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Consumer complaints and reviews about QNET

Oct 6, 2017

Be aware of the fake Qnet Support Team

Hi Friends,

Its my moral responsibility to inform you that there are some fake people saying they are calling from Qnet Support Team located in Mumbai and Gurgaon, who can help you to get your refund amount.

They will ask you to download BHIM and Phonepe application and ask you to send a certain amount of money saying it is the numeric number they have with them as it is two time verification process which happens at user end and another at there end.

In the meantime you are about to understand, they will transfer the money to there end.

In BHIM and phonepe application there is no way to track to whose account the money is transferred and all.

So request you all to not to fall into further trouble. Don't entertain this people.

As Qnet office in india is only located in Bangalore an the support team is located in Bangalore only and never refund your money like this.

-For refund or cancellation of product it is 7 days for transaction happens in dollars and 30 day's if transaction happens in Rupees.

-Second this if refund initiated it takes about 60 days to get the refund money.

- For raising the refund you need to raise a ticket with the support team which is support.center@qnetindia.in for india and global.support@qnetindia.net for global support team.

- For holiday tripsaver package related query you need to drop an email to customercare@tripsavr.com and QVI holiday package it is customercare@qviclub.com

The refund amount may transferred to you through telegraphic transfer system to your account, but you need to provide them your bank details with your Identity proof else the money may transferred to the persons account from whose account the purchase being done.

Since Qnet is a Hong Kong based Company, it is not having tie ups with all the banks in india and hence the telegraphic transfer takes time, however if you have received any emails from Qnet you could be rest assure it will be transferred to you but it may take time of 2 to 3 months on an average.

Thank you and be safe from such fake fraud people, they are actually looking for such victim people who are desperately looking for help to get there money back and they find an opportunity for there prey.

Please be cautious and do not trust anyone in terms of money and be safe,

Raise voice against qnet
Oct 5, 2017


Dont invest in qnet ? For refund help contact 8279988259..
Oct 4, 2017

BHIM app and phonepe app fraud going on

Hi Everyone,

It is just to inform you that since people are complaining here and want to get there money back there are some fraud calls you may get saying they are from Qnet Support team and will ask you down load some app such as BHIM and Phonepe app where they will ask you to send the card details and validity date etc then they will ask you to send some numeric no's in Amout section and ask you to send it to the name of the person.
Plz don't fall into that trap as they want to steal your money as you are already frustrated and want to get your money back. Plz don't provide any details to them and don't fall into that trap.
Shivashankar Raju
Oct 4, 2017

Qnet company

I should thank all of you as I got to know before, I get into this company, I met the cheater but I did not became the victim, only because of the above complaints that was put and it was really helped me to understand what this people are upto and how they are cheating by showing the lavish life of some one who is not in real, but exist only in there mobiles. Once again thanks for share the true picture of Qnet and there cheaters,
GOD should help you in getting your invested money back to you as you would have put that hard earned money which is not earned just by cheating some one,
For others before you invest please read the above complaints which are very true and do not waste your hard earned money as each rupee is earned from your blood and sweat, and each rupee has its own value and it deserves right way to spend, instead of putting here spend it on your family they will feel happy or donate to the person who is really in need of or donate it for serving food for orphan or give education to a child would really help you in future some how or the other.
God bless you and keep you away from such kind of cheaters.
Oct 3, 2017



I am just writing here to understand if there is any deep truth the all the allegations.

A Company is operating from last 20 years in 150 counties which include Pakistan, Dubai, Malaysia the world most strict country.If the company is a scammed one then how come it is operating from last 20 years.

Secondly for doing any kind of Business and in any networking business the capital is necessary to start the business, so if the company is to become a biz partner with them then they will ask for the investment amount after showing you the entire biz plan. I believed they never forced you. You yourself giving the money after going through the entire business Plan, So how do they are doing the fraud here.

Company is very clear and transparent with you, the person who bough you in the biz doesn't disclose the information abt the biz plan and help you get your cancellation done within 30 days then it the person who needs to be questioned not the company.

Thirdly it's a free portal, anyone could write here any thing and where is the authenticity that the things it in written here are being verified is it the person is really being cheated.

You start the biz and work with them and even after working with them if you feel you are cheated and not getting any money say on any sign ups at that time you can raise questions to the Company but this never happens as company always pay's you on time again the people who work here may do ghapla or jhool with that.

Please try to see the bigger picture..
Oct 2, 2017

are you MLM VICTIM ?

are you VICTIM of MLM or network marketing ???

find the facebook pages below

are you MLM VICTIM ?

Oct 2, 2017


Hi Everyone,

If someone has invested there money and want to get the refund.

There is policy of getting the money refunded with 30 day's of purchasing the product. You can go for a cancellation by your self on the qnet portal which is https://portal.qnetindia.net.

This is the virtual office, where you need to logged in with your ID and you can log a ticket of cancellation of your product by yourself or you can send a email directly to support.centre@qnetindia.in and global.support@qnet.net directly by yourself and the company will refund your money excluding a minimal charge say 10 K on 4 LK product purchase.

You don't need to chase IR for that. You can do the cancellation and everything by mailing your cancellation request to support centre.

For indian you can send the email to support.center@qnet.net. They will definitely help you with your concern and will return your money only if the cancellation happens within 30 day's.

Don't listen to anyone whatever they say's just use your god given brains..In case you are sure you an do the biz then go for it but there is no returning back or any exit in this biz.
Oct 2, 2017

I want my money back from Qnet


Please if anyone can help me get my money refund from Qnet. I have invested beyond my capacity in Qnet. The money I saved to purchase a house by giving down payment. I have invested 4 LK in this biz 9 months back and inspied of getting sign ups m struggling to get my commission amount. I have no more faith in this biz and the people I am working with. They all seems to be greedy and cunning people.Please suggest.
My phone no is 9623711015.
Oct 2, 2017

How Qnet operates within the system


You are not cheated by your friends, they are also poor souls they are blindly doing what they are asked to do by there uplines.
They themselves are lured by showing a great biz opportunity with all false promises and dreams which only very few achieve in this biz and the ones who achieve are the big players.
Those big players will never share there secrets, the person who took the biz plan also makes a commission and they will do all the transaction of your money in E Cards.
I am telling you all this being in this system.They fool around people and the people within the system keep believing them blindly and not questioning them.
Now how the entire system works:
They have a time of 40 hrs after showing you the plan they need to get the guy signed up and hence they will chase you.
Also there is a term edification of your upline. You need to do lot of edification of your upline as if he is god for you and the prospect is very fortunate to meet him.
Then they will show you the plan.
Supposed you have signed up. They will then ask you to come for the system on Sunday where you need to pay 200/- as an entry fees.
All the people will dance like crazy and then a grand uplines will come and will try to motivate you why to do the biz etc.
They will ask you to write your dreams, affirmation and share there journey and how they become so successful in the biz now god only knows if that is true or not.
People believe them blindly as if they don't have any brains of there own.
You need to come to association every week and system on Sunday ask you make calls and ask you to say the same script to everyone and call them for a meeting to understand the biz.
There where the biz plan is shown.
People who are new were full of exitment and they are the ones who bring new sign ups but once they are old they know the ugly truth as you can no longer trust your upline on whom you Tru blindly and you loss confidence on them as they will give all weird reasons delaying to give you the money on your sign ups and ignoring you and when you ask for your money they will ask you questions instead, ignoring you make you feel unimportant etc and at the end you loose trust on the people and the biz.

Also be aware they will promise you like you can tk loan and get the loan payment done from the biz itself
Within a year you will be able to recover all your money you invested if you work deligently.
They will ask you to go for international and domestic travel on your own expenses which is according to them is the running cost of the biz.

So before entering the biz 4 LK's
After entering another 1 to 2 LK's
So total you end up wasting 5 to 6 LK's of your money.

You you make any money on any new sign ups, that money is transferred to E Cards and that E card is used in any transaction which you will get in a time of 3 weeks as per them but you end up getting it after 2 to 3 months. So how someone will pay for there loan when even after signing someone you get the money after 3 to 6 months obviously my bank is not so generous with me that it is ready to wait for 3 to 6 months for my EMI to get paid to them.

No point of contact to the company management or director's. All you have to rely on the uplines if they are not greedy enough to took your money and delaying it further to give it to you.

I am is not the only person there are many who is going through the same but they are scared to raise there voice to ask for there own money as if you do you will no longer will be able to do the biz with them and end up loosing your entire money.
There is only one get way to in and no get way to exit getting all your money refunded.

You do or die...

Oct 1, 2017

Qnet business is big time fooling people with there money

Hi Friends,

I am a living proof of the organisation. I joined this business even after reading all the negative reviews as I trusted my friend most who bought me into the biz.

The business is legal but the people whom we called as upline can't be trusted in terms of money.

Before joining the biz they showed me the complete picture of the biz which they call the biz plan and I joined it trusting them.

I bought 2 downlines and the money that I make goes on a E Card. This Ecars they use for others transactions and they just give me weired answers that I will get my money it is in process etc and give me reasons that I don't understand. It's been more than 6 months I haven't received my money.
If you escalate it to the upline or grand upline suddenly they will start behaving negatively or ignoring you and don't give any explanation abt your money.
There is no help where can you ask. As you have no choice left just to wait for to get your money because police also can't help you here and there is no way to contact the company management or the ones who are at the top of the hierarchy.
So there is a dependency and it becomes a battle to get your own money.
I invested my 4 Lakhs in this comp with the promise that the company with pay me on time when I will bring any more sign ups.
It is the worst decision of my life. The Company is genuine and legitimate but the people you work with are not and they will keep your money you make in the biz and when they have there pockets full then also they will make you run for your money.
For any sign up you make you can make sure you will not get it before 6 months and top ones or uplines and grand uplines only keep making money and yes those who are there favourite ones.

This biz got a bad reputation because of such people who play with people emotions and there money.

There is no value system here. The great grand uplines are also good in terms of value and giving money to people but there is no way to approach them as we don't have their phon no's or email I'd to raise any issue or concerns among the downlines.

Please don't play with people hard earn money giving them false hope, dreams and promises.
Sep 30, 2017

qnet refund

add my number in whats up group for qnet scam 9049301984 to against Qnet .
Sep 27, 2017

Sneh Gupta scam

I am Ankit Agarwal and I have been cheated by a girl naming Sneh Gupta for misleading my Investments into a fraud company ICICI pru. I made an ivestment od Rs 50k in 2007 and she told me that the moeny will be distributed in a systematic sheme in blue chip companies and it will get doubled in next 3 years. I lost my money and the girl is vanished in thin air of agra.
Sep 26, 2017

Qnet sc

Why Supreme court has stayed all the cases against qnet?? Are they also involved into this scam?
Sid Kumar
Sep 26, 2017

Qnet Fraud

It's still spreading like a wildfire and I can't believe that. I think the only reason for this madness is that the closest of all, the dearest of all and the nearest of all are just screwing their buddies/family/relatives without thinking even once... shame on such assholes.

Some shitty asshole talked about college and exams and all shit... Asshole, tell me, if the college is being the IIM (as they claim) and the prestigious lecturers (your close friends/relatives) just tell you that you are about to bag a top class MBA degree in 5 years' time and all you have to do is just stay calm and study... but when the student gets enrolled, he/she comes to know that it's not an IIM but a shitty roadside rat institute where these rat professors teach how to cheat and clear the examination, if and only if, the whole class is ready to cheat, then only one can earn that degree... What if there are decent people in the classroom who don't want to cheat and just try to find an institute where they actually get an MBA degree... they won't cheat but join another institute but end up losing their hard earned money. That's how Qnet and its IRs work in reality. Bloody assholes and pigs.
Sid Kumar
Sep 26, 2017

Qnet shit

It's still spreading like a wildfire and I can't believe that. I think the only reason for this madness is that the closest of all, the dearest of all and the nearest of all are just screwing their buddies/family/relatives without thinking even once... shame on such assholes.

Some shitty asshole talked about college and exams and all shit.. Asshole, tell me, if the college is being the IIM (as they claim) and the prestigious lecturers (your close friends/relatives) just tell you that you are about to bag a top class MBA degree in 5 years' time and all you have to do is just stay calm and study... but when the student gets enrolled, he/she comes to know that it's not an IIM but a shitty roadside rat institute where these rat professors teach how to cheat and clear the examination, if and only if, the whole class is ready to cheat, then only one can earn that degree... What if there are decent people in the classroom who don't want to cheat and just try to find an institute where they actually get an MBA degree... they won't cheat but join another institute but end up losing their hard earned money. That's how Qnet and its IRs work in reality. Bloody assholes and pigs.
Sep 23, 2017

Qnet Super Jai qnet

Guys wat u r doing is getting admission in clg then will not attend the classes, will not study, will not write the exam then atlast what will happen u will fail, then will u give case against clg. Like that some people are not ready to work they want to get money when they open there mouth then money should fall, remember only shit falls like tat. So guys if u work hards u will earn u can earn a lot in qnet. Qnet is credible company. Jai Qnet
Sep 21, 2017


qnet cheaters prospect technics
See the qnet cheaters prospecting technic.
I got this msg in watsapp.
It starts like this.


Prospecting technique:
1) Start with a Hi for formality with the prospect.
2) Chat for few seconds like how are you, where are you,
Tell them you are into a business past __ months then immediately shoot then below one,

Any person looking for vertical income growth and an exposure to global market, via ECommerce, my project provides that.
And an earning potential that holds is a lakh to 6 lakhs per week.
I am looking for leads to look after markets like pune Hyderabad chennai banglore delhi dubai mumbai

Its a project, the synopsis of the project will be shared after meeting few criteria.
If you meet out the criteria, we will setup an appointment.

Let me know if you want to know abt the project
I'm looking for only 2 lead roles
Sep 21, 2017

how fraud work

So how they cheat you in Café Cofee Day (CCD). The whole CCD is booked by them everybody there except one or two like you who are ready to get brainwashed.
So what is the process:
One of your friend (or somebody you trust) will invite you to the CCD saying it’s a business proposal and you can earn by your own, obviously you will ask them that this should not be a MLM concept and he will deny (later you will know it is exactly MLM just named as network marketing). Now you are in CCD, they will ask you nothing to eat or drink, neither the bearer of the CCD will come to you (all fixed up), now your friend will introduce a friend of his whom you might not have ever seen before, this person will try to be friendly and the conversation will contain these below written points to fool you.
 They will ask are you happy with your job, and will tell you that your boss scolds you
 They will tell in job you work for 40 hrs in week and have no time with your family
 They will tell you cannot watch movies while being in job
 Somehow they will try to make you convince that job is the worst thing you have done.
 Now they will ask you that how can you overcome this, you will have no answer.
 Then they will take out a page and draw 4 quadrants and tell that there are four people in this world (taken from some book)-Employee (E), Self Employed(S), Investors(I) and Businessman (B). (I will use the letters in Brackets for further references)
 Now you fall in E, and people in S are like you, while people of I and investing in businesses of B.
 Bottom line is-So you being in E are earning for B
 Next step they will tell you hourly calculation of your job in weeks and you work for 40 hours a week.
 Now they will tell you to spare 15-20 hrs for your own business (you have still no idea of your own business).
 Now they will tell you will you be able to invest Rs. 1.5 Lacs for your business, as universally there is no return if you don’t invest, You just Say ‘YES’. Now they will tell you that this company where you invest (still they will not tell you its QNET) will give you whole money in e-store credits (the estore being blocked by Govt of India, check qnetindia.in, qnet.com) to purchase lavish or health related items (the brands which you have never heard of being in this world). Your friend may have already shown you a CHARIOS watch, or a Biodisc with capabilities of changing molecular structure of water, WTF-can you really change H2O in HO2 or something bullshit with a glass disc which is healthier than regular water, to this they will answer that it will change the molecular characteristics of the minerals in it-another bullshit, don’t even bother they have enough shits to serve you .
 Then they will tell you the earning possibilities, you will have 3UV (UV is Unit values) for Rs. 1.5 Lacs, for more amount you will have more unit values and you can purchase holidays with 1.5 Lacs 21days holiday spread over 5 Years and so on for a higher value investment, they will tell you their major competitor is club mahindra.
 You can earn by making chain in your right and left, i.e. ‘cheating’ two more person with 1.5 lacs or more and putting them in your right and left in chain, then they will work in that 15-20 hrs and everybody’s investment will give you a earning.
 They will tell you that you will earn 9.5 Lacs a week 4 crores in a year.
 Then they will tell you that in bullshits of payout in Unit values that it is in multiples of 3(forget it-another bullshit)
 Now they will tell you that only two persons can be below you and and all other new joiners will be under you so even if you have another friend who joins it will be under your chain but not directly under you , in such a way everybody in chain will earn.
 Now they will tell you that they are buying Audi, BMW, Harley Davidson and will also show some images of luxury cars and bikes with them. They will say they had asked for them and will be delivered shortly, but nothing they have there right now.
 After all this shit they will ask you when you can deposit money?, suppose you say in a day or so, now they will take you to other cheaters (members) in their group, and any or all of your questions will be in vein with their mindless and diverting answers.

Finally even after coming out you have seen No Brochures, No Leaflets, Nothing in documentary proofs, you don’t even know that which is the hong kong based parent company, they have not shown you the website (its blocked).
All you know that there are cheaters as members who work with big companies and will leave that organization to earn as WHOLETIME CHEATERS.
Sep 21, 2017

qnet fraud........

QNET is illegal, scam and fraud!
My experience with QI (Quest net International ) has been tormenting so say the least.I request anyone reading this to stay away from such unscrupulous people.They are a bunch of greedy souls who will befriend you and then make you bakras.There is this doctor Julie Shastri staying in my apartment.Staying in the same apartment we came to know each other.One day I receive a call from her saying that she has a business proposition for me and she will like me to come to a cafe shop to discuss.We finally met at Aromas in Hiranandani (their usual centre is Kartar Road Bandra) where her two "business partners" one of whom was her brother accompanied us.She said that they wanted to judge me first and only if I was a fit they will consider me for the partnership. What followed was an hr and half non-stop lecture on how useless job life is and how this business will help me achieve all the financial freedom I had ever dreamt of. I was told how people from Wharton, ex hedge fund guys and bankers had left their jobs to pursue this venture.I took every thing as was told just because I trusted this lady.After one and a half hour I was completely brain washed to believe that QI is a great business venture.I was given not much detail about the type of work I will be doing.They said that anyone can do the work they just needed people who would fit in.After the one and a half hr session the guy popped up the question which would determine if I could start my journey to be the next crorepati. He told that any business venture requires seed capital so if I wanted to embark on this journey I would have to invest some 3lakh in buying a holiday package from QVI club, a subsidiary of the company. He asked me ow much liquid cash I had that I could invest immediately.I told him I had around a lakh.He tried a lot to convince me to use my credit card limit to arrange for 3 lakh as it will help me get more share of the company and make more money.Later he asked me to give a token amount of 10k so that he could consider me for this business venture.I was still not very clear about the business venture but at the same time I did not want this opportunity of making money to slip from my hands hence I went to the nearest ATM and gave them the money.I was also asked not to talk about this business venture with any one for the next 2 days.I had a day trip planned with my friends on Saturday.Starting from the evening I started receiving SMS and calls from Julie.She wanted me to attend a session at 9 am on Sunday where I will get to meet all the great people who are a part of this business.Her constant chasing had begun to annoy me and by Sunday morning I started having second thoughts about what the business was all about.I had not talked to anyone about it as yet.I smsed her in the morning that I will not be able to go ahead with the business and wanted my 10k back.She gave me some crap that she had already registered me in the portal and paid 10k hence could not return my money.She convinced me to come for the session .Seeing my 10k already down the drain and still trusting her I decided to go ahead with the session.On the way I was told that I will meet some faculty from SP Jain and some guy from IIMs.I was told it will be the most amazing experience of my life.I will get to meet really smart people..Also I will be given a set of books which are really amazing and can teach me more than any MBA college can.When I reached there I saw some 600 people out there.Music was being played and people were dancing to it.I was introduced to some ex-bankers.Later I was asked to pay 2100 to get the membership card to attend the session and a bunch of books.In the session a guy shared his experience of how he made crores.Later an i-banker from Morgan stanley gave a presentation of how the business works and how this business guarantees a return of 4.5 crore in 4 years.After another round of brainwash I was asked to make the payment so that I could become a part of the club.I asked for some time to see how much money I could invest.I was told that the least I could was 36k.Seeing that 10k was a lost cause I thought that by investing in the 36k package which was a 7 nights holiday package I could atleast save my 10k from going to waste.After my investments were made and I came home and googled about the company .It was then I realized what I had got myself into.I smsed her telling that I did not want to be associated with such a fraud company which was already banned in a couple of countries.She told me that the product had already been purchased and she could do nothing about it.I had received no emails about the product but still according to her the product had been purchased.I was totally convinced by now that I could not associate myself with such a company .I could not imagine myself being a face of such a fraudulent company.After much chasing I was returned 28.4k the remaining money 100$ she deducted as a transfer fees(another crap from her).So I took a loss of 7k but am glad that I got out of it with my dignity intact.
Sep 21, 2017

qnet scam

its a bigggest fraud company. in this business we have to cheat our relative or close freind.....shmae on you....

Let try writing directly to finance minister Mr. Arun Jaitley about this scam.May be he can do something if we all send complaint to him about this fraud. telling how company is fooling people.
Sep 19, 2017

Fraud company QNET

I trapped by QNet Team in CCD Dadar. One of my best friend approached me there. Believing him they trapped my money. They told me that they will make my money double if I do as they will tell. They told me that we are not going elsewher and keep faith on your best friend. But It was my big mistake. After getting money when they told me that now you cheat your friends and relatives like us then you will surely get your money double in a month, I refused to do these dirty tricks. I asked same day (1st meeting after closing) to give back my money, they told that it is not possible. Actually it was possible. My friend who approached me there named mangesh salkar agreed to pay my amount. He gave me some hopes. He told me that not to worry about money. He is going to manage some amount for me. But after some days he also started avoiding my callsmsgs. But now I m going to Police because it is only way to teach lesson to these fraudsters.

Fraudsters Names:
Mangesh Sarkar,
Gitesh Kulkarni,
Reema Kulkarni
Rohan Naik,
Pooja Kothari
And QNET CCD Dadar & R Mall team, Mulund
Sep 19, 2017

Qnet complaints

people cheated in this scam can mail their complaints to the cyber cell of their respective city. You have to write an application letter addressing the head of a cyber crime investigation cell . and you have to provide some details , documents like bank statement and mails and name of the person who has cheated you with address if you have. If you do'nt have address then provide all the details you have about that person and photo. you can find the website details of cyber cell on below website for major cities. go to cyber cell website in contact us section you will get the email of to which you have to send application of complaint.

Raise voice against qnet
Sep 19, 2017

Qnet refund

Hi dont invest in qnet if u r stuck and want some help regarding this contact me on9761048161
Sep 19, 2017

India against Qnet

Whosoever is cheated by their friends/realtive in this scam, please reach out to police and lodge FIR against them. Also if you know in which company they are working , inform that company that this person is a part of scam.
Qnet rocks
Sep 19, 2017

Qnet rocks

People who dont work after getting signed up write this shit and bad words. I have achived my Dreams.Qnet rocks.

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