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Consumer complaints and reviews about QNET

Jul 23, 2014

Bullshit f****** qnet company

Hi All,

I was working with MNC company and one my friend call me for Job interview with good package when i visit the place that time i know that there is no interview going on , they are there to discuss business plan and if someone is giving cold reply they will hot you up by giving your dream fulfilment which a normal middleclass man can't afford.

Once You join as a IR on qnet they will force you to make name list of minimum 500 people and index them into HOT / Warm & Cold people.
if you dont do this they will shout on you and try to convecnce you to do this thing and call two friends and make chain ( In Qnet word make your own system) , I feel cheated on first day still i feel guilt about this business.
They are well professional brain washers .
Currently i am discussing with Cyber Crime cell department to cease there bank account and arrest them asap.
I will ensure myself no one will join this f***** company in future.

Please be aware that if your friend told you that your interview will taken by any IAS officer then you should know that they are gone cheat you very clearly.
Jul 18, 2014

Qnet Fraud

I would like someone from the Qnet to respond to following queries.

1.) What is the actual monetory value of each of the products you are importing (post paying all duties and taxes)?
2.) The model which you have is not sustainable if all the IRs work as they are suppose to work. Please do the maths yourself and you will realise the product which is sold for INR 40K actually cannot be more than 13.2K to sustain this model with 1% distribution cost and VAT on the INR 13.2K. If this is so then why are the products which are said to be luxurious and miraculas be so cheap and why is your company not disclosing it to the prospective IRs.
3.) Is Qnet business legal or illegal as per current definition of PCMCS banning act 1978. Please do not say law is wrong or right, all I and other readers would be interested to know is it legal or illegal as on date as per law of the land. If illegal why do you not disclose this to the prospective IRs that it may or may not become legal at a later date, however it is currently illegal and you would be doing illegal business as on date.
4.) Is Vihaan DS Qnet or franchisee of Qnet. If it is franchisee why is this information withheld from the prospective IRs and not disclosed upfront.
5.) How many of your IRs actually make money promised by compensation plan.
6.) In this business what is your company's responsibility, is all the responsibility lies with IRs who do not make money inspite of the fact that they are suppose to sell a product with INR 13.2K actual value at 40K which is highly overpriced.
7.) You say give 1000 days to business. If you are so sure about this business then why are you not offering way out to the IRs to the extent of their investments or any other value.

Dear Readers who haven't fallen into this trap so far beware and do the calculations yourself and you will realise that chances of success are very slim and illegal too. Please read PCMCS banning act 1978 before investing.
Jul 14, 2014

Qnet Fraud

Beware of hot sign up's, and cold calls of business oppurtunity. These all are tricks followed by Qnet, If it is so genuine please open a shop and sell it to public. Don't cheat your trusted friends.
Jul 13, 2014

all these frauds are baseless...

Hi friends,
all these allegations are baseless which are made on Mr Pankaj Singh.He is a great mentor , teacher ,friend and guide.I was also present there. This business is not about luring.It is about collabration and connecting together for a better platform.Whosoever has worked hard with consistency and persistence in this business has achieved results .It has changed the lives of many.It is not a business for quitters .So before putting a complaint check your facts and don't believe on perceptions.Work hard and sky is the limit!!
Qnet Rocks!!
Jul 11, 2014

No Complaint - Qnet Rocks m/


All you complainers are big time looser!!!!
Jul 9, 2014

Can we get the Refund


I have purchased a vacation package from QNet 6 months back (almost 2 lakh). I want to get the money back as I feel this is really fraud. do we get paid back complete amount ?Please help..
Jul 6, 2014

qnet money refund procedure

Can someone please post the procedure of requesting refund of mobey paid to qnet?do we get paid bacj complete amount.
please help..? Am much worried
Jul 4, 2014


PPL beware of this group!! They will lure you by showing all the wealth they have gained by joining QNET. Let me tell you this is only for those who want to take shortcuts for earning money, know how to fool/cheat ppl and doesn't have any conscience left.

For them relationship, friends nothing exist ..it is only money that matters..Oh yes they will show you that how much fun they have unlike those who goes to office by having this VCON trips..I have seen my husband lying to me due to these bastards. They will have hot girls in their group who will show only their mini skirts to lure ppl..what will call beauty with cheating brain. Especially delhi IRs (like Saj**/Sahil Gupta/Ran**/Aks***) are horrible.

Somehow got my husband out of this group. He lost 2 lacs but currently money don't matter for me. I just wanted my husband to be out of these sick/greedy group. They have totally brainwashed him. He still believe QNET is good for earning money even after knowing that it is illegal.

QNET ppl are JERKS!!
Jul 3, 2014

Qnet plus ..... Fraud...!!!


I would like to add few more things against Qnet. Yesterday itself we (I and my wife) met the guy Pankaj Singh from Qi group. he told me that this company is a hongkong based company which sells products by the "word of mouth". We were almost lured by his explanations of business plan. He also told us that he has an Audi and has two big houses, one at Bangalore and another in Delhi. Also that he has left 'Alstom' company 4 years back and since then he is totally involved in this business.

But somehow I managed to escape from paying the money 70,000 (which he insisted after my denial to purchase a product of 1.5 lakh). Later on we discussed and came to a conclusion that this deal may be fraud.

Since today morning he is trying to convince me on phone to take up the so called Business. But after reading the articles submitted by you guys on this forum I have changed my mind and will Definetely NOT take up this Business.

Thanks to all for saving my savings.
Jul 1, 2014

Qnet MLM Fruad

Why do we keep falling for these multi-level marketing scams?

The best way to avoid being duped by a MLM scheme is to ask yourself:

- Are you expected to sell a product to other people? Do you need to pay for the privilege of signing up? If so, it's most likely a scam.

- Is there a refund policy? Can you return products unused to get back your money? If not, it's most likely a scam.

- Does it use the words "in your spare time"? My vast experience of hearing most of these sucker schemes tells me this is the biggest warning bell of them all.

- Can you buy alternative products that do the same thing at a much cheaper price? Then you're just being a sucker if you buy into a much more expensive product just to get a small commission back.

- Are you made to visit a "meeting" where a well-heeled gentleman extols the virtues of this scheme? And you can't ask too many questions? That's a sign of a scam.

QNet sells you many riches, if only you invest Rs. 500,000 and then find other suckers who do the same. The above criteria should sound warning bells, and like many other MLMs before this one, it makes you think more of the money you can earn with it rather than the benefits of the products themselves.

The lesson? It's always easy to mislead someone blinded by that kind of greed.

Read More at https://in.news.yahoo.com/how-qnet-pulled-it-off-092323475.html
Jun 26, 2014

Qnet Fraud / Scam


Even i was cheated with Qnet, this is F****** company who doesn't do anything. They just know how to fool and cheat people. How can someone earn money without any hard work. Are we fools working day and night in earning money. The day i joined, i lost my friends and some of my close family members.

Please don't get in this trap. Indian Companies should ban such companies.
Jun 25, 2014

company is legit but most propagators are bastard

Friends!! Pls. watch this carefully. I am an active IR for the company and have attended VCON also :( I will be extremely honest to say that I still have doubts because of the kind of people in it. I feel trapped seeing losers operating in this business. They have made me rope in my family and friends and now I don't know how to recover their money. They are just true bastards. They are team infinity & are human beings of the lowest order. They don't think even once before duping even a person struggling to make both ends meet or a man who has a bedridden mother or some ailing member at home.

The kind of shameless smile they have on their faces all the time. You can find them operating out of some shady and less frequented CCDs in the city.

Again, let me repeat, the company and the model to my mind is legitimate and fine. There are different teams under different individuals at the top. One of the biggest a** is Schn. He has pushed down his shameless, selfish, begging and cheating mentality down his team- taken fw by losers like DigV (haven't seen a bigger loser than him..tries to portray how big he had been in his corporate avatar.. he was actually a loser in some sidey company). That is why people in his team take pride in asking money shamelessly without doing justice to the business. These bastards are giving wrong name to the company and the business. Just because they think they can scavenge on the dying aspirations of the common guy they stoop down to any level.I go in their association every day and feel like spitting in their faces- such huge and shameless losers they are.. you get to see their true picture once you start spending time with them.

But again I repeat the company is correct. Like any other company there are instances of good people and good team too. So do not dismiss the company because there are a lot of people who are making good money with lot of hard work and upright ways. B****** like Schn... & DiGV (has recently fled to Dubai) have shat down their decadent upbringing down their organization..beware of them..

For me.. have taken a decision to work in the correct way and prove that this business can be done in the right way.. unfortunately I would have to still see these losers for quite some till I can start functioning independently..

So be careful guys..and as i said do not write off the company but beware of scavengers like the one I mentioned above..
Jun 20, 2014

@Ninja123 (the IES guy)

Why are you being so cowardly and just come out and say that you are a leech profiting off of others financial misery? Linking to Chidhambaram and government accredation doesn't prove that MLM/Qnet is a viable business model. Your numbered points are the same crap said over and over again.

"AND LASTLY, NEGATIVE REVIEWS ARE ONLY BY THOSE WHO FAILED IN THE BUSINESS AND WANT TO VENT OUT THEIR ANGER AGAINST SOMEONE." I haven't joined this scam, but my friends have and this is what angers me. They are brainwashed into thinking they can get rich quick, but are losing their minds trying to get their family and friends involved in this. Yes folks, if you're looking to lose your money, sanity, your friends and family, please go ahead and invest your hard earned money. Just remember that if it looks or sounds too good to be true, it is!!
Jun 19, 2014

Qnet is a Fraud Beware of MLM Schemes in India

As mentioned by you all guys here I was also trapped by one of my known person who communicate me for about 4 months and finally I became a prey. When I realized I ask for the refund and any how manage to get my full refund after 2 Months of struggle.

The peoples who support Qnet are totally Brain Washed. Can you guys tell me hou much you have earned from this. Only few of the top level people will earn and they will earn only bcoz stupid peoples like you give ur money to them. I was also became prey of this and now happily come out of this company by taking full refund from the company after getting after them aggressively. They make my full refund after fighting for about 2 months. So Jaago.

Jago yaaron jaago.
Jun 18, 2014

Money refunded but not in full

Like the other follows of this forum, I too was lured to join the Qnet this year March. Within two days of joining, I realised that this was a big mistake. I called the Q net and requested a full refund. A week later the email came through which mentioned that though the amount would be refunded but a 5% Bank charge and admin fees of $30 would be deducted from the payment (grossly Rs 30,000 in total). This was a huge sum and I requested to not process the amount until they agree for the full refund. I also took legal advice and came to know that I should report the case to Credit card Company who should chase the amount on my behalf as per the law.
I called up my credit card company and send them all the papers related to this transaction. My card company rejected my request for following reasons
a) the company terms and policy (that we accepted at the time of purchasing the product from Qnet) are very generic and vague. Even if they deduct 10% or 20% from the payment it is within the terms and conditions as they nowhere specify the charge they will be deducting while refund the amount.
b) The law require a credit card company to deal on our behalf only when the merchant is the service provider which is not the case here as all payments are processed via Darby Quest paynet.
After a consistent follow-up for over three months I was finally managed to receive the amount after deduction of above mentioned charges.
It appears that designed of the scheme is such that once you enter it is extremely difficult to come-out without losing a huge sum of money.
My humble appeal to the government of India and other countries is please safeguard the people of the nations from such fake companies and take strict action against them and their agents who are taking advantage of innocent people and runaway with their hard earned money.
Jun 16, 2014

QNet Fraud

I was forced to purchase Vacation product for 2.7 Lakhs. There is a refund option and we need to send an email for refund to [email protected] We also have customer care numbers which are international and one Indian 0085222639000 or 09900063901 or 0060379498288. I tried the international one which is first number and I was told that refund request can be raised within a week of purchase and I was asked to send an email to [email protected] with all the details mentioned below. Once we send an email then the details are discussed with finance team as per the excutive and after discussing, they will initiate a refund in 2 weeks time as per their conditions which could be deduciton of some amount. But even if we are getting 70% refund then we should be happy.

Remember, the refund request needs to be raised by sending an email with details like Name, Pan Card, Customer ID, Order No, Receipt No, Date of Purchase and your contact number.

My fingers are crossed and waiting for response from them. Also, you can send email to [email protected] for cancellation procedure.
Jun 16, 2014

QNET Fraud

I was forced to purchase Vacation product for 2.7 Lakhs. There is a refund option and we need to send an email for refund to [email protected] We also have customer care numbers which are international and one Indian one 0085222639000 or 09900063901 or 0060379498288. I tried the international one which is first number and the said refund request can be raised within a week of purchase and then the details are discussed with finance team. Once discussed, they will initiate a refund in 2 weeks time as per their conditions which could be deduciton of some amount. But even if we are getting 70% refund then we should be happy.

Remember, the refund request needs to be raised by sending an email with details like Name, Pan Card, Customer ID, Order No, Receipt No, Date of Purchase and your contact number.

My fingers are crossed and waiting for response from them. Also, you can send email to [email protected] for cancellation procedure.
Jun 12, 2014


If ur not more then 1mth in the biz u can get ur money back.just say strongly to quit,the comp policy say they can cancel the product purchase with in 1mth.just say the IR to pay back or will have make complain in police to get it back.the is the only way as they will try to convince u and will just delay the time of purchase.
Qnet Victim1
Jun 11, 2014

Good Morning IR's wake up and smell your chief’s shit

Hello QNET IR's
wakeup and smell your chief's shit. you idiots of india..
Jun 11, 2014

Is there a way to get our money back

One very good friend of ours has lured us to buy a product which is of no use to us via QNET. 1 week is over long back , so we want to understand if there is any other way to get this money back.

Obviously, other than selling thier nonsense schemes and products to other friends.

Even if I am conned , my conscious does not allow me to do the same to others.

Please suggest if there is any other genuine way which anyone of you have tried?
Jun 10, 2014


Guys be aware when ur frds or relative call u for any biz plan or for money transfer for biz be away from them, they r the networker who r the basters who will fool u and make u mad to put ur money so that they earn commission from it and the binary plan.when they edify there senior partner name like Rakesh ,Amit soni, Pooja vergiwala ,Rohan Nike, mamta,dr Prashant Chandorkar,Sameer veragiwala,aditya ronawat,mikhil,Pooja Soni,and many more ,all these r active in cheating people by selling dreams ,they show u dreams to fullfill there own dreams,when ever u hear there name kick them out .once ur trap they will tell u to trap many more and any failure for ur sign up ur responsible,so new commer be aware this is not so easy to earn money, if ur too basterd like them then ur welcome to qnet,
Jun 9, 2014

Qnet - thrives on the greed of ordinary people

Dear my fellow Indians,

I am sharing my story as a part of my social responsibility, expecting it to benefit others who might be convinced (or rather cunned) to get into this business. I was informed about this business(or rather SCAM) by a cousin of mine. She never talked with me for like a decade and all of a sudden started building rapport and about a life changing business plan which turns normal people into crorepatis in 3 years time with a meagre investment of just 3 lakhs. I was then introduced to two other people, called uplines (or rather up-shit) who gave me a rosy picture of how my future gonna look like(with ferraries and bentleys and foreign erotic trips..lol) if i join them. Even after five conversations in 2 weeks and asking a lot of questions about the company, I was not given any info about the company, not even the company's name. Finally, i smelled something fishy and I told them I was not intersted in the business.. In the following week, I got calls form various uplines (greedy dumbheads) trying to convince me about it.

I was lucky enough to get out of it, because I could control my greed of not becoming millionare "by any means". I saw them contradicting themselves when they said about RYTHM (Raise yourself to help mankind) and then told me not to think about other people and just think about my investment, when I asked them about what will happpen if my downlines are not able to make any money. I should be taking responsibility and accountability. I realised how selfish these guys were and opted out of it.

My sincere request to all of my fellow citizen. Please control your greed of becoming millionare overnight. Remember, there is no shortcut to success. Absolutely none. Companies like Qnet thrive on the greed of people. Ask any simple mathematician or economist, about the business model this company follows and they will answer you regarding its sustainance. I guarantee this company will go bust in max 5 years when it gobbles up the greedy niche.

I know it is difficult to control oneself from the greed of becoming rich, but trust me, if u get into it, u will not only loose your hard earned money, but also peace of mind, reputation and dignity among your near and dear ones.. Remember, happiness is more important for you, not money. I guarantee you will have a better life even earning 30k per month by your own business or any job rather than selling your near and dear ones for some cheap money. For those of u who dont know it, the heads of this Qnet fraud company have been jailed.

You decide - Money(virtual) & Qnet on one hand and pride, respect, love, peace of mind on the other. If you care for your friends and family, stay away from Qnet and its greedy IRs. Those who are already inside, please go for damage control mode rather than bringing everyone into the shit you are already in, and those who are out, spread the word to stay away from this scam.
Qnet Victim1
Jun 4, 2014

Beware friends, don't lose your hard earned money

Hello guys,
Please beware of the people who newly connect you in some public place/mail/voice calls. Please don’t give your contact details to them.
They are the professional cheaters, 99% what they tell you is false information.

There might be some of your old friends or Xcolleagues or friends of friends will get in touch with you by text/call and expressing love or friendship with you. Don’t think I am speaking wrong about friends, this is how actually these so called IR’s will connect and they train new people also to do same.

Once you give your contact details to them they will be in touch with you by sms /call/email and one fine day they invite you to some office or coffee day and they will show you some business plan very effectively and efficiently and you might feel it’s a great concept which is practically no possible or very very difficult to do. Later 1 month after lost your money you will realize the real colors of those people.

They will claim themself as most positive minded people on the earth which is not correct, they are the actual cheaters and negative mindset with readymade smile on their face always, and they are all very good actors also. Just for testing tell him/her that this is a fraud concept and this will not workout, I will not do this, then you will see the real idiots inside them.

You will see very dramatic atmosphere in their office like welcome to the family, remember this date and this day is going to change your life, and they will show or introduce some person saying he is the senior partner in the business who is maxed out or going to be maxed out(maxed out means earning 15 cores per year) and so many other things to make you feel like you are in the right place.

They will tell lies very confidently, If you ask any question to him/her their answer will be in one of the three ways 1. They will reverse question you or 2.They will cleverly put in a very confused state or 3. They will have some classic examples which will work theoretically, not practically.

And their main slogan is “WORK HARD FIVE YEARS AND BE LAZY REST OF THE LIFE” , think once if you can earn money in 5 years which is enough for your entire life to lead a luxury and for your next generation also why not everyone is doing this?
And one more thing they say is “DON’T DISCUSS THIS CONCEPT WITH ANYONE TILL YOU SIGNUP” the explanation what they give for this is you will lose your contacts if you tell now. Once you signup they will start forcing you to invite your friends. I don’t understand what is the difference between before and after signup(sign is here starting this shit business)


Don’t take any immediate decisions without consulting your parents or well-wishers or friends

Below are some points to think.

If it is really legal multinational business why there is no proper customer care in india, some of our obedient and faithful IR has given three numbers as customer support numbers which never works.
Here is another doubt which multinational company uses normal mobile numbers their customer care numbers.
We have one option to raise request in their website, the only reply you get for any request is “you request has been canceled, please contact global support with some xxxxxxx mail id”

Only people with the below qualities can earn money in this so called multinational business.

1. If you want to earn money by anyway
2. If you can chat people effectively
3. If you are very cunning
4. If you can continuously speak on anything whether you actually know or don’t know about it.
5. If you can manage people well.
6. If you can brainwash people very well
Jun 3, 2014



Please think carefully what you write..You said refund can be done easily...BULLSHIT.. I chased your so called ambassadors on the numbers you gave and what reply I got...refund policy is for 1 week...SO DONT MAKE THESE FALSE CLAIMS....

People dont even understand your business after months..and what you are promising 1 week....In this kind of business people need atleast a month time to see if it is their cup of tea or not. Your so called IR's not even give a chance to think people twice before buying you products...

And what if we bought your products like your QVI packages..we haven't used them once.

Mr. IES where are you now? Could you please reply on my earlier questions and this one.

You are a proud member of the network so why dont you reveal your identity atleast..You know the answer yourself..You are a part of trap....
Alive pirate1
Jun 2, 2014

Fraud by IES & the rest qnetians

As highly said by our IES officer friend none of the numbers provided in the list are functional. So need to advise or maybe a small suggestion from my end is to give a relevant number and a crystal clear information about your products and services of what you guys say. In short practice what you preach and also give a number for the refund. C'mon you guys are running a huge MLM (be it a scam) you guys must have a board line number or a customer service team with whom we can speak to or maybe your website(sssshhhhhh i forgot the govt has shut down the website). I will be highly obliged to get my money back asap. Because the duration you guys took to pressurize us within the same duration we want our money to be returned to us...... Sorry to say but you guys must have never felt the pain on staying roofless for days and nights neither the hungry stomachs surviving a small pack of biscuits for days, where there have been days and nights spent in the scorching heat and ruthless cold nights.... Otherwise enjoy the rest of your life

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