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Consumer complaints and reviews about QNET

Mar 26, 2017

Qnet Fraud in Delhi NCR

Totally scam n unethical business.

Don't join in this scam.

Nitin Garg, Nimisha garg, Rithika Gupta, and their team is active in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, Chandigarh, Jaipur and other cities.

They trap us by telling only one position is open and blocked the position for us and if it's late someone will grab that position.

After joining few days, They will pressurrise us to join our family members in hot zone category.

After 1 month or little sooner we have got to know about this business and then you can't come out bcoz u included ur family members.
You are trapped here.

We have to spend some money at least 200rs in coffee shops for wasting time there for a day.

We need to spend our money to attend vcon and to cheat our friends by telling them that we have went abroad from the profit earned from business and to show them our photos taken from Malaysia or Dubai.

Its total waste of time and money.

We need to cheat others like we got cheated.

If you are trapped, do immediately writes to Qnet support mail id and ask refund. Do not sign on any document whatsoever.
Spread the message to your friends and family member to bring awareness.
Mar 25, 2017

Qnet Scam , Delhi-Meerut-NCR

I joined qnet around a year back.I was shown big dreams.I almost spended 10 lakhs Rs in the name of my sign up, hots, vcon and camp. I was nicely fooled by some shrewed assholes.Some people from Meerut and surrounding region are running this scam on very large scale. They are fooling poor youngsters of this region.The main coulprit behind it is a doctor couple from Modinagar who are there in this business since 2.5-3 years.

Dr.Preeti Tyagi

Dr.Rajeev Tyagi

Deepak Sharma

Sandeep Sharma

And many others.They have looted hundreds of people here in the name of earning quick money. This couple sits at Country inn hotel at Ghaziabad. They only do brainwash. Now again they have started looting people on the name of Vcon. They have there commisions in hotels and tickets booking while normal IR has to pay more than a lakh rupees.They are in very close contact with Sipra and Dr.Brijesh who stays at Dubai and runs this fraud from there.
Friends don't believe these fraud people, they will show u false dreams and u will ultimately realise that u are trapped. Also i request others who also suffered losses through these fraud people to come forward on this platform.
Mar 24, 2017

Qnet free India

Shipra Neeraj, she is the lady behind the Qnet scam in Delhi NCR. She brought this scam business from Bangalore to Delhi in order to fulfill her greed to earn money by Unethical way. She couldn't earn so much money by hardwork and her intelligent that's why she choose this unethical business. After making fool to so many people she has flew out from India to save from Police and official. Every Qnet victim should curse her, her child and whole family every day.and include her name also in your complaint to eow along with your upline.
Mar 21, 2017

QNET Scam Nehru Place, Delhi

Hello friends,

Be aware from Chandan Grover as he is moving in every city to make fool people.
He is moving in Chandigarh, Delhi, Noida, Gurgram, Ahmedabad just to make people fool and take 3 lakh rupees and please dont join qnet its a money scam.
You can visit their website too, govt already banned the website.
Mar 21, 2017

Qnet scam in koramangala

Qnet is operating in Bangalore on full Swing.
Guy named Chethan and Smitha have started a office in Kormangala near Halkyn Hotel. They are fooling people and taking money from them. Guys please beware of the office near Koramangala.
QNET help
Mar 21, 2017

QNET Scam team

Hi Guy's,

Be aware these below peoples they are moving in every city to make fool people.

Monica Jaaga. TCS pune

Kirti Sherawat Capgemine Mumbai (Sap abap consultant) small girl

Laxman Methree Sears technology Pune( system engineer)

Murgesh Girisagar Sears technology pune (system engineer)

Lokesh Sharma (This guy recently brought a car and telling people he earn from business guys don't faith these person ..These peoples are making fool and making fnds just wants it money)

Neha Lokesh Sharma Atos Pune (system engineer)

Anjali Shalini Atos pune

Ipsita patannaik Infosys pune

Sudeep Mandal ---sabse bada froud person..Bhagwan Jo karenge achha karenge..Fnds log Ko fasya khudka accident hogaya and Abhi bate nhi karpata hai..Log ka paisa se kitna din jiyega Sudeep Mandal..
QNET help
Mar 21, 2017


Hi Guys,,

If you want return your money from your friends then go and complaint in cyber crime commissioner office in your city... Nothing will happen if you post here..
indian 1234
Mar 21, 2017

Qnet refund

Qnet is a work of making new fools ...please dont join qnet all the money outflaws from india to malyasia .. for any refund related help you can contact me on whatsapp or call 8218149554 ..please call in the working hours not, late in the night ..
Mar 21, 2017

QNET Fraud in Thane

Hello All,

We have cheated by Anup Borle and his wife Shubhangi Borle.This two guys also have same thing does with Me and my wife.
I have invested Rs 3,50,000 that too I took personal loan from the bank now I am facing the problem of EMI and this two guys are not ready to pay my amount.
After deposited money only I came to know that it's a network marketing not a business.
My purchase done in Doller and I have sent mail for cancellation but they refuse to refund my amount.As I already send so many mails to Qnet for refund my money.
Now I do not know how to take refund from them as 30 days are already over.
I am requesting you guys please suggest me how to receive my hard earned money back.
Mar 21, 2017

Qnet Fraud in Thane

Hello All,

We have cheated by Anup Borle and his wife Shubhangi Borle.This two guys also have same thing does with Me and my wife.
I have invested Rs 3,50,000 that too I took personal loan from the bank now I am facing the problem of EMI and this two guys are not ready to pay my amount.
After deposited money only I came to know that it's a network marketing not a business.
My purchase done in Doller and I have sent mail for cancellation but they refuse to refund my amount.As I already send so many mails to Qnet for refund my money.
Now I do not know how to take refund from them as 30 days are already over.
I am requesting you guys please suggest me how to receive my hard earned money back.
Mar 20, 2017

Ashwin Patil & Yash chaudhari_Fraud of Qnet


This two guys also have same thing does with me on the basis they will refund me my money and now they are asking do business and earn from that. And very disgusting guys are our friends and don't below on them. I am also looking to get refund.

I have also personal loan and now i am facing the problem of EMI and this two disgusting guys are not ready to pay that also.
Mar 18, 2017

Qnet Cheaters

Please be aware from below Qnet cheaters and fraudulent person from Delhi-NCR.
1) Yasir Faraz(HCL)
2) Deepak Kumar(Ex HCL)
3) Gopal Maheshwari (TCS)
4) Shashwat Sharma (TCS)
5) Anjeev Kumar (Cognizant)
6) Komal Garg
7) Kopal Garg (TCS)
8) Ajay Verma ( MMT)
9) Danish Idress
10) Ashmita Agrawal(TCS)
11) Naved Tyagi
12) Abida Khatoon
13) Mohd Nadeem
14) Kavya Sunal(TCS)
15) Shardesh Kumar(TCS)

These are the part of most unethical, cheated and fraud Team of Qnet. They are very active at CCD jasola and New Friends colony.
Mar 15, 2017

Qnet Fraud

Sapna2582 - Please share details of your son's uplines. File a FIR if possible on them.
QNET folks have structured brainwashing sessions. It'd be difficult for him to get out of that without your help.
Mar 13, 2017

Qnet is not worth loosing money, time and ur peace

I read the following on one of the other consumer site and this got me worried. Please don't join Qnet. U will not only loose money but more importantly ur time and mental peace and will end up in nothing

I hv been following the posts and I write hoping to find some way to help my son who has been trapped in this cheat "business". He borrowed 3 lacs ruppees from me and other family members saying it was an investment he would recover in 2-3 months. It has been a year almost and he has subsequently put even more money into the business. They also make him buy overpriced and useless products claiming they have a huge resale value/ health benefits.
What worries us more than our life savings going down the drain is the fact that he spends all his time in these "meetings." and weekends in "trainings". Can someone on the group tell me what happens in the trainings?
All his friends now avoid him because he only tries to convince them to join this madness.
He has left his job.
And he now pretends to be rich- showing off on the Internet and family events. Only we know how broke and desperate he is.
On the promise of making more time for family, this business has ruined our family and peace at home. When he joined he said it would be a part-time side thing, but this is all he does all day. I am also worried about the shallow alcoholics "business partners" he hangs out with. Even on weekends. I hope my son gets out of this without duping more people.
Please shed some light on these meetings/ trainings that happen everyday!
A very worried mother.
Mar 13, 2017

Sad story

I was ntroduced to qnet by my the then boyfriend. He had his elder brother also into the business. I invested 5 lac rupees taking personal loan. Six month later he broke up with me. Said to focus on business. I tried a year to get referrals and down lines but could not. Meanwhile my ex has moved on with another girl and got her into business (he's a charming guy).
I have left the business and lost the money.
The new girl will probably meet the same fate.
I don't hold grudge against him and the whle bunch of folks are still furiend. But i feel pity for new people. they will end up losing money while uplines continue to tick stuff off bucket list
Mar 13, 2017

Qnet Trap

Hi Guys and Christian Chaitanya,

We don't want to listen your reviews regarding qnet, we all know it very very well, if you think that is is a very good way to become rich then please shown us all your bank account statements and credit card dues, your guys are becoming sick day by day and you all trying make others trap in this shit business.

Mar 11, 2017

qnet pune

QNET PUNE Fraudsters They are in CCD Fergusson College Road Milenium Plaza 1st Floor above Shoe express CCD Bhosale Heights Fergusson road Star Bucks FC Road, Hotel Rumani FC Road, CCD Rang Roli Café Law College Road , CCD Law College SNDT, Peter Donuts Prabhat Road, Barista Law College Road.CCD In BANER and Starbucks in AUndh and Koregaon Par
(FC Road- Fergusson College Road)
STAY AWAY FROM THEM Most Of them are on FC Road CCD or hotels or on law college CCD’s Barista HotEL RUMANI, DUNKIN DONUTS, PETER DONUTS PRABHAT ROAD

1) Rajesh Jain
2) Prashant Kuchimanchi (Operates in pune and Hyderabad)
3) Isht Singh Banga His Wife Jaspreet Banga
4) Rani Set and her Husband AKshay Sett operates from Jaipur)
5) Amit Kumar Ex TCS
6) Chaitanya Harshe
7) Yashree Harshe
8) Santosh Pimpale
9) Om Kudalkar
10) Balaji Vasantrajan
11) Soham Harshe
12) Manish Jain
13) Rasika Subal
14) Jitedra kumarBothra
15) Purvaja Khatod
16) Amit Jaishwal
17) Deepti Chokesey
18) Tushar Bhiusari
19) Saurabh Sisodia
20) Tarun Guliya
21) Suresh Kaushik CCD Rangoli Cafe or CCD near SNDT
22) Shantishree Kaushik CCD Rangoli Café or CCD near SNDT
23) Usha Krishnamurthy Rangoli Café or CCD near SNDT
24) Arul Horizon Rangoli Café or CCD near SNDT
25) Ranjeet Diwate CCD Rangoli Café Law colladege
26) Rutuja Diwate
27) Gopal Kale Patil CCD Rangoli Cafe or CCD near SNDT
28) Suraj Nathe
29) Rasika Parsodkar
30) Kedar Shahane
31) Adnan Darghawala
32) Lokesh Yadav
33) Sagar Satpute
34) Aditya Dhobale
35) Nirmal Thakare
36) Manjiri Thakare
37) Ashiwini Akhud
38) Apporva Burbure
39) Kunwar Rishi Singh Bais
40) Maithili Girhe
41) Anagha s hanawar
42) Swatee More
43) Narayan Phand
44) Khushboo Sethia
45) Rohan Patil
46) Jayant Kelkar
47) Ashwini Nikam
48) Isht Singh Banga
49) Pranav Mehta
50) Neeti Nagar
51) Vaibhav Karale
52) Adwait Kulkarni
53) Sandeep Tikare
54) Vaibhav Karale
55) Karen BAretto
Christian Chaitanya
Mar 10, 2017

It's not a fraud. It's boon

Qnet is not a scam. It's boon. It changed my life. It's all hardwork
Mar 5, 2017

Qnet Fraud


Karma always gives back!!!!!

The person who used to be my best friend duped me in this business..... now he himself is not successful in it and looking for a regular job!
indian 1234
Feb 28, 2017


qnet is one of the biggest fraud . all indian money outflows from india , plz dont join for refund help plz whatsapp or call on 8218149554
Feb 26, 2017

Qnet is fraud and hell company

Hi Qnet Supportive, Stop supporting to QNET. You dont know how you guys have damaged us, in all the sense. You make us belive that there is no trust we could have in friendship. I am also victim by my 15 years old friend. Now to call her even ass friend is like abusing and spoiling friendship. She is just worst and her husband too. Too shameless people and manner less too. Dont have any value to any relations. Disgusting people, you al have to pay for this scam and playing with all of us emotions as well as for stealing our hard work money. You will never able to enjoy your wealth. You will be suffering like hell and no one will help you.
I waited for 3 years to get my money on promise but still after 3 years I have heard bad words. I swear one day you will in more miserable condition than any of us people whom you cheated.

If any one knows how to get refund please contact me aajd79@gmail.com
Feb 25, 2017

Trapped in qnet business.How to get money back

Hi All,

Me any my husband are cheated by qnet people and we are about to lose approx 10lacs. My very old frds gave me so many wrong and fake promises and dint tell me how this trap business work.

Please let me know what i can do to get my money back. Lots of IT people are getting trapped and business is going on in full swing in many CCD, Starbucks, coffee shops

Police and govt of India should take strong action. As these people are not scared. They are not lisening to us after getting money.

Please help.
Feb 22, 2017


Hi All,

please be aware a small height girl KIRTI SHERAWAT from Rajastan she is the part of QNET company.

She is working in CAPGEMINI company pune and fooled so many people in pune and when peoples are asked for money she transferred mumbai CAPGEMINI and stated to make peoples fool in mumbai capgemini.

She is fast making friend in office bus and canteen and she try to make you close friend and every where she gives your money like tea and cofee money.. then after few days she will tell you i am doing a business and i went so many country like Malaysia and Dubai.

Then your question how and you will surprise how she went this country.

Then She will tell you i am doing business and she never explain you there..she will tell u my senior will explain you and now no vacancy.

Please be aware this girl she is very smart to make people fool.and she is working in capgemini mumbai as an ABAP CONSULTANT.

Below are also so many peoples

Monica Jagga TCS PUNE
Shailesh Kumar CTS PUNE
Laxman metree Sear holding pune
Murgesh Girisagar Sear Holding
Lokesh Sharma TCS PUNE
neha Lokesh Sharma ATOS PUNE
Anjali Shaini ATOS PUNE

Recently 9 peoples are arrested in pune and no one is helping them and police searching others

below is the link

Guys concentrate on your career don't invest any money to any network market this is illegal in india
If police found you there is no bail so be carefull don't fool on these fraud peoples.
Feb 21, 2017


Kirti Sherawat in a small hight little girl from Rajasthan. She is working in Pune Capgemine in SAP ABAP and chitted so many peoples in QNET when people asked money refund. She took transfer from Mumbai Capgemine.. Please be aware this girl she is chitting peoples by making friends quickly in office bus and canteen.

Please be aware this girl..

Below are other chitting peoples

Monica Jagga TCS pune
Shailesh Kumar CTS pune
Laxman methree Sear technology Pune
Murgesh Girisagar Sears technology Pune
Lokesh Sharma TCS pune
Neha Lokesh Sharma Atos
Anjali Shalini Atos
Sudeep Mandal
Feb 11, 2017

Qnet free India

Dear Qnet victims if you work in software MNC like TCS,Infosys, work, HCl, cognizant , Accenture and any other companies having employee strengths more than 1000 so please share your company's HR head(or any hr ), RMG head, Grievance dept or any Senior management E-mail id with us.these Qnet people knowingly sit on the bench and take salary from their company or trap their company people also apart these they are nothing doing to their company.if your upline or the person who has cheated you also works in these companies than share his/her details(name,empid, email etc) also.
Approximate 10 lac emp work in only top 5 it companies in India and these companies have strong law & orders and take action against their employees if they found in any wrong activities which is harmful to their company and its image.
Please share details or any other query at qnethelp123@gmail.com

Please raise your voice and hand to make india Qnet free

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