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Reliance Resq: Complaint : 8001117173.

Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about Reliance Resq: Complaint : 8001117173.

May 8, 2017

Defective fridge delivered.

We bought a Godrej Eon 300 double door fridge from reliance digital, Gachibowli just 2 months back. It is not working since 3rd of may. We posted a complaint online. No reply till now. Very next day, we called up customer care and posted a complaint. They told us that it will take long time if they process service through Godrej and asked us to contact Godrej directly. We contacted Godrej customer care, after 36 hrs, they came to check why it's not working and concluded that compressor is not working. When they came to know that we bought Godrej fridge from reliance digital, they declined to provide further service and asked us to contact reliance resQ team. We have called several number of times only to get an answer that we will attend shortly. On 07/05/17, person from reliance resQ called to ask our address to attend and give us service but he said that our residence area doesn't come under their branch coverage. While asking our address, he told our pin code that means he already knows our address which will be specified in the invoice. Till now, no one cared again to contact us. Are they playing with the customers????? Never expected that Such a big company is having inept and irresponsible service back up. Now understood, buying in small shops is the best thing one can do than buying in a big company where shops will not have hold on service centres. Even Gachibowli shop manager couldn't help us.
Apr 29, 2017


I Have purchased Micro max 49 inches TV on 22.07.2015, and which is under warranty even I made additional insurance under ResQ plan, I forgotten to take my RCP booklet with the store. Last two months back my TV display got problem. It was neither repaired nor Replaced. Now to take up the issue they were asking my RCP booklet.

Kindly provide RCP booklet at the earliest to my email ID madhu_syndicate88@yahoo.com
My contact No 9502920290
Vaishnavi Communications
Apr 22, 2017

AC Repair

It has been 15 days, received the complaint number, No on has ever bothered to call or adhered to the timelines.
It is with lot of frustration and anger, although in AMC , Not able to repair my ACs.
As far as CC is concerned, do not sms the complaint no, need to talk to them atleast 5 times to get one.

I have got 4AC's inHyderabad and Vijayawada, is this is the KIND OF SERVICE expected?


Vaishnavi Communications
Apr 12, 2017

Reliance resq : Pathetic, unprofessional, skill less

Dear Valued Customer,

We regret the inconvenience caused. We have forwarded your complaint to the concerned team and they will soon get back to you.

At Your Service,
Reliance Digital
Apr 10, 2017

Reliance resq : Pathetic, unprofessional, skill less

Hello Team,

I am writing this complaint with full of anger and frustration which I am getting after registering call with reliance digital.

I called reliance digital customer care on 31-March-2017 and requested for following two things for my 1.5 ton window Hitachi AC:
a) Gas filling.
b) Installation.

After so many calls two persons came on 05-April-2017 ... on their call, I also left from office which is 12 KM from my home. .... once I reached home, they mentioned that its mere inspection and if I like they will do servicing of AC (Chargeable) ... I clearly told them : I raised request only for two things (a & b as mentioned above). But these fellows didn't do anything ... they haven't mentioned in call that they are coming only for this stupid inspection... which could avoid my day loss from office.

Still condition is that my A/C waiting for above mentioned two things ... I made around 10 calls to your customer care ...every time they say that it will be fixed today ...

One of the worst company in sense of customer services.
I would never buy / recommend any product from reliance digital to anyone....it might sound cheap when you buy but you will pay huge cost later. It's pathetic company with skill less ppls.
Apr 1, 2017


I have purchased 1 number Panasonic 42' Flat TV from your Park Street Kolkata 700016 store on 27.10.2015. At the time of purchase i made warranty for 5 years also.

The TV panel has been certified as defective on 26.03.2017 by Mr. Chandan Pramanick from Panasonic local service center. Then the part has been treated as pending and informed to Panasonic Mumbai Store by Mr. Somnath Mondal also.

I have been continuously calling your help desk number from 24.03.2017 onwards till yesterday.

The area of dispute is the period of AMC. Panasonic says presently it is under Reliance and from 2018 it will be coming under them.

My point is very simple. I am a consumer and i am been made to run from pillar to post to get solution of an issue which could have been solved till now.

Both Reliance & Panasonic both are saying it will take 10-15 days but nobody is able to provide a solution till date.

It is clear your after sales service is very poor because during sales your executives push hard to buy AMC so that their target is achieved but in actual need there is no help for common man like me.

Your executives even put wrong mobile number in your invoice during the time of purchase which has already caused a lot of harassment.

I want immediate solution to my problem without further escalation. If this is not solved immediately i will move to consumer forum to get my issue resolved and at the same time i will claim all the expenses as well as the harassment i have incurred in the meantime.

Mar 21, 2017

Reliance resq harrasing Customers :Defective handset

i have submitted my Sony Experia Z3 phone which had some technical problems as weel as back cover glass was broke.Service technician told that the back cover is chargeable.I paid rs 3500 for the back cover glass.Now when I got it back i see that the cover ios defective and misprinted more over was fitted incorectly.I made acomplaint.The service Technicain was misbehaving then .After lots of quarell they took it back.It has been a month since they are repairing the back cover.Also Sevice technicians have started not to pick up my call and they are telling from 7 days that they issued a cheque to sony and untill the cheque is cleared they are unable to deliver my handset.Is this some kind of joke which is being played with my hard earned money.Pls reply reliance resque.If i dont get my handset in fully ok condition .I will directly go to consumer forum.

Chayan Kar

Contact : chayankar88@gmail.com
Feb 22, 2017

water purifier

i have given so many complaints from december-29th about my aquasure xpert water purifier which is under resq plan,but my water purifier problem not rectified up to now,technicians has come and attended but problem not traced out by technicians up to now,i am suffering very much from near about 2 months so please take necessary action early
Feb 18, 2017

product not replaced but gave false statement that damaged item has been replaced

this is to inform that i had resq plan from the yr 2015 to 2016 in between my tv started giving some problems on the screen after repeatedly telling them they send the service eng who did not do the job properly and did a temporally job and said would come back as soon the parts are available ..i went abroad and my wife could not manage to contact the concerned persons and the resq plan got lapsed this year..i went to the resq team office and they just denied to do any help...job no.8005287644. job done by mr. MH. SHAMIM. and stated that panel changed by brand ...please do the needful....thanks..
Feb 2, 2017

RE: defective fridge delivered

Dear Valued Customer,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Our team will contact you and provide a resolution.

At Your Service,
Reliance Digital
Feb 1, 2017

defective fridge delivered

Dear sir,

This is to inform you that i have taken whirlpool fridge from reliance digital three month ago,now the problem is that my fridge is not working,and there is no response from customer care,tottally frustrated from reliance digital.....i have complain one month ago but still scenario is same.....i can't even think in dream to walk in reliance digital in future again....very very disappointed.

Arjun yadav
Jan 24, 2017

service of godrej refrigeretor

I have taken resQ care plan with new Godrej double door refrigerator from Reliance digital, DB city Bhopal. After 18 month we faced issue of low cooling. Mr. Yogesh sharma (technician from resq) have visited and checked my refrigerator and said timer is faulty so we are going to replace and he take come back after more than 21 days and changed some part with timer but refrigerator behaved same. we informed to Mr. Yogesh but he is not available after many attempt, he picked phone and said I am in Mumbai and sending another person but nobody come. than we again approached Mr,. Yogesh so this time he gives us Number of Mr. Sunil sharma of resQ. we approached Mr. Sunil Sharma, he send Mr. Imran for repair, he visited and checked refrigerator aid said Fan is not working. so we have to change it. we have to wait till parts coming form Mumbai.
More than One months over, we are still waiting and thinking about reliance Care plan and feeling foolish.
Every time when we approached customer care, person attending ask many information and the time of reply they keep silenced.
I do not know why?
It is a worst example of service, also structure and planed loot by reliance group.
my contact registered with ResQ 9425014614
Jan 23, 2017

Reliance digital

I purchased a Pureit Marvella Water purifier from Reliance Digital. They offered a 4 year maintenance contract. I took the same which I realize now is a big mistake. They have outsourced the services to a 3rd party and the customer care is having no control on the same. First time I complained, the technician turned after more than a week after continuous follow up. The service centre person says they don't have spares, and will order them and it will take 3-4 days for the spares to come. I complained on Saturday this time. It is Tuesday now and till date no call from the Service Centre. If you talk to the Customer care, they just say the service centre will call you. They are not willing to commit any time when the complaint will be resolved. They just have 1 answer, it will be done as soon as possible. I had even written a complaint to their senior management, but no response after 1 reply. I am considering to cancel my AMC and get the refund from them, if their response remains the same.
Jan 21, 2017

RE: Intex Phone issue

Dear Valued Customer,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Our team will contact you and provide a resolution.

At Your Service,
Reliance Digital
Jan 21, 2017

Intex Phone issue


I have submitted my Intex Phone to reliance Rescue office(Shivani electronics,SCO 15 Zirakpur) in October month.I got it back from center even with more problems (overheating,speaker problem).Then i submitted it again on 3rd Nov.,2016.

After that i am continuously calling them for status of phone,they don't even respond to my calls and if they respond they are not giving correct status of phone.I am literately very much upset with this pathetic services.

Please help me out in getting my phone back.

Jan 20, 2017

Replacing Genuine part with Duplicate

13 Dec 2016 - Submitted HTC Phone due to Display Issue
26 Dec'2016 - Received back my phone
28th Dec 2016 - Again Same Issue
29 Dec 2016 Again submitted the handset
4 Jan 2017 - Got a call from Engineer that handset have different IMEI and Mother board

They replace genuine part from device and now denying to repair the handset, also threaten me if I will not take my handset from service center than they will delivered it to my home without repair, and also suggest do whatever you want to do

Worst customer service experience, Please do not buy any product from reliance
Atul Bhatia
Jan 6, 2017


This is one of the most non responsive and inconsiderate arm of reliance group.

At the time of sales they were after us and post sales service has been pathetic. The service staff at the Gurgaon office has no empowerment and non responsive. One of the so call senior staff member Samit at the Old Gurgaon office promised to sort the complaint post chasing used bad & foul language with a senior citizen . Which is completely not acceptable.

The did AMC for my LG refrigerator and within the AMC period they are not able to sort the problem and now they committed 30% return on the Value of the fridge... I agreed as had no choice... Post constant follow ups we have no response.

Not able to search for any contact number of seniors... feel helpless.

Sl No: 240441

Sneh Bhatia
Dec 26, 2016

Reliance RES Q .... just forget

Hi Friends

Reliance res q is the only way to earn extra money at the time of buying any product. This is the worst service team I have ever faced.if you dont want to add more problems in your life just forget the RES Q.

First : They will not provide you the correct detail even on their receipt.
Second: They will not pick your fone even.
Third: They will frequently change their venue.
Forth: People are not responsible enough to update you on your product.
Fifth: They tell to update us in next 15 days. If you wont take pain you will not be getting call even after 15 MONTHS.

Fully Faltu log.

Pronoy Mukherjee
Dec 24, 2016


I am facing a worst experience of relience resq team at Barrackpore branch.My Lenovo laptop autometically off so this reason I gave the laptop to the resq team within my warranty period on 30 th September but still now they can't repair my laptop.several times they promise me that they return my laptop on next week but several times they are failure.The reliance digital and the resq team (Barrackpore branch) cheat me and I get a very worst experience of this resq team.
Dec 18, 2016

R connect washing machine worst customer service

For 3 months my machine was not working.. no one bothered to repair it and after 3 months when calling them more than 50 times .. they repaired it and 3 days again it stopped working. After calling them again they are giving false promises that the person will come today but never comes.. please never take extended warranty from these guys.. its useless.. if you call them 10 times they will come once.
Dec 6, 2016


Dear Valued Customer,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Please share your contact details at the following link - http://bit.ly/RDCustomerCare and our team will contact you.

At Your Service,
Reliance Digital
Dec 6, 2016


I am also facing WORST experience with reliance digital resq team of kolkata(cemense).

i have given my INTEX mobile for touch problem on 17th oct 2016.they told me that if there was any software problem we will return your phone after 2days and if there is any hardware problm it takes 10 days.but after 10 days when i called(8584874209) them but they avoid my calls.afterthat they return my phone on 15th nov.but when i came home and wanted to charge my phne bt it didnt get charged.then i again went to reliance resq.they took my phone again on 16th nov 2016.still now they kept my phone.and told me "mam next wednesday...mam next sat day"..this is your service reliance.and dont apologies..just do your work strickly.i never ever buy any product from reliance.worst service dont have any responsibility.
Dec 4, 2016

RE; Service not good at all at malleshwaram reliance resq

Dear Valued Customer,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Please share your contact details at the following link - http://bit.ly/RDCustomerCare and our team will contact you.

At Your Service,
Reliance Digital
Dec 3, 2016

Service not good at all at malleshwaram reliance resq

Respected Sir,

I had given my Panasonic Eluga I phone on 31/10/2016 to your malleshwaram reliance resq which is under the reliance resq .They had told me that the issue will be resolved in one week time but it never happened even after me visiting the service centre twice and they had promised me to deliver to my home on 14/11/2016, but it did not happen and later the manager of the store told me that it will be delivered to my home on 24/11/2016 and even I had informed him that from 25/11/2016 till 03/12/2016 I will be out of station on official work but it never happened to be delivered and now today i.e. 03/12/2016 when I called them to deliver my mobile the battery serial number which was on the job sheet is having mismatch and I don't know how long to get this back and my mobile.

Nov 30, 2016

Reliance Digital


Dear Valued Customer,

Our team tried contacting you however was unable to connect. Please share your registered or alternate contact number at http://bit.ly/RDCustomerCare

At Your Service,
Reliance Digital

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