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Consumer complaints and reviews about QNET

Funky Bottel
Oct 14, 2016


Hello all

Kindly sms Your contact numbers to join Anti QNET whtsapp group and try to refund our money.

Sms on 07020621689. Dont call me please.
Oct 11, 2016

qnet people are roaming around in malls coffe shops


RAHUL,KHYATI Kumar and Ashwani tack... these people are roaming around in delhi malls to fool people.They have team of 20+ people who select malls and call people to coffee shops.
They use same dialogues and fool people. They are going to take your money and run away to dubai.
please be careful. Dont go by their apple laptops or good english..

hope police will interrogate them soom as i have filed complaint against them. One day police is going to drag them from these malls and teach them lesson
Oct 9, 2016

Arrest of Vihaan directors shareholders

Michael Ferreira Vihaan majority shareholder , a franchise of QNET arrested and sent to custody till Oct 13th.
Visit facebook page Qnet Scam for details.
Financial Fraud Victims Association formed in Mumbai.
mail af ffva.in@gmail.com
Spread the word to help others from this MLM pyramid scam.

Arrest of Vihaan directors shareholders Arrest of Vihaan directors shareholders Arrest of Vihaan directors shareholders

Oct 8, 2016

Qnet Fraud

Hi Friends,

I have been part of Qnet for over 2yrs now... I know in & out of the company very well...
I did all the things which I have been told to do so & attended all the seminars & events. I worked hard in the name of so called "Dreams" by my uplines.. and I haven't earned a single penny...In my past 2yrs I had seen many people loosing money... it was very painful to see but I kept going...

I request humbly to all the people who wants to join it "PLEASE DON'T JOIN QNET"
Its a total waste of money & also the mental torture ... these Qnet people lost humanity ..they make you do anything & you will do since you had invested the money...Please don't fell into this trap..
you can write to me if you need ant clarification on this SCAM at "qnetscamhelp@gmail.com"


Oct 8, 2016


Hi Guys,

Below are the peoples who are making fool to join peoples in QNET.

Recently they went dubai with there own money and telling other peoples we went international trip through business.

If below guys are call you ask then how much you earn and check there credit cards and debit cards also.

They went dubai by spending 70k to 80k

There is no business conference meeting in dubai.

Please be aware there below peoples.Before trust them.

Monica Jagga 9021310978 TCS ,PHASE 3 PUNE

Laxman Methree 8007984987 SEARS HOLDING,KHARADI,PUNE

Murgesh Girisagar Sears holding KHARADI PUNE2

Kirti Sherawat 7507417700 Capgemini,HINJEWADI PHASE 3,PUNE

Shailesh Kumar 7588218843 CTS,SB ROAD PUNE

Bijayalaxmi Swain 7219111012 Citi bank,KHARADI,PUNE

Shibbu Sourabha ACCENTURE PUNE

Priyanka suryawanshi

Swapnil Bhamre

Snehal pawar Bhamre

Anil Power

Anshul singh INFOSYS

Anjali shaini ATOS,PUNE

Neha Nagar ATOS,PUNE

Rasmi Behera 9040173625

Lokesh Sharma TCS,PHASE 3 PUNE


Rahul Bond 7032908060 Infosys PHASE 2 PUNE

Delhi Fraud Peoples

Abhitosh Verma 9923720630
Bharat Gangotra, 8408020020
Tarun Gangotra 9987506867
Sarika Arya
Ankaj kumar upadhyay
Nilim Nath
Alok Sagar
Niket Kumar

Bangalore fraud peoples

Debasis mund
Subhasis mund
Santosh Magadum
Vinayak Kamat
Sheela Kamat
Oct 8, 2016


Hello Guys,

I was working in Gurgaon based Company and I was really frustrated with my work because I was working from last 4 years there in same company. So, one day I decided to switch and given notice period of 30 days.

So, what happened was, one day suddenly, I got a call from one of my friend who was also working in same company and at that time I was on notice period that was going to end, I received the call and my friend asked me.. how are you?, Hows everything? Have you joined any where?

I asked him no I just want to relax sometime, He said Okay...

Then after some time, he called me again and said that there is some business and you can earn unlimited perks in a month,, I asked him what?

He said I will tell you later,

I said Okay..

On very next day, He called me again and said remember I told you something about business at where you can earn a lot...

I said yes....what business is all about...

He said I can't tell you over the phone, we have to meet somewhere and we'll discuss it in face to face meeting.

So he fixed meeting in some Gurgaon mall and there was a some cafe there, I reached and I found that lots of person belong to good families were sitting there with their laptop.

I was totally shocked what is happening here.

Den once I reached he called another guy and he has started telling me that it's a business firm and we all are working from last 2 years where you can earn Lakhs in one months.

I was totally amazed and excited to hear that scheme..

The guy started telling me that I have to invest some money like 4.5 Lakh and then you have to make join to others person like you, Once you do that, you will start receiving your income on weekly basis.

I was confused that time, I said how can I give you 500000 Lakh, I am a middle class person.. So, he said there is nothing to worry about anything we'll arranged a loan for you, you have to give us certain documents like pan card, Aadhar card, passport, photos, Sal slips, form sixteen.....

I said okay

Then he said you must have a valid credit card and it must be international enabled.

I said okay my all credit cards are internationally enabled..

After that I gave my credit card and he purchased some holiday package on my behalf and it was around $161, I purchased that package and he started telling me that you have now been part of this company and you have to invitee others person with in 3 months.

I said okay....

Seriously guys believe me, I was fooled that time and didn't even sleep that night because I was in stress.. The thought came to my mind that something is not right, I have dome something wrong because I always believe in god Hanuman and when I got any confusion I just start chant Hanuman Chalisa...

On very next day when I woke up, I called my friend that I do not want to do this, I just want my refund..

So, my friend asked me a reason for that why? what happened?

I said I don't want to join, please tell me the refund process otherwise I will talk to my uncle regarding this he is advocate in high court..

Then friend sent me some email regarding refund and he said you will have to send that email to some email address and you will get your refund with in 30 days..

So, I was lucky that I got my refund because I have requested it on next day.

After I got my refund, I scold him on phone and I blocked him, I even share everything on facebook and make them aware others that it's not good thing.

I would all suggest you to never believe anyone first of all this is not a business, this is a marketing business where you have to make a chain, we all are aware about it and everything was scripted language the way they use while convincing peoples..

So, never believe them instead of joining this, I suggest you everyone join LIC and start selling insurance, you can earn maximum perks by convincing peoples and selling policy..

If anyone needs my help regarding refund, please get in touch with on personal email bhavyaxsharma@gmail.com

Oct 6, 2016

qnet scam

qnet people coming also At nagpur it is very fraud company some people fraud from this company please save ur brother sister and friend some Doctor and medical representative involve in this company plz save ur life
Nagendra Babu K
Oct 3, 2016

Qnet Scam

Don't believe QNet Company(Not even a branch office in India).
I called to one of my friend while I was working abroad. He said he is visiting Malaysia for a business oppourtunity and he had great confidence in improving this business. I asked him what is it about and He said "cannot explain on phone and need face to face meeting".
After I reached India, I called him as a friend and fixed time to meet and enjoy the evening.
As we met in the evening he tried to explain to me regarding the business oppourtunity at QNet. As I was aware about pyramid type of schemes implemented by MLM companies, I told him it is fraud. He objected and said they will do business based on relationship rather than anything. He said some bullshit about business and which is not workable as the pyramid builds up more people are going to loose their fortune. My friend asked me to meet his senior and he will explain in detail and clear my doubts. He said the person is very brilliant, he worked in top 5 companies in India, blah blah blah. Although I was aware about this type of hype I said " Ok Will behave So". They have arranged meeting at Westin Hotel at Hyderabad. Me and my friend went to the hotel and sat in the lobby and my friend started calling and sending watsapp messages to his so called seniors(Useless fellows). My friend asked me to wait in the lobby, he and his senior went to the Toilet and discussed about the knowledge I have abt the business. My friend and his senior came to me and his senior started to ask me " what is your understanding about doing business?"
"Why do you want to do business?" "What do you know about QNet?" and started to describe the abilities and talent of his senior and asked me to behave before his senior.My friend asked me to tell everybody that "He didnot say anything about the business" and I told them that I was unaware abt the business they are doing.
Now they said I am going to meet his senior. We went to the dining table across the corner and met his senior(Very intelligent as per QNet People). He started acting like he was busy talking in phone and maintaining multiple phones and Ipads(Just hyping himself). Then he asked what do I know about Multi Level Marketting and QNet business strategies. After some talk he said they are not concentrating on promoting products but their strategy depends on how many people can I bring into the organization. They say their business is purely systematic( Not systematic -- barbaric), My friend joined by paying 5.5Lacs purchased tourism package(useless package) and a watch(They say limited edition watch). When I asked about investment he said I will be getting only tourism package for 10 Lacs(I am unaware why system changed here).

As I am screwing the person with the details I require to do an investment with QNet and how I am going to bring people into the company. He always says there will be training sessions and I need to join inorder to avail training.
Afterthat he changed the discussion to general issues avoiding further embrassement.

I sincerely request you folks "Please don't join QNet as it is not worth you pay them and mere waste of time and efforts".
Mohammed Imran Shamsheery
Oct 3, 2016

Qnet Scam Victim

Hello People,This is Imran From Dubai. I got into this qnet trap by one of my friends from Bangalore, India. I was working here in dubai for past 9 months. On July my friend called me and informed about E-Commerce business which he said he is doing well and asked me to get into it. I Ignored initially but he convinced me saying his family problems faced before joining into the business and his current status after getting into the business and asked me to meet senior upline Siddarth Pai, who often visits dubai to take care of his downlines. I met him at burjuman mall, Dubai and he praised me and praised my friend and said you will rock in the business and asked me to pay 13k Dirhams which is 2.34 lakhs. I said i will check with my parents and left the place. My friend called me so many times and asked me to arrange money i said 2 lakhs is a huge amount and i cannot arrange it he also asked me to take loan, I refused taking loan. He asked me to arrange atleast one lakh and he said he will arrange 80k on my behalf which i have to pay him after getting into business. I arranged one lakh and sent india. My friend went home and got cash from my mother On July 21 2016 and asked me to attend an event, I had to pay 150 Dirhams entry fee for that. Later i had pressure from my office and told him i cannot do this and asked to revoke the contract. He said he will help me but he refused to revoke the contract. On August 31st my company got shut down and all employees were terminated. I told this issue to my friend and asked to refund money. He said he will come dubai for Vcon which was held on September 20th - September 24th. He came here but he ignored my msgs, calls, never met me and left india. I asked him to refund money as i am running out of money and being jobless here he said to contact siddarth pai only he will help me out I met him on 25th september. Siddarth pai said me that refund is not possible and it is a business where you have to refer people only then you will earn. I requested him so many times and also asked my friend on his trust i invested money. He is now ignoring my calls and msgs and saying he cannot help me out. I am in dubai i cannot lodge a complaint against him from here. I need your all suggestions to proceed with lodging complaint. Reach me via email: mohammedshamsheery@gmail.com
Rag Rag
Oct 2, 2016

Qnet Kingpin arrested

Anti Pyramid Scheme Crusader
Sep 30, 2016

Billiards champion Michael Ferreira surrenders before court

Finally the day came. Thank you Gurpreet Bhai and everyone who fought without fear till now.


Sep 27, 2016


Below are the seminars which misguide people





Please dont get fooled by this!!
Sep 26, 2016


Giving you an idea on how the seminars are conducted and people are trapped





Please dont get trapped in these!!!
Sep 21, 2016

Qnet is the curse of humanity

Qnet people has crossed all the boundaries, they are most unethical and cheated person who doesn't have any family moral. the person who can't do in his/her life joined Qnet to earn money in wrong way.all the victims should be united and write about it on social media.the more you share the more people would aware about it and will be save from this money sucking scams.
Sep 21, 2016

Need Qnet refund


Please help me in getting my refund. I have been trapped in business from 22nd April, 2016.
I have refused to do business the next day, 23rd April, 2016, but my referral, Bhagyashree Pravin Kanse, did not even tell me that I can get refund if I approach company within 30 Days. I need my refund back. Please help me.

email - ajinkyaingole2@gmail.com
Mb - +91 8237437380

(Pune victims please contact me)
Sep 19, 2016

Direct Selling in India

yes, Govt has published guidelines to comply with. All companies who operating through networking model need to register within 90 days. Direct selling is industry and Network Marketing is as distribution model. ( ex. FMCG is industry and e-commerce is distribution model )

please go through below news


company is good but still problem with people always remain.
Sep 19, 2016

Qnet Refund

Hi All,

I was also trapped in this business by an ex colleague of mine ,later when i realized what it was in reality, i demanded for refund ,to which i was denied. but , I escalted to their top management and after 6 months of working around, finally received my refund.

If anyone needs my help, i am ready to work with them with all the contacts and email addressess.

There was also a notification issued in several newspapers by Qnet stating to provide names of all the IRś who have cheated without providing the entire background of the business. Email address is info@qnetindia.in please send your queries to this email address.
Sep 19, 2016


Hello! I have been fooled by Bhagyashree Kanse (Pune) - 8605008836. in the Qnet Business. I have been told its a e-commerce based business and with earning potential of 5 crores. This lady never told me about anything before I gave her money. she just asked me to trust her and fooled me by portraying wrong and fake things. I have given 4,45,000 INR to her on 22nd of April 2016, the next day I got to know its a pure MLM chain and that time itself I told her, I don't want to enter into this and I want my money back. Till now I haven't got my money back and she is just pressurizing me with her contacts. Please help me.
Sep 19, 2016

Need Qnet refund


I have been fooled by Bhagyshree Kanse (Pune) - 8605008836, in the Qnet scam. This lady has taken 4,45,000 INR from me on 22nd April, 2016. telling me, that its a e-commerce Business. I have been telling her since the next day, the day when I got to know its a MLM chain, that I don't want to do such kind of fooling business and I want my money back. Till date I haven't got my money back. Please help me.
Sep 19, 2016


Hi All,

Be aware these QNET fraud peoples.
Now they traveled DUBAI from there won money and they will call you from DUBAI.
then they will tell you in a year went two times international trip.
Your reply how
then they will tell i am doing business i will tell you when i came back.

Guys, be aware these cheeting peoples.
avoid these peoples.

Ask once if they will tell u i am doing businees join with me ask him/her how much you earn show me your account and credit card statement
Sep 18, 2016

Is Qnet going to be legalised in India

HI Atul Gupta Ji and my friends, Is Qnet going to be legalised in india. As i have few friends who are in this business and it is running in hyderabad without any ban. Mt friends who are in this business are saying that the central govt. is going to legalize this business in india and after this they will be restrictions in doing this business and it will reach to 7000 crores etc. Can you please confirm is it true or not.
indian 1234
Sep 18, 2016

qnet refund

hello everyone

please dont join qnet it is the biggest fraud of all time . for any help and for refund help contact on 9927047477
Sep 15, 2016

Qnet Scam

Hi Team,

My name is Roopa. I am also a victim of this scam, I invested in June, 2014. It was through an old colleague that I was introduced into this scam. I believed her completely and took a loan for 3 lakhs. I already had a car loan and it was very hard for me to manage both with the salary I was on. I literally scarified my basic necessities to get into this shit. But at the very beginning I understood it was not what they projected it to be. I could not force myself into cheating more people, like I was cheated.

I requested a refund, my only mistake was I did not go through the policies back then, due to some personal issues I could not follow up and keep a track. But finally the response was that “its too late for refund”

Recently after so many people reporting the scam, it has been highlighted. Through your post I understood you could get the refund of this money. Now in my case it has already been more than 1 year. Could you please give me any guidance/process or any info you have or any contact that could help me get a refund. You could reach me at roopayadav123@gmail.com

I appreciate all your help & time. And I’ll look forward to see your reply soon.

Thank you!

Sep 15, 2016

Reply to Tarrran

Dear Tarrran,

Your friend is making you fool. It can be done for free also. And even if he done that by paying then:
You can ask your friend that "you can apply for refund in this case". Since, you have mentioned that he done that by using his "e money", which means he used E-Cards.

Even if he swiped his Credit/Debit card, still he can request QNET for refund (depends on purchase: because refund can be done within one week or in some cases one month)

FYI: I was a part of QNET for 1 year and know the whole processes. Hope this helps. :)

Thank you,
A Victim.
Sep 13, 2016


Thanks for the information that you all guys has provided,I just wanna ask one thing that my friend registered me in Qnet but I have not payed anything to him by the end I got a mail from Qnet that they have created my id and receipt and reference no and also it's show status like register (payment waived). My friend sucked me by making call and mail that my e money involved in this , you need to pay money bla bla. In that case what do I do.."

I know he is making me fool as I come to know one of the post that register in Qnet is free of cost but u need to put ur money for purchasing the product""? Is that true..?

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