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Consumer complaints and reviews about Reliance

Shiva Harish
Dec 7, 2018


I have issue with the call networks and also Internet is very slow please solve the problem as much as possible.
Sri Harsha Chowdary
Nov 6, 2018

Unable to get UPC code as there was no signal for my current Reliance CDMA sim

Hi, my current CDMA Sim with number 8688120011 has no signal to send a message or call to get UPC code for mobile number portability kindly provide UPC code to port to other network
Email id: [email protected]
Alternate mobile no: 7550239956
Dibyendu Sundar Ray
May 26, 2018

Big Tv not functioning

I am an ardent supporter of Reliance group.Regularly till nov we used to enjoy our .Big TV connection. But after that our Tv is dead.And after several times of calling to the big tv cell the people hardly listen to the consumers.They do not take care of the customers at all. I request the top management to look into the matter at the earliest.

Prof Manjula Ray
Feb 27, 2018


I have not been ported from Reliance due to stopped service by Reliance.
Please provide me UPC Code for my Reliance No 9019694111 to my JIO No 7019476913
Email ID - [email protected]
Feb 10, 2018

No Service. Bill Provided. Porting Blocked

My Relationship Number: ############
My Reliance Number: 9845448151

I have not been able to make any calls from September. I registered multiple complaints at the Call Center - with no success. And finally, when Reliance discontinued abruptly, I attempted porting in November. I was informed that there was a bill - which I paid online on 16-Nov-2017. And was issued a Porting Code on 16-Nov which was valid till 16-Dec.

I submitted my porting request the very next day on 17-Nov-2017 - and ported to Airtel.
This was refused by Reliance - and no reason was provided. I came to know about the failure only on 10-Dec when I re-approached Airtel. They requested another attempt. This was done once more time - each time after a gap of around 10 to 15 days.

The final attempt was on 13-Jan-2018. This time, I received the rejection details on 05-Feb from Airtel. The details of which are as follows:
Order Date: 13-01-2018
Order Booked by: OE_SETUP
CAF Number: D300576178
Provisioning Date 13-Jan-2018 13:41:38
NPIT Tranx ID: KA201801131340081200324
MNP Cancel Reason: This post-paid subscriber has outstanding payments due.

I was unable to understand how can any outstanding payments be due? I then, tried submitting complaint request at the Reliance Portal. I even sent an email to the Reliance Appellate Authority at [email protected], but no response so far.

On cross checking the reliance portal account, I notice that two bills have been raised - dated 27-Nov-2017 and 06-Dec-2017.

I fail to understand why am I being penalised like this? Why am I being blackmailed for my number? Even TRAI states that for all service provider based complaints, we are to approach the Appellate Authority only. But then, when the Appellate Authority does not respond, who do we turn to?

Can you help?

Thanks and regards,

Manoj Kumar Sharma
Feb 1, 2018


MY MOBILE NO IS 9590818839
Dec 22, 2017

Porting code not received

No network in my reliance SIM for many days.

My Reliance number : 9019391996
Please send porting code to my alternative number : 7848899573
[email protected]
Nov 11, 2017

Port code not received

I have requested for port out code but have not received any. Just receiving 'insufficient balance' even though i have around 45rs in account. I have been trying to get the port code since last 3days. But everytime i get the same message. My incoming and out going has already been suspended. I cannot even reach the customer care. My number is 8088060831
Nov 9, 2017

Porting code not getting due to no network

I'm unable to send the message to 1900 to get my UPC/porting code from my reliance number ( 8032420000) please if possible I would like it to be sent to my alternate number 7022266557.
Oct 25, 2017


hi may name is deepa i took almost 13 connections from your company now only 4 are working and i dont know any proper reasons to block my numbers and there is no contact number to contact only for the payment you people are going to calls and you people literally start calling before 10 day of bill payment in this manner you should even support the customer when they are in need and many time without late payment you people have asked us to pay fine and we sent mail also this not the way and my one number is asking for PUK i am calling on customer care from past 15 days there is no response no one receiving if this continues how the clients will take your service i am sending you the number now activate that number and solve my all problems then i will make the payment this is the number 9341881013

You people are discussing don’t you have common sense I sent mail many times my number got blocked that problem you people are not going to solve not receiving calls and only for payment u people are calling and torchrng if this continues il give take ligal actions

There is no reply or response from your end this is horrible you people are cheating customers no support why we should take your service this is too much until and unless you people resolve my issue i am not going to make any payment people from your end they are calling and threatening litteraly that they will disconnect the numbers if i dont pay then who will solve my issue first solve the issue and then ask for the money you people dont have common sense useless people frod people
Akshaysinh Jadeja
Oct 9, 2017

No signal

Dear sir/ ma'am
My gsm sim with no.7817854152 is not showing the signal since last 3 days .it's very urgent to get sms .kindly resolve this problem as u can. I will be highly obliged .
Thank you
Anwar Basha
Sep 28, 2017

Theft of top up

Today once again my balance has been stolen (Rs 51 balance has been stolen today), and i don't know why it's been deducted from my account. and this is not a first time it's happening. each time by fake plan activation msgs of 3 rs - 5 rs and 20 to 50 rs it's being deducted from my account. i tried to raise a complain, but constantly customer care service is not working. i'm completely fed-up with these issues. i'm gonna port my number as earliest.

Previously also i'm broke one reliance sim card because of these issues (which i have used for 2 years). once again i have started using reliance after 4 years, but again now i'm facing same issues with reliance. it's completely unprofessional, and i hate these kind of cheap things. this is completely a " chillar chori ". I DONT WANT TO USE RELIANCE SERVICE ONCE AGAIN .
Sep 18, 2017

Reliance is not allowing Port Out

I having been trying for the 2nd time to PORT out from Reliance Com to Airtel. Those bloody never reachable when calling customer care also they reject my number porting. It is such a shame that these companies play such cheap ball games with customer. If you are willing to hold your customer RCOM should provide good quality service instead of rejecting the MNP requests.
lakshme a
Jun 20, 2017

Unnecessary subscriptions

I have not subscribed to any of the packs, through my reliance number, 9019291956. But still i got this message saying,
"You have been successfully subscribed to BWOODMANIASub21 service for 4 days.To un-subscribe SMS Unsub 4055 to 155223(Toll Free)."

Unnecessarily they cut my currency now.
I can dial the deactivation code to deactivate it. But i need reimbursement of 21₹. Coz i have not activated any pack. And also it didn't happen by mistake. My phone was not even in my hand when i received this message, for hours. Then how's it possible?

And, this is not the first time it's happening. Many are facing the same problem (like getting activated some random pack by itself and their currency will get cut) whom i know, with reliance itself.

And the customer care also it's not getting connected, since days.
Please fix it, and refund my amount.
I have attached a screen shot of the message with this complaint.

Unnecessary subscriptions

Jun 8, 2017

Washing machine

Continuous error on washing machine. Out of warranty machine (FYI)
You are sending your further repair "dealers" who are not keen on repair but only on money without repair.
Your machine 6201 fully automatic that I bought a few years ago is showing E6 error.
Please help to send someone to repair this ASAP. Am unable to find anyone to repair this.
Apr 28, 2017

recharge not success

I done recharge with Rs 80 fund deducted from my account but service not received so request you refund that Rs 80.
Apr 10, 2017

Pathetic Services/Quality

Hi There,

This is to keep you informed that I have purchased Micromax LED Tv - 49 inches - Full HD from Reliance Digital in 2015.
1yr passed fine, then problem started with LED display..

Contacted Reliaance RESQ and got it repaired and they took 1+ month to get that repaired.
But again after 3 months, similar problem reappeared.

It was already month passed and they are now informing that parts are yet to come from Micromax and it will be going to take another 1month to repair the TV.

To have their case closed, they are offering me 3 options:
1. Wait for 1 more months to get TV returned
2. Get amount returned of RESQ which was paid
3. Get depreciated amount which is 60% of the TV cost and will not include amount paid for RESQ

Inturn, when I have proposed my offer:
1. Replacement of TV, or
2. Get new TV of another make of same size and whatever will be additional cost, I am ready to paid..

They informed that this is not acceptable,

They are informing that this benefit, I was getting due to additional services procured for RESQ

Need to have this sorted asap...

Gobinathan Ganesan
Apr 5, 2017

Disconnect my data

My data card numbers


Respected sir/ madam

As my Reliance data card plan was subjected to plan 450 and it has been using since one year after the 4G migration it doesn’t work but my bill were generated without any usage i got my bill amount 650 per month for both data-card. I have connected customer care reagrding disconnect but still i am getting bills.

I request you to clear the bill and disconnect my plan immediately due to my situation, I couldn’t sustained to pay amount for both data-cards. Please help on this.

Thanks and Regards,
Gobinathan Ganesan
Mobile no: 9738242003
Pradeep Chowdary
Mar 14, 2017

Net connect Billing Problem

I had a Reliance Netconnect data card vide number 9343919572. In the first week of October i had discontinued the service. They told your bill will get generated till the date (05-10-2017) on prorata basis. I got bill of 277 rs and for which i have cleared the bill.
In the month of November, suddenly they have generated bill from 12th nov till 25th november and asked me to pay the bill. I contacted customer care and raised a complaint for which they told me no need to pay as it was their system error. From then, every month the bill is getting generated and now they have filed a case on me in the court.

Kindly check up the matter and provide me usage and bill details.
Mar 4, 2017

RE: Reliance is Cheating

Dear Dipun,

Apologies! To assist you with your current concerns, please help us with the following details, at this link using a PC: http://bit.ly/1cmd6ds we assure you that we will get the same addressed and fixed on priority.

Reliance Communications
Mar 3, 2017

Reliance is Cheating

I am activated 199 unlimited plan 3 days before.But after 30 min of a call ,i cant call to any num.I am listening automatic computerized voice "The route is busy"? always same ,that means Reliance is just cheating .Cheater Reliance ....Very Shame on you .Why are you Doing with us???
Feb 18, 2017

Worst service centre support

Hello team,

I bought reliance reconnect mixer 2 years back and was having continuous problem of the gasket in small jar. I used to get it replaced with gasket rate that is 40 rupees and I did thrice till now.

I had bought this item on august 2014 June and warranty would have expired now. But if the customer is ready to pay whatever the problematic item cost also, not getting the proper product . I would like to notify one of the worst experience I got it from banaswadi reliance resq service centre as I had submitted the small mixer jar with cap and they are responding to me after a long two weeks. Another thing is the jar cap is loose with new gasket and even we tried with operating with water and water comes out. The same has been conveyed to service manager kumaresan from resq banaswadi service centre and he told this is the only gasket available me for the small jar. I would like to know the reason why they are not able to give the proper gasket of the small jar and I as I said previously I used to get it replaced and it worked well . I would like to investigate and get back with an positive feedback.

How come the product gasket not fitting to the jar this time ?

Are you not making the respective gasket got the reliance mixer small jar ?
Feb 17, 2017

RE: RE: this route is busy plz try again later

Dear Customer,

Our customer service team is still working on the concerns shared by you. However we would request you to give us some more time to get the same addressed to your satisfaction. We assure you that we strive to provide you with the best of our services, at all times. We appreciate your patience.

Reliance Communications
Feb 13, 2017

RE: this route is busy plz try again later

Dear Customer,

We have noted your complaint and the same has been forwarded to our customer service team. They will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns. However, request you to provide us with an alternate number so that we can successfully contact you.

Reliance Communications
Feb 13, 2017

this route is busy plz try again later

My reliance no. 08880998590 is calling service so poor. When i call Any Other Mobile No (Even Reliance (R_R) )haired
"this route is busy plz try again later.","this route is busy plz try again later.","this route is busy plz try again later.","this route is busy plz try again later.","this route is busy plz try again later.","this route is busy plz try again later.","this route is busy plz try again later.","this route is busy plz try again later.","this route is busy plz try again later.","this route is busy plz try again later.","this route is busy plz try again later.","this route is busy plz try again later.",

Plz resole this problem immediately as soon as possible......other wise i port my Mobile NO

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