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Consumer complaints and reviews about QNET

Oct 15, 2014



Pyramid Schemes

As in Ponzi schemes, the money collected from newer victims of the fraud is paid to earlier victims to provide a veneer of legitimacy. In pyramid schemes, however, the victims themselves are induced to recruit further victims through the payment of recruitment commissions.

More specifically, pyramid schemes—also referred to as franchise fraud or chain referral schemes—are marketing and investment frauds in which an individual is offered a distributorship or franchise to market a particular product. The real profit is earned, not by the sale of the product, but by the sale of new distributorships. Emphasis on selling franchises rather than the product eventually leads to a point where the supply of potential investors is exhausted and the pyramid collapses. At the heart of each pyramid scheme is typically a representation that new participants can recoup their original investments by inducing two or more prospects to make the same investment. Promoters fail to tell prospective participants that this is mathematically impossible for everyone to do, since some participants drop out, while others recoup their original investments and then drop out.
Oct 15, 2014

QNET is not a Multi-Level Marketing


It would not MLM if a member only earned commission. With QNet however a member earns more when the left & right are balanced. This is to get more people to join and buy a product which is not worth the price paid. The incentive to add people and have them buy is the potential earnings when both sides are balanced and not the value of the product or the commission.

A Ponzi scheme is not just when there is no product. There may be a "product" like in the case of SpeakAsia or Ram Survey but the actual payout and earning is focused on encouraging more people to join and pay.
Oct 15, 2014

QNet is not pyramid scheme


this is not scheme where you have to bring in people. If A is on top of B and B is on top of C.. and if C does business.. only C gets paid...A and B do not get paid. this is network marketing.

MLM is kind of chain marketing which is again not wrong or illegal. its a another compensation model.

i will give you very practical example of Pyramid model which is absoulately legal.

Theres one manufacture , say water bottle. After manufacturer, there is zonal distributor, then super stockist then stockist then whole salor and then retailor. ultimately every one gets profit share when customer purchase water bottle. When product flows top to bottom and equivalent value flows bottoms up then its legal. Even tomorrow super stockist buys water bottle from retailor, everybody gets money. The same concept is applied in network marketing companies.

Ponzi scheme is when , there are no products involved and you get paid when positions are filled up irrespective of business happens.
Oct 15, 2014

QNET is Pyramid Scheme

OK, so a lot of you have made money and that's exactly how a pyramid scheme works. The ones who join the earliest, make money and so encourage others too join too. This way the whole thing grows to an unsustainable size. This is when it crashes and people joining last lose their money.

I know a lot of you believe that this is your key to riches and honestly it may be so for some of you. But if you are planning to join QNet, save your money. Invest in this is risking your life savings.

For those who still believe that this isn't a scam and it's a valid business model, let me do some quick number crunching you. Am going to use $ since that's what the company bills & remits in. So here goes....

Person A joins and get 2 more friends in (B1 & B2), who in turn get 2 of their friends (C1, C2, C3, C4) who again get 2 of their friends each (D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8). So we end up with 15 people registered (1+2+4+8). Now to activate your store you have make a purchase and since you have to balance both sides the minimum purchase you need to make is for $2,000. So that work's out to $30,000 of products bought from QNet.

Now let's calculate the actual expense for QNet-
Person A is paid $450 +$ 900 + $ 1,800 = $3,150
Persons B1 & B2 are paid $450 + $900 each = $2,700
Persons C1, C2, C3 & C4 are paid $450 each = $1,800
D does not earn anything.

So that's a total of $7,650 in payouts. Now let's assume that the products purchased have a manufacturing + research etc cost of $ 750 each (which is high in my opinion) so that works to a total of $11,250. Effectively the total expense to QNet is $ 18,900 giving a profit of $ 11,100 (that's a profit margin % of 37%)

I haven't considered commission expenses etc since I haven't included the annual membership fee, the transfer fee etc. For those of you that still believe me this to be a viable business model and will say that these scams would only work with the uneducated, please search online for these.

Pyramid SchemePonzi Scheme
Bernie Madoff
Ram Survey
Speak Asia
City Limo

At the end of the day, it's your money and you obviously free to invest and use it in any way you wish. These are just my thoughts about this.

"If Its Too Good To Be True, Its Not True"
Oct 15, 2014



one question!!!!

how many companies you know that can sponsor F1 team...or most expensive club in EPL ?

Qnet is offical direct selling partner of Manchester City Football Club and on the cars of Team Marrusia which is in collaboration with Virgin Racing.

do you think these clubs or team will take sponsorship from scamster or fraudster companies?
Oct 15, 2014

network marketing rocks


why are you now quite buddy? now at least you came to know, company is not bad..its people..and accept the fact.
Oct 14, 2014

its awesome

qnet is very awesome im very much happy,im so exciting.................thank u sooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh qnet.:)
Oct 14, 2014

B4 Joining Qnet read this.

Oct 13, 2014

Its a scam.

I am also a victim of QNET and invested money on believe but later got to know that its a scam.
i want my money back and don't want to spend money on a holiday package..
Please provide me information that how can i get my refund???
You Loosers
Oct 13, 2014

I call it as Half Knowledge becomes a Moron and Dream stealers

Hi folks,
I feel poty on you people that you are acting as a dream stealer here. Please get the full knowledge about the compensation plan and then give your super valuable opinions.
Oct 12, 2014

its people not COMAPNY.


Let me tell you short story.

in 1940s, there was a film where villain is really dangerous and people hated him like anything. Once movie was playing and villain appeared. One man really pissed off and shoot the villain with all rounds of bullet. there were 6 holes on the screen. but you what happened, MOVIE STILL KEPT PLAYING.

Due, Its always people , never company. if you some one misuse your visa credit card then whats mistake of Visa. Its same AK47 gun , that differentiates patriotic army man from brutal terrorist. Its always a person.

and please read the below news.






Oct 9, 2014

Can I get refund of money after 1 month from QNet???

I had to joined in QNet forcibly by one of my relatives. They did not reveal a single word about the business and the company until I paid Rs. 1.5 lakh. Now I realised that I am not suitable to this cheating job so I want to get my hard earned money back.
I paid the money in August through IR who is not responding any more now. Can I get my money back now...?
Please let me know the procedure for refund and also the required things to provide.

I will be grateful to you for your kind suggestions and solution.

Thanks in advance.
Oct 9, 2014


If you are being asked money for signing up with the company or you have not got your refund from the company, please lodge your complaint in the manner explained here below.

1.Email your detailed complaint to cp.mum.addcp.eow@gmail.com with attachments of product purchase,IR registration, company emails etc.

2.Also send a formal written complaint letter (hard copy) along with product purchase receipt, name, address details of the person who referred you, etc as evidence through registered post to the address below:
Mr. Rajvardhan Sinha or Mr Kapase
Address: Additional Commissioner of Police or Mr. Kapase Investigating Officer Qnet Economic Offenses Wing-3 Crime Branch Mumbai Police, Police Commissioner's Office,Opposite Crawford Market, D N Road, Fort Mumbai 400001.

3.Keep proof of letter of posting safely with you and a xerox copy of complaint for future verification.

4.Email eva.sin@qnet.net and global.support@qnet.net,support.centre@qnetindia.in demanding refund.Save your emails.

5.Call/sms FIR complainant Gurupreet Singh Anand on 07498063701 for any query regarding all India FIRs, police complaints, ongoing court cases etc.

6.Follow latest developments of the scam on Moneylife Qnet (comments section) and join Facebook group 'Anti Qnet India',

7.You can also file an FIR in the nearest police station or a civil/criminal/consumer case against your referrer and uplines.

Spread this message among all friends and family members through FB,Twitter,Whatsapp, SMS,
Oct 9, 2014

Equal profit sharing

@Raj_Rules ,

Yes everybody gets same profit out of business done in your organisation. but not the way you might be thinking. i.e. company makes 1000 rs profit then distribute 10 rs each to all 100 rs. No not atll.now obvious question is of everyone gets same profit then how company has survived for 16 years.
everyones income has ceiling. more than than you can not earn. so whatever business is done in your organisation beyond ceiling, goes back to company. this is how company maintains liquidity. so inflow in always greate than outflow. N/w marketing company is mainly focus to reduce adv and marketing cost. so company doesnt mind sharing profit with IRs. sales can happend three ways. 1) first time purchase( this is where people start all wrong doing , cheating , fooling, looting etc. but this is not where we are focused) 2) penetration 3) cross selling ( 2 and 3 are the ones we are working). Now i cant explain all these in detail.

other companies like A gets 10%, B get 5 %, C gets 2.5 %, D gets 1.25% and so on.. this is diminishing profit sharing model. hence early birds het major share. but in here, profit is shared based on business happens in A's organisation or D's organisation. no matter A is on Top of D.

you can abuse IR's , but without knowing anything you can not just abuse Company.
Oct 9, 2014

Complaint Procedure

Special Investigation team to investigate Qnet scam.

QNet case: Bombay High Court pulls up EOW for delay in filing chargesheet





Lookout notices issued against Eswaran, three business associates, including Dev Wadhwani and Sachin Gupta.
Oct 9, 2014

signing off

@gds_22- "No Food To eat but you need perfumed oil to mustache" this is my position now.How can I go holiday trip worth of 2 lac.It is foolishness.My parents surviving based on me.Now I need to pay EMI 8k to bank every month.I dont know how can i send money to my parents. I am not in a position to enjoy vacations,holiday trips...etc .what happened till now let it be.I have only hope i.e God....Anyway thanks for spending your valuable time to explain everything about Qnet.


Thank you very much brother for your support and suggestions.But the person who joined me in this so called e-commerce business is my colleague in the past.He helped a lot in my starting days at work.So that's why i believed him.Even I dont know his address.I am feeling pity about myself.I am unable to tell this to my parents,friends,relatives. I dont want to trouble them by telling this.I m only responsible person to bear this pain.This is a bad lesson for me worth of 2 lacs.Of cousrce , I know I am not only person cheated by them.Anyway I will pray for the people who lost the money in this cheating process like me.

I think i have told too much , because i dont know , to whom i need to share my pain.


Hi All,

Please Please Please dont believe any person in your life except your parents.Dont do anything without telling to your parents.They were only people who take care of you.

Never never trust people who usually telling words like "Trust me ",Believe me","Dreams",for all your questions i m your answer"....etc...Especially in money matters.

@Qnet IR's

You F***kers ..dont tell to people like it is e-commerce...bla bla bla..and There is a day in future for you guys.,Jail doors will open...Dont cheat people based on trust factor..If you want to do business, Tell the process before asking for money.Explain evryting,clarify every doubt they raised.

I m really sorrry , If I hurted anyone with my words......................

Have a great future and happy life guys..,... Happy Diwali in advance. :)

Signing off.
Oct 9, 2014

Its not chain its SYSTEM


i really feel sorry for you that your best friend breached the trust and kind of ditched you for his benefit. you can only get help from him.
this is tough but this is what it is. chase him ans ask fro refund.

i can at least tell you about product.

AND VERY IMPORTANT, the usage fee 12K is for 5 yrs of your membership. so even if you avail holiday at the end of 5 yr u will still pay 12K. Now tell me , is it cheap or not. if you go goa in month of december , you still pay 12K. for some resort occupancy is for 2 ppl or 4 ppl ( with same usage fee ). I have also brought this travel package, now its different thing that u didnt need it.

you can send your family members or friends where you will have to pay guest fee which is very less.

just see the resorts and i am sure you will flatter. We do have properties in india as well.



We also have properies in collaboration with Xchangeworld where we have hotels / resorts in 56 countires. where u need to pay 5-6 K extra.

here you can find all resorts -> http://www.xchangeworld.com/search_resorts/search_listing.html

even if you visit once after 4 yrs.. you will still break even.

Which holiday making company gives you opportunity top stay in Europe for 12K in month of summer ????


making chain is very pathetic way of doing business. as i said we are not MLM where we have diminishing profit sharing model. We work with "Equal Profit Sharing " model. now company can not just share its profit with all IRs equally, right. so there has to be some better way of doing it. and that compensation model is call "Network Marketing".

Everybody is misguided that, you will get money once you feel the position by bringing people in. No Sir, its not at all like that. You get paid only when real business happens,.

this is all about business done and not about filling people and balancing where u get paid only when balancing of "people" happens.

We are not pyramid scheme where top person gets paid. it is more likely that my downlines get paid more when they do business.
This i can say firmly because i am into this business. i am doing ethically and affilated to most ethical and principled team.

this is not about CHAIN ..its about making SYSTEM where you get residual and passive income. this business is not about making huge money by cheating or looting people. its all about making money together.
Oct 9, 2014

Relief!! Got refund after 3 months of struggle

Finally, I got my refund from QNET (not complete but a good chunk).

I am posting here so that my friends, who felt like cheated can recover their hard earned money.

Eva Sin <eva.sin@qnet.net> is the person whom to contact.

Mail her and mail her again until you get your money back. Explain her how you have been cheated by these so called senior partners (IRs).

Please do not loose hope and patience, just bug her with your mails and you shall get your money back.

Good Luck!!
Oct 8, 2014


Unfortunatly I also dont know which item i have purchased.Even my referrer also didn't told me anything .He has told me one word for every question I asked "Trust Me". I cam to know when i got mail from Qnet .They mentioned in mail as
1.Membership's Brochure & Resort Directory
2.QVI Club Bronze Vacation club membership
3.Service tax @12.36 ....something..

I dont want utilize these products.Please help me to cancel all these orders.
Oct 8, 2014



what product you have purchased?
Oct 8, 2014

need help

Hi All,

Please help me to get refund .I have contacted custmer care but they are asking my referrer Id proof and letter of request from him.But he is not responding properly, Telling very unnecesasary reasons and telling bullshit.I don't have hopes on him.

If is there any process to cancel my registartion and orders, Please telll me what to do ..
Oct 8, 2014

"Make in India" already considered


your idea to take this in "Make in India" is already taken by another govt. you are little late dude. :(

Below article is directly taken from Ktaka govt official web site.

Hon’ble Chief Minister had one on one meetings with leading companies participated in World Economic Forum meeting. The details of the meeting held are as follows :

1. Meeting with Qi group

► Hon’ble Chief Minister met Mr.Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman of the Qi group. QI group, founded in 1998 is a multinational conglomerate comprising regional offices Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines and a wide range of subsidiary companies in nearly 30countries.

► The business lines includes lifestyle & leisure, luxury & collectibles, training and education, property development and project management, logistics and an e-commerce based retail & direct sales business.

► The Karnataka delegation explained the various investment opportunities available in above sectors and also highlighted the incentives and concessions available in pertaining policies of the State Government.

► Hon’ble Chief Minister welcomed him to invest in Karnataka and also extended invitation to participate in Global Investors Meet of Government of Karnataka. The company expressed interest in investing in E-retail and IT education Sector.

here is the link
Oct 7, 2014

Do it Good spirit.. there is way..

he is big time bullshit.and i really feel sorry for you...i am slogging my ass for those people who have trusted me and started business with me. I am available for them for 24 X 7. This is kind of commitment everyone should follow for their referrals. Its everyone's responsibility. This business has to be done in right spirit.So i suggest you , take this opportunity and try to work hard. We are all helping ourselves. i dont know your name, your location or any damn single thing about you. still i encourage you to take this positively.

what i am telling you is, if people are earning money in right way , u shd also earn that way. u dnt need to fool people like the way ur friend did. if company is doing business for last 16 yrs and that too 100+ countries then there is ethical way of doing it. just figure it out. i belong to most ethical way. we dont brain wash people neither we make them fool. and we are growing.

it will happen slow but it will certainly happen. this much i can say.

Oct 7, 2014


I am not at all interested to do this business in this way.I dont have that much rich people who can spend more than 1 lac to buy products....I have attended system and welcome sessions ..The people who are attended those sessions are not more than 2 years and all are earning more than 1lac per month but my salary and my life and my background is totally different.I cant do this anymore.I dont say it is wrong or illegal but the process they have told in those sessions is not ethical and i dont like that process, i dont like the way they are approched me.

I have lost trust in people and lost money.I am mentally frustrated.I believed him more than my parents,I never never thought that he would do like this.

Before joining in this every day , every hour he called me ...but whenever i said no , I didnt get a single cal from him,He is not lifting my phone , not responding to my messages.

I dont know why this situation happened.Before this, i have great respect on him.

More than money it hurting me a lot....
Oct 7, 2014

Product return policy


i have just initiated a request for product refund process. once i know, i will surely let you know.

according to my knowledge, products of direct selling companies are non- refundable and non returnable. But give me a day to find it out. I have also asked my seniors. So far this did not happen with me so i dont know.

But my suggestion is to follow comapany's training and books. it will give you good idea about business. Dont listen to people, do it for some time then u decide. jumping to any conclusion by listening to few dick heads is not good idea. and ask your friend to make this success for you if you have started on his behalf.

you can not see price of product as it is private portal. We dont sellthird party product. But let me know which product your are interested in. We have two portals india portal and world portal and products are different. Need to comply with indian product and retail policy. example, some watches are not available in india but on world portal. Telecom products are not available on india portal.

@rahul bajaj,

E, S, B, I are defined by self made billionaire Rober Kiyosaki. So you cant doubt his judgement. If he says , bla bla bla about making money it has to be true and proven. you and me are not even part of thousans club.

second, this business is all about system centric approach. This business will not give you crores but certainly gives you money you can be happy with. you may find 100 people fooled. but what important is to find 20 likeminded and of course active partners. HOW is where everybody screwed this business.

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