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Consumer complaints and reviews about QNET

Arun jois
Jan 18, 2017

Q net is the biggest scam company

Please dont pick the phone only those who are in the qnet scam. its a complete people joining business.
Jan 18, 2017


Hi Guys,

My name is Ganesh

one of my friend called me we have good opeertunity to earn more money.
due to problem in my family so i trust him and sold my plot and invest in MLM company called QNET.

but i dont know this is a MLM company.

they are hidding all details and they told me we have 1 months training and all.

but after one month they called me and i met my friend and then i asked my friend how to earn money..

then he told me bring people then you can earn.

i am totally socked and started crying.

now i am totally physically and mentally depressed.

Request you all guys

i already gon this situation request you before believe below people think onces.

Monica Jagga 9021310978 TCS ,PHASE 3 PUNE

Sudeep Mandal

Soumya Nayak ( (hyderabad QNET people)

Batakrishna sahoo((hyderabad QNET people)

Laxman Methree 8007984987 SEARS HOLDING,KHARADI,PUNE

Kirti Sherawat 7507417700 Capgemini,HINJEWADI PHASE 3,PUNE

Smita arjun wadha(hyderabad QNET people)

Arjun wadha(hyderabad QNET people)

Ansul Mital(hyderabad QNET people)

Siba Nayak(hyderabad QNET people)

Madhavi(hyderabad QNET people)

Shailesh Kumar 7588218843 CTS,SB ROAD PUNE

Murgesh Girisagar Sears holding KHARADI PUNE2

Bijayalaxmi Swain 7219111012 Citi bank,KHARADI,PUNE

Shibbu Sourabha ACCENTURE PUNE

Priyanka suryawanshi

Swapnil Bhamre

Snehal pawar Bhamre

Anshul singh INFOSYS

Anjali shaini ATOS,PUNE

Neha Nagar ATOS,PUNE

Lokesh Sharma TCS,PHASE 3 PUNE


Rahul Bond 7032908060 Infosys PHASE 2 PUNE

Delhi Fraud Peoples

Abhitosh Verma 9923720630

Bharat Gangotra, 8408020020

Tarun Gangotra 9987506867

Sarika Arya

Ankaj kumar upadhyay

Nilim Nath

Alok Sagar

Niket Kumar


Abid Husain
Mahendra singh chundawat
Tahir Husain
Naveen singh
Chetan singh chundawat
Guneet singh
Abhilash Dixit
Dhananjay Dixi
Mohit Kothari
Rahul Kumar seth
Brijesh Mehta
Jan 17, 2017


I am a victim of qnet scam anernate no.
Thanks in advanced wish to get a refund
I tried calling on 9927047477.but the phone is continuously switched off.Kindly help with an alt
Jan 17, 2017

QNet scam

Friends,am also a victim of QNet fraud,but after reading here,tried calling this no.9927047477,several times but the phone is switched off!Please help if there is an alternate no.
Jan 16, 2017

Qnet Scam by a colleague

I have also got cheated by the so called billion dollar project of Qnet by my own office colleague THANUJA ALI. She showed me an interest by earning big money in short span of time in a so call LEGAL and ETHICAL way. After spending about 4 lakhs I m struggling to get my refund and I feel there is no such company exist because I m left with no response. So guys please be alert from these racket and especially this lady THANUJA ALI

Rahat Bi
Victim of QNET and fooled by THANUJA
Jan 15, 2017


Guys please anybody help me.... I got stuck in MLM Qnet and lost Rs 4 lakh. police is not taking my complaint...Please give me any suggestions possible.. My number is 9945259622
Jan 15, 2017



Want to know the exact procedure for refund from qnet. I have tried everything but nothing seems to bw working, please send a mail on sunil29179@gmail.com.....
Jan 15, 2017

Qnet Fraud

I have never seen a more cheated, lier, fraud and unethical people other than Qnet IR, they don't have any family morals. Earning money by cheating is their life only goal.Qnet As a company is doing fully support to these people. I Wish that this company should be ban from India asap. So that innocent person become save.
For this I will provide as much proof as possible to government to help them and create a massive awareness against it on social media.
Jan 14, 2017

qnet complent

Hi all,

Some self proclaim advocate and rti activist from bangalore is telling in complaint board that he can get your money refund, when you have exceeded refund policy time line. His intentions are dubious dont fall for such an offer. You can lodge your complain in mumbai eow, delhi eow hydrabaad ccs, or in bangalore ccb, complaint format and other details were posted in this forum many times. If you want to lodge your own fir you can visit to local police station with your complaint copy and relevant documents. Mumbai high court judgment you can get from mumbai high court portal. If your local police station refuses to take your FIR you can go to commissioner's office directly and give your complain requesting to lodge an FIR. Remember usual sections in FIR would be 420, and Prize chit fund and money circulation banning act 1978, and others based on your complaints. All this sections comes under code of criminal procedure i.e it is basically state vs. the accused, so your case will be represented by public prosecutor in court so you dont need to hire a lawyer any way.

Jan 14, 2017

Qnet Cheaters

I have never seen worse people unlike Qnet IR in my life ever, they are most cheated, unethical, fraud, lier. They don't have any family morals. Earning money by cheating is their life only goal. They are sucking someone's life 's hard earned money. GOD will never forgive them. Qnet as a company provide full support to these people. Even after submitting evidences they never take any action. Their mcd and grievance department are also fake, they never do anything.
I wish that this company should be permanently ban from India so that innocent person become save. For this I will provide as much evidences as possible to government and create awareness about Qnet on social media.
Jan 12, 2017

Qnet Cheat

QanandS & samona

W.R.T your comments, I can only conclude that now you people have started fooling victims on the complaints board as well
This is ridiculous. QNET has cheated Indian people in past 16 years by various names (Gold Quest -2002), (Questnet-2007-08) and now the directors of Vihaan and Vanmala Travels changed name from Questnet to new name of QNET(post blacklisted by SFIO) and still cheating people

Stop giving shit explanations, you have looted Indian economy
Jan 11, 2017



@ Bac kdoorjobs Rohit.

please do a thorough check before you meet any representative for buying any product. if you have any queries regarding any product or refund, please mail your queries to support.center@qnetindia.in. None of the representatives are in the payrolls of the company. Company is taking and will take strict actions against the representatives who are hampering the image of QNET.
Jan 10, 2017


QNET as a matter of policy adheres to strong principles of legal business, transparency and corporate governance. All documentation pertaining to the operations of its Indian Franchisee Vihaan Direct Selling (VDS) and its financial transactions have been provided to the investigators at the EOW. Additionally:

Vihaan’s financial accounts are audited with a clear traceable history of all financial transactions. All documents demonstrating the same have been already submitted to the EOW.
More than 50,000 pages of documentation has been submitted to EOW.
QNet’s business runs on an eCommerce platform.
All product sales transactions are transparent and cleared through a third-party payment gateway, cheques or through Demand Drafts.

QNet has also publicly refuted any and all allegations of money laundering which has been carried in the media in the past. As such, this allegation remains completely wild and speculative in nature.
Jan 9, 2017

Dehli team member

Ankur Sinha erricsson another cheat
indian 1234
Jan 8, 2017

qnet refund

hi all!

qnet is the biggest fraud running in india and looting india ... please dont get trapped in false dreams ... if you want help regarding refund you can contact me on whatsapp 9927047477
Backdoorjobs Rohit
Jan 3, 2017

qnet is a froud company

I have been cheated of INR1,40,000 by Ms. seetharam of Rajendra, Bangloare, under the QNET scam in 2014. Neither does she answer the phone calls, nor do her seniors. How do I get my refund? I have all proofs with me, including bank statement of money transfer.
q net scams in bangloare
prem kumar
srikanth reddy
surya kiran varma
srinath reddy
hari priya
uma shankar
shanmugam these pepelos are froud pls arrest these persons
Dec 24, 2016

Qnet fraud

hello to all who trap in qnet in kanpur its a total fraud scheme person who gives a training in kanpur rajiv kanujia that is
cheated fraud person beware of him and they target to innocent people every day in z square mall and dunkin donuts i filed a police
complain police will take action soon and beware of these fraud people in kanpur

its is total unethical scheme they never tell our place before when they do any event, pds , vcell and whatever because they afraid
to police till last they will tell

beware of these cheated people in kanpur any time police can catch them for qnet scam (qnet is total banned scheme in india, lots of IRS in jail police caught them to give a training to innocent people

beware of these people in kanpur some of doctor and mr making fraud

they cheat my money can anyone tell me how i cant get my money refund
and beat a trainer hath per tod do iske jisse ye aage fraud na faila sake
rajiv kanujia ko z squre main ghus ke maro

1) Rajiv Kanujia (head of cheater and fraud making people)
2) parmod pal
3) manjari upadhay
4) deepak phauja
5) dr pushpendra singh
6) dr gaurav katiyar
7) and others
N Mittal
Dec 21, 2016


I have been cheated of INR40,000 by Ms. Faujia of Dadar, Mumbai, under the QNET scam in 2014. Neither does she answer the phone calls, nor do her seniors. How do I get my refund? I have all proofs with me, including bank statement of money transfer.
N Mittal
Dec 21, 2016


I have been cheated of Rs. 40,000 by Ms. Faujia of Dadar, Mumbai, under the QNET scam in 2014. Neither does she answer the phone calls, nor do her seniors. How do I get my refund? I have all proofs with me.
Dec 21, 2016

Qnet people Cheated me

As you all knows about Qnet fraud n liers, I also paid lakhs of rupees. They r not telling the way how to get refund. Plz help me regarding.seshadri.pharmacy@gmail.com
Preeti gopinath
Dec 20, 2016

Qnet fraud

Even i m trapped in this fraud and looking for a help to complain about the people who got me and my fiance into this.
I m trying to contact Rafiq sir but the number is switched of
vishal Master and pratik parmar from mumbai they operate from dadar are the one who trapped us into this . we need help in getting are money back which is 5 lakh and also want these people to go in jail

Please help

Dec 20, 2016

Qnet refund

Want the procedure for qnet refund please send a mail to tutorhelpinassignments@gmail.com
Vaibhav G. Khetal
Dec 19, 2016

How can i get back my money

One of my friend who is in Mumbai referred to join the Qnet. U all ppl knows how they will approach and speak to ppl to join. So b'coz of him i joined but after joined it i realize that its only a making a fool to others and a fraud. I never did this n never i'll. I joined 8th Dec 2016. I attended welcome and last sat and sun co called Vcell and association which is bullshit. SO can u plz help me how can i get my money back ? I need help please help me..... Thanks in advanced .

Dec 18, 2016

Qnet Cheaters

Please be aware from below cheated people from Delhi NCR.
Deepak Kumar
Yasir Faraz
Gopal Maheshwari
Kopal Garg
Danish idress
Shashwat Sharma
Ajay Verma
Ashmita Agrawal
Anjeev Kumar
Abida Khatoon
Naved Tyagi

These are the most cheated, lier,unethical and fraud Team in Qnet.they don't have any family morals.earning money by cheating is their life's only motives.they are helping Chinese and islamic country to take money out from India.they all will rotten In Hell.
Dec 16, 2016

Q net fraud

QNET is another big scam company, fooling innocent people and public.
I would like to thank RTI activist Mr Rafiq 8088411131 who helped me get my refund back from qnet .

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