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Consumer complaints and reviews about QNET

Sep 15, 2017

Victim of qnet scam

I am Abhijeet
I am a victim of qnet scam
pls add me to the group to fight this shit
my mob no 7768077700
Sep 15, 2017

Qnet Fraud company

Dear Sir/Madam,

I was also been trapped badly by QNET, it was a group of people who came through my know person and they somehow trapped me by telling so many things and showing so many video, they did the brain wash and finally took the money from my credit card. I have the people number and name who did this to me.

I want to file a case and sue the company to do the human trafficking and looted my heard earned money from me. Please I want to know further procedure, how I can sue them and recover my money.

Thanks a lot

Raise voice against qnet
Sep 15, 2017

qnet refund


Please stay away from qnet , it is eating india , its a scam if you are stuck and want some help regarding the refund contact me at [email protected]
V for QNET
Sep 15, 2017

Cancellation Not Received?

I had mailed for product cancellation within 30 days. Later on I raised a case on portal. They say they have not received any mail on their support id. I have the mail in sent list with the cancellation request form. Any help on how to proceed further?
Delhi Scam
Sep 9, 2017

Kapil Soni Qnet, Nikunj Jhawar Qnet, Ashok Sharma Qnet

Do not get into trap with Kapil Soni Qnet, Nikunj Jhawar Qnet, Ashok Sharma Qnet, These are bastards they will Loot you and spoil your life.
Sep 9, 2017


Hi dear all,

I was also a trapped person but a lot of thanks to God that i came out from this situation..
please you dont loos your hopes just i m sending the process detail follow it you will get back your mony,
Pls write a detail email with your problem and ID no and by whom you traped on given emial id.
[email protected]
Sep 8, 2017

Form A Team To Fight Against Qnet

Hi Everyone,

Those who got cheated, I request everyone to share your contact numbers so that we can form one group and fight against those guys. If you really want to take revenge on them then share your contact numbers so that we can get in touch with each other and also it help everyone to get their money back from those cheaters. If we go by group then only something will happen if you keep on posting here then it does not work at all. If you really have guts & dare to fight against them then please share your contact numbers we can fight against then and also we should complain against them. We need most of you guys support so that we can definitely take the action against them.

Sep 6, 2017

QNET Fraudsters from Pune/Mumbai

QNET Fraudsters from Pune/Mumbai/Nashik -

Amol Shinde - 99875 50622 (Lives in Pimpri Chinchwad/Bhosari)
Jigal Jain (Lives in Mumbai)

and few others who's name are not known to me. They usually meet people in Citrus Hotel, Pimpri and nearby posh places around.
Sanjeev Ahire
Aug 29, 2017


I trapped by QNet Team in Mulund (R Mall). One of my best friend approached me there. Believing him they trapped my money. They told me that they will make my money double if I do as they will tell. They told me that we are not going elsewher and keep faith on your best friend. But It was my big mistake. After getting money when they told me that now you cheat your friends and relatives like us then you will surely get your money double in a month, I refused to do these dirty tricks. I asked same day (1st meeting after closing) to give back my money, they told that it is not possible. Actually it was possible. My friend who approached me there named Abhay Talekar agreed to pay my amount. He gave me some hopes. He told me that not to worry about money. He is going to manage some amount for me. But after some days he also started avoiding my callsmsgs. But now I m going to Police because it is only way to teach lesson to these fraudsters.

Fraudsters Names:
Abhay Talekar
Sakharam Kharat
And QNET R Mall team, Mulund
Aug 25, 2017

Invested in Qnet through friend who is an upline but git it back

Hello People,

In the year 2016, January 1st which was a new year my friend made me invested in his so called business saying that he wanted to expand his business in hyderabad and he was looking for one manager who can handle it and he approached me saying that as they were looking for only one person.

He said, his senior manager will be meeting me in a hotel. As they do not have an office. I asked him 4 times on the call saying that what was the business or name of the company? He said i will get to know. I met the so called senior manager and she showed me some examples and she was telling as if she was warren buffet.

They did not reveal the name of the company untill i paid them 3.5 lacs in cash. And the same night i had to attend the introduction session where at last the name of the company was revealed which was QNet.

That night i couldnt sleep well and the very next morning my friend came from Bangalore, and I asked him to give my money back as i was not interested and he did not tell me as it was Qnet.

He was saying that i can earn 9 lacs per week and he was doing it as it was 14 months since he already joined, i stil lwonder why he travels in a bus though he earns 9 lacs per week.

I asked him to cancel registration and give me back my money. He said he will do it on the same day and after two days he was asking what was my problem.

I understood my money is gone and i did not have an option. I wrote a suicide letter including all the name so the people whom i met as my team members and the uplines and forwarded it to my friend.

He was about to hand it over the police and also the upline who made me invested in Qnet, he called me the next moment and promised me to give me back my money.

I got all my money with in the next 25 days. All these days i wasn't sleeping well.

My suggesttion to you is, if something happens please approach the police first only they can help you,
Aug 25, 2017


hi guys,

Most of the people in this are from IT sector. If you know in which company they work, you can write complaint to their employers. there is a clause in their contract of employment that one cannot have dual employment or we can say they cant have two income source.
if we write the complaint to their employers that these people are in this business, these people can lose their current job and that can be the perfect revenge from these bastards.
just collect all the information about these your fake friends and contact email of their employer can be easily obtained from google. write email to their employer with all the information you have about them.
Aug 25, 2017


Let try writing directly to finance minister Mr. Arun Jaitley about this scam.May be he can do something if we all send complaint to him about this fraud. telling how company is fooling people. below is the link to write directly to him
[email protected]
Aug 23, 2017


Victims, don't be afraid of uplines, even if refund period is over, just take the legal way to fight the scam. Drag the culprits to court, loop in all the big shots of qnet and help Indians from this virus

We support fighters and not cowards who just keep looking for refund of their money

Lets unite and make india QNET free
Jai Hind
Aug 21, 2017

Against QNET

In response to NBEN -

We should start enlisting names of those basters on this board.
Also we should add their names and photos on Facebook community against QNET
We should broadcast Whats App messages briefing about this SCAM to increase awareness.
Aug 19, 2017

Another Qnet victim

Hi guys,
I am another qnet victim. My so called uplines are not responding to my calls now. 100s of calls.

I read these posts and I am a little relieved that there is a platform for us to launch a fightback.
We know that these meetings are happening in some places(depending on availability of innocent people!).

Mere sharing our grievance will not help.

We need to work together to put a stop to it. Some body pls suggest how we can do it.

We can share our contact numbers, get in touch with each other, form a group and make the fight strong. Thats one idea i could come up with. Pls suggest others if you have any.

Here is my phone no - 09886924188
email id - [email protected]
Aug 16, 2017

Qnet fraud

Hi everyone,

I have lost money of 5lakhs in this scam and my best friend lost 2.5lakhs. We have enrolled in 2016 but not able to find a process of refund. Could anyone please tell me if we can get refund from this shitty scam??

Any response will be highly appreciated!!

You can email me at [email protected]

Aug 14, 2017


Dear #Testtesttest0909
You have posted a very nicely ciiked story which came in a very ingenuine newspaper on 24th july about Mrs Kavita Sugandh.
I want to ask you few questions.

1.If Kavita and her husband Sachin Gupta are so great and ideal then why is there a " LOOK OUT NOTICE" of E.D. against them and so the natural question is when is the last time they visited India, there home country. I am sure not within last 4-5 years coz once they enter India they will be arrested.

2.Why Sachin Gupta, Kavita, and there CHAMCHE Shipra, Neeraj and Sharfun are hiding in Dubai. There 100% business is from India and with there settings with Qnet they have silently migrated to International portal and so whatever they earn because of hard work of Idians becomes TAXLESS. In this sense are not 'THEY TAX CHOR". So they are not paying a single penny to Govt of India.
3.Why all of there events are organised outside India when 100 % of there downlines are here.

This is very simple they are looting the innocent people here in India through some very nicely brain washed army of so called leaders/ Thugs ( LS, LDC, CTCs and ISBs)

If this is all wrong please reply with better facts # testtesttest0909.
Gautam Singh
Aug 12, 2017

Qnet fraud

i m informing u about Fraudsters of Qnet who invite people in friend list & relatives to tell that ki 2 minutes ke liye free hai and start his speech without listening anything ki abhi delhi ncr bahut hi awesome business start kiya hai just abhi meeting se aaya hu senior partner se pata chala hai ki Deli NcR mein massive expansion aaya hai tu serious hai na apni life mein kuch karney ke liye to main tera name recommend your name to senior partners bahut saare recommendation aa chuke hai kuch confirm nahi keh sakta ki tu shortlist hoga. Agar select hota hai phone par 1 or 2 days super active rehna hai interview ki call aayegi koi bhi call miss mat karna.sabse pehle mujhe update karna chal abhi rakhta hu mere pass 2 minutes hai tera naam recommend karney ke liye.

After that if person asks what is business all about they said ki global distribution ka business hai bahut jayada profit hai abhi 2 minutes mein recommend karna hai warna miss ho jayega. baad mein call karta hu. if anyone asked ki investment kitna hai then they will said tumharay pass 1 crore nahi hai na abhi sirf name recommend kar raha hu gurantee nahi le raha hu ki u will get selected. if anyone asked ki work kya hoga they said bhai business project hai bahut cheez hai karne ko.

then they will call u after 2 days nd said that ki u got shortlist for the interview then they will call u to meet at any mall in cafe or restaurant after that ki started why u want to business what would be your no one priority finacial freedom, extra income, helping others people, meet new people, need retirement and after candidate select anything they start talking with that point only. and after that they will deposit security amount from u around 2 or 3 thousand and said i will discuss with my senior partners if u get selected then u will ot call.

after 2 days u will got call u will get selected and u have submit the amount to start business which is minium 3 lakh and after depositing the amount they will call you for first session and in that they will signed a agreement that they will purchase product for they would told about the company not told u what u will do or your duties over there but after getting signed document they will start to open one by one stage. And in last stage u will now this is network marketing and i m got trapped inside this and after that if u demand to got your money they said ki aapki product purchsing ho gyi hai ab refund nahi ho sakta hai.
Aug 8, 2017

Save Yourself

I have made payment on 25-8-2015 and got back to the Qnet team in less than a week regarding cancellation and refund. Finally I got back my money credited. Hope this info is helpfull.

Reach out to this person regarding your request for cancellation of IR and cancelling the scrappy products you have received

[email protected]

+91 9900060062

Discussion Description:
[ISC_REKHA]-9/9/2015 8:40:30 PM
Please be informed that your refund request has been already sent to hold the commission and product so that we can process for refund.

[ISC_REKHA]-9/18/2015 5:01:02 PM
Please be informed we are on the process of holding / cancelling the products from our system and we will update you once the process is completed.

[ISC_REKHA]-9/29/2015 1:56:37 PM
Please note that your refund request process has been completed.

Request you to kindly confirm the mode of payment, Ecards or Bank Transfer.

If Bank Transfer, Please provide the scanned Bank Statement (Account holder name, Account number, IFSC code, Bank Branch) of the concern IR. The process of payment would to take 15 to 20 days of time period.

If Ecards, Kindly confirm so that we can process in 4 working days.

Kindly revert to [email protected] with your confirmations.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at +91 99 0006 0062 .

***Request for a bank transfer*****
Jul 24, 2017

About Qnet


Just checking it it True?

Rise of the New Age Women Entrepreneur
Posted By: editorial deskon: July 22, 2017In: InterviewsNo Comments Print Email
A fascinating journey from Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 35 Lakhs per month!

The sixth economic census, released by Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, presents a worrisome picture of the status of women entrepreneurs in the country. The survey shows that, women constitute only 13.76% of the total entrepreneurs, i.e., 8.05 million out of the 58.5 million entrepreneurs. Another revelation is that out of these women entrepreneurs, 2.76 million women (34.3% of the total women entrepreneurs) work in the agriculture sector, whereas 5.29 million females (65.7% of the total) work in the non-agricultural sectors.

This grim picture of women entrepreneurship can be reversed if the Direct Selling Industry in our country develops like that in other out south east asian neighbours such as Malasiya, Singapore and Thailand. Ms. Kavita Sugandh is a succesful entrepreneur and a top distributor of one such Direct Selling company – QNet, and her motivating story demonstrates how a small town girl made it big by switching from a regular job with a salary of Rs. 35,000 a month, to entrepreneurship that has led to an average monthly income of Rs. 35,00,000 a month! Here are some excerpts from an exclusive interview with Ms. Kavita.

Question: Tell us about your journey from a small time job to that entrepreneurship

I was born in Raipur, Chattisgarh, studied from Nagpur and hail from an average middle class family. My father encouraged me to start earning from a very early age. Hence, I have been working since the age of 14. I started by setting up a plant nursery while I was still studying in school.

After my graduation, I joined Hutchison Max (Now Vodafone), then I joined Aditya Birla Insurance and finally Kotak Mahindra Bank. Since I come from a traditional business family I was never comfortable with working for someone else and always knew I wanted to do something on my own. However, I never had enough capital to get started.

Around 2006, I decided to quit my job and started an HR consultancy business, which was my first major stint at entrepreneurship. I was the CEO, administrator, the clerk and the only employee, since I couldn’t afford to hire people. With hard work and determination, eventually I was able to grow this business and establish multiple offices. This experience also taught me that running a business is not easy. I was very hands-on and my company was centred around me and that meant I could not afford to fall sick or go on vacation since a lot of money was at stake. Also, all the profits seemed to only appear on paper and never in the bank!

Two years later, I discovered direct selling through QNet and since then my journey as an entreprenuer has completely transformed.

Question: So how did you come across Direct Selling and why were you attracted to it?

By the year 2008 I had already been working with some of the top brand names in India for 8 years. Then one day, QNet came into our lives through a family friend. My husband Sachin Gupta was the first one to realise the potential of the direct selling business and immediately took it up. I was initially reluctant since I was still focussing on making a success of my HR consultancy business, but decided to give it a shot, though not wholeheartedly.

It took me about a year before I realised the power of the direct selling business to impact sustainable change. I had gone for one of QNet’s international conventions where I had the opportunity to attend their training programs, interact with other distributors from around the world, and explore the various products. I came back home from the convention and closed down my HR business. From that day on, I decided to give QNet my 100 per cent.

I had to work very hard for four long years before experiencing any form of success with QNet. By 2012, my husband and I decided to move to Dubai to expand our business internationally. For the next one year I was constantly traveling between India and Dubai. By 2014 the team in India was becoming self-reliant and I didn’t have to oversee things regularly and was able to properly shift to Dubai and focus on the international business.

How many years did it take before you felt you were achieving some level of success in your QNet business?

I still don’t consider myself successful. There is so much more to achieve! For me, this is a never-ending journey. A journey that I wish would never end, because I am enjoying every minute of the ride.

I have never shied away from hard work, but as an entreprenuer with QNet I have learnt about hard work at a whole new level. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but a get-rich-sure business, provided you are putting our heart and soul into it. For the first 18 months, I did not make any money. I faced a lot of setbacks and rejections. That made me angry but it also fuelled my hunger to do better. When I earned my first commission cheque after 18 months of hard work and effort, the wait was totally worth it!

Question: How big is your team now?

The team under me that’s actively involved in the direct selling business is now close to 25,000 distributors. We also have 1.75 lakh customers who regularly purchase products of QNet.

Question: When you were working a regular job, what was your last drawn salary and how does it compare to your current monthly income?

I used to earn a salary of Rs. 35,000 a month in Kotak Mahindra Bank – my last job. Now, QNet’s direct selling business has shown us the power of entrepreneurship and the potential to grow a successful business through hard work and dedication. I easily average around Rs.35- 40 lakhs a month through the QNet business.

Question: What is the secret to succeeding as an entrepreneur?

There is no substitute to hard work. My husband and I used to work 18-20 hours a day, all 7 days a week when we started out. In the last 3-4 years, I have been unwell only once and I was in the hospital for a week. Even then, I used to work from the hospital helping and guiding my team members remotely.

Has it been difficult being a woman in this business?

I think men find it far more difficult. Women usually have all the traits needed to be successful in direct selling. In my opinion, us women are the only reason for our own failures. If we want to be successful and walk hand in hand in men, then why do we need a man to make us realise our own potential? We don’t need a special women’s day to talk about everything that’s good about being a woman. Success doesn’t see gender. It comes to those who put their blood and sweat into and are deserving of it.

What were the challenges that you faced as part of your entreprenurial journey? Did you ever want to give up when times were hard?

I believe that when you go all out to achieve your dreams, you will be faced with challenges. You cannot achieve success without failure. I am glad that I faced so many challenges and experienced failures, because that’s what helped me grow as a person.

My biggest challenge was coming out of my shell. I am inherently shy and a loner by nature. This has often been perceived as arrogance. I had to make the effort to change this and take initiative to approach people and talk to them. For this, I will always be grateful to my husband and my mentors because they helped and guided me to becoming who I am today.

I have never thought of quitting or giving up. I AM NOT A QUITTER. I never was. In fact, each challenge has only made me stronger. I think people who quit either have other choices or they are simply ok with not succeeding. I have been clear with myself that success is my only choice.

Question: Your advice to the young generation of women who aspire to be entrepreneurs.

In India, even today in many places young women or girl children are dissuaded from taking up a career or being ambitious. In my opinion we celebrate Woman’s Day because we don’t consider women as equal to men. I tell the women in my team that their success is entirely up to them. They need to believe they can be successful and be willing to put in the work needed for it.

As a society we should never let a women feel that she is not capable or not suitable to do something. We need to create an environment where women should be encouraged to follow their dreams, and make their own choices.

Question: What about settling down and planning a family.

Everyone has to make a choice and I made mine. I have a family of nearly two lakh people consisting of my QNet team members. We are like a family and I take care of my team, train them, and take pride in their success.
kumar pillai
Jul 24, 2017


when i was not ready to enter into a business my brain was washed ..only because i believed and wanted to support my friend i said her not to join..later they introduced me to a loan agent..i was not at all ready..forcefully without any interest i had to sign ..now when i placed cancellation request no response.. i already have 2 loans on my head.. and these is the third one 2,60,000....now they are asking me to raise complain..on some id [email protected] mailled before 30 days for cancellation...they say they didnt recieve any request..

anyone help
Jul 23, 2017


i dont understand why government or court is not taking any action against qnet. these people are buying expensive items like audi bmw(dont know how true is it) even income tax department is not checking them. it is spreading all over bangalore.
Jul 23, 2017


dont understand why government or court is not taking any action against qnet. it is spreading all over bangalore.
Jul 23, 2017

About to fall in trap

I was about to fall, like almost one step away from being cheated. I was introduced to this by my roommate whom I thought as my closest friend and well wisher. He later introduced me to a person called Bhupender Patel who works in qnet. They usually meet over coffee shops or some malls in metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad,and Delhi. Infact i approached my friend to give some money as loan and later told him i dont want that loan. There I got introduced to and was told that they are all team members. I was forced and a kind of situation created where I had to arrange for 3.5lacs to hold company's stake. But thankfully I did not take loan.
I was bit aware because I had already known how it works when I had visited the same sort of fraud company called UNITED CAPITAL CLUB,where they have so called office at OXFORD TOWERS, OLD MADRAS ROAD, BANGALORE. I met a girl in Oxford towers who called herself as tax consultant in that company and her name is Garima Kumar. She said she is a company secretary who looks after only one wing. They make u withdraw money money from your account then and there to invest on spot. Thankfully and by God's grace, I did not fall in this trap. They usually approach people who are more active in Facebook and students are targeted more. I noticed one thing, people whom I met so far said they r from QNET are mostly from North India. Seems like they have a base geographically in North India and operate all over.

Anyways, I want you all beware of these bloody people and let others beware of them. Government should put more effort in banning and popularise them such that no other Innocents fall in trap.
Jul 21, 2017

Message directly to Sachin Gupta

Here is Sachin Gupta's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sachinguptaaa

Let's all message him and tell him what we think of his greed and the pyramid scam he operates. You can also write comments on his posts, These jerks are hiding in plain sight, so let's put some heat on them!

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