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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about QNET

Jan 17, 2019

QNet Scam Not only in India. In other countries too

It is 100% scam ... I was about to trap. But, after seeing the Lambu and Jambu and the way they explained and motivated me looks like some fishy things are going around me. I clearly understood that, i am gonna be a BAKARA today.

I do not want to disclose their actual names. Here i am referring them as Lambu and Jambu

You cannot imagine Lambu's and Jambu's buildup. At first, after waiting for a long time with your friend and upon giving a call by the friend to Lambu, he comes into the picture. At first he interviews us. He makes up and washes out our mind in a way that, you have to invest and can become a millionaire in an Year. And, after that u can quit your job and simply check you bank a/c balance by sitting at home.

In addition to this, he gives a very big introduction about Jambu. Lambu says, i have taken Jambu as a role model, he is having a Bently car and recently he gifted a Mercedes Benz to his parents. He came out from a top engineering colleges (IIT) or top business schools (IIM) and later he worked in top MNCs(Infosys) etc. etc.. And, also Lambu says, be very polite with him and talk to him very carefully because he is a very senior person in the organization and a kind of role model to all of us.

Then Lambu makes a call to Jambu (might be he is sitting somewhere in the toilet and waiting for Lambu's call). Then the interesting part of the story starts... He enters into the scene (like Bahubali). All of a sudden your friend and Lambu stands up in front of him. Obviously without your sense, you too will get up. Then Jambu starts interviewing you and then followed by his speech, preach and philosophy statements. By this without knowingly 2 hrs had passed. And, finally Jambu says, I have never met such a talented and leadership quality guy like (even though if you don't speak much with him). If you are with us on board, we'll earn the money by taking our business into next level and even we can spread into other countries also.

At last, Jambu says Lambu will explain you the procedures. Sshhhh, then again a 15 mins session and finally he comes to the interesting and a shocking turning point. "We have to close this by today or max by 2mrow. Bcoz, we need to build our team (Lambu as the Lead, me and my friend under him as Left and Right). Shall we go with the payment procedure of 5 Lakh rupees. At that time i just opened my mouth and stared at my friend.

I told to Lambu, 5 lakh no one carries it along with them. I need to arrange it . Then i was told by Lambu that, no problem if have a credit card with limit, you can make the payment through it (or) If you want me to arrange a loan, i can initiate it right now itself and slowly you can make the EMI payments through your earnings which you will be earn with our business.

Finally i asked Mr. Lambu, please give me some time to analyze and let me do some research on this business model so that i can update you within 3 days and also i'll be having enough time for to gather the money (by that time i have already decided not to join. And, i don't want to become a BAKARA curry for Lambu and Jambu. I have decided at any cost i have escape from here and this session).

Finally Lambu said, I'll be available only for the next 2 days because, day after 2mrow i am travelling to Australia for a business meet. And, by that time if anyone joins in the team, you'll be out of the business. And, he said let me call Jambu (At first i thought he left for the day and from that place. then i realize he is somewhere sitting in the washroom only).

The questions which i have asked them & even you guys should ask these things.

1: Give me your company details , website and the company address and the point of contact in case of any queries.
2: Is the company listed under economic department
3: What kind of products do you sell. So far how many customers are buying the products
4: As you said its an online portal, can you give me the statistical data and from which part of the country the buyers are ?
5: Give me some references
6: And, if i would like to make the payment, i'll visit your office and do the payment over there once when i satisfied.
7: I would like to meet the area sales manager / area sales head
8: I have asked Lambu's and Jambu's details like business card / linkedin profile / facebook profile etc.

Then, based on the given details, start exploring about those persons, company and the comments over the internet. For sure you'll get one or the other information.

And, finally Ii request you guys please do not fall in to this trap. Not only Qnet, there are so many people who are around us.

No one in this world gives you money easily until you put some time and effort.

Finally, the reason of visiting the place and meeting Lambu and Jambu is only because of my True and Best friend. He asked me several times for to have a meet with them and to understand the business. I went because of my friend (only because of him).

And luckily, i didn't invest the money and also i didn't allow my friend to invest in it.
Nov 25, 2018

QNET Hyderabad's biggest scammer - Amit Kumar Sethia

Hyderabad's most dangerous QNET scammer- Amit Kumar Sethia. Changes names and titles like he wishes - Amit Kumar, Amit Sethia, Amit Kumar Sethia, .. Amit Jhaatoo.. don't trust this guy pls. He loots all your money and doesn't give a damn about you.

Full of lies and full of bullshit. Yeh apne aap ko bhagwan samajhtaa hai aur saari duniya ko chutiya !! Lund katwaare iski, saala, iski maa ki chut, bhosadike !!

He got arrested many times by Hyderabad police too and has several criminal cases according to Osmania P.S. Hyderabad. His father is one of my gud frnds, unko kitna rulaaya is besharam ne !!

Kill QNET's hardcore fraudsters like these! BAN QNET !!!

QNET Hyderabad's biggest scammer - Amit Kumar Sethia QNET Hyderabad's biggest scammer - Amit Kumar Sethia QNET Hyderabad's biggest scammer - Amit Kumar Sethia

Nov 1, 2018


Any one from Hyd?? Plzz help me I lost 3 lakhs. one of my friends who was cheaten me.. I want to give complaint.
Nov 1, 2018


I was invested 3 lakhs in Qnet. I was cheaten by friend, I want to give complaint. Is any person regarding to this ..??? Plzz help me
Jun 21, 2018

Address of Qnet in Hyderabad

The frad company Qnet address is found in KPHB Hyderabad click on the navigation link
Ratani Apartment
Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kukatpally Housing Board Colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500085

Apr 6, 2018

Money Scam

I have been cheated by QNET people. They haven't revealed what they are exactly doing and how they will make me to do the same.
I have given 4 lakhs to VIHAAN DIRECT SELLING company which acts representative for QNET in INDIA.

I need my money back, every month i'm paying EMI's. WE middle class people always look to shine in life, but definitely not by cheating like these. After seeing people will cheat others , because they had been trapped in the same.

Please help us and please stop other people falling in these traps.


Mar 13, 2018

QNET fraudsters.

Some more names of QNET fradsters in Hyderabad and Bangalore:

1. CH Mani Harish

2. Sanjeev Suman

3. Shiwani Suman

4. Sovan Panda

5. Nibedita Panda
Mar 13, 2018

QNET fraudsters.

Some more names of QNET fraudsters in Hyderabad and Bangalore:

1. Ch Mani Harish

2. Sanjeev Suman

3. Shiwani Suman
Jan 20, 2018


Hey People,

If anyone in Hyderabad calls them as " Entrepreneurs" and boasts about himself and his team and visits Dubai and Malaysia frequently. THEY ARE FRAUDSTERS.

THEY ARE FAKE PEOPLE. Ever looked at their faces? Bunch of con people trying to pull you in a trap. GET OUTTA IT and REPORT IT TO THE POLICE.

They are targeting hardworking Middle class IT Employees of Hyderabad and Banglore.

Let me share thier names.

Subodh, Raghu Maurya Reddy, Rahul Malani, Divya Nimmala, Lakshmi Narayana, Pnp Dixith Kumar, Pradeep Jalda, Kanchayya Buddepu, Sachin Gupta, and many others.

Dec 29, 2017

[email protected] - Phani Reddy

Hi All,

Yodhas is one of the organization working for QNet. Please dont invest your money in it. Phani Reddy is the founder of Yodhas.

There is a gathering in Hyderabad at Banjara Hills Police Station on December 30th. And the complaint FIR no is 1057/2017. We can unite together and fight against Yodhas.

We can contact Naidu Sir (Banjara Hills SI) regarding this case - 7382296512

Datta Prasad Reddy

Yodhas@QNet - Phani Reddy

Oct 8, 2017

Qnet frauds

Few more pics in order for you to escape and not become Bakras. Spread the word across - they care 0% for your money - all they want is more people to get trapped.

Qnet frauds Qnet frauds Qnet frauds Qnet frauds Qnet frauds Qnet frauds

Abhilash ginf
Jul 30, 2017

Qnet scam

Hi all, waste of posting ur problems here, this is just to tell our concern, nobody will take care of ur problem.no government will not look into problem.
Abhilash ginf
Jun 26, 2017

Qnet scam

Hi all , I am gng to tell about network marketing scams, I am one of the victim of qnet . I have invested 1.4 lac in qnet ,I am referred by my team mate . She did not tell anything before coming to this business. Now she is asking to add more people, but I am not getting heart to that. These qnet persons are there in all over India . Before investment they will speak nicely after investment they won't . They tries to brain wash rather than giving refund. So guys before investing ask lots of questions like this. They will call and tells that I am doing business. Ask which type business, who is the CEO of this business, where is our located, what types products they sell, ask them website of their business, ask them is it international or national business. In all above scenarios notice clearly and ask your heart is it right business or not ? It will tell u right answer. If u get any doubt take that person to the lawyer or police . Or ask a suggestion to ur Friends in Facebook, bcoz ur frnds come up with lots of questions. I am gng to file a fir on my upline
Oct 31, 2016

Anyone have the Agreement doc

Hi friends,
Can anyone have the form r agreement paper (qnet people called ) where we signed at the tym of joining.?
Please send that doc to [email protected]
Jul 6, 2016

Qnet scam Hyderabad

I was cheated by friend and invested 7lakhs of rupees. Every paisa is my hard earned. He cheated me without telling the name of the company before investing. And now he is forcing me to cheat my other friends in the same way as he did. He means to say that 'cheating the friends and faking poses in Facebook to attract more friends for 5 years will make you financially free after 5years' :-( sometimes he says 'at least try to get your money back which you have invested by joining the people '. I said I can't cheat my friends. He said we will together work to cheat other friends. Because it will obviously attract the remaining friends. Finally I decided to quit and not making any contacts with him.

7 lakh rupees is too much amount for me. Every penny is my blood and sweat and he doesn't respect it also. Realised that friends are fake and will do anything for achieving and full filling their dreams. After 5years he may be financially free but I will be still paying EMIs. I could have recovered my 7lakhs by joining my other friends who trust me a lot. But I can't do that because I respect the values and friendship more than my life. I still have a option to file FIR or go to his home and ask his parents to return my money back. But I still don't want to spoil his career. He is working in top MNC.

It's doesn't matter how much they earn after 5years.but cheating friends for money is a big sin. And forcing to cheat other friends for money is equal to DEFECTED/TRIATOR.

I am not sure how I will be able to pay EMIs for 5years
:-( because 7 lakhs is tooo much. *** I will definitely post a message on his Facebook page that I was cheated by him *** and the cost of the cheating is 7 lakhs of hard earned money. Every paisa he is enjoying now is my blood and sweat. I could have given 7lakhs for free and love to pay the EMI. But cheating for money is not digestible to me.

My humble request to all is don't cheat your friends, relatives,well wishers and even your enemies just for the sake of money.

Hope you all share or spread this information to save the friends and friendship.

I may share all the qnet scam updates what ever I collected to save friendships.
Suresh Biradar
May 26, 2016

Victim of QNET SCAM

I have been trapped under fishy business of QNET.
I regret about decision to get into this.
Please share email address or contact number to get help from you.

Suresh Biradar
Rs: 500,000
Contact- 7207286009.

I'm in need of help very badly.
May 21, 2016


Hi All,

I was being told as the global business project of 4 years where you can earn 5 crore rupees for that one month training is required. Later after training one month i came to know this is a direct selling referral business. I was unaware of the product purchase done.
I lost 6 lakhs rupees. Fighting now .

Kindly be careful hyderabadi's ... they call you at GVK/ Cafe Coffee shops etc..
[email protected]
Feb 3, 2016


Dear All,

A week ago i invested in Business called QNET, the amount is about 2.2k, the business is not at all a genuine one.
It is called a begging business and a money trap. I really wasted my time without knowing this.

Can anyone help me how to get refund of this.

Thanks in Advance.
mike mike
Jan 7, 2016




We regret to inform that your request for cancellation cannot be processed since the purchase was done on 25 Sep 2015.

Kindly note that as per policies and procedure the refund request should be made within 7 days and IR-ship cancellation request should be made within 30 days.

i did not get my money back to REFUND PROCESS if there is have any alternate root to get back money plz tel me
i want stop mother fucker qnet in india where can i complaint againist qnet my home town is hyderabad
if i complainet qnet or vihaan direct selling

plz now onwards post FACEBOOK also aware on qnet.
Dec 11, 2015


Some bloody person called me once and said that he is intk this qnet business and by investing sone money you will become rich and other non sense but somehow he managed to trap my dad into this and he invested money in this shit now the money has gone people its a request from me that please dont get yourself involved in this you will get nothing i want my money back from these cheaters please help me and all the others like me who got cheated by these basterds to get the money back...
Nov 7, 2015

Qnet Scam

Below qneters are active in hyderabad, bangalore, chennai.

Basker Praveen Takasi

Qnet Scam

Nov 7, 2015

Qnet Scam

Below qneters are active in hyderabad, bangalore, chennai.

1.Basker Praveen Takasi
2.Phani Kumar

Qnet Scam Qnet Scam Qnet Scam

Oct 27, 2015

Need Refund From QNET

Im from Hyderabad. I have invested 4.5Lakhs. I sent email to Qnet Support but they replied that refund is not possible because it should be done in 7 Days. And they are telling to contact my Upline. But he is not responding. I have invested on July 2015. I have been Asking my Upline from August Mid for Refund, everytime they are convincing. What to do now?
Please suggest..
Sep 18, 2015

this is a cheating CHAIN BUSINESS

Hi Everyone,

Please make sure that you dont fall in the trap of QNET.

I came to know about this QNET very recently that this chain business has started again when one of relative approached me to make me as a member.

Years ago, GOLD QUEST also came up with this kind of chain business and many of my friends became victims of that and now this QNET (this is just a change in name of that GOLD QUEST) is doing strong business.
This is complete cheating.

Please try to understand and if possible, please let me know the channel to complain against this.

The only thing that i dont understand is.. this is spreading like wildfire and the govt is not taking proper action against these cheating chain businesses.
Aug 28, 2015

this is biggest MLM cheating case, please prevent people from this illegal business

dear tv9

previously u had a complaint on a QNET, this not enough sir.
QNET is a world biggest fraud company to cheat the people with fake promises and wrong way promoting .this is the multi level marketing company(MLM),paying the lot of money from people , i am doing this business from one year,always i am against to this business,lot of times i prepare my self to make a complaint, all are uplines are stopped me .
already u know , recently one the issue has been happened in vijayawada. some of the people are arrested, they paid 70 lacs to the police release by bail. again they started business,cheating people,. not only that 4 people who is arrested, lot of people still cheating people at illegal offices. there is above 15 offices in hyderabad,
i have more information about this, with soft copy detiles and voice conversatioins between uplines. contact me for more information .i want this fraud company QNET going to be close perminently.


this is  biggest MLM cheating case, please prevent people from this illegal business

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