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Consumer complaints and reviews about Railways

Swati Singh
Mar 14, 2019

Refund of cancelled tickets

I cancelled my 2 tickets bearing PNR 2618306426 from NDLS to BSB on 02/03/2019 refund ID 100000312454108 and PNR 2736947813 from BSB to NDLS on 02/03/2019 amounting Rs 3230/ each. Refund status shows that both refund have been paid via Pay U money on 02/03/2019 but above amounts has not been credited to my account till today I.e.till 14/03/2019. Thus it is my humble request to credit the amounts mentioned above immediately as well as action taken against the responsibles for not getting the amounts credited.
Feb 8, 2019

Refund against cancelled tickets not received

Refund against these cancelled tickets is not received

PNR no. 6620216555
PNR no. 2732883589

Cancellation date 23-11-18
Dr KK Agrawal
Sep 1, 2018

Late running of train

Hon'ble Railway Minister Sir,

This is very nice that we are dreaming about the Bullet Train. But before that it is necessary that existing infrastructure is improved and punctuality of trains is maintained.

Regret to write that train No. 12189/12190 every day runs late but there is no effort from railway side to maintain its punctuality. Train NO. 12189 is halted at Jhansi for long time and no effort is made to ensure punctuality.

Hon'ble Sir, kindly review its timings personally and direct the concerned to ensure punctuality of this train.
Jun 9, 2018

Trains Timing

Reaching on time in a Indian train journey is still a big issue. I have been facing this issue since i came into my senses.I think government should actually do something about it.
Jun 8, 2018

Refund of my cancelled ticket

Dear Sir,

I had filled a TDR for PNR no. 2722104980 for reason train late than 3 hours, but my request was rejected by stating the reason that " the passenger has travelled". Sir, since the train was late for more than 6 hours on Feb 4, 2018 and I had to catch a flight from Delhi to Kolkata on Feb 5 morning, so I booked a ticket from Rajaldesar to Delhi Sarai Rohalla by Intercity Express train no. 22471 dated 04-02-2018 by 2nd A/C Class under Ticket PNR No.2342127390 Transaction ID No.100001143965590. On the same day I filed the TDR on IRCTC site before boarding Intercity Express train. I can't understand the simple logic how can same person travel in both the trains. I think some kind of fraud is going on. Request you to take up the matter with concern department and get my amount released asap since it is a genuine claim.
Jun 8, 2018

Tte grant seat to RAC passenger without asking the seat owner family

Dear Sir,
My family is travelling from Yesvantpur to Hatia on June08,2018 by train no.:12836. One member was not able to come and we did not cancel our ticket so that we will use it for our luggage or we will give the birth to the needy person but TTE gave the birth to RAC passenger without taking permission from my family.

Thanking You
Mar 17, 2018

Cleaning of coaches and toilets

I am traveling from Dimapur to New delhi on 17 Mar 18 by Rajadhani express no 12435 with PNR No 6211414226.I was complaining about cleanliness of coach B 10 and toilets of nearby coaches at 1340 hrs on 17 Mar 18. I registered complaint through sms to 58888 but after sometime I received a message stating 'coach - mitra request can not be accepted before starting of the train from boarding station' even though my journey was already started and I was in train. I couldn't understand what is the logic.
Nihareekaa Kaur
Nov 7, 2017

Lost wallet


Train 12958 Rajdhani from NDLS to Abu Road.

I lost my wallet. Brown colour, Baggit brand, with ATM's and ID cards.

Please help find it.

Name: Nihareekaa Kaur
Contact: 9873568258
Nov 6, 2017

Indian Rail charged twice for bed roll

I was chared twice for bed roll. Once when i booked the ticket and second when my family members were travelling

Indian Rail charged twice for bed roll

Amit osho
Oct 11, 2017

Train running late by 12 hours

I am traveling from bareilly to kolkata by train number 03170. But the train is running at least 12 hours late without no reason. Why
Jul 21, 2017

Lost my sweater

Today I travelled from Rajahmundry to Secunderabad and got down at platform num 9,When I came back my home My sweater missing that I forgot in train.
My complaint with cabin attender.

Frm RJY to SC
P1-H1,Cabin B Upper
Jun 1, 2017

Parcel Not Received

3 Packages booked at Nasik Railway Atm on 22/05/2017 for Patiala and the same is loaded in train No 11057 at 0333 hrs on 25 /05/2017. But the my luggage is not at unloaded in Patiala Railway station. No present status of luggage updated on Railways parcel website. ABHISHEK MISHRA

PRR NO 2004665036
MOB NO 9210262434 & 8793386898.
May 23, 2017

Delay in payment of Refund

I bring to your kind notice with the following email efforts by me with IRCTC to no avail and my refund is still pending for over 7 days.
Kindly look into the matter and arrange me an immediate refund.
Suman Prakash.



Please refer your message dated 16/5/2017 ( reproduced below) and IRCTC ticket ID: [IRCTC #5861538]. [IRCTC #5878751] & [IRCTC #5884636] against my representations but no action has since been taken or intimated by IRCTC.
It is to inform you that the Refund amount is not yet credited in my account till this date 23/5/2017 even after 7 days. This is a real delay being experienced from IRCTC side .
Pl arrange the refund immediately.
Suman Prakash

From: [email protected]
Sent: Tue, 16 May 2017 13:35:08
To: [email protected]
Subject: Cancel Ticket


This is a system generated mail. Please do not reply to this email ID. If you have a query or need any clarification you may:
(1) Call our 24-hour Customer Care or
(2) Email Us [email protected]

Dear Customer,
We wish to inform you that your ticket against PNR Number: 2131637587 has been cancelled successfully. The refund amount of Rs. 1110 will be refunded back to your respective account shortly.
For any problem please contact us 24x7 Hrs. Customer Support at 011-39340000, Fax No. 011-23345900, Chennai Care No. 044-25300000

Warm Regards,
Customer Care
Internet Ticketing
Muthu Kumar
May 11, 2017

Water supply

Train no. 16339 nagarkovil express there is no water for the toilets nor for hand wash. Kindly look into the matter. Very much urgent.


Muthu kumat
R.P. Singh012712
Mar 30, 2017

Frequent late running of train no.12874

Dear Sir,

The Swarn Jayanti Express(12874) is a super fast train running between Anand Vihar-Hatia. It is observed that this train never reaches very late at its destination. The late running status is often more than four hours at Renukut station. It is causing very difficulties to the passengers because due to this delay nothing is being available for the old, ladies and child passengers. Since Railways is charging super fast charges but its running is very ordinary without any amenities. It is, therefore, requested to kindly look into the matter and direct the concerned to examine the cause of regular delays, suggest remedial measures and ensure to run this train on time.

With kind regards,

Deepak Arora
Jan 1, 2017

Water Wastage


Respected Sir/Mam.
The Indian Railways has come a long way, we have all sorts of facilities now in our train, I SALUTE THE INDIAN RAILWAY FOR IT,

But still we see loads and loads of water wastage everywhere.
Mam/Sir, the pipes which are on the sides of the rail-lines are often throwing out water because they do not have any vault to close it, it does have a way to take the water inside, but does not have anyway to keep it stored inside, it always keep on throwing it out.

This has disheartened my heart a lot of my times.
after several complains to the railway authorities in a verbal manner, here i am writing this to you as a formal complain cum request to please look into it.
and make sure that water may not be wasted.

Thank you.

Water Wastage Water Wastage

Sep 27, 2016


Compartment service data was seen manipulated - year 2015 seen corrected to 2016 in compartment No 97028 !!


Bishnu Pokhrel
Jun 2, 2016

Left my wallet

Name- bishnu pokhrel .Left my wallet in s6 seat no -69 ,train - kamakhya-bangalore special train . train no- 02510.
Left my wallet in the upper berth of this train and off boarded in katpadi.it contains all the original documents of voter ID, pancard ,ATM and licence.please contact in this no - 7035754055 if found.
This incident happened today on 2nd of June.
Would be very thankful if found .
May 24, 2016

Train not on said time

Again lord pls this is what I don't like.12308 train no. They announced its late by 1.30 hours and accordingly it should come at 6.20 but see no clue where it is..and online it is showing since 1hour that train is just 8 kms away.if it is so by then it should b at the station.. But God knows...??
May 14, 2016

Letter to the Railway ministry from a common man !

Kind Attention: Honourable minister Suresh Prabhu.

Respected Sir,

This is to bring to your attention some of the difficulties we passengers face during our travel by Indian railways.

Sir,I was travelling from Chennai to Ernakulam on Friday 13th of May with my family for a wedding.
I made reservations 55 days prior to the journey to travel by train #12623 Trivandrum mail which departs from Chennai central at 19.45 hours everyday.

My ticket was wait listed at the time of buying and it slowly but surely moved up the list and on the last day, 4 hours before travel we got the good news that we were travelling.

During the time of our wait I used to frequently check the PNR status online and during that time realised that the waitlist passengers numbers on that particular train was above 300.

When we reached the station for our journey I see so many waitlisted passengers with tickets in hand running from pillar to post looking to corrupt the T.T.E or by some hook or crook method get on the train to travel.There were couples, single men and women, young and old, all running astray and finally settling down to either sit where ever possible and got on the train.
Many of them got into the reserved compartments and sat wherever possible till they were asked to leave by the reserved ticket passengers.
Some tried their luck to get into the general compartment.

The sight by the General compartment in the front and the rear of the train was a sight to see.
There were more than 500 passengers on both the ends waiting to get in to the compartment that can accomodate about 100 passengers if tightly packed.

During the later part of the journey and much into the night we saw many passengers finally sleeping on the floors and in between the berths . Some good samaritans allowed them to sleep while many were objecting.

Sir, now what I have narrated to you is nothing new to me and to scores of other passengers. I am a frequent traveller and sometime my plight also has been like these passengers without confirmed tickets.

On the above matter I would like to ask the you, the Honourable Minister of the Railway a few questions.

1--- Are the wait listed passengers not paying full fare like the other passengers who have a reserved seat/berth???

2--- Does the railway ministry think it is not important to make the travel of the full fare paying passengers comfortable ????

3 ---If so why is your department not providing extra coaches as per the rush on the train and meeting the demands of the passengers?????

Especially during school holiday and festival long weekends.

Sir, these are some of the very important matters that need to be addressed by the railway department IMMEDIATLY.

During the budget announcing new trains , BULLET TRAINS, introducing luxury and fancy trains is not the need of the hour.

Need of the hour is to add some extra coaches and make comfortable the journey of the passengers who have paid the fare in full.

Is the common man asking for too much????
Navjyot Kumar
Feb 3, 2016

Roll no for Je

I forgot my roll no for je xam...rrb Mumbai...so I can't see my result..plz help
My reg I'd is241228790
D.o.b 15-08-1990
Gmail:- [email protected]
Phn no 9472231431
Dec 5, 2015

ticket nt done and amount is deducted

We book a ticket for kafiyat express today bt the booking is not done but the anound is deducted form the account. amount deducted is rs.904. please refund money as soon as possible
Saurabh Gupta
Nov 27, 2015

Not receipt of bike book on 17.11.2015

My name is Saurabh Gupta and I have booked my bike through railways on 17.11.2015 from Allahabad railway station to Pathankot having prr no. 2001411185.

It is submitted that I received sms that my bike was loaded from Allahabad on 18.11.2015 in train no. 18109, and same was unloaded in Delhi railway station on 21.11.2015 from train no. 18110 instead of unloading on Pathankot.

And again it was loaded on train no. 14037 on 22.11.2015, I also visited Pathankot railway station three times but till date no information regarding my bike location was received.

Requesting you to do the needful for me.

Thanks & regards
Saurabh Gupta
Mob. 8699174408
Email I'd [email protected] co.in
Date. 27.11.2015

rajdip singh
Sep 18, 2015

TDR request refund not received.

Sir,I have raise the request on 28th April-15 MY TDR request ID 100000044841983.Still not received the refund amount.After follow-up more then 35 mails.

below mail i had dropped to customer care for clarification.
"TDR filed time is 72 hours if trains was cancelled by railway department, then why you guys put the wrong remarks on my request. TDR filing time limit is revised w.e.f. 1/7/2013 please see below link."

Please help me on this issue.Requesting to you please improve the services so passenger will not face this type issue.I have knowledge about the rules that why i had asked to reopen the request to railway customer care, otherwise customer care not responded to normal passenger.

Train was canceled due Farmer railway roko andolan due to wheet not purchase from them.
PNR No. : 2404576394
Train No. & Name : 12138 / PUNJAB MAIL
Date of Journey : 27-Apr-2015
From : BTI To : NDLS

Thanks Rajdip singh 9717778349

TDR request refund not received.

Feb 15, 2013

Reminder -सुजात गंज रेलवे पटरी पर लगी Iron plates को ठीक करने हेतु


कृपया दिनाँक 26 नवंबर को भेजे गए मेल का सन्दर्भ लें, जिस पर अभी तक कोई ध्यान नहीं दिया गया है. सुजात गंज रेलवे पटरी पर बैरियर के पहले पटरी के पास लोहे की प्लेटस लगी हैं जहाँ से शायद सिग्नल या बैरियर का तार जा रहा है. हमें लगता है कि जब यह काम किया गया होगा तभी वह प्लेट छोटी या कम पड़ गई होगी इसलिए (बिना यह सोचे कि इससे लोगों को कितनी परेशानी होगी, या इससे कभी कोई बड़ी ठीक करने की ज़हमत मोल नहीं ली गई. इस कारण पटरी के पास ही काफी बड़ा गड्ढा हो गया है . Crossing खुल ने पर बहुत ज्यादा भीड़ रहती है. उस समय जरा सी असावधानी से कार आदि उसमें फँस जाती हैं और ऐसे में बड़ी खतरनाक स्थिति हो जाती है.

आशा ही नहीं पूर्ण विश्वास है कि जनता की असुविधाओं को ध्यान में रखते हुए आप इस
सम्बन्ध में आवश्यक कार्यवाही करेंगे.


ममता गुप्ता
Mobl no. 9451284786

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