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Consumer complaints and reviews about QNET

Jun 25, 2017

Qnet is a big Scam

Hi all, I invested 2.5L in Qnet recently and didn't even earn 1% of my investment. I am being cheated by my friend Yuvraj PB and he made me fool. Simply they call us for meetings wasting our precious time and they will tell it gives us energy I don't know what kind of energy my friend Yuvraj PB has got from it. I am depressed as I lost my money, peace everything and I don't know how to get back the money. Friends my humble request to everyone is that pls pls don't even bother if they say about online business it's a big fraud, it's chain business where ur time, money, happiness everything will go. If any of ur friends come and tell about online business or Qnet pls don't even bother to listen them.
Jun 24, 2017

QNet scam

I joined the QNet scam and went through the brainwashing and all that. Turns out that everything they tell you is a lie, and all the logic they use to try to justify their pyramid scheme is a total lie too. The government isn't going to do anything to stop QNet or help the victims who have been cheated. Therefore it is up to us only. Get some friends and go to the PoA and start a scene and hopefully get the QNet IRs banned from their present PoA location. Keep doing this and they will be afraid to show their face in public anymore. Also warn all of your friends about QNet and ask them to warn all of their friends. We must fight back
Jun 20, 2017

Qnet refund

Hello everyone ,
Qnet matlab making fools of other ..you will not earn a single penny neither u will earn 4.8 cr in 5 years ,only depression and suffering u will earn.. if u have invested and want any refund guidance contact me on 8279988259.
Jun 18, 2017


Qnet Frauds in nasik
Hi All,
recently my friend got cheated by 3 people in from Nasik (maharashtra), they approached by saying you will get money without doing anything will also making u a share holder of a company. They have cheated for Rs.4 Lac by taking loan.After giving money that person not answering phone call also.my friend is fully frustrated and depressed by loan.
QNET SCAM people are also in Nasik,beware of them.
TNT (The Naked Truth)
Jun 13, 2017


Hello Friends, one of my very dear friend from engineering college inspired me enough to join QNET. I thank him for inspiring me and will thank him more once I get my money back. Well you already know what am I going to write but if you want to know the logic behind my decision continue reading...

First of all, my current financial struggle after I started my own business (not qnet) was known to many of my friends - I am an open book you see. I am still going to continue the struggle anyway but I got worried that I am burning my savings out without much return. But that's what business is all about; unless you are rich (10 lakhs or above) by luck or by an angel investor or purely by fantastic savings you should be thinking multiple times before starting your own business. Oh, I realize its not about my business... its about QNET. Well, it was a perfect time to bait me in. So I went in. My second weakness, hunger for knowledge added fuel to the burning question - "What if QNET actually works and I get insanely rich?!!" You see they are phenomenally trained, inspiring, superbly communicating bunch of people (no adjectives please... he is my friend after all) and trust me I admire it!

Second, the screen behind the mirror - This is an expression I learnt back in the days from a famous German electronic lounge music group called the ENIGMA. The screen behind the mirror is a song which teaches you - "It is not enough to just see the mirror - a true person sees the screen behind it too which makes it a mirror" - Deep Yo!? Anyway, long story short it is this very idea which always kept my "investigative" side on and I am not a person who will just settle with any answer. You gotta have a scientific answer. You see in science there is either an "Yes" or "No" - there is no weather forecasting as in "May be thundershowers of money!!!" Sorry boss "Maybe" is not enough. Let me see the screen behind the mirror... So... SC stays order on 19 cases against QNET in March 20017 but their website qnet.net gets blocked by DoT in June 2017, multiple cases are registered in Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad in May and June, 7 days product refund form is not available to access in qiportal,in (new website), there has been 7-8 different name changes in past 12-13 years of their existence, the list just keeps going. That's it... my intuitive mindset lead me to these screens behind the mirror and I decided to cancel the deal today. I am writing this review few minutes after I dropped whatsapp msgs to my friend to help me get my money back and also dropped an email to [email protected] since I am only 2 days before the 7 days threshold period. Lets see where it goes... Either I get my 40K back or I get my friend back - either is fine with me. But worst case scenario... both are gone. Its gamble where I threw only that much to make a wound but not to kill!!

In this world of vultures and cancers... Be Wise... Be Alert... ALWAYS!!
Jun 12, 2017

QNet, Vihaan is SCAM!

Vihan is completely (Linked to QNet) fraud. this is how it operats in most of the places in south india (Hyd, Chennai, B'lore).

1. Initially you will get a call from your friends (in QNet tersm he is called IR - Indepedent Reprasentative), relatives all of soo sudden. He/she asked you about your personal life, financial life and slowly tell you about that he/she is going a business on Cost Optimization. If you ask any questions further, he/she won't tell you and skip your questions. .....In Qnet side, its called "Information Sent"
According to your reply she/he rated you as "A" (much interested), "B(ok) and "C" for (least bothered). If you ask more questions to your friend you will get brade - A in their notebook or Dairy. Assume you will get grade - "A"
2. after that, again you will get call from same friends that he is really looking for few partners in his business and he will force (literally) you to attend the interview for a change or financial freedom...this phase is called "Interview"
3. In the interview, you will connected to a Appliance (as per Qnet terms nothing but sweet talker) his/her job is no identify the mistakes and makes you thinking about the business. They will use very straight or sweet words to attract you towards the business or motivate you towards to invest the initial money into the business. if the telephone discussions went fine, and if your positive, then they will ask you to deposit Rs.5000 to move forward on the business discussion. ...this phase is called "Plan".
4. Once you deposited they will teach you about the "Cost Optimization" which is true fact. Other than that they will tell you about the Left, Right, tracking sectors, pyramid sceme (by asking examples on organization structure)....Guys noted down...they won't tell you about the company names (either Qnet or Vihana) or any directors names (like Vijay, Jatapa..etc)..They always talk about your dreams and Financial freedom..etc. If you asks any questions like about your role and work in the business- they never answer to your questions.
5. Even if you show small interest, they make you fool and you will get calls from your friend (who approached you initially) probing you to invest the money. Infact he will provide you the loan agents details also force you not to listen or follow the parents/wife instructions.
6. Once you invest the money, They will give you books on MLM and create a whats group with your Appliance. Remember, till now they won't tell you about that you have to invite other people..
7. After a week or 2, they will ask you to write 500-600 names along with contacts whom yor are aware in your circle. then they will ask you to call them with same script which you recieve in point #1.....Now tell me doesn it not scam or cheating?????
8. They will purchase a product or holiday package from QNet, which you invested. based on the product your friend who invited you will get 10-14%. You don't have option to choose the product. the term partnership (when you start the conversation) ater on promoted as customer to QNet. does it not Scam?? where is value in the MLM or Pyramid Sceme. in Any pyrimd scheme, the base like is customer not the IR's

#a. if QNet or Vihan is not scam, why they are not selling products directly into the market? like Amazon..etc.
#b. Why did they cheated people by calling it as huge business oppeartunity and playing with their emotions.??
#C. Why did they puchase products like (holiday packages...etc) with the money who invested? he can buy directly from QNet.no need to go thru Qnet if they really want that product. Then why the IR's forcing him to go for along and making purchases on QNet??
#c. If any purchases happened, why did they are not giving the products to the person who invested money?
#D. who is taking or utilizing the products?
#E. Why they are hiding the truth that the business runs by involving the people?
#F. Why did they are telling that they have all distrubution rights? does they really have the rights with them?
#G. Why did they keep telling you the statement "Don't you your brain". its very funny..

One of my close friend trapped me and forced me to invest 7 Lack thru a loan. Now I am fighting for my money :(
Jun 10, 2017

Qnet Froud in Facebook

Hi Friends,

If anyone lost money in Qnet, I am giving an suggestion to post this on Facebook.Whom you have given an amount.
Before joining Qnet, check with police whether it's legal or illegal business.Take that guy into the police station.
Dhirendra Raushan
Jun 10, 2017

Why Qnet official website not working in India

Can any one tell me, if Qnet company is right company for "Direct Selling in India " then why " Department of Telecommunications of India" blocked his official web site "www.qnet.net" .

when you open website bellow message will show up

“This website/URL has been blocked as per instructions from Department of Telecommunications of India.” message from Department of Telecommunications of India

way to official website :-
search in google qnet wikipediai ->then below logo of Qnet you will find the official website url
Jun 8, 2017

Brand New Bikes and Cars for half rate

Hi Folks,

In the year 2016 one of my common friend got into a offer of getting bikes and cars for cheap that too at 50% off it really didn't shock but had a doubt is this one more kind of scam and now both my friends are victims of this group, where in they have taken money from lot people with an 50% offer on bikes and cars and its amounting up to 75 to 80 lakhs poor fellows have lost their job and trying to sort out the issue by investing their own money.

Example Tactics of convincing the Victim:

Victim: From how long you have been doing this
Scamsters: 3 to 4 years successfully.

Victim : how many bikes or cars you have done
Scamsters : close to 180 bikes and 25 luxury cars

Victim : How Does this happend
Scamsters : Its through a Trust or NGO

Victim : Why do they do this
Scamsters : just to help people and they have tie ups with cars and bike showroom, all we have to do is get the cash from the customer YOU KEEP/TAKE YOUR COMMISSION and we hand over the cash to the TRUST /NGO and finally after 25 to 30 days we get the full money i.e. on road prize of a vehicle and proof for cash will be given if its 1 lakh and above(Estamp paper).

Note: victims don't realize that E stamp is valid for 3 month from the date of expiry and case cannot be filed AFTER THAT.

Then they show the pics of bikes and cars they have released from showroom but if you notice carefully they will never be in any pics. victims are convinced almost and wanna try one bike and they invest and time given is 35 days but for the 1st 2nd and 3rd investment they get their vehicle before 20 days and where in the victim would have earned at least 15k to 20k on three bikes now victim go for cars by the time victim gets a car he or she would have booked about 30 to 50 bikes just by trusting them and finally car gets released but the 30 to 50 bikes are stuck unless and until victim give the next batch of money for bikes / cars you will not get your bike that is if you give 2 vehicle cash one of your vehicle will be released.

When you pressurize too much you will get a news one of their Trustee is dead the new signing authority has to come in until then we cannot do anything you try getting any one big luxurious car you will get out of this.

People hope you understood what they are doing they actually pull inside where you can never come out of it

If any of your friend is doing this or marketing about IT ask them to have a check on :
1, What is a Trust / NGO.
2, How it works.
3, Why will a trust or ngo will fund outsiders where they them self are begging for funds to run the NGO.
4, why should THEY take the money to NGO and get back the full cash after 30 days.

Jun 7, 2017

Refund support

I have initiated the Refund process with in 7 days. As per the order receipt buy back can be initiated with in 30 days. After dropping the mail to their support id [email protected] I haven't received any response from them.

Please help how can I contact with them and get my money back..

Ravi Malhotara
Jun 7, 2017



All of you if you want to get back your money from fraud company then you can contact me on my what's app number

I will do my best for you
Jun 4, 2017

QNET/vihaan a fishy operation @ india

QNET Cheaters

Dear Friends !

Beware of these so called business man offering global business opportunity without disclosing any thing not even company name beforehand ! They just play with your emotions and show you big dreams !

Some of the Cheaters active in Kolkata / Delhi /Bangalore /hyderabad region of India are :




many more ! Please beware of these fraudsters

QNET/vihaan a fishy operation @ india

Sheshraj mishra
Jun 2, 2017

Qnet is a fraud company

Dear friends,
I am sharing my experience. My old friend left message on facebook messenger that she want to meet me. I replied with my number. After lot of discussion I asked her what she is doing. She told ecommerce business, and told me to join.
I met her in a coffee shop, I asked few questions but not answer, she just told me that her senior will answer who is coming after some time. Think simple a person who is known to me will not answer, but a unknown man will answer. It is because you can't lie smartly to your dear known friend.
I heard all,but no proper answer of question, only dream.

1+2=3 uv , 3+4= 7uv, 7+8= 15uv
15 x 200000= 3000000 (30 lac) company getting
Then you will get benefit of 12uv * 1000= 12000
Now calculate percentage.

Thank to God to save me from cheater. They do not have any paper or plan, simply website where any matter can change in 1 minute.

I am sure if they will sit with pen and paper I can prove them fool.
May 31, 2017

Please help me for refund

I have been cheated by my friend to invest in qnet 4 lakh..i am a disabled person and invested money taking loan thinking that i can afford my treatment and living through this..now nobody responding me all their phones are switched off..now i am thinking that i should commit suicide because i am unable to repay loan amount and my health condition is getting worse..if anybody can help please call me to this number 9206781223
May 20, 2017

Qnet is for people with a "Dream"

Obviously I will not name the Dreamers here, as I have high respect for one of them. Still do. I know he is trapped. I know he has no option but to support his upline. If he doesn't, he is around 20 lakhs poorer. I guess he already is, I don't know !!

I should have realised that when an acquaintance contacts you after 5 years asking to meet, there has to be something fishy going on. But I trust people faster than anyone else in the hope of giving them a chance. That trust turned into betrayal or nearly turned into betrayal.

The one thing I am really proud of is-- the use of my logical thinking to the very small aspect of life. This saved me. I always need a link to connect all dots. I didn't find the link to this business model. Figured they were a scam within minutes of hearing the "senior partner" of this busniess actually speak about the business. This comprised of 5% of total hours of discussion. 95% of the time he will speak of the money he has made and his dream and his contacts and his enjoyment and his lifestyle and success and his clean heart and trust amongst his business partners and he can go one with successful people's quotes, and stories on how professionals left their profession and joined the business for living the dream with minimal to no efforts. Dubai and Malaysia are their second homes. They travel the world.

This is an act including taking advantage of your emotions and no law can govern this act.
If ever contacted by such ducks enjoy with them. Let them waste around 1 month trying to lure you and then one fine evening while sipping your coffee show them the internet, show them all what you have been reading all through out this period.

The "Senior partner " was a quack. He gave such obvious hints that made me realize what deep nonsense this entire setup is. He can speak on motivation for hours as he is trained to do so. But when it comes to pure business (5%) he needs more training.
May 18, 2017


Hello all, I am 3 month old in the business and fooled by one of my closest friend to start this business. I have been attending the so called PDS which are actually Brain washing sessions. My PDS is mostly taken by some guys like

Deepak Sharma
Sandeep Sharma
Deepak choudhary
who even can't speak normal english. They come and says they have purhased big cars but people sitting besides me says they are just buying 2nd cars to fool people. The main ring master of the whole circus is

Dr.Rajeev Tyagi
Dr.Preeti Tyagi.

This couple is amongst one of the most shrewed people i have ever seen. I one met them at Country inn Ghaziabad. One of my crossline told me that this couple has gulped around 25-30 lakhs in the name of hotel and room booking in last Vcon. I have trying to get back my money from my refferer but he is just fooling me.Can anybody help me in getting refund.
Anonymous whistle
May 8, 2017

Qnet Scam

I was approached by an old friend of mine, I knew him from college and was of good nature during college days and I had respect for him. He directed me to another guy who was supposedly the master and the most amazing person (technically the master cheater), very well trained to cheat people in the name of achieving your dream life. I had doubts on this guy, I technically believe in hardwork but he was telling me about get rich quick. The only reason I planned to give this meet a try (so called interview) just because of my friend. But after clear research and help of this thread of complaints about Qnet, I was able to ask him if the name of the company is "QNet" (because until then he would just say it is an ecommerse business and divert any questions of mine). My (cheater) friend accepted the truth and I rejected the offer. I had initially deposited Rs 5000, but I got it refunded. But I was lucky that I didnt pay 2 lakhs which was the next step in the (fake)company.

Thanks to complaint board!!!!

Here are two links to to the facebook profiles of Qnet scammers

Master Cheater (Akash Singh) = https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1464261135
So called fake friend Cheater (Amanullah Amir) = https://www.facebook.com/fightagainst.hepatitis?ref=br_tf
indian 1234
May 7, 2017

Qnet refund

Hello everyone
Qnet matlab making fools of other ..you will not earn a single penny neither u will earn 4.8 cr in 5 years ,only depression and suffering u will earn.. if u have invested and want any refund guidance contact me on 8279988259.
Pony Mathews
May 2, 2017

Product cancellation

I was introduced to QNET business (MLM) by my friend 2 years back. She & her upline did not give me complete information on this MLM business & made me register in the business very quickly without giving a chance to think twice on the business deal. They asked me to buy a Vacation Plan product worth Rs.3.5lacs immediately, which I did.

I have not started this business ever since & am looking for my refund now. I want to return the product (Vacation Plan - GOLD plan) worth Rs.3.5 lacs to QNET (as it is unused) & want the refund of my hard earned money back from QNET.

My upline said she has written to QNET team for refund & she will get back by April 2017 end on the status. Now she says that she cannot help me in refund & as as per Supreme court orders & as per the law cancellation of any product cannot be done.

This is complete fraud ! There are no such orders from Supreme Court. They have taken Supreme Court Name for a ride ... They are fooling people anyways into business and now they are trying to fool those who are raising voices against them..
May 1, 2017

Beware of Qnet people in Bangalore

I am duped of 3.5 lacs. they promised that i will get my return in a yer. now i have to return debt of 4.2 lacs. my uplines has not adhered to their promise. i don't know what to do
samarth gopal ( fraud no. 1)
sakshi anand equally fraud
richa mutreja (my mentor)
akansha singh
amit kumar
devika sen

planning to complain to hr/police.
someone with experience in dealing with these guys pls help
Apr 27, 2017

QNET Scam and Money Refund before 7 days

Within 7 days ... ACT ...

Get your money refunded without talking to your referrer within a week time- write an email to - [email protected] to cancel your membership from your registered email id.
Apr 27, 2017



This is their Modus Operandi, ( Mostly in Delhi , Bangalore , Dubai...)

SCENE:1 - Your old friend or ex colleague is who has not spoken to you for long time suddenly calls you and asks you general questions , how are you ? How are things going on ? , when you ask them about their work ? They will reply that he / she is working on a amazing business and truly happy and enthusiastic e.t.c.. then suddenly he says , " Listen I am getting a call now will call u later ...".. Disconnects the call...!!!

Scene:2 - After 2 or 3 weeks he calls back again ....

He says , sorry could not talk to you that day.. and he will continue to say that he is very happy with his business and he is earning a huge sum of money... asks " i will introduce you to my business partner whose time is very valuable and whom he highly respects ..and ask if he is free on tommorow 4 pm or day after 6 pm " ( only 2 choices ). You trust ur friend and agree of tommorow 4 pm.

You ask him again tell me more details on the product and company ...he will not tell the truth or give out any details and simply tell a joke and divert from the topic ..

He then promises to come 15 mins earlier and the tell u everything during the meeting. ( this is their strategy)


Scene:3 - You meet him in Starbucks ( or any premium cafe ) which is their permanent location. If you see around in the same cafe there will be many similar meetings going on . Your friend will tell all lies on the world as he has been trained to fool people , his family and friends with this scam.

He will say that this has changed his life .... ( obviously he has lost his money and that has screwed his life .. that's the truth but he will not tell u this part of the sad story..)

He will also say big things about the master fooler who is going to come and fool you.. saying he was doctor and he stopped practicing etc etc ...( god knows the reality)

Scene :4 The Master Fooler Arrives who is trained to brainwash people perfectly and fool and loot people..

He will be very nice , friendly and he will take ur family history and he will judge your financial capacity ..

Now he will start the story and tell u how the 8x 5 job suks and screws people etc etc and tells example from "Rich DAd Poor DAD" book by Robert kiyosaki..

After this he will tell u how you can earn millions and millions of dollars ...after enrolling this business ..

They play very effectively with people's emotions and life dreams .... He will finally make sure that you are enrolled into this scam and you buy some junk discs " call it "bio disc " - horrible piece of glass ..nothing else all for 7 to 8 Lakhs scratching your credit card or debit card , break your Fixed deposit , redeem your mutual fund which you had invested for your child's future .."



qnet scam story
Apr 22, 2017



They will become your brother after signing you up.

They will be emotional to you as if you are everyone to them.

They will become your extended family.

Don't trust any one they are all FAKE.

Get your money refunded without talking to your referrer within a week time- write an email to - [email protected] to cancel your membership from your registered email id.

Now a days the referrer signs you up first and then creates your registered email id by themselves they don't disclose the registered email ID to you so that you don't apply for refund.

GUYS I HAVE LOST 20 LAKHS RUPEES, I WORKED FOR 2.5 YRS Day and night. I have hardly earned any thing, many people joined and applied for refund as it is a scam.


I have seen many innocent people being dragged by KAPIL SONI, ASHOK SHARMA, AMIT SONI, RAKESH, PUJA. Innocent people have been forcefully looted their life time savings by these guys.

One member of Qnet committed suicide after he was forced to put 5 Lakhs Rupees which he saved for his sister's marriage.

If you are not getting the signup it is not your mistake it is the nature of this scam-

check this link- https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-prove-QNET-is-a-scam

You will get to know the mathematics of the scam in the link. its just a money chain as they give you products that you will hardly use in your life.

DO NOT TRUST ANY QNET IR- GET YOUR MONEY BACK- Read this link- https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-prove-QNET-is-a-scam
Apr 20, 2017

Qnet is the Worst and fake Company having no existance

Hi All,

I am "Kirti Jaiswal" from New Delhi and my brother name is "Praneshwar Prasad", and we are in trouble. We both cheated by shit Company, so called name Qnet. So, we are going to warn you all, who want to earn more amount in short term.

We have been a victim of qnet a basted company accompanied with basted people whose job is to make fool people by looting their money and cheat their closer once.

Don't never ever believe on such type people and friends, who talk about the same. They will show always busy person and will show your successful future, means they will be talking about "you will get 1 to 2 crores per annum".

They talk about investment of minimum 4 to 5 lakes and if you can't arrange, then they arrange the loan on your risk.

So, all dear please be aware of this kind of people or if you get call.

Please help us regarding this or inform us of any update

Number: 09599735377

Email Id: [email protected]

Hautu Dudis
Apr 19, 2017


Hi all, I'm a college student in Indonesia. Just about 2 weeks ago, I received a direct message from my instagram about whether I'd like to learn enterpreneurshiby not just one but 4 people. I was first answering the direct message from one out of 4, and finally he asked me to meet him at jco or starbucks or dunkin donuts.

Finally, I got to meet him in person. However as I observed, there is not just one but many people gathered there waiting and just looking respectfully at one another as the person I've been in touch with explained to me the whole concept of the programme. Different that what I have been thought, it turns out that this enterpreneurship programme that I thought was to be sort of a class for learning how to do an enterpreneurship but more to how you enroll in one of the project by Qnet A team International, investing about $1390 and then trying to recruit 4 others of your friend and continuously 4x4x4x4...until the money you once paid in the beginning can finally be repaid from the income you have received from several months or later's prospects of recruitment.
I respectfully declined the offer but he kept telling me to think about it and even asked me to discuss it with my parents to let me loan from them for the first payment and then contact him later, then I said ok. However, before he let me leave, he told me to fill a form like my name, my id card and signature, just for in case, I might want to rethink back.
I carelessly fill the form because I was in a hurry to get back home.
By the time I got home, I reobserved all information I can get about this concept of direct selling proposed by this young man, and I find not one but more than enough about this Qnet scam from this site with the same type of proposing way. I later discussed it with my father and even tell him about my stupidity of signing a form and fill in my identity I shouldn't have.
To all of you that may experience the same, please carefully observe any of this kind proposal. I hope you can do a better judgment than myself. Save yourself before scams.

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