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Consumer complaints and reviews about QNET

Jun 16, 2014

QNet Fraud

I was forced to purchase Vacation product for 2.7 Lakhs. There is a refund option and we need to send an email for refund to global.support@qnet.net. We also have customer care numbers which are international and one Indian 0085222639000 or 09900063901 or 0060379498288. I tried the international one which is first number and I was told that refund request can be raised within a week of purchase and I was asked to send an email to global.support@qnet.net with all the details mentioned below. Once we send an email then the details are discussed with finance team as per the excutive and after discussing, they will initiate a refund in 2 weeks time as per their conditions which could be deduciton of some amount. But even if we are getting 70% refund then we should be happy.

Remember, the refund request needs to be raised by sending an email with details like Name, Pan Card, Customer ID, Order No, Receipt No, Date of Purchase and your contact number.

My fingers are crossed and waiting for response from them. Also, you can send email to eva.sin@qnet.net for cancellation procedure.
Jun 16, 2014

QNET Fraud

I was forced to purchase Vacation product for 2.7 Lakhs. There is a refund option and we need to send an email for refund to global.support@qnet.net. We also have customer care numbers which are international and one Indian one 0085222639000 or 09900063901 or 0060379498288. I tried the international one which is first number and the said refund request can be raised within a week of purchase and then the details are discussed with finance team. Once discussed, they will initiate a refund in 2 weeks time as per their conditions which could be deduciton of some amount. But even if we are getting 70% refund then we should be happy.

Remember, the refund request needs to be raised by sending an email with details like Name, Pan Card, Customer ID, Order No, Receipt No, Date of Purchase and your contact number.

My fingers are crossed and waiting for response from them. Also, you can send email to eva.sin@qnet.net for cancellation procedure.
Jun 12, 2014


If ur not more then 1mth in the biz u can get ur money back.just say strongly to quit,the comp policy say they can cancel the product purchase with in 1mth.just say the IR to pay back or will have make complain in police to get it back.the is the only way as they will try to convince u and will just delay the time of purchase.
Qnet Victim1
Jun 11, 2014

Good Morning IR's wake up and smell your chief’s shit

Hello QNET IR's
wakeup and smell your chief's shit. you idiots of india..
Jun 11, 2014

Is there a way to get our money back

One very good friend of ours has lured us to buy a product which is of no use to us via QNET. 1 week is over long back , so we want to understand if there is any other way to get this money back.

Obviously, other than selling thier nonsense schemes and products to other friends.

Even if I am conned , my conscious does not allow me to do the same to others.

Please suggest if there is any other genuine way which anyone of you have tried?
Jun 10, 2014


Guys be aware when ur frds or relative call u for any biz plan or for money transfer for biz be away from them, they r the networker who r the basters who will fool u and make u mad to put ur money so that they earn commission from it and the binary plan.when they edify there senior partner name like Rakesh ,Amit soni, Pooja vergiwala ,Rohan Nike, mamta,dr Prashant Chandorkar,Sameer veragiwala,aditya ronawat,mikhil,Pooja Soni,and many more ,all these r active in cheating people by selling dreams ,they show u dreams to fullfill there own dreams,when ever u hear there name kick them out .once ur trap they will tell u to trap many more and any failure for ur sign up ur responsible,so new commer be aware this is not so easy to earn money, if ur too basterd like them then ur welcome to qnet,
Jun 9, 2014

Qnet - thrives on the greed of ordinary people

Dear my fellow Indians,

I am sharing my story as a part of my social responsibility, expecting it to benefit others who might be convinced (or rather cunned) to get into this business. I was informed about this business(or rather SCAM) by a cousin of mine. She never talked with me for like a decade and all of a sudden started building rapport and about a life changing business plan which turns normal people into crorepatis in 3 years time with a meagre investment of just 3 lakhs. I was then introduced to two other people, called uplines (or rather up-shit) who gave me a rosy picture of how my future gonna look like(with ferraries and bentleys and foreign erotic trips..lol) if i join them. Even after five conversations in 2 weeks and asking a lot of questions about the company, I was not given any info about the company, not even the company's name. Finally, i smelled something fishy and I told them I was not intersted in the business.. In the following week, I got calls form various uplines (greedy dumbheads) trying to convince me about it.

I was lucky enough to get out of it, because I could control my greed of not becoming millionare "by any means". I saw them contradicting themselves when they said about RYTHM (Raise yourself to help mankind) and then told me not to think about other people and just think about my investment, when I asked them about what will happpen if my downlines are not able to make any money. I should be taking responsibility and accountability. I realised how selfish these guys were and opted out of it.

My sincere request to all of my fellow citizen. Please control your greed of becoming millionare overnight. Remember, there is no shortcut to success. Absolutely none. Companies like Qnet thrive on the greed of people. Ask any simple mathematician or economist, about the business model this company follows and they will answer you regarding its sustainance. I guarantee this company will go bust in max 5 years when it gobbles up the greedy niche.

I know it is difficult to control oneself from the greed of becoming rich, but trust me, if u get into it, u will not only loose your hard earned money, but also peace of mind, reputation and dignity among your near and dear ones.. Remember, happiness is more important for you, not money. I guarantee you will have a better life even earning 30k per month by your own business or any job rather than selling your near and dear ones for some cheap money. For those of u who dont know it, the heads of this Qnet fraud company have been jailed.

You decide - Money(virtual) & Qnet on one hand and pride, respect, love, peace of mind on the other. If you care for your friends and family, stay away from Qnet and its greedy IRs. Those who are already inside, please go for damage control mode rather than bringing everyone into the shit you are already in, and those who are out, spread the word to stay away from this scam.
Qnet Victim1
Jun 4, 2014

Beware friends, don't lose your hard earned money

Hello guys,
Please beware of the people who newly connect you in some public place/mail/voice calls. Please don’t give your contact details to them.
They are the professional cheaters, 99% what they tell you is false information.

There might be some of your old friends or Xcolleagues or friends of friends will get in touch with you by text/call and expressing love or friendship with you. Don’t think I am speaking wrong about friends, this is how actually these so called IR’s will connect and they train new people also to do same.

Once you give your contact details to them they will be in touch with you by sms /call/email and one fine day they invite you to some office or coffee day and they will show you some business plan very effectively and efficiently and you might feel it’s a great concept which is practically no possible or very very difficult to do. Later 1 month after lost your money you will realize the real colors of those people.

They will claim themself as most positive minded people on the earth which is not correct, they are the actual cheaters and negative mindset with readymade smile on their face always, and they are all very good actors also. Just for testing tell him/her that this is a fraud concept and this will not workout, I will not do this, then you will see the real idiots inside them.

You will see very dramatic atmosphere in their office like welcome to the family, remember this date and this day is going to change your life, and they will show or introduce some person saying he is the senior partner in the business who is maxed out or going to be maxed out(maxed out means earning 15 cores per year) and so many other things to make you feel like you are in the right place.

They will tell lies very confidently, If you ask any question to him/her their answer will be in one of the three ways 1. They will reverse question you or 2.They will cleverly put in a very confused state or 3. They will have some classic examples which will work theoretically, not practically.

And their main slogan is “WORK HARD FIVE YEARS AND BE LAZY REST OF THE LIFE” , think once if you can earn money in 5 years which is enough for your entire life to lead a luxury and for your next generation also why not everyone is doing this?
And one more thing they say is “DON’T DISCUSS THIS CONCEPT WITH ANYONE TILL YOU SIGNUP” the explanation what they give for this is you will lose your contacts if you tell now. Once you signup they will start forcing you to invite your friends. I don’t understand what is the difference between before and after signup(sign is here starting this shit business)


Don’t take any immediate decisions without consulting your parents or well-wishers or friends

Below are some points to think.

If it is really legal multinational business why there is no proper customer care in india, some of our obedient and faithful IR has given three numbers as customer support numbers which never works.
Here is another doubt which multinational company uses normal mobile numbers their customer care numbers.
We have one option to raise request in their website, the only reply you get for any request is “you request has been canceled, please contact global support with some xxxxxxx mail id”

Only people with the below qualities can earn money in this so called multinational business.

1. If you want to earn money by anyway
2. If you can chat people effectively
3. If you are very cunning
4. If you can continuously speak on anything whether you actually know or don’t know about it.
5. If you can manage people well.
6. If you can brainwash people very well
Jun 3, 2014



Please think carefully what you write..You said refund can be done easily...BULLSHIT.. I chased your so called ambassadors on the numbers you gave and what reply I got...refund policy is for 1 week...SO DONT MAKE THESE FALSE CLAIMS....

People dont even understand your business after months..and what you are promising 1 week....In this kind of business people need atleast a month time to see if it is their cup of tea or not. Your so called IR's not even give a chance to think people twice before buying you products...

And what if we bought your products like your QVI packages..we haven't used them once.

Mr. IES where are you now? Could you please reply on my earlier questions and this one.

You are a proud member of the network so why dont you reveal your identity atleast..You know the answer yourself..You are a part of trap....
Alive pirate1
Jun 2, 2014

Fraud by IES & the rest qnetians

As highly said by our IES officer friend none of the numbers provided in the list are functional. So need to advise or maybe a small suggestion from my end is to give a relevant number and a crystal clear information about your products and services of what you guys say. In short practice what you preach and also give a number for the refund. C'mon you guys are running a huge MLM (be it a scam) you guys must have a board line number or a customer service team with whom we can speak to or maybe your website(sssshhhhhh i forgot the govt has shut down the website). I will be highly obliged to get my money back asap. Because the duration you guys took to pressurize us within the same duration we want our money to be returned to us...... Sorry to say but you guys must have never felt the pain on staying roofless for days and nights neither the hungry stomachs surviving a small pack of biscuits for days, where there have been days and nights spent in the scorching heat and ruthless cold nights.... Otherwise enjoy the rest of your life
Bajwa Ritu
May 26, 2014

Shit Company

People in Chennai beware of whats coming your way or U might end up being one like me............
Don't be fooled...........;)

Once you pay the money u will never get them back.....\
No matter what..
May 26, 2014

Felt Cheated under false claims

I was referred into the business through one of my ex colleagues. She made me many false promises about the business. When I asked him saying I want to know about the company profile first, she resisted and said it is not required to do any prior study first and no ground work is needed and made me introduced to a person coming from Mumbai. Invited for a meeting at one of the CCD's and that day called me about 5 times to check I should go on time(the same person never called me in 5 years otherwise). I saw the presentation and was not convinced enough to do it but then also received multiple calls its a lifetime opportunity and I will miss it, I should block my position ASAP etc...I resisted and said NO..then drama started happening..I got call from another previous colleagues they are also a part of it...They forced me to their best capacity and finally I joined by opting QVI package of 3 L. (Biggest mistake of my life)...Then another surprise I got to know..I was told the QVI club has own resorts in almost every country but reality they have just handful resorts of their own in mostly Thailand and if u want to avail packages in other countries then I have to pay an XChange fees over and above usage fees which was shocking. They talked about resorts comparing 4-5 star hotels but in real they stand nowhere.

Once I got on boarded, they ask me to read books and go through DVDs for brain washing and asked me to get my family members joined the business ASAP with maximum investments I could derive from them in any form -Need, opportunity, theft etc....I was not able to convince people for the same and have not made a single rupee out of buisness.

I simply want answers to the following questions:
1. Why don't you pass on company links to people initially...when we apply for a job, we do a full research on company.
2. Why not in the initial go you were been told about the refund period of 30 days.
3. Why don't you guys tell upfront you would have to ask your friends and family the crap you need money and you cant tell them the reason.
4, Why do you guys hide your identity on your FB , LinkedIn accounts-Why don't you proudly mention QNET.
5.Will you return my money even its been over 6 months I joined and not even used ur product once??

It's easy to say people who don't do well make complaints BUT it is needed to know what they are required to do..Without telling them you just make them part of trap and make them suffer deprived of their savings. When they dont perform you carry and inferior behaviour towards them in group...Highly unethical.

I request the legal authorities to look into all the CCDs, BARISTA and COSTA coffee parlour and see what is happening there on weekends.People making fool of others. Especially check on these venues- CCD Saket, CCD- DT Mega mall Gurgaon, BARISTA, DT MEGA MALL-Gurgaon, Barista GIP -Noida (During weekdays) and PVR Priya, CCD Saket, Starbucks-Select city during weekends, you can find hundreds of people faking other people.Please take proper action against them and ask them if it is illegal and do they have any license for doing it.

Another suffering fellow
May 25, 2014

QNET- Reviews of an I.E.S. officer

This post is only for those people to read, who actually want to analyse the situations from all angles. But read this post completely without any ego if you wanna know the truth.

My name is Abhishek. I am a former I.E.S. officer and was posted in Jammu after which I started QNET. It has been 31 months now and I have faced no problems, neither I have convinced anyone to do the business ever. I operate out of New Delhi. Anyone who feels cheated and wants to understand, come and meet me there. I am there every evening.

It was initially very hard for me to believe that I was a part of network marketing industry and that too QNET. I had googled QNET and all sort of scam allegations came out. Now my observations:

1. If you start any business of your own, be it a PAAN tapri or a restaurant or a company, there will be legal allegations. Live with it!! Google " Microsoft Scam" and you will find umpteen number of complaints, but do you stop using Windows because some legal action is going against Microsoft? Your company's competitors will do anything to bring you down. You don't believe me? Try doing a traditional business or ask any traditional businessman what all legal things he goes through.

2. The person who is writing a blog, do you know him? For that matter you don't even know me. So if you are not ready to believe me, why should you believe his blog?

3. As far as media allegation is concerned, let me tell you one thing. If I have a grudge against you, I can go an file an FIR. It is very easy, given the porous nature of our legal system. Now if you are a big businessman, the media will come an write " Mr. X arrested for a fraud worth so and so". So the media has declared you a culprit before even the court!! But in reality you are just BEING INVESTIGATED. Now the main part: If our Mr. X is clean the court will release him. That time no media will come, because media earns more by negative reviews than positive reviews. But google archives will always have that allegation flashing on their website. It's a search engine. Come on people!

4. Go to www.gibm2012.org and you will see that a government event where president Pranab Mukhejee is speaking is sponsored by QNET. Why would a government body allow a scam company to sponsor it?

5. We have partnered with Manchester City Football Club. Go check their website,if you want to do real research. Our business model is a case study for MICROSOFT. Go to Microsoft Case Studies page and see qnet's model is endorsed.

6. This is network marketing industry. Hence it means it is driven by people. It means some people do it the wrong way. I am ready to agree that many people were given false promises, but then by whom? BY COMPANY Or BY THEIR RELATIVES? Those relatives who themselves are new. They saw an awesome opportunity and wanted to give you benefit and they could not control what they were saying .If they wanted to cheat you why would they put your money in the company rather than in their own bank accounts?

But let me tell, it would be wise to put money and purchase a product. It will help you only if you have the balls to actually analyse the business with an open mind and without prejudging and work for 2 to 3 months. If you don't like it, quit it and take refund. QNET is always open for refund. For refund please refer my point 8.

7. I agree there are many teams who operate in the wrong way. But their intent is not wrong. You should forward this query up and it will be resolved. OR change your team. It is simple, either your guides are wrong or you are wrong. Not the company. I have been blessed to have an awesome team. I know all legalities IN and OUT. Anyone can call be on my number below and talk to me.

8. REFUND: Anyone who wants to take refund can take it. The company allows it. Even after 6 months of purchase. I will tell you how. Just call up the customer care number 0085222639000 or 09900063901 or 0060379498288. They will refund you within 2 weeks. I have got many refunds done in my organisations for people who don't want to continue.

It is just that some teams don't tell you that refund policy is there because they WANT you to flourish and become successful. Your 2 to 3 lacs will give them 25000 rupees as commission. Do you think that your relatives will cheat you for 25000 rupees? This much money they can ask you as a friend. Why get Qnet in the picture then? Think people think!! Again it is people's fault,not QNET's. My team is excellent and we do business transparently.

9. Neither have my commissions stopped coming nor ever I could see any problems in the ethics of QNET. QNET will seem fraud to only those people who are pre-scared and don't devote time to do right research.

10. None of the complainants in this webpage has ever done Network Marketing properly but you all are writings posts as if you all are PRO at it. It is like I have never played cricket but I say that Tendulkar does not know how to bat.

11. I have checked all government compliances (being IES has its benefits). Go to the MINISTRY OF CORPORATE AFFAIRS webpage and check whether company QNET which in India is registered as "Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Private Limited" is there or not. Here is the link http://www.mca.gov.in/DCAPortalWeb/dca/CompanyCINSRAction.do?method=find

12. Whyy would a scam company be on the Ministry's webpage??

13. Multi-Level Marketing Regulation act 2013(draft) has been approved by the Government of Kerela and soon to be placed in on 2014 Lok Sabha table for approval. Soon we will have a regulatory body to control the functioning of all MLM companies. You didn't know this, right? Ye google kyon nahi karte??

14. As far as VCON is concerned, I was there too. If you do not go to vcon seeking answers you will find it repulsive. No wonder many people here are cursing it. It is just like the analogy that I don't like Govinda, but if I am forced to sit in a movie theatre to watch his movie, I will leave the hall in 10 minutes. But if I say, "I have already spent 95000 Rupees to come to Malaysia, then why not sit for whole 5 days (WITHOUT ANY GRUDGES OR PREJUDGING AND TRY TO LISTEN TO WHAT THEY WANT TO SAY? Tum log to pehle hi bhaag gaye"



Formerly I.E.S.
May 21, 2014


Are you getting response from QNET after complaints lodge or not
May 19, 2014

I have been cheated by my relatives (NK & MT) for joining QNET by trusted force and not by choice

I have been cheated by my two relatives named NK and MT (short names) who came to my home with QNET business saying their is a good opportunity for you where you have to do e-comm through computer and phone only to earn handsome money where no another job or business can give in next 3--4 years. They took my credit card in Feb 2014 with giving 100% surety and trust as being close family members. They said by spending 3.5 lakhs (one time) you can buy BMW car in next 3 years and earn Rs. 10Lakhs per week but you have to do the business through phone and computer.

After 5 days MT called me up and said its urgent to register me today as it is last day so they require credit card transfer of around 2.5--3lakhs. I questioned them why in so hurry let me know the business first and then add me when I fully understand but they gave assurance that we will refund your amount if you do not like the business policy. I transferred the amount on their trust.

After that they called me to Cafe Coffee Day Saket for some meeting with DK and others where I did not understand the concept and finally 5--6 people were given so called 'Welcome' for joining the business.

I then went for VCELL at CCD Saket where on my 1st VCELL the lady was guiding to get the money from relatives on lies (like: pretend your relatives that you are in emergency need of 3--4 lakh and can they give). I got angry to my relatives that what kind of work this is where people ask to tell lies to your relatives and ask for money.

Then again they asked me to attend another VCELL at CCD saket but till then I could not understand the nature of business and I kept full trust on my relatives. Their I came to know people are quitting their jobs (with package of 20-30laks per annum) and joining this business. The people who have joined this scheme are well educated and possess higher qualifications. Then also I said I have no trust in this type of schemes as this remind me of several other scams.

Finally in April 2014 they asked me to come for VCON and they kept calling me everyday to come for VCON-2014 Malaysia where everything will be cleared. I got my passport renewed by spending Rs. 10000 and gave another chunk of money to them without asking any questions and they said total expenses will be around 70--75k for the V-CON Malaysia trip.

My relatives said that if you do not like the business after attending V-CON then we will refund your money and the Malaysia Trip costs. I thought if they are saying with such a surety then there might be a good opportunity they are offering to me being a well wisher.

I went to Malaysia with good hope but all got spoiled after attending first two days of V-CON. I gave them clue about not liking the business in their so called 'Sharing' on 9th May in Penang, Malaysis. The trip was of cost around 95000--1Lakh finally excluding personal expenses.

Now after returning to India when I said that the company business is not acceptable by me then they said rest of the people who went for V-CON for the first time never complained and you are the only person complaining. I asked them to refund my money as well as Malaysia trip cost as per their promise to pay back.

Now they are asking me to meet their senior person and not picking up the phone or replying my messages for paying back.

I have recordings of almost all the telephonic conversations and will lodge a fraud complain against all involved in cheating me.
May 16, 2014

i want to sell Vacation Holiday package

I want to sell Qnet holiday package
Apr 19, 2014

Company *may* be legit, but the guys who brought this to you are not

Company *may* be legit, but the guys who brought this to you are not

So, I got pitched to today - the pitch was mediocre, BTW. At a friggin McDonalds. Why did I go there? Because it was Saturday and Saturday is "learn something new" day. I knew what my role here was. I was gonna play along and egg him on, just so that I can know what this shit was all about. I did not know anything about MLM/network marketing/binary bakwaas before I walked in.

The guy, a "Senior Partner", who pitched to me was in HR in his day job. The guy who introduced me to him is an acquaintance, the typical post-mid-life-crisis guy who I guess just got caught into this a couple of months ago.

What they don't know yet is that they were trying to sell to an actual Professional Sales person. I live on and for this shit. I love sales. I sell tens of crores of Rupees worth of solutions and services to companies every quarter, who usually make me go through a long evaluation process. But Q-Net guys just showed me the worst rung of sales.

He was trying to sell, and sell hard. And I saw that. If only he had not tried so hard, he could have taken my case very righteously. His script was prepared and well rehearsed, by his standards. And there was no innovation to it.

1. Make you feel comfortable.
2. Break down your aspirations - try and make you realize that you have none.
3. Convince you that money is the only thing that you really need - if you don't know that already.
4. Try and split the world's population into the farm animals and the rearers. 3% / 97%. Stats sounded okay, but honestly don't care.
5. Now, it begins - You need to be here --- with us in the 3%. And we are building just the right team to do that. 4.8 cr in 5 yrs. Blah blah blah.
6. You need to put in 2.7 lacs to 7 lacs. To egg him on, I told him that I can put 2.5 on the table tomorrow, lets discuss the business.
7. He then went on to define the "Business" which now I know is basically MLM. "The company is Hong Kong based, established in 1998." That is all they will tell you. You can outrightly ask them the company name, and any-one of them will say that is only revealed after you sign up. But nothing that a simple Google search will not reveal. lulz were had.
8. After he was done pitching and I was done with all the lulz in my head, first acquaintance and I walked out and into the CCD lounge these guys hang out at in CP, near Sarvana Bhavan on Janpath.

You can go and meet more people. I specifically asked to meet more people my age. I wanted to see the poor bastards who were in this shit so early. Most of these guys are legit in their Work lives till they quit and do this full time. I wonder why they are doing this.

And they should not have let me even see the girls, really. Her face was projecting sadness even through the smile she was trying to maintain all the while I was speaking to another "Senior partner", like there is not one part this whole thing that she enjoys doing.

Finally I told them that while this was my own decision, I need to take 1 day to decide. And this is what they were all slutty about. "Do it now" "Do it today" "start taking decisions". Well no thanks, I shall not take such a shitty decision on Saturday, right before No-regret-sundays.

Now, the sad part about this.

No one is earning Jack on this if they join at this point of time. And their is no value based selling here. I mean this guy just pulled me out over there based on my prior relationship with him. And tried to take me on board. I can only imagine how desperate he is right now. I also assume that he is being given some sort of target by the "ring" he is in.

It is all just very-very stupid. You really do not need this in your life. Get into my kind of sales. I am not telling you that you will get 10 lakh rs. every week. But you can get a few lakhs of incentive every quarter. And you will feel good about the value you are delivering. I cannot imagine being happy spending money earned in this manner. I just hope that some people over there will clear their conscience and stop.

Ah well, cheers to them anyways !!!

- Ramakenush
Apr 18, 2014

Hello Qnet

Would you please someone explain me on how to join QNET and how much I should pay for joining them and is this money refundable within a specific period (during first two or three months).

Need more information on how this QNET works.


Apr 16, 2014



I know many of people has been dumped by this company and many more to come,So lets take an initiative be together and when we have a strong base of complaints we can lodge it anywhere(even i m ready to came any of the city to lodge the complain against them).If we r more in number then police or any legal authority cant avoid our complaints.Maybe we cant get our money back not sure but atleast we can save some who r going to invest in that scam.

P.S.-Who r going to join that company please contact me once its beneficial for u i guaranteed.

Please mail me if u r with me to stop that nonsense.

Apr 11, 2014

qnet is scam and fraud

I joind this sucking money qnet still they never send my holidays packages I Shaw that they even book the hotel for those who want to book the Hotel and they dnt pick the call.... My life gone my career gone manys of my fren also been dupe before me and after me and some1 even they want to suicide becose they let them take money in interest still they dnt hv to pave back..... Why authority and legealature did not take action agains this monster company many youths life had been spoils....
Apr 1, 2014

Beware of being called Hot Zone

Bhai tu mujhse leliyo agar nuksaan hua!

Bhai gharwaley hamesha hi mana karenge kyunki unko teri fikar hai, unko mat bol!

Tere paas kya kisis k paas itna amount easily available nahi hota, tu personal loan utha le , 1 saal mei chuk jayega...

Bhai tu apne dreams likh , mai sach karwaunga.

these and many such boosting lines in a coffee house made me ponder why not try... starting cost is not that high and as per the financials that have been dealt, it should be a piece of cake.
Once In, then I was told, make name list starting with people who would do anything for you, (Ehm "even take a bullet for you"). and con them.
tell them nothing and even lie if you have to that you need money or else it would be life or Death situation
This short list of people would surely be your best buddies or relatives.
If you have got them in QNet. then my friend they have been HOT ZONED!!!

Never believe the line - Products that you have to "TELL" and not "SELL"
My innocent friend never knew where he was taking me and himself.
I havent lost hope but yes , i am not interested any more and they wont listen to let me go easily.

and for the record, using Regional touch is so CLICHE
Apr 1, 2014

Jake @Dev

Hello Dev.

Awesome response buddy...and I'm sorry for being a bit late.

Please be informed Dev, it was not a mud sling: I haven't accused of Qnet being fraud or scam. These are mere questions for which I want to have answers too. Ok, let's discuss on your answers:

1) The problem is not with the two people; the problem is more about the prospect not being allowed to discuss things with parents or friends - at least, they're warned not to discuss about this with anyone before they sign-up. Dev, while I completely understand that it's about two people and the 'like-it-or-leave-it' kind of approach, please understand that we have social obligations, and my parents have a right to know where my money goes (100000 INR is, by no standards, a small amount) and the person who signs up should be allowed to discuss with people who they confide on. I feel that the uncanny pressure laid on this 'Don't discuss before you sign up' makes things a little fishy.

2) Dev, I believe that influencing is not hard work - I am a marketer myself. It depends on what you're trying to influence for. But let me not dive deeper in that space - my question wasn't that. It wasn't about of influencing is hard work or not. It was if influencing is the only possible hard work. Not all business people are influencers, and businesses are not for influencers alone - it's ever for skilled labourers, software engineers and a lot of other professionals who don't necerrarily need 'influencing' skills. So, my conclusion is that this business is not for everyone, unless you have influencing skills, and there are people who can shell out some money who would fall under your circle of influence (and without these two, you JUST CANNOT do this Qnet product business). Correct me if I'm wrong.

And I will be really happy if you can take proper examples. Please get the differences between a blanket term like 'influence' and granular terms like 'impress', 'convince', 'inspire', 'brainwash', and 'persuade'.

3) Dev, please understand that proving someone else wrong doesn't make yours right. Stop giving answers like 'XYZ company does it. Why not Qnet?' - talks a lot about being escapist. Also, I have taken note of the fact that there's a refund policy. I would find it great and helpful if you can send a link or a screenshot of that policy. It will help a great deal on dsproving one of the greatest misconceptions about Qnet, not just for me but for most others.

4) Dev, I wouldn't just bluff out telling I've read through the docs and stuff. But my question here is 'Why should I?'. Using your own example here - Without you having to explain the superiority of Bose over Pioneer, I got what you're trying to say, and that is what I expect from a common-consumer-facing product. These products are for a common man, and should not necessitate this explanation. And about Rolex, please understand that 'luxury' is not about mastery in workmanship and the engineering that goes in - it's all about brand-recognition. Ok...maybe Fedex and Woods made Rolex famous, but it still stands that Rolex is 'famous' and it stands as a symbol of luxury - something that Cimier and Charios don't even stand a chance.

Take these questions Dev, and answer it straight from your heart (I presume you're not a connoisseur of watches) - When did you get to know Rolex?? And if not for Qnet, would you have even known Cimier? To a non-Qnet friend, would you need tl give an explanation on what a Rolex is about, as compared to Cimier?

Please understand Dev - 'Luxury' is what makes a common man go WOWW!, and it's surely not about being the greatest piece of engineering or watchmakership alone! And Qnet's products terribly miss out on those.

5) I found the $25 Bio Disk from the Google Search Shopping results - I am not sure about the legitimacy of the piece, but the difference is kinda ridiculous. And as I said, the concept of a bio-disk in itself sounds not very convincing scientifically, leave alone legitimacy for a probably not-very-scientifically-legitimate product. And about comparison - If you take the price in its face value, QVI sound better, but why would I take a vacation when it's not the season? I want to dictate the things in my vacation, and in this respect, I am not sure if QVI vs ClubMah would be a proper comparison.

Regarding the discrepancy in the Dubai flight, I am sure you are experienced and educated enough to know that the earlier you book, the cheaper the price. There's no scamminess in it (leave alone it being the biggest one on the face of the earth) - it's normal for anyone to increase the price depending on the demand, and if the demand is such, there will be people like you who would spend 13K for the same ticket that was once sold for 8K, irrespective of the business benefits.

And I'd like to finish with my answer 3 here - Prove yourself right, than proving someone else wrong.

If it was THIS EASY for a common man to do business and make money Dev, it would be so widespread now. The fact that there are so many question - not just from me, but from many others - proves that there is a lot to be addressed. I see a blind-spot in your eye-opener: I took the Airline Service, because I needed to travel quick and in comfort, and surely not because I would get business out of it. A business should address the need of masses in an economically acceptable manner. There are times I proactively travel by air, but there has never been a time when I proactively wanted a bio-disk or a chi-pendant.

6) Dev, again, I guess you misinterpreted the question - it was not about prices alone (let the products be sold at whatever prices); it was more about how much of sales will your products make if sold in retail with the same prices?? Also, I'd like to know something on the pricing-efficiency part - a product sold by networking should cost less than its equivalent in normal retail, but this doesn't seem to be the case. Why is that?? It is either that the products are priced high (Am not talking about if it's right or wrong) or there are lots of hidden middlemen - either one of this has to be true. And once more, Point 3 - prove yourself right, don't prove that it's right because someone else is doing it.

Dev, I agree it's about mindset, and I am critical, and definitely not cynical. All I need is convincing answers. These are the questions that the person who approached me didn't have answer too. Dev, I presume you're a good business person. Isn't it my right to clear my doubts before I jump in to one? One my my business-specialities is black-hatting, and that's what I'm doing right now.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read through my response - speaks a lot about your dedication and conviction. This may come across as flattery, but it comes from my heart - whatever business you are in, I believe you will surely be successful.

I am sorry if I've done some inadvertant mudslinging - I tried to keep my language as neutral and parliamentary as possible, but just in case!!

Thanks so much
Shruti S Pillai
Mar 1, 2014

Blindly Paid

Please any1 arrest these bastards... unnecessarily emotionally forcing and they making ppl invest... My cousin is in this and he made me join this... i cant convince ppl. i cant do it... can any1 help me get mine and my frnds money back.... we want to get rid of this bloody fucking business... its taking my life..............
Mar 1, 2014

No complaints

Hi All,

I joined this company about 6 months ago and I coolly recovered all the money I invested. I was able to enjoy the products I purchased from qnet. People say its a bad company and scam based program. Tell me which company is not fighting legal cases in the courts. All have ups and downs. But calling a business a legal is totally illogical. If that's the case why this company is running successfully in about 180 countries. Why every week many millioners are created by qnet. Think positive and live a larger life. Those who cannot convince cannot win.

Feb 26, 2014


I cant understand how matured professionals fall for this trash , Im sure school kids wudnt eveb bother wasting their pocket money on this scam.

BTW I know Dev well from China house , Mumbai, he seems a nice guy cant figure why he wud end up duping so many people for his fake BMW lavish life style

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