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Consumer complaints and reviews about QNET

Apr 16, 2014



I know many of people has been dumped by this company and many more to come,So lets take an initiative be together and when we have a strong base of complaints we can lodge it anywhere(even i m ready to came any of the city to lodge the complain against them).If we r more in number then police or any legal authority cant avoid our complaints.Maybe we cant get our money back not sure but atleast we can save some who r going to invest in that scam.

P.S.-Who r going to join that company please contact me once its beneficial for u i guaranteed.

Please mail me if u r with me to stop that nonsense.

Apr 11, 2014

qnet is scam and fraud

I joind this sucking money qnet still they never send my holidays packages I Shaw that they even book the hotel for those who want to book the Hotel and they dnt pick the call.... My life gone my career gone manys of my fren also been dupe before me and after me and some1 even they want to suicide becose they let them take money in interest still they dnt hv to pave back..... Why authority and legealature did not take action agains this monster company many youths life had been spoils....
Apr 1, 2014

Beware of being called Hot Zone

Bhai tu mujhse leliyo agar nuksaan hua!

Bhai gharwaley hamesha hi mana karenge kyunki unko teri fikar hai, unko mat bol!

Tere paas kya kisis k paas itna amount easily available nahi hota, tu personal loan utha le , 1 saal mei chuk jayega...

Bhai tu apne dreams likh , mai sach karwaunga.

these and many such boosting lines in a coffee house made me ponder why not try... starting cost is not that high and as per the financials that have been dealt, it should be a piece of cake.
Once In, then I was told, make name list starting with people who would do anything for you, (Ehm "even take a bullet for you"). and con them.
tell them nothing and even lie if you have to that you need money or else it would be life or Death situation
This short list of people would surely be your best buddies or relatives.
If you have got them in QNet. then my friend they have been HOT ZONED!!!

Never believe the line - Products that you have to "TELL" and not "SELL"
My innocent friend never knew where he was taking me and himself.
I havent lost hope but yes , i am not interested any more and they wont listen to let me go easily.

and for the record, using Regional touch is so CLICHE
Apr 1, 2014

Jake @Dev

Hello Dev.

Awesome response buddy...and I'm sorry for being a bit late.

Please be informed Dev, it was not a mud sling: I haven't accused of Qnet being fraud or scam. These are mere questions for which I want to have answers too. Ok, let's discuss on your answers:

1) The problem is not with the two people; the problem is more about the prospect not being allowed to discuss things with parents or friends - at least, they're warned not to discuss about this with anyone before they sign-up. Dev, while I completely understand that it's about two people and the 'like-it-or-leave-it' kind of approach, please understand that we have social obligations, and my parents have a right to know where my money goes (100000 INR is, by no standards, a small amount) and the person who signs up should be allowed to discuss with people who they confide on. I feel that the uncanny pressure laid on this 'Don't discuss before you sign up' makes things a little fishy.

2) Dev, I believe that influencing is not hard work - I am a marketer myself. It depends on what you're trying to influence for. But let me not dive deeper in that space - my question wasn't that. It wasn't about of influencing is hard work or not. It was if influencing is the only possible hard work. Not all business people are influencers, and businesses are not for influencers alone - it's ever for skilled labourers, software engineers and a lot of other professionals who don't necerrarily need 'influencing' skills. So, my conclusion is that this business is not for everyone, unless you have influencing skills, and there are people who can shell out some money who would fall under your circle of influence (and without these two, you JUST CANNOT do this Qnet product business). Correct me if I'm wrong.

And I will be really happy if you can take proper examples. Please get the differences between a blanket term like 'influence' and granular terms like 'impress', 'convince', 'inspire', 'brainwash', and 'persuade'.

3) Dev, please understand that proving someone else wrong doesn't make yours right. Stop giving answers like 'XYZ company does it. Why not Qnet?' - talks a lot about being escapist. Also, I have taken note of the fact that there's a refund policy. I would find it great and helpful if you can send a link or a screenshot of that policy. It will help a great deal on dsproving one of the greatest misconceptions about Qnet, not just for me but for most others.

4) Dev, I wouldn't just bluff out telling I've read through the docs and stuff. But my question here is 'Why should I?'. Using your own example here - Without you having to explain the superiority of Bose over Pioneer, I got what you're trying to say, and that is what I expect from a common-consumer-facing product. These products are for a common man, and should not necessitate this explanation. And about Rolex, please understand that 'luxury' is not about mastery in workmanship and the engineering that goes in - it's all about brand-recognition. Ok...maybe Fedex and Woods made Rolex famous, but it still stands that Rolex is 'famous' and it stands as a symbol of luxury - something that Cimier and Charios don't even stand a chance.

Take these questions Dev, and answer it straight from your heart (I presume you're not a connoisseur of watches) - When did you get to know Rolex?? And if not for Qnet, would you have even known Cimier? To a non-Qnet friend, would you need tl give an explanation on what a Rolex is about, as compared to Cimier?

Please understand Dev - 'Luxury' is what makes a common man go WOWW!, and it's surely not about being the greatest piece of engineering or watchmakership alone! And Qnet's products terribly miss out on those.

5) I found the $25 Bio Disk from the Google Search Shopping results - I am not sure about the legitimacy of the piece, but the difference is kinda ridiculous. And as I said, the concept of a bio-disk in itself sounds not very convincing scientifically, leave alone legitimacy for a probably not-very-scientifically-legitimate product. And about comparison - If you take the price in its face value, QVI sound better, but why would I take a vacation when it's not the season? I want to dictate the things in my vacation, and in this respect, I am not sure if QVI vs ClubMah would be a proper comparison.

Regarding the discrepancy in the Dubai flight, I am sure you are experienced and educated enough to know that the earlier you book, the cheaper the price. There's no scamminess in it (leave alone it being the biggest one on the face of the earth) - it's normal for anyone to increase the price depending on the demand, and if the demand is such, there will be people like you who would spend 13K for the same ticket that was once sold for 8K, irrespective of the business benefits.

And I'd like to finish with my answer 3 here - Prove yourself right, than proving someone else wrong.

If it was THIS EASY for a common man to do business and make money Dev, it would be so widespread now. The fact that there are so many question - not just from me, but from many others - proves that there is a lot to be addressed. I see a blind-spot in your eye-opener: I took the Airline Service, because I needed to travel quick and in comfort, and surely not because I would get business out of it. A business should address the need of masses in an economically acceptable manner. There are times I proactively travel by air, but there has never been a time when I proactively wanted a bio-disk or a chi-pendant.

6) Dev, again, I guess you misinterpreted the question - it was not about prices alone (let the products be sold at whatever prices); it was more about how much of sales will your products make if sold in retail with the same prices?? Also, I'd like to know something on the pricing-efficiency part - a product sold by networking should cost less than its equivalent in normal retail, but this doesn't seem to be the case. Why is that?? It is either that the products are priced high (Am not talking about if it's right or wrong) or there are lots of hidden middlemen - either one of this has to be true. And once more, Point 3 - prove yourself right, don't prove that it's right because someone else is doing it.

Dev, I agree it's about mindset, and I am critical, and definitely not cynical. All I need is convincing answers. These are the questions that the person who approached me didn't have answer too. Dev, I presume you're a good business person. Isn't it my right to clear my doubts before I jump in to one? One my my business-specialities is black-hatting, and that's what I'm doing right now.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read through my response - speaks a lot about your dedication and conviction. This may come across as flattery, but it comes from my heart - whatever business you are in, I believe you will surely be successful.

I am sorry if I've done some inadvertant mudslinging - I tried to keep my language as neutral and parliamentary as possible, but just in case!!

Thanks so much
Shruti S Pillai
Mar 1, 2014

Blindly Paid

Please any1 arrest these bastards... unnecessarily emotionally forcing and they making ppl invest... My cousin is in this and he made me join this... i cant convince ppl. i cant do it... can any1 help me get mine and my frnds money back.... we want to get rid of this bloody fucking business... its taking my life..............
Mar 1, 2014

No complaints

Hi All,

I joined this company about 6 months ago and I coolly recovered all the money I invested. I was able to enjoy the products I purchased from qnet. People say its a bad company and scam based program. Tell me which company is not fighting legal cases in the courts. All have ups and downs. But calling a business a legal is totally illogical. If that's the case why this company is running successfully in about 180 countries. Why every week many millioners are created by qnet. Think positive and live a larger life. Those who cannot convince cannot win.

Feb 26, 2014


I cant understand how matured professionals fall for this trash , Im sure school kids wudnt eveb bother wasting their pocket money on this scam.

BTW I know Dev well from China house , Mumbai, he seems a nice guy cant figure why he wud end up duping so many people for his fake BMW lavish life style
Feb 25, 2014

How can i cancel My Membership & get my money refunded.

Hello ! My wife has been joined as IR on 6th feb 2014 by some of my relative . Rs 1 lakh 16 thousand have been transferred by me to my upline for the registration on 6th feb. I searched on the net & i am really get shocked about the false commitment of getting money.I request any of you to please guide me how can i cancel my membership & get my money back? i have heard that we can cancel with in month. plz help..

Feb 17, 2014

QNet - Bad product and services

QNet bad time is very close as Qnet agents( LionHeart2153 and happy_lady) are suggesting to file a case against QNET members. If everyone start thinking on the same page then I believe no one in QNET going to be skipped. As I myself had seen how much each and everyone lie to influence the new victims.

@ Dev - I know who you are, if I am guessing the right. Your example of flight is already been repeated many of the QNET representatives. Due you have answers for services QI providing, the experiences are too bad for holidays packages. I pray Qnet & QI owner Vijay Eswaran should be punished for the same. Vijay should be handed to all the surfers and they all decide where all these packages, discs, watches, pendants should be inserted. Then only Vijay will feel the real magic power of these products.
Feb 16, 2014

Product Pyramid Scheme

Source: http://www.fbi.gov/scams-safety/fraud

Pyramid Schemes
As in Ponzi schemes, the money collected from newer victims of the fraud is paid to earlier victims to provide a veneer of legitimacy. In pyramid schemes, however, the victims themselves are induced to recruit further victims through the payment of recruitment commissions.

More specifically, pyramid schemes—also referred to as franchise fraud or chain referral schemes—are marketing and investment frauds in which an individual is offered a distributorship or franchise to market a particular product. The real profit is earned, not by the sale of the product, but by the sale of new distributorships. Emphasis on selling franchises rather than the product eventually leads to a point where the supply of potential investors is exhausted and the pyramid collapses. At the heart of each pyramid scheme is typically a representation that new participants can recoup their original investments by inducing two or more prospects to make the same investment. Promoters fail to tell prospective participants that this is mathematically impossible for everyone to do, since some participants drop out, while others recoup their original investments and then drop out.

Tips for Avoiding Pyramid Schemes:

Be wary of “opportunities” to invest your money in franchises or investments that require you to bring in subsequent investors to increase your profit or recoup your initial investment.
Independently verify the legitimacy of any franchise or investment before you invest.

Source: http://www.dsaa.asn.au/illegal-schemes.asp

How Does Direct Selling Differ From a Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid schemes seek to generate income to those who participate, from the recruitment of others. In a legitimate direct selling organisation income is generated by the sale or consumption of the product either by the salesperson or those is that person's downline.

Legitimate companies rely on solid sales over time. A strong base of customers who love and use the products is important to continuing success. Scams like pyramid schemes, on the other hand, generally rely on people making a large upfront payment, from which the scheme promoter profits. People are then reliant on recruiting others into the scheme in order to recover their upfront cost and earn further income.

Multi-level marketing structures are commonly used for the distribution of goods and services in the direct selling industry. These structures may seem similar to pyramid schemes, but in reality they are substantially different and are more similar to a conventional corporate business model.

In direct selling new salespersons are contracted to organisations under independent contractor arrangements. They are usually required to make a modest payment the aim of which is to have the salesperson show a commitment to the organisations and for a quantity of goods and/or literature and stationery to facilitate the demonstration and sale of products to customers and prospective customers. In a pyramid scheme however there is likely to be a large upfront payment for products which will be generally overpriced and have little or no market value.

In a legitimate direct selling opportunity the rewards come from sales of products and services to consumers by salespersons and their recruits, called down lines.

Avoiding Pyramid Schemes

Before considering an opportunity, ask yourself these questions:

Are start-up costs minimal?
Can you return unsold inventory?
Is income only possible from the sale of products?

If the answer to each is yes then you are probably considering a legitimate direct selling opportunity.

Start up cost in direct selling organisations is usually a modest contribution to the cost of a sales kit. Organisations want to make it easy and inexpensive for new salespersons. This is unlike pyramid schemes, which are often disguised with direct selling characteristics. Pyramid schemes make their money from fees paid by new recruits or by loading inventory or training aids on them. High entry costs are a tell tale sign.

A condition of DSAA Membership is that Members have a buy back policy. This means if you quit the business, the Member will buy back unsold marketable products you purchased in the prior 12 months, for 90 percent of what you paid for them. Think carefully about opportunities that encourage front end loading, or buying large inventories of unreturnable products to reach levels for price or other gains.

Earnings from sales, not recruitment, are essential for a legitimate business. Direct selling, like other retail channels, depends on selling to consumers. This requires quality products at competitive prices. Be careful of any business that claims you can get rich by solely using their products or by recruiting new people into the business. You should believe in the products you will be selling.

Don't be rushed into a decision about starting your own business and avoid any organisation which refuses to answer questions about its products and services, start up costs, average earnings, etc.
Feb 11, 2014



Hey JakeRockwell,

I like the way you write! First a few words of appreciations and then all mud ;) haha never mind. Here i try to explain a few things:

1.) Secret or bad: Well what is secret or bad? What is the basis of this question? No, it's not secret or bad. Just can't imagine being quiet until money is given. There is a conversation between 2 parties, one, who has the idea and experience and the other who is interested in buying the idea. If both parties agree explaining all the things to each other and come to a mutual consent, they get involved in the venture, together. It's high on morality and ethics and that's how the business is conducted.

2.) Hard work: well, i really don't agree to this piece. It certainly is hard work. 'Influence' is not the word i would use here, but if you want to here is what i would say. You go on a date; you try to 'influence' the to be girlfriend/boyfriend, married; you try to 'influence' the husband/wife, have kids; you try to influence the children to be good human beings and pick good habits, employee; you try influence the colleagues, peers, bosses and subordinates to get good raise, businesspersons; you try to influence customers and clients. And all this is not hard work?? It is hell lot of hard work. I would have used may be 'impress', in fact that doesn't also fit here. It's more a conversation and sharing of the facts and that's it! you like it, welcome! don't like it, thank you! And yes it is hard work and lot of it. Really a lot.

3.) Well, ummm... this one is easy. But i still want to give some work. Research how many companies do we know which give an option to cancel the product and they would payback? While you do that, let me tell you there is an option of cancelling too, has to be within one month of purchace. You might want to read the full terms and conditions on the website.

4.) Wow this one is "something" now: Well, there will always be feedback. Haha you know what, let me tell you a story, real one. Last year, I was crossing a car accessories shop in Faridabad. The guy had a Q7, which has a Bose music system, came to the store owner and asked, guess what?? haha he asked to get it changed with a pioneer music system!!! well you know what i mean. My only point here would be because it will be huge to put everything here, please read through the available documents and testimonials. There are ample available. To say a little about one, there is a reason everyone would recognize a Rolex (a Roger Federer, a Paul Newman, A Tiger Woods, a John Travolta...). And who says what you see in the business are non-luxury watches?? Buy one, take it to some swiss watch manufacturer and get audited/analyzed. Basically RESEARCH!

5.) Pricing: Bio Disk at less than 25 USD!, unbelievable!. I would never imagine it to be a real bio disk. But again, that's pricing of the company and my answer remains almost the same. Research well. Draw comparisons, May be QVI VS Club Mahindra and Cimier or Chairos with other luxury time pieces.
Yes it's a business opportunity but no where close to ponzi or so called 'schemes'. Please read through what Ponzi is (and who Ponzi was). Let me tell you another story. I went to Dubai last year in the month of December. I paid 13500 Rupees for the flight and the person sitting next to me paid 8800 Rupees. I didn't get any special service, just that i paid pretty close to the flying date and had to pay extra. Same route, same kind of seats, same service and same airlines and i pay more than 50%!!! Damn it, this is biggest scam on the face of earth!! Why hasn't anyone ever questioned this? Same product offered by the same company at different pricing is highly unethical but we accept it so gracefully. But when it comes to us, the common people to make business out of it, we question it. Well to tell you the eye opener, they didn't think so much that's why they run airlines and they are called to be big business people and they make hell lot of people. So before you start a business, be mentally and physically ready to be a business person.

6.) Competitive pricing: well again, almost as good as the previous point. It's the company's discretion to set up the price and they do it. As any other company does. And yes it's certainly is a hypothetical question. But even if you want to question. Please draw comparisons. Dig through other companies and compare. And yes, check Amway and their products too (another network marketing company) and i am sure you would want to question their prices. Check Hindustan Unilever, one of the most respected FMCG brands, and their network marketing line Ayush and Aviance and question the exorbitant pricing!. It's more of questioning to avoid the idea of accepting the facts. We somehow refuse the idea of being able to be in the shoes of a successful business person. And believe me, it's not easy either.

Again, it all drills down to the mindset. You want to be one, you can be one. Else you can keep on criticizing and providing feedback, the world moves on.. You take care :)

Feb 11, 2014

Qnet Products@Vidur

Hi Vidur,

Thanks for writing it sensibly and it's really unfortunate that you didn't like the services. You have answers from other people, already though. We are one company based on ethics and legalities. No one can and should be endorsing anything the company doesn't commit.

A few things i would like to say though. You said you 'enrolled'. I thought you enrolled to do business. If you wanted to be a customer, my advise would be to be a customer ONLY. So that at least point on earnings and business don't come into discussion. Customer ONLY option is also available, especially because you mentioned that you didn't care about the business and i certainly i respect your decision and thoughts.

Any IR misrepresenting the company, services and the products is strictly prohibited. Believe me, Vidur, this is one big side effect of any network marketing company. And most of those are suffering because of this negative aspect. Fortunately this company has much better reach and much much better training programs which keep the IRs together and ethics and policies and guidelines are drilled into their heads. I know, i am surrounded by really good people operating with the highest standard of ethics.

About the products and services, i would urge you to talk to the company reps over the phone and write emails. They should have the feedback. But please don't forget to compare it with other vacation package offering companies and ensure you go through the terms and conditions very well.

And one very strong statement i want to make is, if someone refuse to take the words and use the credibility of the existing business people, please do your homework well. Research and research well. End of the day you are getting into a legally binding agreement. Don't shy away from going through the details, everything is available. Be happy and be content about the decision you take! Happy living and happy earning! :)

And yes, please don't use words like 'i was forced to'. God has been kind to give you power of thinking and analyzing, use it well.

Feb 11, 2014

I love qnet

Lion heart ur right!!! Wrong information is a no no in this business. Before buying a product, a customer is guided and explained for all the service charges etc to be paid. Then only she or he buy. Am a proud member as my whole family is going to join soon. My brother in law already purchased vacation package. I like this business and its my wish. Nobody force anyone in this biz. Well wherever you go, some people are making wrong statements. Wonder why? because nobody wants other biz to grow and become individual owners of this biz. Believe it.Got my paycheck already :-)
Feb 7, 2014

Answer to Viidur

Well Vidur!

It means your IR was not true to you! If you want you can file a case and get him arrested! I have been working with this company since three years! And trust me they teach you to be true to potential customers! And Qnet bio disc is different from the bio disc available in low range! You can have it tested! My IR told me the truth and i was not misguided! If your IR has misguided you please get him arrested! As it is giving company a bad name! File an FIR! As Qnet is clear on it terms when selling product to customer! Everything should be cleared before you buying the product! I think so there is more scam in India because ppl r lieing to u just to gain commission! People have forgotten their ethics! You cant blame the company for this! The IR is responsible for his actions! If he didnt guide you well you have a right to get that fraudster arrested simple as that!
Feb 6, 2014

Qnet Products

Hi Dev

I was enrolled into Qnet in 2012, honestly didnt believe in the model even but had a friend who pressured me and i took the punt. I bought a holiday package for which i spent a fortune, again the idea was that even if i really didnt make any money i would rather go an utilize the holiday (5star holiday thats what i was told by a senior IR who i would like to name) I have travelled a fair bit and i landed in Thailand last year and checked into the property which i am sure you have sold as well. I dont know about how much you have travelled but the definition of 5star took me by surprise. It was worse than a guest house that too vegetarian!!

Well i really dont care about your business and neither was i interested in making money in it, but what i am interested is the sort of service standards or product standards the company has. Prana Resort was and is an embarrasment. To add to it i travelled to Antalaya as i live in the Middle East and happeded to check out the property there, this time i knew what to expect. It was a shoddy to say the least.

Now my friend i ask you, what does Qnet do about customer experience as i am not questioning ur model (Whether good or bad i dont care) Any business and company existing int he world today offers some sort of experience to its customer. Well the business you so strongly propagate and defend offers none of it.

I went back to Delhi and called my IR and asked him again this time he said and i quote "buddy its a guest house" (i was livid) & i questioned him, he did not have a thing to say other than the fact that i could make money. Now my point to many of your responses on product & business is that which business today openly bullshits to this end. I understand you mayhave a junior advisor of a fmcg/insurance company give you a story like that (well i hv workedin insurance 8 years) but a senior IR (who talked abt faith).

Let me honestly ask you one question and the only answer i seek - Will you ever pay about 50k for a guest house in thailand. Just a Yes or a No will be fine


Feb 4, 2014

Qnet is not for everyone

My friend joined Qnet and she is not from IT. She is happy using what she purchased.Well, I dont know why Some people say negatives.
I just laugh on them..This biz is not for everyone who are negatives and no better work than to comment simply. My friend is earning also being a member.
Better noh...those lazy people and unable to make it... carry on with ur negatives. Who cares...others are happy and achievers in life...poor thing this people who complain end up no money and getting old poor.
Raj Pratap
Jan 29, 2014

Qnet Cheaters - IT people easy target

Qnet is completely fraud money laundering scheme which operates under ponzi scheme. Please be aware and they are actively targeting IT people.
Jan 29, 2014

QNET imported products

I dont know, whether the QNET is Good or Bad co. I also atteneded their demo. I didnot even think of getting into this, because i dont want to promote other country's products. and the cost is really high. When this business is for us to grow from middle class to high, when we are still middle class do you think we really need such costly watches ?
We indians are already depending on other country products in our daily life. Our Rupee value is bably going low and low. I request Indians not to spread this network. There are really no useful items available to buy. SAVE INDIAN RUPEE VALUE.
Jan 28, 2014


I saw two Qnet people effectively answering to all Qnet queries. Great job Dev and Mayur.

I am not gonna say Qnet is fraud or scam or anything of that sort. I just have a few questions for which I need convincing answers. It will be great if Dev and/or Mayur can help me on this.

1) What is so secret (or bad?) about this business that everyone insists not to talk to anyone else on this opportunity until the money is given ie. the product purchase is made? (Irrespective of the product being delivered). Isn't it logical and acceptable to evaluate who in my social circle is capable of and willing to partner with me? My earning depends on the number of people who partner with me right?

2) Ok. Qnet is not Get Rich Quick scheme. The advocates of Qnet say money comes in after 'hard work'! So...apart from influencing people to join this business (not a scheme), what else is your 'hard work'?

3) I agree that the initial payment is not an 'investment' but a 'price' that we pay for the product - perfect, acceptable and legal ecommerce setup. If so, why is there no policy or option of cancellation, which ANY ABYSMAL ECOMMERCE SETUP considers as the most basic thing?? (And Qnet is multi-billion Dollar legitimate blah blah).

4) Why are your products always of questionable nature??

Starting right from the days of GoldQuest, where you said the coins were 'numismatic'. [Please understand that 'limited edition' is different from 'numismatic'. You can manufacture limited edition stuff, but the coins acquire 'numismatic' value as and when the rarity is established and demand increases. I laughed my head off when I heard they were 'minting' numismatic coins. Where was the rarity and where was the demand?]

The BioDisk - I know a bit of Physics, and as far as I know Energy is scalar. 'Scalar energy' equates to 'Ishq wala love'. And what's all this stuff about being able to alter the 'molecular structure' of water?? There is a defined molecular structure for water, and that's it!

The Watches - Why should I pay a huge cost for a non-luxury watch? Luxury comes from the recognizability of the brand. I wear a Rolex - I don't have to tell anyone how awesome it is - and that is how luxury products work. Maybe, after years of IRs selling your products, it might have a luxury value, but I, with my common sense, would not shell so much on a watch that nobody recognizes.

The Holiday Packages - Why can't it be as simple as 'I take the package, I choose the dates, I choose the hotel and I enjoy'? You have restrictions on dates, locations, resort-quality and what not!? For all you know, it might be even a tent (by your terms and conditions, I speak) right??

5) And lastly, the prices:

Why are your products so exorbitantly priced? Where is the comparison set? Please don't take examples like Coffee Day. I know Barista and Gloria Jean that serve similar beverages in similar environments at comparable prices. I found a site where I can get the Bio Disk for less than USD 25. Why do we have to pay so much extra (that's like 28 times the prize) for the same thing?

If you give answers like 'the business opportunity,' I'll have to take that you are a Ponzi or Pyramid or anything of that kind, because the price that I pay is 'not' for the product then, right??

6) The Bonus: How competitive do you think your products will be, in the same prices, when it's sold in retail? (It's just a hypothetical question). A network marketing company, by that proclaimed advantage of cutting middlemen, should sell cheaper than the rest of the competitors (Like how Dell did.) If the prices go that high, and they just cannot stand in the retail market, can I take it that the entire business is to lure others into purchasing products and siphon the money from them and distribute it across the higher levels (not getting into granularities)?
Jan 22, 2014


Welll all of you are fools who dont understand what network marketing is! I am sorry to read all the comments but mostly i am afraid have never done business! What Qnet basically is you should understand it? I have been using Qnet products and trust me health side is the best. Bio energy disc has given positive results! I have joined Qnet about 8 months ago and already made around 2,000 dollars ! So its a marketing gimmic? Do you ppl think you will get free money? Just tell me one thing? Why companies hire actresses in ads? Do u think that product is quality? No they hire so ppl like u fools will see kareena kapoor or katrina and buy the product. Seriously you guys are dumb and dont understand the trends of marketing! Its not about fooling any one its about making money by marketing this company. What is wrong in that? If you work hard you will earn? I am doing my own business and trust me ppl who r negative abt this company surely cannot do any business. As It is all part of the business! My recommendation is Understand the business rather than critisize it. Monay is not found on trees! You have to work hard to earn it! Those who still have questions can email me at abbas8376@yahoo.com. Qnet is not for looser ppl basically who dont know anything about business. I had been in FMCG so i know how they market their products. U must be using products from which u see in add. I am sure of it! The training u get and motivation u get is all worth investment! Multi national if any one knows spends thousands on such workshops! Anyways loosers will b loosers!

Take Care
Aparna Ural
Jan 20, 2014

Qnet Cheaters

I have been asked by my few of friends to come to a place for a meet up. As it was very long since we met, I went. But after going there all of them made me to purchase this amezcua bio disk and I have given them 26000/-. I was not at all interested in this but I was forced to do so. I had no option at that time, Since then I am asking for cancelling of the product, account transfer, account cancel etc. They are now telling me it is not simple wait and all. Recently again I went and asked them, now they are telling me as if it is not possible. Please someone take legal action on these guys and get us back our money.

Also let me know the procedure for cancelling/transferring the account. I am not getting any proper response from them. How can I make sure that I am out of this.

Thank you.
Jan 18, 2014

Hide the details and Show the Plan

Dev 012
On behalf of Jahajee Abma Navendu Namrat
Here are a few points
1. When a guy sells insurance we know beforehand that the product he is selling is insurance,we are given catalogues to read the terms and conditions.Even in direct selling, products are shown by salesman.In Qnet, we are only called on the phone for a anonymous business in the guise of a job interview, with an startup cost of min 1lac max 7 lac.Then it is said that in order to join their biz,one needs to buy one product,which they now suddenly deem as a 'purchase' chosen by senior IRs by logging in their portal and clicking on the I agree button all by themselves.
2. Lies like 'only two positions are available' so hurry else it will be closed and 'opportunity of earning 5 crores in 3-4 years will be lost' and 'emotional blackmail demanding money'". Without their pitch of "5 crores in 3-4years/financial freedom" they cannot even make you purchase their cheapest product.
3. When asked what is the business model, or work profile, no answer till you 'sign up' with them. Say proudly na if you have guts, we are Qnet, a MLM company where you need to make hundreds of members or downlines if you stand any chance of earning.
4.When asked if it is a sales job, they laugh and say it is referral marketing/customer acquisition,they try to club themselves with the Direct Selling Industry now, where people earn through real sales commissions to customers outside not family members and not from 'sign up commission" from forced purchases or "repetitive retail purchase by downline members".
5. Financials are not shown until you "sign up" (oh sorry, I mean a Purchase) because if you are told upfront that you need to make your hots i.e. mom pop brother sister uncle aunt "sign up without their knowledge" in order to get a measly commission on their money on products you dont know 'how to use' or 'why to use' then you will run straight to the nearest Police Station.
Jan 17, 2014

QNET abma

Dear abma,

'investment', 'invest', 'brain wash', 'returns', 'refund', are we living in the same world!!??

1.) Investment: There is no investment, there is a purchase. Please go through some good economic books and websites to understand the terms. And yes its obvious if you are in a business you would like to have your 'customers' buy the costliest products available with you. Please don't tell me that the business people are all fraudsters!!
2.) brain wash: well, what to say on this. You have your brain, please dont let other wash it. There is no law on this. When someone tries to sell something of higher price or the available product, i am sure he/she also tries to 'brain wash'. Two days back i went out to buy a pair of "reebok' socks on multi brand outlet and end up buying 'adidas' socks because shopkeeper insisted. Goodness the shopkeeper did a brain wash trick on me! Well after all finally it was still called my decision, using my own brain, washed or unwashed :) this is funny
3.) Returns: well again need to go back to economic or finance books. Please understand the definition. Since there is no 'investment' these is not 'return' also. We call it 'earnings' because it came out of hard work and effort
4.) Refund: well one of my friends purchased a franchisee of McDonald's and when his business did not run for a year, he went back to the company asking for refunds!! haha sorry, its a cooked up story and i am kidding.
But good part is yes here the refund is available if the cancellation of the transaction is initiated within 30 days of purchase. Feel fortunate and thank the company!

Just a nudge, its a simple business but not easy. Don't start with 'easy money' in mind. There is nothing like easy money in this world. You have a good time.

Jan 17, 2014

Qnet jahajee.com

Hahaha Mr. Jahajee.com!

This is smart. Creating pages and giving gyan. I will say only thing. A man used to sell books ''paise kamane ke 101 tareeke'. For English speaking population; ''101 ways of making money''. People used to buy the book, some received some knowledge and most simply failed. And almost 99% of the buyers used to think if the guy knows so many ways of making money why isnt he doing one of these!. One of them got really curious and finally asked him: ''boss why dont you do one of these businesses?''
He looked up, smiled and said: ''this is my business and i am making hell lot of money out of it'.

Good job Jahajee :) just that try to do little better because not everyone is so smart but they at least good, correct and true information. Have a good one!

Jan 17, 2014

QNET Kumar Navendu

Hi Kumar,

Better get into details and if you like, grab the opportunity avoiding all the crap people talk about. All the best!


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