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Consumer complaints and reviews about Reliance

Apr 7, 2018

Big Tv

So many channels are not running, they are disconnected channels when they think, it's going every month, only waste channels are providing us, We need Star sports channel as quick as possible because IPL is going on from today onwards, not a good service, no customer care number
Oct 9, 2017

Charges deducted but unable to provide services

Reliance have deducted my money from my account but they are unable to provide data services on my number
Dipa Dasgupta
Sep 13, 2017

Unable to port out

I am unable to port out from reliance. I have send SMS to 1900 each time I am getting error. Kindly check this ASAP.
Mar 14, 2017

didn't receive anything

Didn't receive anything from reliance (old operator) neither form airtel (new operator).I have applied for mnp only received message from airtel about received your application and will be processed by 13th march but didn't receive any confirmations or message after this.plz reply fast.
Feb 19, 2017

RE: rs 20 main balance cutting

Dear Dinesh,

Kindly submit your details at this link using a PC: http://bit.ly/1cmd6ds Our representative will get in touch with you shortly.

Reliance Communications
Feb 18, 2017

rs 20 main balance cutting

I am dinesh chandwani. My rs 20 balance is cutting my phone on 3 january 2017.
Shubhjeet Das
Jan 25, 2017

unable to connect other mobile nos..Reliance

My number is 8080315254. Recharged with rs.152...for unlimited calls pan India... Post that I m unable to call any number... It always says .. " ROOT IS BUSY"..... MY VALIDITY OF PACKAGE IS ALSO EXPIRING.... TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY... WHATA PATHETIC SERVICES TO A CUSTOMER..BY RELIANCE LIKE COMPANY.. I m using another number of reliance gsm... I m able to make calls from it but not from the number which has unlimited calls package... Facing this problem since 15..20 days... Pls refund r money... Do not want to use ur services...
Jan 22, 2017

RE: connectivity issue rcom

Dear Shubh,

We have noted your complaint and the same has been forwarded to our customer service team. They will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns. However, request you to provide us with an alternate number so that we can successfully contact you.

Reliance Communications
Shubh Das
Jan 22, 2017

connectivity issue rcom

my number is 8080315254. I have recently recharged my number with rs.152 for free local/std calls ... but whenever I dial, its says this root is busy... I m unable to make calls to anyone and validity of the recharge is also getting wasted. unable to call customer care service also... its pathetic service by reliance like organization.
Oct 23, 2016

Reliance fraud

Respected sir/madam

I was a Reliance pro3 broadband user since 3 yrs. Being a doctor I always paid in advance. My number is 7498651300
On may 20 Reliance stopped it's service while upgrading to 4g. They promised me same data plans and 10gb free data (I have mail proof) I was asked to buy a 4g sim worth 25rs and wiped worth 900rs which I did. Still they said it'll take time for 4g Upgrade. Services were not restored and I got a bill on June 14th for may June period of 1200rs. I repeatedly complained to as to how they can charge if they stopped services on their side since may 20 to appellate authority without any replies. When I complained on Facebook site Finally I got a sorry call and bill was wavered asking me to pay 75rs for 4 days data use, which I did ( I have the receipt) . I waited coz I spent on wipod and they promised same plans. Till July bill I had zero service and I again complained to which they wavered again.
Then I went to customer care, they did some tricks on the sim and service started. On enquiring they said ur plan which was unlimited data for 1200 has been changed to 999rs for 5gb.i was shocked and complained how can u change plans without informing customer? I Complained in appellate again to terminate the number as I felt cheated. Had not used a single my data since may 20 so no issue of bill. As soon as I asked for termination, I got a call from Bill center asking me to pay 1075rs stating ur first bill we wavered is reverted! I complained again how can you and why did you revert it? Just coz I asked for termination? No replies till now. Every day I got 2 calls from billing department, I calmly heard and explained them to check all complaints I put, they kept me on hold, checked and said sorry sir for the inconvenience, you will not be troubled again, appellate authority will call and resolve shortly, which never happened . They did not reply for my termination request till now, and just call for bill payment. This continued till august and I ignored the troubles and time wastage and money spent in calling them and now in October I have got a legal notice mail from some Om Sai associates to pay 1075rs or face legal actions! Without answering to any of my complaints! I have called appellate authority many many times, everytime some new person listens to me, forwards my complaints and apologizes, but from other side they harass through billing department. They cannot force people to pay by billing wrong, for not being able to use data, for cheating, for changing plans without notifying! They are even sending bill while I asked for termination in July.
I want this nonsense to stop and all trouble Reliance is causing me. I'm ready for legal action and have all proofs, payment receipts and recordings with me. I need a solution soon. My complaint numbers are


Dr Akshay Shetty
Oct 12, 2016

RE: Reliance comunications Data card plan changed without notice

Dear Customer,

Kindly submit your details at this link using a PC: http://bit.ly/1cmd6ds Our representative will get in touch with you shortly.

Reliance Communications
Oct 12, 2016

Reliance comunications Data card plan changed without notice

I am reliance customer since 2009 using broad band net connect+ I am billing customer. in year 2016 may, my broadband was giving me network problem. Later on inquiry I was told that there is a upgrade process going on. in june-16 my broadband stopped working, on inquiry came to know that I have to upgrade my service to 4g and buy a new 4g dongle @ Rs. 899/- and my plan will be upgraded to new 4g service from old 3.1 mbps service, when I tried to do it online as per instructions it was not done after clearing the dues of 3.1 mbps service, I could able to upgrade it, and I was directed to wipod online shop where I have to purchase 4g dongle @ 1559 I received the dongle in next few days after registering it online the service started, I called reliance to confirm data plan and they confirmed it is “Brdband3GBDY10GBNgt600” it means my running plan was upgraded to 4g. The same information was confirmed with their bill no ############ dated 7/8/16. In august 16 my service was stopped by reliance from their end and on reply they said that my plan is changed by company and they cannot continue the same plan.
I insist that my plan which was committed to me at the time of up gradation and as per bill dated 7/8/16 after 4g up gradation. To be continued to resolve this matter.
Jul 1, 2016

RE: Unnecessary balance cut

Dear Rohan,

We are happy to affirm that the aforementioned concern has been discussed & resolved to your satisfaction. Let us take this opportunity to assure you that we are always at your service and would love to assist again, if required.

Reliance Communications
Jun 30, 2016

RE: Unnecessary balance cut

Dear Rohan,

We have noted your complaint and the same has been forwarded to our customer service team. They will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns. However, request you to provide us with an alternate number so that we can successfully contact you.

Reliance Communications
Jun 29, 2016

Network issue bad customer service

Prashant Shetty

Reliance No: 9773943734

Updating No to my earlier email
Jun 29, 2016

Unnecessary balance cut

My balance of Rs 100 was cut without any reason. I tried calling 198 but they said servers down. The same thing happened 2 months ago. The customer care service is not supportive and always says that servers are down. My no is 9324271809
Apr 12, 2016

No network coverage

Dear sir

I m using reliance GSM since last 4-5 month, I would like to inform you network of service provider so poor that you can not complete a single call in entire day without call drop, voice problem etc. Its suprising that most of the time sms aslo not delivered and received.

I am also using facility of data in my cell the same story is in it also.

I make the complaint to the company but it does not solved.

I just want to you two verry simple question;

1. Why should we pay when we are not utilising the services smoothly
2. What is the compensation for us, for time which we are lossing while taking, net surfing and becuase of the business losses.

After taking mobile & data connection, its unnecessary become liability of the customer to make payment of the fixed monthly charges irrespective of services provided or not by the operastor otherwise customer has to face the following problems,

1. Penalty charges in next bill
2. Services will be barred
3. harressment for reactivation of services
4. and last if you not paid you will get call from their lawyer for legal notice.

Now you tell me sir how a individual fight will all these and finally he surrender himself by paying to operator.

I am really sorry to say but you people being as a govt. authority doing nothing. All the promises done by our ownerable Prime Minister and Ministry are just a lolypop to a common man.

Hope I will get back the reply with proper solution.

Thanks & Regards
Gunjan Mundra
M.No. 9930262517
email id: mundragunjan1177@gmail.com
Sanni Bambniya
Mar 7, 2016

Deduction of balance for no reason

Just now my balance of rs.3 was deducted from my number 8828284766. I got a message saying that my balance was deducted due to vas activation where as i have not activated any service
I want to log a complaint against the company for this issue.
saurabh somani
Feb 2, 2016

Network issues

I m facing lots of network issues in our area bcoz of which most of the time phone has no service we cant make a call or use or mobile data if the same continues its time to do a simple job to port on other network i m using reliance in more than 5/6 phones full family using it now switching to airtel if It doesn't work properly ... Area Bangur Nagar Goregaon West...
Sanni Bambniya
Jan 22, 2016

Deduction of balance for no reason

I had recently ported my number from idea to reliance. I recharged my number +918108478400 with full talktime of Rs.140 and my total balance by this morning was Rs.146. Now when in evening when i checked the balance it was Rs.0, when i called customer care to ask about the deduction they said that it was deducted because of internet usage and when i informed them that i already had internet service with data balance of 200mb. They said that it got over and then balance deduction started. I asked why i did not get any message informing that my data is over, why my balance was directly deducted without prior information, they said that its not in their system to inform customers when the data will get over. I want to log a complaint about this fraudulent activity.
Jan 20, 2016

Unwanted deduction in my main account balance

I am using the Relaince 3G data plan which had 862 MB of data still in it on 18th of Jan 2016. Its validity is till 2nd Feb 2016. All of a sudden my main account balance has become Rs 0. Due to which I have lost my internet connection. I recharged it with Rs 10 twice with and Rs 50 once, but again after some time after using the internet for some time there is a deduction from my main account balance and I lose my internet connectivity. There is no deduction from my data balance which is still at 862 MB, however I still cannot use it as my main account balance shows Rs 0

I have reached out to the reliance galley but they asked me to contact the reliance customer care number 198, which I did. I have not received a satisfactory answer from Reliance since last 1 week and I am left with no internet connection , even when my data balance is showing 862 MB of data left with 2 weeks of validity.

I want an answer to the above , soon otherwise I will have to switch over to some other cellular network

My number is 7666765853
Rushabh Gogri
Dec 30, 2015

Network issue

Dear Sir,

I have Reliance no. 9664869409. i am using another 8 no. on your carrier. Since last eight to nine months we are facing problems of call drop and network issue. Most of the time there is no network on our phone. On the complain they have told us by the December start the problem will be solved but still the issue remains. Please let me know if u can solve the problem or not or else i will port to the other network. You can contact me on 7718060989.
Nov 29, 2015

false deduction of balance

My mobile balance got deducted by reliance for Vas hungama services which I didn't activate thiis happens a lot with reliance why is that ??!! I want my balance back and all sort of compensation for this false and no MATLAB charge my number is 8898162738
Please refund it immediately and also beware in future to not falsely charge
Nov 5, 2015

RE: Deduction of balance for no reason

Dear Sanni,

Our customer service team has informed us that your concerns have been addressed. However, as per the details, the necessary waiver has been posted to your account. Thank you!

Reliance Communications
Nov 1, 2015

RE: Deduction of balance for no reason

Dear Sanni,

We have noted your complaint and the same has been forwarded to our customer service team. They will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns.

Reliance Communications

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