against you. Your company main motive is to cheat people and took their hard earned money.your business is as dangerous as terrorism, corruption. You as a company promote this and make people cheaters, lier and criminal. Your senior leader has been arrested, some become absconder and some fled from India.Your company never take any action against unethical behavior done by your IR. You itself teach people to cheat and tell lie. I have a script written by Sachin Gupta, I. Which clearly written please don't say it's MLM while inviting Prospect for business plan.while in real it's MLM.
God is watching you and your cheated IR.
Days are not far when Qnet will also ban from India.
Jan 19, 2017

Qnet Fraud

I think, this is the time for you to correct your knowledge and stop thinking that you are into legitimate business.

Also, you need to correct your knowledge, QNet is not company, neither it is registered under MCA in India.

And now coming to your claim of product selling, i will give you platform for selling your product, demonstrate quality of product and sale it instead of showing business opportunity.

I think you havw not gone through Direct Selling guidelines published by Govt of India few months back. It clearly mentions about not step commission more than 1 level.

So don't try to fool people, look into facts.

Jai Hind
Jan 18, 2017


@ rahatamjad

Please do a thorough check before spending money on anything. you cannot spend 4 lakhs on anything before doing research about the company. You should have checked QNET's Policies and procedures before going ahead with buying the product. its mentioned very clearly that QNET is a MLM company and how one can earn commissions selling products.
Jan 18, 2017


@ qnethelpbangalore@gmail.com

please get your facts right. QNET is a legitimate company and has had all the records in place. There are so many representatives who are doing their business in a legitimate manner. Let me explain you how QNET works

A consumer can go online on the company’s website and buy the product of his/her choice, either as a retail customer using a referral ID of an existing Independent Representative (IR), or register himself/herself as an IR of the Company. QNET compensates its IRs through commissions only and solely on the basis of products sold. This is a simple business of referral which is today being interpreted to be a scam and it is disappointing because many young entrepreneurs could benefit from it.
Please go through the company's Policies and procedures before buying any products.
Arun jois
Jan 18, 2017

Q net is the biggest scam company

Please dont pick the phone only those who are in the qnet scam. its a complete people joining business.
Jan 18, 2017


Hi Guys,

My name is Ganesh

one of my friend called me we have good opeertunity to earn more money.
due to problem in my family so i trust him and sold my plot and invest in MLM company called QNET.

but i dont know this is a MLM company.

they are hidding all details and they told me we have 1 months training and all.

but after one month they called me and i met my friend and then i asked my friend how to earn money..

then he told me bring people then you can earn.

i am totally socked and started crying.

now i am totally physically and mentally depressed.

Request you all guys

i already gon this situation request you before believe below people think onces.

Monica Jagga 9021310978 TCS ,PHASE 3 PUNE

Sudeep Mandal

Soumya Nayak ( (hyderabad QNET people)

Batakrishna sahoo((hyderabad QNET people)

Laxman Methree 8007984987 SEARS HOLDING,KHARADI,PUNE

Kirti Sherawat 7507417700 Capgemini,HINJEWADI PHASE 3,PUNE

Smita arjun wadha(hyderabad QNET people)

Arjun wadha(hyderabad QNET people)

Ansul Mital(hyderabad QNET people)

Siba Nayak(hyderabad QNET people)

Madhavi(hyderabad QNET people)

Shailesh Kumar 7588218843 CTS,SB ROAD PUNE

Murgesh Girisagar Sears holding KHARADI PUNE2

Bijayalaxmi Swain 7219111012 Citi bank,KHARADI,PUNE

Shibbu Sourabha ACCENTURE PUNE

Priyanka suryawanshi

Swapnil Bhamre

Snehal pawar Bhamre

Anshul singh INFOSYS

Anjali shaini ATOS,PUNE

Neha Nagar ATOS,PUNE

Lokesh Sharma TCS,PHASE 3 PUNE


Rahul Bond 7032908060 Infosys PHASE 2 PUNE

Delhi Fraud Peoples

Abhitosh Verma 9923720630

Bharat Gangotra, 8408020020

Tarun Gangotra 9987506867

Sarika Arya

Ankaj kumar upadhyay

Nilim Nath

Alok Sagar

Niket Kumar


Abid Husain
Mahendra singh chundawat
Tahir Husain
Naveen singh
Chetan singh chundawat
Guneet singh
Abhilash Dixit
Dhananjay Dixi
Mohit Kothari
Rahul Kumar seth
Brijesh Mehta
Jan 17, 2017


I am a victim of qnet scam anernate no.
Thanks in advanced wish to get a refund
I tried calling on 9927047477.but the phone is continuously switched off.Kindly help with an alt
Jan 17, 2017

QNet scam

Friends,am also a victim of QNet fraud,but after reading here,tried calling this no.9927047477,several times but the phone is switched off!Please help if there is an alternate no.
Jan 16, 2017

Qnet Scam by a colleague

I have also got cheated by the so called billion dollar project of Qnet by my own office colleague THANUJA ALI. She showed me an interest by earning big money in short span of time in a so call LEGAL and ETHICAL way. After spending about 4 lakhs I m struggling to get my refund and I feel there is no such company exist because I m left with no response. So guys please be alert from these racket and especially this lady THANUJA ALI

Rahat Bi
Victim of QNET and fooled by THANUJA
Jan 15, 2017


Guys please anybody help me.... I got stuck in MLM Qnet and lost Rs 4 lakh. police is not taking my complaint...Please give me any suggestions possible.. My number is 9945259622
Jan 15, 2017



Want to know the exact procedure for refund from qnet. I have tried everything but nothing seems to bw working, please send a mail on sunil29179@gmail.com.....
Jan 15, 2017

Qnet Fraud

I have never seen a more cheated, lier, fraud and unethical people other than Qnet IR, they don't have any family morals. Earning money by cheating is their life only goal.Qnet As a company is doing fully support to these people. I Wish that this company should be ban from India asap. So that innocent person become save.
For this I will provide as much proof as possible to government to help them and create a massive awareness against it on social media.
Jan 14, 2017

qnet complent

Hi all,

Some self proclaim advocate and rti activist from bangalore is telling in complaint board that he can get your money refund, when you have exceeded refund policy time line. His intentions are dubious dont fall for such an offer. You can lodge your complain in mumbai eow, delhi eow hydrabaad ccs, or in bangalore ccb, complaint format and other details were posted in this forum many times. If you want to lodge your own fir you can visit to local police station with your complaint copy and relevant documents. Mumbai high court judgment you can get from mumbai high court portal. If your local police station refuses to take your FIR you can go to commissioner's office directly and give your complain requesting to lodge an FIR. Remember usual sections in FIR would be 420, and Prize chit fund and money circulation banning act 1978, and others based on your complaints. All this sections comes under code of criminal procedure i.e it is basically state vs. the accused, so your case will be represented by public prosecutor in court so you dont need to hire a lawyer any way.

Jan 14, 2017

Qnet Cheaters

I have never seen worse people unlike Qnet IR in my life ever, they are most cheated, unethical, fraud, lier. They don't have any family morals. Earning money by cheating is their life only goal. They are sucking someone's life 's hard earned money. GOD will never forgive them. Qnet as a company provide full support to these people. Even after submitting evidences they never take any action. Their mcd and grievance department are also fake, they never do anything.
I wish that this company should be permanently ban from India so that innocent person become save. For this I will provide as much evidences as possible to government and create awareness about Qnet on social media.
Jan 12, 2017

Qnet Cheat

QanandS & samona

W.R.T your comments, I can only conclude that now you people have started fooling victims on the complaints board as well
This is ridiculous. QNET has cheated Indian people in past 16 years by various names (Gold Quest -2002), (Questnet-2007-08) and now the directors of Vihaan and Vanmala Travels changed name from Questnet to new name of QNET(post blacklisted by SFIO) and still cheating people

Stop giving shit explanations, you have looted Indian economy
Jan 11, 2017



@ Bac kdoorjobs Rohit.

please do a thorough check before you meet any representative for buying any product. if you have any queries regarding any product or refund, please mail your queries to support.center@qnetindia.in. None of the representatives are in the payrolls of the company. Company is taking and will take strict actions against the representatives who are hampering the image of QNET.
Jan 10, 2017


QNET as a matter of policy adheres to strong principles of legal business, transparency and corporate governance. All documentation pertaining to the operations of its Indian Franchisee Vihaan Direct Selling (VDS) and its financial transactions have been provided to the investigators at the EOW. Additionally:

Vihaan’s financial accounts are audited with a clear traceable history of all financial transactions. All documents demonstrating the same have been already submitted to the EOW.
More than 50,000 pages of documentation has been submitted to EOW.
QNet’s business runs on an eCommerce platform.
All product sales transactions are transparent and cleared through a third-party payment gateway, cheques or through Demand Drafts.

QNet has also publicly refuted any and all allegations of money laundering which has been carried in the media in the past. As such, this allegation remains completely wild and speculative in nature.

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