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Consumer complaints and reviews about QNET

Oct 7, 2014

Product return policy


i have just initiated a request for product refund process. once i know, i will surely let you know.

according to my knowledge, products of direct selling companies are non- refundable and non returnable. But give me a day to find it out. I have also asked my seniors. So far this did not happen with me so i dont know.

But my suggestion is to follow comapany's training and books. it will give you good idea about business. Dont listen to people, do it for some time then u decide. jumping to any conclusion by listening to few dick heads is not good idea. and ask your friend to make this success for you if you have started on his behalf.

you can not see price of product as it is private portal. We dont sellthird party product. But let me know which product your are interested in. We have two portals india portal and world portal and products are different. Need to comply with indian product and retail policy. example, some watches are not available in india but on world portal. Telecom products are not available on india portal.

@rahul bajaj,

E, S, B, I are defined by self made billionaire Rober Kiyosaki. So you cant doubt his judgement. If he says , bla bla bla about making money it has to be true and proven. you and me are not even part of thousans club.

second, this business is all about system centric approach. This business will not give you crores but certainly gives you money you can be happy with. you may find 100 people fooled. but what important is to find 20 likeminded and of course active partners. HOW is where everybody screwed this business.
Oct 7, 2014


Ok I agrre with you people who I have met, are hunting for the people.But I am not at all interested in this .So please tell me if you know , how to cancel orders,and how can I get my money back.
Oct 7, 2014


what @RAHULBAJAJ is mentioned above is exactly happened to me.
Can I able to see price of products without using any IR's ID ?
Oct 7, 2014

Qnet products

heres how you can view products.

Oct 7, 2014

its e-commerce.

@ bha96

you can view the products anytime. and can see 3D images as well. but the itme you shop, you need to put partern's access code. Our portal is private shopping portal. forget about business. if you just want to but a Cimier watch worth Rs 56000. you need to put someone's code , this is how company tracks who has referred you for the product. To promote brand you need to first user of the product. then only you can tell someone whether this product is good or bad.

once you enter code, then process is same, select products, add to cart, check out, payment receipt and product delivered to your home. which is same as other e-commerce sites. you buy t-shirt from myntra and tell your friend, he buys it. simple.

you dont need to bring people in the biz. you can sell the products on your own as well, nobody can stop you. but instead of selling products alone. you can have biz partner with you and do business together. company works in 16 different product verticles.

this is whole concept. Be the customer. ( forcefully becoming customer is what problem is ), Be the brand promoter, be the business partner.

Companys compensation model is very very lucrative because all brands are owned by company.no third party products. hence profit margin is huge. hence company doesnt mind to share profit with all partners.

because company's compensation model is lucrative , people who you have met, are hunting for the people.
Oct 7, 2014

Selling better life


first question , Do you understand company's compensation model? if YES then you will understand important of HOT sign ups. If you dont know lets not talk about it.

We do have concept of HOT sign ups, but you are not forced or madated to do that. if you can then its well and if not so its fine. whats wrong in that?

personally i suggest, when you money sparkeles in your eyes ,when you meet your relative or best friends. then stop doing biz. there are chances that you end up in fooling people using trust.and most of the times same things happen.

Lets talk about Govt part. We are forcing govt to draw legal framework for genuine legal direct selling companies which would spare us from the heat of ponzi schemes which are generally money circulation schemes, which are meant to use money and not the products.
Already one delegation from offical direct selling companies have met XXX ( cant reveal the name of the body ) , to check feasibility of laws. all direct selling companies which use MLM or N/W marketing like Amway, Tupperware, Oriflame, etc are registered under act made in 1978. so no laws are redefined after that.

another example. RTO act inacted in , say 2000, imposes the rule that no overdriving above 80 kpmh on highway. But you know you can drive much faster with safety than 80 Kmph. This is with all companies.
Oct 7, 2014


So how they cheat you in Café Cofee Day (CCD). The whole CCD is booked by them everybody there except one or two like you who are ready to get brainwashed.
So what is the process:
One of your friend (or somebody you trust) will invite you to the CCD saying it’s a business proposal and you can earn by your own, obviously you will ask them that this should not be a MLM concept and he will deny (later you will know it is exactly MLM just named as network marketing). Now you are in CCD, they will ask you nothing to eat or drink, neither the bearer of the CCD will come to you (all fixed up), now your friend will introduce a friend of his whom you might not have ever seen before, this person will try to be friendly and the conversation will contain these below written points to fool you.
 They will ask are you happy with your job, and will tell you that your boss scolds you
 They will tell in job you work for 40 hrs in week and have no time with your family
 They will tell you cannot watch movies while being in job
 Somehow they will try to make you convince that job is the worst thing you have done.
 Now they will ask you that how can you overcome this, you will have no answer.
 Then they will take out a page and draw 4 quadrants and tell that there are four people in this world (taken from some book)-Employee (E), Self Employed(S), Investors(I) and Businessman (B). (I will use the letters in Brackets for further references)
 Now you fall in E, and people in S are like you, while people of I and investing in businesses of B.
 Bottom line is-So you being in E are earning for B
 Next step they will tell you hourly calculation of your job in weeks and you work for 40 hours a week.
 Now they will tell you to spare 15-20 hrs for your own business (you have still no idea of your own business).
 Now they will tell you will you be able to invest Rs. 1.5 Lacs for your business, as universally there is no return if you don’t invest, You just Say ‘YES’. Now they will tell you that this company where you invest (still they will not tell you its QNET) will give you whole money in e-store credits (the estore being blocked by Govt of India, check qnetindia.in, qnet.com) to purchase lavish or health related items (the brands which you have never heard of being in this world). Your friend may have already shown you a CHARIOS watch, or a Biodisc with capabilities of changing molecular structure of water, WTF-can you really change H2O in HO2 or something bullshit with a glass disc which is healthier than regular water, to this they will answer that it will change the molecular characteristics of the minerals in it-another bullshit, don’t even bother they have enough shits to serve you .
 Then they will tell you the earning possibilities, you will have 3UV (UV is Unit values) for Rs. 1.5 Lacs, for more amount you will have more unit values and you can purchase holidays with 1.5 Lacs 21days holiday spread over 5 Years and so on for a higher value investment, they will tell you their major competitor is club mahindra.
 You can earn by making chain in your right and left, i.e. ‘cheating’ two more person with 1.5 lacs or more and putting them in your right and left in chain, then they will work in that 15-20 hrs and everybody’s investment will give you a earning.
 They will tell you that you will earn 9.5 Lacs a week 4 crores in a year.
 Then they will tell you that in bullshits of payout in Unit values that it is in multiples of 3(forget it-another bullshit)
 Now they will tell you that only two persons can be below you and and all other new joiners will be under you so even if you have another friend who joins it will be under your chain but not directly under you , in such a way everybody in chain will earn.
 Now they will tell you that they are buying Audi, BMW, Harley Davidson and will also show some images of luxury cars and bikes with them. They will say they had asked for them and will be delivered shortly, but nothing they have there right now.
 After all this shit they will ask you when you can deposit money?, suppose you say in a day or so, now they will take you to other cheaters (members) in their group, and any or all of your questions will be in vein with their mindless and diverting answers.

Finally even after coming out you have seen No Brochures, No Leaflets, Nothing in documentary proofs, you don’t even know that which is the hong kong based parent company, they have not shown you the website (its blocked).
All you know that there are cheaters as members who work with big companies and will leave that organization to earn as WHOLETIME CHEATERS.

Luckily for me my friend (Cheater) gave a bit of hints and then I searched through net and found the complete cheating methodology.

RAHUL BAJAJ (mail at : tenderall [at] rediffmail [dot] com
Oct 7, 2014

dont compare

well said @Raj_Rules .....

@Qnet supporters--- dont comapre it with flipkart,amazon,ebay...can anyone able to see your products?
is there any refund for those products?if have tell me the process ?what are prices of those products?
It is not e- commerce ,it is a net marketing...the people who are in downline will defenitly suffer.

those products are for very rich people not for common people.The process which Qnet is following is mentioned here by so many people , is it worng ?

simply Qnet making their agents as their customers..that is true ...

if i want sell cigarattes i dont need to smoke, right
If i want to open wine shop can i need to drink ?
then why i need to buy products to become business partner.

Based on trust i lost every thing.I m 102% frustrated with this incident in my life but I dont want to argue with you guys.
I m finding ways to get my money back.
Oct 6, 2014

Its people not COMPANY which is fraud


nobody can brain wash people..and if people are so stupid that they get their brain washed then its their mistake that they cant use their brain.

hat do you mean by "unknowingly" joined business? is it company's mistake or your friend's ? I started my own business with QNET after seeing compensation plan. i have nice travel plan which i can use for 10 years.I have two elegant swiss made watches. to do business or not is now upto me.

I am again reiterating, we are as legal as EBay and amazon is. we are 100 % e-commerce industry where we sell products by appointing partners. and this is not money circulation scheme and dont have diminishing profit model like MLM.

We are equal partnership business model. what it is, how it is.. is very different story.

you get products worth what amount of money you put in. all products are sold with VAT, CST, KCST, and PAN number on receipt you get.

Any business has some products and services. If you want profit then you have to sell them. and of course any stupid knows, to gain maximum profit you need to sell maximum products. This is the area where most of the people start wrong doing. Its people who have made this business dirty not the company. This is bitter fact which company is seriously working on. People have adopted wrong practice to sell products using TRUST, which is absoulately unacceptable. n I am sure many of you are vicitim of this.

it takes almost 3 hrs to explain business opportunity. No business on this planet gives you money without doing hard work. so is QNET. but everyone wants short cuts hence all these are the problems.
Oct 6, 2014


I was unknowingly joined in this business.Later I realized i wont fit for this.I contacted customer care with the help of some unknown people who are complained about qnet.They asked 4 documents.
1.request signed by my self
2.request signed by my IR(who has joined me in Qnet)
3.Identity proof's of both

i m not getting a proper response from him.I am requesting him since 1 month.I lost trust in people.My total life has changed.I blindly believed him.taken loan without telling anyone including my parents.

here who are complaining about Qnet are the people cheated by Qnet IR's

Dear Qnet , If u want to do, u can do , but tell truth to the people.if they are interested then u can join them with you.Otherwise leave them but dont cheat them.
Oct 6, 2014


I want to leave this so called e-commerce business.then why you(IR's) people are not responding.Tell me.gds_22?
Oct 1, 2014

why not to join QNET

i have associated with QNET for last two months and i do believe in companys compensatio model. I agree with all the fellow comments that there are some people who brain wash or do all kinds of emotional black mail to people sign up which is against companys code of conduct. I belong to most ethical and principled team where we show entire business model before people put in money. And to say precisely. putting money is nothing but you do the purchase of products and company gives you license to sell our products. Anybody can go to website and see the Resorts we are associated with. I proudly say these holiday packages are worth spending money.

We have one simple business model. Be the customer and be the business partner. If you dont want its absoulately alright.

Its not company or products, its bloody people who have used "Network Marketing " as business. in fact, we are 100 % e-commerce industry and "Network Marketing" is compensation model. We dont deal in cash on delivery. All transactions are done by credit card or Demand Draft.

So now tell me where is the scan or fraud?
Sep 18, 2014

Why this bloody QNET is not stopping?

IT's been 16 years, and it's still runnning looting the persons on the basis of TRUST.
Sep 17, 2014



I invested £1300 into QNET because I was amazed by the opportunity. I still believe the company is not a scam and is good with the time and effort invested (You can make money). As the company wasn't for me I found it hard to put in the right amount of time and as I am a very busy person. I brought two courses, Entrepreneurship and Wealth management and even activated them. I then put in a case for a refund. As I brought these products on the Sunday 7th, I filed for a refund on the 10th.


I also contacted these people:

& global.support@qnet.net

They helped me, I emailed each one numerous times and my refund got accepted. Please note - in order to get a refund, the person who recommended you is also contacted. They give reasons to why you are refunding (Ethical trading purposes). So contact them also when you are filing a case. In my case, no colleagues helped me.

But yeah I hope that helps. I received a refund in full as of today - 17th September 2014 and its happy days! HOPE THIS HELPS.

Sep 15, 2014

fooled by qnet

I have been trapped by two college seniors aditya bila and sumeet goel,form amity university rajasthan, who had once been a good friend and kind of a guide as well. I trusted him since college and respected him as I thought him to be a simple good man. But I am so mistaken as I realised last year when he forced (by lying and showing confidence in him saying he is always thr) me to pay him almost 2 lakhs (I took a loan to give him that money) which he said he would give me back if I am not able to continue the so called e-commerce business (Qnet). Nothing was explained before the payment was made. all details about how the company works and what do i have to do are told after I was already trapped and had no other way but to follow what they say. They ask you to make friends and tell them that I m into a mind blowing business and henceforth trap the victim. I chose not to cheat people. My money is lost because since then I have called and messaged that so called businessman (traitor) numerous times but in vain and now after an year I have almost lost all hope of getting back my money .
But I m happy that I didnt turn into one of those kinds going around cheating my own friends and family.
There are many people making a lot of money out of this totally fraud MLM company. There are other MLM companies as well but they are ethical as they agree to that fact and reveal what a member has to do before trapping someone.

Please beware of Qnet.
We are anonymous
Sep 14, 2014

how they Trap you exactly

Hi.. I was also approached by a friend of mine to atleast attend a meeting with Qnet ( becoz he said without attending how i can say that it is good or bad). i told him ok and went for the meeting. i being a entrepreneur myself, asked them what product are they selling , they were not able to answer anything to my satisfaction. after the meeting my friend asked me so did i liked the scheme, i said straight NO. he didnt understood my point and now 1 year down the line, qnet officials are being hunted by the police and company website in india has being banned.

One more thing i will tell you exactly how they trap you- Psychological connection- i told them i am businessmen and have a startup , the Qnet person trying to be smart said ohh businessmen i know how much tough is to start a business my father is a businessmen.. they tried to connect with you psychologically so that person thinks this is person who understands me and is from similar background and aware of my circumstances.. , they fool a lot of people with this. In my case i asked him what his father's business is and he fumbled and i recognized he is a manipulator .

Second card they use is of Trust Factor: They will say, do you trust your friend( who is already a qnet member) ? , you will say yes. then you should invest in scheme because he trusted in qnet and today he is earning this and that and he is star..

Third -> most people asked same question to them - if qnet is a such a big company why we havent heard on this? now they have standard answers which have been coached to them in their weekend tutions. The answer for this is look you now what is the actual cost of the product which is advertised by kareena kapoor or salman khan, only 10% is the actual cost and rest goes to advertising and hence product is so costly. they say qnet doesnt spends on advertising but we reward you when you do our advertising by telling people about qnet and making members.

The result of qnet in india is lots money lost by indians and more importantly a lot of friendship broken and people stop trusting each other.

thank fully i was wise enough didnt invested in this at all and still friends with my friend.
Sep 13, 2014

Like this article - QNET Victim e

Hi..completely agree with the follow article by one of our fellow victim..I have experienced the same. I was the victim of one of my office colleague...he turned out to be outright liar and cheater.....damn to you !! you will get many a timed back in your life...

Article by QNET victim 1

Beware friends, don't lose your hard earned moneyHello guys,
Please beware of the people who newly connect you in some public place/mail/voice calls. Please don’t give your contact details to them.
They are the professional cheaters, 99% what they tell you is false information.

There might be some of your old friends or Xcolleagues or friends of friends will get in touch with you by text/call and expressing love or friendship with you. Don’t think I am speaking wrong about friends, this is how actually these so called IR’s will connect and they train new people also to do same.

Once you give your contact details to them they will be in touch with you by sms /call/email and one fine day they invite you to some office or coffee day and they will show you some business plan very effectively and efficiently and you might feel it’s a great concept which is practically no possible or very very difficult to do. Later 1 month after lost your money you will realize the real colors of those people.

They will claim themself as most positive minded people on the earth which is not correct, they are the actual cheaters and negative mindset with readymade smile on their face always, and they are all very good actors also. Just for testing tell him/her that this is a fraud concept and this will not workout, I will not do this, then you will see the real idiots inside them.

You will see very dramatic atmosphere in their office like welcome to the family, remember this date and this day is going to change your life, and they will show or introduce some person saying he is the senior partner in the business who is maxed out or going to be maxed out(maxed out means earning 15 cores per year) and so many other things to make you feel like you are in the right place.

They will tell lies very confidently, If you ask any question to him/her their answer will be in one of the three ways 1. They will reverse question you or 2.They will cleverly put in a very confused state or 3. They will have some classic examples which will work theoretically, not practically.

And their main slogan is “WORK HARD FIVE YEARS AND BE LAZY REST OF THE LIFE” , think once if you can earn money in 5 years which is enough for your entire life to lead a luxury and for your next generation also why not everyone is doing this?
And one more thing they say is “DON’T DISCUSS THIS CONCEPT WITH ANYONE TILL YOU SIGNUP” the explanation what they give for this is you will lose your contacts if you tell now. Once you signup they will start forcing you to invite your friends. I don’t understand what is the difference between before and after signup(sign is here starting this shit business)


Don’t take any immediate decisions without consulting your parents or well-wishers or friends

Below are some points to think.

If it is really legal multinational business why there is no proper customer care in india, some of our obedient and faithful IR has given three numbers as customer support numbers which never works.
Here is another doubt which multinational company uses normal mobile numbers their customer care numbers.
We have one option to raise request in their website, the only reply you get for any request is “you request has been canceled, please contact global support with some xxxxxxx mail id”

Only people with the below qualities can earn money in this so called multinational business.

1. If you want to earn money by anyway
2. If you can chat people effectively
3. If you are very cunning
4. If you can continuously speak on anything whether you actually know or don’t know about it.
5. If you can manage people well.
6. If you can brainwash people very well
Sep 13, 2014

Dear Messy! Your are lucky

Dear Messy

You are extremely lucky to get out of this mess without loosing your money...congratulations and I value your hunch. If you would have fallen in this trap, you would not only have lost your money, but friends and concience....I know because I understand this underworld gang in first 3 days itself.....
Sep 13, 2014

Why do they cheat? QNET IR

Why do they cheat and tell lies...is the big question which comes to my mind. Because they know that in this ponzi scheme the ones who are the top know that they will earn money from poor fellows by cheating....they will not tell you anything before. They will just say that they want to talk about some interesting business. They are the ones whom you have trust...they will call their upline and tell u a fixed storyline which has been practices many a times to fool you. If you say that I need to talk to my family and need time...he will say no no..what is there, sign in...lot of money, lot of money...and then even if you insist on 'No', they will pressurize you to sign in. After that starts the trauma of mental torture, they will call you...torture you to sign in. If you give in and sign in, they will send u welcome email...and train u very professionally how to become a No 1 CHEATER. Then you START cheating your family and friend....it is widespread in Bangalore in lot of sofware companies and some IR's are just doing this work in office...this is cheapting their company as well. They should work for 8 hrs in office if they are getting paid and drawing salaries. These people should be identified and FIRED from these software companies.....I was fortunate enough to learn a lesson ans come out early and living a life of joy and without the guilt feeling of cheating. If you look through histories and all great sayings and books ''HARAM KA KAMIYE KABHI BHI RAAS NAHIN AATA HAI". I am sure this money out of cheating will never be any use to them and will never give them true happinness....if they continue to do this, it will lead them to their disaster....I am just penning down this as people should refer to this post few years down the line and agree that what I was saying was correct. These cheaters (IR's) think that they are making money...this money will lead to their disaster...
Sep 13, 2014

qnet-A big fraud and full of cheater

These bunch of greedy cheaters are roaming around around like rotten dogs...begging for money. They say they can buy Audi...but you know, they go begging money by cheating you...I am telling you, they will suffer in life like rotten insects. They have cheated me by telling lies. When I asked for return they will not do that and pressured me to cheat my friends....which I will never do. It tool my 1 lakh rupees...these are bunch of people who are cheating their company as well by not working in office during office hours, going around begging money and cheating people
Sep 11, 2014

if anybody want to join qnet than contact me

if anybody want to join qnet than contact me
sameer chaudhary
Sep 8, 2014

Qnet fraud

@Jitumoni: Please tell the details about where to file complaint and what will the procedure be.
Sep 7, 2014

Gold Quest, Quest Net, Qnet, Vihaan Direct Selling, Transview

A brief background of the company which promises to change lives..for better or worse ..you decide

Justice K P Sivasubramanian, appointed by the Supreme Court as settlement commissioner in the Gold Quest cheating case, urged all those who had lost their money to file their claims.

MD of QuestNet India, Pushpam Appalanaidu arrested




The lookout notices were issued against Ferreira, Eswaran, three business associates, including Dev Wadhwani and Sachin Gupta, in connection with the QNet case.

Mumbai police EoW register FIR against QNet, for allegedly duping thousands.http://www.webnewswire.com/node/3006852


The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (ICERT) has blocked multiple websites floated by the Q Net brand.

No Direct Selling of products in retail to public. Just recruitment of Downlines promising them Time and Financial Freedom which is Money Circulation,Money Laundering, Product Pyramid Scheme.

All the IRs are the only customers of the company and they are also their Distributors. People invest money in purchasing more and more Tracking Centers and flimsy products which have no market demand in India. Ecommerce where you cannot see the price or purchase products without going to an IR for his/her ID. Great.
Sep 7, 2014



My name is arnav, i have joined in this group 2 months ago. i have listened most of the roamers like any thing.. i really got scared. but without doing any work, the team had helped me to earned my money 1500$. later i started to work on dedication... i feel if you know how to use internet how to make yourself.. and your friends to rich.. jsust think MLM will make our country stand on top countries in world... MLM is legal in india too as per the gov regulation.. people are not aware... 10K comapnies are still working the same strategy...

i read the article in forbes : http://www.forbes.com/sites/robertlaura/2014/08/29/would-you-join-a-multi-level-marketing-company-for-retirement-income/ . why forbes posted this as an article then? if people scare about the business they will fail to understand the small logic behind this.

why big leader such as billgates, warren buffet, rich dad poor dad auther kiyaski prefered the big business idea priscribed to world.

One thing.. in india ..relience is stopping creating all nonsense to stop direct selling concept .. so they doing..!! so we people beliving.. if the system is strong and people do earning .. what the problem for indivudial..?

Sep 5, 2014

Re: Hide the details and Show the Plan

Dear jitumoni (who writes on behalf.. :) )

1.) Nice attempt here. Insurance business is not ONLY online business. Sometimes it actually is, when you login and make a purchase. I have motor insurance from ICICI prudential just like that. So the terms and conditions are not supplied beforehand in there too. Those are all mentioned on the websites itself. Products are shown by the salesman, great! but not necessarily everywhere :) i hope you understand the term "ecommerce". Producte are available online there.
What you mentioned about the money and then product purchase seem to be true but i am still trying to understand what's so strange or weird or funny or wrong about it! 'job interview' and 'chosen by seniors' are quite funny things though :) The person is offering a business opportunity so the person has rights to say that he/she is 'offering' a business opportunity just like a mcdonald's or a domino's does. Well dear, you pick the product please! dont get 'brainwashed' lol

2.) hmm.. two positions are available.. is kind of tricky and hard to explain to someone who has seen a few things from outside.. It's that person's business so yes those two positions are quite unique! I am finding really hard to answer the emotional part of it. Even if they say 5 crores etc i am still not finding an issue with it. DOesnt mean if you are able to explain what happens, it becomes bad!

3.) business model, work profile; well of course those are explained before you 'sign up'! And what you mention later is also true. But whats incorrect about it? Do you really have a genuine question? :)

4.) lol no comments :)

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