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Consumer complaints and reviews about QNET

Anant Aggarwal
Jul 27, 2013

Stop fighting!

Read this please...
Zero judgement...
And both lovers and haters of Qnet happy!!...

Jul 25, 2013



This is not a complaint. But i will be posting my responses to some super experts who keep showing their expertise on anything without doing proper research. I want to start with responding to Mr. An0, whose topic says ''QNET is illegal, scam and fraud!'' And the gentleman has questions! I hope those are genuine questions and the topic was picked by mistake :)
Anyway :
1.) a seminar where they presented the QNET opportunity in a very impressive manner, by the end of the seminar i felt brain washed : To this, i want to say if everything is impressive about the company then no one can help it :)
it's not being presented fake, it IS impressive and thats what being presented. Brain Washed? Well it's a business, and it's your brain. If you think it's your cup of tea, do it. And if your brain doesnt allow, dont do it. Basically, use your brain, washed or unwashed.

2.)i know you will not go ahead with this idea or investment once u step out of here, because the energy you've got from this seminar right now will not be with in the next 24hours, which is true!! i believe him and i think thats what makes them stronger in persuading people to invest.:
Yes, thats the true, but whats bad about it? Saying what you experienced doesnt make anything bad. Does it? It's obvious when we move out of a situation we easily forget that because we start with our own lives, our own basic lives which we were living earlier. How many times have you shared the same excitement, while being in a movie hall, when you came out of a movie? Arent we normal to be busy with our lives? It takes a lot, it is a big decision to change the course of life. If you cant decide, stay away. But dont hope for a changed life then :) And by the way it's NOT AN INVESTMENT. It's a purchase.

3.) Anyway then the senior person from QNET was also saying that why do you wanna wait for your brother to make a decision for you, if you thin he will definitely invest if its a good opportunity then you invest and make him follow you by making him a 'User'. To be honest at that point i could see a little of greediness from their side.:
Well i thought the same way. But then how can i tell even my brother the good things till the time i know them fully? Businessman? A hotelier might not be able to comment on real estate or a transport business and vice versa. So why do we expect that a businessman is the best person to pass judgement on ANY business? How about listening to experts? Please do so.

4.) All i want to know is that QNET, is this really a good platform to make quick money by working hard even after your 8-9hours of work everyday?
Yes it is. I am experiencing it. It's simple but not easy. Hard work is needed. It's not a get rick quick scheme. But it's faster and assuring than most others. It's like any other business in the world, but only if you take it as a business and not a scheme. Ask specific questions. Get answers from the right people. Do research and do it full.

5.) Is it worth investing a big amount of money in these products and get a platform where i can build my users and subscribers and get Return on Investment?
Is it worth even thinking or giving it a thought????
Yes it is. If you know any other business which can give you an opportunity to make millions with an initial cost of less than $2000, tell me about it. If you want to use brains, please do so. Use it on the right tracks, on the right medium. Again, be specific. Are the questions being just the reasons of not doing it? Because again, it's not for everyone just like any other business. It takes a decision and it's hard. But it exists. You need to decide if it exists for you too.
Dev @ 9810410440
Jul 23, 2013

Think twice

Even i was introduced to qnet thro my cousin telling there is lot of money in this business. Profit level is so high that I will leave job in 2 months and get involved full time. Believe me I have invested 1.5 lac of my hard earned money a year back. Forget about profit , the invested money went in vein. I tried coming out of membership but couldn't. Please do not lose your hard earned, you will gain nothing in this.
Apr 21, 2013

how to cancel the products and is it banned in UK

Hi, I would like to know first that is this Qnet is banned in UK because there is no registered address in uk. they transact the things in $. second this they talk abt ethics and they only know one mantra is catch the people and slaughter with money anyhow. this looks complete cheating, where they sell those unwanted product which has no sense.
how to cancel the vaccation if someone is not interested.
Apr 7, 2013


I was once invited to attend a presentation by one of my friends. He said it is something to do with Ecom. All through the presentation the person who was doing the presentation was talking about, how to make money, with little to no mention about the products. They said Qnet is the company which cares for people(Mankind) and their Motto read RYTHM - Raise Yourself To Help Mankind.. And all the company does was to Help Mankind..

At the end of the presentation, I was introduced to a senior guy, who joined this scheme a long time ago. I had just one Qn for him " Dont you think this so called scheme has saturation point. A point where, the people who join, will loose money, as they wont be able to find any to make them join the scheme". He said " First of all you will never loose money. As you are anyways getting a product when you pay!! Further yes, there could be a saturation point, that could be like 10 years down the line. Dont bother about that now and by that time you would have received very good returns!!!!" So simple words, dont bother if other loose money, just bother about how to make money for oneself.. Truly helping the mankind!!!
Apr 3, 2013

QNET is illegal, scam and fraud!

Guys, I have been approached bu QNET people and attended a seminar where they presented the QNET opportunity in a very impressive manner, by the end of the seminar i felt brain washed and was pushed enough to invest in a product range and start my own virtual office/business. Now I have been doing a lot of reading over the internet and this is one of many blogs/forms/pages I have come across so far.

When the seminar got over i was taken to a coffee shop and over the person who invited me along with his senior were waiting for me to join them on a table, they then started to show me on their android what the process is, like it has been mentioned couple of times 'I did not get the basic idea of what exactly i have to do'??? and what exactly the company does???? anyhow, i was also told not to speak to anyone about this until i make a decision myself and invest in this.

I then took some time off them by telling them that i would not get involved or invest in something like this without getting an advice from my brother who already is a businessman and i trust his word, experience and knowledge, plus IF THIS IS really a good opportunity to make money then I am sure he will invest without even a blinks time (ofc after he does his research). The senior guy from QNET then started to tell me in a friendly manner that don't waste your time, i know you will not go ahead with this idea or investment once u step out of here, because the energy you've got from this seminar right now will not be with in the next 24hours, which is true!! i believe him and i think thats what makes them stronger in persuading people to invest.

Anyway then the senior person from QNET was also saying that why do you wanna wait for your brother to make a decision for you, if you thin he will definitely invest if its a good opportunity then you invest and make him follow you by making him a 'User'. To be honest at that point i could see a little of greediness from their side.

All i want to know is that QNET, is this really a good platform to make quick money by working hard even after your 8-9hours of work everyday?
Is it worth investing a big amount of money in these products and get a platform where i can build my users and subscribers and get Return on Investment?
Is it worth even thinking or giving it a thought????

People with experience and knowledge may reply back please. Many thanks!!

Qnet baiter
Mar 23, 2013

Check it out guys !


Mr.Vijay eswaran GMD of Quest International QI Group of Companies an Absconding Accused in C.C.No.3876 2009 before the Chief Metropolitan MAGISTRATE court, cHENNAI cITY further investigation also ordered in the Year 2013 against Gold Quest Questnet Qnet The Vnet Vihaan etc

Also read this blog
Feb 25, 2013

complaints for virgin

Feb 14 i had recharged Rs 55 . after i had checked my mobile balance rs 54 debited in my account at the time i had called customer care executives he is asking this is my fault so will give the debited amount with in 24 hrs but till now i am not receiving the debited amount. In between cap feb 14 to today i had called 15 times all customer care executives asking the same answer with in 24 hrs with in 24 hrs.what can i do now? When u have given me the debited amount.
Feb 17, 2013

QNET is illegal, scam and fraud!

hi Guys....

i read all the above comments....and understand...one thing that how people judge the things....guys this is only problem with peoples...they don't know any thing and start o speak lot about that ....actually they r looser they r not a able to reach on sccess say they dont want to see other to reach on success. guys... Qnet is not a scheam.....it is purly business....if you do hard work then only u will get success ...people those r saying negative about it...saying its is quick richer scheam, chain, accutly they r expecting same from it, they thinking ...we just invest r money will not do anything... and get money.....But it is hard core business you will get money only when u do hard wor....guys here also only 20% become richer not all because rest r not able to give that much effort which network marketing industries required.........i read one comments on top that people those not get gud jobs and gud colleges they do...that i request that person come and meet to me and my team ....I AM EX IITIAN and in my entire team is also from IIT & IIM....so please no need to judge r qualification and ability....Guys dont judge any industry or company by...any failure person's blogs....if you really want to know about network market industries...please follow successful person, robart kiyosaki, warren buffet, bill gets, wht they think about it ...not any tom dick and harry....given see any business only 20% business get success rest fail....and looser dont see their mistake and start to blame...industries and company....guys if you want to talk any decision about any industry aur any company always talk or follow successful people not failure.. because all can share their experience only....guy i am doing this business from last 6-7 month when i started , i starte for eanring money....later my aim change to do this business for change mentality of society that midelclass also can become a rich.....when more i went in it i found more....and now my conclusion about this industries is ...this is not only about earing money....money is bi product in this industries...this industries change your life to live it develop skills in you how to grown your self and help other to grown....f tomorrow i loose my 5 cr rs. still i can earn because after this i learn how i can ...but other people cant because his mindset still low ...

Guys if you r positive u always look for positive......if u negative u attract towards negative...it's on you whom you below....genarally people attract towards negative because it not required any facts and no effort ..so decide accordingly ....your life your rules...

ALL the best
Thnks & Regards...
Jan 3, 2013

farzi qnet

what a crap business these (qi/qnet/gnet jo bhi inka naam hai ) people r doing. just making fool to others. i have read some where in comment that some IAS, CEO and top management guys left their job to become a sheet member of these crap companies.

common you fool, show me any proof if you have any one guys (IAS,CEO and top management ) as member. i can bet, you all fool are useless fellow. who are less educated and not skilled enough to get a decent job or have a good business.

Get a life, Don't fool others!!!
Jan 3, 2013

bogus scam

Hi Guys,

Very True. QI group is nothing but another name of scam through MLM. I believe MLM is not a bad idea but product & service should be well defined. As i was also approached by one of my friend(working as marketing professional and unsatisfied with Job) asked me to meet his senior and same thing was happened as you people have explained.

people who are being part of QNET shouldn't be called entrepreneur rather they should be called fool & blind followers.they are unable to realize that they are wasting their career, time & money and by that they are not helping themselves but they are making Mr. Vijay Eswaran more richer(A wanted by Interpol). All partner of qi group are in trap. they also know the truth. But its too late for them to come back so they fool others and make a way out.

In india we have seen many MLM companies has cheated people like e-biz, RCM etc. And QNET is also one among them.
If Qnet or QI (they change name time to time to chat govt official) is really genuine then why not they are selling their product in open market. why not they are explaining their business plan more clear to new people.(only they will tell they have great plan to be crorepati but not how to become).

I request all middle class and avg people to not to get into such kind of business. Remember,making, easy money has never been easy. otherwise every tom,dick & harry would be crorepati. so devote your time in your business/job/study with full focus and concentration rather than getting into this cheap and fraud things.

Please note: QI or QNET is not a registered company with ROC. they don't have PAN/TAN or VAT registration. so pls beware!!!
Dec 11, 2012

Qnet - A definite future

Qnet or any network marketing company, is the future of strategic business development. There is nothing dodgy with this business. If you say, u earn how much you work, and this is quick money, everyone wanted to work this way right?
These days many companies are working on the same model -
1. Citibank
2. TCS referral system
3. Proctor and Gamble
etc etc..
People just cant believe that they can have an option to control their lives.
Nov 26, 2012


Hi all,



Please do go through the details. Information is available in public domain. There are certifications of the product in the above url. If you want an unbiased opinion i would suggest you taking this product and doing a test with all the appropriate lab setup available. Please do go through and understand the science behind.

This is just one of the many products available from QNET. Every year the company comes with new products. For e.g.
http://issuu.com/qnet/docs/product_portfolio_2012_en?mode=window&backgroundColor=#222222 - The product catalogue

There are many different lines of products from this company. Please do go through the url to understand the products.

Product Lines

There is a community powered support where employees of the company support you. If you have any questions, feedback or ideas, feel free to post them here.

I would suggest all of you to go through the website, study the products in detail, understand about it to get the reason behind pricing, value etc. I am just a so called IR of this company working on it part-time parallel to a full-time job as an IT consultant.

The company has set clear code of ethics.

As a company, QNET takes professional conduct very seriously and is a strong advocate of ethical marketing practices. Please refer to this section of the website - http://www.qnet.net/en/opportunity/professional_marketing/

Also, please go through the policies and procedures that you have to agree to, at the time of registration which clearly states that any violation of the P&P will be dealt with strictly. There is a Network Compliance Department (NCD) that looks into all such complaints and conducts an investigation. There are at times terminated IRs as a result of the findings of the NCD.

If you would like to report any such violation of the P&P please write in to network support centre - [email protected]
Nov 21, 2012

Bio Disc

Biosdisc or Bio Disc or Biodisk is a scam. They claim they work with NASA but they do not have a single certificate to prove its worth. They cannot enter active medication without certification and hence choose a word like wellness, In simple words, wellness would be your psychological state (happy / sad / feeling good / etc) and not your actual physical well being (being disease free / etc).

My relative was a avid promoter of bio disc and their finger lift experiment. I have shown him that without bio disc too the finger experiment works.

I dont know much about QNet but if their product is a tool to fool people, I would not trust the company.
Nov 13, 2012

be away

i request all readers be away from these type of direct selling/marketing company's, do your job which you are good at, go deep in the subject, and you can earn decent income
Aceupinsleeve Send email
Nov 8, 2012

QNET is illegal, scam and fraud!

original author is again back: to begin with mr. jouneyman FO!

all these pro-QNET arguments are provided by spineless & heartless IRs like jouneyman who have duped and looted millions and have nothing to do but wake up, polish their skills of fraud while smelling coffee..hehe..i seriously pity them..

problem with these IRs is that now they dont have anything else to do other than looting innocents like son of icraveknow as most of the IRs have left their jobs. i fear for your son's activities icraveknow as sheer desperateness mite force him to become people like jouneyman!

those who understood the pitfalls unlike jouneyman are bak smiling again and continuing frm where they left.

coming bak to their business model which is legally right but ethically and morally wrong serves no purpose to the mankind. who is murlitahran..is he a saint or scientist? he gets paid for it as he endorses qnet product as simple as that! whts the big deal. even a sardar like harbhajan singh endorses liquor brands.

i repeat it again - its an open challenge to vijay easwaran if he has the ball oopsie balls to make these so called energy products public. if they can really cure diseases like cancer, diabetes etc believe me he could become the richest person by a huge margin for next few centuries. but even he knws the moment he makes them public he is doomed.. finish..game over! he is smarter than u, thats why he has recruited you as an IR. he only needs idiots and morons like you to save his ***!

problem with these ***holes like jouneyman is that they are so trained up by their commanders(like jihadis) that they have reached to a point of no return..it is game over for them. and my worry is that though i would definitely survive with god's grace for next 4-5 years, ppl like jouneyman will fade away or meet a dead end!
Sayantannandy Send email
Oct 18, 2012

QNET is illegal, scam and fraud!

Prize Chits and Money Circulation Scheme (Banning) Act, 1978(PCMS Act) is what being talked about here...Mayur Ji claims to be a CA...ye act parliament ne hi banaya hai boss...:)
Jouneyman Send email
Oct 8, 2012

QNET is illegal, scam and fraud!

One more thing if you see Microsoft and Virgin Atlantic group as some sensible and legitimate business, if not then I feel pained as banging head on a coconut is of no use

Microsoft case study on QNet


QNet sponsoring F1

Well you can get these only if u have an open mind. Don't worry these links are not for you but for the scores of aspiring people who get scared by foolish talks of ignorant people like you.

Guys, who are browsing through this post and see it as an argument against QNet being fraud, wake-up-and-smell-the-coffee. If you donot like networking and direct sales industry stay away, but if u r looking for serious ways to change ur financial condition and pity full life of debts then don't be scared by such posts..just have a look at all the information that is available there.

Have a good life !!
Jouneyman Send email
Oct 8, 2012

QNET is illegal, scam and fraud!

Dear aceupinsleeve

Are you a Moron by birth or u got this all BS by experience. Wake up and smell the coffee. It's the world of Direct Selling which is catching up and is 5 years ahead of it's time, fools like you cannot understand. People like you had scoffed at the idea of Mobile phones and internet 20-25 years back but now these are the most acceptable things even schools advocate the use of these two technologies.

What you are seeing around is not scam or fraud but an industry which is shaping up but severely miss-represented and miss-understood. Either you can crib about it or be a part of it. But if cynics like you are away from this company the better it is. As for crorepatis..haha they are laughing their way to bank and changing more lives. Attend any training of QNet, meet the speaker ask him that you want to see a crorepati and then put these questions to him on his face if you have the balls to do so. Don't waste time and energy posting crap here.

QNet is giving tax to govt of india in millions of dollars. Check with times money and Tax department.

Check what is a swiss watch and it's price and then talk about B H Mayer. Check what is diff between QVI Club and other holiday clubs. Check what German, Japanese and Russian scientist are doing on their research on water and then talk about bio-disc. Meet some diabetic patients and chronic people on dialysis and talk to them on benefits of bio-disc if they have used it. If you have any further guts left then contact Murli Muthaiyatharan and ask him what made him be part of this company and why he endorses the energy products.

As for BioDisk, if you have any relative high on diabetes treat him with this for 3 months as prescribed and see the miracles.

Bro, I tell you all this in love as a fellow human. If you are in touch with your peers who told you about QNet biz, and if they work for next 4-5 years consistently. You would be scratching your head what happened, If it really is a scam then how come they got so far.

Choice is urs. Accept it or reject it, but the era of Direct Selling and Network Marketing has arrived. Be alive for another 5 years to see the big boom. Remain a critic or change ur life.
Changing_Life Send email
Sep 26, 2012

QNET is illegal, scam and fraud!

Froyo21 Send email
Sep 25, 2012

QNET is illegal, scam and fraud!

I have saved myself just a week ago, Lets see year after how many Ambanis or Buffet comes ot other than Easwaran ... Sambhal jao abhi time hai .
Simpleton Send email
Sep 8, 2012

QNET is illegal, scam and fraud!

My experience with QI (Quest net International ) has been tormenting so say the least.I request anyone reading this to stay away from such unscrupulous people.They are a bunch of greedy souls who will befriend you and then make you bakras.There is this doctor Julie Shastri staying in my apartment.Staying in the same apartment we came to know each other.One day I receive a call from her saying that she has a business proposition for me and she will like me to come to a cafe shop to discuss.We finally met at Aromas in Hiranandani (their usual centre is Kartar Road Bandra) where her two "business partners" one of whom was her brother accompanied us.She said that they wanted to judge me first and only if I was a fit they will consider me for the partnership. What followed was an hr and half non-stop lecture on how useless job life is and how this business will help me achieve all the financial freedom I had ever dreamt of. I was told how people from Wharton, ex hedge fund guys and bankers had left their jobs to pursue this venture.I took every thing as was told just because I trusted this lady.After one and a half hour I was completely brain washed to believe that QI is a great business venture.I was given not much detail about the type of work I will be doing.They said that anyone can do the work they just needed people who would fit in.After the one and a half hr session the guy popped up the question which would determine if I could start my journey to be the next crorepati. He told that any business venture requires seed capital so if I wanted to embark on this journey I would have to invest some 3lakh in buying a holiday package from QVI club, a subsidiary of the company. He asked me ow much liquid cash I had that I could invest immediately.I told him I had around a lakh.He tried a lot to convince me to use my credit card limit to arrange for 3 lakh as it will help me get more share of the company and make more money.Later he asked me to give a token amount of 10k so that he could consider me for this business venture.I was still not very clear about the business venture but at the same time I did not want this opportunity of making money to slip from my hands hence I went to the nearest ATM and gave them the money.I was also asked not to talk about this business venture with any one for the next 2 days.I had a day trip planned with my friends on Saturday.Starting from the evening I started receiving SMS and calls from Julie.She wanted me to attend a session at 9 am on Sunday where I will get to meet all the great people who are a part of this business.Her constant chasing had begun to annoy me and by Sunday morning I started having second thoughts about what the business was all about.I had not talked to anyone about it as yet.I smsed her in the morning that I will not be able to go ahead with the business and wanted my 10k back.She gave me some crap that she had already registered me in the portal and paid 10k hence could not return my money.She convinced me to come for the session .Seeing my 10k already down the drain and still trusting her I decided to go ahead with the session.On the way I was told that I will meet some faculty from SP Jain and some guy from IIMs.I was told it will be the most amazing experience of my life.I will get to meet really smart people..Also I will be given a set of books which are really amazing and can teach me more than any MBA college can.When I reached there I saw some 600 people out there.Music was being played and people were dancing to it.I was introduced to some ex-bankers.Later I was asked to pay 2100 to get the membership card to attend the session and a bunch of books.In the session a guy shared his experience of how he made crores.Later an i-banker from Morgan stanley gave a presentation of how the business works and how this business guarantees a return of 4.5 crore in 4 years.After another round of brainwash I was asked to make the payment so that I could become a part of the club.I asked for some time to see how much money I could invest.I was told that the least I could was 36k.Seeing that 10k was a lost cause I thought that by investing in the 36k package which was a 7 nights holiday package I could atleast save my 10k from going to waste.After my investments were made and I came home and googled about the company .It was then I realized what I had got myself into.I smsed her telling that I did not want to be associated with such a fraud company which was already banned in a couple of countries.She told me that the product had already been purchased and she could do nothing about it.I had received no emails about the product but still according to her the product had been purchased.I was totally convinced by now that I could not associate myself with such a company .I could not imagine myself being a face of such a fraudulent company.After much chasing I was returned 28.4k the remaining money 100$ she deducted as a transfer fees(another crap from her).So I took a loss of 7k but am glad that I got out of it with my dignity intact.
MajorManoj Send email
Aug 3, 2012

QNET is illegal, scam and fraud!

QNet has been one of the most prominent direct selling companies across the world with headquarters in different countries especially in the Asian continent. The company has seen a steep rise in its membership ever since its advent and there are many reasons for that as well. Some people believe the ability of the company to capture so many members has been in the simple MLM strategy which seeks to benefit users at any cost whatsoever. And that is quote true in my opinion. The company has shown immense confidence and faith in its working and even the members have shown the same amount of faith in the company to ear regular remunerations. Qnet too has been active in the country and has been generating a good revenue and member base by every passing day.
Prabudgl Send email
May 30, 2012

QNET is illegal, scam and fraud!


Can anybody share about the experience about Bio Disc 2.

I'm willing to buy the product. Does bio disc 2 cures nervous problems?

I'm looking for more incidents experienced by you people..Can you please share the positive and negative about bio disc 2
Anil Kumar Send email
Apr 20, 2012

QNET is illegal, scam and fraud!

QuestNet is definitely one of the most efficient and well functioning MLM Company at the moment especially due to the ability of the firm to successfully remunerate its members on time. Thus it indeed shocks me when I see Questnet Complaint all over the internet portals. According to me, the only reason why such a company is being targeted is solely because of the worldwide reputation it has gained in over a decade of its operations. I, being an able member of Questnet since 3 to 4 years have never faced any shortcomings or problems while being a part of the firm. I invested in the desired schemes and products and so far I was remunerated perfectly. In fact, I even gained a lot more profits here than I could ever gain in any other MLM company. Better keep ignore such negative reviews and better become a part of this excellent business.

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