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Consumer complaints and reviews about QNET

Jul 11, 2018

Fight against QNET SCAM


Im also a victim of QNET SCAM, please advise how should I proceed to get my money back. Im from Hyderabad, is there any person that I can get in touch with who can guide me?

Thank YOu.
Jun 12, 2018

qnet complent

Dear QNET Victims/Fighters from Bangalore

All the FIR guys as well as the new victims have to go to the CID
office and meet

Mrs Shobha
Room no 2
New CID Building
CID Annexe Building
Carlton house
Palace Road
Bengaluru 560001

G Map -

Mrs Shobha is available
on this landline number
+918022094477 -
Timings - Mon to Fri, 11 a.m to 3 p.m
Only call this number if you face any difficulty to reach her cabin
and do not call this number for any query that you have on Qnet. We
repeat !! do not call that number for any other query on Qnet.

Further to do :-
Mrs Shobha will give you a form and you need to go back home or to a
cyber cafe... fill this form, answer few questions and bring a printed
copy back to her.

Note:- Every form that is given to you has a serial number so please
do not miss place this form, if you do not want your money ...do not
go and fill this form for fun 😜.

And any further query that you have .....do not hesitate to contact me at 9972622415
May 30, 2018

Qnet refund

If you are cheated by Qnet agent then please register your complaint to RBI:


Company Name: Vihaan Direct Selling Pvt Ltd.(Qnet)
Company address: Level 07, Mfar Greenheart, Manyata Tech Park, Hebbal, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore 560045

Step By step video: https://youtu.be/98LwOZxCc98
May 28, 2018


Qnet is a big scam if u want any help related to that contact on whatsapp 8279988259
May 27, 2018

Against Qnet


I have been fooled by Qnet from sep-17 and have been invested 3.5 lakhs, unfortunately I was joined Qnet by my best friend(I cannot blame him wherein he was fooled by some other guy) and was gone through all so called process and trainings, however I was convinced everytime by them when I thought to quit...it's been 7 months now, is there anyway where I can get refund....

Please suggest me friends.....

My no:###
May 26, 2018

send mail to qnethelpbangalore@gmail.com

Hi all,

to get refund and fight qnet fraud, send me email on qnethelpbangalore@gmail.com
May 26, 2018

Refund from QNET

Hi friends,

Victims please do not be disappointed from QNET fraud, we can kick it out and get our hard earned money back

Send me e-mail to qnethelpbangalore@gmail.com to fight against QNET
May 23, 2018


Qnet is a scam for refund help contact on 8279988259
Priyotam Giri
May 22, 2018


Hello People, I’m Pradip Giri, by profession a media person. Free suggestion for you all - Please do not do any business under Qnet. They (Qnet Leaders) will make you fool by giving stories. I have learned through bitter experience, lost my huge money. I have been cheated by ISHITA BASAK, who is working for Cognizant (Kolkata). She looks decent but she is a cheater. I have trusted her like anything as she is known to me. I have every proof (What’s app chat, email, voice recording) that she did with me. I’m strictly requesting you all DON’T WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. For any help you can reach out to me by dialing +91 9007507743. Thank you

May 19, 2018

Qnet Refund

stay away from qnet its a big scam for any refund related help contact on whatsapp 7455959544
May 9, 2018


Beware of these internal qnet dogs

Hi Guys ,

Please stay away from these below chuita people in Hyderabad area...They are working in MNC like BOFA and doing this activity.They are Husband and wife . they are making fool of the people and taken crores of rupees. They have purchased 1.5 crore flat and luxury cars by looting money from public.

Lets handover them to police.





May 9, 2018


Beware of these internal qnet dogs

Hi Guys ,

Please stay away from these below chuita people in Hyderabad area...They are working in MNC larsike BOFA and doing this activity.The Husband and wife duo making fool of the people and taken crores of rupees. They have purchased 1.5 crore flat and luxury cars by looting money from public.

Lets handover them to police.





May 8, 2018


Please Please Please Dont Join QNET.

1.Don't think the following comment i am mentioning because of my friend(Referrer) earning more money and i am not made.My motto is not that. I am also one of QNET IR.I am sure you can huge amount of money through QNET by keeping referring people for unusable products to buy!!

3.Here mainly money is generating on referral bases by increasing the sale volume of products available in QNET. But the real fact is Data Sri .Vijay Iswaran and Joseph Bismark made a MasterPlan in Malaysia that they need to rule the World people by brainwashing a concept called RYTHM in order to get a financial freedom for everyone to demolish the employment sectors

4.Seriously the product are not at all useful for upper class people's then you all think how it will be reallyneeded for Middle class and Layman peoples!!!!!

5.Really i am very much interested about the Network marketing concept "I can grow along with my friends also grow together".

But in QNET you will lose the life and mind totally, because you will be controlled by people called Upline(senior partner). whatever money you make, you cant use for your needed or needy purpose, Uplines will brainwash and ask them to spent according to their wish even though if we won't like . Seriously a leader should guide peoples interns of their lifestlyle growth and their dreams . But QNET uplines brainwash like anything and get their dreams to be satisfied by using their Downlines. ESPECIALLY Downlines also no way to open their mouth to talk about truth or on their needed

6.Even if you are earning LACS and CRORES of money also, but at end of the day if you turn back and see, it was made by poor peoples unawareness of their lost money.

7.ONE IMPORTANT thing i can say here. if you suck other's money and time and you making money in that, definetly KARMA will follow what you have'nt seen the worst part in your life.

8.QNET IR's are trained very smart in nature how to increase the sale of QNET Products by fooling the common Indian Peoples's

9.Especially India is the Main Target of Data Sri .Vijay Iswaran and Joseph Bismark wants control by them, Because they have been ashamed by our Indian Government on their previous venture of GoldQuest. so both of them take a revenge action of making the success in India with new venture called QNET

10.*Here my main thought is we all together support our Indian People not to join in QNET. so that we can atleast save our peoples and moreover we can save innocent IR's money which is already caught by QNET*

We all need to work on how to refund at 70- 80% percent of amount for the UNAWARE IR's who are already enrolled and working in QNET.

11.For this issues everyone of us Need to come out from their Comfort Zone and fight against QNET . we can use the TOOLs as FB,WHATSAPP,TWITTER or etc social media to create awareness between peoples in India and Worldwide. we should request Government also to get involved and refund all our money.

Requesting and Expecting everyone support. please drop your ideas and response - India086087@gmail.com
Dhanraj Solanki
May 6, 2018

Qnet fraud, trying for refund

My wife has invested 3.7 lakhs in qnet business 1 year ago. she is just telling i'm doing business with my office friend who is cheated with her. When i have attended one meeting with her about business then i got to know its fraud business.
She is trying to recover money from business from few months. Kindly help or suggest me how can get refund.

Dhanraj Solanki
Navi Mumbai
Apr 29, 2018

Duped by QNET agent

I have been duped of 2 lac rupees by one of my office colleague.
He is a QNET agent working in Infosys , Hyderabad.
He took 2 lac rs from me on the pretext of investing in some business.
I gave him money using credit card and later when I came to know that it is a member making chain kind of shit , I refused to join and asked money back. He told he has bought some travel package and now time limit of refund is over. He will search someone to buy it and give money to me. It has been over a year that I am asking him whats happening . When will I get my money back.?
He just says he is in trouble because he tried to get my refund and his money is blocked etc,
I dont know what to do now . Anyone please tell how to get my money back.
Apr 18, 2018

QNet Scam

Please help me to recover my money from QNet which is a scam and fraud company. My friend gave me wrong assurance that’s why I joined. I am having so many financial problems to settle. To recover the money I am being advised to bring more people and ask them to join. But my principles don’t allow me cheat people like my friend did to me. I have taken personal loan at high interest rate for the money to invest in this so called business. Now I am helpless. Two of my friends are also facing same problems. Kindly help us.
Apr 15, 2018

Qnet Complaint


Please aware of these Qnet guys they play with your emotions and ruin you.
Shame on you>if you loose your money then why are u taking revenge from us.
My dearest frnd which i call my brother try to make me fool but due to God grace i got save.
If god is there his life should be ruined as he cheated my another friend.
You only deserves failures in your life.
Please be aware of CCD as these guys will hunt for you
Apr 12, 2018


Here many facts we can talk about QNET.

1. You can earn lot of money interms of Lakhs and Crores if you do a Shameless promotion on your company product eventhough it is not needed or useful for Consumer.
2.Basically here THERE IS NO CONCEPT CALLED"Consumer " everyone looks for Business Opportunity. i.e Not B2C its only B2B.
3. QNET may call as Direct Selling by every IR's. Basically there is no much difference between Multi-Level Marketing or Direct Selling. in both the cases you have refer people to earn money and build people by others reference to earn money. More than everything here Relationship Spoils badly because of the Marketing push done by UPLINES(senior partner joined before you in QNET)
4. This business runs only through of UPLINES. they will push and make you understand by using a concept called FeelFeltFound
even though they have'nt be good son by their parents neither good husband/wife they use to guide with their good acting skills which taught by Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark (A great illuminates in the world by coated with a blanket called RYHTHM
5.Your mind will be changed to be very selfishness over the period of seeing the huge amount of money.
6.Definitely you will lose your relationship more.
7.More than everything health is getting spoiled during this period
Apr 12, 2018

QNET India Scam

I am sure you can earn lot of money. but at the same time i am sure because of this business you will fail/lose to get your real happiness and care from your family(Mom,Dad,Siblings,etc..) this business run with the only source of up lines. before joining to the business you can't understand the person character(upline) not sure his guidance are really true. lot of push you will receive from them even if you have dont have money to eat and give to your mom and dad. Social life and Family life will get spoil even though you will earn 5 Crore in this business. This business only can doable by the pure Selfishness peoples who never cares about affection and social responsible.
Apr 12, 2018

Its a Scam in the name of E-commerce business


This is a business of cheating innocent people and making the innocent trained to cheat another innocent people to earn money to lead a lavish life.
Coming to the story.. unknowingly i after a long time my school frnd came into contact with name doing business.. which is like an very big business and she does it she might get a total of 5 crores once she gets project. and when i ask whats the business model and how do you do it. she just says its a business and is very big u will have to do a project which gets u money.

so when she was trying to tell that and as she s my friend i felt ok she might not know abt it, i being an aspirant to start a business i asked i wanted to know what is it, then suddenly a day i got a message from her saying we are expanding our business stake .. so if you wants to join i will arrange a meeting for you with my senior partner who s very busy and he is coming all the way just for you, and she said me a hotel X(not mentioning names for a reason).

Then i got a doubt in mind why is that i need to go to a hotel, doesn't the company even have an office.. then i consoled myself may be it could be some freelancers who are trying to come up and i went there... when i went there its not even a hotel its a CCD beside the hotel.

Then she asked me to come in business formal s and all.. and yaa finally the time came , i reached the place in a Very good formals considering one of the most important day of my life.

When i went there i have seen lot of youngsters at the CCD thought may be some party is going on... Then after 10mins of time they mentioned one guy came and started asking about me, i thought he is the business partner.. and then i have started asking him what is this and all. and that guy started saying what he wants to say.. like i work for this so and so company, i heard this from my colleague. then now i am feeling like i wants to quit this job and start my career in this and all.. he also again started me asking this question saying like..

why do you like business
what do you know about this
what you wanted to achieve with this business

then he started saying a strong background about his family(police /army) and started praising the senior partner that he is someone who is down to earth, he is a very commited member of the company, he is a very hardworker and so much of praising as though he is the god and then we all pray him.

i again tried to ask him what is the business even this guy is like this is a business which gives you lot of money.. (Cheat more people and earn more) Train more to cheaters to get them more and more money..

Then came the main person, after all the formal talks we had.. then he started asking me the same .. why do you think business is required,
then he said do you flipkart, amazon,facebook ,wallmart. then obviously i said yes, every working professional would have heard about it for sure.. then he said we are of that kind, we have started so before than these.. but due to lack of capital and our designed process of believing in word of Mouth. we work in this concept.. we are of that level this level.. he started saying famous people names and says all are a part of it.

then he started telling how the word of mouth works as an examples of near by hotels reviews from your friend and in google.. what do you believe in, your friend or a google for a restaurant in your friends place.

Then he started saying y he chose that as his career and business .. which made him so rich and he is now in a confusion to buy a mercedes or Audi and finally thinking to buy his Audi all because of the business.

Still he didnt explain whats the business and whats the products that is into business.

Then slowly he started asking how is your company structured From CEO and how frequently you get a chance to meet CEO, and started saying like you are the boss here,, its your business and stake its all how you develop it. --- Still not got whats the business about.

By now its already 2hrs i met them and the discussion is still going on..

Then he started saying about the what are the different services that were there in the company and asked me to choose 1, when i said i want to understand all and then i would choose one which would be a better idea to go with.. then he started saying if i explain u all.. it would take around 2-3 days to explain so i will explain u one.. then u can think abt others,

Then vertical i chose was travel.. he said this is an amazing one.. every one goes here and enjoys .. and then he started asking me why travel and all said u will get that benefits from this, u can earn back your money and all..

Then i asked how will i earn back money, he said me Very generic word saying when u do business u will get , then i asked whats the business i do.. then he said when you make people to get the hotels availability and booking the hotels u will get a percentage from them.. there is no logic at all behind, because even u go u will get an offer in a fivestar - 7 star hotels around the world and even if some one goes and stays u will get money.. which means hotel will never get the money and we all get money.. Hotels put 1000s of crores in building them to get us a free stay. This is a holy crap.

Actually to avail the oppurtunity u have to join people underyou and say its a word of mouth to use the hotel. and collect 3.5L-7 Lakhs to avail the stake . Which means all the Inv of 3.5L will be given to all people above u as a %age and thats how you earn.. All these he said in a very nice words ..like brainwashing.. but yaa this is all shit..

This is a business where u can earn lot of Money by cheating Innocent people and get trapped there to get their money,, where the only way is for the innocent people is to get more innocent people and make their money from new investors again.

Luckily i have this kind of exp before and understood it... Guys be aware of this Multilevel Marketing.. Schemes.-

These Fraudsters are legal, and dont be a trap and loose your hardearned money.
Apr 3, 2018

Q net

Q net is complete Fraud....

Be aware of below sweet talking fake person in Aurangabad / Jalna / Beed, Maharashtra

Vaibhav deshpande - 7588597979 / 9130024885

Miss. Bhagyshree
Mar 31, 2018

Qnet refund money


I invested 2.5lac rupees in qnet completely on my friend,'s trust. She told they are dealing in Telcom education and all and never told that it is a network marketing. After u came to know about the truth I filed a refund request. It got approved also and they transferred the money to the account from where the purchasing was done. But my bad luck I had transferred the money 2.5 lac to my friend's account now she is telling that she has not received any amount and also she just made a purchase of 3300 usd. I don't know from where and how to get my back from her even though qnet has transferred the money. Please help me
Mar 25, 2018

Complaint against Qnet

I was defrauded by my colleague. He took Rs 7 lacs equivalent and did not explain me the plan or did not even state the refund policy.

He said do trust me and invest and he would just be a google map and help you to earn an extra income other than salary.

He quoted the amount invested to be the minimum amount to be invested. After being with them sporadically for a month , i believe it is a business of cheating people and I would surely not want to be associated with the same.

Please do let me know that whether I can log in complaint/FIR in India although signed in Dubai.

Please help.
Mar 19, 2018

QNet the cancer of Business Industry

Last weekend i was introduced to multilevel marketing model of Qnet, they were open about all the scam news circulating online so as to prove to me that the company was transparent one thing that caught my eye was the watch they showed me on their website by the name of "CHAIROS" the Independent Representative(IR) said that it was a Switzerland brand which has been around for a long while and he himself had bought one. But i checked for intellectual property india website for the trade mark of the company as i could not find any relevant details about the watch elsewhere and found that the watch was not under TradeMark Class35 as any other Switzerland Watches it was in class 14, moreover the Appeal date was 17/09/2010. So i further enquired about the product for trademark status and i gave the Trade Mark application number which was 2024781. Where Proprietor Address was Hong Kong. Cant somebody sue them for false advertisement or fraud. They were saying that company doesn't make any false claims all the old cases were there because of few individuals who lied to people and company is cut and dry, and only sell good products. But these IR are just their puppets who are blamed as villains i am in no way defending them but the real culprits are just slipping away. To remove a cancer we have to cut it out from the root.

Check Class of watches for India : https://www.indiafilings.com/trademark-class-finder?trademark=watches
Check TradeMark Application Number : https://ipindiaonline.gov.in/tmrpublicsearch/frmmain.aspx
Check Trade Mark Registry : https://ipindiaonline.gov.in/eregister/eregister.aspx
Mar 10, 2018

refund of Money

There are so many people who are selling everything and anything in Ahmedabad under Qnet Name.
I think Victim should lodge a police complains against this people and Scam should be viral in Media & news channels.
Its the best way to recover the all money of victims.
So many people is roaming in Ahmedabad for MLM for Qnet.

Guys pls wake up and do police complaints against them..

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